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ore loen B ns ' 3rd, land ftvil- Sango, ^Liv- |eldpm BO oth- ^person ! same pplica- bfcence, ill the Bv Ba- jfonly to in half Navy be same SEAM. .32 Us. pre above fef season nearly or j is stored 'ey PreS' sale of >r Well rs and bap, con- irth from I Water- I I Canaa- aft of the f west—as IBBIN. 1 {*6m42) payment ' an In hty sixth ridlwen kn of the aioce Sown of tdeceas- J of land, of On- fby being Township led as fol- pne of the Vienna to dly corner south east- Jand, two food's east est, on the chainsano of Samnel ie degrees tne of said |yen links, thence in ins and nine Ae- |1 to said venty five ||d Dean's thence ifcand fifty \fees east, (fee north and Accounts Iva, have been [sons indebted all on the subl delay. \gAssignee. • - 4J49 \ It the Estate' •own of Sen- %e&, will ex* Jhercof.to lie Ither of their taid town of lighth day of lorm—Dated •' CLAKK, cutors. (he Estate If the town T deceased, tiers there- at either . the said y-Jirsl day Dated )N. ;IER. ]¥©. 3--VOJL. XXV. WEUWESBAY, JtWE 19, 183». WHOLE NO. 1353. // I puBLISHEp ON WEDNESDAYS—B7 JAMES BOGEftT, I At his Printing-office, Bookstore & Bindery, Main-st., nearly opposite the Hotel, GENEVA, ONTARIO COUNTY, NEW-YQRK. TERMS. To village subscribers, $2 50 a year. . To those living out of the village, who [call at the Bookstore, and to those who re- ceive the paper by mail, $2. To companies of not less than ten, $1 50, payable when the papers are taken. Single papers, six-pence. O^r\ No papers discontinued without pay- nent of arrearages. %* ADVERTISEMENTS inserted at the usual _ates. A liberal deduction to those who ad- vertise by the year. i ff?* HANDBILLS, CARDS, BLANKS, and 111 kinds of PRINTING, executed at the Shortest notice and lowest prices. May S3, 1833. MILFORD & CO. HAVE now received and opened their Spring and Summer Stock of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASS-WARE, HARD-WARE, &c. &c. Ul of which have been selected with cave, land purchased on the most advantageous Jterms—and as it is their determination .to •offer every article at a moderate advance on ithe cost, they feel confident that customers lin want of GOOD GOODS, will find it to their [advantage to visit the corner of Water and W-Castle-streets, before they make their pur- chases. Among their DRY GOODS will be found Jlue, black, brown, olive brown, green, claret, adelaide and invisible green Broad Cloths; Jlue, black and fancy colored Cassimeres ; Jlue, black and fancy colored Satinets, of very superior quality; Hike & brown Drillings, Ermenette, Rouen Cassimere, English Cassinet, Puncetta, Lastings, black and green Crape Camblet, French Bombasin, and brown Linen, Can- ton Cord, Striped Drilling, &c. &c. &.c. for Gentlemen's summer wear; Storments, Grandarell, Fustian, Cotton Cas- simere, Striped Jeans, &c. Sec. for Boys' summer wear; large assortment of Calicoes, at from lOd to 3s per yard; English and French Gingliams; French printed Muslins, new patterns; do Cambrics do French painted Muslin, a superior article; ISilk and Crape Shawls ami Tiv^oo nji.fi , L,adies' and Misses' Silk and Cotton Hose; Gentlemen's Silk and Cotton half Hose; Ladies' fancy col. embroidered Silk Hose; lLadies' black and white Silk Gloves; do black and colored Hoskin do; iGentlemen's do do do do; do Brown Linen Gloves; Black, green and white Gauze Veils; fancy colored Gauze Shawls; Green Worsted Barege; black Italian Cravats; ? igured and watered Bonnet Silks, fashion- able colors; Brown Linen Table Covers; \\ancy Table Covers; Silk Parasols; Palmarine, Oscarine and im. Crape Dress Handkerchiefs; laconet, Mull and Swiss Muslins, figured and plain; do striped and cross-barr Mus- lins; 6-4, 8-4, and 10-4 Table Diaper; |4-4 Irish Linen; Silk & Cotton Umbrellas; •Gentlemen's and Boys' Cloth Caps; I do do Leather do; (English, Dunstable, and open-work Straw Bonnets; II case Leghorns, cheaper than ever; •Bleached and brown Sheetings & Shirtings; ^snaburgs; Zicklenburgs; Burlaps, &c. GROCERIES: lyson, Young Hyson & Hyson Skin TEAS, of the latest importation, and of superior quality, at reduced prices; -.oaf. Lump and-Brewn S-UGA-RST Java, Laguaira and Cuba COFFEE ; Indigo, Pepper, Spice, Chocolate, Salaretus; \taisins in boxes and half boxes; Molasses; Jinger, Saltpetre, Alum, Sperm. Candles; ICloves, Cassia, Nutmegs; fOld Port, Madeira, and Malaga WINES, of superior quality; i Winter-strained LAMP OIL, warrant, good; [Fall and Summer OIL; I Codfish, Dun Fish, Herrings in boxes; [Connecticut Mess Shad, No. 1, in barrels and half barrels; |Mackerel, No. 1, 2 and 3, in do. and do. do. No. 1, in kits and one-fourth bbls. Spiced and Soused Salmon in kits. Vxso—Iron, Nails, Tar, Pitch, Oakum and Cordage. ieneva, 1833. 