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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, October 10, 1827, Image 2

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I'lWW Suiivouir. AUtlJM,N. Let ifttsify Spring tonjoy her flovi'cts, AHdfodoEtjus Smnier smwy days; Let *Pt«(eir bjjiW her icy towers-^.. * 15cdrii,them a ll fflt ;- s B 3 S ; i ! t e K ; ^ 3 | . p . » ■I” \ f t o m h)ortal ejo% • HOi^iFfiVR AUX BEA.VES. lerQ’sgKtv^!^, ■ t v t e S h e a . JhBDjJJPBW f f i ' s s t s s m . . « p & r 4 . ■ . ........ ... ' ‘ 4 ' ^ “^lf|SW b rCTe!\ ' KfrwvtiEiiei. \ v h e i e y e / S j o J N S S ^ r i ^ / i ^ ^ »i» aoid JjJte coin Iu.Ui& \vheieyer it i* jo tiih jjrotlace of nil clioiajte*^ its cfrcttlsitiW is _ 4 m . sstaran itinne • b?gh% S l f t h h S S h «. i,««„».i. i.^_ (ate, and my fneniis, >vho iieyer aDMiiVuid ari) 0 ’*g - my caoiuies f” , . • „, • Ai»i lrisli footman, hiivitig carried a bas­ ket o f gaiWe from Ids master to a frierid,; waited a considerable time for the cusl©- mUry fee; out not finding it likely to ap­ pear, SGratchecI his head, and said : “ Sip, if my:master sbould say, Paddy, tyhat did tbegentleiaan give yon ; what would your Itono-nt have tije to tell him IKATtEyTIOrf' TfO rodcTUATIOPl. A . southern paper adpertises a Mack riinaayay by the, foJlp^ins descriptipn : “ h e is ahout 26 years of age, his nose tarns iip sfx/ca< /wg/», land on, &c.’^ What a npz^ie timt must Be! I 1 f t hat /ellow c foot nose is not to he sneesied at ; if ere than tlie nose ivliiich frightetied iho Panza, ^ __ ^ T wo gentieinen at Bath hating a differ^ ih The other called upon his neighbeurj and was answered by a sertant, tharhis. master was not; at home, but if he had any thing to say he might leave it with him. , No,, no,^’ says be, “ f wpis. only goir»f? to r “fiirni yout ffiaster’s visiti as he Ms name at my door in the mc^rDing.'’ Lord KeUy'' bad a remarkably red face, day i^ote solicited him to look over ' ■« garden lygll^ to rijpen his melons. B o o i r p i H n ^ at^ hap^y days w e ^ th osc,^^ tVbpse leisure tigers in counuy caios wore-spcjil Ami whose diversions all were innocent; Oft their own arhoots furnishorHrat-tfteir feast, And thus theit fruits and salads rolish'4 heat?’ ... DOCKING HOItSKS; E 'have long considered the practice of docking-hocses highly injudicious t and I CLASBiract i t ia, 1 rahsement of wurda, _. ^ mother Iwn«, nnqup^tionn insertidn of my protest againsi believe, peculiar to this and the mpthl cCTiitry, frouj wbich wO derive it. lu rmn, France anditaly, long tails are nni- JlraiiU The Oossacks, Arabsttod’ South taeritmoh, whb'almost live on liorse- ick, never dock their hbrses, ■ v The tail Ja tb ihe horsej highly useful anci broameatai<>~inRuri’’ •\ '• ---- lakesi nolhing snperiltt one never has. ej liker^ ; ote likeo long; * and s like,sfcf'i ii smallest particle of ltis tail hpi ’the free use oF it? That h ' He that rings only one bell, will hear only one soaud ; and he thut lives Witt ealy one class, will »ee but me' .sceoe o f j e great dram*, of life Mr. IrOcke *ra$ asked how. he had contrived' to aCcjUnulate a- min.e of knowiet^e so neb, y ^ sp exclusive antf so deep.. He replied, that he attributed wtmt little he k^w , to tha not having been ashamed to aSfc foh informaSon ; and to the rule he toC d o ^ , o f c 6 |iVfetsiDg with «n deiciip. tioi« of wep, OB fheie topicks chiefly that formed their owo peculiar prolessions. pr ?yself have Beard a black- ise of it. That he carries