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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, August 12, 1853, Image 1

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tll,ll,,,disc•!>'l:'~re•d correspon- cotmlil<~]:~raa fotm~l*,J)n:ce,r,t~>i~sw.ri~s!bfs!>l$. t \[llln<)i~, li·dmitt!J,d of nn 1ilfercnce so ul\favorable 'fl[eo.dm•~ de Valmont thl).t the autbont•es nil.vin~.Ti'elm ~le\l.bJ'diii<Io~erW\!;:a-bl)c;Jt4'-l ~n:l1a.~~r,~ tll,e letters laid before them,lmme et\~~n:'ip «rom•!PJf the .. Ctq>.t6~s-~ .. \1'ii'Qw; Whi>] Jli:ately tc•ok''hiDJt. inlto eustody V arwus other C1rcumstances of a dls:nl van ~ l:l,uikY~i\ii St ... ~~:r~,;m~.,Y:.j f!J;~;eoo~sJ~ature came sub•equenUy mto view MORNING, AUGUST 12, 1853. calmncs• and er s own hand filled the mmds of the people bro,oc~ to hnvc been g•v o1':6russels With the deepest bor1or Had tbe i11·l,.~rit. Ct de St Mam e pneltet been returned to the gm1ty Flarancourt, colUcctor proved tbat I mystc'!<;r, 1t seemed probable would hn\ e per to regard the mauently hung 't,'i;er the fate of the St ~qstl·valuaiJ!pofbls family JCW Maures, f~~he accomphshed hypocrite who in the wttness s bad shed so 'ii\uch blood seemed to know was on the naught of cons01euce or 1ts stmgs '\\'hen he CHOICE MISCELLANY. ' With l>{lthos shall command with Wit beguile, A ge.nerous tear of aoguiBb or a. smile Unless you re up soon m the mormng' Sttll hourly the sound goes rouml and round, Wtth a tone that CCO.\lc<; nc'fcr, Wh1le tears a•e sh•<l for the brtght days fled, ~nd the old fr1ends lost forever I Its heart beats on-though hearts are gone That wa1 mer beat and stronger Its hands sllll move-though hands we love Arc clasped on earth no longer 1 Ttck-T!Ck 1t said to the churchyard bed , The grnve bath giVen warmng, Then up and rtsc, and look to the skies, And prepare fo• a heavenly mormng rV w i~fa:ilts perched on way m whtch Iabormg oiltBB m Egypt carry thett childliep, as soon as the httle creatures get the use Of tb01r hmbs, they are tra;nslrerlred lfr•om the arms to the shoulder ~ have custoM wb1i!h Wi!llld SUtJ,PlY strtkmg suhJeets for the pencil. At old the other day, a Coptte woman, in the dress of the country, bare-footed, her unveiled, with symmetnoal features, aud sad lcoking opened to us the door old worm e!lten ohuroh, m whiCh IS the gt,<otto, where the Holy Vtrgm w1th her IB satd to have eluded the pursuit of On the woman s shoulders sat an infant seTcn or eight months mth well burned cheeks long dark eye lashes, tts head bowed upon and on., little hand pressetlaga~ust her forehead, while the other arm passed arountl the back of the neck The Egyptian mothers treat thetr chtldreu W>th great tendcrne.,;, and though 1 see mfants every where, I do not know that I have yet heard one of them c1y The expresston o£ qmet restgna.twn m theu faces Is often quite touchmg The Egyptian born to a lot of d1rt, poverty and oppresswn, may well learn patience early ' Restitution. JOKER'S Mirth M UBlc Frtendshil1, Love'•,Jtropltwus J!lllile, Chase every care and ebM1il a: ~hUe \ 'J'Ile yo-..ng Doctor. How to Dtsc.:edit a W•tness, --.- Lawyers arc not only fatr and cand1il, hnt son1cttmc• m~moua 10 dtscreditmg Witnesses Take the followmg ~x:imple Lawyer-Mr JeQkms, Will you have the to answer me dtrec!ly and categon cally, a f~w plnm questwns ~ 1VItness-Certamly, s1r Lawyer Well Mr Jenkins, 1s theta a fe- male livmg with you who ta known 111 the nmghborbood as Mrs Jenkms ~ W!Lness-Therc IS Lawyer Isn t she under your protection 1 Witness~ Yes Lawyer-Do you support her ~ Wttnes~-I do Lawyer-Have you ever been marned to her~ W1tnesB-'-'-'l have not (Here several Jurors scowled gloolll!ly on Jenkins) Lawyei- That IS ali, Mr Jeukina Opposmg Counsel-Stop one moment, Mr Jenkms Is the female m question your mother~ ~·tltrdv~Ji.