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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, May 28, 1853, Image 1

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I tht> nut t!te w h'il~~ a pardon.&hould be grantoo S'earoel~d ba ,spaa.ldbg, when a\ member O!ICUp!9d and m that ~pmt- whtel! time.s ltJ pQarlld to de- • 0 glowmg ~Me, the $~1!llmd, the llllll.Val~aup _ =1=' ie!ii<iils~f.u1oesof the colome•, ( TERMS $2 A \'\\\\\~!- b1etliren m the streets ? $! 60 Jill Coltcord, and the conflagra- .,~=~~==-'===1i'=::::: ::·~:::S:~= t.:::,:~~~~~t~!!by the vandaltorchof:the , N. Y., SATU~DAY MORNING, niAY 28, 185a. enwu:n:fleii~-Slfort~!ap:!~~;re:h~ - - ----=--=----=- - ' -~~---- ... ·-•z=T\\\=.. With Whom were grappfwg and con m ~sc<>ll.t~, they enf;enod the \orkings of 149 mmgmc.t10n I arly m n11sfvr uno 1 aJ 1 a u,-=:;; lcr e It 1 n l r y un;; nnd the ho'rlesA he wn' louvmg bchmil muded by axp1esst!lg \ bope that not a mem the f'am1lles in place, o:tr~ring no other day, combustibles of tho dncst mutcnal\ 1 1 1 ••l ods .,t 1 ll , 1 u 1 \ th 1 c 1 1 cl \In~\ a' The paron to shed copwus tcm s from the o; cr bel' there wou1d saennee the greM; )Ilterests of fu:!t sefi foot thanxillliig tho women of their JOW~ls, IOlOIOor,cjrqu.mst:uujes, WorJl q;~:oupht from wherover they cuuld he Hardwick llo cuu 1 J ;urdly rcvo _,,Ju • >modf llo;vm,:; ecnsm,l> 1es ;f n!\!ul'o un I the chtlJ the country by grautmg 1 mpnruty to the llUh- are lll,I! 0 Y things io bo tho chtlilren of the!.rto)'s anllgcwguws found, and }!Cil,POd !U!On tho groUI!d Vi hero to h 1 s fut 0, or Lc pcr,uaded Ill t 11 rry until h<'l roll wept from sympathy and from all mdcfna tile and destrmmve agrncv of treason Sev- tlement of a country, mhabrtants lit:~ding them thus harm had bud thclr jrunken frolic After I ShoulJ b.qomo 1Colcd from h>• fu.tit;UO Men ble sensation of evtl, wlitch they oould era! speakers expressed Binillitr Mp;ti!Uents, W$S when our put themselves under s.o littlo~c8tra1nt, a poat, ten ,feet m hmgb.t, was erected m ley und clotlnng howevor wore so much. nccil comprehend Yot there w!le a relief m thoselwitl:l tqual warmth' &nd th9 unfoi:tuna'te m!l>n the Piymeuth '\\\' 1 •'-'''' even the women conducted themselves central part of this ,ground Noxt, ei! that ho consented to stop Tl. w~cK l otil tc1JXS, and tho sanctifying efficacy of ceased io tndu1ge a hope For hU.~1t he Sllldom peon away mth an e1frontQty wht~'tl woulil hp.vo exctted h~~/;;~'(j:t~~~J;;h~;:;;·v;sprilinters, three or four tneb.es lo11g now, h~ had ne>cr !ward any !Jung from culmcd tho tumults of tho brcust, and dreaded not death' but m the yeal'flmji of Ol' poplll.ous city In thoY'were~ resontment of dil!erent and moro OlVll1zeil ilC1o~·at£!d from a ruco log, and de \\ r1ght anJ :'\ow ton, and he was greatly ro soothmg balm into tho wounded fooling nn.ture hte henri trembled for his WlfeiUld but little aware The greater degre ltneilt:a. Sovern~of the Indians went into the doli~#,;'}j'~esl:·P'Qi~ted a ntonml formed wh1tc b1rch JOloed to lwnr ofth 01 r sufo return and of thCir which was not of earth children, and col!Cern for them clouded hllt :;~:o~, ~?::r!h::::~:~; :~a::~ of John Newton, Qne ()f whom wa1ked • combus!'!?l~s firet ent10ncd, were wctraro till tho pruscnt tulJO The 1 r JOY at The children were put to ;rest The father rna~ dfeadtures mth melaneholy ,... up to hiS Wife, with an ml:ention of rO,!>Oing wero:d~e•riatcb>ed a\1.]1~~-~flie_!~pEKl- m concel(l!PD rmgs, tigJJOIIS to each meeting each other wn• romprocal, an<i tho k d h _,.. • I 1 not weep-he bent not Lis head, tothoprodnctionsofthe;soll;the incremency h f\\ 'd '·l N tb tQ~})tQr; .,,...~'d b •sse t em ..... ectlOnnteyas Iuyamilfug biltatooderectanilpaleh•monumen•-• -~~ , \\ er o Wll' go• nee,.,- ace o cmg WI~IIDJ!j tWo .e.,. m ept , mmencmg at tho account of Ius m~rnculous escape from a hor. 1 b f th - \\\ ~~- of tJW weather, the unsulutn.ry euehis of a tt th h'\' h bcl'o 1 1v 1 de d din d 8 um or, uncon~mous 0 0 ble, wliile hie thoughts, 6\\tra.ct•d ~rom ... & d .,._ ~n t\' pu WI so c v1Ce an ornament s e gave an cxten g a ro an a half each riblo death, ovcrwbolmmgly afi'oc><n.,.. Tho nbout to sus•-m-embraced \''- A.,. \ '· .,. oh•n\\' of climate, llll auv'9tl \\'' ue savage tl h d •·· d h' h d .i.;~iuJ1;im•e, A ...., ;~.... • '· b '1i q \\ -WI) th\\\\ d hi ~h '-'\ ti ~ o- 1e savage a s ovoan preCipl ... te 1m ea • 'i' quantity u1. ,..., IrCu ark WllS pro applause of t11o lovely obJect who was the ••llflj <l~sc,onaolal~e fl • ,._ h ~ ..... aroun m, w~e n·n \\\ ~ly, and state of the aborigine!, al'<l all t~> lie ttilten mto long upon the fiQCr. INothmg daunted, and \ti•md<Jd women and!