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Wfiat tile liemocrat Says Goes in Herkimer | IE IBTOCifE DEMOeiAfK! PBflIWS. Mmm *)®®®®CaXsX2X*)^^ Iwhatil^kimer Does| Goes 1 In The Democrat $1.00 ilMfflOBVm' T O L U M E L X I V m O E K I M E R , N - T . . W E D N E S M V t D f f i O E M B E B 5>8, 1 9 0 4 . , NUMBER 35 A Few;Qj'oceiy^Piice& of Every Day Goods. Z lbs Coffee ?5c Beat Butter 25o Eiard In g and 5 lb pails 25 a.n.d 40c JTersey Best Coffee. S5o value. 26e Jersey Best Tea, 50 o value,.35o - A Good Tea 15o \ 4 bottles Ketchup 95o Jersey Best Baking powder, per lb, poc Egg 3 , warranted good, p e r dozen 28o Salaratus. 6e Pure Buckwheat* 80c . Best Bread Flour, ' Z lb mixed Nuts. 35o Malaga Grape , 15o « Oranges, 2Qc Meats have advanced from Ic to 2c per pound hut for the pres- ■ent will sell a t . prices that have been advertised. Kiem LaKe City G rocery &. M p rket X e t US X fig-liteii t l i e W a ^ r for you-to Secure fresii, reliable drUprs at tbe lowest'priee You owe us nothing for doing right. J the druggist who desires to gain the confideaeeofhispatronshas nootber way open to him. Wo feolteit yotre patronage on the gromids of pure drugs, rightly handleo at fair prices. ^ In addition to onr drags and medicines on Sundyy Oepartwent i\< cmapleto and wo wi.? •> to call yonr attention to a few which are need­ ed at tnj ' ~ ’ ™ ------- badies’^s I*ang Brotectors for §tc, f.0c and tSo each; also Cold. Creams, Camphorated ices, vast line, plain and medicated in tubes and bottles. Jones’ Manieirre Cregm. is just the thir ine to nse a fter shaving. We li»ve a fine line of , in perfumes. Bottles from, up co §5 CO. Also Ladies’ aud Cents’^ Parses Bill B^oks'^nd L . B . J O N H S , 154 Main Street. Serfckue \ New Year Coming j and. we are selling o Entire Line of ., . Furniture B e d d ing P h o n o g r a p h s P ia n o s and R e c o r d s at the vory lowest PRICES in j Herkimer County and wiU give' a i chance to raw a $30G PIANO with every J4U spend at j OUR aTOBB- . l o o k ; h e r e I W e wiU sell a Fine Drop Head Sewing Machine S fromuowuiitilXmaafQr $12.75 B Fine |30 Sew Machine for I 4 . T S P Eeguia. #35' “ 1 9 . 7 5 » ----------- ,1 Bfiig Stdrs! If you have not been in lately you can not imagine what, a com- DRUG- STORE this is' Here you can find the best quality in every need a Drug Store supplies. \ WHITEHEAD The Druggist, “On the Busy Coruer» '' tilERmER, N. Y. BOAXIB OP SUPERVISORS, j Athletics in Herklujf r* .i 1...* S . t . 1 A mmmnt is stell nod|i/w»y to Wlie» the Board Adiottrned Tlntll give our Herkimer Y 0 un|A men an This M oriting. | a thletio association for fi w montha The ewaUialion lenert prepared' »* I\ ‘W® by that oomrailJtea seas iot apptoted ] t t '’ by the entire hoaid and a minority reoreataon rep o r t w ar ..1,0 prosented. The , A n.9 ^CO O rag.nB m inority r e p o r t ™ , defeated. « to 18, f e a y S »f IW illOVimCIlt IS » and by a reversal of these flgnree the williiigness of the yonng men to eommittee report was adopted. I stonlder as large a port ol the rs- .Tho.e fo v o r in a th e m in o r ity rep o r t I ^ ““ “ h m t y M pcK ile. A t th e rail# last weei they voted unanimously to pij-y one dollar for^ the' first mouth and fifty c e n ts for each month follow­ ing. The members of the epeoial oommittee worked . faithfully to secnre membsTgjOne esecnring tw e n ty- two, another seventeen, and so on. The ohairman of the meeting, Mr. James Fagan, J r ; , seemed to voice the spitit of the meets.Dg when he emphasi?efi that ioiniug the asHooiatiOn m eant standing by it loyally for the five months. Another happy feature -of the movement is the interest our business men are showing. ‘ The plan to