·:'ii'i!:O..',~:S!~@l#.,ll~:~uati\llll,:!,I@ remembered by those who had lh.,l'n••• >e!!•e8.ii\J:J~y.t'J!;Efliklflilt>anS,'ll\ Th,<iill!!t>m<mo~clLH)i:eisentihow comparatrvely llttlc emotiOn p,riisoJqex·'qloottse on .he rugbt di~~~Pifea}'ancJe; .,...,, . ...,. bemg called was agam taken f$ the scaffold 1 t was am1d the cxec1 ahon Of mU:ltltudes, and no man s ptty followed the wretch into etermty H1s crimes had been comm1tt€d With as little re- mOise, aud under as onnat\i:ral circumstances, as any that ever disgt aced tlfali!nn11ls of man kmd Theodore De V'almont was restored to ~he arms of h1s beloved Emlly, and enJoyed as perfect happmess as ever fllllsqjiJ human lot In ti1e close concealment wh1& he was com pelJed to observe after b1s lligut he had not heard of tbe acknowledgeme~<Qf the marr1age othel'Wtse he would pwbably have braved nil danger, and returned earlier to BruBsels ) 'l'be Hunter's Bride. One of our promment lawyers was waiited upon, says a New Orleans paper by B1shop Vandervelde and Father McElheru, of the Cathobc Church, and presentetl with 01ght dollars, wh1ch the B1shop Sll.ld was a restitu bon made to the lawyer by one of Fathel' Me Elhern s :flock for a wrong do11e to h1m to amount What was the nature of the wrong, or by whom was 1t done ~ The B1shop and the Pnest refused of eQurse to divulge-as the Witness-She 1s infil!bttl'j IJ~'1liil!Je,enshown by Tlieod'Ore on the ~lseouery <u'ii~le•&S:.,r!!!li,n,~Jilerj,St Nlii,n,,e I\Uo·we.i .li,)mself,l tit!). 1I)lllod!'red bodres, while Daraocourt hacl b1s: ft'leud, and such ag1tatmg grwf and horrOl' Be- 'to·un•El,~g(l,iiiltia.tion at an early De Vahoilnt, 1t now ~tppeared, bad been MIDI!' he would constmt only on condition and recogmzed near the scene of g11•lt on >Of Daraucourt himself acliing,as aole i,intiator, mght of the mqrders ''hen asked to whl.el\. llie ba.t'rister howeV'e> U.rel\\lar the wh~re h,.h,.J. Leen De \,.lmon!~l ow proceeding ungnfi lie, profeSsed jiis Willingness mamfest cGnfti:S!ou and smd he llud been tO nnd.er.t¥~;o., , a fcieni!, but posi<l~ely refusctl to Dnrmg the Sunday 1mmeiliatel:y followmg name that frmntl And moreove1, a the day..,n which: thls conversation took place, female came forwatd w'J10 nver C6u11t de St l\il':tul'e's house was oliserveil fo on the tbttd or fourth day afte1 th~ ehutup by tho ne1ghbors she had washed a sh1rt for the pm mate!?, ate le!!St, were seen to issue from the rtght sleeve of whteb was clotted though they hlid llVer been rematkable blaci'd The a;!!;planaf!On VI htch De Val- thllif pnuctualfty m atteJ;Jil~tnce on the &erYJ gave of tlua CJrCtJm~tance W!l$ lame ces o£ the chnl'eh! The nroghllors liowever, nn\'llmprohable On these grounds merely uonoluded Borne ofOhem to be Ill 1 heodore Oe 'r ulrnont w<>~ ~p !l.t eight o:¢}Mk 'in the avenmg Clmrle& ta uko his tunl fo1 the mm der of the coo~:~ and Theodore de Valmont called m Jl.laures, though no one could 1magme der to spend a. soCial hour WlLh the family,- his hn1 mg mcluded the parepts m Thell' rep'eateil knock1ngs at the doqr remam revenge w luch Ern cot alone oeem~d to 1ng unanswered, they at lengcli nla1med the mer1ted a.t lus bands nmghh<>.clwod The door was burs~ )!pen and Charles D\'aocourt was unretl,•ttmg ~n Lto to. the horror of the spectatms four murdered to sustam h1s uupn•onod frwnd no- bodies wer.e if01111d m the varlOU.S lledrooms the bea.vy a.Jiltotwn of such a chm ge a~ The 00l'j>Sei< 1 whose tlirottts were «h!lekmgly To Daraooourt Theodore confined the ent, were those of the Count de St Maure, h1s of