~~~:;~~,}:~~~~~~~;~ green woo kindled, and then, canso of savmg boo, roao.unded from ev~ry b ~~ho ahglUJ!d 'tori!''\. uhpt I§ musket, with that God, who is the protector of the tronmdera.tlOU, and aJ1 tO bo noticed llS SO ot b 'Willi t 'l. U b .,_, them 10. their • t t .._ b 'J e S a OIJ O lUg ' mdow and the monhab , d tin at th n n emg ng o ,..e overpow~ore y a wo- , m or u ~~~ suspenco, t c1 tongue From his fnCDd$ m Bamard be learn· royal 11 nny A8 he pul'SUed his A h -- r ny Wfllghts prepon era ~gam 0 ew man, he \ptcked himself up,' and rusbmg to mutr~<JrOll$ expedition, On!Ile hours cfore they gave any ed all that he destred m regard tn that had bee)l ohsourllll, b.ri>ke 11 t 0 vote Will abou' io 1M! ~.ihe inhabttan~! tlmdin all tb d .t! t wards her, made an attempt to ~ever the eon boJ!idll~ a>nmerry-making One the prisoncx which of them rhcy acqumntcd h1 m wttl! tho fact that 1 t elouds, and on turnmg take tread Of feet was heard, Blld Mr. Ef. an~~=tr:ct tha~ multl~:~o~s:~~~::u a, artiCle from her neck With his th£Jir:cllc!W:. old squn.w, was selected washer firm resoho to awn.t ht~ return from the lamp shone throJtgh h'a prommllll'i member of the ICOillloil, pes>til•mc'e, .II ~,..~. Thts m such barb:mous hands, was watch the prisoners The \n·'''\\' \' imagine than de ribo, what ~ptmty, ero she exchange<] a smgle for a tho open door m his wife stood to .catch JS appe!IJ'anee He dEmirjd the Presi- by an unheard of uud 11nrelcnting too fl'Ightflll. an mstrument to parry wtth less difficult to keep them tb(l 'fe•a1iptg~.of. the were during th1s =tr•monml state, 01 hve an 1 dte tn the lone- tho last ocho of his footsteps The light to ferben.r a moment, 1ibd l!acring ro- l an s. e gave o ca a wrenc an scat er \' ' lineas of cchl,aPy SomcthmiJ: hu learned boaven and of faithfullo~n ho <:,Jt were overe reA ' !B e eonnuu in ...,. n. f<Jothold was obtmned, settlements were m d h th b ds h d t \1Cu~o ~,,.,,..u hand and foot and h~~:!;:~r:.~~~~:t of which WRB nn hour c db th addrc ed th ~-. 4.. c;reased, population J:ollcd back upon distant ed th b 0 d h t th fi Tb I wii~!Jcs. and p1eces of e1m bark munner m whJCh tnne b C ' ·~ half of tl10 p..:soner Tb \OI>denn: 1 eil d em r a ~as upon o oor a n a out uptnm Clark surnowhat connected ted to cheer hlm on hts way \ e ~· reg10n~the forest was pro$tro.ted, • ~n VIlla- dtan p1eked them up very dcl'i!Jemtcly, ani! fur bovorage nrr1veil, the slowly Mit pass~d bow- WJth thts narrative tic left tho pursmt {) d1ately recogmzoo the vollle of the litr!IUJ!:lll' ges and C1tles sprung up as by th<;! hnnd of retired Without ofr'cnng nuy further molestn swo.rl:hv r\'muo began to ghsten, evct', 1ll'l'lvcd when there was no h Ind n tho everung of tho follewmg dn.y llB he who uvertook him m the enehantment, till our coumry hns bebome the t Th b h d h 1 th 1 .:n~ti~iir{ation, the cheer they wc1e m ll.Jt- lqnl!\r any unccrtnmty a1lont It The ;ca 1 11 , t 0 mns soon uftcr tl 0 scoul>rJg p<trty 00 approached Boston, he f..U m w1th h 1 m speak of him•e'\' but l Ion OY. e ave t erose ~cs WI s1mi nr \' •· foro spoken of urrncJ at the encampment of of tl A A tl \ \' most prosperous and the happiest of a.n~ otb mildness at many othm: places but aftm a A large firu thongh hrs hc:'l.rt would bent nt thil thought the m:tm lody ar. 1 for that rc:t.!'on W!IS sbg lfl mcrwan rmy IOU pa~uding m the knew not whnt 1t was nor er nat10n of the globe • while encouraged 'pDrhaps hy tho dmly ad la; ge, lc\cl -plat of that anv should anifcr so cruelly 1s not p 01 m'l.tlzed n 3 ,_ «>War 1 Th 1 • however, WRB v cmity, t!Jld his answors not P 11 0vmg s~1asfac Tho spe!drer drew a In taking a retrospect of thcso th1~s many d!tioos to theft numbers they were actuated .,, hl)]sh and underbru•l haps altogether <lcvmd of pnrt!ahty m 1 ~go.rd U11Just, f. r h , 1 lw c ntmueJ the I ursmt the be was c:tptured and taken before the treason that r.esulta a snbJect might bo selcetcd npon rluch to by a more cruel Impulse and put no restramt cm·<.