49 NEW GOODS, ~ it Box's Old Stand, foot of Seneca-street. I HE subscriber has just received an ele- gant and extensive assortment of Spring # Summer Goods, lEmbracing every variety of Fancy «r Staple larticles in the Dry Goods line, including a llarge assortment of goods for SunBner Cloth- Xing, such as . Bombasins, Lastings, Drillings, Napoleon ICords, Brochelles, Cashmaret,'Merino Cas- ^simeres, &c. i An elegant assortment of black, white and lecarlet Merino long and square SHAWLS, •all wool and at unusually low prices; Black, scan't^ and White Thibet Wool & Cashmere Shawls and Handkerchiefs; _ Crape Hernani, Barege, CaiMsk Gauze [and Miss Kemble Dress Handkerchiefs; Calicoes; Ginghams; Printed Muslins, and Mandarins; Super Gros-de-Nap. Silks, assorted; Figur'd and water'd Poul-de-Soie, Satins land Florences; Ribands; I Thread Bobbinet and Muslin Insertings & Edgings; Thread and Bobbinet Laces; India Matting and CARPETING; , _\ case super Leghorn Bonnets, and 1000 IPalm-Leaf Hats, g,«c. ifc. • I P N CONSIGNMENT—10 pieces Domestic •CARPETING, from 2s & 6d to 3s & 3d 1 Per yard. A choice and well selected assortment of Groceries. • All of which will be sold at the most re- Iduced j>rices» and -on^he most aceemmo- [aating terms. _ ' THOMAS WICKHAM. Geneva, May 8, 1833. 47 FRESH GROCERIES. GENEVA RECESS. T HE subscribers are now receiving their Spring and Summer GROCERIES, FRUIT, &c. The following comprises a few of the leading articles which may at all times be found at their Establishment: TEAS—Imperial, Old Hyson, Young Hy- son, and Skin Teas. SUGARS—New-Orleans, St. Croix and P. Rico Sugars; Philadelphia Loaf & Lump* White Havana and Brazil. / MOLASSES—N. Orleans & Sugar-house. COFFEE—Java, Mocha and Green. FRUIT—100 bxs. Bunch, Muscatel, Bloom, Malaga and Sultana Raisins ; 50, drums ** fresh Figs; Citron, Zante Currants and Prunes; ^te^es fresh Oranges and Lem- ons ; Almonds, Pea-Nuts, Madeira and Brazil-Nuts, Cocoa-Nuts, & Lemon Syrup (fresh.) WINES, LIQUORS, &c—Madeira, Sher- ry, Malaga, Port, Claret, Sicily & Cham- paign Wines; Brandy, Gin, Jamaica and St. Croix Rum, warrant, pure & genuine. FISH—Mackerel, Salmon, Codfish & Shad; 50 boxes Herrings. Sperm and Tallow Candles, Cayenne Pep- per, Soda, Boston and Small Crackers, Powder, Shot, Lead, Pepper, Spice, Gin- ger, Salaretus, Mace,'Cloves, Cassia, Nut- megs, Lucifer Matches, Pocket Lights, and Mustard. TOBACCO, &c—Chewing, Smoking and Slug Tobacco ; Pelon, Dorsemegoes and McPherson's .best Segars; Common do. in boxes and bunches. TOYS, BEADS, &c—Cut Glass Beads, assorted colors; Wax, Brass and Hollow Glass. Beads ;„ Bead Needles and Silk; 50 dozen of French Kid a^id Jointed Colls, assorted sizes; Whips, Watches, Snuff- Boxes, and Wallets. * OYSTERS, &c.—Also receiving a very large assortment of Pickled Oysters and Clams. CONFECTIONS. \ They also continue to manufacture Con- fections of all kinds, and will serve up, at short notice, for Parties, and to private fami- lies, Macaroonies, Jumbles, Fruit, Pound and Sponge Cake, Kisses, Mottoes, Ice Cream, &c. &c. &c. They have in their employ Confectioners from New-York, and are confident that work cannot be produced that will surpass theirs. The above Groceries have been selected with care, and warranted genuine—and by strict attention to business, we ask a liberal share of public patronage. . NAGLEE & LEWIS, Geneva Recess, No. 7, Seneca-street. May 15, 1833. 48 JVew Store and JYew Goods. T\coraeYSto.\eT SWX °L enin g j»**£ ings, opposite the Geneva Hotel, 'an ENTIRE NEW STOCK OF GOODS, consisting of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, WINES, &c. &c. For which they solicit part of the public patronage; and as their stock has been pur- chased on as good terms as their neighbors', they will endeavor to sell it as low. (U 1 * Please call and examine for your- selves. JAMES GRIEVE cc CO. Geneva, May 15, 1833. * 48 II. 0. SEELYE, AS just received his FULL SUP- \\\\-i of Spring A' Summer Goods, Bought principally for Cash, at very reduced prices—all which will be sold at a small ad- vance for cash. As it is hoped that all who are disposed to purchase, will call and see his assortment, a few articles only will be enumerated, viz :— French and English Printed Muslins and Cambrics; French Ginghams, of new patterns; Gros-de-Swiss, Gros-de-Nap, Pow-de-Soi, Italian and Florence Silks; A large lot of Merino Shawls, at about half • j former prices-; Straw and Leghorn Hats; Tuscan Straw do.; and Millinery Articles of every de- scription. Also—A superior lot of double super, su- perfine, and fine Ingrain CARPETS ; Brus- sels and Tufted Rugs; Manilla Mats, &.c. Also—Fresh TEAS, & other Groceries. Geneva, May&, 1833. 47 J%\JEW SPRMWG GOODS. A. WHITNEY, H AS just received from New-York an extensive assortment of DRY GOODS, HARDWARE, GROCERIES, GROCKERY, GLASS-WARE, &c. Which will be sold at low prices, for Cash, at. 4 2 Seneca-street. Among them are— Broad Cloths, Cassi»neres, Woollenet, Double Gros-de-Swiss Silks, Ginghams, Calicoes, Merino Shawls,-Gloves, Hose, 6-4, 7-4, 8-4»Table Linen, Vestings, Black and^Slored Silks, Linen Drilling, Ticking, Printed Muslins, Sheeting and Shirting, Plain and Striped Mo^skin and Fustian, Wool & India Carpeting, Hearth Rugs, &c. &c. HARD-WARE. Knives, Forks, Butts & Screws, Locks, Latches, Snell's Augers & Bitts, Files, Plated & Britannia Spoons, Sheep Shears, Glass and Brass Commode Knobs, &c. 25 casks Nails, Brass Kettles, Iron Hpllow-Ware, Shovels & Spades. Fresh TEAS and SPICES, at reduced, prices, old Java and West India COFFEE, Salaretus, Molasses, Lump and Brown SU- GARS, Rice, Lamp Oil, &c. 100 barrels common and dahy SALT. WANTED—20,000 lbs. WOOL. Geneva, May 7, 1833. 