commumcatmg the mteliJgence of his lady, and their two servantts It was also to Em•ly Duplessis The young founq that a deRk had boon: broken: was so dreadfully affected as to smk )nto plundered of valuable JCWels, known fever, dnrmg the. ravmgs of w hwh been there On th•s appall•ng <Useovery, Da reveal~d to her parenta lhe fact uf he1 ha\ ranoourh, whose fr1end~hip fur the fn.mily was not only lo>ed De '\almont but of well AAO\'Vll, appeared at first parai:Y·zed._ With been recently umted to hm1 by a pll• Maur6 Charles Dar fonnd to have varwus errands cham of presump- nn.tnl·~ was eshl.biished despite of tbe ta1· wb,IOOIIIl$ ilef•mqlcd h1mself, be was murder of th~ St Chm lee Dlll~~nlclo~·~t Sc>lclt!lnli;v protMted h1s I't'peat tho asser m awmtmg ,he The fatal day nt nrisntH>r was led eut to t!wusands who srrl~nl!:led ~ee:lin~~s of ptty aJJd mnbJguous and Thq m\jcmty SJ)!!Ct!ttdl~~ c:lmld nnt.llwirt!l' thmr mmds tJi>•elcqmmi~oiqn of ouch wholcso;le man nn mgen· of the suffete> s though 1t could to be opposed - scaffold and eter· ·Charles Daran• nn<1ntn a sc11led packet tp€' priesiUin attendance, w1th tu h1s fathet !t!J•:>ut.flle be :fixed, wl1en a populace, a'!id a to pm m1t the pas hotr~el:fia)1, acocoj~iP'~!licJ b,Y se>eral grief', When he recovered trom hre tranCe~' mamUi~· 1'h•• aufor1Dat10n, wiucb she The populace likJl stupor he rushed f1 om the house not gaay on recovermg p trttally from w me still more 111iog, ' :My fnend ' my dear Ernest 1 i11ness, had the ellect of wtdcnmg the Cir- spnng to is my poor f~tend ~' This exclamntton 1mplicated m these dark transacttons smce prisonet nod fben the mmda of lbe spectators, for the first tlDle, parents of Em1ly had the gmf of se~·in~d ~•d van<:e tttCDJIS~lves H w ts Tlleo- to the eirc~:~mstance of young St Maure ~ a'b fate bound up w~th that of one on wbpm ra11mlc>qt;~ at some length se11ee. 'I he authopties \V'ete mnne'iliately rested of a most atrocious kind that on bem1ng called to the ~pot, anil among otbet' stepsc t..... bostilitles -to the De 'V almonts, the he bad flown ken; It search was m&tituteq for' Ernest de St might perhaps have read1ly got over, Manre De Valmont who retamed much there wa~ now deep d•sgmee attendmg more presence of mmd than DarancOUJ t had connecboo 'Y•lb the 'ery name of De Val ln•oved exbdlited, 'Conducted D1 person the ~earch for mont The discove1y of the\ mavnnge was I inmoeett'C'I'. Ernest· Bot the whole cf Brussels was ex- concealed :o.mined in vain The ;young man was to be '1 he morning allotted for De Valmont s trial llllml no wllere 111{1 officers wem to hiB cell tq re· At the solemn investigation wMch took h•m, but lo 1 the place was empty 1 The pla.es mt.o tlle whole of this tragic alfmr ctr· ririsoner had undermmed the cell dntl escaped bad been thus \I knew my own ,,l,ofl;,ili,.~ T'h.!.nilr,,_,. •nnd I could frwnd waR equally inhmncy vnth tho well mgh brought inhmat!y ts out' m,,.,,,,v, whiCh hangs over cnml!~.ea.me out which. tended st~ongly means ol'scahng the pr1son walls On at1~il~· lh·ea1reu avert m tts own to fiX the gmlb of parriCide on the m>Ssmg table lay a letter, addressed to Madomo1aelle JOnth A pen knife marked With hu> m1tials, Dnples.,~, \hich was opened by the autbotJ .!Ju•VHIIJV wu timnd noor the scene of J!laughter, cover· ties, and was found to con tam an ammatlld .ed :with blood This to aU appearance, was and solemn assertwn of the wrtte~ s m!locence ifihe~ment ')ylth wh1ch the mu•ders had But, see!Dg c•rcuUllltances to bear agamst h1m, 11eeu oommitted. !lewards were o:lfered for he had resolved (the lettereatd) to take the l!.