begin in a small 'way anfl rely on the interest of the majority of otir oitizens rather than a few ineets w ith hearty approval The interest is of a practical nature— a w illingness to become honorary members and p a r were Mesara. Ooyy, Horrooka, Jenue Van Auken, Hull, The following resolution was offer­ ed by Mr, Garlock; Resolved, That there he allowed and paid to Miss Lulu Mack, assistant surrogate’s elerk, the past year , in connection with the county records, the sum of $75 and that said amount be drawn from the Court i/fund. The work was in connection with in- Btalliug the records in the new vault in the surrogate’s office. On the motion of Mr. Murphy the resolution was adopted. - AT-t- W illiam s tJiezi moved th a t the hoard adjourned • until Tuesday, Becember 27tb at 10 a. m. Mr. Wheeler moved us m aihendment that ajdournment be taken until today at 3 o’clock. Mr. Williams accepted the amnedm ent and the motion was amended and was then carried. ^ J. W . Gaffney Indicted. John W, Gaffney of Frankfort was indicted by the last grand Jury on a charge of violating th e liquor tax law . J3e has given bonds for appear- •Anee in county court next month. Mr. Gaffney is the superintendeht of this division of the Erie* canal, and conducts a hotel at Frankfort, which is the leading hostlery of the plape. I t is allaged th a t on the lasu election day ho did not obey the law regard­ ing the closing of drinking places w ithin a quarter pf a m ile of the polls, I ^ A hendu warrant fot Frank Heath, the alleged wile beater, who ^mnish- ed from the county jail so auoeesg- ■fully is evidehtlv not forgotten as the sheriff’s office holds a bench, WEirrant for 4is arrest, w h ich leads jbo the inference that he was indicted by the last grand jury, OBITUARY. Edw ard Long, Edw ard Long -of Nellisfcon died Friday forenoon a i the Emergency Hospital in th is village. Deceased submitted to un operation for abscess of the side two m o n ths ago and- lia&' sinqe suhmitted to treatment with­ out success. The rem ains were taken by U ndertaker L a ird of Mohawk to the home of his sister, Mrs. Eleecher in Mohawk and Saturday to his former home where the funeral was held Monday. Killed by Traifl. John Higgins of Hinckley was struck on the M, & M. near Forrest- port Thursday night and killed. One leg was severed, the other to m to shreds and th e head braised. A. brother, Michael, of Forrestport, two sisters, Mrs. Geroge Van Vecbten of Norway and Mrs. Alexander Gindsey of New York Mills,, survive. It’s the littU colds that grow into big colds.; the big colds that end in ' consumption and d e a th . W atch . th e little colds. Dr. Wood’s Norway Fine Syrup. Sorrogats’s Court- The follow ing has been transacted in surrogates court before county Judge I. R, Devendorf Tha last w ill and testam e n t of M argaret A. F o r t late of Danube was adm itted to probate w ith Oheater A. F o rt as esecutor. Value of estate 03,000 real and #400 personal propar- The last w ill and testam e n t of Joseph Kast late of Mohawk was ad­ mitted to probate with John D. Gifford, Jonnio. Orinnn, ofid William O, PxeECott as executors. Value of estate .#13,000 p ersonal property; A decree was entered settling the accounts of H c llia Bramer Smith as adm inistrator of the estate of Augusta Bram er late of L ittle Falls. Letters of administration were granted to John Moon, j r . , in the estate of A d elia Moon late of Man- nelm.