8-47 MUEIUWJY & HJUJMJ, No. 12, Seneca-stre'et, H AVE just received and offer for sale a general assortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, PATENT MEDICINES, PAINTS, OILS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, WIND'W. GLASS, Com. & Apothecaries' GLASS-WARE, LOOKING-GLASSES, BRUSHES, &c. &£. Which they offer for cash or approved credit, as low as can be purchased elsewhere. Al- though they do not profess the admirable se- cret of making a profit in selling goods at cost; yet they will engage to sell at a small advance from purchase price. Persons wish- ing to purchase are invjited to call and exam- ine for themselves. £/=\ HOUSE and SIGN PAINTING done as usual, in every variety of style. *»* Paints of all colors ground in oil. Geneva, May 18. 44 H. H. MERRELt, I NFORMS his customers and the public, that he continues his old busiuess, at his former stand, in the usual way, except for better pay —and is receiving 50 barrels ground LOG WOOD, 25 \ \ FUSTIC, 20 \ \ NICARAGUA, 5 \ \ MADDER, 5 \ - \ ALUM, 10 » « cwrawM-. And all other articles in the DYE-WOOD line, which, together with his former Stock, makes an elegant assortment, worthy the at- tention of Clothiers. Also a good stock of PAINTS and OILS, DRUGS and MEDICINES, GROCERIES, LIQUORS, &c. &c. &c. Which he will sell low for good pay—and for good pay ONLT. NO. 10, Seneca-st. Oct. 24,1832. 19. Iiottery & Exchange Office, No. 6, S.eneca-street, Geneva. T ICKETS and SHARES in the New- York Consolidated Lotteries, author- ized by the, Legislature, Yates & Mc'Intyre Managers, will be kept for sale as they are issued from the Managers' office, at the li- censed Lottery Office of the subscriber. (J?* UNCURRENT money Bought and Sold. A Premium paid for Gold, particu- larly Sovereigns. *„* Gash advanced for Prizes, as soon as the drawing is received. R. M. BAILEY. 5 June, 1833. . * 53 OROUIVD PLASTER. F OR SALE by the subscriber, a few Barrels GROUND PLASTER, by the hundred or barrel. N. AYRAULT. Geneva, May 1, 1833. 45 CO-P^RTJYEItSHIP. H H. MERRELL and G. H. MER- 1 • RELL, have this day formed a Co- partnership in the Storage,- Forwarding and Commission business, under the firm of \H H. MERRELL & CO.\ They will attend to any business in this line with promptness, at the Ware-house, on Steamboat Dock, foot of Franklin-street. H. H. MERRELL, G. H. MERRELL. Geneva, March 22, 1833. 41 Jlnnuai Register, 1833. J UST received, and for sale at the Book- store of J.Bogert, Main-street, Geneva. Williams' New- York Annual Register, for the year 1833: Price $1,50. Geneva, May 20.- lAtoking- Glass Plates. K ELLY & HALL have on hand an as- sortment of the above article for the accommodation of those who have had Glasses broken. (25) Dec. 5. H. U. JflERHEIsMj # CO. S TORAGE, FORWARDING & COM- MISSION Merchants—Ware-house on Franklin-Wharf and Steamboat Dock. Geneva,.March 22, 1833. 41 Wholesale <fc Ret. Hat Store. T HE subscribers continue to keep for sale, wholesale or retail, at their Hat Store in Seneca- street, opposite Proufy's Hardware Store, a general assortment of HATS. A continuance of public patronage is respect- fully solicited. WIGHT & CLARK. Geneva, June, 1833. 53 NEW GOODS. T HE subscriber has just received and is now opening his Spring Goods: * Among which are the following:— Blue, black, green, rifle-green, Brown, claret- brown, and mixt BROAD CLOTHS; Blue, black, drab, & mixt CASSIMERES; Fine and Common SATINETS ; Stripe & plain Mole-Skins & Beaverteens; Italian, Gros-de-Swiss and Gros-de-Naple SILKS; Black and White Satins ; printed Muslins ; Stripe and Mandarin Ginghams; Calicoes; Rouen Cassimere; Storments; Fancy Drilling; Crape Camblet; DrabCantoon; Russia Diaper; Ticking; Greenland crimson Moreen; Hernani embroidered SHAWLS; Long and sqtt-irnFMerino Shawls, all wool borders, &c. &c. 4 cases Leghorn and Straw BONNETS; Straw Gimp; 1200 Palm-Leaf Hats; 2000 yards Ingrain & Stripe CARPETING ; India Matting; Brussels and Wilton Rugs; 10bales SHEETING & SHIRTING;- Cotton Yarn; Wicking; Batting, &c. GROCERIES. Imperial, Hyson, Yoilng Hyson, and Hy- son Skin TEAS; Coffee, Pepper, Spice, Molasses, &c. The duty having been taken off of many artrch - ^ they are consequently lower than last fall's prices. The subscriber would also inform his cus- tomers, that he still continues the much ap- proved plan of selling cheap for cash. 1 ' JOSEPH THAYER, No. 88, Seneca-st, Geneva, May 7, 1833. 3m47 On Consignment. K ELLY & HALL h^ve just received a general assortment of WINDOW SASH, for sale at factory prices. FANCY SASH, WINDOW BLINDS, &c. furnish- ed to order, Likewise, for sale as above, J. & S. Bar- ber's fine cut Tobacco and Snuff. Dec. 5. . 35 GENEVA IEW CROCKERY STORE. China, Glass and Earthen- Ware. T HOMAS HARRIS & CO., No. 1, Franklin Stores, at the foot of Sene- ca-Street, are now receiving an ample stock of CHINA, GLASS and EARTHEN- WARE, of the first quality and newest pat- terns and colors, which they offer at whole- sale and retail, viz: Black, brown, blue, pink, purple, lilac and variegated colore, Dinner, Breakfast, Tea, and China SETS, complete. GLASS-WARE—cut, plain and moulded Decanters, Wines and Champaigns, Dishes, Napkins, Plates, Jars, jfec. &c. ...... Teas, Coffees, Bowls, Pitchers, Plates Twifflers and Muffins. Printed, enamelled and colored WARE and CROCKERY of every description. Stone-Ware of all descriptions, Flower- Pots, Stove Tubes, &d. &c. All will be sold at die lowest prices, whole- sale or retail. Geneva, October 15, 1832. 