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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, October 10, 1827, Image 4

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' W P l I 5 1 i A E E . - ^JHE suljsoribers, agents ortbe Pro- ^ prietof^ offer’ far sale the ftjllowing ■ ralwaple trao|8 of Laud, VIZ. 1 0 8 4Ct® S o« lot No.67, in J}n6elil, .' oear Harvey’s tavern, ailioiuipg Daqier H»’ 0 '*n’s land. EnfieliC ad- » ! ' Joiiiing Aleyali C.I issy^ . * ACRES on lot PJo. 74, Heclor, ),aown as the Fay fartij, ^ 0 ; ACRES Let No. 93, in Cicero, . ” ®ree; mrlas front Salin^,flatt worUs.: ’ ; • ■' • , HRUyN & DANA/- Lhaca, March 1 18^7. ’99t( :i» » d 9 q i i f f O ' o ] U M s s x i s . lOQiaNO e t l s s PLATES. ■J UST reeei,eilby the subsc^ber- at ilH tho ofiir Dry Coods Store, two doors “eebio^ ■ M.npn, Mack's, a newsup. above B ijyoft ItiiokiDi seb Mnpn, Mack's, a ne wsu p. f Of- Lopkipg Classes of all kibds , Also^ FLAVEL GAYLCRD. Hhacov ^ one ?Otb, 1827. ' 14t f w m c s t o m . S U R G E R y . Dr, AR M ITAG E IN F O R M S the ptihiick that he ha-* ' opeped an office in the viHii|P of Ith­ aca, ,00 Owpgo-street, One tloy^ Oiist of the office lately occn pied by Doctor J aki VIS, and two doors below the Post-Office, where he wiU oh^nfally-anil punctually attencl to all calls ip the differeptJt>canche» of his profession, either froni toWn or coaptry ; and he considers R simply qe.- cesaary to state, that after having atteoded jiirses of ioedteal lectures,, as ip the ceil^e of Physicians tind , Surgeons, of the western tlistricl, los?eiher wdh two vear’s Drnctise. be feels •of- J': j a i i M M t x : . Q ( ^ o s . . JOSEPH liUnUITT, ---- ~V«fcBeh-*«o4h»*ltowing-.~. • TTJiItnpi£6a;^ttMpinTr73Tee^ laW pMed, and brass monftt^ do.gilt and plated to t-a M r a B t do.; brass and rronbnrrelM Pis- ....... ' ___ ______________ ■ pHted, amlbrius Belt El^ites; ndanl re reViiU of his prescri ithnea, July 4, 18S7V D«ct«c wopM likewise form the people that he has given him seif an hp^ytoniiy to beppne acquaint ed vrith the diseases, incident to the eye. and that he professes to aiiderstapillbeir treatweut. dated, si U ik aod wojited rsergeant’s KnoPvartil itry Gap Plates,* igreen, red. White and reS, Plni W S IG At IMSTRDMENTS. - , Miifcv (md other ^ i i ie k s , of B ritroni^ bloCfc-tin M d pewter 'R».Pot»rC!otoinsam ?et8! pMe4 *nd brass itexa; DiaatUffiU^ Wade BDGi BntcherV Jloni ^ uri j S T t o Ompi .«a BwBeii ■ f e £ : s t e r ‘srs>'s’« , & 4 ^ o o ^ Brushra, Shaving^ Brushes, La&er Boxe*,PanfiedSoap,Pomeroy’s3lrapoand Paste; hwila j brass and sted do.? Thermometers, Coffee IfetaJs; Plate*, Feathers, Drams, ant. Fifes, on ao- ieantnodsting terms. ^ \IP Cathtnadferga Gold and gilwer. ani Watches, Repaired on the short' ist itoiiee^ ^ tttnMM, Aq^rt*-18^7. . - ggitf. j i FIRST rale Miller and Disiilkt \vaptedv To anch good entourage- Ifient wilt be given, if application is mude Aaniediatefyr. JC^one „need .apjjy_anle^ with good recomiaendalipni. Also, com* lahourecs to assist lu btiBding mills THOMSON & RIIFGWAY,' Itbacar Angnsb Istj 1827. 620lf* jff’iliEAIi and Commoti Slujff Boards, J y Flanh, Siding, Shingles, will be pijr* .^& e d by Mky2d, BEEBF, MUNN, & -MACK. )7tf - C A S H ; ^pHE-highest price in ca^h will be p&ul ' l^hats Eye^ ^Com^ Barley, and ■ t e i i A x m m , i s TSOMSON St RIO g W a Y. ttbffcit, Angust 29, 1827. 