it, moregayly in consequence of having been docked, is e mistakei. .As to nicking m i foxing, practices of the same origin, still more cruel and ab -. surd, ttey have gone bp much out of the limIuoQ, that it is unnecessary to say any tfaingaS tp theiii. Nothing but a vitinted pnn^ita, ! myself have Beard a black- eiiiith eloquent, when welding of irea has beea the theme ; for what we bow thprong^Iy,^weeaii uauhlby expresaclear^ ly, since ideas will.supply vvords, hot w ^ s will not always supply ideas. Tlmrsfbfef wlien I.m e ^ w ithm write ohscorely,,^ converse op I ««n apt to nuspect two thing; , s u ^ peMons do , not uiwlefstand them- setwes; apd secondly, tbat tfiev are not 1 that uiMsedly, fiwtthat ATftBlSM GtiltEI). Tnc afahoniedans bawe ^whuch Moses 13 said, after having made manytaeftectual efforts to reclaim Pharaoh tramhis atheism, to have causeda raagnifi- -irlaee to be priyately bailt in'a des^' \■■■'» jotirBey frona a spot 13 accustomed to spend s after ’ 'ito- Brini Centpalaee art* abjpiit two day's where the King was ac< h » summer. Softe years ses cpQtri ved tbat Pharaol hnnting excursion*, with! sight o f bis new palace. ' No sooner did IS perceiv^ ,t than he inquired d f his at- teodant^ Who, bad built it ?*’ xNone of themr however, could give hhn any idfor- rnatioB. .At length hecaiBe to-Moses, who the uiiUce built iiself’i PRarBoh, theytory adils,- laughed heartilv at this absurd notioii of a man who prev t|tidea to Be a propBet. Upon which i*fose? jaiBiediately tonlg o f convincing the King i tency of his own uotioiss, when 1 A**,”- work of Creation terwards f * r ' - r*reauoft is oVservI o f pfuee It.uH, was ■ ceUftcaI tu speak his mittd fteely, aadnoi be afraid, for he was among friends, wdl^e.ak freely'; I will not be afraid,” said he. for why should 1 he afraixl arnpii* An Indian chief of the Creek notion. vbysfi^ fmig but a taste could have toIeBited mutilation pro-; dttctive of 80 much defonnity. I am hap­ py to ackuowledge that the pr.ictlce of whichi f complain is gr.ulualfy subai.jlng The tail of a two year old colt appears to be too targe for bis body, because one has gw ib ^owth, the other hot half. When he arrives at maturity, this proportion vanishes,—all is symmetry. 1 b e told that carriage hors- , be dock- But you will es; particularly gig horses, must ed, or they will (jiirow their tails reins! Tbs ed, becausi mmddy^p~mnd docked, to imflrp^e?theit deanty. There i* no acceantiag fpr -feiste. To” improve his appearance, ;the African files his teeth to resemble a saw; the Indian stashes and distends his ears, while thre females of more civilized life are content with iar- irtg holes throtigh the bottom of tl,mir chil cteen’s eax 3 ,‘ tliereiiato suspending bunch­ es of beads, coral, &c. The Chinese the feet of their fem.i!es until lose who breed horses for sale, lose in this way than they are aware of. igto market two colts, as equiil in mer­ it as possible, one docked th 6 other not— and the prefef’ence of from lt> to 20 per cent, will Be given to the one with a nat- Gtral tail. I am surprised that no notice has been taken of this grievarice, fto the horse a ing you to be a warm friend of this piobleaniftial, I submit his case, in this re- pect, to your<;care—he has many wtougs o complaio of. rEACH WllfE, DRIED rEACHE.S, &C. K^fdie pe.ichey, o f those unfit /of the lose nni iBle for drying, orfisr The fbtlowfiig processes NewiEnglftud R^fdie pes ibiarket, are riiakinig wine. are recommended by the