18tf CABINET FURNITURE. T HE subscriber offers for sale at his Furniture Ware-House on Water, foot of Seneca-st., a very excellent assortment of CABINET FURNITURE—consisting of SOFAS* of various patterns and prices, from $35 to $150; Mahogany CHAIRS, SIDEBOARDS, SECRETARIES, BUREAUS, Lockers, Book-Cases, Portable Desks, Writing and Work Stands ; Mahogany Dining, Tea, Centre, Pier and Dress Tables. CBerry Bureaus, Dining and Tea Tables, Stands, ifc. ; High-Post, Fancy, and French Bedsteads, and Chairs of everv description. WILLIAM TILLMAN. Geneva, April 23, 1833. 45 may at good. March 21. FJlJtIIJLY FI.OUR. T HE subscriber keeps con- stantly on hand a supply of FLOUR, manufactured er- • i * v '.V** * and it times be returned, if not founu H. H. MERRELL, No. 10, Seneca-st. Tanners' Oil A* Spts. Turp. F OR sale, by the barrel, a quantity of TANNERS' OIL and SPIRITS of TURPENTINE, by Oct. 10. (17) KELLY & HALL. SECOND NOTICE. 1 AM under the necessity of again calling upon ALL personsalluded to in my ' First Notice,' to pay their accounts, as I intend to put some in suit in a short time. H. H. MERRELL. Geneva, Oct. 24, 1832. ' 19. JLIST OF BETTERS, R EMAINING in the Postoffice at Ge- neva, N. Y., 1st of JUNE, 1833. A—Alexander Armstrong, Jacob Ansbar- ger, Israel Alden, John Anthony. B—Dante! Baldy, Chester H. Benton, 2, Margaret B. Barker, Mary Jane Black, Abra- ham Barker, 2, Win. Burdell, James Boon, Rosannah C. Baxter, Thomas Baker, Elijah Bfanchard, Richard Backenstose, William Butler, Phebe Ann Bofwen, Charles Barling, JohnBlacL ' C—Saml. O. Coddington, T. Carey, Esq. F. Crittenden, G. Caswell, Pctef t Chapman, Matth. Coe, 2, Otis Coleman, Hiram Clark, James Collins,.B. Cornell, Nancy Chase, John Clark, William Combs, Mary Camp- bell, William C. Cimbers: D—rMary Dinim, Hannah Draper, J. ^F, Doing, Robert Daskam, H. H. Dayton, 2. E—Sarah Eaton. F—Joseph Fulton, 2, David B. Franklin. G\—Wellington Glover, Jno. Griffith, Wm. Griffin, Lemuel Gulliver, Seymour H. Good- ing, Margaret Graham, William G. Gardner. H—James S. Hicks, Job Haskell, Wm. R. Hartshorne, Leander S. Hobert, Cyrus Hubard, J. Hey wood, (ship,) Henry Hall, Henry Hampshire. J—Daniel C. Jacocks, Obadiah Jennings, Joseph P. Jewett, Neil Jewett. K—Doct. Kimber, Daniel Kniffcn, Mary Kimball, John M. Kelcham. L—Ephraim Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Lar- zelere, Prosper Lacy, Judge Lemmon, Mary Lee. <&• .M—Henry Miller, Timothy Mansfield, Da- vid Miller, Mary McPherson, Thomas Mar- shall, Lovisa Morrison, Catharine A. Millen, James McCarthy, George P. Mowry, Rebec- ca Mclntyre, Mary McClure. O—Miss Ann Osborii. P—Antoinette Perkins, Willard T. Pres- ton, 2, Dency Page, Cyrus Post, Jonas Peek, Maria Peck, Charles Palmer, Jose_ph Price, Wm. Powers, Sally Preston, Danl. Punches. Q.—Henry QuickV R—Wm. S. Robertson, Cornelius Rob- erts, Michael Ryan, John Rosevelt, Jacob Ringer, Lucy Richards, Thomas Richard- son, Samuel Reed, 2, Andrew Ross, (ship.) S—Lydia Ann Squire, Rev. Wm. Snow, 2, | .Margaret A. Smith, John Sowerby, J. H. Strong, 3, Dr. Smith, Peter Staats, G. W. Southwick. T—Benjam. Tutfle, 2, Fred. W. Thayer, James Tallman,' James Thompson, David Thomas, John Tremble, Elam Tilden, P. B. Taylor, Ansel Teal. V—H. Vrooman, Elizabeth Van Doren, Aaron Van Wormer. W_Dr. P. Wood, Oliver Wiborn, Alice Ward, Louisa Whitmore, Stephen Wheaton, jr., Thomas Weeb, Alonzo Willson, Rachel Woodhull, James Weed, William Welch, George Wilson, Benjamin Wing, Robert Wooding, Samuel White, James Wolcott, David Willson, Jesse Wheeler, 2, Daniel Woods, Benj. Waters, Richard Williams. 51 6. 3. GROSVENOR, P.M. 100 Nov. SJ1ET. BARRELS SALT, in good order, for sale by H. II. MERRELL, '(71) No. 10, Seneca-st. rOT-.iSMI KETTLES. T HE subscriber keeps constantly for sale a supply of Taberg ninety-gallon PQX-ASH KETTLES, double bottoms, being the best kind manufactured. JOHN L. DOX. 93tf Fancy and Windsor Chair Factory. O BADIAH HAVENS, respectfully informs the in- habitants of Geneva and vicinity, that he has taken the Shop for- merly occupied by Morris Goff, deceased, in Main-streetr-where-ire irrtendsnearrying on the above business in all its various branches. He has an elegant assortment now on hand, and is constantly manufacturing Fancy and Windsor CHAIRS, of the latest New-York city patterns, made of the best materials and in a workmanlike manner. He flatters him- self that from his long experience at the above business, in the principal cities in the United States, not to be surpassed, if equall- ed, by any in the western country. A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited. (I/ 5 * Old Chairs repaired, painted and re- gilt, oh # short notice and reasonable terms. All orders strictly attended to, and neatly Geneva, January 28, 1833. &3 Tamarack Fence Posts. T HE subscriber has a quantity of the above Posts for sale, cut in the proper season of the year for durability, which are nearly or quite equal to red cedar; a part