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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, November 07, 1827, Image 1

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■I'.\ I :|T « A C A | : p ^ s m i a S - W - » A C K & . A N D R U S , '’' #®<5 <*n^ Svokstore, ■ 5 3 : J & R IV A L ^ & R W m ^ E L A D V E R W E S 1 Ti? FLEDG’D BUT TO TftDTK, TO UBEETT AND ^.AW,—ND fAvoUIt BYWAYS US, ASD NO FE.AR 8HAE1 •iTHACA 75 ow T y OF ToMi;Ktf 8 ^''N.tX--\NeywBiiR 7 ,' \m . ■ p s a a a s r attiteoflice. B C A i ^ A I I ^ S N E W S T O R E, . Opp^aito tM'E^leTai/irnylihmOi J S fuFoished with a Geneial Assortnoent D R Y G O O D S , n m c M M m , , i l l ' - CKOCKERV, 4 H a r d m ret and, & m i Ift e Jtchangft for aiiy of the aha v o named Goods, will at all times be raceived, Clover, Ch- m - , 'Y.heai Rye,. Gqrn, Oats, BnrIey, 'M ^ K 2 ' a s s ' . ' S £ \ \ r ‘' ’ m o s i S ' i 9 i i N t ^ & ; . \ JNFORMS hill customers and the pub- lick; that he OGutinues the above'biisl- esss at his eld standj one door east t the sign-of the Padlock, in Gwego-streetj^ where all kinds oif work in his line of hosV aess will be done on short notice, and iii. the liitest fushlOns, Cutting done as usoafc Ml orders exeeqted with neatness and de^ spatch. - ? All those iddebted to Moses Monell, a^e reqnested to caU and settle their accoaols without iurther delay. ’^,advertise»3jentdiscoatinued withoutoiflersora GroeerieS) eraw'*! '^^Pmiaunicatlons to ttie puhlishets roust be CvOC^er^i, teh Stf oWdf'8* M((rd and H o l l o w W M B , Comprising tlve most useful and neceSr sary articles firoiW foreign and domestiok thanuf icto, res. Li! If '■ .. manufictores. Lihewise new htackerel, ^ s s t ■ ‘ V; iM O - B f liitS v ; kinds of Paints, of a supenoiir' pality : ' \ j . _ _ _ m . ff i B R I F U G B ^ IS August 16th,'1827. tbo piilni pvjit biiti, »fi(inlMs sf »• topdoajtg, gi t^ooQ & , PA .TENT PLOGGHS. ^ L, Of the best 4 aaJi%rand at the lowest I* - Linsebd Oil on hand, and cash paid ftrlPl.ai,.Seed as usnnl. All the abdvr o s ^ offered the oQost rednced mfees^i|m p Most hinds o f liunober androKnej’s O T ' S K f ,<i m anding. is re- milefe above the its oyer si? months sfanding. is re- niHefe'above the village of Ithaca; or 1 m i and'lhalt ipfet upon their being iffr. Parcel; at thf isted without delay. Unless otirre- PARCEL* & pi adjusted without delay. Unless odr re- Is qoroplied with inainedtately. We sbiffl resort to legal measures without _ ______________ !»«»iHtmiifliOirW wttft j^ntc«)«.or to ■ ^ w a s s s s a s t r s - thm iWh'- £ j : - t l ro« tit; !:.*'**? n h paid, U : * farther notiee, A. it. P. FEftKlNS. Ithaca* July 2A,. 1827. . * l,9tf i r i ' « | «\ . , . ■ ® . E W . . C t O O © S . m m J|, apd w t Gitertor saie tneir taii ano aodyeltoHr fLANNELS; green BAtZ^;. Scotch and Caroline Plr VlDSt ctiroli^e: SlfttpE I BombiiWettes^ Botnba|ios;.4 f^Btaere SffA WLS; comtnpncaasidiei'es dp. off'various qnaliliea and colours; G#d] 60 ES, a variety selected iVom the it|elher wijth a general assortment of m E $ . M O C M f iey alsfr offer for sale a general as^ _ sbrttnent o f * — ^ , a Uati^t^sStoM md frimmings. ■■ I '!