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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, September 30, 1853, Image 1

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our G-oer's Sbot-iln Incident .fl: • bceaa''Life, , ' - ~u,giog $Cbool some years ago, with a very fine girl, (I call them young ladies now ) ..... : ·\' ·_ I thought I Iov- IJe(ll).nle ID a very short time fi.il'•n•l• ,\ and then occasionally I under pretense of '•' coming lierbrlioll•i·.' n wild, mischievous chap If !I'D II'~Te-1.1, Jill!, lhetJ.Ar· than he did his dmncr got so f'ast tho. t I became an ''eJrlltY :~•v,e1oiv•Jd~~sitor oo sejl my fair charmer \N<Ifvlinv Joi.il'll1,nA'A father was n very pious, s~Ua1EI ill.d genille>natl, and wn~ down on fun But wath all that p01pts about him, if he was r \'•''-'- if there was a cha.oce of m~a~11'~11g •ecllon thronj;h h1m he least t].lree feet m diameter navib•!t -an opportumty to call1per certo.m llow large he was lwwe·•er. all I know he was a; n1n11m•nt, or the u Governor\ ns we hnd tnkon a great fancy to and tnlk pohtics to lnm f was a fino qmet COO~:>Idcr young man ' And he u Leila 11 his pretty daugl1ter., Sight w1th any one but me- ~M·-J. man\ And he alway~ wi\h- int!m:ate with his Wild son Char- would reft>rm, if be was in of h1s time and I II assure lniHle·~ei,e h'om, ns to my real fair Leha s •ake (how can T forget Jolley friend named Frank wrestling w1tb o. jomt of beef potatoe in tile door and eye · then we could hear hearty laugl• retreat through t:mc llniahed nc,.rl.) alii b.ble apologozing fur our \\ uush know a li.hcrman s luck gentlemen chomed m cuttmg me sh01 t m my apol- yoa something murc to waiting fur the ' fodder of--1 don t know what the posses.or of my heart t she possessed 1t I got tlunkmg of nocc ht from cottage-s to ciadlc8 and and I heard some one down sta1rs chuckling- ' this i.s amusmg to be m- such pleasant thonJ!:b ts are y<>ur brains, to rece1 ve cold ~y~ romantic amt 1t 1 -'•·· 1 '·'~ a trouncmg 'sa1d Frank that told plainly he Wished to nd the room in the dark, found a broom, and I lw.d got UOj\l.fC>I!'a p•unl(!lr of a churn VI' o sneaked to the obJect of our 1 eveoge Frank, and w1th that we as;:aul~ on the ' fellow creature \ I ni\'\~''J dash against lie nbs, and we ucl~'-flll!D <tre·~••t\lly not even gtvmg htm a .pntdt•Jes, wlll you 1 • said I • We II you, the cellar emerged Lelia, sho reached the top of the she let a •cream cause to scream for there w1th r~hs all punched m knew and the wind tntirc IPII!ni'lled. oti~uflum tnot because hn had a stood the \vehe~able of the gJrl I loved 1 yes there ' model young man had for h1m And Charley stood eto.trs, \tth an arm filll of cobs and laughed till the apJodared m hos eyes to gaze npon, the breathless fai;lfr·ierod 1 It may be imagined bo\wlt,ffl.,ror we were, and how soon through the basements wm- ourprised in the!f m1dnoght after leapmg over the area a stra1gbt coat tail of it. un see the house that con ·-r-y•• ,_- .. , thel~i1rll first loved l'ieDnenabranlle of pi!.Bt days that nA.Imv inpreaJ!etl the gloominess of those intercept the benefits of be THE NO. 19. CHOICE MISCELLANY. ORIGINAL MISCELLANY. u lV1tb patho.s shnU comma-nd with wit begutle, A gencruus tear of ausu1sb or I'L fOIJlilo Tile Song of Steam. Blackwood's Magazine has pronounced tl11Hol- lomng Poem to be \ the b•st lyrw of the centu• ry ,\ This cot tamly 1a a htgh, as well as a de- served eotnphment It 18 the production of one of our own countrymen, Capt GEo W CUTTER, of the stllte of Kentucky Wben I saw an nrroy upon the land, And a navy upon thtl seas, Creeping nlong, \ snaaJ.Jike bnnd, Or wal;ting the wayward breeze- When I saw thepea.sant famtly reel, At the to11 wb1eh he ftt1nt!y bore, As he turned: .away at the tardy wheel, Or tugged at the weary oar When T mensured the punting courser•s speed, The H1ght of the rarr1er dove, As th\Y hore the law n ll:JDg decreed, Or the hnes of Impatient love, I eeuld but tltmk how the world would feel As they were ontstropped afnr l\ hen I should bo hound to the ••ushing keel, Or chameU to the fiJ mg c-ar' ITa' \!i:' ha' ThPy found me at last, Th.!!