* Value of estate §300 personal and #300 real property. d o l l a r a month tow ard expeufisfl > What ft merry sound the Mew Year hells will make with Herkimer man­ hood standLng for vigorous, whole some plsasure! Watch tne papers, fellow cicizeos, for the notice of a meeting'to be held the first week in January to hear the reports of the young men’s committees. Aslc for Edwardis* P a r d o n . jApplioation has been made for a pardon for David Edwards of Salis­ bury, who is serving ^a six year term in Auburn prison for infanticide. Attotney Richard Hurley of Little F a lls is working in the m a tter. ^ Edwards, who is a man about 60 years of age, who was jo in tly ifidiot- ed w ith a woman named Vida P h e lp f f ' for infanticide, and was convicted at the January term of Oounty Court in IflOS of aesanlt in the first degree Judge Deyendorf sentenced him to A u b u rn prison for a term of six years aud two months. Edwards has now served nearly three years and it is believed has been sufiSciently punished. Besides, he is in very poor health. L e tters recommending hig pardon have been written both by D istrict Attorney\ \Ward and Judge- Devenhorf. The governor promised an early consideration of the case. WHEN HIRAM CRONK DIES.\ Ne-w York City Provides P or Honoring' Hero o l W a r oi 1812. Plans for an elaborate and honor­ able funeral for a man now living have been considered by th e board of aldermen, of New York 'Oity.- The subject of the discuEsion was Hiram Oronk, the last sntvxving veteran of the war of 1813, who is now living in the town of Ava, N. Y ., at. tha aae of 104 years. The so h ject -was brought up at a recent meeting by a resolution dtclaring that as all of Mr. Oronk’s long life has been spent in the state of New York and in view of his bondrahle p a rt in many battles of the war of 1812,it would be fitting that he may be visited at any m oment by \ t h e pale horse '■■ud its grim reap e r ,” the chief city of the Empire state should lead in honoring him by a soldier’s burial, Tbe resolution provided th a t “ in event of the death of the last survivor of the war of 1813,Hiram Oronk, his re­ m a ins lie in state in tb e City H a ll, Manhattan borough, Hew York,” A c c idant^ come w ith SUICIDE AND MURDER. SETTLE IN FORTAW CASES. Joseph P a rks of Ilion. Despondent. Be<« ^ cause Out of W ork A ttem u ts Des ' C entral Railroad Company S e ttle Dam­ ages la Triple P a tallty Occ-urrluK Here Last May. - D. M. RICHARDSON DEAD, Ex=Connty Clerk R ichardson Dies a t . itk e r ’s Dome In S c h u y ler,—' ■Will be tJu lv e r s a lly Despondent because he was out of work Joseph Parks of Ilion Sunday evening tried to kill his wife and then slashed h is own throat -with a razor aud but lit t l e hope^ are enter­ tained of h is recovery. Parks for seven venr, has been emploj-d {nihe ! adl^mstrators toongll tv p e w r te r D e c e n tly w i t h o th e r s h e 1 a tto r n e y - F r a n k T._ M i l l e r of was notified th a t his services were i ^he flfm of Euntafib & Miller of no longer needed at least for the Syraonge asKed for an order tq settle surrogates court before Judge 1. R. DevendoffTuesday, Oliver Fortaw and O h ailea M etzler, father and brotker-in law respectively of John, Lavina and Elizabeth Fortaw, deceas- present. Mr. and Mrs, P'-irks, Sun­ day partook of a Ohristmas dinner at the home of Fred Kershaw, when he was noticed to be quite melancholy. They returned home and retired at 8 o’clock. Twfo hours later Mrs. Parks w as awakened by a hand “being placed upon her. Being deaf ehe awakened to see her husband standing over her with a razor in his hand and with a slight wound in his throat. After a struggle Mrs. Parks arose and escaped from the house and summon­ ed nciphbprBj they returned t|? find Parks lying-on the ffoor his face- in a pool of blood and his throat slash­ ed from ear to ear. Dr. Hunter, who was snmmoned* found that Parks had not severed the jugular vein, bat had cut