^lso',many articles forSKl6EM.VK^llS; rsish*'' leather* Instl, n good assartment td shoe binding, Oetiraark satin, will ,j 58 to •ove^!' Iw ,an.d-;; m £ - t r f ftnWrtleotii, ciasjis* over-shoe buchies, oit.- th e above we offer for safe for ready pay only; end whether at a reduced price bf not, the ptiblick are requested to call a'ldsee pnd then jttdge. ’“iR ff'Miity Sfiing^es, or first and secopd f teJBSards will be received for GnOds pr d^tsAlne, and all such due must he set- flarwithoBt delay. ‘ ^ ^ , ACK]CEY h JENKINS. RhaLos, Sept. 26ih, 1827, lasers. Also ■ G c J i i t w s r t i m i o v i a » . : d f f i a o R V & S E A R S i|piFAVEremoved to theE wck S tore one j [ ^ ( door east of Beebo, Miinn, and Miioh^e, fortneidy oCqqpiedUy H. Macl AJiiOk’S. formerly occupied by H . Macit. & Op. wlyepe they will be happy to rie- ! . v», !_ -1.1 pp|g,j,|g finJ CJI8. fihaap,, Amwty, 1827, « p i t x w R » a m W A t r s m o ^ ■ le inch, 1,400 feet .one .nnd a hoif uibii, for; which the subscriber will ] Cash a r Hats, at three sjhil.UM® Ired for good common stuff. Lntnber will also he|aken in payment- of debts doe the subscriber; and idt-wp- coiints must be settled by the fifteepth^oi May, when a general settlement must thke place. After ihat dfite tlie biisipess W.il be conducted under the ffrtn of fjcahiuij and Aeard.' G E O R t ^ ^ J l E r a N G , ' Ithaca* May 2d, 1827. ' ' ' / 507tf . . . ■ P I S E . , ' . . 1M[ACKER|£L by the batrel and half XTJt barrel. CODF4.SH by the qnintah BEEBE, AlUNM, Si M-ACK, Ithaca, August I6th, 1827, . 522tf ^ T O LA N D BUYERS. w your inleiPSi, Gen. ■ f|emen, to esanune a tract ol Land, catfod (Mfo’cfonid, within fo miles of the h e '# . # Seaeie.!f Eahe- Between forty thd W ty hlisbote of wheat to the uGro. 4fo;rfr Wise<l IVom new land, on this tract foei;.year by a nqmbeP ;Of the sHtlers, T f e Ait'ater is good, the timber fine, and society OBCOlleufe,' A very easy carriage maltingtin? lake up the hill to t |e tract, and; a turnpike through |f. 'rh i tyi’ms are ^ F } f JE HOLicAigS AC RE, le:y^efi p e i cent, of the purchase money to bp pdid down, besides ten dollars for artiefo money. -M4te bajance tolm |mid in sevOft years, two years without interest q!Hro8DC. W ? i®, i®27. M a t C A R P E flN G . r j E E B E , MU.NN, k BACK, bare » J O as.sortment of line Scotch CARPETING. I R g h o r N A. CASELofWperiniir Bowsviit H ats . Bobhinet Lace, &c. just receiv­ ed uhfi-for sale by » - BEEBE, JMGNN,- & MACK. ... L U M B E R , , or Utmlocb ziimber, to i order, on the shortest notice, Apply at '^tteir^M ill, on six-mile creek, about tvfo - village of Ithaca; or of t w ' BOOK BIN DIN G . G f i O R G E W . H O W E , Ithaca, Mhrcli 21, 1827* C A S H F O R V L .A ® S E E ) > : orrostTg eE*AKT*8 gorVEE house . . . L . WELLS. inly 16^ 1827. ' , 4 7 6 t f m « store aiid Printii^'Office.. Ruling Machine ar oftheii ■ Having Buildifig Lots to L e a se, J ' ^ H E ^ubsflidber offers to lease for the 5 term of thirtem years, n part of ‘ing a ^good srder; aod an assoTtment' 1 h e kepT cOnslantlffor Bale in B l a iK X C B O O E E S . tlf any siite and patlepti, —ill be'ruled and Iimtm boundfoorderfandanas ecol^il, 5ind oflv^soOqbfo terms, Prders left with' Mir. Howe at the /Bindery, or at the Bookatoffe frill be punc- tqMly atfended tas. Ithca, MafOth, m i . - i^ b r dSe^'ditef ^ i i e O a k Staves find the highest price paid for V flaxseed, by . - A. & P- PERKlfSSn Ithaea, 29th itigusty 1826. Wanted, White Oak fflid. Staves and Heading. 472tf ........... A. & P. P. C H R IST IA N AIMAINACI^, ‘ 1 8 3 8 , ' GSontejning a great yatiety of usefu Trtblivsi Religloos and AEsceilaneous in- tVanitten.Jcc. ■ im i received, and for sale by the do- zenr or single, at the Bno'hsfo're of MA€K’.& ANDRGS, Also, a new supply of Neltleton’s V IL­ LAGE HYMNS.^ • The EPIC0ERAN, an interesting mo­ ral Tale, by Thomas Moore. The GUARDS, a novel, & c .A eg . Ithaca, Sept. 28th,.1827. ___ _ ^628tf rfATRfor sale as above,cheap “’^bashtFroD a long credit as usual. \One hundred head ef CaMle, /GUITABLE for stall feeding, or harrel- ■ ling, delivered next week or week af­ ter, for which n O A s a F O R u a o s . ' which i M l iv c ici, iv. re fair price will be paid, Aiso,j8O0 live h og s , of any wisigbt, 1 RlDRl^Y. O c t.4 ,;8 2 7 . hSbwd. the Large Lot on Owego street,, next west ofDoct, Pb'llips residence, tlie Leasee to ha,ve the right o f removing the haiid- jags that he miiy erect, at the expiration of ' ^ T , VREEDENRURGH. Ithaca. Dec. IS, iRifi ’36tf years, n par 0 street,, next s A FARM F O R SAtJE, ElNG ,12 s aca,.knoi ifiLElN G 120 Acres on Lot No. 86 Ith* Mm- aca,.known as the Rt*Eowell farm. The soil is good, the farm well timbeF- ed. and aboqt 79 acres under improVe- ed. and aboqt 79 acres under WPfoye- ment. . For condition* apply fo E. u, Relton, inlthaca,or to HaUeyviVle, May 14, isW * ’fftf w j r . \ 8 just t e l a tew doors'w e st of D. Aytera’, a nedrsi wnf th& pnhitek in general. Itbijc^ July l l th , 1827. M7lf ^ T D 8 . S A L E : ^FH E following valuable propeity, abopt ^ two miles from the village of Itbnea, on FaU-Greek, nansjely: p M 0 R i s T ; ] ^ y u Known b y l he naipc of Phenix Mill, w ith two piit) o f, Bur Stpnfesivsm^^^ Bolfo; nH io good o rder for doting country work and .Fiourtng,ARO 0 ^^^^ ■ W O O x i u E N F A C T O R Y , , With a double Carding Machipo i one Ril-; Iv, two-Jennies, one hroati Sheariiig clime, four Looma* two broad anti .. iirrow ; one Picking Alaohine,'; Pulling illl, and Die-bofkse; alH n operation. Also one \ . NEW SAWiIVllLL,; and rows M o m Twofrane BarnsyOricOoQper's IShop s c h o 6 l “ h p i ( s e . 