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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, October 10, 1827, Image 3

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. n Httbbatd, were eppointed dogate* to fhh Sena- ^ arial<3oni?eriti&n. AU theae canaiaates and dele- ^ i B a t i e s »» fovoorable to ftett. J^KaoN, and the. . i l ijto^n&ieatiaMon wa« adopted b7_ the CMvfin- I ' “ eoaventioti m 4 . ddis*> fn $ aOtnNAl* 0» eOMMBRCB. A pape?.andey ttie above title, has been re- Wtly fataibiished in the city of New'York, by hpil?;i ^eedtijy iham d u y ; the objept of orhioh ap- leais to b e , to tinite tmpttrol with spififmlaoB’ lernajlovmendtilftmbi^sof Bpoiety,wh& it pro- ‘ notes the comnaeRsiaLiRtereats of the city,and the iroShiary advantage? of those conperhed in its f mbUcation, The 6 w t effect of this new iournea p los been, to break down theWow-York Times, a h ! i Dunty ong sinoe by a -worthy and indnstriotts man, hav-- irsday jf a -latge family to support, vi?i. Mr. Silliman, irother, we believe to professor Silliman , of New- laven. 'm e th e r i t may effect good paramount 0 this ^sitive -misohief, renaitiiis to be seen, lithei^ tom the rewarfcs made respecting it by (he city n b» | apeta getierafly, we should suppose that it had iot,iri-tha style aad abilities with which it is con- it ifeSi laotedi fuhttlk the lofQr promise of its prospectus tb je^ rtdtits ag^atst - - f he Mowing obaejn'atious of the «r,’r,’ ^m applioahlejppiiBahkji^ J l ^ only to this,is, hiut •o ngt^e a .a only to th b to proyeehj o faaij^ac character, There is too ■enbip iaoh: of«nkA»!PKro#i.n ihe^iewdiieAmfilies of ._ J d le prm«itday‘r^,;‘im«n^ substance.” h C T p S ^ a f e o ^ e e l M a i a d i s h n i ^ ^ ( w ^ f tm iS iS i^ m e c e T r^ b *imanags^’- arid-‘‘ agients” of the coilberns ^neneii laet Jn splenaid edifices, live well, and “ fare ^iJly im ino|luoaaly every day,” the actuai rdi^i tempos ad etn dor spiritual, which M admtoistered, is smallin- iubli^ .ed.Should each one bo Ms own “ agent,” in it thiW ittfflgexamptei Siring precept, arid searching out ity «w id administering to objects of charity, much uolma I«e ■Wbhfidha aenmpMetd. The world might »f 0 ^ etAmrof thesm 4hings,but wonld/«el®em t-Wd ia-dbjm B T S fw m w ]^ theyco nottehid. the<^ at the scrii ‘Rootlet % right hajid know wha|, ^ftb® ialeft doetb,’*»e6,m not mriccofaanoa with the. haimi tint of the rsp o a to to iffiidown vice airf r r irti io »5 he bis oitiy nmUtaiB tho means. «!■ - -. ■- , • were noaunatea-aa caridldatee for membett of A?, Som’ts 5 arid Perpi? Raridall, joh^ •R o q ^ n t^e, have fiJthwd n higb opinwmof his charaeter, both asageritletuan attda oomman- dor. thayefouad it necessary ta-tohea s to d and tofoiloWmy instructions as exactly as possihle.” Mjj. Milierfarther observes: “ Iknownot What rigland o r tidHaia may be doing,, but whi TBcfeet,from theRpper Mississippi,. \■e have received the inip6rtan|,intelligetme|hat iriiaein the IJpper Province, have Wo the two past years, with profit and t Three of them are said to be Americans, and an.Elnglishmaa; an<| the secret was dlvullg-’ iceof adispui with a^ dangerous analysis, to have been arsfehiok, almost prii succesa.. ^eight incsbei •iptura admonitions, to,« do ^ d ^ * ;hour. lurs^reli- , A