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8': A. nl!W l'!tllt offi~ has be® establil\h- ml-.tPl~Ridge;in th6 town of IJruon .I:>!Uo~ OJNnty, 1l,nd Isaac Lattimer, 1\!tq. Pwtmi post master. ... The govEl'l'IJDlent fins ilhat the @liptiOilltQllllk<>ma~>; to ip,e lt!!-~tell, t~» olO!e of this year, will 55,00ll. ~ • ~Tho Empergl\ t>fthina. is !D. W.. year-l>he Emt\01'01' of Alilib!i& 20--the w. of~& 20. ~ i.'l.®gin&l> i'iile ~'~l;~!3~ ' . tJUrd oUhel'tople oHlia 'lfocld. \·\\.~v;\'e>~f 0 'fi;y.L' '\ \='• 1iJ;I: The defendants, in the eleotiop. fraud J--!P•:>Kl!l~:'H~uli;s~,~F~e;Ull<<~ea, \dFessed .,;hafts, malle- eas~ ia New Yotk fuoV!! bean h~d Ul b•llil The brass and stlver bands, broad and ·1 :li lace, pl~>ted and .fapmmed knobs, cur- CIIS1t h!ti> now gone before the Grand Jiury or top props &o stump jomts, oar- its anliion. h!llts, fift.h wheels, dash fi>ames, •·onn •n.nw••- 41nameled cloth, patent leather, ml ~ A bully, marked, \New Yor!f outer &c bu=,\ was found on the be<1ch on Thursday HARNESS TRIMMINGS. 'J Phtted and common harness, Japan\d\ brass and laat, near the St. Johns (Florida) ~>Igu•·lsiher trees, buckles, terrets, gag runner., pad hem.._ houk!i l!Jld ~orews, IiOU n.mt bm~B martmg11lo rings, and o. var>~ty of ro!llltte orn!illlont.\l, WQb. fii!5!: The member!! of the South qa~olin& bmg bitto & sn<>ffi••• &c &c. r,r ....J.e ~~>t Legislatura ID\e agitating the questi<>n of gi:v· PAYNTAR & REYNOLDS', mg to the p~>ople the election of Presjdential Wall, near North Front St., K.ngaton Electors.-~-~~~ Kingston Academy. ~Application will be made to the Leg- THE Winter Term of this I nstttutton Wilijcom- islattlre this winter f'or the inco~poraition of mence on Tuesday, the third day \Of J'&nnary next, o.nd eontinue fourteen weeks The Prm- Elmira as o. city cipal Will recetvc 11 limtted number mto hiS fnm- >ly, and over them n pnrental care nnd Circulars may be had on apphca- PrmOipt>l p;3; A boy Will drowned in Witjkh11m's Pond, in Wanrlck, O\ran.ge Co , on Sunday, lith imt., while skating\' ~An observmg old gentleman in Boston informs the editor of the Roston (lru;etttl, that the coming winter will be <> mild one. 12, 1853. R A CHIPP, Secretary New Books at Keator's. Helen Mulgra:ve, or Jesult Executorship The Monk's Revenge, or the secret enemy The Forged Will, or criiDe and rctrJbutwn For sale by D P KEIATOR, Kingston, Dee 23 001' Wall & J oh.n sts SLEIGH BELLS 1 SLEIGH BELLS' J:E:l:\ The first shad of the season was -oaught m New York bay on Saturday, nnd served up at the St Nicholas Hotel onSunday li?'£\ The oldest preacher in the world is Rev Robart F!eoober, of London, who 111 Feb rua.ry ...,,.6 wll! be 107 years old P WNTAR & REYNOLDS have just I'ecmced a MW and large aasortment of sleigh bells, strapped and loose, of n!lsiZes and qualities, at the new Hardware store, \\Vall st near North· Front, Kmgston 81 ~Rev. Antoinette L .Brown lectures be- fore the Rondout L.brary Associa.t~on this evening. J:;J£: ThB Urggon Spectator est1mat6H the population of the Terrltor;y at 40,000 ~ Ten dollar bill& alwred from uno~ on ~he Jell:erson County Ba.nk are in mrcnlation ~~~-~~~~~~-~ . ~ Prin~.,. Albert hn• adopted the Amer- ican reaper on hts model farm ~ The postage stamps sold la~t year amount W,$1,629,269, envelops, $295\292 09 ~The Nova. Scotians are about to hold \' Pronnc1al Industry Exhibition. j ~~~~~~--~I lfif!iJ:\ There are seventeen Jesuit in the Uruted Sta.tes. Colleges Ulster County Agricnltural. Soo~ety. The Executive Conumttee of th<> Ulster Coun- ty Agncultm al 8oetety, nre requested to meet at the Hutel of S BnowN, m the village R:ingston, on TFIURSDA Y, December 29th, at 2 o'clock P M , for the purpose of nwartfing pre- miums on Farms and Crops Esopus, Nov 28th, 1853 J' ARNOLD, li'res•t II R RAIL ROAD TIME TAJlLE. The iollomng ta,ale shows the time of the ar- rival of all the trams at the Rbfuebeck Depot. Sour, Mwh & Ohio, Extr .. Sup Genesee W1ieat, Ohio do e a.nadian do WEDNESDA,., ;Dee 21. FLOUR. 6 liQ I $tate, 7 00 Fan Geue••e, S llS: Indian Meel, ll'RA!ll $1 811 R.ye, 1 70 Oats, 1 61 Corn, PROVlSI<HIS $13 37 M.s Beef, mty, $1o 00 Mess Pork, PPime do' Butte~. beat, L&rd, Cheese, 11 00 Do coUlitry, 10 00 l9e a 2(} Prime, city, 6 00 9c a 10 Do cnnntry, It 62 Sc o. 10 Smok~<f Beef, 14 00 La.,rge Lota of Glaa Wa~. G LASS Fruit and Presen:edishes,Candleaticks, BUtter Plaws wltb snd mthottt cov.>rs, Net Wtre Di>lh Covers, Patent Glass Lantel'lll!, Tumblers, &e &c JUSt reoetved a11d for \\le at t;he Tin, J'~po.n s.nd GlMS W ...-e Eatabliahment of li G SHOOK B UPl!AI.O D:OBES;-.A lagre lot Just received au<l:loct \\1\ by SCII ~I>FER FIRE INSURANCE. 'l'lt~ §U!1QCR1nt!R~ A..flRNT FOR TY:D \Aetna Insurance Oo.\ Rartf'ord, Conn. Cash Capital $350,000 THOMAs K BRACE, Pres THo'• ALEXANDER, Sec y \Ham!! InsnrRnM Co\ of New York mty, Cash Capital $/>flO 000 B L LooMt!'i .. Pres 0H.A.RLES J MARVIN, 9ce~y Wfil ;fnsurc BuilJinJ!;B, :r..fcrchan{lizc nnJ PC'r <:onal Pr( pcr.ty n~um3t loss 01~ damnge l J F1re upon faYor~tble terms C S CLAY, Ap:ent, 0 li HULllEH.T, Snrv~y<>r Kmgston, Dec 1, 1853 y30 New Books at Wynkoop's H OT CORN-Life scenes 1ll New\ urk, 11 lustra ted, mclud1ng the story of Little, Katy &c Homes of American statesmen ThePatiphu8 Papers, a repnnt from Putnam'B nagazme Golden D1•enms nn<lleo.den renhtlas, by Rnlpb Raven A day in the c•ystnl pnlace, anrl how to make the most of It, by W t.: Richards, A M History of the Insurrection m Chma, by J'ohn Oxenford The Cz:tr anti the Port&, by F• an cis Bouvet Life of BenJ\lD.Ul Robert Hayden, b.istortcal pamter. History of Greece, by George Crote. Loms 17th, b1s life, sutfermgs and death, by a de Beauchesne :Merkland, by the antor of l\!\ttland Charles- Auuhertee, a memorml Helen Mulgrave, or J esmt executorship Clouded Rappmoos, I' novel Dec Depew Etq , Mr ABRAM JunsoN to MA.aTaA J, youngeat daughter Vandover, all of Denruug Dec 13th, saugert1es by Rev F Selhok, JA.M\\ MAUlE$ te MARGARET DE&'llY, both of th&t place Secontl door south Cl~rk'6 Office, KU!i11®lD'U'®Illl 0 !l9o JOHN 0 , COUNSELLOR LAW, Office m Wall Sl:reel, ucond door nort\ Ulster C!o :&mk, KINGSTON, N. Y. FREDERICK W. POOL», Manu.faohrrer of and D6!1.l.nr in MARBLE, SCUlPTUREIJ & fOliSHED STONE ~~t;!~~d':d w @ Iii! ll\: • ,..;. ; •••.•• ;, Monuwmts &: Tomb·st~ ifc all kinds, Marble 'I'ablea. Slabi &o. Fhzr Street, QppO!nte Method'lst Ep.stopal Church, --~~~~~K=·~~~~n,N~=¥=·~--~~-- PAYNTAR ~·REYNOLDS. G:F!NERAL DEALER~ IN t Hardware, Iron & Steel, Cutlety, WA4L. STREET, Nec>r North-Front Street, King81on &c. AMERI~~p~ HYHOTEL, GENTLEMEN'S EMPOilliM. OLIVER G. DUBOIS, ICc1rnElrofSt Ja.m.esSt. &Rondout Avenue. :NEW FALL AND KINGSTON, N y WINTER GgoDS I Jl\\f'Board by the day or week Accommo- THE SUDSCRI:BER adoptet)!i.smethod ofan- Unttons go~l _ Term_!