·u'\'n\\-\ to ho cclchratud- to who shall be excused It 1 s harl after popcr offie\rs He did not disgmsc hte m 1 l l t d t tt t contest woull ha\u Icc n \ doubtful one, and tentwn\ b t ~ • h d f6Hlld a tn e ca cu a e o causo e eye o npon their can duct They Sclzrrl nn mfwt ho.nng exmtod an mterest m fuvor of any one tl>e m\ ae c or • h~ r on I\ mcntallc ., u mn.ue ;mown IS et.rmmatmn :redden, tho tci.U to flow the ear tot gie and tl h b d d 1 1 J as JO< nJ a• tl e t.gcr s to 1 e> under the ncccsmty of statmg thut t1 1 at of Jommg tho !OJ?.! army Ho was accor ne~ mg upon ItS mot or s osom an lt\ 10 \ t t 1 le cxr atl II r t We k II .. ken hI lD!: dm~J. sent up t tl t d l d the heart to palp1ta.te, with all whose feclm\'!;S t b t 1 h k ,_ 1 whcJ(lgl \:'LI!HJ\\um!! nr an! theIr uam• mohvidu,•l ts sm!!:l 6 d out by ..,\to to •ufficr\ '\ \ m 0 le coun ryan o ged 1 s 1 ams ou a;:;nmst t tO c 1mney noc.eo ~ \ '\ ~ v \\ ~ '\ d tl l l 1 ' I 1 1 \ \~-· 1 r:. a fit st\\ 4 to be operated upon and 1. 1 d 1 1 1 d 110 • 110 c grco. Y\' \ ' t 1 \I m 6 an• c ,er 1 Ll Ill one of the western towns to \W\It ~•v w' • m•n In the he•\ n p~esence cf b s =re on·' 'ou r )v• tt, :t ~ :tiJOn to net 01 lliZtn~ Cctt l t S not oubterJ that \ w b ~ \ ~u' 1 \'\ ~ u • - nalnrpcnr n c 'nl h<tHn<:: had a hors pre- trml Tho pl•ce -' h t 1 whose sympathres are lD a fit etato to o ufi'ee, h ld t tl I f: fl k II , m !•~ to thn·t vf lt tho £ dm 0 ~s ofthoso wl10 may we•d th1 s 11 ·- - w was >umoat t IX Y nu os c > reo s r1ppm-; 10 ~c t I' rom w ' • •u ~ • \ \ t l I 1 I ~ t to·' h f b t.r.<i by the suffcrmgs of ethers t t d fi f ·n c um J 1 11 \ 11 00 \\ 8 ar \ upcn IS r&m IS own homo nnu ltS whatever of 1n1~er··l h h before hts heare ha•l ceased to I\!Ol nfc arr h r L lVC ale exm c m lVOr 0 any one m par Journey to II r l H<:k I! uc wa~ I CJUlCCd est transpire-' w 0 ~- .. '~ l th b h Then..&\'-~ vastly more trag:teal t ant e d t1 \-] 1 ll h h 1 c1culm >t I~ Ha,kcll He 1t wM tl,ot these \' o ~\'v ;mown roug t e .._ d c he u azm~ tore 1 to n t ut apj'P.ne n 1 when he was.r \ cd tr r 1 conunmncnt un l c!tffi rent cormmtt•cs of COrt'CblJOttdcuc,a, ~no wh.ch .l::.~.s b•en selected, will ~e passe tbo 1 ~ w•v and m• '• n!'I •n•rs of 'n \\ r \' t 1 h \' ru1 1 c' n Jn• arkr Jus naked bvl!y sh< uld be u • '\•· ,,~.~,, ,, \ ' 1us 1 ' ag-~m wh n ], n1 ' Pd 1 h s £ rmcr re Hlc::~ e true cltaruct r f •· 1 - over w g vo pla~.\ tu It nnrra,+Jv' ,he i..,m.::ent• lchn Ncwtcn an l l'rmce If:l'l o 1 '''ten rr~l ' .:S[ n tlJrust r, !I of •pltu.~rs und l•c slwull be t>lc ·~ e o w.<C Jltlsonor was soon 1 t t i 1 f 111 B trn:tr l 1t W;1> on y ' f< -otuste, a Juy not cJl Tho p 10 y tbo ·' b\-·' b t -of whteh took plil. e ' urmg ne 8 TUg\ es 0 b::td 1 ml tln-r 1 thcmsch-es m , nd c< ,f l I 1 y ' 1 y < s 1 >p< >n'crl and maJ f1 t to th(> topmc < ~t, ell tfy ' nnuou \'~u; ones Y >< n \>6 od no_j ref. rrod • rl c ViOrlh 11:\llllllf Hl c I r t1 to tho CC>t~qy lJC prisoner the nflbc~ln<>' Clrcumstnno•• ~he Revolatian At uw ~ n w e kind sufficwnt to satisfy tlielr ra~c they sn01p nnd sn!,Ul nn o, the po.t wh oh bas been men !toned •Imt o '\ ~ h \>aB~s of tho .A_t,. ., ·' 1 d b expencnced whw l c h dd tuc JOY of LlB ho 1 ad loft hm fami'J and tho to, tbe population upon t o c collected what booty and wlutt pri,uncrs they other, then With \1lu wns se oo•e to e burned to death by a slow d !antic and for some distance ack(, was h d d 1 \t th 1 kick and leap and wb1rl fi'o Ho 1t was that was chosen after he heart 8 elight fhc J 0 Y was xeCip.rocal ~ mg a man With death who u , nn \\ o P uco Surhs sobs tear' an 1 a total n.bsonce of re- ~f h1 a •on c -deuce that hWc was to be fear~.: from n f h d \\ h backstdcs 'With one fo ot should remmn m such n. sttuation a long und ~ v \ v s wnce m t1 f • woo t e prtsoners JUSt men hone r1p; t serve m ro pcct lo the feelings by \Vhieh they be his duty ll -~ 118 p,irc>d savages, ho\Vever different It was fron.l oes 0 and Newton, had famllws which, w 1 tb the of forty five lookmg behm l tod10as hnur, W1tl10ut I!JlY thmg further bemg a u' 'e<3'1lo:ta<lte;ro1'th'e aimpl[e hcnrted cou-q- e different dcscr!ption More remote, .ani!. ln remallung portion of the popnlntion left thc 1 r satnckrnnewi:th every feature dts done, to soo the firo applied to tho outwar l wcr~ act;mte 1 wcro for 80010 tnne tho oni;y m the breast of the P laces where tho settlement had blrt .JUSt rE'st of thetr fonts was a f t1 b t bl b blazi J mar 8 0 this ecstu Y They flew mto possessiOns and returned to the places from rmg o IC com us ' es y ng tm c es other\ arJIS und >t was n lung time l>efore a and he was pardoned dls~l$tl;Wi.i1;vmoe As bw word had i!i•11'tililly.'