neWs- iT il,* M toain objactef the Joumaldf Gomra?erce was - traa^doTsm Theatres, A(i.;*ildyet, wofindadver- i^ e n ts in that paper of Isces, abawls, which mhibitioa fcf ,, , ^ ipjtaJ, and recently baled his wife. He had been in the habit may put down vice, drinking to excess for several yeampast. ftlofCpmniGree was _ ii r idMtof] our^hmo orih^ rdi^toom population- The laticki itii the hestintcntioi^. we may mistake tl . P « | lannel through which onr-tbarities may___ _ iiotis foai^ee o f the Journal of fUorrimercc jginfil i s i p ^ y b ^ K ^ f people ” --^ ic c to our population- Th e &ct is, le hestinb 1 througi i pious foai^— ^ — r^^P’^ ^ v e s away thousands to lose about ^W,000. t l E a . ■■ in p er Veelt upon a newspaper wlucb never pay iR vayTbaring no hold on theaffections ,_jWmuchhohlPgDod would thatsom (urchaangheiwa load of Wood, there meflann. ......... ......... . Where “ no lamp barns?’- )i»eless wandererii chuldren without women without comforts, families ____ _ -,-ad. Instead «f throwing arimySOd i-ifa i oltori p er Veefc upon a newspaper wlneb nevei s - s s s . fwt • warto coyisriflgt a stove for ime, some flanneh m naked ohildren, allaymgtoo mucri^and com- Mkena^,andtocatrywitiihim tothegrave ihe imirtuhl ixaohtions o f religion, and tlie piety of gratefal »eeh ^ How can we Mpect a hungry,nak^ J «tcb, tofeM tile force of reJigpM.when passing teef wa y a. splendid church or a magnificent ’Tract Spci- ICOtlfrifl BODDESOmriH. of Gw A laboutitig man by the name of A braham . • , [inUER, aged 42 years, died very suddenly in ast W ^ ,is vilbagc on Saturday night last, H e name in- Rtial.q,h , on e uf the pubhek offices ipte in the afternoon, jwiirUN pparehl^aastoteof intoxioation; and wassuf- ; . - - :redto sitdownirithe backxoom. Ke was bftheti osed toliave fallen asleop ; and his Wife ■ooveriS int for to devise moans of taking ham home— I for J m henKwhat must baVe been the horsraur of her. I ‘ , eUngs l he was found' dead, still sitting in the fe Itftk ®ifl The verdict of the coroner’s inquest Was, ‘ ' at the deceased “ died in a fit of apoplexy, oc- dele^l isioiiedby thri too frequent use of ardent %irits.” The latest tetters fronx the agents _s|nts out by ® , ’ le Greek Commfttee of Ibis city contain spme I taken, irticulars, which are, wiiUi respecl to the domes- : ipears to have been miule with discretion and; t from this place kden with meal, rice- and ...................... mata,.arid from thci ig the const ot Alins 5 place laden with aieai, nee- anu , Malvasia,.aloBg the coast of Alina to Zazomia. S i lysWithanptherh galiot fcr s:Saivumis ‘ ' ^ ' ” another galiot for . Peada, l aandAnkistri. No yen can dver des ry. of this devoted fonirtty. ion could have e than What is. fhousa S? p is cm! ifery _ dd O ii ioodiestdays of Christian persecutii tjsupj^ ere ate, ^ leavens, SiiiOe the faM of Athens, tfiere has ,i, eeii.but littledone either by Greeks or Turksi ■,Xi 16 eyes of the former are turned towards Eng ‘ ,s lia, a s their only hope. Bechld Tachu has not; St left Attica^ but may sooh be expected at Cor , t e t | itii, Lofdl Coehrafie’s Mo expedition to i^ypt i M nat attended-witii thfe success which the fpienas ^ - i Greece could wisli. In rogard to the American 3belh^P>5BRons the greatest excitement