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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, December 30, 1853, Image 3

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F. Nearly opposite the Kmgston,ciflQ. _21}, 1853. CARRIAGE TRIMMINGS. dressed shafts, malls- _~- \-·~·-· bands, broad and Japanned knobs, cur- stump joints* car· wheels, dash frames, palent leather, oil JOHN 0 PEA.AV, COV:NSELLOR A~ LAW, Office m Wall Street, second door north Ulster Co. Banl<t K I 1'r G S T 0 N, ~ Y. ALL ARRANGEMENT passengers. Kings- ton several bourn before of the Delhi stages, and those who to go from New York to Delh1 can be ticketed through for three dollars on board the boat. Thts line offers to the public and the Dairy- men, Drovers, Farmers and merchants of ..,,Tn. DELAWARE AND GREENE, a~~o';::~~~(;~o~:~for stock, fre•ght and market- ;, any other Then customers 1KEM1'ER, 4ND ($UCCESSQI<S TO ANDERSON. ltoM£11 &Co lUllGR:C AND PASSAGE LI:N)ll, Steam D:ETWEEN .lJD WW-YIUlK. Rondout, 1858. New Hardware Store. ~ rP£'ll.W~£m <a ffil]'flill®J.biD~ ~ .a..:a:..x.. s'l:'a:::mET, v Near North•Front street, Jringaton, Wholesale and Retail Dealers m Foretgn and Do- mestzc Hardware, Cutlery, Iron and Steel rec,eiviil!~. and sale, a new ttbovo as not only a FALL R J CROMWELL. •\\'JITT arrangement, as tt wtll be l<;trtl~'!Y,,]: 1 ~n!tn!JBte~l, !BAfiiFJ~1flt ~ ~;(A~lFI ll}iE~~$JRo I co!l.Linu,i!d (!Ur\ng~ltne •!'a•uu of 1854, exccptmg tliietp;~d: reco~ of the- .ltloli.et, of $50. for 'he tlllehdth@t the money. ' a\ The Senate of South Oa~olina hna PIIS!!e~ a bill amending the Ia, we of~hat State \Rome Insurance Co.\ of New York city, rel&ting to th&hnprisonlllent of coleted seamen Cash Capital $500,000 vth!Mtf!:}V'\!'~';:Af~tlt J~~rts. .Jt .];!1'o~l:les~. t'\-t!HtA!l;Lii:!t S L LOOMIS, Pres thay sueh seamen. sh;>Jl not ~e aueil!e<f or ,_ I M.mvnr, Sec'y turbed if of vessels wlll Insure Buildmgs, Merehanr!Jze and Per for and keep P1operty, against loss or damage by Ftre, all a.r;, i,; favorable terms. C S CLAY, Agent, Kl!£1\ P. T Barnum and John 0 ll HUbBERT, Surveyor Kingston, Dec 1, 185S y30 eacli ~en $1,0:60 f<>r the purpose ing a fa.rm for the friencdlesa. chiil(!Jjen up byrMr:. Pease at the Five PointS. ~Mf. Ha:ydock, the .telliPCl'l})lolo; er, ~wn as the ar~:~feil ia W ashlngton, cha.rged ing il\ th<::Bilreeta on the Sabbath New Eooks at Wynkoop's CORN-L1fe scenes m New York, 1!· lusl:Pated; mclndmg the story of Little, ~'I'bs year 1554 begins and .,nds on 1n the crystal palace, nnd how to m\ka Sml!la.y' ther6lltll fito:montbHQ ttleyear that r·~~SF}.iof tt, by w t) Richards A M of the lnsur-.eetion m Chma, by John &>t'tllirdhre StttiilaY!! ueh, !Uid ihe]\e are fifty• three Sundays in th\l year. aml. the Porte, by Francis Bouvet BenJamin Robert HayJcn, lustorical HOU:im & LOT FOR SALE. ~.subscribe, nft'ars tor sale the HousE ~: 'L~\ sUuated In Llberj;y street one door ~ of :li!llllt-Frollt street, and adJoining tlie WW.e)'i;\il €1iape1. $i!lif.' FoP fil:rthar particuhi:ra, en(J?Iire of ll1iit!ltti.!@~ on the pr.emises, or at the store C W. Scna:ffer. JOHN U, :MJEltRITT. J{ingston, Dec 29, 186&. 3w32 ~ &illowiftg tt.ble-ehowa the ti.m.a of the ax· rlvalat all the~ at the Rhinebeck Depot TltA.Il'iS\ GOING ~()RTH li'r~fgJ>t tram, from P<tkeepsie, ~ llll<i paBsenger tr~>m, ~~and way tram, li)o. - .do. do ' ' ~lltl\llin. . iE>ilfi!;.i!mt \iii! freig!.l.t tram, :&!.Mil,)¥ trai>l; lP!io..\:ltNS GOlifG si>VTH 652..: \\· 12 33 P. M 3 &1 \ 6 53 , 815 \ 11 35 \ 7 44 ,, History of Greece, by George Crete. Lows 17th. his Ufe, suffel:lllgs anJ death, 1y de Beauchesne. Merliland, by the au tor of MaitlanJ Charles Auchextee, a memor111l Helen Mulgrave, or Jesmt executorship Clouded Happiness, a novel :MAB:RIAGES. In Kingston, Dec 22d, by Daniel L Esq. PETER 'Rlc~~:s to EMMA R. Il<TNEsT>:EL, of' Woodstock Dec. 20t.h, by Samuel :Merolellll :Eo<1 W1LLJA v Ros:m to MA.nGc41U\'l' A.S~a,botb ef Ki!lgston At Rhinebeck, Dec. 21lth, by the Bev Wm. N Scboll,ANn~oNY SHliiRER w SYlllLta WALTliln, of this town I N THE KINGSTON HOT'~L ' make, her customary r. first days of .Mny and N B--Ciothes cleaned at the shortest notice, or Razors sharpened in the best )!lanner 17tf Fish, Flour, Conrso and Fme Salt, <D • tU • <a. \\. \\. \\. ,. 