}}prehemnon of young St :Maure, a-n~ only VIsible mode of sav1ng h1s llfe tu the the ~llllation of l!ll JD® !Ie was account~d hope of one day nro\lng hts mnocence and pamcx<W, unt>lt on the ~xth m@rnmg until tn1o 11'\l.S esta bl1shed he never would re .sho·ut$ of thll people rose wotds of De Val them sn~•tc.l1ed from the grave ' and merely ut Joir<>ke,n B<mden<•es, express1ve of liberatiOn fro!We aln~m:derf,r and a robber.1111!!ie t..;l.rlfv fh,l .,,.;.,,,,. and request ~- l\i.Oenlou'S Tdck. Among the Rocky Mountams on one occas· JOn while J Wesley Jones Esq with a few of h1s at hst compamons wc1e stoppmg m tl1c 'tear of thc1r mam company for the purpose of dagllcrrcoty_ring for Ius p-&ntasco)?e some lC mtpkauly snange rocks a war party of Ind1 ails suddenly sprang ftom belund the 1ocks nnd ~\vmg a fHghlful yell ndva!lecd \'!nth lane~ potoeci r1111dy for bllttlc, wh® th~ <>r~IG­ wlth gtU)!lt coolness turned npon them Ius camera, and somewlmt mystiCally wavmg over the m;lrmnent the black cloths m wluch his plCtures were wrapped held lu~ l1ghtcd Cigar m somewhat fl1ghtful piOXlmli.\Y to the mstru ment The savages had heard strange stones of \thundel on wheels,' wb1ch bad, m one terufic gust, swept away wh'Ole parties of red skma, Pamc stricken they paused a moment then 'Veered to the r1ght With eye fixed upon the dreadful mstnnnent But the strange mortal'' followed them, its dangerous pomt ever keepmg them m a d1rect hoe Pop'- pop '-pop' went a revoher from beneath the mstrument Thts was but tbe p1elude of the denth wagmg storm about to bmst upon t;uem' They oonld no longer fftand th1s, but Wt~h a sunlllta)lcous yell broke away towards the rocks Bapg '-bang' weut the arLLSt s guns after them Strange terrific sounds were revet be~ated tltrough the moun tam gor ges, and echoed 'back by the cavernous rocks -yells and shrwks and rnmbhng tbundet'& The smoke cleared away, and the artists were alone No ttme was lost m rejormog the car avan , and, the danger bemg over, It became often the subJeCt of merumcnt nround the camp :fires-Jones charge among the Iodmns wtth the daguerreotype mstrument 1 Pllilosophy and Jlt:.;h, the mmde~s a new tum was g1ven to the turn (he sMd) to Brussels An ener~tiC falr t>y .me:'lfiSGIJV!lFy of' the ;yon.~h s body ~n search was DJnde for Theodore De Valmont ed the res,tor•il.tion! 'l:he priest ft may s•ilprlse some 1eaders to learn that m the latter part of the sixteenth century kmgdoms were thrown into eonsternattOn, and the learned men of Europe mto a whirlpool of eontrovers;v by a s•mple her.r•ng Tn 15S'l', a hernng was caught m the Baltm huVIng somothmg like Gotbte cbar;tcters mat ked upon Its sides lb1s otld fish was taken to Copen hagen, and the bamsh nod Swedish savant declared 1t to be au omen of sQme signal mlt:r fortune to the hulllnn race The king un- S<\ttsfied sent 1t to Rostoek from whence It made the tour or the German omverS!lies each learned Thebnn gtvmg a d11ferent mter• pretatwn of the myst1eal letters Ponderous folios were written on th1s emgmatical fish, the general 1dea bmng, tha:t 1t foretold the conquest o£. Europe by the Ottoilla.n In 1596 a somewhat l!lmUarly marked berr1ng was caught Pn the coasts ofPomer;una, and Eghll, a dtstmgutSbed professor of theology at Zur1ch, wrote a bulky tome !o prove that the mystt cal marks gave the long requ~red explanation ilf!he dark passages m the Book of Revelatmn stagnant well1n the outskirts of the city bnt 1t proved frn1tles$ first, indeed as no wound was ae!)D; on ThtlB was JUstice agMn haiRed alii timu body, it was only thought that he 'had .ad'd:eo!H i~him· i1t 'ba&ed, m Its own hehef, on the r nu.nu. de<ll~trijug 11 elf.destruotlon to hlS othet• cmmmal :Rut Theodore s letter, wh1ch one of the attend- the