52'4tf D I S S O L U T I O N . n n H B co-partnership heretofore exist J L .b g between J. COLSPEN and H HEATH, is this day dissdlved bv ttintuii ^consent. All persons ring unsettled wifi IxN, all assn^e gU debts arid receli. ___ . the above fifiBi Those'indebted as abo are iaformed in order to S'lve cost, sell ment must be-made immediately. ffGHN eGLSTEN \H. HEATH, N E W G O O D S . HE subscriber is this day bpening dt JL the store forrnei’ly occupied by G regory &'Sears, t wo doors spui h of the Hotel', an extensive assortoieoi of . o j t t r a o o o s , GROCERIES, jd(trdM&r4^ h n i Groclkery, Also,* tons siiperioiir DIE4VOODS and DIE-STUFFS. ' ,E„E.PaRTFR, N B; Cash and the highest price paj for Flax-Seed, E. L. P. Ithaca, Sept, 5, 1827. . - fiLS' iZ: W H OLESALE & R E T A IL & A 3 N r a S tiJS, ITHACA. Solti also by Noyes & Laisdell, and G. ', Moscow; E , W. Goodwin, Preston & Potter, Drydert. J. Ackley, Moscow; E , W. .Goodwi & >. and P i - - - - Ithaca, June 13lli, 1827. DISTRICT SCHOOL NOTICE. Y H R Itbiica Mpniterial or Lancdstefian ' School, commences this day, in the new School-house in this village, under the superintendence of ff|r. JAnoiiH, from Albany, Tuition, 75 cents per Ruar* ter. Lessons on cards are provide'tl ftir efaKdren in the WidiBoents of learning. itnproveraec Irirs, 80 as to render ifan object of pub­ lic’.! patronage. . - vG. w c o a c o c R . ) .. N. HRftmCK, > Trustees. H. INGERSOIL. f Ithaca, May T6, 1827. 509tf PARKERS’ F I R E e n s u r a n c e ; AND . c d A £ cozKBPiysansr OF TiraraTy ov sw.-vpiiX, jTAVlNG assumed all the .late busi-' J j I ness Of the Ontario Fire Ensurance .Company of Geueva, hereby give notice jushiess of Fir( renew tht>: Ensurance: CnBUcance for their own accou :o make new Ensufances as t^ policies issiied- by the'Gotafio Gompany* * , . I stock o f the Farmers’ Fii ompiitty, is piv-EiHOKfifi* I y hi i ftV xyurtCiiJ , together with; sectired to tstained by ral 'princi THOOSAkD Ootl.ARS; whicili togci a-large surplus, is most ainply se meet any losiK''' All losses sost tlvem-•will bo adjusted on libera pies, and most promptly paidt The rompnny have, authorized A. D. W, B r u in , Esq. of Ithaca, to act asftheir Agent in that place and jls vicinity. Hr H a«thDris«(‘d io issue Policies to applicants to secure theiB-ajgainst Loss Or Diun-rige by FiUE or -by LiOH'ratiwG, oii as favourable terms aS *any .othef.yegiilar aad responsi- hie Cdtinipany in the Stale*: . Ithskn, .A.ogiist2p,A827.' ■ ' -V -'it fin(HE subscriber has erected a Ma- Jk1 chineine forr Guttingutting Die^opdsie-Woods inn a Su-u- ch to G D i a s peripur style. ^He will cut for hp(f a cent per poiind ; Specimens to be seen at M^ lond’s Shop per poyi Rayrni '*’’ g EORGE LESTEl Phenix Mills, Aug. L 1827;, lyAURANTED WATER PRdOF. ACKLEY & HIBBARD' |3 i ESPECTEriLLY inform theirens- J j I, toiilers and the Publick generally, thill: they bii ve erected a new Factory upon an enhirged anil improv-d plan, which will enable them to sup ly deimindsln ihfir line on an exteuMve scale—which they ‘•fill not neglect to'° enobtiice vvlieiiever the igg ileiuaiidslemaiids off ihe of the H increasin i o give smtnbte enr.ourageinent.. Theif Hat •AarehQust' i^ at present, six doors West otel, where may be had . . ' I S f Warranted Water-proof Bnts, : WHQI.ESALE AND RETAIl,. As chbap as the canrAPEST ; for which they wiTTfeceivein payment,CASH, Wool, For, Wheat, Rye, <>rnj;Oaits, Beef, Pork, Butter nod Gbeese, Lumber, l earaing, ond approved credit. Being aware oL.the liberal palrunage heretofore received,they led tiieinselves under many ob'igations to customers; ami hope stilt |S' inerit coiiiinuaiice j assuring . them, at the :irir.w l V t he.y Im.ve ta k»^a t he u t most pai as