\'luvJted me forth at longth, And I rush'd to my throne with a thunder And laughed m my ~ron Stl'cngth r Oh ' then you saw o. wondrous change On the earth and ocean W1de , \Vhere now my fiery a.t\Dllcs r.SiDge; Nor wait for wuu.l or ude Hurrn 1 hU1 ra' tl1c waters o~er The moun tam s steep dechne, T•me-•pace hove ywlded to my power- The world-tho world 1s mme t The go 1nt fltre-nm of the queenly west, An<l the oroent tloods dmne The ocean pales where\' I sweep, To hear my strength rejoxc,e, And ,munstcts of the brmy deep Co~n·r trembling: nt my ~01ce, I c~rry the wealth nnd the lord of enith, The thoughts of tbc god-hke mmd, The wmd lags nitel' my gomg forth, The !Jghtmng IS left behtnd In the lluo k•ome depth< of the fathomless mme, lily llrcless aim doth play, '\\I\.:n: the ro\:k~ n\) cr t~u.w the 0un Ucclmc, 01• tl1c <lawn of the glorwus day, I l>rmg cat tl1 ~ ghtte1 mg Jt.:Wcls up, F1 ont the htddcn cnse below, And I mnke the fountnm • grnnito cup W•tlt a crytnl gu•b o crfiow I hlow tho bellows I f01ge the steel, In all the shops uf trade, I hamm~r the 01 e, and turn the wheel, '\\here m 0 arn'\ of strength ate made, I mn.n1ge the furnnce the rmll, the nunt, I c 1rry, [ spm, I we l\e, i\.n•l all my tluong< I put on prmt On evcrJ morn and e' e I l'\C no muscles to we 11 y, no brcn.st to decuJ, 1\ o hones to be H hurl on the shelf/' An 1 ~oon 1 mtend you lilllj 'go to play'' \lulc I man 1,;c th~ V(.Ulld myself, llut }Ial ne'8 JU{ titJWll W1th jOUr 1r0n bands, Be ~me ot J 1UI curL anJ rem, I or I scorn the strength etf your puny hands, As the tempest scotns a chn.m D)mg amon~ Wnends. Letters Under tbe Stump, ~ BY WALTER SCOTT NUMBER ONE A romant1o place is tbis-Kmg•ton on the Hudson Hard work IB it to Write under a stump 1 albe1t write I mUllt 1 and as I muse shadows are piWl!ng befor~ me 1n rev1ew. Long hu.a 1t been wlth me a. custom tq roam and rny favorate haunt is tho old oa;k: stump. Beneath ita wide, spreading toota r sat fOI' hours dreaming happily (W.outii that life wu a dream, notj& stern real:ty '' Kingston, ov the Hudson, 1853. 'l'he Tl'itling Yon~~g Lady. 011 bright sunny mornfnga I was w wander along the 'l'waalts-kill J J see my face refteeted upon m mi face I loved the quiet stillness of the place Oft I scattered crumbs upou tho waters fur the httle fishes who would dart r-apidly for- ward to seize tho prize One day a ~tro.nge, and beautiful sun-fish came-he was larger than the rest, and by the law of \might is right\ he appropriated the food to himself- The ltttle fishes draw back nnd steadfastly eyed me askance-there was a look of' d<sap pomtment within their eyea, and I pitted them Tben I hkened that naughty mtruder to mau -the strong man who domineers over Ius fel- low After that I passed on with an 1dea Miss Augustina:::_;-;~yo~ng 1;;nF yer ;,;f'l\!ll her teens and possessed of great personal'·\\'\\' anf:i.cip~>tit•r; ty of which she is well aware. She is deficient tn intellect, although the natural seven mlles long in my cranmm. When the sun came forth, and his heat caused the \hoppergrass\ to sing, then I r&. chned upon the shady banks, and viewed the flowmg creek that glulcd on so calmly, so nOiselessly ( \Vould that hfe passed onward so peacefully devoid of til ) One day the sun slept behind a cloud, the low wmds moaned fearfully, and npon the d!U'k bosom of the waters was pictured the sombre gloom Gf mght Such said I IS man, now bask1ng m Fortune's rags-now strug glmg through the stmms of advers1ty These sage observations were on the eve of thronging