_ m~lern.te ~~--...,.,+--~\\' I. nounmng to lh~ fr1ands .a11d. :the _pubhc gen- U erally, that he has received from New York, !urge, splendid and b(,nutlf'ul ~>Ssodment Spnng and Summer jloods, wllich he wlll be extremely hnppy to ftll'Illsh to those who may choose to extend tolilin their patronage, on the WHOLESALE DEALF.R'S IN Roots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Robes, Ground Colf~e, Spices &c. Wall street, near North-Front street, lf\J~®@'ii'©!ro, !iii 0 w 0 Rodney :lv. Baldwin, WtlZ.am .M: Hayes, Lucas E Schoonmaker ret>SonrLbl~ terms. Among his stock may be :.fuund American and Engllih Clothe, Drab'ta, - Doeskin, Oa~inlllres,. Oa!!lj!n~~tts, Alapacas, Lmen Drills, ... c. &e, ot'\Vbl9h w•ll bll m11de order in tl.tG EPIIIUJLM TREADWELL & SON'S neMiesli anti most at th~ BISCUIT BAKERY, ~~~J:l~~~~\~ un 27& fflashtngton, co~ fVarren, and 104, W'n~--r READY· MADE TC'll sts J\ .. cto l 7 or!. Soda D1scmt, Doston Crn.ckera,.. ot M1lk Bu;cu1t Hutter CrackerS~ W1ne BlSCUlt, Water Crnckt;:t'.iiill Dutter lhscuit, Ptlot Ureitrd.,- Supar Crackers, Nav1 Dread~ New York, June 24, 1853 511 ERA STlJS TITUS, :BISCUIT AND CRACKER BAKER, 283 ll\asht>~glvn St, .!l-eu .fotk Soda Btscmt, Sugar Crackers, Butte! B1scmt, Water do Wme BIBCUlt, Boston do P1Iot Dread, Navy Bread, &o. New 1 01 k, Juno 24, 1853 lily RUDOLF STEEGER'S, SH! VING, HAIR ~UTTING Ulltno;ntl·•·J AND tiD!II&JrrrrP®®illiDlf® W !ill Street, {one door County Hous~e,~>;!_~~st•~n, Being unde~ his immediate superVISion, nopttlliS ffillt.Aid wlll be spared to gt ve Batusfa:c-t10n to all who way favor h1m with thmr pat<on11ge. , PETER J DAVIS, .nnrn •. n nu sores hal_!' CU!._nr Ahnmpo~~ ttpl!!ttlfR The Fall Trade. NE\'VV' \YOR.EE. WHOLESALE GROCERY STORE: J AMES H EI.MORE would embrace nn op- port®ity to inionn h1s f':dends, acqua.intan ces and the pnblic generally, of Ulster and adJommg countiil!!, that he eontmuea the whole- Bt>le Grocery busmoso at the late stand of EL· MORE & ZA.nttiB.IUE, • (108 Murray-street, New York,) the North Rwer, where ho solicits the of the \ountry Merchants, aSBllring he feels confident of bOifi$ able to Goods of as good quality \lld UJ<On as vorable terms as 1tny bouse in the cit;!' He is now preparing for th,e Fall Trad:e, by ,na.ki.ng large add1tiona of art1cles in his line, such as .At the old stand of DaVId Conklin, Crown-at. kingston, Nov, 1853 3ly 0. S. JENJST:EN'GS. WATCH AND JEWELRY STORE, No. 94 Fnlton Street, N. Y. selhng all descripttons of Gold and Watches, Jewelry and Sflver Ware, at much less than the nsual prices ROBERT ROSKELL. WATCHES, Real ltqBERT RusKE.I.L W:>tches, each warran· ted parfrrot time-ke-eperl!. j!W\COOPElt WATCRES.~ Duj>itll1 u.nd Levers, in hunting eases, perfect time·keepers. Independent Second and Quar- ter-Second Watches, m gold buntmg cases, for tumng h<>rses. LAnm•' ENAMEL WATCHEs-Sotue In hunt- full jeweleil $2ll Lever•. full JOWeled 28 Leve:t's, frotri $35 to 46 ra1;em Levet··o, hnntmg cases 75 as 20 12 TIN, JAPAN AND GLASS \'VVA~ THE SUBSQRIBER haP£<JRstantly ~...._ .., .• ..-.nnhanrl good aS!OI tmoift of Tm, \1!)\ I.J:aii!;ned Ware, wh1Qh he ofl'tn's Inw, ex<!hang'e n>rRags, Old C<>pper, Pewt..;, Sheepskins, Veal Skim, D e,.'