.ke.pt. tbeJ consentc<T to consider pri:sotiet\on p!trole ' and permitted to return to h1s fam1ly oommenced, the lnd1ans lurkod mambas.) wbenoo they cm 1 r,rated Tlus wae dmc nppronchmg him by slowdegrcestll!It should 1 rtl d d f tl Wh t sae..'iied by the ove~•hruiowmg forest, und by t r 1 a b down Jammmg ae::tmst wmp 1 t f dl r. ld SIDg 0 wo I roccc e rom wm en u 1 .-.,ore tn nccvun o t >C scu-cJty occnS~one y ., ,. lnm m Jths rwu 1 y of sL tclanco was rc:stored winch wus not effected ~!fl stamps and lu a '\ he m \neiliatc vtcmtty h 0 <lep~· '\t 1 ~\ of the ~:n '\\\ tl ., f> om ~nrh -'-'-\''-- prnncm~ e~rnm~ I n~ -'II\ l was o xoso vo o u and of sn>no-es of the recent ha.' '' ..twn Tho t.amahuwK and ,_, I 1 l t ' I \ ' 1 l I l fnl t Ill so~cr I mcm c uo.l cuvrts bad been made As th<l vote was reported, the acquitted, n<td lntherto, m t!.c prospects of death, j-1'lJati:ah1ed h1msclf, gave vent to D!S faelings, hofc:. <>\1 -,,- 1st ttc'l l\ lcJ, \lt• I> yt t:. r t ro l t<tt c •u tell tlat T now c¥1u1l sealpm 6 kntfc war'-' mstrrunents of IC 1 ..stunt I no f n 1 r v 1u v: t., ~('lot'~\C ht.: 1 tn o. lo\':l y i 1 1 11 t 11 1 y ... ~ $.0 rr c l t ') J l(\ 1 --n , t ... 1 1 .1. ·'- d , t ~ ~ t I I ' t) tl f r l 1 I t l •VI h C! tn \ ~ J 1 f. d t..'1- lcinu Cill 'UJ.\\~a , an:.t mtny ttc.,..c nn v ~ .. ms t\t~CJsau E cvcd 11 ~1 ::t 1 v tl 0 r.,.. nc f 1 '1 rnct f r. Jl 1 t' Itt R t..:c 1~ tu h t 11 1t-.1 l..t l... t fl f I t \ ' p ng or wal;mg has 1.» I o ¥ C t: 1 Wdtpv-s G \Milj;e \\!'. !!fO <;ho V' •J1 , •a j t ] 1 1 t cnmr\x t! n l Il \V~UI! be nlc ''t thone-l.t ]v'y !0 'I t ! IW ._ (:1\::1 tt-., nt tnc +1m .... now E'~C~ ~ : ~ 1 n.nl cr 1 fvrt 1 1 th l ,} ~t 1 ,....rre tn r c:-~ 1- m f'\\J:n ou-p n 1~ 0. 1t n 1- t' t ~ 'j)'iuised wept like a child-th\n tu·mng to thank h1s dclivercr, h'is eyes fell upop th.; pale blO!Jd!AsS f~>aturos of h1s w1fe, who unnot1ced m tl e morn h11d ghded mto court and was atand1ng behind ho woo dump huu With hor nfant m l1er afms Ali she or the prJif)OJler,! h!tstenod to meet him t~a ehud fell from h&- Cf.. 1 1 i tl I} T' Vl $ a..t p; :. _r; ';'- t 1 lffi (!( rt 1D p '!: .r '!\' T l f t; q fa 1 1 1 t -.,. a 'I'\) )c~ U './ O ... ]£!l\'J 1 l l.t t 1 whero It W:l.o • ttl l at r.TI bu• t \~ nh~; l el~\'\ ·eu \YJdt lt ridl ~. L\ 0 ~ f 1 d I\ u > < rr 1~:1Je < 1ted Lla,nard u fertl!o town ul.o .. ~ t~ nty rm~lctil cheek~ 0 ,ul and re~ruc 1 WHh thr !Jlc•s me \ r• cmousm~ I \\ en eve y thmg wu r.~ J to , rc m1les frcm Connec•ICut TI'i'Or an 1s u •t d up l tmts of the rose, her l>ps we 0 rul y teeth of were tollllg a ul \\ 1 1 tho .ork 01 Cl ue.cy n.nd tuc Hry > xt n mrn on the hmght of land between two cohtnbuta 1 tne purest ivNy neck anJ bost m unnvallccl of all wetc ~XCI ted, to woulol have scaled hiS fate an angd am vee! r1ns, \Vhtte and Oueechy nvara, contamed m pomt 01 benuty and all that J dongod to <uch \'scrceclnng uncll tim, <'l!sprn cd JOV to thg affi!Ctcd captrvcs- :ps,Um as U3ual broko embrace and ovcrpower.ed With JOY, she arink ~ next mghl on lcaomg lus msenmble attho foot of her husband o:b3ut fc.rty fam1l c~ Clmgrantsfrom II~rdwiCk her ns han 1~ 0 mc as t' ou~h ell g•cl< 1 1 y the tlmt he h nvl1 N nf \n nn cl sbc m1.,ht tJ\uly bo <'ailed for thro :a.:-.d the ~ 1 :1.t -r \1;1 1n ~~ 5~h G. u n 1 or ~n \n~ 1 3 \'h wn. :1l 1 u 1 t 1 1 tT 1 n.t 1 1 'y n ) e1 n t~1 s 10n t 1r oat u mzm~ dcnfr tha~.~ !9J\lt<>rro•e<l. lnm tl,at th .ro was On tho 4t!' ol' July, 1n the folloWl'lg; .r, mattilr Witl1 tho 'key, and that, the celomes decla:red thems~lves free tnd in- lock tbo door bo would t1e 1f with a dependent and then the hero of our tale, They wr ~ _ 1 1 >~ il d c tel(lnmn~ r.s aay \l c mt)lt\ th l r P tc V 1 \ 1, l tl>r r ,, , r 1 j1\om :1 to !Ju ml 101 d ;ma m•erccptcd Tho .. u tho ~ :1.te w~ en wnq •n~;p and e~ r ha\ the w!ldernes; ., 1 w 1 1 otter ted IO' dcr I It tl a thn 1 ~ unP~ 1< H 1 an cl hc1'0 ref<'rr~d to \t ts r.otlnng more tho,outsido ' At-the J>amo tnne !Je comprcbeniling his duty to bm country been notod for cue herlth<iod tmd c:nterpnsc a City 1\.'lD>IIOn 'lan \ron\] 01 un, d c >UI all tl \r<oht \ \1 n~l nor, ss tl an tbo (.,r .:lau;;l ter of the crqd oftts mhabttnn•s When they sottle<i m the try habitatiOn lhsk ], w:ll h 'I nul stl atght ~ r ob>·iotJs P1 y c tid not Julll m 1 tr Clw l who com mantled tins hand 0f s::nage br 1 a not to think of and taking up arms m her fa~ rose to t~ vory fleet lwrse and ra:nk of Cllpfu11n 1 and a®lstad 1Jt gamlrig tl9YC1'- place th y went pr pared to endure l'lnrdqh1p por!ly and thgt fled a , 1 eeJ 1 bu It. le to verc C\C'lpdlcil