existed! the; mtoy, the tlAvyi and the govermuent, have by t irim i ^ done theireir bestest to getet themem otit-ofit-of toy hands. . tn done th b to g th ot toy hands. When I speak o f the navy in this affair, I mean not that portion of it whiob is under the direction of r may be doiRj e must he done qu •dshereacBp ..Humphraybeimis ;dohn Nobles JOHN HOOPER, P M. a generosity. From tne St. touis, Mo. ObsotveG Sept- S, WABKBWsi By the arrival o f the St. t,ouis and Galena. ■ ■ \ am theirpper Mississippi, on theHd Inst. foe ■Winnebagoes^ud reftised-tiftreat . Cess at Green Bay,:and that in oonsejquencej Gov. C.hod writteo to Gen. Athinsoffi, informing him o f this feet, tond also, that the war club had been pass, edto.the EqtoWattomjes, or in other Wonlsvthat the tribe o r a pmt o f thenu had joined foevJVinne bagoes in hostility ^ i n s t the United States. Gov. Cass, therefore, committed the further man- it o f these mvagee to Gen. Atkins(fo, who ngly left Prane dil Chien on the 29th, with his command, consisting of about 600 men, for the Portage, on the Onsconsiri, where he was '^^ 'M d S itiavJnd^S FORMATION WANTED! W ACOB B iiy A N catjie to my s tore in t f D ecem b er, 1825, and -pufcKased a hat for $4 m Since which trnie I Ifeve npt heat'd foorti him,- ■ ■■■The S u b scriber wifi also inform those who baVe c o n tract­ ed debts, and pay no attention to ih e ful­ filment o f their contracts, thnl hd is p r e ­ paring a list o |j0 j e ir names, which be in,^ tends pnblishiDg for the benefit o f o thers. D. A Y E R S . October 9, 1827. y to b e joined by Major Whistle with a smaU bodyof regulars Menomooies. Gen. Dodge ani kinson.. Tbe lndis wut 400, a t t of about the Poftt idy tpthe number ies, 40 miles from •Worked it for i^d fp be Americans, a one ^ the secret \vaa divu ■“ icquence of a dispute between theparties hardly but of danger, Thamedieine pi pretended doctor has disappeared:* , , j i r £ v r c I t is.mentioned m some pers, that Mr. PerkiBs htH] manufactory for Irr latete I ou la English pa- into operatipu a new Jt issaid that his engine, with a piston in diameter, works with sixteen horse : at foe expense of only one bushel o f coal an Liester M’Call wasbung in Nassau county, U. C. on the lOth ult. in 4R hours, after bis trial, for irderofhis- \ “ the. raurd< ication t lis w ifej theconseqaenoe f J ta X. OAmASTROPIIE. W a understand (says the Rarruburgh Oro< foe 29lh inst.) foft on Tuwday last, a labourer on the canal, by focname o f Patrick Be&ry fell, from -jaryfell. tlie second stdryofthepnbliokhouseofMr. je -„.r rr«. ----- .U’Namera, atm Was killed. The had been confined with sickness; was kflled. T he unfortunate man . icd with siiikness; during which time jm^sight became very mach imphirod, and so mach injured, that a little boy was in thenahit of leading him (dmut. Tito boy M a g away a t foe t o f sbrnethiiig, ventured to go do withoat the osual assistance. In the at . daw, -which, as it ® donbt mistook for the d survived but a sliort time. othe ele« legates to s House of petegatcs®fMrirjl®‘*d,.was ripper to the Baitimore Gazette'of that afternoon: “ Jackson ahead 1800 to 2000 votes—Huzza; old Hickory—3-4 past 4 o’clock.” N\ete-Xork Inquirer. fo r MARRIED, New-Yoi Bishop I Cl-ARK, of Geneva, fb Miss S arah : of