jla.in the best of 3iqck and j!w*«tl tuie Worknien. A iiRSFIlil. Afl'SORTrtVR'r'oV' stoaK .iept consiaailv for Sate, at stttall advah* CVS for READY PAY. I thaca , Feb- 12th, 18?5. • '92tf 7T|M he : auhstriber has remo v ed his Stock 1. of Hardwarfe,‘to the Brick Store re* ’ • M. B. Osh. ere & of the where he has just reGeived in addition ioJm former Stock, and offers for sale an extensive assoptmeht of tiidr 1.) obla.in tl K A R D W A R E , - Comprising most aftides in his line of bu­ siness, viz. i. well •selected, assortment of Saddlery, Cabinet frimmiugs, Cutlery, of Viifious kinds ;-EngHsli,_cut,_fli»d„miP_ Saws; Trace Chains, Shovels, Spades _ ......L**.. _ __ £ TbLT.^Zl.*. -Q'<’A# h I_. T A K E N O T I C E . A LL persons indebted to ihe .snhscri- ■^ 4 . ber enber by book nceountor notes, are requested to come and make settle- Tnent;W no IpSprr Tndu^^ can be glv- em G. HEN.^LNG. ’ The Hatting Business' will id futnre be carried on by HBNniijq & A oabb *, in the .old stand next door io (be post offiee, where they intend heeping'oo band a geo* eral assortment of the most fashion-able hats, as they have procured the latest Lon­ don blocks from the city ; Also, a gen* eral nssotltnept tof Fur and Trimmings, which are offered for sale at their Manuffic- turdijg Shop, i}t the nbrtb-west side of the Bridge, on the six mile creek, in sight of the Hotel. ■ AH binds of prodocewill be taken^in pYnient for Hats, and' they do Iron and Brans Wive, &c. &c. S m B Cnnsistibgof a large quantity of Oakum, Manilla, Russia water rdt, end round Ror of different sizes • Tackle Blocks, Boat Scrapers, &e. SrE-all of which he offers ai lolesale or retail, as Tow as can be pur* ■ the State. flatter ihenfigelves ^ t h the prospect o. Imstioga share o f the publick patronage. HENNING & AGARD. Tthacn, May 21,1827., ’’lotf G l a s s . ■■■HST reclg^ed and fof sale,’ at the «p Hardware Store, Sign of the Padlock, 200faoxes 10 by 8 and 9 by 7 GLASS, VYhich will be sold by wholesale at the Genovii prices, adding f ransportetioli, and by retnjl as low aucan be purcb.. in this '**^'^^* J. M. M-CORMiCK. Ithaca, Aug. 2d, 1827. ’68ir . NEW GOODS. '■ W US r received a general assortment ^ of. D r y Goods, Groceries, Hardware, , ' Crockery, Sfc. IR O N , ST E E L , N A ILS,1-c. 8rc. CASH paid for \^heat Rye, Cotn^ and Flax-Seed. C L O T H M e s s i n g ' The.subscriber has commenced dress­ ing CLOTH, which will be done' ori very liberal term.s indeed. All work warraot- edlo be done .according to contract, and with dc.sp,itnh. It may be profitable for tho«e who wish their work done Off EAP, well, and with despatch, to call and s*at- isfy themselves. All kinds of merchant* uitio Produce and Lumber., taken in mfent. SAMUEL S. SEELY. 7 f'*r/or*FVd/.?, September 24th, 1827 . 0:^^ Tiivern keepers can be supplied with liquors -on terras as favourable as at aflv other places &28tf S. S. H. A. BE E B E , ■ff N addition to his former stock, has just Jj^ received .nnieiegant pud extensive as- •sortment of ^ F a n ^ and Staple Dri/ Goods, groceries , H ARDW AI|E,^ c All of which wilt be sold at the lowest bash prices. > ; ' Ithaca, Sept. 26th, 1827, ~S2W' o x n m u e HARDWARE STORE. m TUB SliSN OF THB s S S S S Z rfHACA. S E | ^ p ! I S S p i i | , . JMACK «6 A N D I U J S , : Agpnis for ibe .Proptleiors. IlbSca. August 29,1827. ‘ ' S24if. 'frays. Brass Andirons, Tongs, ^ fcates,. Wood Sav I and Brans Shovels and and F raines. whole sale or r< chased in the Western _ her, Cash, or approved credit, will be received in paymedi. part of Most kinds of Produce, first tale Lum- RIFLES & BOWLING PIECES Kept constantly for sale a» above. J. M. M’CORMIGK. Ithaca, Nov 20, 1826. *84tf INSTiTUTION’ , FOa OITRB OF SISS.