to t u n I hurt t.'ls Th1a lovely crcnhn e ( VJr she \a• and of cou-;~ had st&ut hearts and robust fit hnn to snmo m n <::cn,.te r tu ot;:;nal w l \Y c nld m' ma1 e IJo, y m more • nccs th:m one and m1ght be mtill<'\ :1! <l~l/tChblll! As he walked aJ batj;lea T The good old man ltveff to a green old age, andlla'II: been perm1tted to seo hia ehli!lttllcand i><cxt mtll'mng th~ prtson do01) was_ot,en~.l his .children s chilttren trendmg: ln hill fOOt- eonstJ.:tutions Tney had res du~ a IMne:ri! bUJi; n ~uort tunc when >•GJot!stvn, an adjacent flour hmg town upon Wh1te l'!ver, was hurned by th\ Ind1uns, soveral of 1te mhab1tants massacrod and numbers moro capt1vamd Th1s oper 1ted as n warnmg to tl c mhab1ta.nts of tho former place n,.'ld many a timo m th£\ som'Prc shades of twilight dm they nnagwc thoy beheld the- obJects of thmr dtead, erouehmg bestde the fences and lurkmg hehmd the treos Rumors like these 'wwevcr bemg propagated so of- ten mthout foundatiOn t 1\egaa to be doubted whether thc-u was over any foundation for himself as tho eor.:-om!tndc, &faa urmy m the cf I ' km~ mJ h I>J:u ,., 1 I cl • > JY wsc\ o jltcc • aluo upon day of peril were eonp.!lcd t I c ' c 1~oru dd!cuto tmc'ure of tho ~kin) bad but t>n enoormg he found tho pnsonw as steps to hpnor and n,rosperity ' A scpara, 1 on of the hra n was like a scpa to tho shouts •f o hers - ,n h a bcfw e tlw urea lful scntcnco w:ts pro ratwn of the band from the IJ< dy or hke tear I \':mll)tlQnc~ lir,~·b*a!lda 0uaccd fu l,, many ~ot ntcn~nce nntl noble n1g and tortnl'Ing u person upon the wheol- rc, she beheld sometlung wluch, had left h1m, a wmd tiurmg tho mgh:t: hnv-mg difi'orcnoos be- open tllu door Tho honest hp:t;'i;E'd ~ ii' ®i!U' SAQ Will find Ymi out. It was lamented by -every bo<ly and most of nr.J whatc\\~r uppearcd ai ,,.,, a. .:na;:;c, e:s:e1tcJ bcr bCiac>cohlllC their acquamtnnees wonlti hllVC parted w1th tr. o t' en fLc s, anJ the .r.s tb .. nt w h n the sentence w;m !lnd the parent h1mself m the hnnda of law Dr Donne, afterwtrrus the oelcbra!od.Dean wcro d!Bposed to ad•o ful author1ty and eould not bo temnted to f St p l h h k P b \ o an s w en e too possessiOn;\\ t e the whole of thoJr possco&H ns to h \e h:tillt ·B:l'tl:to:c fn h.kcr< \\ ould s'J 11':lc ];ut ohc \\as m-t 1 c t'-\luamted Wlt11 otherw1se f!nppy, m compnrtson to th s tho nud•t of them, ut.c!iy r rt •oon onou;;h to l'rcnnt1t• Tintmn hrcak tho ol;hgatwns of that authonty, hold- first t 1 v 1 ng to wl'\lch he was muueteil, tfalked of t 1 osc who did so wcro mg as ho did tnc mmwn wh1ch h1s bible the church where he was to 1011, would 1t have been tf tho tommn. lrc>gtt~tl~c~s whc<•t!Jbr tbcy sbuilld 01 cr ILDJ On Lcr arr val at the place had prostrated them nnd drenched tragedy was to bo actod, she sordid mtercst anu tho fcm' of tau;;l1t h1m that ho who breaks the smallest j>ill!Icir,lte'·· ~t;: 1l:lppep:~:jl that as he saunt!ll1eJl property tl:ern were ~ome of gcn of order IS gmlty of a vwlat1ou of prmo>· J 1 ggmg a gra~ll~ aWl feelings, who mamtumed theitalleg1· plo wmc'h tends to subvert the whole moment to obs.l!fV{f,!W/ em wltb tbCir !!;Ore To SURtam themselves anu tumult Legan to Clt at the feet of her father, required all tho mscnSibtllty of u stmc all tho tdJos•~- One mcml cr after an plead and entreated for philosophy of n Socrates and nil the fur 1tude acme of h1s delight, and ger ' as sho cn.ilod iflnil'l\r•nm mtegr1ty ofprmmplo and pUl'lty Qf then thanked the keeper for the waa at wilrk, hs Of tho latter Class was a. poor he had shown him, and as 1o had .gtren m some wa-y or otll- of a Clmstmn nn.tiH·n remams stntwnary, thrur to her fnthcr and westorn part of MassachllSetts, portumties of escape, Which he conld :npt • Wlitie ha was m the hub1t of attending all the smontiously us0, ho besought him for a headless nail them Ji or the eako of a little sport and to \ee how far tne people could he 1m posed upon Job Stmson, a yunng man full of all sorts of prankB hko an Judinn and takmg ndvnnt:tgo Qf the dUBk of tho o>en1ng rushed mto tho mills~ of\' group of person~ eonversmg hy tho :road RJde, shnek<jjl. loudly m a s~ndian whoop and sklpped nwl\y-Iike a mmble fuwn Ail now conSidered the aa~ges nmonget them m good earnest Thf! akrm extended to eve :ry family 1il' a twmkling and not an eye was closed to sleep that mght Tho next day men, women and children-kits caliS, multi tade~ of the canma specws and Qther fou• footed awmals resorted and were taken to nn ftnunenc'l at the south part of the town, where a. 1il•'ek bo 'lae, surrounded by an mtrencb ment, pu. ksts &c had been erected, and nut themselveS- f' a ~roper s1tuat1on for defence Here they con~~:nt. ed for a numbe~ of days wr.atmg for an a• ta,•k by. the foe,. 