the late John Macom®. of that r MACo.sfB, .nghter of th e late John Macom®. of t city. In the vicinity, o f Ludlowriiloi on the evening of the 3d iiist. by tlie Rev. AViliiam M. Adains, hir. G aj , eb SaHviii to Miss V9, H amilton , both Of Lansing. In Ladlov Sunday evening last, by t h e Rev. Mr. Gxraen, Mr J ohn C ostkh , to MI s SAN c sja M e daughter of Casjper'Miller, a ll of Dryde ;. P I B P , In thisviaage,on .Mont&y evening last, after a ort ‘Hne^. B ^ ney , an infant child of B, F, NOTICE. a iFansfer o f th e stock, T T frofo a majority o f th e StoclihoW - evs, has been ^ d e to E i i J ah H- G ood - ’wiN,RicBABn VARICK-&E W iTT, a n d S. D b W itt BiOopSoofi, o f th e Steaftt-boat e n t e r p r i s e , and th e ir right to the Mavigafion of the Cayuga Lake bjr steam . A n d xyheceas, a meetnig o f a'm a jo r ity o f said Stockholders, b y then\selves and th e ir represeotM ives, was h e ld on E r iday, th e fifth day o f O c tober, 1827, a t the s tore of Alvah B e e b ^ i t vyasunahr iinously resolyed* that R icharp Y\Amc! p E W it t , E l ija h H .- <S oodwin , S. D i B£, ooogood , A lvah B eei lOOGOOD, A lva h B e e b e , and F rancis A . BLOODooox),be, and the.y )0X),be, and th e a re dors, for .the said . S . D e W iT f B looogood , / F rancis A . B loodgoi h e r e b y appointed D in Froprietora. It a laeeting o f the D irectors, a t the'‘ le time and place, it was unanimously R e solved, T h a t R ichard V abick D e Vy iT r ^ b e , and h e is hefehy appointed P resident f and A lvah B eebe , S e exetary r aw L .T r e a s n r e r o f said CompRDy; E lija h R . GoonWjNj C aptain of th< boatE o terp rise. ^ RICHARD VARICK DE W4TT, ELIJAH H. GOODWIN, FRANCIS A. BlOOBGOOD, a l v ah BEEBTft. ^6w2. Bqmainingiflhe^flj^^^ Wnnnv H nll.. I ^ iS:— ^ 7 Fanny Daily AshbSlBabeook Jesse Babcock iefiabm * 0 , , but w hut they . Justin Hollister Walter^ Ann Pease ' Maw Kim g - _ y _ ^ .. foriacSoloverT. WliUiam S. Ste- 'y H lE ^ n d e r s ig ttfia has rempyed to ffs brick. S tore, tw o doors w e it of Ids form e r stand, next east of the Rrancti Bfink, whfepehe- is pow opening his jFhU Stocic o / Merchandise, W h ich is m u c h larger than usnal V p a rti cnliirly , g r o c e r i e s , V E O S i t T W X W a B , FBGIT,& 0 »¥ GOODS, All of Which hjtve -bep bought chmiF and snali be’soid nsche.'! I N the press, and will be soon readj pubHoation, Letters of Honestos is friend Candidas, on REVIVALS A q u a n t i t y o f f i r s t - r a t e FANNING MILLS, Ju s t received and for sale, at HAZARD’S, Opposite to the Eagle 'favem. Ithaca, Oct. 9, i m : 630lfo _ _ THE subscriber ha8, fron ^.larrassment, beep compeUrid lo omil the parebase of the usual falrstpck of w M j v r m , (CONTRACTSfor Yellow P ine W ood . delivered at the fnlet. ^ A. BEEBE. Oct. 8 , 1827. 530tf, Ithaca, S e p t. 25, 3827. *29tf s T a M . y c Q i i ^ . S T R A Y E D froitt the subscriber, on the evening o f th e 25th o f Septem b er hist, a B. l > ck Gow, .She was old; had a vvhite lace, and th e end o f one of a vvhite face, and the end of one the boms broken off. 7-WkQjaFnr will re- laid Gow to the subscriber, a few of J. Crant’s Co ^8 east ( fee-houiee-house, to the subsi .J. C rant’s Coff laca,shall r e c e ive a liberai R ew ard, and 1 reasonable charges paid. R O M E O SA N F O R D . Ithaca, O c t. &, 1827. SSfiwS-'* S T R A Y H O R S E . 