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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, December 23, 1853, Image 4

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~,~JIDISS ilr•ttlllln \ should be llrst rubbed gently mtlut woolen cloth and aweet QJl then WJ\Sh ed m waxmsud\' ~d,rubh~d11!'tth &lift leal her o.nd wbtHng Tbu~t treated 1~ w1ll reta.m •till ~f.:~~:: \ beiJ.Ut.Y tQ the l!;st I' ~~·~: ;~:i'J?~'::f New 1ron should h!l very gra.du~lly beo.ted t~~i~~~~~~i~=~~::~,:i~t:~l ;,;r~~;~~lifb~~~~~~~~~~:;;;~; o.~ nrst after •t b!lll become, lnured to the neat r~ ~~iH~1~~:.r~~r-:;iJ It 1s not likely to crack y~;~1!,f,,~,J: It. •s & good ~ to put nqw earthen ware mto cold watel' and let it he!l<fl gradually-until 1t bolls-then cool ~t ag111n Brown eal\then ware, pa.t'ttellla,it)\ ;tDay he ~uehed m th s way A lia.ndfui of eye or !l'lieat bran thr.own In 'll!htle 1t 1l! b9lling will preslorv:e th~ gla.z ng SQ' ~h&t IIi Will not b!l' llestroye~ by amd or •alt Clean hr1111s kettles beforE~ uSing them for cookiBg' 'Wlth salt and vmegar Th~J oftener CR.l;pets are sh~ken the longer thel' willlll'!ial.' the dtrt th!)t collects. under them gru~dJ! out the thi!eadJ! If you \n~h to p:~:eserve :61e teeth always clean them libllroughl;y i!iteJ: ycu have eaten yonr last malll at mght Woolens shwid ba wash~d jln very hot suds ~na ~ll~ ~~ed Luk~warj water shr nks l GaJ;H:halagi>gt•e them Do not wrap kmves atu! ro ks m woolen - }'!xap theut ~ good l!troO$Jll'Wer Steel Is \U Jtmd bf'f.Jing Itt woolen Suet keepa goQd all the ye*r round f !>ho.p ped 11111d packed down 111 a stone Jar and cov ered Wtth molaeses Barley .atrJ>w IS the best for beds dry husks eht tnto'Shredooare better than st..,.,., When mola!lles 1S used 1ll cOGklng tt Is a prodigiouD >mpr!!veroeut to ljo 1 and skim t befora yon use >t It take!' oult. the unpleasant raw taste; and ma\:os 1t alino~t as good as su gat: Where mola~ses '\ used mueh for cook mg 1t 1s well to prepare one <Jr two gallons m th1s way ~tt a. time Never allow aahes to b<>'l!llken up m wood or put mto wood A live coal put mto oold ashes Will bu:rn them over Always ho.ve your matches and lamp ready for use m case of sudden alarm Ha va 1m portanb papers all together where you can lay your hand on them at once m case of fire or any danger ~~--~--~~--- New Jllnte1pr;se H L Ellsworth ex Pateut Comm ss oner s gathermg peach atoneK for which he 1!1 pay mg fifty cents a bushe1 and will plant fifty bushels of them m the center> of a great pra1 ne which he s br,aking up Thete they w II grow luxunently and soOll. bear when he will have the peaches gathered and dl\Iod by w.o men on shares and so for fol\r or five years growrng c<>rn or some otqer crop among them and thus keep ng the land n good con dition Then be Will cut doifn I he trees for fuel nnd have ll. new growth from the root!l Th s he bel eves IB the ohe<!p~.t and qu ckest way to get fuel where 1t s most needed be srde8 prQdnc ng an abnudan<je of dr ed fru t of whu:h there has never beqn half enough n the country Water Proof' Elaeking \ rake 3 ounces of ope:r,n:)ao~Lt and melt In a p pkin ot qther earthep. vessel over a slow fire add thereto 6. draciJ.ms offnd a rub her cut m sl ces and these wlill presently d s BOlve Then add senat m of tallow 8 ounces hogs lard 2 ounces amber varn sh 4 ounces M1x and It 'lnll be fit fur us~ 1mmed ately - 'l'h<> hoobl 6~ olhM maier \~ to ke !r=led 11r~ w <llG n~ 1w11 w obrvv u~11otu >nUh 11 oom mon blnakmg L~ush ~tnd 11. fih~ pol ol 1J! tbe result No Rmn m !f~ru It n<>ver ra ns Jn Peru t!.~ vapors as they ascend from the sea are attruched to the sum m ts of the Cord lleras where they are con deuced mto showera But on the 1 ne of the coast which lies between the sea and the base of those stupandous ntounta lls the ra n never fall• All agr culture IS th<> result of art fi c al m gation But the frequent and fnll streams flow ng from the Cbrd lleras make th s comparat1vely easy S•gm; or R:rln The a r when dry I bel eve refacts more red or heat malnng rays aQd as dry rur lS not perreetly transparent they are agam reflected n the hm'lZon I have generally observed a coppery or yellow sunset. foretell ra n bu~ as an ndlflat on of wet weather approachmg \' noth ug 1s more certam than a hn.lo round the moon, -wb1ch IS produood by the prec p tawd water and the