Fiirmer* -Those which are to Be dried are to be. first split, stoned and placed in Ibe suBi The nest day they may be tamed, by pressing the fruit side outward, .IS they will then (iry faster, fepo'se them na pans, boards, n f the roofs o f houses complete the process in a moderately jia heated oven. Peaches thus dried, and placed m^paper^bags in a dry room, will To make wine^ inash and boil the peiioh- s, flien sirain put the liquor, tvasbiuRtiie When It has rested twi , off, add two or three quarts o f brandy to loiig a barrel, and hnrn it up. ■ E l W I C A f l O l l f . ■ '■ FronVliit Akiany Ar|dfe eutMEN'i’A'ftV nvsTnuci-joNj-^Np.. n. Agreeably^to promise, 1 shaU now prcec^ t,o the examiiiatjoii of We»STEn:’s;Si>ECi-ma BBoKi this being in Kiost general usd, andtlie oldest vvorl^; of any of which 1 shallitabe notice in fliOse nuniJiers. The pioneer jerforrannee of Mr. Dilworth haying become almost obiplete, I shall merely refer to his work occa 8 io*ml).y in connexion with those inithors ^10 hoTC copied it eitherdirectly opndBficUy,-r Mr. WeJister’s Spejiing Book was fouiideil upon Aiid aitccedect Efilvvorth’s. It was so supseponr to- its predecessar, in many respects, as. to aequite ah'i immediate acid unparalleled pppalnrity, which it aB-zed; and ditisnotanti lit, seem to have.bc?» :por-- til within a feW;ye4f«;i tliat Vords in Which g is hnrd before e, *,and y ; and we ibig^fherefore, reasonably expect that all of the .wo4efthi8olaf8.wouldhegiveninthisle*f ‘ ioqiand p/i page i\ .............. . . mo;; and wliffle 1 woilld awaVd to hirii the jus of praise for timely efforts in the cause ufedueation, . - rSSSaSSaS ------------ - Ucparlment irt Wliie'lv Mr, -W( ‘ provements in the Ucpai..,........ . , ----- ------------ |ter ■wasBosTOcessful may he made, i f they b e pot, in flict, frona circumstances and the spirit wf thfe; aent, and thie; lot-beitnpo^d prise's 168 pages;!' ____ ,, contain words taken from thedicUopary; 29 itaiH fhe ho jiames of p< ' « - - person?, place?, &c.; 47 co contain t nsrai tain reading' lesspiiS ) a contain'pictiires and tables ; and 4 pages «ontainnojiihera,abbrqvi;itiqnsi«.xj)ia- nstiQBS;^of Ifeo charactersused in writing, aaila BUS of the Oiiitea Stales. • Thus Wfe find that 18pag6?,!css/ft«)i A«(f ofMi Wefcster’s^)ei!ing-boob,.ure devoted to the insei tion of spelling lessons, containirig words 6 f on language to th.H number of 69S0.itic1uiKng tiie ex 'amples of tie forao.atiPn of plurals, dorivalwe and coaapound -vvords to the number of 1150, so that ttere ore only 5BC0 words of the lang^je In his? •■’•“-ted more than once in the different spelling tiuople, by W, IS, not including those subject to i centuntifln \when dilferentiy applied,* queuce oftlio fewness of words in !VIr. 1 speliing-loOkvtho.'io scholars who uaoit co Cbnstan- inserted more than once in the different speiling tiuople, b y which it appears the T u rks lessons, not including those subject to aifferent no-. y rere continuing their w a rlike efforts w ith .. ............................. .. among the Greeks.* Ije had caused raou use, etther ill llieir orthography or proauncia- three Suliots to he shot, which tion ; and consequently tlie schClar wilt find Words-(Ijjcgd - almost.-mrery sentence bf his mding lesmns, appearance of some . m-of-war in the Roads. Letters - |n the olassificaGon and ar 3 5 , Stall ffjf sp^e’Iiii- lclgon.^ .Mr-_ Web- j Dlworih’s. Mr. D i t S h S t o i l S S Londofi, Pari.