'fut no foe p?esented hllll&~lf rs5n qon was «Japghing Ill ins sleeve\ all this t'.mc ea\' er, but ~omewl'!at fearful to J>ave 1t known h~ w much they bad been tmposed upon At len,rth, cqnstderwg the hoax too good to be enJOYed by h1msclf alone as .cousm T1m would exprt.'SS himsolt, The lndmns W1th thmr hooty and thc1r In a alwrt tJmo take me, titko pr1soners del !lrtcd, followmg the course of a wholo wero J rostmto, su for bttt all ~o;,;\li<;; small stream ut that time w1tbout a name nrlofl•.,.,,w;<olwclten~ 10 thetr filth- that grew out of tbo oppros$1ons and usurpa· Sien to go into the harvos~ :iieid liy !he .tenqJle, and wlucli (ltm· of England. bieaitfor his snfi'e1'mg some dreadful deed bad but now called Locust Creek to w h01 c I~ d1s wa• u sort of bodlllg st1ll At tho same time that he did not attempt quest was granted~the leath~ Talnng up the slnlll, h~ to J ust1fy tho measures of the Parliament, he bound on h~ chalns wcr.e severed, the gfa ve dtgger h> whom lt charges 1tself mto \-\lute nvcr Here they Is consulorcd a prcludo croseed and JOined a comp:111y of their com soJ:u4tJ:iing t.A,.,.ll,T, Even the sober Indmn rades amountmg to abo11t thtrty,~w1tn about to nod, they nodded endeavored 10 hm plam rushc way, to the months ofhar.vest, and for ',l'he man mstant1y satd f.hat ;lie them; and deprecated the active measures pr1soner went out daily to labor and !Ptew yery well-that 1 t .belonged to a maa he let •be eat ont of the bag ' I shall not m th1s sho>t h1story, blach:en the t '1 fame of the poor- fellow so much as to stu ~ a..: tht11 did to punish him for hts llllStlmed thQ\l,t r1ca1i Suffice 1t to say that thoy diil >not hang nor drown hun, but they drenehed bun most wofully w1th s.wmnnmg pruls of water After recmvmg siich a fr1ght not unlike that which a skillful general to try tho cour agl' p£ his army, an<l mme them to the in.ci dentll or war, at dxeary mtdmghil sometimes 'ilurpriwl tbem mth, by ordermg a false alarm -the people of .J3nsnard, when the deceptwn was made known returned to theu respective homes w1th better courag<> than ns though they bad never been frightened U wti.s not long howcwer, before they had an oppo:ctamty to try thmr ccu~a,e to~ a prop- er canso Jo5eph Chan bctlam and hts oOD wh1le at work m th01r cornfi\ld ~spted two persons m the wooi!s w 1 11ch they ~oou dldcOV ered to be Indians They se1zd ,nctr musket• whioh they always kept nom' at t and, Lta.tcn ed to- their little log_ domicil, und pu~ them solves m a. WP;.Y of defonce They had JU~t an:ange<!. ~atters in such a way aa to giVe th~ a ~reception, whlln, almo-st to theu: regret, th~ea.w them pass without so much as takmg'll. ~1deway glance at the1r house ~ From thJS t)Ule the aav,ge$ eougbt ~li more to I)(!Dceal tbeii!;Salves Aeco:n>,i!fl;lUJ)q by numer • \' d~en pr1soners takcp at Royalton .E rom IULI-a••lef'P 1 thts place tbcy d!l'ected their cvurse for C:1Da T}lo ;.l)fiJlOncr~ IIUIJKOU. at each other- the eolonies as a subverswn of all order, turned at mght tO be locked up m hts cell. wlio ~ lidustomed to excess ln the uae .,r mtroducbon of anarchy and eonfUBJon One evenmg the keepel\ wa1ted m vam liquor, and who one ntght havmg been gujl- <h, followmg fur some diStance the nver last mentiOned They encamped the first rught at Stock- bridge, at the angle of a high steep, upper bank, separating a small mtenul from the up lunol 'I hto place was •lwltcreJ on two s1des by tile bleep Lnuk overhung w1th thick spru ccs hemlocks, and C:tna ia bahams, With the lnnb~ th1ckly mterwoven and entwmed With each other ln front anJ upon the other s1d~. was n. thiCket of mapl~s and !Jeccbcs, so tlnck ns to conceal the place, and therefore render It secure from any enemy that nught Il!l'<C-1-'camu pusscl them I he mght though warm {lcnJ sultFj dark ami gloomy, and to adtl to 1is tell ors, a acou. of nd1an8 arrned ahout midm, ut from the mouth of L.ecust creek, Lrmgm\ mivrnm lion thut a company of whi.J;es Ul ucr Uw command of Captam Clark was ur on tbctr ll\\)l!J track aud would be likely w reach that place hv snnnsc. Tins was a terror to tho lnd1~ns !J~c~use tllCy d1d not like to 11ok an cucuuntcr w 1 th Cl~Uk, and to tho whites JJccau:;e 1f sncft sho!l>J cO tho event they \ou!J ccrt L wy uc