the larnyx necessitating an operation in whieh be assisted by Dr. O. H. Deck of this village. Mrs. Parks is suffering nervous prgstratiou from her experience and being out in the cold so lightly clad. A son, Thomas, has been summoned from N ew York. CHRISTMLAS TII>E. Some liitereatliifif News Cottceraiug Christmas and tke FestiTltles At» tending. Afr. George P. Polts, the generous founder of Folts Institute, and bis estimable wife, are much beloved by the youne ladies w h o are students a t th a t - I n s t it u ti o n , ■ Christm a s m o rn­ ing a bevy of the young ladies quietly entered Mr- .Folts.Bpaeions teGeptinn room before he had arisen for the day and sang in the most exquisYe m a nner several C h ristm as carols. This certainly, at an early honr of the morning, was a touching scene and showed only in' a slight degree the love and esteem in which the entire school hold Mr. Folts, The empfoyes of Mr. G. M. Helmer presented him w ith a handsome leather onshioned office e b a ir. There is no danger of labor troubles among Mr. Helmer’s woijfeing fore'ee. B o y s ’ Cjb.rfs'fcmas. The Boys oiuh, which has a mem hexsTiip of 16 hoys aud o th e r in v i tedthe.'H guests, num b ering in all about 60 were treated'to a Ohristmas tree in the dining room of Folts Institute, last Saturd ay evening. The decor­ ations were h'eautiful and the tree preesqted a fine and attractive ap» pea'rance. Miss Austin told an interesting O h ristm as story and Miss W ilkins also told a story about Santa Olaus and Miss E s ther H a rris sang. The Wslsch children also took part in the evenings’ entertain m ent. Refreshm ents, including ice cream, cake, etc., was served and all were given a bag of candy and an orange and a sift. It was a very pleasant occasion ^ x n a s E v e Bamqtxet.. Dpsilon Obapter Theta P h i Satur­ day evening held a delightful banquet a t t h e i r roo-;f3 in the Fox Opera House block The piece-de-xesistance was a large turkey prepared by Ohaf Parkhurst of the S ar restaurant. Punch was furnished h- Johir N. Plankett, and eight.' j . members gathered around the board. The banquet was followed by interestiug impromptu toast of* an appropriate nature. w ith the Oentral Hudson Oompany for the de^th of tbe three-children k i ll ­ ed by the rairload in this village in May last. The case of Lavin was settled for $8,900; the ease of Eliza^ beth for |2,500; the case of John for $2,500, a total of $7,900. JEhis triple fatality which oconriGd in May last at the Main street cross­ ing, was the w o rst in the history of the village. The three victim s in the afternoon of the dafy attended a wedding and about ten o’clock in the evening,'escorted'one of th e wedding party to take a trolley oar home. Returning they found their path blocked by a freight train on the G e n tral tracks. Starting to pass and w a lking arm in arm as the freight drew by, they were strnck by a pasoenger t*»i» coming in an opposite direction aud running a t a speed of 60 m iles per hour, and death was instantaneous in all three cases. As a. r e s a l t of tb e f a t a l i t i e s an a g i t a t i o n w a s sta r t e d fo r a subw a y at this point and one has been order­ ed by the rairload commission. The railroad company sent plans here which have been accepted and return­ ed, and it, is expected th a t the work vfill be commenced at an ,e a r ly date! The same law firm have secured settlem ents as follow s : Patrick E. Sm ith, a m a il e le rk of Utcia, who was injured in the U tica y a rd J a n u a ry 2nd last, when air braks^s on a train refused to work because .of the cold, secured $1,700. John M,_ Hayes, who sustained injuries a t M ott Haven by^ the rear trucks of a oar leaving the track ■ secured $1,200. ' Toe Ablany Timas Uuion, a datily paper with the Demootafc, both papers only |2 per year. itressing freq u e n c y on th e fitrm . C u ts, braises, stiiigf?, sprains. Dr. Thom as’ Ec- [ lectric O il ridievesth© pain instim tly, F o s a o i i a C r a D g f f . N.