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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, October 31, 1827, Image 1

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WHACA J O r R y A I . Gl^'lfERAl. ADTiHRTM B ^ L j ' ON^WEDNESBAYS^ |J.^jNlo^ i a . | : TH,. TO i u i m m ^ _ ys, - Awy ■'‘' r f i iA :o A ,'* G b u N i r Y r O F [ j M A C A li«5( ^ ^ f U t r t t e , \ ERITteP m EBEfffEZER: MACK, » i?,i5ft>4trf^«%, ,BV MACK. & A N D R U S , M tftdr P n n h t^ 0Jjice and Bookstore. '''.^ic& ZA iW ’S ' ' ' N E A V S T O I I E „ Opposilo We BoffJe Tavem^Mvca, J j S furnished with a General? Assortment ° rD S Y G O OD S , m^--. Rear, -. . . t earners, and au liind f^ g ^ m g ss must be paid before, a paper.s Ithaca, July, 1827 . I $SEiPDCGE of allkinas taken on regular: payments, ftt the prices the merchantsdllow in goods, NEW GOODS. H o llow ^tlJ^^Gornmunicaiiens to the publishers; tnust be ^TOcksty^ ^ J ' ^ ' ' ' Conojirisidg thc most aseful and neces, ■ ' ■' sary articles frontt foreign and doraesticli iN t f i M T S lIlS e ^ mahufactures. Likewise new Mackerel, P m t h r n , B l m k .. Cards | r s r c S l h \ n L ^ 3 ’^ S ^ ^ ^ ^ » ’ H a n d b i l l s , & c . kinds of Pahit^.nf l f ^ e r i o u r luality ‘ b P 0 ! ? lN E FE B R IFU G E ^ And they have tnade ar.rangemen|s for * ^ re/or <fte rFeecr «dd \ - ........ - ... gojall , Sick Hi^ehllose of ' ^ season, in large or Pr^oredAy L ees & WOODwARDv dA^t f chasers. Also 0d3(lollucdHest ilfvttd, Totnpkhu emmty i-frand through the II lots to suit pur- hffEtitiuesof Uie S'w! I uairferjiilyknowiifBi Ktnepfb|(yi«t6l»of iheQuldinfe EeUrifuge, de«m jtqaUS’ ilIi^j4»'t»«illltUe ituhUck.dtentton-iaiia: iiuenlUreaca- l a sMcIScliAgalnniha fc>^er»pd A^ue. U is suSieiehl |wy,Mwti||i» tiieijlcjue has stood ise-tesi of si*verit years Eertence, amia»» recelsedibeutiqoalifigtaHyHliaUoa of ■efalsif she must emlneuipr»ctillunepinour country, to: ■om alirrs^lie bos beeprxbLbitedt liitemiittect,<ir Fever lAfU^nOterto*! Feverw ourvaamfy ' tfculOtlytellK'weoitirnJinaiicwly aetileddistieicit. Ith _JB tSwyl*^ T^ablelniilirr, effrcteu byhraiisBd nralr- ■d O0Me<iwnl&, all new countries will be moroiuWectw Kdifiwlii»li»nca|i8r» were tfee:;soll luui lotie bsen under ■iliiliikiw riM ralbofiMUUonical iyinptbuiauf Fevesiaod ■ueiurrio uteUktiowi, that n particular bltlonr and de-, \ *' deemed wmecewaryt Uje dije«c. is gcn- nsdtd for n few days by laagiiur and list- aeUwea bya duU head-ach and lo«» of apue- d dsy»t and »t othats, the <Ii«»ie auack* the . .......... .otauy preihouJiory syniptoms. AnUmerinlilonf ^Kiil'd^.lnlo throe iiagoe wbiciicuiuiliiuraaparux- OP Cold -gli, xrbich conlianes tonj^ dr ^ig’^j^t.e^rlotenco pl.trldeh Is gorern^ oy the WOOD’S, & WOOD & SWs&ST^S P A T E N T PL O U G H S . Of the best ijuality and at the lowest prices.^ 'Linseed Oil ga h'aad,'and'cash paid for Flax Seed as usual. , All the above ace offei the most i^ucc Most kinds of Li delay; Unless gi ^ quest is complied with immediately, we ®*'’*^* resort to l e ^ Measurer withoat' g g ^ ! S S g ^ % ^ ! y , to ttn r . o a c ^ ; . r . — M x a y ^ - . StoBTtor^t dflmpAOpn^ in.oriMifieidleSbhikM& fheVblIckr that tbar^^ kssthtattlfte'from thaa«ihinUttatlotf ot t^^ G E O R G E W . H O W E , ,. f S engaged by-MACK fe ANBRlfS 1 superintend the Book Bindingbusiness, busine B O O K B I N D I N G . b»9to{«£trKi(t bvvr noirestdrhd (n the cotiimoiri expedient ♦ahikbteWedWnakWith.affidaTiif.ai^ C iH'elScacy,-wellluian’mE hdw cheap the pub. ^,SdlnAtaAMnir««l ib^at btdi, lb^ ar^ut .MBa s s g M s a a s f w a ar perhai. 