of which are stored at I. W. Squire's, in Water- loo, and Itnley Prescott's, in Geneva, who will attend to the sale of the same. Also, Tam- arack suitable for well pumps, aqueduct logs, sleepers, rafters and ladder poles. He will also sell hie farm, very cheap, con- taining 221 h acres, situated two miles north from the foot ©f Seneca Lake, in the town of Waterloo, on the middle road from Wa- terloo to Canandaigua; or he will exchange it for a part of the purchase money ,and for lands further west—as far as Michigan. *\' LODOWICK DOBBIN. Waterloo, April 3, 1833. (*6m42) Geneva, April 25, 1832. Water Lime. \I f| BARRELS WATER LIME, for JL \W sale at No. 10, Seneca-street, by •S^ (14) .H. H. MERRELL. White Wood Boards. C ASH PAID for half-inch White Wood Boards, by R. M. BAYLY- Dec. 26. 28 lanseed Oil. K ELLY & HALL have just received a quantity of English & Ohio LIN- SEED OIL, which will be sold by the barrel or gallon. Also, a fresh assortment of dry and ground PAINTS. « Sept. 19. •\ - ° l*tf TO CEOTHIERS. K ELLY & HALL have just received a very general assortment of DYE-STUFFS & DYE-WOODS, of latest importation, and of superior quality, which they purpose to sell low- Sept. 19. Weaving JLiSUtOteaUm^n,*., REMOVED. H ENRY \JOHNSON would inform his Friends and old Customers, that he has Removed his WEAVING ESTAB- LISHMENT to the village ofBellona, where he will at all times be ready to wait on his old-customers, and new ones too. COLORING, of every description, done to order, and warranted to be of a superior beauty—a little uncommon. The Names, &c. will be inserted into Coverlets as usual,. He would invite the attention of the pub- lic to CARPETING, particularly, as he is desirous of doing considerable at that next fall. Every other kind of Weaving done to order, and on the shortest notice. Bellona, May G, 1833. 47 POST-OFFICE NOTICE. M AIL ARRANGEMENT FOB THE SUMMER. Eastern Mails— _ The Telegraph closes at j past 11, A. M. Eclipse- --\• J-past—SrP^rMr Way Mails \ 4 past 5, P. M. Western — Telegraph & Pilot close at j past 3, P. M. Way Mail closes at - . j past 8, A. M. Flint Creek & Hopewell, Monday, Wednes- day, and Friday, at .J past 8 o'clock, A. M. Southern — NewtargH, Peas-Yaa & Bath, elese 9, P. M. Penn-Yan Accommodation, J past 12, M. Northern- Newark and Lyons close j past 1, P. M. Clyde, Wolcott, &c-., leaves Monday, Wed- nesday and Friday, at 5, A. M. Closes at 9, the evening before. West Dresden, every Wednesday at 1, P. M. Seneca Castle and Gorham, every Thursday all, P.M. (Lf=* The Office will be open from sun- rise till 9 P. M-, except Sundays, when it will be open from 6 to 7 in the evening. The above arrangement will be strictly ad- hered to. G. J. GROSVENOR, P. M. Geneva, May 15,1833. 48 Deferred Articles. From the N. Y. Journal of Commerce. VERY LATE FROM COLOMBIA. . We are indebted to capt. Briggs, of the brig Elizabeth, for Bogota papers- to-21st April inclu- sive, near a month later than the previous advicss. Among the passengers in the Elizabeth, is the Hon. Thomas P. Moore, late Minister of the Uni- ted States to Bogota. Mr. M'Affe, the Charge d'Affaires sent oat to relieve Mr. Moore, met the latter gentleman at Carlh&gena, and thence proceeded on ihis journey to- Bogota. Mr. Moore, caused the remains of tbe Hon. Rich- ard C. Anderson, our first Minister to Colombia, who died at Carlhagena, to he disinterred, and has brought them to the United States. All is quiet in New Granada, and the present government appears to be firmly established. From the papers above mentioned, we translate the following documents, [omitted] growing out of the contemplated departure of Mr. Moore. They afford very gratifying evidence of the high estima- tion in which he was held at Bogota. In this res- pect, at least, he has been vastly more fortunate thnn his predecessor. The post of aibretgn minister in any of the new Republics, is a station of delicacy and difficulty. To have filled such a station both to ihetsalisfuclinn of the country represented, and that to which tho representation is muuo, is an honor which few nre able to achieve. The following information, given through the Courier and Enquirer, a* derived from a corres- pondent, is erroneous. The treaty negotiated by Mr. Nelson, at Naples, was not fully ratified there. It has been ratified as yet only by the American government, and Mr. Ddviznc, we presume, has been ordered to proceed to Naples for the purpose of exchanging ratifications.— Washington Globe. \ The treaty negotiated by Mr. Nelson, at Na- ples, although equally ratified by the government of the Two Sicilies and by that of the LVStirtes of America, is supposed, with reason perhaps, to be still in some danger. Mr. Davizac, your Charge d'Affaires at this court, has received a let- ter from the President by the last Liverpool packet, directing him to bold himself in readiness to pro- ceed to Naples on a special mission, ns soon as he shall have received his instructions from the De- partment of Sti:te, which Ije expects to reach him from day to day by way of Havre.