1 ~::~:~~ 1 ~dd constantly on hand and for sa1e. ~ 'D ~ 'D ~ \!J \!! \!! v I J In current money. DAGUERREAN ROOMSl WILLIAMMASTEN, WM MASTEN & 00. :North-Front streett Xing,.;ton, NicHoLAs EL>UlNDOn .. , $ii'!!'\AMVE WILBON'S HAT & CAP f!TORE.~ MARIUS 18cHOONMAKER. ---- -- -- ____;_a. - - AMERICAN HOTEl, Kingston, 1803 18 OLIVERK\;;. B~lJBOIS, GENTLEMEN'S EIPORIDBI. Corner of St James St. & Rondout Avenue. KINGSTON, N Y Jt.fi' Board by the day or week Aocommo- Ua~o!:s goo~~Terms moderate ___ _ cnl<TIN~N~ALINSURANCF.COMPANY~ Ca p1 tal $500,000 INSURA.NC~ COMPANY Cap1tal $500,000 INSURANCE COMPANY • Capital $300,000 £1~~~~~WE~LTHINijVRANCECOM~A~V Capital $250,000 !NtH..: RA.l'<CE CO!\.rP'~NY 0 ap1tal 200,000 BALDWIN, HAYES lf CU WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Boots, Shoes, Hats, taps, Robes, Gronnd rotree, Spites &c. Wall street, ncar North-Front Htrcet, ~UI)(J@§'ij'eJI)(JD 1l!Jo W o Radney N. Baldwm, Wdham .U Hayes, Lucas E Schoonmaker EPHR.!ll.M TREJJDWELJ-. $r SON'S BISCUIT BAKERY, 215 Washmgton, cor Warren, and 104 Wal'· ,.en sts New Fl>rk Soda P,tscwt, Bo&ton Crackers, M1lk BiscUit, Butter Oraekers, Wme Btscmt, Water Crackers, nutter Bi•cmt~.& P1lot Bt cad, Su.gar Craokerl!lll!' Navy Breau, New York, Jun.e 24, 1!.3;3 , oly ERA S T US TITUS, • BISCUIT AND CRACKER BAKER, 2M Wash:mgton-St, ~ York Sorlft fi~HCUlt, Su~ Crackers, Butter BlScmt, W~t1er do Wme Btecuit, Boston do P1lot Bread, Navy Bread, &c New York, June 24,1853 5!y RUDOLF STEEGER'S, 8H!VING, H!IR UUTTINfi AND NE~ \YORE. WHOLESALE GROCli:RY STORE AMES H ELMORE would embrace an op- portunity to inform his fi:iends, acquaintan- ces and the pnblio generally, of Ulater otnd the otdjoinmg counties, tha.t he continues the whole- sale Grocery businesa at the late stand of EL· MORE & ZAUltiSKlE, (108 Murray•street, :New York,) Near the Nvrth Rtue:r, Where he sohoits the calls of the Country Merch~~;nts, assuring t&em that he feels confident of bemg able to offer them Qoods of as good quality and upon \\' fo.- vornble terms as any house m the 01ty 'm.ak'ingis now prepanng 1'or the Fall Tl•o,de, by 1 ' large add1 twns of artteles lD his line, sueh BB 'l'Ms, Coil' cas, Salt, Rice, .·~~~d;;~~J..,,,.Soap and Candles, o< 'l:obaeco, Sn.uJf, Sews, 8h<>t, &e. -lliatika ful' the l'nd trasta, b;r an On the 11th imt by Morrill 0 Loyd E!!q ULm·rr, of Hyde P&rk, to CORNiiiLlA c r:~ki'o~i;b;t',i j)ycx, of West Hurley I' ~~£!r:~.~~A~l to rooeive \ contmuod In this \'Illage~~!~~- EAGLE, \Yife l;~;~;~~~~i~~~• Abijah SJ!i.ith, l!'ged 54 years, 4 mos. 9 days AtVenkle,N Y. ABRAHAM, eldest son ofthll Ab!Q. Rilynolds, of N York, aged 44 yesra. 1QI Saug.erUea, Dec 20th, FRJ:DEJUCK CuR. aged 78. y•ars. hi 'Esoptu, on tho 23.d. ult .l_,, •• ,~llli)ou'- as sp~>des, ~:~~~~.~~~:~~!~~!!~~~,~~1: en iting boxes HOUSE-KEEPER•S HARDWARE Tt!:blc cutlery, pen and pocket knives, selssors, sauce· pans, coffee IDJlls, &pple, potato and tur. nip parers, umbrella ru;ld hat sta:adll, 1vory cut. lery, plated and Ilritannio. wnre &c &o BUILDERS' H.!lRIJW.!lRE, such as nllllB, , ····~·hinges, screws, butts, lat~hes &c MECHAN1C8' TOOLS. Planes, saws, chisels &c. and all other a.rU clos perto.Ining' to their business. Wooden and Willow Ware. The subscribers have entc1 ed into copartncr- slnp under the firm of Payntar & Reynolds, the transaction of a general hardware busmess, and sohClt a share of the custom of their fr•ends I :~~~~~~igr and the public, at the m1ddle store of the new bnck block on Wall street, near North-Front HENRY H REYNOLDS y18 ABM B PAYN.TAR D ~~~~s~~~~~L!W!&a!!J!~: Ox Yokes and B<>w&. CORN SHE

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