529m8 I f E W G O O D S . [HB sabscribefS W te jost received, aadliow offdr for sale their fall and Eter stock of Guods^ atnohg which are pA, Mue, drab, olive, and steel-tnixed iGAB-GLaTHS; steel tnixed-GASSl- Ifl'E ^ and SATljf£TT.S j red,'green, illo* rLAmJEfcS^greed BAIZE; 1 and Caroline •PL.klDS; Caroline .j BotubazeUes, Bpmbasins ; I SHAWLS; comtnbn Cassimeres and coll icted froi ___ t factory SHIRTINGS I «HEETINGS, i t i c k i n g , Sic. kc. ether widi h general assortment of Khmere SHAWLS; cor ■ of various* Qualities andl colDUrs; ILICOES, a variety selected from the Istimporlations t factory SHIRTINGS 1 SHEE' R I E S . SI ureiL m fey afs'o offer for sale ai general as* [ sortm^t of Waiier^s Stock Mnd Trimmings^ fco,:taany aftides forSHGEMAKERS; fei as leather,! lasts, a good aSsortmetit- hoe binding, Dehtnark satin, English peH», h ^ t cord, boot' webbipg, heel L tackejMvls, hatniners, pincers, fancy pments, clasps, over-shoe buckles, &c, pile above we offer fer sale for i d whet lmly=; and whether at a reduced price few, the publick are reqaesled to call ■see and then judge. ^ €ash. Wheat, Rye, Gats, Corn, Btb Oak Staves or Heading, and (he I quality Shingles, or frst and sfecopd IBohrdt Will be received'fof Goods or p dti6j and all such due must be set- Inithont de|^, i s o s i i s . x s o i t t u b . - T d l t ] u p » % - at nis Ola staAu, one door east/ or ign of the, Pad/ockj in Gwego-sd^et, e all kinds-ef workin bis line o^ousj. ness will be done 6q short notice, and in the latest fashions. CaRing done as usual. AU orders executed with neatness and de* G R E G 0 R Y '^& S E A U S ff^A V E renaoved to the B rick S toue one door east of Beebe, Aiunn, and fornaerly jOccqpidd by H. Mack, rhere they will he bhppy to z m s m E R w B s m E s a feet: one ihehi t,1od feet-one and a half inch, for which the Subscriber will pay Cash or Hats, at three shillings per hun­ dred for good common stuff. Lumber will also be taken in payment Qt debts due the subsertberf and alt ac counts must he settled by the fifteenth of May, when a general settiemerit innettake place* After that date the business will be conducted under (he firm of Henning and Agard, GEORGE HENNING. IthacaTMay 2d, lff^27, sa7tf f\CKEREh F I S H . by the barrel and half barrel. CODFISH by the quintal. BEEBE, MUNN, & MACK. Uhaca, August Ifith, ^ 2 2 t f to the tracti and a turfipike through it. The terms ai*e P W 'a'D O L L A R S A N A C R E , Seven* per cent, of the purchase money to he paid down, besides den dollars for iirtiele .money. T he baloncb to be paid in seven yesirs, two yUars witboot interest !ind gfe.it privileges to good settlers. . ‘ . , JOSEPH V e e r , Agent. CarolSne. duly 18. 1827. , ’|3 i f C A R P E T I N G . O E B B E , MUNN, S m a ck , hare an August 15th, 1827. 