\ From the irashington Globe. It will be recollected thattlieopposilion filled their papers with paragraphs belore tbe late election of the President, lamenting tlint OLD IKUN SHIES. the noble and lucky ship, had been condemned to be broken up. And it was looked uponi us a sad presage by our political Jeremiahs, of the fate of the Constitution itself, of which the ship was con- sidered the namesake _and emblem. From the following scrap, it will Be seen, that tbe President is not content with baffling the augury in one re- spect. He has said \the Union must be preserv- ed\ and that \ he will not give up the ship:\ \ IROIT SIDKSI—The Constitution is about to be taken into tho new dry dock in Charlestovvn, BJnsf where she will undergo a thorough repairing, and be coppered anew. The Constitution is one'of the oldest ships in tbe navy.\ Ex-PttEsiiiENT AKAMJ <*-The lollowiog cutting rnbnke of ibis restless individual, is from the e<k ilor of the Frediinin Censor, formerly a supporter of Mr. Adams for tho Presidency. We have heard of sticks so crooked that they could not lie still, and wo are half inclined to iliink thai the late president Adams is endowed with a like propensity. He appears to be wholly devoid of the strength of mind and good sense that enabled his predecessors to spend their lives in dignified retirement, after they had honorably discharged the duties to which their felluw-ciiizen's had called them. A letter from or the most obscure editor him a long tirade of nonsense upon the mostt frlvo Ions subject. He has, it is true, of late sought higher and more worthy competitors, but with such poor Buccess that he will be obliged to ngain descend to the very worthy company in which lie has seen fit to locate himself. • To Travellers.—*We have been guilty of neglect in omitting to mention the sammer-arrangement*' that have been made by anr enterprising stage and steam-boat proprietors for the accoromodal'ioB of the travelling public,;, An excellent line fttfrteaoi ' boats and stages is now established on-'i^M^m-' can sue from Niagara to Montreal. ^hfririMrioE steam-boat United States leaves Niagara\ ejverf'V * hursday mornrng and arrives at OgdensBnrgnaji Saturdays. From Ogdensborgh, there is%tfair#-' line of elegant Post Coaches \o HogaiijjBSflJ^na;. thence to Montreal by steam-boats and PostQaaek^ es. This line offers every facility to the busine«» manor parties of pleasure, and we cannot but hijpo it will receive that fenconragement which its ener- getic and enterprising proprieters^desenre.-^», Lawrence Republican. • The steam-boat Great HrUaivfUm commenced her regolar trips on Lake Ontario. We have be- fore spoken in favorable terms, of this splendid vessel. We cando so again, andof her excellent' commander, capjain Whitney, both from observa- tion and experience. It is stated in tbe Mbnlreat' Gazette, that the Great Britain has been \ greatly. improved and embellished.\ It may be so} b« we think, if it is so, it most have been a work of supererogation.— Com. Adv. Buffalo.—-We want no better evidence of iha thrift ol'a place than to see its papers well crowd- ed with business advertisements, and taking this as a criierion we know of no place that will compare with Buffalo. Twenty-five and a half of the large columns of the last Burfulo-Joornal are filled Willi advertisements, leaving but two and a half (ma- rine list and all) devoted to what is called reading matter.— Frcdonia Censor. Tbe Pongbltcepsie Whaling Company have'' ' purchased a third ship, which is to be immedi- ately fitted for a voyage to the south seas. (.'HOCTAW INDIANS.—About 700 of these? lo- dians it is estimated have removed during the past ^ Burning of the Brilisli Ship Hihrnia at Sea.— The llihernia, which sailed from Liverpool in Ue- cemher last, ujih 232 emigrants, for Van Die- man's Land, was burned at sea, on the 5lh of February, in hit, 4 degrees 40 minutes S., Ion. 20 decrees 30 minutes, and all on board perished bat G'J, who escaped in the bouts. Tbe fire was com- municated by a candle to a bucket of'spirhs, which, in tbe confusion pf the moment, was over- turned, and communicated to several barrels of the same liquid. . Wo understand that the General Baptist Associ- ation of Philadelphia, have purchased a hand- some farm near Haddonfield, Blockley township, with the view of commencing a Theological Col- lege, on the manual labor system. The farm con- tains about one hundred acres-of excellent land, upon which there is now erected a capacioni school-house.— Philadelphia Gaz. We perceive by the lute debates in the English Parliament, that the nnnnul amount of loXulion. direct and indirect, by that government, is stated at fifty-two millions pounds sterling, or abonltwo hundredjind thirty millions of dollars I The poor rate's in England and Wales, in 1838, amounted to £y,<J83,46l, or nearly thirty-eight millions of dollars. Increase aince 1831, 344- 371 pounds sterling. It is stated in the coarse of the same debates, that the increase of crime fn Great Britain since W2o, Is nearly 50 per cent. In that year, the number of criminal prosecutions was 14,473'. in 1H32, 20,82'J.