0 AME into the enclosure of the sub- .scriber, on the 17 th Jay of Septem­ b e r last, .d dark Sorrel Horse, About ten years old; with a-small star in his forehead. T h e ow n e r is requested to £all, pay e b a rgesj prove property, take him away. JO H N i HO R K IN S . Ulysses, Q c t. 6 , 1827. • 629wo* O tje I m d r & i iiea d o f V a t t k , e t J I T A B L E for stall feeding, o r barrel- ^ ling, dOlLyered next w eek o r w e e k a f­ te r , for which a fair price w ill be pail Also, 2 S tO Hre HOGS, o f any weigbl Uso, 2 0 0 Kve iither-fat or lean.' TH O M S O N & R1DGW AY- Oct. 8 ,1 8 2 7 . S30w4. T O B E J L E T , ■pRO M th e 1st ot Novem b er next, th e ^ S tore R ook now occupied by icriberss; ; a most desirable stand i lubscribe r dillinec. Is Oct. 9,1827. the for a R ILL & H E A T H . 5S0tf. CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY. CLASS N c t r O I , for 1827. T6 be Drawn on Wednesday,October 17, 1827. - J. B. Y ates & A. M’I. vtyre , Managers. FiflS'fMr Nmher LoUery, 8 Vraan BallaU. 24,804 Tfoksets, | 1*24,020 Price of TlGKETfo $6 00, Shares in propqrtiori for sale a t tlie Bookstore and Lottery Gfficf of . MACK & ANDEIJS. ^ T O R A G C , F O i R - W A R U U i l 6 , ' coMmssiojv a m m s s , BY r. §. W illiams . Jihi^a-LUn4ing,OcL'2,im. . ’Iptf ■ 0 » R B M Q V A t . . - £ 8 OcKf-f, 1827, 529tf.* Ibr R E L IG IO N as N e a n S o f Gruce. O ct. 3, 1827. ly 08 to O F m V , iirday luorniltigs, at -4 “ ^ Hot a break,(town, but ■ Euibarrassinentapd cfosingiq the parebase ot Ghiods. HTe has a small stock ssir WOODS G R O C M R I B S , W h ich he offers v e r y low for cash pr such produce as will fetch Cush immeiliately, ;annot give c redit fob apy. The indehted will see the necessity laidhg pay meat panctuallj, acc< contract,\ 'M o s t debts are now ; Those icessity of cording to DUB, and ; s T a L E m M i o i M E Y : A V j ^ G been inform ed tluit .Mr, Epe- '\niieU ls'R m v 'e Or sothe otSiei: g en(le-, mani is n o w , o r lately has beent tnivoilittg; through the W e stern p a r t of .this -State,: supposed to b p in p u rsxiit o f o n e O^HAatES B oyben , who b roke opejt and took rnqi from the tru n k of J l r , here state for P U B L I O K - J HE undersigaed, hile trayelUng in the foil .of | h e y e a r 825, from h is residence in t M vHIage of A u rora, to the sum o f m o n ey, tim e , to believe it was lost w h ile h e “ Wa8 atjb® Hotel in the village o f Ithaca, kept by M r . Spencer. U n d e r this impress?-''^ h e mmphave made expressions culculat to wound the feetipgs o f Air. Spertepr, his family and friends, and injure him: as th e k e e p e r o f a pu b lick hoqso, R e now f e e ls it a duty which be owes as w e ll to the publiclc a s to-Air. S pencer, , t o d e c lare, th a t b e neyer intended to ira- !s character .ny such declaration; as • believes, would he ipntation aga lestinauk Any he knows o r I b e e t ^ ith C r it fi)undatiqn,,and if h e ha?;, at yu mn e , beeneen sappOsedapposed too haveave madeade any t e , b s t h m th e m , he oinst hawe been misunderstood. C H R I S T O P H E R MORGAN. G e t. 1, 1827- ’29 w3* S B O t T E S , WEiGiHiio from 100 tOilfiOpoi D M W A N T E O b Y G E R E & G U N N - lthaca,Ocl.2,t82T?