=ver safe w ithout it. j Thera w ill be a regular m eeting of ------------------------ KHerliitaer Oounty Pomona Grange R e s i n o l A r t C a l e n d a r a n d R e * a': Grange Temple, Herkim er, on cord. M a h y ^ s ID o iag s . ; iaaturday, Dec. 3Iat at 1! a. m ., at which w ill occur tha anm iil election im., w o»a of tlw « o , t bsaat.foI cnleBdfWa ever I'-saed. Six sheets of heavy enam a lpd paper c o n ta iu on one , —— —«.««i --------- - sWo.iTj hfootiful color at I WnoinB, itehios eora oo taM san flo h .W tM , .'^\>10 o n , t t o ' g . Stitf K , toauM S . D o m s -/] -°r O f « '\'n ointmsnt toot av.'uy tbe borniog and d ,iU hte, .T.th spaces to' the not- instantlv. aaS Qalckly ^ o n of febr.-s -‘ssym o . s»,i On- co re.” . 0 . W. m p . ■ It « a w y k oe-art tbst m il Bowling Green, O. delight mo.rhre8’ he.irt. bant past- j paid J)y the Reeiuol Ohemical Company of Baltimore, Md-» for two j Joseph Nrmn, Hion.deUvers aeh a in w rappers from R e sinol Soap, or one | pum p for $5. W rite fo r circular. [Wrapper and 16 cants. 1 9-21-fcf. POLTS INSTITUTE. W h e re t h e F a c u lty a«ff S tudents Spent th e Holidays. Miss Jen n ie Bingham spent th e holiday ■week at Malone. „ Miss Aleaxnder and Miss Saverka, were entertained during tbe holiday week by M-_s. J. D. B rainard of W aterville. - Miss BisscH and Miss Wilson were at th e i r homes at W a te rville during oliday vacation- Miss Bell has gone to Vandergriffe, her home town.where she W ill' spend the Holiday week. Miss Crawford *is spending the Holiday vacation in New Jersey. Miss Fox is spending the Ohristmas time at Waterville. Sunday she assisted with the music at the M. E, church at that place. ' Miss M artha B. Hixon is a pleasant guest a t the Institution d u r ing the holidays. Miss Brown is visiting Mias Green- augh at Ilion during the Holidays. Mies Bennett of P icture Rook. Pa. , is at her hopae at that place. Miss Orozco is visiting Miss Franifeie Brown at Pooleviila, N. Y. M iss Gray is spending the H o lidays with,her friends in New Jersey. Miss Carlton, tbe adopted Obinese daughter of Dr. Oarlfcon of Poo Dhow, Ohina, is spending the Hoildayt, at Syracuse. Migs Beaman the 'k in d e r g a rten teacher, is spending the H o lidays a t Bxooklvne, Mass. Miss M iller of the I n stitute Taculty is a t C lifton Springs for. tha Holidays. Miss H aines is spending th e H o li­ days with frieads at H o rnellsvilie. ' M iks Oarrie-E. Fitch is enjoying the Hoild.iy season a t Rome -with friends. OBITHABY- Wm. Barse. At the home of bis daubgter, Mrs, John K irbv in the Stuben road Bun- day occurred the death of W illiam Barse, a widely known and respected resident at ' the a g ^ o f 03 years. Deceased u n til recently was for many yeais a residem; of th is village. He held the office of assessor for many years, aud has bsen street commissioner and highway com * missioner. The funeral w ill be held from the home of the daughter at one o’clock tod*y| His Pat! BCls . D e a tn Mourned. Duane M. Richardson, one of this village’/^ best known and highly reepacfced residents, died yesterday afternoon at the home ofdiig father in Schuyler, Mr. Riehardson had been ill for over a year and a half and h i s death w a s expected la s t w in tey bnt his health improved for a little -time only to succumb later tea dis­ ease which baffled all medical skill Mr. Richardson was born, in Schuyler, his