—Alb. Argils. TO BJVKERS. JMflHE subscriber, one of the Patentees X of the \FRANKH& CRACKER 14tf PEW FOR SALE. F OR SALE, or to Rent, an eligibly situated- PEW, in the Presbyterian Church, on the South-wall side. Applica- tion may be made at J. Bogert's Bookstore. April 10. MACHINE,\ which is now* in successful 11 operation in-New-York, Albany, Baltimore, Utica, Syracuse, and many\ hther places, now offers to dispose of the Patent-right for4he same in the fonowing~Couhfies, in. the State of New-York, to wit:—Columbia, .Herki- mer, Otsego, Sullivan, Oswego, CbjH&ngo, Broome, Tioga, Steuben, Yates, Alle&aiiy and Livingston. As a labor-saving macbmfti it is seldom equalled, and in its own branch of business no other machine can compete with it. Any person wishing to purchase a Patent-right lor the same in the above named counties, can make application to me in Ge- neva, and, in case of my absence, Samuel Mott, Esq. is duly authorized to sell the • same. Having a Machine in operation at my Bakery, Lfeei confident I can prove sat- isfactorily to all who see it, that by its use more than half the labor of makihg^Crack- era can be saved. Navy Bread, Sea Biscuit, &c, can be made with the same Machine. NATHAN DASKAM. Geneva, Jan. 16, 1833. 32 Fashionable Millinery. M ISS. E. TIDD, Informs the Ladies of Geneva and its vicini- ty, that she has just re- turned frobl New-York Jvith a Very handsome as- sorthicnt of Fashionable MILLINERY, of the latest importations, consisting of rich SILK, EnglisVS^RAW, one case very fine Tusctin STRAW HATS, a new and desirable article. Also, rich CAPS, Blond LACES, and Fancy HAND- KERCHIEFS, VEILS, and GLOVES, rich RIBANDS, and French FLOWERS, together with every other article In the Mil- linery line, ^prtt 16, 1833 l 44 \ Minority Vice-President.\—tl is n fact, but not generally known to the public, that Van Bn- ren, who is the only minority governor New-York has had for thirty years, is also a minority Vice- President of the United Statos. Although he re- ceived a large majority of the electoral votes, yet of the primary suffrages of the people of the U. Slates, there Was ft majority of something like one hundred thousand against him. And yet his par- tisans have the assurance to talk of bis popularity.\ The above paragraph we find in the Commer- cial Advertiser, and from the avidity with which every thing is seized hold of by the enemies of the Vice-President to diminish Jiis^pupalarily-and \his influence, we presume the paragraph will go the usual rounds: it has already fonnd its way into the Newark Daily t we therefore take the earliest opportunity to expose its falsehoods and arrest its progress. Notwithstanding there were three can- didates opposed to Mr. Van Buron, he received a majority of rising 71.000 voles over them all, as will appear by the following -statement made up frpm the official returns: • Van Buren received C69,C0i Sergeant and EHmakcr GS5.252 Barbour 12,722 Extract of a letter from Mr. Audubon, dated Eastport, May 201 \_ After scouring the country all round, but one subject for my pencil have I found, and that draw- r _ i ing have we made. Should it rain to-morrow. I rfrom a caucus of hoys , shall makeai)ollierdrawingofthe'VVinIer Wrens/ is ttofflciBntto elici from T , iese s , vt . e t cr(!ature s ttre s i ing r „ , f every prostrate moss-covered log in the woods.;— The name of our vessel is the Ripley, our com- mander's, Emery. On the first of June we sail for Labrador, wind and Weather permitting.\ It is oor painful doty to announce the death of Gr.oar.E BREATHITT, -Esq. 'brother of the Gov- ernor of Kentucky. This young gentleman acted, occasionally as a private secretary to the Presi- dent, and accompanied him last year in his tour to Tennessee. From a short time after his return to the present, his decline has been exceedingly rsp- id. A more honorable, amiable, excellent man, never lifed. Mr. Breathitt, we have understood, , when very young, united himself to a religious society, and amidst all the gayely and frivolity lot a city life, preserved a chtiraoter of irreproachablo * puriiy. He died at Mnysville, on bis return borne. — Washington Globe. 597.974 Leaving a majority for Van Buren or 71,627 Well might Col. Stone say. \ that the fact was not generally known to thte public.\ Another fact, however, is known to the public, viz., that the writer of the above extract does not stick very close to the truth.— tfew-Jersey Eagle. SARATOGA AND FORT EDWARD RAH-ROAB — We ure gratified to learn lhat this company is now fully organized, and Commences its operations un- der the most favorable auspices. An election was held in this City yesterday, and the following gen- tlemen chosen directors of the road-for the ensuing year, viz -. C. C. Cambreleng. W. G. Bnckhor, and A. Hamilton, of New-York; Erastus Corning. John Townsend, James Porter, and Lewis Bene- dict, of Albany ; John I. De Graff, of Schenec- tady ', and G. M. Davison, of Saratogo Springs. At a subsequent meeting of the directors, the following appointments were made: C. C.Cambreleng, President; John Towwend, V. President; W. G. Bucknor, Treasurer; John I. Do Graff, Secretary, John Townuend, John f. De Graff and G. 51. Davison, Executive Com. mittee; William E. Young, Engineer. • We Understand that a survey is forthyjith to be commenced, and that it is the intention of the directors to complete the road early in the next summer. The Schenectady and Saratoga rail- road, 21 £ miles in length, was completed (save the intermediate point nl Ballston.) with- A TTEART-niNDiW AFFAiR.