250 About one half under; iiftpfoteiuent As‘U i# presumed that no one will pUf tthout viewing the place, a«y far icription is dtemed unnecessary. Apply o n th e premises, o r at this office, ithaiva. $ept. 11, 1827.. H A T S , A y '® * . 1 ^ ''- 622tf, ijnp'0v4 Spinning iPheels ForSale^ TUST received at the Ithaca Hardware •^^Etore, Parnham and Williams' iffi-* ptefeed Spinning Wheels. * ; J. JM. JM’CORMICK.: Ithaca, Jan, 3ist, 1827, 494if. s r o v i o i i tamed Of their heirs, 00 np- plicalinu to the taad^anff Genetel Agehcy 5b8tf< \ JOHN OGfpEN ;DET COARSE SA L T FOR PACKING PROViSlONS. .'irtfl b u s h e l s this valuable drlicle in bulk, for gale in large or •mall ^B E E B E . ftIDNN, & MAGK. Ithac.f Augnst SS, 1827. S24tf iSTOLENMOMEy V V jNG been informed that Mr. Epe- ^ hmus 'ffowe, or some other gentle- 'trian, is now, or fqteTy has been travelling throng^ the Western: part of this State, supposed t d b u jn purr- B oyd E w , who broke oi t . B E & H S sceived and nfifers- for sale J L J t fr fo\' geueriff assnrtnneot of D R Y G O O D S , C m O C K E R Y , & G U A S S W A R E , Fogethei with foe most necessary articles G R Q b k ilX t v W f . Such as tea, sugar, coffee^ spices, &c. whieh he_will sell low'for cash ; or will; c are invited tft give hin Ithaca.'Sept. 26th, 1827. INFO RSIATIO N W A N T E D ! |r ACOB BR Y AN Came to my store in ^ DeCenciber, tS25, and purchased^^a hat for ^ 4 S0» since which time I haVe not heard ft ono hiift.'^-^-^The subscriber will also infotm those who have Contract­ ed debts, and pay n o attentioD to the ful* foaierttef their GontraGts, th!il he is pre­ paring a list of thuir nameg, which h e in­ tends publishing fot^he October 9, 1827. ‘ Y A q u a n t i t y ^ R rsferate F A lH « N ^ t.R fil 4 4 - Jus* esfteived and farsalfe^ut * H AZAltD^S, - - Opposite to the E a ^ ^aveTB. IthamyOct, 9,1^7, , 4?0t f one CnARtp E», who broke open and took money fi om the trunk df Mr. f. Pi Foog, I here state foc:^ his iofcfrmation, that - a; part o f said h»an.ey has been recovered from said Hoyden, and is now iu tho hands o f the sUhscrilier, at hi.« residence, in Walton, Delaware Coiinty. Nevv-Yorfc ; where forther narticuiafo touching the same, tc HI he m^erknuwn, ea-BEM OrTM lvi^, — ^ ... I ...... . former sfond; o eiite«8k#f Bank, where he is n o w d ^ |pih| Fall Stock o f Merckandkey Which is much iari^erihan tfousfj^^ n a p O i A q m l I d n a p a r t e , RY W^iTlfiR SGOTt, .