anctstors’originally came to New York from Massachusetts, but have lived on the homestead in Schuyler ■for over one hundred years. Deoeas- ed received his education in the schools of ntioa and Fairfield Semi­ nary He first learned the business of cheese making in which he engag- . ed for twenty years. Air. Richard­ son served as supervisor from Schuyler for oyer six years from 1886 t o , 1891. J a u u a r y 1st 1893 ha was appointed deputy oonnty clerk.. Latei* he was elected county clerk, which position he heia,for two terms being re-elected and was succeeded by the present incumbent, Ivan T.Burney. He was elected president of the village Of Herkimer in 1903, which offioe he was obliged to resign beoanse of h is ' illness. He was a man held in the highest esteem by a ll who knew him and eEjoyed a w ide aequaintauce. H e was a R o y a l Arch Masou, a m em b er of Oriental Chapter, S'?, Utica Com. mandry. No, 3, and ^iyara Temple ■ Mystic Shrine. His wife, who was Miss Jane Ladd of Schuyler, survives him. They h^d no children. THE COUNTY H O M . A M erry C h ristm a s a t th e County Dome..-All I n m a te s :!Remem.berea, It wa's a happy thought of Super­ visor Charles Fellows that the in­ mates Of the county home be given gifts on Ohristmas mprning to glad­ den their hearts. Acting upon th is suggestion, at the recent visit of the Board of Supervisors at the home a fund was placed in the hands of MrS| Frank Zoller for the purpose of mak­ ing pniChaSCSj and the reports we get from there is that Ohristmas time at the Oonnty Home was tha most enjoyable • for many years. Every inmate was the recipient of a box of candies and oranges, and besides, Mrs. Zoller gave the women ft nice apron and tho men a pair of gloves. Mrs. MeOlenthen, wife of Presiding Elder McOlsnhen, suggest­ ed to several ladies in -Herkimer to mako au apron for the women' there so they had an additional apron, and the women at tbe home greatly appreciated the thonghtfuliness of the Herkimer ladies. Then Mrs, Zoller had an excellent dinner for them, in which a nice hot oyster staw was provided, and which so many are very fond of. Altogether the Ohristmas time at the County Home was one of the merriest ever had there. \ Superintendent and Mrs, Zoller certainly try to make those people happy aud comfortahlo, aud evidently no criticism can ho made hy any one,of the present management. P i l g r i m P i iw ie r . A charm ing event took place a t the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. E, Snyder last Wednesday, when they enteriiainetl the Social Tea Giuh at thfeix Bemi-monthly m eeting. The memheis at their gatherings co D\ tribute to a bounteous repast which is followed by cards and other social amusements. A t th i s gath e rin g th e husbands wore th e ir guests. The repast was a Pilgrim’s turkey dinner following which a delightfnl social time was enjoyed. As a reminder of the Paritan days, the ladies wore ’kerchiefs and w h ite caps. The costumes led to a display of kamso brooches th a t w o u ld h a v e m a d e glad the heart of a collector of the antique. The following guests were present i ' Hon. and Mrs. W. 0, Prescott, Hon, and Mrs. A, B, Steele, Mr. and Mre. H. G. Sluiiger, Hon. and Mrs. J . D. Hendarson, Dr, and Mrs. E. G, Hern, Mr,, and Sirs. W. H. Prowse, Sapt. ana Mrs J. E. Masse?, Mr. and Mrs. Trum a n ■ Snell, Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. F,. E. Felton, Mr. and Mrs. O, S, Munger. -- , B e a l Bstat© Transfers- ,, B-^aortedforthoDemoeiai. tYm. H. M a rtin to Susan K. W ilt land Russia flQQ. E llen A. H a ll to H. D . S illim a a l ^ d south ?ide of Sm ith ave-.. Her-

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