^ m m SALE, 4 C O B JPL E T E tw o-horse WAGON J! j L and HARNESS^ suitable IbgtraveL' ling. Likew ise, tw o substantial HORSES. F o r p a r ^ u l a c s , inquire at th e Bookstore o f M ack Si A ndriin. O c t. 2, 1827. T O B E B B T , A NEW T w o STORY HOUSE. In .quire iff A. BEEBE.. O c t. 1, 18^7. .6 2 9 tf ■MJ^HEREAS my wife O live has be- y W,, haved in an imprudent raanl this is to forbid all persons barbourim trustingher-oB-m y no d e bts o f h e r c o ntracting ufter fier this di AU p e rsons alreR s o forbid trading wi persons harbouring account, as F shall p ;ing a lU p erson s are. also forbid tradii ir p o rctrasing fiom fier properj leiongs t o m e , as I slmU reclaim pbrty so purchased. • ABRAHAM LEO N A R D . H e c to r, S ept. 2 7 , 1827. . 529W3 ling with, erty which a n y ^ o - BBmainiiigiginthefo A MST e r LaW E R S BlpomerI.lGcharii uriuiidago, l^ciiry Bittp.H.D. Browiiy John Beerej Uemiair, €ooiimugh» Gaitet Comstocki Oliver} Jr. Cmwiner,vAnQa . Chase, KInaer Campliell, Tinomas li hemiah Buivbam, James Eddy, Baniel, Eart, Natitani»P. Easley, Benjaraitt GaiitMtg, Sriteiuel 'GoadwihiKioHard Hibbard, Jercriiiah HubfiSll John G Hatt,-Jatoes Hcw'itfAriiy Holipes, Haiinah Hamiltmi, John; Jewell, ftetjben B FietcriiStepfo Portet}'jtiRwis Palmer, lienry Pickle, Henry Probaixiu, John Pajisju Thiji ■JcfferaQa,.Bci!ry Jorotno,^Atielfo tflwis, Lutlier Letts,. ObeJ Leonard, A braliarii TtcinSH. Igl^islia Vanvalteriburg, John ilirrfiS . H. , FOR SALE'*' 1 r,,H A Z A M '# i ii,p o s ii, t f i e # T a v e rn, a few first rate srfoiNxwuiinimBLs, Also O G D F ISE , fcy t h e q ji ia ta l o r otherwise.', * ^ Ilhac.a, Sept. 26th, 1827. 52i)lf [>jO itUAPA eOEFIS. LEAVIf^G ITIIAPA £ Fpr J^wburgh, everyino'nlftg at ^ oyack « a 3 S > : - W « * # « i u r a i t e w iSES, . q?' i 3 \ ■ ’ f s . t S S . d , t .-Ittiaca. at, Orange do t s r s 1, IB. Fogg,' innti«n> that p a r t of said money has been recovori fromIrom saidaid Boyoyden, d en, iindj’sj#ffl«inndjsj*ffl« tlie*h;int3aie*h;iac s B a m tl of the subscriber, a t h js residence, i . W alton, Delaware ceijaty, Ne-w-York I, Delaware ceijbty', York ; fiifther: particulars t(r«cti|!Dg tbe viU b^ made k&atm. : sarae^ w in 1 Sept. 17, 1827. O G o m . - : ?27tE A LIST, OF LETTERS ing in the Post-Office at Bavpst*, Oct. 1,182,7. J'olm Hilcft £ .h AldltUlge c Abbot lasKgis, ■= ... moxiiyLoi^liliead Tliomas Do Coudres Chrataait Do ^udrus 'Igainls* XiVni. B . Nefanii Qeoige II. Kelsdii Elioy Nirar P Michael Bool Alhcrt Pool James Piillatrd Mose.aG<ajung T George B-Gumalp Kno5i GerniaU Daniel Gre S t e i a s n i i l h Jartaet H. Hurd Wtn. flouts «ioho>8 Hiles Edward Hunting Dotty Hackei- Haevy Harriet Coitielia Hackci John Hulshnder Ttioniris Harfington Amos Ogilcra Esaao X,. ItcOainsoi 'ittis Pbito -. Iin Mwicntboiig] , Ectcf^nilil^ Josopli Siilsrih Ifiioftsxfi fiixnsoa Cilliext.Siitfen Joba Sbetlxwdrih JatotoSi:iioS:_e SbbtlxWhril ^ Si Cor.j. fiibl JolUi' Taylox iEstorluiile John TVoSt Tatley Whitapit^ 'rhcophilu* Wilfianis ■Baadl 0 ;Whiipf!e M„ PHILE.IPS, P. 5L Rctaainingt Atkins, Samuel A. .4 ikens, Calvin Sockwith^Mr. Bacclay, Milton Drown, Jonatbrin Catey, Thomtoin F. L I S T O F l E T T E B S [ on baud at J a (*8 otv «, u , 2Sew-Foi p c ^ J i SVuiiga Ro^^lll’^bbrt Vootl J rtfo, VoolwoSil F h k o n F m M m m a m t € ) m ^ m y , Ip i H E Fttfioji F ire Emurmnie^ € m p a . 