~:'~_';_~~·'\\· Htdes, F<>x Skins, ~···-·• _Coon Skm:S 1 na~r, Ttull!, Geese and Hens Feathers, Bees Wax, Socks, Stockings, Woolen Ynrn, Dned Apples, and all kmds of Produce, and W>ll even take CASU to accommodate his customets ~Store lately occupied by P H Van Keu- ren,one door l'l'est of G. Cooper's Tobacco Fac- tory, West Kingston HENRY G SHOOK Kingaton, Aug 12, 185!1 12ly N EW BOOKS, NEW BOOKS -A selection from the correspondence of the late Dr Chalmers -Edited by his oo£1-ln-law, Rev. w. I.Ho.J11la, L D :Rondout, 181>8 au~d~~i~~~f~i:~~lt_vwee~ Cr1bS., &o &e • Coffins (}f all siZes and qua1lties, always on hand, or Diade to order <>t the shortest notice Chairs, Chairs, Chairs. • From 11 th1•ee ilhllling chlld'a chliit, to th~ quality of Mri.hogany Also a complete nssot•t- ment of Looking Giassell, fur an,r price n c:uaoomer WlBhea,-from one- shilhng up He wpu#l rcJOPectfully so1i01t all those wlsh ing any thing in his lme oo give btm a call, be· lievmg he can make it the~r mtcrest to pprcb· ase ofhlm • ll P DECKER. Rondont, May,l851i l·tf TO SPORTSME~. T HE UNDERSIGNED has tl\l!ml the li!hop North.;Front stl'eet, (rooentlr. ®Un~ued :Mr. John Vignes,) where liB ttill keep a a!!!lortment of Sportmg Mat!\r!ill, Bl!oh a$ ~ GIJNS, PISTOLS, POWDER, SHOT, and every thing connected mth the trade. nrrm~~~~$u;;;ch as &c, ll'tr Hallenbeck has been in -the G,oceH'; h®: mes§ fo~ the last e:tght yenrs, and he l.to!!e~ ihnt stri(l't llttentwn to humneas will give him a share Qf pubhe patrona-ge All goOds l!ol:d 'Itt this Store >tre warr&nted Goodi! deliterM id nny part of the VIllage it. R. HAJ,LENBECR:, Kingston, Jttne, !£58. 2ly New Arrangemen:tt J OHN VIGNES, wonld respl!1ltfnlly announce to hill friends, jlUStomer$ and the -pdblio gen- erally, that he has purcha~ed the if ew.elry~ stocli, matllrlal§, &b. of the estate ol: the l:l.te B. F V-allet. :t1l:d rented the store formerly tlceu- puld py him, wher~ he mll contil).ue the busmes.s m all 1ta bianches By umting hiS OWn former stoc1t wlth tllat purohasell, 1>f Watelles 1 Jewelry, Silver Ware, &c, he IS enaliled to offer to the people 11t ~W'l and the surrounding cbnntr;t' the targest and best ass(}rtment of GooJs e>ei' brought into thill Village, Thnn'kfhl fo1• past favors, he trusts that the necp~sary large -out}..y in e:~Jeud»lg hi~ bnaiil.ess mll be met to some extent by a correJ3Ppndin~ increase of pnblie patronage. The old ~n~tom­ ers ofMr Vallet t>re inVIted to clillusiiete~ore. Jl!fl!'\ All work warranted to be done ~litl.le best mfl.llllllr, With detiiatch, n.nd o:a limQo:aablu te!<ln§ l&;ggtoh, August 4, 18M • As the subsimber ha,s no ntber business on b>tnd partlcula::r attention: will be g1ven to work, both new alld rap'!l.il'mg-a:lid ns the se!lllon of riDe shooting is nea-r, he would say -to those who thurk ofbnJ\Rg' 1.'xy before yon buy, and in rRtJ>t.A try1:ng Tew.embeJ\ ~ 'Tis lends eruiliantment to the view, And. tnes the make of niles too kri.ow our guns n. word bnt to thuse who do not wn\'\' t \\~~~~&IE;~ tba warranty includes the bea:tin;g · othe1' make ill the Cottnty Ord~>rs Promptly attended to. Address G'.EO'. P. G'IJNN, Kingsto~ 9r .J F V 8 'l'o:<.I-rt, Catskill Wngston, Sept 8, 1863. 1fily tatiii for Dee do do do. ;t,,, ·,1\J:,; 478. WY:t¢KOOP\S. ' . •

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