622tf l u m b e r : er, on the shortest notice. Apply B. A settlement of all Book Ac* their* Mill, on slx-mife creek, about tv counUi over six months standing, is re- miles above-^tbe village of qnested ; and shall insist upon their being Mr. Parcel, at the ^un^Um adjusted Avithout delay ; Unless our re* ^ ‘ A. k. P. PERKINB. Ithaca,.doly 25, 1827. T9 19tf . superintend the Book Binding in the bniWing in the rear of their Book­ store and Printing Office. Having a gcQi Ruling Machine ‘ m j ^ i s B Q f ^ m Of any size and pattern, will be ruled and bound |p Order; andanassortnaent of Blank work will fee kept constantly for sale in the Bookstore. OLD BOOKS fe-hound ; and all work In the above line neatly and promptly ex* ecuted, and on reasonably terms. Orders left with Mr. Howe at the Bindery, opat the Bookstore wnll be pane* tually attehded to. ftfeca, May 9th, 1827. ot uoct. r r uips to have the right of removing the buib :iatbe may erect, at the expiration of Flax Seed and White Oak Staves ^ w j m T B n , yiASH and the highest price paid for Flaxseed, by A. & P. PERKINS. ItlicKa, 29th Avgast, 1826. Wanted, White Oak Hhd. Staves and Heading. 472tf A. & P. P. CHRiSTlAN ALMANACK, 1 8 *^, great variety of useft^ . 'Contaiaing _ ^ Tables, Religious find Miscellaneous, im formation, &G. &C. Just received, and for sale by the do*, zen o r single, .at the Bookstore of MACK k ANDRUg, Alsoi a new supply of Neltleton’s V JL- LAGE HYMNS. The EPICUREAN, an interesting ino* r.'il Tale, by ThomaB Moore. ' TheGUARPS> a novel7&c.'&^^ “ Ithaca, Sept. 26tb, 1827. H ATSTor sale as above, d^heap psh or on a\ long credit as usual. HirA2S37iS£> One hundred head o f Cattle, Alffo, 2 0 l> either fat or b M r be paid* of any weights vriean.j THOMSON k RIDGW a -^ Oct. 8, 1827. - ■ 530w4 will furnish :, vr ncimucn, i imoer, to any the shortest notice. Apply at j on six-mile creek, about two liles above-tbe village of Ithaca ; dr of turnpike gate. PARCEL & PEVr, hhaca, March 21, 1827. T tf ImprovedSpnmng Wheek For Sale. JiJS T received at the Ithaca Hnrdwsife Store,'Faraharo and AVilliam?’. Jm-' proved Spinning, VVheels ............ , : J; M, MTORMICK- ^ Ithaca, Jan. 31st, 1827* 494tf. C A S H F O R f l a x - s e e d : TbrrowTB obAjSv’s cofse * notisE. L. WELLS. July 16,1827. 475tf B u ilding L o ts to L e a s e . ^^IjRHE Subscriber offers to lease foT.the t term of thirte ;n' years, -a he Large Lot on O wego street, n ifDoct. PKUips teBidence, thi P'’ next west the lugs ill '^W m .T . VREEDEN BURGH. Ithaca. Dec. 15-1 S2.n ’3Gtf A f a r m F O R 3 A L E , O E I N G 120 Acres on Lot No. 86 Ith- .Mm aca, kno-wn as,the #DoweU farm. The soil is good* the farm well timber- ed. and about 70 acres utidef improve­ ment. For oonditigUs apply to E. G. Pelton, in Ithaca, or to the subscriber. ■ N. HALSEY. Halseyville. May 14, 1827/ ’9tf I. B E E R S IJF AS just received and offsrs for sale i f -a few doors west of Di^ Ayers’, a general assortment of DRY GOODS, c r o c k e r y , & g l a s s w a r e , Together with the most tiecessary articles G f B X m R Y Such as tea* sugar,- coffee, apices} &e. which he wUl sell low for cash ; or will. - 5 ® exchange for inost kinds of couptry pro^ dace or lumber. His friends ^ and the publick are invited to give him a cfilL . .Ithaca. Sept. 26th,. 1827. 528tf IN F O R M A T IO N W A N T E D ! I t ACOB BRYAN came to iny store iff ^ December, 1825, and purchased a bat for ^4 60, since which timb rLaYe not beard from him.---*~The subscriber will also inform those who have contract­ ed debts, and pay no attention to the ful­ filment of their contracts, that he is pre- ‘—nes, vyhich he in- benefit o f others. ’ , b. AYERS. y I pubtishing October 9, 1827. A quantity of first-rate F A N N I N G M I L L S , „j_usf- received and for sale, at - ^ : H A Z A R D ’S , ' ^ - - , Opposite to the Eagle Tavern. lihaca, Ckt. 9, 1827. S3Gt G « W M x t i i m w v x m . M-.tdIfs, jorrner*y joc & Co, where they will he bhppy to re­ ceive calls from their old/riends and cus- iers, and the publick in general. thaCa, July n th,, 1827. T O L A N D B U Y E R S . Y ^ U will find it to your interest, Gen- Jemen, to exaihjqe a tract ol Land; called Afoic?nad;-vyWhin four roU of .the ;bea^:-.^S.eufcff LMae. Befweea forty and ^ bdsbejs of wheat to the acre, were raised new land, on this tract 1-ASt year byavhPmher o f the settlers. The water is gopd,;the timber fine, and society okieeilent. A yery easy/carriage L E G . H O : R N H A T S , ' ' r \ ° ' % E E ^ MDNfJ, Ii MAOiC: May 16lh. 1827. . . ^ „ 6U9tl volumesi) tiU the Life A NEW (in three octava 'Rlchmond,-or-S.cene Street OlKcer, 2 High Life, 2 vq ! s . --^Life bf Mrs. Huntington. 4 w i P $ r ' • McdtUal Dicljoni w o x x c s To ike &j0eers and Soldiers o f the K E V O L C r iO N A R Y W A R . A B U S S ^ - l s M V 'ftf J j entitled to tbesaracrl^dravittgsetv- ept to the Hose of tho War, will be ob­ tained foV ,thqm/or .their heirs, on %- ^Ircatloa foThe Land aptl GiSheral Agency SQStf- , . C O m S E ; S i : L T . FftB PACKING PROVikONS, KQQ bush e l s this valuable article in balk,\for salQ^a large or small quantities, by B E ^ E , MUNKK & m a c k . Ithaca, ^ u ||jst 29, 1827. 524tf ’T 'O L .E N M O N E Y f m . O a VING been jnformfed that Mr/ Epe* netus floh'e, or some Other gentle­ man, is now, or lately has feeeh travelling through the W^sfern pprl of this State, supposed to h§io puteuit o f ojae C sarues BoVfiEiv, who'ihrokfi open anti took money from the trunk of Mr. J. T* Foggj I here smte for bis infoTmation, that a part of said mooey lias feem'Tecovered from said Boyden, and is now in the hands of the subscriber, at his residence, in W'alton, Dela’vvure couafy, New-York ; where fuTther particulars touohitig tlie same, will be made known. % . B. OGDEN. Bept. 17, 1827. .’27tf. m o r m , 'W eighing fr om 1 DO .to/t 50 pounds, w a n t e d by GERE & GUNN. Jtbaca,Oct.2,18275^ ’29tf. ■'’ Z j V M & E R ^NLEAR and Common Stuff Boards, v ^ i Plank, Siding, Shingles, will ire pur- BEEBE, MUNN, & MACK.- Nay 2d, 5G7tf A - T O R F l L M % ' A NEW TWO STiORY HOUSE. Im quire of | A. BEEBE. Oct. I>! ,18li7. 629'tf. AAA •'BARRELs’sALT/fn excellent 'order, for sale bv.- ' ' . GERE k GUNN. ^hacaj-O ct. 2,T827. . . 42&k < W O B S A m , '’PH E following valuable property, two miles from the village of Ithaca, 3 Fall-Creek, namely; ' ONE GRIST WILL, nown by/(be name 6f Phenix Mill, witK VO run of Bur Stones, and: thretf Bolts; ail in good order for doing country work and Flouring. Also one WgaLLEN FACTORY, With a double Carding Machine; one Bil ly , two Jennies, One broad ShciirlUg Ma­ chine, four'Lopms, two broad anti two narrow; oiiO Picking Machine, Fuinng mill, and Oie-house; all in operation. Also one- .NFAV SAW MILI* ^ j M - • » W B M U 0 f U , TiL*aframeBarffs,oheC^ • sch o C ° h o use . . 