murderbd At lcngi.h the Wtshod for dawn am'l'ed and, anxwus to get out of the reach of Clark, they commenced the.r march aa soon as poss1blo They sta,rt'ed rn a singlo lile w1th tho pr1son era, to prevent a,n e&capa. between two dt Vl&- wne of the Indmns As tliere wero no roads at thnt time m the direction tbey WQrO travel lmg th\Y were compelled to clamber • over logs, climb rugged prcC!p!ces, travel through swamps und moraHses, and wudo through cr~eks and IJVers From the roughness of the way the pnsonets fromnotbcm~accustomod to such travelling str1pp~d their clothes from thou bod cs, tore the1r shoes from thmr fcot und before thoy nad reached tho northern was a mmple hearted man, bnt emment his return. The sun set-twilight set ty ofhfs usual mtemperance, had been fo\U'.Iil integrity and lovo of truth, so m~qh then darktl~d yet• he eame not. Bo dead m bis'hed 1n the mornmg. Dr. Do!lll!t 1n hts own nmgh borhood h1s word was wmted until a late hour in the evonufg, and anked; •• ~ad hi:! n mfe 'I The all!Jl!l'tp ~ilisl;a~!CCJ>,; much better conmilercd as good ns o. bond , therefore, then retired to sleep assured and m the affimnatlva; \What eharatltet American pnson while h1s arguments ngmnst tbe reS!l!ltanco of that his charge had fled The next morrung does she bear 1\ The se:lton sa!d 11 very s~iiu~;gllls th~>t eoparutod us the Colol;lles were not pel'Imttcd to wmgh a on awakenmg, he found the pt1soner good ond, only she wrur rellected upon for ~en:tn;Lti•,in. w 1 th him tho thoughts foat~r m tho seale of public opm10n, h1s un- w1th his head p1llowed upon the pnson marrymg 1 m,mediatcl.)' after the ~(lath of' her ~a.li.Ae].d, were always urpermot~t doubted honesty of heart ~xempted htm f10m whero ho had sunk down f10m fat~gue husband\ This was enough for the doctor, igu 1 !sbtedto be releasod The llllago tho hatred whiCh tho tones' • as they were rmg the day and mght tho nuserabla man wlio, upQn the pretence of v1 s 1 tmg all his eo llllprmted upon hm mmd, c~~;llad at tho ttme, so commonly excttcd harl hcol'l to VISit his family, and m gomg and pamhtonera, soon called upon the woman 1 n rcveriCs wh>le Sittmg m 'ns flOm tho e:s:lubJtion of that hatred m the W!UOJ mturnmg lind travelled a distance of questiOn; and m the cours.e of conversation he almoat thought she wao pres forms of formblc ablution und a coat of tar m•les he mqmred of what s1ckness her hp,sband a,iniste•t:ing conMlatJOn to h1s afhc,ed o.nd feathers The time of hts tnal d1ed She gave lum prec1sely the eawe ac- ~~is dreary al;ouc wnshc Afl'a1rs at length reached u cr1• s The 1 Sher1ff made prepnmtwus count as the sexton haq g1ven before • But pel~edl.to wour a , at the onu of whfuh battles of Lexmgton and Concord; roused tlw \prmgfield where he be trwd for h1gh the do\tor prorluccd the skull, and pomtmg !:e~~chan:gQ,Of]pl:iJsorterswns ngrccd upon and people to ltrrus anu tho Congress wh1c~ ns I tre<t~ou bcfo1e tho coune l o :McAsachu.•ett-s to the plarc \~\1, \'\-Vomnu do you know hi> e?mpanwns were released from I •<•ml)lll'd·.nct \Vntcrtown ro,oh-ed to r::tiS' h rty t that tmw the ouprcme outJve of the thiS ;nl'l;tl 1 T' c unhappy: cnmmal, Wall confinement thousand troops and the J usmess af cn!JSt· 1 State The pnsonet assured h 11 tbat lt struck w11b. ho~ror at the demaliil and the W hon hiS liberty W<tS restored so much was mg and di:aughtmg wns Immedmtely com I unnecessary to mcur tho trouble and sig;ht, and mstanily owned th~t she hnd been be IcJOtced l:lt the cxpectntwn of shorcly 1 e mcnccd With grout v>gor 1 hc10 wos there of a Journey, ID order to take him there, aa lie the perpetrator of the deed, wh1eh had hur- n<>tlum'~ his fnend$ 1 g,nd more than :t!l lu 1 e no alternattvo lofL ~ r the sm pic rustm coull go as wo11 hnnself H1s word was r 1 ed her~usband, m a state of mtox 1 cation, k V\U lla1ne• that It secmcJ ns 1 f be coulJ Cy cf whom I h 1ve '>Ocn speakmg but to .ako up II ken vnt.hout hcSltatwy, and he started mto the clcrn, 1 1 world \\ hilc 011 Ius way, however bemg destitute arms agamst f n:J;land conlJarv t.o h s con 1 hiS meh.naholy Journey, to present ~~..i..,~--- aeec ijanes, andno~nmkmg such speedy pre ECicllce, or JOm Lh fmceo unicr hencrallrtt~e tnrul and condemnatiOn Ple-SSUI'e of' the Sea. grcll!! as bo oxpeet~, many mu !'orebod ngs dutermmc Jon tl o lutter nml m so domg I As be proueedeu onw:ud, mght O\<jlfhJI!lt.•l ' - I l d d \;. ~fa p1em~ofwr;md whiCh fl<>ats ontl1e wa- tprm~nted him B.o, ;had heard from Haruet he exponenced all tb:tt lntterncss wmch 1S m h1m m a argo woo , an com.ug ,. ~iltifiol).