© R O O E R f f l s i - ; - . • v b a s .. f v i r t l i p i , - > - F R 9 1 X , & D » t # j % 0 S , All o f which have bten houghff, c h e ^ i t than heretofore, and shall be sold «S cheap. fJet. 1 , 1827. * W H I T E m A H B tE . M a rik Clrave.Sleiies, Eiegantiy carvild’ and rmAdyifev fotfofe- f quiilRy, admits of a hrilRifot ,% . . ,.icer,; High Rife, 2 vols. Life o f Mr?; Huntingtoi Life of, Marion \Trgil fSelphini ^ ^ ConvorBalions on Chymislry T^homW Pnictice, last editipft feopeif S. Medical pictionaryjy kc. ■ Juist ifeeived an.d fm sale atth& Roolc- ; work ;y,ih the q n atryrth^Y i - io, * execute o W erspt v e ry ; I Bow Those, who wish: fo e f e c l t «lh!»o{»n! to thair^ depsrfod ffrrefti^ intllhE^Nof ' 0 5 - In the uhiience u f foe foRiitjii^ersii terms ifiay he’ learrd en appUeatiuBiieJlr. L- B’oit. ' ' ■ ,: Ithaca, 1827- , ; stoieuf - . MACK & ANDRUS. SffptetnheT 11, 1827. J U S T R E C E I « » ■ THE suhicHhereuhicHher* havingaving — — s h « , . B S n E B m L t & « ; ■ A U ’H , ■ I tE V O E U T I O N A R Y W A R . ivt, 3 V 7 T ,:\ “ ? ‘‘v ’- -.w a j o p p M r e B M i d A y ,reV m 0 w ,^O |. , M p ’ '.|K I<M > W / ' © i t e O & M f . . two doors south of foe Hotel, thev intend Which he offers very low for mwh O rwch enlatgiingtbptr Stock sufficient to-needm- | r ^ u c e as will feRh.cafo tm m e d ^ ^ , be paid. hiefa tire highest price Ithaca, Sept, id , 1827. JOS. SHERRILL, HIRAM HEATH. R e e tf O A S B P A E U t e S contract. Mblil: deu immediate p ay^en|o Ifoaca, Se] lU e m MOW PW> nod ■ N R W ' S t H R i ; . . . - r r r t ^ ® ^ Lecupred by Mr. Afoah R tebe. an e h tite Seed, u x M I A.. ! Ithaca. Nov. 22.1826: BL E B E , M UN N, & MACK, ' Russia , do ! do Pfax do ©aknm and Tar. Ithaca, August 99th, 1827, .624tf -w. VL*UU|/It;u ujr ATIX* 44d3u:p«. Iiu __ _ __ market; T h e r e are'among Ihe ■pgY'Go 0 fis,.j-: ■; iS a P ieoek Gdreoe*, Sept. 17,7827. W m . B. OGDEN. S M o r m y from lOOtotSOpodndSv WANTEDjby g ER e & gij N n ,' ltliaca,Oct. 2 , 1 8 2 7 ^ ^ ’'jLGMBkm dpILEA R and Common Stuff R*>ards, Plank, Siding, Sbiagles, w ilj he pur- chased by , • BEEBE, MUNN, & RIACK. May 2d, . . 5o7tf Alsn CODFiSH, by fou iplfttal or olhefivise. ' \ » . ' ” Ulmca, Sept. 26th, i«27, '528lf 41 ' J t k u m 4 NRW TW O STORY HOUSE. In- ‘quire of A' UEEBE. P F « P .Get. 1, 1827. Ai B 629tf. , r 4 ^ exekent ■: ^;Rhaca,;Oci; 2 # 1827- .• ' ■k F I L L A m L O T S , , K PLAIDS A . . , . , - F O f S A L E • > • 4 T HAZARO’Si-opposite,the Eagte \\ * ' Tavein, a few'ffrst rate e e m m t e ifrsixm s. Ji-.- . I ■ J Sicily Mill italilpVViocs!', Fancy and Siapk P r y 0oo(k, G R O C E t ® , H A R D W A R E ^ All of Which \Vili b e ,|d i d 4 the iasli prices. ‘ ‘ lihaca, Bept, 26fo, I827. ‘ ■ €A S M l a A l D for w h e a t hnd TIMOTHY ■ J r s E E D i b y - BEEBE, MUNN;, & m c K .- , , jih a c a Anghst 22di 1,827. A23tf •jNu..)|.r •The I Ire of foe first qualifiet, having mtedy all been bought of dfoainporteh . Tb y IS CbSlI i y s S n y s o n Skin, amt young Hyson Teas- ; \ ■ St G tei^irndn^R ift BfolaMies-. lependOfthm irlfcleSnnnddl -Afeo^a/gobatesofforenl^:; , , a r m U x y y M 4 i d n d 'B ^ l k m M r e y ~ Coomirting many new audi approi^^^ terns, together wAfoa ^ Iron, and fifieOttbt^twesity sT o m s , vriii enable him to sell ae therp as foiy

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