holy futher s duty i;o show 1t to ptidor1er qmetly remon stra;ted agaNsi~ tl),e: seizut{e of papers relating more minute exaDllnatiop, a small long and ~loquently pathetic, wade a was detected 11n the breast lm.pt~sSion m h1a favor on. many J?erspns, ~ heart Thia had well m~ among mbers on the parents of h1s w1fe, over as a trdlmg and acctdental Em1ly Duplessis or rather De Valmoot O!l the urgent entreaty Qf one..anrgeon, cpnversmg w~th the1r ilnughter, tliey had But the officer De Valmont as the resp1te fi;mperJ~ifs Will should be tur re!,c]l1illg pr1sou, Charles the chest was thorough/7 Jau:l open, more&ver leawed that Theodore had beeu v1s was found that the had been Emtl.J< on t!Je mgbt qf I D,~rlt'nco•urt. ii4uie•di~ti~elJ1 coonnoun,ic(!.ted 'l'ootlt Dt•awtug, . I will go to the lan<l where the hunters knowledge of It had been obtamed tl\'\\'\'h' .I Kissing. Ancl l>ull<l me a hut In a 'yivan dell- the confessional The law,rer refused to An&y home shall be by the tmnqrullake the money offered as 1t was, as paymeJJt m A young lady ol W akeneld, England rejoi- \ hich none but the bunte• \ paddles orc,aJ<.~. 1 ru111 for a wrong done, iln the ground that a cmg 10 the name of Lucy Serle, was recently \he1e the Ind~an boy m the bark canoe, wrong could not be made rtght by money brought before a mag•strate, charged wtth au Like a dolphm dcaHs t.o the watets blue, The person who did the wrong must ooi>fessluassanlt-tbough not of an aggravated nature .lnd bcneut~ the moun of u summers s9', the deed to the lDJ!ll'ed pnrty, that UDJnst sus Lucy, m opere dayhght and open street, D\\ks m the l:o;hl of Ius loved one's cfc PIOJUnO llf IDUIIOllno perGIIU~, wlnoh mtghu haYe attempted to kiss n su1l,Y mnkeeper of Wake For I ion:;; •O roam on !he moun tams side, been arot1sed, Muld be removed, that tbe field Her lawyer, m JUBtlli.catton ofthe of• To hunt the decl as a hunter's brdle p t d n • 1 L r olfend~r could be furg1ven, and the whole renee, quo e .omn s coup eflp Though coarse and ru<le 1s the moun tam fare, count squared between the parhes The ta If a body meet a bo<ly COID!Dg through the rye, 1ct pu1e 1s the lncuth of lhe mouutam a1r- king of eight dollars from some unknown per- If a body kiss a body, need a hody ccy ,\ \nJ rugged the path m lho hunter • way, son, for some unrcvealed wrong, '~\titS no ngb,t the Justice admitted the plea, and di!i· Yel sweet ate h1s c.h cams at the close of d 1y mg the matter at all So the lawler argued, the case amidst the laughter of ~he Though toll and tloublc h1s course pursue, to which the Priests replied by Ieavmg the 1 spect.ators, 1 Health tinges h1s cbceJ, w1th n dusky hue on the lawyers desk and pohtel;y ~.,_,.~~~~·-~-- <\.nd 10 fleetness be llV ds the wilt! gazell.--,. And Ins hea1t m the f01est crrn love so well qmetly retirmg ~~~~~~~ - Tl nt I l.:n19 to ronm on the mountmn s~de~ Am! wear the gurb of a hunters bn<le lily JOY shall be by the Silent shol'tl To watch the 1 eturn of the flash•ng oar; AnJ V1CW on the b1 cu•t of that hmp1d lake The edillcs around tt 1n ruurmnrs break- And 1'lpple and •parkle, and curl away In the soothmg beam of the sllvel ray, And h•s heart shall gladden to hear my song Swell on the ntr as ho paddles along, And I ne'er Wlll depart from the mountamslde But endure the totls of a hunter's bnde ~-~---~· \our Daily Bt·ead.\ I w11! thlihk :vou for a few of those stnng Slii~UIDl' Lilltes, • said. an Irish gentleman to a ges;au)no Tbe Ctater Lakes m the town of Manlius Bnll at a public dmner table \ My dear I Ono1od:~ga County New York are curwsitJes I· f,,Jiotw.