• .j but oncedurlng the J;leriod of his cupttvity _ ctdent to OlVll war m leavmg his mfo and jroad lro w.as :u doubt whothe1 to direct ter be lonced down to a great depth 1ft the Who knows,\ Enid he to himself, • w hethcr ch1ldren unprovilled for and to the p1otectwn steps Fatigued w1th walkmg ll.l}d flll.l sea, llie pregsure of the surroundmg l1qmd ber mmd rf:~ unchangQd•m rc.,.nrd to ma 1 of those who neoessanly \'ould become Ius I oerliiJDty, he sank upou lmlll:n~ ~nd ponl'ed Wl!l becfQrced Into the pores of the wo(ld, Wld h d 0 I t1 rth .._ s ll1 n.aopy o\ • ·- so mcrease Its wel!rht that lt Will no lon!!er It mn.y be at m espn1r of c\'er seemg mo encm!Cs o 1!1 so 1n; ~,. • p.r.,,..r, -- - she baa umted horsolf to It was a beautiful evenmg m the emly part 1 was roused by the tramp of feet, and on capable of l'!oafmg or rlsmg to the sur 1 Tlbough tbts may uot he the case abc may not of~ .The labors of the day were over, mg up beh\lld amcrsen on hpllSebaok face Hence the wnbel'oeshlps, wlucl1 have now be numbered mth tho ltvmg Though the futhllr had returned to enJOY the hm~ 'fhe stranger had he!lrd h1s pious foundered m the uceppart of the ocean, nev- •Yil'cl~:[l()h mnffi' ,, u connexwn wIth some athol\ parson may not of rest with his little faDllly He ooou• tion, and ~th kind sohc1tnije mqll!l:a<i er nse ngmn to the S11rlace, hke tllose which lmve depl'Ivcd me of )ler, or death aoparat.ed nsuill aeat m the arbonr by the dQor the nature of hiSJOUI>ney, 1tnd the httla hnve ~unk near the sbor.c, A diver may, he! from me 1 sho may lm 0 transforied her af h•s wh1te w.ashed cottage Reftm; htm } t an'nrs of hw h s•ory He ook h 1 m to 1mpumt;, plunge to certam depths of t h a I. '--' t'- h J + .1 <Ca, but there IS a hm1t beyond WhiCh !: ct,ons. to another, eo that ohe \1 iJl bo ~q_ually wore W< o ,..men-p.- .. y:mg on ues>e n ,..-mss own me ~ nao n; cn,e~tamo-. 1 • th'\\ 1 h cll -'-d 1 t tb ht l t ~ fi ld he eaunot hve under tha pressm·e to vmt(lh losL to me He had been dol rtved of Jus hb p a.- a 11·u ay lll t c era e ..... >esuto I o nt~ Be um o opr,ng e m of.l ert,v so long thq;t l;IIS mmd ns well as Jna body the mo~her watchmg 1ts slambers !low I of n. rrwn I fho of,cor ( ror 1 t was he \' subject;- For the same reason lt was encr,atcd and u thousand dtscoura,ce were tho pleasat1ft 1rnagcs of past con of JUS! cc m IYbo,c CliP> tile pNbabie that there IS depth mcntsmtru led themselves upon h 1 m bappmcss and r ttcrnaliO\ o that hu•y I h1m) eon luctod hm1 to Sp.1ng!icld the fishes eannet live. They haV6-<'!e;ej:ll:dl)~g t pon nrrwmg at tho long desired unil de memOTy conJnrctl up m the st1 !ness of that 1 t, ml oe:;an Joslm peen -caught m o. Qejptll~·>ll:t .;w~~~( light lui pla,ce, from w heneo he was t!tken a• \ soft evenmg hour but the ve1 y recolleetJOn of I The country was then struggling agmnst they must have austamed a iiul:li,fgi~,.~ captlve, 6 hn who would have rendeteu 1t doub thoro caused mel:mcholy forebodmgs to cast a I sea of troubles, und compelled to r~tram to each square foot of tlil:f ~ h ' ! f b (l their bodieS boundary of tho Now Sts.te their rout m.ght be traced by tl o blood stamed bashes a.nd the shreds that were torn from their elothmg Bemg m h&sw to reach Canada and on this account not gmng themselves time to huut tho euft'enngs of tpe pr~soners from hungc wa mdescrib&blo l' or two wh;>le .:la they l 1 noibmg tQ eat but a few the Indians, all but half a ly delightful was not there Most of the set- over t e •rtrlt. ••lr nol<l t >Cy wore to I agen~y o treason y p: ompt nn ~- ~,;~;E;~;;;:i{.pt;~;j~: doz;¢nisleptsot!~dJy, but sleep deigned not to tiers, who, as stated before left the nhce had for[;oue for a tJme-pe~haps fore~cr 1 pumsbment The Crlllle of ,t.:]\ We may always e!re,Jid~sof tho prtsouers • Th~ returned Harnet from l:he melanoholy w1th 1 he bonr of prayer arnved and oh' w th substantiated by ample proof even tel' what \Vll4l.<tv~>.t~· il<Ly--~I\d Ifi~ morrcjwi[cf\u\a and w1th tt antuwarJcon w b ,pc was ~tH1cted at the lo • of lm1 sha what cune•tu • d1J the 1 • cut Wlc•tlc w1th jnu ted 1t b!msel!. and was accordmgly aecep!able aft.er fer bodwg \' r not m rely o;o b .;llv 1 u 1 wl nn J tt P If< t w 1 '• ll>B I healer> ~~ I 1 rl ro s 1 t e n fer til 'elareJ gu1lty Before what others hav~ to say I • I ' '':;; 1[;~f};_,': ~,'_;~:: . .,.,;, • • •

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