'a s © A C K E ^ O P I s A A D , About one half under iinproyem.ent. As it is presntned that no one will pur­ chase without,viewing the place, any far- ther description is deemed unnecessary. Apply on the premises, or at this office. fhaca*^ft.IJ„l827: ^^26tL NAPOLEO n '-I on APARTE, ; £ r R i £ M b Y A ^ ' , a r ' F a d e iaakofJkaidum d tie, \ Which is' amch hr|er|thaff naualf G R O C E R IES}, r R S f & D B Y G S l S , . .529ffi W H I T E M A R B L E . i P f s s m ;to k g p on hand a large Marble Grav'e-Stonejt , Elegant^ carilfid\ and ready for Jpg, from n new and a j ........ - - th<;ir A Ijyuirl9 * CWIllUII ifooper’s Mcffipal DicifonaTy,,^G. ^ . Jfost received and for sale at the Book­ store of ,, J a c k & a n d r u s . Septemfeer 11, 1827. to their departeff fttends, are invithd lP ‘ithaciq Q fit\g3,|'8^. V; -. J U S T B E C E S V E D \ ■ N E W F I R M . hereafter be transacted under the firm qf e a i ? t h t t L L % : « E A i f t i ' ■ Who w ness at directly \ : m i: be sold very lonr. ; Ithasa, Sept. 827 treet.; , * ' ■\ I \ ^ o i r Wanted, for be poidL custom. ; _ '■ : now. liMufetod will see ffie-necessity p f -^L^umber, and all'kinds of Produce; TOaking payment |u^tuplly, qcCording to HIRAM'HEATH, r Ithaca/Sept. :25v ld27-*. - W * * ' t o W - S T O b I T \ c A s a p e m r o s ^ / i Seed, Ithaca, Nov. 22,1826. is,int the ^¥i!lage o f Ithaca, ai _ B E E B E , M U N N , & M A C S , O f AVE ftr.sale, Tarred Rigging, Ma^ n nilla and Hemp Rope, Russia do ; do . ' . Flax do Oakum and Tar. Jthaca, August 79tli,l827. 524tf market. There we among tfee p m GOODS, 130 E’lecop'’CpIicaes, consisGog of mauy new and. elegant patterns Plain and figured feoSide-NgpIeSj Merino and Ga3htaere|H> SO pi Jies fine aud-superltee BROAD- V I L L A G E L O T S ' 900 pounds CottoiiYarn OR sale a few yilL JU South hill well situ; E. G. PELTON. Ithaca, Angast22. l827 52Stf A T HAZ.ARDs, opposite the Eagle J3L R’drertt, a few first rdte - ' m r a i i n r a s r c w m i E i i s . Also CODFISH, -by the quintal or otherwise*' • Ithacn, Se|«. 26lt„ 1«£T. A. BEEBE, TN addition to his formerjstex received mi elegant and e: sortment of All of which .will be sold at the h The articles comprising his • . m i o e m m , , ' Are o f the first qualities, having nearly alt heed bought-of the-importer# 'They consist,-in part.-of. . ' -' ' - 528tf Ib^Ghest^Hysoo, J^sbn Skia, and young St, Croix aftdoither Sumf . ^ , . Sicily and-Malaga Wiiies J 3 # , has just’2 pipes Seignettte Brandy ; ixredsive as-, Lamp and brown Sugar- J . Fanc^ and D ry Goods, 14 hhds.'^first quality retailing MoTaSsesu ' G R O C E U IE S , H A R D W ARE,fr5.1 lowest a.rticlos imadulterated. ' Also a gdOfl assortment <ff. ■ ^ . Crockery, ■fardi f -and Molloif) Ware^ Contaiiiinsij mativ hew and uiffiMved pat-^ cash prices.. - • ; Ithaca, Sept. 26tb, 1827^ ■ • CAJSM H A I D for WHEAT .ind-TLMOTHY J r SEED, by ' '• ^ '• ■ ' - BEEBE, MUNN, & MACK. : Itbac a, August 22d, 1027. ; 523tf leii Or twenty . . . sm v E s , ; ^ Of thff Bluladel(»hfe casfiiig^ahd lakit patterns^ All of Atjeh .yverffiSefe with cafe, iUid .at such reduced 'priqlp M ' will enable lura^ to soli ak-^hea^ merchanl in (his aouttty#. Uhacii, fech 15, l^Efj . »3fff /

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