larger the d rcle the nearer the clouds and eonse'luent1,y the m<>re •e;~lly to fu;ll [Davy 1t IS a fact not generally bovm to farmilrs 'that there are two parts m the potato ~h ch f separated and planted at the &ame t me onQ w 11 produce tnb~rs Jit for ths table e gbt gr ten days sooner than the other Tho lima!! end llnmau Sktn T~oery A French hlstOl'ta~a;fd.f' the lh-st rav olut on relates an no d~nt whwh \l!launot fa l to e.il:c te a homd grimace on the face of all who read It He says that at i\lendoa there was a. tannery of human $k ns-bemg the sk ns of unhappy V .CtiDll who had been gu lo t ned Men B skma were tough and good- women t soft Mld good for noth ng L'!!f' Takmg the last census as the bas s of the <>alcnlat on and there are at thiS t me abont su:: hundred million dollars worth ofhYe stock m the U mted States Their value ex eeeds thnt or ill th<l manulactur nO\ esta:bh.sh \' men~ In the C?tllitt)' and also exceeds the cap1tal employed m comme1ce both mland and fore gn .A.G-:B:N'\TS (:; S Clay K ngston G N Van Deusen & Co Kingston and Romlout Sara-ent & Co sole propr etors 31 Old S p New Y k HlJ! CLOCKS WATCHES lAND .'JEWELRY ~~t~[~J~;~,;;[~ Mt J' ohn Vignes would respectfulllfn ;,~oP.nt. nf announce to tlie pub! c that he h s open h s old stand d rectly oppos te 0 R ( lay s Stol'\e and one door nbove J Qgtei'houdt S and Shoe Store a full and splentl d assort ment of ,. Clocks Watches Gdld & Silver Jewelry! l\IUSIC AL I:\STR1Jl\1ENTS PL.fl TED WJlRE .11 'I'D F.1.i\ C y G OODI$ Uf•\IIneco· OF ALL DESCRrPT ONS Gul I Patent Lever Watcl es full JCWI d from !!'< 0 to Goll letached. d lo do do Lep nes JeW d f oru S lver l at Levers full J wl d from to do D acl e l do do do 1 u to lo LepmeoJewl d f w 10 o do Verge Wa ches wn r.an ed fr n o- Gold Cha ns wa ranted from 10 to do Keys do ilo 7o c s to do Breast P ns of nll s zes-new patterns do Ear R ngs f1 om 95 cts to $8 do F nger R ngs f om 8s to 5 do Penc ls from lOs to 7 do Toot! P cks from lOs to 12 Goll and S lver >~pectacles Pocket Kruves Pocket llooks Wallets ~fa ch 6 18o3 at ns and co ntorfe ts Re oro.~\\\' nnd only genu ne art <.;le fears a Sla¥e. SOLOMON NORTHUP a :>ie v I k K dnapped n \'i ash re cued n 1853 from a Cotton n r lle I R ver n Lou s ana n fr rn 8 ~ M to 5 P L ou 0 ltt n ctween 10 Young Ladies' Semi~ary, ~ ::::-~-::!~~~~1!'~~~~~ \«>Wi.I~Y Judge ae 0 ;~:~~=d~~:~:s,:.;;~a~!o;~:ll!~~~~ NOTJCE ~The euilSCTiber MVing h completed 1i s Congress on l Term mfol'tll8 ftJends an<l the pub1ie tltllt he ha.resnmed praetice <>f L>.w n oonneet ott w th Willi8JD S Kenyo\ Esq at his effiee nearly oppoSite t;he Court Hnuse, and ~~nds hereafter to -g~ve SWJh pract ce hJ,S U'l'i{lWlrtiiJ 11,ttention All bu a n~ ent:rnsted to Schoomnnl!:-er & Kenyon -m any <>f tl\' colU'ts of thi&~tatl! l!t .Dfthe Umooil States mll be promptly nnd :fru thfully atie1,1d ed to -K n,gston May 1853 D1$cover es am<>ng the Rllms qf Nmevah and &l!Ylvn by Au~>m li li~i)'ard,ll'l .f, ~~~•li~>Hf NmeVllh am'llt§ :&Wlan•• M~monale oftbe EpgllOh.l\iatt;rt•, by Rev C B Taylor M A Rector oflnl11y i3ufi\ilk F11rn Le!l,Yes from Fanny s po:rt folio A Pastor\s Sketches 2d senes by the Rev J S Spencer D D The History of the RestoratiOn ofMouar\hy m France l)y Alphons0 de Lll!Ilartme vol 4 Marco Paul s Adventures m Poston Just rec~ved at WYNKOOP'S -------- Large Lots of Glass Ware G LASS Frmt and I reserve diShes, Candlesticks Butter ;Plate~ Wlth and WI!>hou.t oove~a Net WIre Di!!h Covers Pl).ten4 U:Iasa J;!l>D,terns Tumblers &c &c JUSt rece ved and for sale at the 'tm Japan and Glass Ware E~tal>lillhmeut of B: G SliOOK. D R GUYSOTT'S CompoundE:d~act of Yellow Dock and Sarsnpartll~ £<>1' the <lnt!l'of Uon Eulhpti<>n Scrofula cuts.ueous ihseases, r)leu mat sm gout general debility dyspepm.a bill tons diseases femalb oomplamta ~head ache colds coughs &ver and ague and all e!lromc aff!lct Q11S artSJ.Dg fr11m thll-.abnse of medirunes For .sale by 0 S QLAY Druggqst D R; JAYNE'B: FA1111LY MEDI~NESoon SISt of J.ayn~ a Expectorant Tome VerllU fug<l SanativeP lls Linlment Hau: Dye Alter. ative C IITIDlnatlve Balsam Ague Pilla H!llr 1 tf M. 8GHOONMAKER W RAPPING- PAPER ii>r sale 1:1y the Ream at WY.iNKOOE'B S EIDLPl'Z POWBERS-A W\Oil arHcl~ ftlr a~le by C S CLAY Dr>l.ggwt THE PEOPLE'S PUSS IH l'DJlLI$BEl}

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