my poor bram w1th queer fanCies, and 1magmary tbeorws, when suddenly an old man stood befi,rc me I wns glnd of 1t I had now something to reheve the tedoum of pb!losophtcal comment Now thought I my -- Here the thought was broken into five pice· es fraetwnul by h1s abrupt c,;:clamation of Eureka 1 in a sharp querulous tone I surveyed h1m from head to foot He was very old-hO;us were wlute nnd thin upon h1s head-hts eye ahonc w1th a pt•eternatural brilllancy and a singular expression ht up h1s sallow, wrmkled features Hts hallll>ments were the ho.bohments of pol crty-extreme poverty with 1ls hard griping clasp From whence m t thou 1 questioned I He laid hiR bundle upun tho gtcund, and supportmg Ius tottermg form upon an oaken powers of her mind have beoo sadly weakened hy the p13tty tuflin_g ptttsnits of her life Balls, parties, theaten~ and operas occupy her thonghta, wben ~e hltll not on hand flirtation to di!'PIMe them f'or a, time She bas never laid up a stOre m knowledge of kind, and as natnre p;blfors vacuum, her is cramm'4 With b1ts of trashy novels scraps romance slmtiment, and all such weakly ac- cessories that go to form and complete the character of the trifler Her affections are easily won, beco.u~e, placing very little value upon them herself, she IS ready to pr(;smnt( them to the first fool who asks them, and ready to take them away to bestow them a second who apphes for them. fl'aving principle of integrity in her character, the olatJon of her word, however solemnly pledg· ed, forms no bar to her ln the al!hirs and om ces of love Bho wtll pledge her heart to a half a dozen nt a time, and when circumstan- ces happen to expose the dnplieity of her duct, she nlfeots surprise that all her admirers wore not awa.ro that she was funning all the tlme The best soundest-hearted man may be deceived by the blandishiJ)lmt of a. girl nnd really a true and honestr atta.ebment for her The discl)very of such a passion in ally of her admirers is rare sport for her, and she entries on the war of the feelings with consummate skill, until sho got the poor fellow mto the condition of a slave, to use for her mirth -and laughter Of the two, though flushed W:lth tnumph, we pity the deceiver more thau the deceived. He bas only had the weak:nes& hetro.y an honest devotton , she the audaatty to exhibit Without a blnsb, the otter lack of moral pdnciples and integrity of character H1.1ppy ts the man who escapes the snares such a being ::~~---+- __ ___,__.,_._~ Dissolution or tile Uruon. staff, he slowly rrmcd h1s bony hand and In Jus address at Camhr1dge a few months pomted \Ith lus finger toward the horizons since, Dr Bethune said ' Suppose for verge See st thou to yon d1stance where melancholy moment, tnat tbts beautiful econo· the •ky, the wood, the land, all seem to meet1 my ol exchange were br@ken np-that the 1 ea 1 Western valleys were shut out from the sea Well then turn thy gaze toward yon east- by adverse g~vernments, that those on the ern hill from hehmd whence breaks forth tbo coast were hemmed mto thmr own narrow hght of day I am not from thence, for my hmots by hoat!le forts along the mountam dwellmg IS more distant far than earth's hor- r1dges-that between the North a.nd South izon, or the course of the mighty sun Beyond there were neither Cvmmerctal nor moral sym· the seas, where mortal tre11deth not, I tread p11thy-that at every State line passports Invulnerable, mysterwus and alone, I wander were demanded, and a to;rdf set-who mttst ~ Somebody has sent ~ the folllm'ing. was :written in a lady'a hanlt and itith mk bf the mosl; sanglline hue We &n•t1Jaf'tlia~ u was ever in print beflll'e : ., I clasped her tiny hand in mine, ' I embraced her slender fol'lll I vowed to shield her from the 'wind 1 And from the world's cold storm. She get her beantion~ ey~s on tne, The teat-s did gentl;y flaw, And with he~ little li~ sbe l!llid \Dod lila.!!t ;rou, let me go !