\ exclrumed the Englishman, ''I wish and are supposed to be of volcamc m•gm - you could learn to pronounce correctly Yoa They are, by the mhab1tants about thete cal should say beans not l!anes \ A few moments the ' Green Lakes \ One of them IS on after John Bull asked Pat, in au a:lfected tone the top of a lull, and IS In the form of a tea to help him to a Jimali p1eee of beef stile. cup The banks are two hundred feet h1gh, ' Steke ?\ sa1d Pat, \what do you mean by and the water four hundred feet deep. The ? Why don t you open your mouth ltke water appears df a deep green, buh when ta a man and say stok at once ~ ken up Ill a glass tt IS perfectly clear and transparent Trees and limbs which fall mto the water soon become enctusted wtth abri.gbt;J SISterly Affection. At a p~;otracted meetmg, held wh•lom, not A hcgr;ar boy •topped at a r~eh man's green substance, wh1ch on bemg exposed tbousand mlles from llill&ton Spa, a ~liS \I 1m homeless ani! frtendless nod famt and the atr becomes hard The timber decays 1 h h 1 T b 1 ter 1D t 1e C llrC aros ... all,\l te 1eV erse £ poor \ anclleaves this incrustation m the shape Hi> follow~ _ I see young ladles herfl that Sn1d tile heggnr-lmy aR tl!e tear drop rolled hollow tubes Wood saturated with this wo.- think mo 1 ,., 0 £ gewgaws, furbelows, :t:ibbona Down h1s thm check blanched WJth want and ter and bm ned, em1ts a strong odor of sulphur cold- and laces than they do of thmr Creator I A furmer who resides near once hea•d a \~'m.th_~_.:. them once, and adorned my hat mltl. \0 give me a ernst from yonr boarcl to-di!J', of water, and lookingroond saw the To help !he beggar boy on hiS way'\ French arttfi<ual llowers br1ght colored rib- rising over the banks He was alarmed, and bon• nnd sky bluo tr 1 mmmgs. but I fuund 'Not a <nu~t, not a crumb,' thench man sai•ct~·l ~\ ..., ., :fled w1th his te11m , but the water soon rece• th d • d t h 11 d r • Be off ami work fo1 your da1ly bread'' ded to Ita usual level ey were l'agging me own o e , an took them oft' and gave them to my B!St<lr '\ The ncb man went to the par1sh church, ~----~~--- A lienntcky Appeal. 1 H•s face grew grave as he trod the porch, And the throng•n;; poor, the untaught mass, Drew back to let the rwh man pass The serncea begun, the choral hymn Arose and swelled throu.;;h the long l11Sies d1m Then the riCh man knelt, ancl the words he sa d Were--- G1vc us tbts day ou1 dat~ bread! Sons oC Caispin. One evemng last week, says tbe :PoJrtsllll&rttllt I \The thund..er roa~ the moon rolled, the (N H ) Cbrorucle, a couple of young ladws stars wtnked the sky was a complete web, gen- walkmg on one of our most pubhc streets, tlemeu of the JUry-of dntkling darkness on were 1usulted by a young rowdy, who that mght, and yet this man d1d •nth maliee count the cost He purposely ran with full aforethought, steal furth Into the shade of a force agamst tlm ladies, ·when one of them lonely farmer's bouse and then and there- Seized hun by the collar, smashed huj. bat I 1 eton•ly piZened hiS brtndle ya1ler dog Con• The craft ts rwb ID names which have be- down over his eyes, drove bts mgnr mto Ills viet hun, and the prayers of a nation are mouth, and passed on, am1d the applnuse '\ come m greater or lesser degt,<ee, household yonrs bystanders, among whom were many propel ty Tbm e was the eccentriC Lacking- I cl•uo:•s of the e~est-fallen hero He couldn t Jlir \Can you tell me,' asks a grave ton who :n the Htle P\5e of h•• stand J;be laugh and dared his Tarlillr baok pu•:ftht\ \why a eonundmm that Mhody pby telll us tb\t he came to London With live agam-upoo whnJh she mstantly turn<ld can guess IS like a ghost • Bball I toll you dollars m b1s pocket and rose to be a book wards him, but before she could clutch h•m now or next month~ \Now If