«, and S t Peters.bui’gb, for and class*- t«e pacmcatioo of G reece, is at present. nuEnber o f perfectly known to the P o rte : but it does ;ers contained in each wonl,whetlier;vo^^^^^^ oot, in consequence, appear a bit the isonnnts ; nna the words of morethnn one syllable. according to their peculiar accontaation only.; . whereas Afr. Webster notqnly aTmngedtlieworda{l*.®V^en in almost.«very sente with the cr-tl:ography or proum^ioivoi is wholly cmacqaaiiued, not havingsw his spelling lossoha of tlio same boSk. a, e ,i, it acidy ,* fiat a ; hroad a ; and », wheri sound^ liSieu short* 4^0. : the desigtiaDoivciP Claii- . T u r k ish frigate of 36 gUns, an d a gi 3pa5S*iSSg.S 3“ “ ation, tboagh single in the ortbographiy; .tc and g ^ he canoonade was heard iit Zanle atuoon, pronouacesd like *nnd/dl Uie end of syllaMes; te and the .next morning the Hellas with her bje S 3 , ' \file objectiqiis wbiali I have preferred a- Been frightful.^ In AlieppCt ai gainst Tables 2 and 3 , are, in soiae appii- cus, the inhabitants; died to the cable to T*ables'd, 5 , 6 , 7 , C, 9 , 10 , aiu^ 11 ; though : a thousand in a day. ‘ '' i« t b e p f o v i.e e e f S squlKJ of sh ! In tt tion, tion, eiat, sial^ iutiem inlermir ' ' 34and33cpmpis^wonirin‘w^^^^^^ relates to Portugal, and it- will the squiKiof s4 : in these lessons the tercniuatioii -o ,i issons the termi cianscievs, liovsy e i fifl/e are intermingled in such a manner that the scholar ennnot determine, when required to spell JOiyWorid contaiiieii in these fesons. Whether to use c, (, o r *4 the sound being' the S : 1 classed the ■Words in Which ul In as we learn their ; eh hastBe sound ofes/i and bf. as weie nMnc'itttfcfliiby association, so alfoiild W. 6 leurn orllw^r(i3ilii/,o{ llie other words rfiletarcd.tb. Be sound of IS for the Vhich to hia classification, and wilrihh are not in this lesson at all, At the close of Tiibie 40, he has given 12 words which he spye are pronounced as tfepughfliey were written With double g; and instead otiiisert- has mtermixecl 15 words in the preceding lessons, of this class; which ought to ha ve beeqin this lbs sed than those he Vobster c l n s . ...... . ...... - . by uJ In Table ■O, h is pronounc after it. At the cl ing claims have upon wmeh the attaiEs pt Bortu ■their umture deliberatioii. (tondon, dugMst. 31 .—-Appointm ent o f Dob IMigia^l flegent of .PprtughI-— W e have received the fbllow m g ibfpj’iuation from a s o u rce on w hioh o u r feadefs can perfectly rely. It confirms the fact, andj explains th e reason, o fth e appointm ent o f Don Miguel p Regent o f Pbrtugai, under the pledge o f his honour, as w ell as of the oath w h ich he has freely taken, to m a iutaiafhe C o n stitutional S y stem . Thi app6H(tinent is beyond a doubt: --- - XOITEP BY EBENEZEik .MACE. 10, 1827\ IP. words UAliwAy TO THE SI/SftUBHANNAin he- ^®Ph*K?hed last, week the proceedings of a 3 of meeting at Owego, on the; 8 uhjk>t of a Rpil ftoad from this village to Owego. This projeot is one of the first importance, in the chain of internal im­ provements. Itwill constitute a connecting link between the Grand C^anal apd. the S.usquehnnnah this lesson he has whore, whcle, whq, wkgm, whoop md whose, yfilh the following note; « In 'U«)Fds,th'enit is not soun'disd /j^/ertheA; why then are tiieiiB words in this lesson i In Table 44 , m has; .the sound of gs. Why are not uxqri6}ts page 66 , and arttiliaiy page hi, in this lesson f See letter -J^ifebsteTVAnnlysisr-TablWd'Hoinprnes^ apt in the foregoing tables. Why a ^ 39 , once, page 40 , soWier and anx- t 3 s s “ : ■ U e J i^ e notice of the . „ . >s, particularly FflUtEfew NEWS. Bj'late :,rrivai§at New-yorli. CREECE. T h e Austwan O b server o f th e . J6tli of en-oi-war in>he Roads frotn Oonstantinftple, di of the Cay­ uga Lake to the vitta^ of Ithaca riheiice by land: carriage to Ovvego, and down the,SusquehaQnah rlveratthe FaUand Spring freshets. This trade, with all the disadvantages, of ?9 miles land tmns. portatioD, has .been exten»Ve;a»d advantagwus Add to this, wuoh otlier produce, flour, pork, whiskey, &c. has been carried by laind to Owegoj thence dftwn. %.:g,ft^Hfibaaaah.io the Baltimore market. If the facilities of trausportation should be increased and the expense dpiai*ed, by the construction of a canal or rahway, this trade in salt and in­ crease beyond cadculatiQn, Such would be the dimmution of price at which salt and plaster could be afforded,that these important staplcseould be furni^ed through the whole interiour of Penn­ sylvania and Maryland, to the exclusibn of the foreign articles. For the accomplishment of the«e objects, a Railway would possess great advantage, over a Canal. 1. It could be constructed With greater facility,’ andat about half the expense* 2 . It could be ns-nl at all seasons of (he year whereasj* canal would be closed during that part of ?he year when ii :woaldB«. most useful and whereas iVfr. Webster notcnly arrangeUtlieworda . ^according fee their pecBlwrncoentuationvbttdclasBi- begin t o b e put in cxecutioU. (he Divan fied them agreeably to iUeir particular vowel or w ill'send to the M inisters o f the three consonant ^ounJ«;8*loprrt’.^.Lo,a,K-,am)y;short n __ *. _______ _ ’ Couits. thei..jir.passpo.... . A letter from Zaote, of August the 2d. confnihs nn account of the capture o f a Turkish frigate o f 36 gUns, and a galiot, a galiot, pronouncesd like 1 aadjai Uie end of ajlisibles; w and the .nextmomiug the HelhiS with near the rsland, anrl procee- T h e G reeks have p i n e d a victory in e P eloponnesus. Ibrahim PaRha, asseto- bledall his forees to attackjthe Citadel of the secona place lisfefkfecdvo armnpemorrt dlilM Corioth, and put bim selfat the wewds tiurs defe ooutainiiig; the ___ i^olarmwst b<- exercised ofier learningjiw*'alpha- f , re at jassev .— A letter from JasseVi in bless,asm egg,bbmebb, « in.ftfsA &c.; a like ‘“ 0 night o f th e 1st of August, and the re- ensinhas.mse, ^asm ; esilentin ffenrt,mince.,‘ tnmning part o f the city was saved from ekinbrielt! (cA in matcht and alarga ntiinher of t|hfe fury o f tfie flames. A tract of half ou«feril,,,,i,ol,rof„,i„ttob«.fc,c.a.M » 4 o g «ndlhe s treets » 8 squares covered with ‘'“ capaoity whenmlrtHlucad to them. Tables 2, dead bodies. T h e principal warehouses, , and 12 , contain many wot^ which are spellod palaces and churches are in ruins. differenUyythpUgh pronounced alike, which causes PORTUOAt. In Syria the ravages of th e plagtie had . .......................... md Damas- nubiner of The city of Tokat, I vicinity ,J| has been nearly destroy! I earthquake, which also did great i _ ___ _ __ ,^ m b e r of e i ^ Iar'’« exercise previous to his in- e . 