\ ' ~ Mrs Partington, tele,grapltiJg ~m Cape May, where she is extemporary iuJJmim· for the approving of Jl>,r health, l!lljS • \W c h&ve three hydrometel'll constantly in the shade, but don't do one might 0 • good, its not less than 54 40 in the sun this minute.- The doctor says I may e:;tpect either a conva• lesence or a coYaps9-\'-b:Ut I h 10 ve tJ,rgottea Which-in a few days These dootmis aro~~ ~(} reserved ln their mMoers to patience tbwt 1 shouldn't wonder if I had both \ ~ We atill have a livelJ' reMll~ctioh 9f the way in which a South Se& Islander seU1e!i a ce:se of concience The misl!ionary lih.d re- buked him for the sin ofpolig91lly iLI!d bMII'A! much grieved After a day or ~o, h~retnm· ed, his fuce radiant with joy-''Me .ru r1gbt One w1f\ Me very good Cbi'istian \ \Wbat did you do 1rith tbe other'~>' a~keil tne IOISS!Onary ''Me ent her up l\ ~ A corre!!Jlottdent of the Bostotl Mail, lv1'itmg from New York, says: \They smoke and drmk in Pl:tilo.delphia by force of exam• pie- here they do It by rnle ' AsK' a man how far to the Hiypodrom9-\'-:flve to twelve drmks 1 Boy bow farte the Park-about two c1gars and a half I\ ·~~~\\-\~~· ~Au Irish servant obserVIng her Jllis- tress feedmg a pet female canary, ask<Jd \J:!ow long it took thew craters to batch 1\ Three weeks, ' was the rep!J ' Ovh, spre, th4t is the same as any other fowl, except a pig 1\ It is a sad thing to feel that yon must die I arnon.g the sons of men not shrink from descr1hmg the terribleeireum· ~Jt is Sllid that there are people tn the \M;ountain d1str1et' of Kentucky IQ green, tbal they followed a wagoll wh1oh hllppened to pasg that way, twenty mdes ·~ust te ~ee -whether the hind wheels would overtaks the front ones \ away from your horne Tell not the mvahd, I gazed upon the speaker with astonish- stances; stagnation of trade; the silence who 18 yearmng after his distant country, ment He was now mvcsted with a new brotherlv counsel 1 the constant feuds,· the -A lafi I · I ~•a » • that the atmoophere around him is soft -that h te I b J .....,.. 11 0 og'! camp am ng U1 :u'\' timet, c arae r saw efure Df\ the or•gmal reM· multtphcatwn of arm1es 1 the Cam-hke. el!ter- and wondering how b1s vonng neighbor man· the gales are filled wttb balm, and tho flowers t 1 d ' l Y o my reams mmatmg wars, the overthrow Qf law by mal); aged to succeed so wonderfnii'J, remarked that arc springmg fwm tbe gt•een earth, he kn•>Wtll Th 'd 1 h <>n, sat , t ou art no common place tary dictators 1 tho utter ruin of all that the latter apent enou.,.h moue.,. in aii(JIJ'i'tiM.- that the softest a1r to his heart would be t 1 p h ,. ~ 0 mm a er aps thon mayst be an mbabtt- makea ns prosperous at home and res:J)I)(Jtelll to break any man 1 ; •ur that bangs over his native land; that more ant of the spmt land, claimmg no relation abroad, the sure catastrophe, moral na. grateful than all the gales of tbe south, with th1s terrestrial universe ttonal death I 0 that those wh<t for any rea· ;t~ \Hello 1 say, 1rhai did you say ~r breathe the low whispers of anxious afFection E k 1 Th k 1 k uld • Oh .,., ure a ou spea est tru y iu the first son 1 tal lightly of dissolving this Union Wo cure •\ \ , lt'll eue elfll'l1• that the very ictcles clmging to h1s own eyes, sense-falsely m the latter Man is 10 con· would cons1der the Immensely grea.ter u and the BMW beatm .. agamst his own win· t • 1 H \Ah II I'll '-- L 1 M L • \ a spm 1mmorta IS soul forever such a rupture would' inentably cause, the we , tn;,., a uott e \'\\ tt'll dows, would he far more pleasant to h1s eyes soars through unexplored etbermm An m- awful gmlt 1t would brmg npon themselves I hep,l rr~y \haute they peed it bll11 enough.