you please\ seller, havmg an an!iJIIIil.. sha'llee 1 no .. f It 8 a 11 Chtenmn 1 dakreedlr I agam, he was off at hts best paoe Now, al \Well S1r, because sooner or later, every- thousand volumes ~ ~· tbo.ugl1' It may not be advisable for all tbe must giVe lt up 1' m the west of England There was Su: Cloud se~ to possess and exbJbltsuch PU\'IllS· I Sb 1 h d b bl d 1 A \' ~ Mrs Parlington says, after dissplv- ea ey ove t ere ou ta e a mna ttc coumge yet 1t IS a p1tv more such pupp1es \ was Fox tbe real or1gmal Fuend There are not brought np st:ndm,. , 'l'bere are the matter over and over m her minu, She H S b tl t f N b d ., bas come to the deluSion to seek out some qui- ans ac s 'e poe 0 urem erg, an not 11 few, callmg themselves .mung gentle· the fr~end of Luther There were the rudical J.~ country re!re .. t, in order to prevade the ex- .« 1 p d b men, among whom such an explOtt as this iii pre@Sive heat of the season, and to hereafter Hardy and the astrolo 6 .ca atr1 ge, t e the boast of an evenmg-mmus the after-11.,_.~ powerful G1fi'ot d and the gen tie Bloom:field a mote dysentary life piece There wme Savage and many otherB-'-'-'all sons of Cr1spm before they' turned thetr and energtes mto new channels Hatching :l'ish. !lir A boy m the country writ'CS to au· m the. 01ty to come and v:us1t him. He The Chinese have a method of hatehmg proposes to hlm to get hls futher's eonseut, spawn of fish, and thus protectmg it and says tt m1gbt be done m th1s way -Ask those accident! wh1ch ordinarily destroy so your &stcr to ask your mother to a..k your £a- The Duke of Sussex possessed an extraordt a port10n of 1t, the :fishermen collect ther to let yon come narily fi• manuscript of the thtrteeuth ceotu care, on the margm and surface of wa Early Bible Manusenpt. With anew agamst the authonties d1d not ,c8lltre by a sharp instrutne;l'!i:<•f~l!;c~ed,iiig:mi1 nuteness m a dkect line mth tha a~ternalfi\~VIJ.ll puneture Th1a obvrousl;r had been th!>, :<0<,~'!· J~•il:r ,. ofhl8 death 1\s the young man cmllil'.' miii!;~l•ID,~ranc<>u~bitrul;gle fo,. there cy, upqn vellum, m two volumes-\B1bha tete, all those gelabnous masses which eon tam ~ In the geography of Young Amertca, Sacra Hebi mea ' At the end of volnme 2 the spawn After they have found a su4li- the followmg bC)nndar1es of the United States One M Duchesn~ has been dn.vmg about was the followmg cur10us 1nscnphon 'I, Cient quantity, they §ll w1 th 1 t the shell of a are now glibly g1ven ~East by sunrise \!;est Par~s m a gaudy wagon and w1th a band of Meyer the son of Rabb1 Jacob, the scribe, fresh hens egg wbmh they have p 1 evmusly by sunset, North by the Arctic Expeditton, muo10, tak•ng ont teeth 1 He stops in some h~ve Jimshed th1s BWk for Rahb1 Abrnham, empt>ed, stop up the hole, and put 1 t under a and South OJJfar OJJ Wll ifarn ple@e 1 have thus sl~nn hlillJ!el£, !Uld then ~ve cout polsseJ>Si<>n packet 1 Behevmg nyed h1s body 1\o the well, 1t became· Rllma,,. bad there made ent ta all that Ernest de St ltll''kJ,thing<3, l!:milt1>s.pl\.rE•nt!! l~1nged confessiOn 1 A cou· fallen a vtettm to the eame cOtiSJ;)\racy, w!ri.~,4-l,re;turn. d•eli!Jer;a;femurders ef had oYerwhelllled hiS pll;tents accomplice 1 The events, was the strong presumption, ·M•· J£olll>Wing is.i~ aPst.ra<Jt ofltl>atpaper e contents at1sfactory dld the ~cove\Y -appear to W:!ltri'ag~lj a aeenattachment to Emt snthorttiee, i;hat they ta~d the son it¥th.JH 311 m 1 ~.j}witkt•l).e .. ~bsJll'tt 1\~l:li~P.J'£1,W~:~;!i::;'l~:l~~~:f~' had resolved tll cut grave w•th hts,;par.e:ntii,tltpseleariug his•m<Jn'lt•·l >t Ernest De St Maure ory, as far as ;~;bey 'llQUJilj frmn the !lbs~acleaiilj 'tiJ!i·tva,y•l Ernest fell first mto chargu of bemg a. pamGide The llorgnments Wben Theodm:e bad been absent to th.e house of ot' Charles DM\!illCour& 1f'l;lte ilfi1e;!ly 1n etru- hp; w~fe gave ilh'th w a son, for. w.J;U~!lt mto the mystertes mentalm p!!OCUI'il'lg thlijllStrce f01 'h111 dep11r- I CI>JU•lesDaraucon!