12, and the Tables 14,16,19,' . , 21,23,24,2(^nJ 23,whichEtre toun^sed of worib an earthquake, whi . . . . .. ____ . ____ „ ^ , the G azette de Friince, o f^es-. huerte1toAandtAK/«pbTabl©3, terdrty’s datOj and the Paris Papers of active? busine lation which wi ently affixed to the walls o f that city by the .Constitutionalists, calling upon th e ir parfisarfs to “ unite in opposition to ijasjjMisfon, - . j&c.: and it appears evideiil Theinflatunjatory Proclami iiiivethesoundof recentlv a'ffixedto leilhierhaahe told to in hmbook that Ahas the; d o f j/t, in tbese words. Table 32 he; has a giin in tills lesson, Gn .pag?e'59 be has MMury, and ^ ^^P’‘>^ion,mtead of insertinS their ■- Table S3, m. which .s has the sound of sr/t, wb should In Table 36, he S! ;wMj(r, sa/-grr, nnd in the s; f, arvk'Shus .^'Should not thsse cedun table 47 , with theirrea lMa'ii)K,jteiion,jCaiion,.}iave thosame soUn^ al- T Z ity, Austria, Spain, England It is to be recollected, how- - ---------- insupef'-'-*- jTRlrtioui ever, that though gn e^iffetlonfftS^ exist ft sumption bf p o w e r bj an arrangeiDent might be made, and is witliih t t e competency o f th e Allied Fow- era, as woultl n o t Only quiet all preseot , b a t becom e aguarantee f o r the fu- — _ trimquUllly o f rortug g a l. Nor shall lye b e s u rprised, before long; to find'his iral Highnef- \u ■ -------- *“ ' ars, b a t beco m e aguarante e fo r ire trimquilllty o f r o ttu a l. e b e s u rprise d , before long; Royal Highness o his way to Lisbon, there to .take upon him self the oflrce o f R egent,, accompanied avith condittoas to which it is not now necessary to make a jiorg specifick allusion, which tyhile they held would extingnish tlie extravagant projects get of the Ajiostolical party, would at the sh * le More iftodef- - --------- - „. that party with' the poUstitationalists in su p{) 0 i’t of the existing System.- The affifirs of- This Kingdom, indeed, are drawing; to a crisis, and We tn«iy'''r^t Srilisfied, that ncj‘.‘ ■'fOnr own which very BphourabJy decUned cBimiOg^ lathecpnvfiatiqn. Theseclfcumstonces V^re'-nat* known tO;theGonv<enUon; imd thecHiyfenftBoljd^ of older d m than tbe proeeedingSf the eerlified ii^ egates, who cried pecaui to the P^sidentTaV q u ^ tion, and appealed to the sympathies of old |K “ “ pal aasociations, Werevalthongh^^ . . ted.. It must require no smaU degree o f a superlative pliOnoy of conioience, to ippearviinJ deraimftQircunntar.ces,%ar<yM61icB»«»B?'^ti^^ The insult whidh hBa .feeeft inflidtad upon Bie rit ipubUeap electors of thns town, by the jadiVid--^^' •who have Ihuo-aeeretl^andwithotffe^att^ attempted to control tiieircpnceriM!, is duly appii oiated, aiidlwill be properly tawavded. 'Afe daub not that the county Convention, whpo. the factolMi ;mnde known to them at (h flext-meeting;^'ll dfi omd these eerlijbeate gentlemen from their couspili and express lb% poiDteddisapprohaflbn ,o so hostile to republican pfinoildes, 'rtie.Coffl '4 i tier, adjourn?^ to meet again oB Friday th e A ^ inst.at 2 §k!lool£p.!fl.attlieHotti. ■with the int^^aL B o ftsylvania, has bitherlo; converi'ion which met in this VillagexjnTburs*! been condueted tbrough the mediunt* of the Cay- last, were in favour of Geperal J ackson , as th necessary* The ground from this to Owi^o ishighly favour- last, were in favour of Geperal J ackson , as M next.Presiaent of the United Statesr ' The' tiop. however, was not taken ;* and foV this reaspjq Certain gentleinenlti this villi^e vvho haveBitliV* to professed to belong to the repaWican partyi'.bi now find themselves OHiarEoiKotYom the i ^ L sideof ih&Jemsm Bwe .b^ope convinced th a titV gao soon (for their purposes) to agitnte.theaW^i^ aUd took much pain? to discourage. it.mmwg1|i delegates. Under these circufiistances they or ‘f peace ;”/’’buL bad a majonty of the co»T«nfiJ been-found m favour of Mr. Adams, wonfid-lM these gentiemen have urged Kft .open avoWal« that SentiiiieBt ? And. witli wBat coofistBocy^ they urge' stlenee upon fhe friends of J ackson , when they thpmielyesj iu their dlaily M terooui'se, are continually re v i liii^ t ^ «nd%0 deavouring to depreciate his hfieiiU and p«W)! services’ Are th’ey thus privileged f*> speak fl piods, while the republicans of (he coujrty « pwhibiledjideelaration of llmiraentinitiitisaulll forsooth, it should bein favpur tjfMr. A'datBSJ M of these gentlemen - has long since sigiseA ^ SE.VI.ED,if not deItosred,hi8adbestontoRie^d alilion.’ To hu personal adherents, aBo,he|M I ihll liber^ to&liow bis exampB. can electors o f Tompkins counfy ! i f in tIi*A esty o| your hearts you despise the intrign?, m ahletotheconslruction of a-railway. By Mow- cpptmn.’anaaristoctatiokviewaoftheCoalitiot ing the-Valley of itiO ’Inlet, thu-asuent anddeseofit ing tEe-Valley of itiO Inlet, toe asuent anddeseofil each way from the inmmit level, which is about ’equi-distaut between the two pTacps, are so gradual as to present no obstacle. If a route nearly paral -- lel with the preseat road stioald be preferred, o stationswy engine a t the lop o f the hfll neat this villago, would surmount all the ascent, drawing up and letting down to the level the loaded and ippty carriages. ' ‘ tVe have not suSlcient TnforrnuVo'’ t'' state ■with confidence the probable cost of toe railway. Bnt.- good and sufficient railway can undoubtediy b® 9 <instfactcd from this place to Owego, at about o/ie half the fediniatedcost of the Cbcmung Canal. Plador is quarried, nnd salt tnanafactiired, most­ ly, d u ri^ the warm season oflhe year. The prpduca of IheTarppr.nenr, pork, .v*r. Sm. mnunf begot ready (or market until the fall and winter t tiien, the more speedily it can b e conveyed to mark et, the belter. The Susqnehannah r i m is gener­ ally navigable, by means of the spring freshet-, some Weeks hetote the canal is .open, aiidthe freto* et often subsides by the time the (anal is naviga­ ble. A railway, therefore, for, the transporfatien »f the articles above mentioned, to the Susque- hannah, is preferable to a canah which M l be closed a t tile very time it is rnost needed for toe pnrpnBPs of transportation. Tlie rmlway should also answer all the purposes o f a canal (and would even be. superiour to it) during toe summer season, for toe traaspottatioa of merchandise to the south, and of sooh articles Uf produce as may be destined,' from tbe y^icy.of thre Susquebannab to the New- York market by way of the Erie Canal. Nor is he day far distant, when coal, from the beds et Towanda, and even the Lackawaxen,.would he an .extensive article o f transportation. These few remarks We have thrown hastily to­ gether, for the purpose o f calling publick attention to this subject. A more important one, for this section iof the:State, has never been agitated. We ^ull pursue the investigation hereafter. COUX-TY CONVENTION. The, first meeting of toe convention of Dele­ gates for the oouiltj of Toinpkins, was held on ThUrsdayiajt,at the Hotel in this village; J ohn S tubbs , Esq. of N-ewfield, Cbmrman, and T ji 6- ) RoBmsoN, of Tirydeu, Secretary. We have not been favoured with a copy of the proceedings, our neighbour of tiie Chrohicle, who was dexter- oi^ty smugghdiulo tiio convention, having pocket ,eJ them for his own exclusive benefit. The only busineBS transacted, however, was theappointinerit of delegates to the Senatorial Convention, viz. Amasa Dana, Jonathan Owen, and-.