\ than tbe hlonm and ve1•duro which only more compreLenoible comLmation 1 s this-matter, Whatever m~ be the cant of words, no form by 1 emmd him how far he IS from that mind and soul A Will e1tbcr s~ern or un· of law could ever kindle the torch of snch one •pot winch IS dearer to h1m than the Jd 11 y•e 10g moves 11 The energies of man are cendJar1sm, no lover of pe11ce provoke amlb hesul~ He may mdecd, find estimable t d • I \ ''\electable Dd~r Y~u ·p~ ~ SW\\t •\~· never a rest urmg the ong hours of sleep _.ratrictdal slaughter, no lover of fre~edom'pl.ot v \\ - ~ a·~ ~~ \'\ \\\'\ fnends, who will do all m thetr power to Pl'l· hts mmd ts e\et actow fur we find when sud- for such general slavery. no lover of God and honey WOllld blush in your p:0051!DCI!, awllllO• mote his comfort and assuage his pnms' but denly awakened that 1t ts m as full operation man undermme the emment watch•tower lasse• would stand tmappall~d.\ they cannot read as m a book the mute Jan- b 11 f as tt 1s w en a o our powers are aroused - whose hght ts now sheddmg ove:r the world iilrTh guage of his face • they have not learned Even death is but a change-a trans 1 tory such bnght prom1se of a untVffSal brother· e Bosten Post, spealtil'ig o{tb.~ pro• watt u o I h b t d t • t b 99eanic tele=aph, wonders ........ ~hep t .. e P n ns a 1 8 an an lmpa e IS change Immortality never d1es , what mat- hood Were 1t poss1ble that an American'--··'~- .,- \\\\ \ \ and be has not 1 d tu 1 transmitted tiJron.,.h ~~•t watew '...tn bo earnc commumcate, w1t 1· ters 1f the worm feeds upon the tenement of womb could be so cursed, as oo bri~ furth so ..., \\' • \ v out hesitahon all h•s wishes, unpress10ns and So the good mans death ie a boon-a diabolical a monstet, and the ma:lignnnt Eros f'resh. tboughts to them. He feels that he 1s a boon , to the unholy 1t 18 a leap-a tro.tus oonld be successful, a loud, ~There is a talll:ellow, With ~A1gbt gor, and a more desolate feelmg than that fearful leap in the dark Eureka I The way heaven-complam1ng cry would go u,p ha1r, down East, a whiteMl', wlio dip!l' his Ce>uld not vis1t !tis soul How much is el<· t di h 1 h • th h o e ng t IS to !Ve rig t earth swelled by gene~ation after generation, >n e w t~wash and !.'Una l'01i1ld tlie pressed by that form of oneutal benEdiCtiOn, In thy last sense. I clatm bemg from my until the final fires hav.e swept to he'll u.ll trlt.· to \de the ce1linm.\ may you dze among y(Jl),r lmtdred mother earth L1ke others the saps of decay cea of human crime: \AnathemU:1 Anathema! l A Paris1an Ta•iek. undermme my existence ' That wh1ch 1s of Anathema' ~aranatha t•• B\ Wee notice in a contelliplll'ai.J!s ~1· the earth is earthly\ In. a few days my body ntnns, au adverbi5enJent fur a hnsb&nW'; w11llie bcn~ath the green sod, but even then 'I'be Hu1lson Country Seats \None need apply, uudermfeet.''·)l'lieia· willtt be useful--it Will st11l perform its des- dy go\ls in for hy-men. There are forty castles upon the Hudson, to !tned end It mmgles w1th tbe dust, and the oue old Gotbto Shattered tower upon the 11nm\ 1 .,.,.....Snails fi'\ on ·•r _..._ th •-· dehcate fiower,.~>r the grassy spray that peeps -....., · \\ \\ Jl..n.uoflll!lli,~ e.....,t but gr1m tron gloved barons, W1th ge,~en•lo~iic; qel'c Tl. '- '-• p came h1m, made a 26th for his own pe>sonal covertl,y forth, partakes of the wanderer's . t acy. 1-\fll ¥a .,roug .... tQ a~· a! trees rooted m .Saxon soal, had OOlift!