>t stood,.gpoosor at j;he font or performing ted 1 frieud The young W11Q®lel dit~pl~~<yed >~~n lih!ll ocoaa!oq 1 lUter pledg1n,g to b111d tbe this cause !Lll th11 warmth of sorroW1Ilg affec- to the mother und:cbtld, called on the guests neither hanq tion, a.nd all the pmr<~r offQrenS!if genius to JOID lnm'ln drmkmg-' 'fo tbe opened the VIctims N.;t further light was thrown ou the f$1ie <!lf return of the absent father, and may needle betwe~n j;ha St Ml\nrea notil ~· weeks. ~ soon be ~stablished '\ heart 1 Ernest tpScal event Se.,e:rar'pa.nerswert then aay, this wish seeme4tP somQ m~asme fulfill•,·t·de almost 'lritbout a ~ . ~ .. • freqoented place collects a crowd by means of the 5052 year, (that 1s Anno Dommtl292) settmg fowl At the expiration of a eertam • h b I d h h \'' d ~ h h ld .,.,...... The ilnly anbs!.~tuta for money ts pG· t e cym a, an t en >nv•tcs t e nm!Cte •O and he has bcqu~atbed 1t to IS C 1 ren number of days, they break the shell in wnter lit= With three bows and ~ SDlllcl a apply at once for extraction and relief A his ch1 ld1 ens children fo1 ever Amen Amen, warmeQ, lly the sun ... J:he young fry are pres- friend of ours htst week travelled from; ilihls n• te on the s1de of the wagon rends thus - Amell Selah Be and str·enigttmned. eutly hntched, and .ept in pute fresh wa d fi h k 5 000 francs If .I miss a tooth \ A !me of' .May the book not be ~arna~;eu: neith<•i' t till th 1 h L'li:Q'W:n 1 City to NJhgara, and llve like a g tfug eoe - ~r ey are alge enoug to be >I that Cheap trip tlmt v•ct1ms somehmcs extendmg tw1ce aronnd day nor for ever, until the ass ascends the lad mto the pond with the old fish The sale tile VI agon '\ formed each m b1s or her tut n der, After llns 1s a rude figure of an ass at seawn for thiS purpose is an important ~State stooks and spmled boys are now pay1ng a franc and leavmg a tooth behmd A temptmg to chmb a laddet of trade m Cbma par The latter are not on'IJ' abov<l maid servant pasees M Duchesne s eqmpage, -)tchi'og I par, but above gmnd-par and tb,e whole fam. re~pem'bers ~sore spot 10 her upper JaW, feels ~Edward Everett the late Secret!ll'y t:!S: Childhood 1s ltke a mirror, ,, for a fmnc, 110d JOins the tail end of the hne of State, computes that the 'ilse of alcoholic reHectmg 1 ma~s One iotpiOus or pro ily Each al>phcaut mounts on the seat With M be,cragos cost the t'm'<!d States dJrectly, in fane thought uttered by 11 parent's l1p may ~A new1y msrri!ld lady in f'GU~W<- Duchcsna, who dcmaQds the C!llD )Jefore pro ten years ~W!J Q()\J 000, has burned or other upon the yeung heart like n careless Dill<, 1s about applying for a di~.a t}le eeed1ng The head 1s then 'i 11 clmed back w1s~ destroyed $5 000 000 worth of lll'~lllertv water thrown upon polished steel, ground that her htuibm:ulpe:teiatlr iii'\WWllllring wards, the mouth opened, the tweeter 51 nserlio bas destroyed lives, sen:t !li;I~;Q,OO stai 1110 g 1t with ru~t whtch no scouring can hte feet in thefl'/l!n:!l'ptl!l. 1 ed nnd the tooth snatched frvm 1 ts gory bed, our prison&, to ever after elface It is held up m the ;;, 1 r an I!IStant for the ad- house, oaused!l,500 murders S~:O:~=:~:J;-t ~-....;,. __ _....,.._,_~ mltation of tha multitude, a.nd at each e:xtrac- and has bequeathed to the U! know what they bat!~, tion ~fl. dtqm gives a bang of tr1umph 1 1 orphan chtldren '

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