-^Sittce the arrival of Governor Marcy in this city, many applications* have been made to him for the pardon of convicts* among which was one presented by an intelligent looking female, why, came to his room in the City- Hall, in the early part of lust week, attended by two interesting little boys, to give more weight to' an appeal for the liberation of their father, then iif confinement at Sing-Sing. 11 er petition being re* eeived with a favorable Ear. she again called im Friday, Tho Governor having in the interim thoroughly investigated the case, and ascertained the man was a suitable object for his clemency^,, drew an order for his relief and gave it to tne Wijjj&j.* who immediately started with a joyful heart wiT Sing-Sing, EO as to have the pleasure herself of*; delivering the pardon to the keeper. Upon her arrival nl the gates of the prison she presented the paper, which she fondly thought would soon place her in the presence of her husband, bother anguish may more easily be conceited than de* scribed when she received tbe intelligence lhatb* had died the tnorng before.—AT. V Standard >• Us * tv» Melancholy Accident. —On TrresrJny evening, III*^ 4th inst., Benjamin Kirkendof and Paul AtWell, Jr. two young men residing in \the town of Wind* sor, each provided Vvith a rifle, proceeded to a. deer lick in search of deer. Kirkendol stationed himself on a platform fifteen or twenty feet up a. { tree, and Atwell placed himself at the foot of the tree. While in this situation, Atwell's rifle am* dentally discharged itself, the hall entering ih« abdomen of Kirkendol, and coming out of his neck. Atwell immediately inquired of Kirkendol * if he was hurt, and upon ascertaining that he Was, ' and that he thought himself dying bo went in search of assistance ; but before it arnVed he had expired. The body was found, hanging.irom ths crotch of the tree by one of his feet — Broome. Rep- SERIOBS DISASTER.—One night last Week, ilire are informed a high darn across the lrondequoit) about a mile above Penfield Villjgej suddenly \ broke away, giving Vent to ii large pond of Vf'^er' Swaini's Panacea, F ROM the Proprietor—constantly for sale, wholesale and_retaiLby 1L H. JVtEEUELi, Sept. No. 10, Seneca-st. Cash paid: for good Rags* JYOTMCE* T HE subscriber having purchased the stock in trade of Starr Nichols if John H. Swift, has rctrioved to the Store No. 6, Seneca-street, where he is now opening, and offers for sale, an assortment of Pashiondble Bats* Hatters' Stock and'Trimmings* caps, and will in a few days be receiv- ing an additional supply* which will be of- fered for sale low, for .cash or app§>ved,pa- paper. MOSES' H. SWIFf. Geneva, may 6,1833. 47 1 AI.I, KINDS OF BLANKS For Saie*^the Geneva Bpokstdre. route indeed is represented to be highly for the construction of a rail-road. ° This improvement, besides its separate advan tages, will be of great public utility as a continue ation of the Mohawk and Saratoga roads; and when_COttipleted| Will form a continuous line of rari-roa^wmmoniEatmTrfTmrrtliis-eity to Fort-Ed- ward, a distance of fifty-four miles, and within about twenty miles of Whitehall i giviug to trav- ellers on the route from Lake Champlnin. to the south, ab easy, economical and expeditions mode of conveyance!— Albany Argus. The Long-Island races have presented great at- traction to sportsmen during the past week. The great contest between Eclipse and Henry has been acted over by their progeny, G'Kelly and Mary Randolph. The first is an Eclipse colt owned by Mr. Stevens, and the latter..is tiye of&pring of the ' celebrated Henryaod is owned byTWr. VVynn\ a Southern gentleman. Several other horses were entered nt tho same time. The betting was im- mense and wa*']00 $>2f) in favor of Mary Ram dolph until the end or the first heat, when tbe son of Eclipse was declared the favorite and proved after funning three heats the victor against the whole field. G rent sums of money were lost and won, in true New Market *ly\e.—Buffalo Reft off almost every bridge and dam in its tnad tarter to the bay; We regret to say that the extensive, mills, &c. of D. Pelnfield. Esti were greatly ib» jured, and a small dwelling house near thejh (oinV „ of which a family had providentially removed*ib» ~i day before) Was washed from its foundation^ Ttltt wholedawiage it is supposed will exceed.five lhon- sand dollars.^jJocft&teV Jna. ^•1 TdE C HotERA.—TJiis pestilcnekhhpears to $•* raging with great seVeritvat Wheeling,. V» Tt»> Board of Heallhon the-28th olt reported 10 death*, from the 24th, add thirteen cases then e^iiU^g, six of which were doubtful and sbven conysm*- cent. Oh theSisi, jjthe board reported preceding tbrele days,*tl)B%seven new « which 14 terriiiriated fiWtuly \•'<& were c<m«*l and 15 doubtful. The; Gazette •=»¥» of dennc-^\l! Tins been .no respecter'«F i women^ children;,aWfcpefspns of ** m* perafehabi6hav-e ndi^en* tttembt AMIS tacks,\' ' ^ • \f' • \* • JUatdnzos,-^. a» arn%;|«t the Ea| fflsta'rifcutt wis- learn tbrrt;|mdngh tb« f gubsidqftw-Jihe.Tl»w*^rJ!ptefe*] unimo^1il:rrgad-*|ih crakfttttehiB* - tations^adjacent,tft%-''»:''-'1«*^^! ,•• „ A ** &W.'^

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