_llg _I~O IS from Ul th D b ..,,_ fls use Tbe mdlVldual who bad given the order body Nothmg then is anp1bilated The tall m, on e ann e. .. .. o 'ffll'vor is An elegantly dressed gentleman ordeted some t1me ago at a batters twcnty·five bats of en· urely new form The maker, wheu they were :flmshed tried one on. and found that1t be· with their erection Tbev are the 'd. t b t• bl 1 called punctually for the hats, and patd cheer- monarchs of the wood fall crashing to the • sat 0 e-nnu ,era e of men who have, in nine cases out full;y The neltt :Sunday the weather being ground' tbe~r substance dJaappeats but af made thett own fortunes and af ~Since the new divorce biU ~nt inte ver;y fine the hatter gave his new head-pwce yon woll wh1sper to tbe mfant oaks whiCh £ • . . h Cl \'I V\b break the sandy BOll they Will breathe the grand a there, they can give no very operation m Ohio, marriages are ,Placed under an a1rmg m t e mmps r. ysees ·v en at account of them If one of th'em the head of' limited partnerships\ the Road Pmnt, he saw several persons ad<Jrn•edJ name of the parent •tem Then all is chan\'e d I ~elrieltol9~(i6!1lo I o ent y ventures to chmb the tree I! ed w1 th the coverings he bad made Olle -change~easeless change telling of a final upon one branch of it he ~ The Last Toast ~Woman-The Ja.t came up to him, and sa1d, with a peculiai\wiok: resurrection E\u1eka 1 The way to riser•,.ht d a.nd liest of the ser1 'es-Ifwe ma\'hav.lhel'ftlr \ ter, an npon another a \ \A good d~ for booty, this and no hooks a. is to fall right. ! Hence they are not ail•dicted toast we W'On't IISk for ally but,.ber. 1 bout ' ' Dear me, thought tlnl hattel', f won- Aged pilgrim 1 was my exnlamation Mos~ ' such feats of agility. An old V~·g\n~an · h der if 1 had been making bats to serve a wonderful man 1 Comhinatwn of impossibili· \\\\\\\ Somebody says the :MissisSippi as tleman at such work, is as aeth<e as a - ing signal to members of a secret society taes! W he1eby art thou thus enlightened~ raised one foot When it raises the othl!l', lt rei , but the plethoric bulL> and }jears Rather concerned. he k pt on h1s walk Un- Every gray hair of tlune is fraught With un• \' run. like it Hence nemly all those superb ~-~-~---~--~· der the Arch of Tr1umph. he saw other indt• derstandmg Tell me how I can learn thy - k I d 1 \' b h d rf try b'2_uses that cover the banks of the A man lately put :his do,. to bed &nd vtduals sporting other spemmens of his now e ge \ ere as t e won e ul sprmgt e h A h d d b I son belupg to men of no aneestrj\l -r.e.p,ltJ~j t:~:a~h~: 1 :ms:;lll~:c down st.airiu be diet ~n• \'--y. new style One came qmckly ebind hilll, s a e passe overt e o d mau s face-- I\ , ~~•-\ S f I k t I h Stmth speculatedJudicJOusbr ill tar, until nllXt mornin\\. and satd • Here put these in your Deen on o man see .no to earn t at whl<lb • ~ \ .,, , s built yontter Italian villa, :a~o<WD ~L1Jil~~_g~1Hi and these, and these • He banded h1m three be h1dden from human understandmg •• I five h unilted thousand .barrels of' p1:Jl>C~ler<~~:~lf(•{o;~;;;~o~~~~~; watches whh broken cba•ns, two purags and Know edge although in one Bense (1. blessing, live ba.ndkerch1efs The hatter llDW has ever been o. curse te the wo~ld. Dark mlrably, married a fashiOnable woml!il, h . d then c~used that pretty house on the clearly enough the sort of soc1ety Wt~h which mac mattous, oop crimes and vicious destgns h P 11 _, h •- _ <;lrected A popular $hap chandler, he Wlli5 m league He haotened to the nearest ave ever m oweu t e rootsteps of learning, \fllhi'~e!l~q}:&l M I Whlte and green mushroom\' Commissary of Pobce, and the en earn to ~m more refinedly- to commit • d b • f . stros1ty m that valley put pickpocket& were speedily lodged m jail VIOO un er t e ex tenor o great mtellectual d endowments and h 1 gh literary attainments _ greasy sboli' 111 M~tTJ.i;et 11treet all( ~ When you mdulge in bard though Beware 1 Seek not to penet)i!Lte the veil Thou fam!ly to _Sara__:_:_.__to:.:'g~o.-'-:--:-~~:\-~- or harsh exprcmous aga1ust your neighbor, 1 know est enough for tli 1 for the deeper ~Wealth is tiiil sum which gives el:5ilj thmk m your OWl\ faili~g!!, aud be moderate thou goest, the more e beeomes myster.y tent, be it one dollar otthoiisands, I

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