&HBS E Y E A N D E A R . HE publick are informed, that an I n - viRMARv for the treatment and cure of diseases of the Eye and Ear, i? now opened in tlie village of Ithaca. The best attention will be paid,and the most by the sobsefibers, either of whom may be consnlted approv­ ed treatment pursued by the subscribers, bom may be consult* sonally, or by letter (post pafd.) rery^Veqiiisite gll operations -They have provided, evei instrument for performing gll op'eratians that may be necessary Upon the eye and GEORGE W. PHILLIPS,- G. P. HEERMANS. - Ithaca, May 23, ISS?.' tfolG CiRCULATING LIBRARY. j AWGIIST a s , 1827, ~ ' j t t M m e s M i r a w t r s ' jKs?artUe| W their OirculntioE4.iUra^, tlie fulioW- o i . . jrtm ^tbmibers. t J tor rewUiig aconiiiion.Ouodedrao, iwrfveand.ahaKoenis heiue talien om, wiU Iw eoiivldpreU rb renew ■ Megutaliqm, ^ Subscribers bvthe year, Ur far six m'onihs, will‘■bo en­ titled til iwo seis of hiiokb SI a ilioe.^ (iroriried tfn- set doe. mil esreed liirep eiiltimes ; whii-]irnny lie eirhaiigitil as of ten s* cn*e a^ny, and itiusi riuilie witijned over a week. J l . S J i l f i a f l E s ? - ' \ * ' ' ’* ”'- N» r»9°n is.perimtied to lend a b';£h drawn from the ■ S e s ' s a f e r 5 ? d K s ^ ^ i i i a i . . „ , . f s ® E S i a = : S S S S s l i RELIEF TO t h o s e AFFLICT ED r n n r i P s & GI NSI MP ITON. m O T F B C O U G n D R O P S . iresent prefalling r ip eonrampilun. lered aji ii cfrtn.i.' ode6s,|^» wwit of ileeparklng from debUUn h if tr tii^, p^plt of the httrt, p«ln4ntheI>reml,lUei>dlitgor the rung*! Id ipstmildiek aitfania It ie .<iunlar,ly.eSp«K<i|u. [{ mrt!cti1/ir attentUmdo the directiopt far mlpr is-imoci ''^ 5 Selem Jenuarrm IE 25 ° Mr. ReeWk CeHiftcale. -RpgAidin^ arl dotbe b^^ihr ft battle »f the a^vfi her to hcfiUb. DlnslihniediiUPlYmrrtwtBiI, I procure drops i^bicli h m ef&etually reiior a a i r \ ' ih the [hing, &c Ai , ... . Y.) Oeioher 13,1825.. r A. Crosliy snle projirifior, Cambridge, New- ilgdamre will lie affixed in, h'S own ban.l-wr • ssys« JaeKWn, (N. ~F?epared ly I j M ^ D o W E i t ii F j t m B i r c v . S i i S i g t l l f p : : erffTEj bttt atsGTnibr •ciirtns of iUe StRiiv i) as well as dibPiSi i : ■ ^ JOHN OllDEji DEY. AUtany, June, 182?. ■ ^ ISAWffSTEI r i i ; | £ ^ K s S l ? i 3 l ' m m ^ M , . - „ lOBEPHjl JoH*OH & ttw iipw n m s . w m t u M i t e G E O G I T A E H - Ree«s%Piffiariiid.kaKiforsiA, geography for BEGINNEI % S ^ . S , ° Z 4 l ^ S S ^ - Ithaca, July 10. t827 -- For Sate aUo, at above, ilie ttUb edillon d vrootmaxoQn^a SCHUOL GEOGRAtPHf Wlh an. Allas of six Haps ana two Oteuit. v o T io in r n B S . ?ipi HE sii bscriber having p s hanili X _ Type and Printing ,materials | • f-qaisite tor all his uses of Ijpgjk’all l ork, tvill sell on arcomtiroHiitmgii oe foant of stefeoly.pe si rI,ti' I sfillciP^, Ope fount of Canon. Ond fount of Dduhfb Pica.. One fount of English. One fount of kmall Picn, One ffiinit of- Long Primoj .Une of Borgeoisi On.e fount of two lines Brevier IK I ? I S ■ t h ^ One fount of two Hues Nonpap One fount of Doubfo Eaglish, flqjtl | N.onpar8||| One fount Pica Bljfek. One fount of Amiigtie, (Lofigl - Wdth Chases, Gallies, Hanks,^ Letters, post paid, will tie dulyl ed to., . ■•. -• . ^ . ' .-s- . . . - b e n ja m in ci Oxford, ffuly H,18'27. Ff’r >i^fatfki9 0 j^c(, . .'j \ I ' n •OW GINAL STAll^iED

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