—-: TVced, Esqrs.—All the towns in the seuted, except Ithaca. Two sets of Delegates presented themselves, as from this town. The first; were regularly chosen a t the meeting notified in our last, which was ^the only pwWicS meeting 0^»ltAaiO COUNTY. The county- convention for Ontario., ihtjanadaigua On the ^ instant, and neim * Nathan Reed. Aaron Youngloye, and Phinci ^ Bates, foqrs, as caiididatf'S .for meH 3 ,b^*r 3 of luty Werqrepre.' b1^ They were m^raiStid ;ls of Delegates friends of, Gen. Jackson for the P r e s iden^^ upon tow grmmd,it is said, Iheif election is c s l AYeiilid not think until lately, that old QW would b e for -Jackson. But so il i s : We ;hel in the town for that purpose. TWb o«isrh^vr|o,kautoopty,vfe; a n ^ i ^ _ . Ttltsi r \ T\ o!_____________________ _ _ . 1 A « . «- .... . *• intletiien, however, Mr. D. D. Spencer and A. Sherrill, Esq canie forward with a certi^te,M ed' Oe/o6er2d, staUng.that//lcy were appointed dele­ gates for the town, but no place of meeting designated: In fact, no such meeting whatever was .publickly trotified or held, The ^entlei . 1 IP* We are enabled to slale Crora thetoeSt lhority;toe opinions of the* Delegates that (about -■rwo4oi»N^of the nusaasodiatioii,y6apreferJbeHE]^’OP'T , ORLEANS,-you mwf *007*.'—wait a little, till certidn gilkiflMiwij,^ h»ve i>fcffge4toemseltei„tR-a|^^ bare secured toe powerin towptnfiM lp^; J ’indeed, youmoy;speak, whan i f tosll be to The only potiticalquwtlcmnow pendiflyinli state, is that between Jocksofi and Adtmi—4eJ alism and jcmocracy. J ackbon is, eMphaticq iheKBPcaucAN camdidatx oftlie maiwi *- presentiadicationsiagreat majority of ftwi a licansof tbisstatoarein h « jlavour; a n d theyj taking means, iii alinmt every coUntyj te-rnSnC their preferenae a t 't o e a^roaching edecS ToarKi.-iS cou?n-r Bhonld not be b«hii)d-hi»dl ihU vi/tuoasefrott. If toegentiemeu to whoni® havealluvled.areontoe XEruBWCAS srox—if toT are for J ackson , let them say it. tf thwart! the restoration of tbe reigu Ot fedarttlindt)S iSi are for.5detfli*,6o be it. ^ L et the question b 4 A nnd openly m e t; b a t'let them not atieiUpf-«-ia let not that attempt be coUntenanoed-r^jj ^ lagemaet aaii fidoe pretences, to stifle «iia«l troltoe VOICE OB THB COUNTY. . .,] ------ - 0, i ‘tawNB'or TiiE tiHisa-.” ' r The ward meetings in the <aty of Netr.^forkj Wednesday last, for the choice of the nomfniq committees, 'Were wanslyeoatested between ^ friends o f Jackson ami Adams. The former il triumpltant, by a large majority. In nine out of fourteen, resolutions approbating the ol tlie geheraicmOTinittee, .and in favour of R Jackson, were paswd. At the court held in Seneca qountyiast toe grand jury took a vote on the Cresidentiald Uonj and oat of 22 jUrb'rs present, /we«/y« for Geit. Jackson. In Washington county the Delegatelof the: ipposing Conventions, were in one ConVe^ unanimous, and in the other ail bht two, for Jf In Ulster county^ the delegatrs Were ' motisly for Jackson. In Oneida county, a majority of the deli •Were for Jackson. ' ~ In short, in every county conyehtion, arid publick assembly, Wheretlre q B s fieir^^ far »a we have heard; J.ACK 80 N has Ihc mqjori of Mr. Adiims,Who is^weil aquainttd politicks of thecottnty.- ' J • ■\'' ' ' ■ f'-ii CHENANGO COyNTY.- . . -j,™ The Republican (Buoktaa) conyentiouf| nango county, was held on tlie 2d instant ' ORIGINAL SrAINED

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