5 . Have appointed tito BUbscrlher their A g e rt an d Surveyor f a r th is lorwa and its vichiityj for th e p a r s a t o ^f ettfectang Ensurance on“ Dwelliug-lKitases, . Sm i’e- hoUsesj and other huildiugs ; Furuitare, G o o js, W ares aua Alercliaiidlse, in gen- .■ . . . . ■ eral,against los.s o r riauurge b y fite- ; ltbaca,;D e c iC , 1823. /3 1 t f J. B E ® S I f y A S ju s t received a ail offers for s a le a few doors w e st of D . Ayers’', i; general, assortment o f D R F G K W O M , C R O C K E R Y , Sc G L i S S W A R E , T o g e ther w ith the mest o e c e ssary artich \ ^ iu the Omi^BTR IMJfE, ■ ’Such tba\ sugar, coffee, 8pj©.e3,' &c, which-he wilt sefi-low for cash ; ot 'evilL ef^ ^ g e io f most Triuds ^ef'x^aaLypTo- duce or lumber. His fiiends antj -the publick are invited to give him a cull. Ithaca. Sept.-261^. Is27. 628tf S A i . r . BARRfcDS JA L T , exceltent' order, L t s a le b y ■ ' S ' 8 \ t s m 11 ^Baston Banks ^-2a Nahtitclcei 1 P ' » . M ssjass,„tei, K s r t ..brakeri aiiotveict Aiignsta enHebeekIBank a t i Hallowol ARotUerBanks JV\ //. ,ypfei. AJltheBJis. . *. AB,£ar 2 . Canaia AVe*. ■ Bcat^ im S.. M, & • buitAtoandBk. Bjwk4Bi’eW-Btun?- ? o S. B. a t Trontpn broken Lombard .................. -do; Jersey City bk. <lo, Ml olhetb ij» the ____ • State , 1*5 . Pentuylijam'a JVbtes. Philadelpltia fcltg. : par BankofChestJi- 1-2 Bank o f Delawue Farmers’Bark Qarritox tgh £a.t.f. Eastott Bank Goitmautowti Bnk. ' do ♦New : '4 4 ■ - . f . ' . 4 . t S 4 M ’' 5 Tenitmtf S.Bk&Brcba NashvilleBk- s « S S ? *'“ '»• M tes rcceM u f Par^inthe cit}( New-Yoik city Banks. Newark Bankx Mccli. &FatntersBaDk, if gtate.Bwtk atiOizabetU payabioitt W.Vork. : doi Now-Bruntrwick. *7ew-1Potk Stati \ * ■*omnoutli .kiS J.-.. ■jja-andovet. hk of Albany New-IPotk State- Bank, .$2(tondovet. - Bank o f Albany, dos •Veivbaigh, do. Dutchess county Bank. Lansinghii^b Bank, .Bank of Columbia, . payable in New-York. Long Ttomid Bank.\ Bridgeport Efojifc. Morwich BaDk- , Bank of New-Brunswick, $ia and over. ; doi Nowfoiratrtwck- _ lyi Ban A ov<g People’s barikat-rattoisou State Bank 1% Moms f i NowSoffoy Mlimu&jstur- .:=fe«^&43aakio«Bo. 'H** ' -•h^r& tinitei-'’ Fnitefi^foK*.. 4 12x41 2bS; SO .3 5 ' If.' S ' M l I C E S ^ C & B S r . : COEKECVfin, % vEBKtV. , ASHES-Pcls (ton) ■ flOO F & S _ n . r . iVeslern Canal, do. North, ' t ; Martin, < ^ t t ^ a , ^ i a Nortliern Grim, y ^ o w L E ^ H E R . ! ^ I mo , Oak, lb. gfi dri. Hemlock, 17 a 22 do. Albany piece, 17 - . • , i : t , I B t S ' * s i H W 130x40 31ri45 87 'Soutliem' H o la-F i., ^ l i s b , \ (ton) Readiitg,W, ^ a - 4 S8aB ' v f Porkj’PriSfoniew'' --------- ^ l l ^ * ^ 1 isr 6heese,m cask arid in box SEINE.- -Leer, iiibair, wintoflb. S P l f e l 'i ^ & k e y , Ryeiw bhfil 1 . 4 Trieste. • in boxfo ' t D I E - V V O O D S & D I E - S T U i ' F S . \ipHOMSON & B ij jw X ir offer for 4 ) i ^ o « « ; i s ! o S i s libetral texwsv]for eesh P - . lib e a r a l t e r w s v ^ crs ! W h e a t , Ryt?;, f :ain,U a ts , Pe.ise, Banns, id~“Flas-Sfoefi, for wiuOh cash will be ^ * ' f c s o . |e ^ ? a b . teat,. O R l d I N A L S T A I N E B i : . .

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