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-! l PUBLI'SDED:: W}l}Eit.L Y. I VOL. 7.--NO. JUrnnhn tn • BY DANIEL BRADBURY; TON. N. Y., THURSDAY MOENiiG. OCTOBER 6, 1859. WHOLE NO. 333. l'J1HE FIJbL@W4Nit'J< 'fS A fil~'ll 0F LANDS 1;· situatetl;m the County of ffist<lr, fnrnlahtl'd by ttle S~\t\ Comp~roller, whlcltnre mcluded ro .. gener~l hst ot' rands a.d\'ei-'tllte1l by lilm to be solll for'atrears of t u;es, at tha 1 eilp1ro1, itt tb:e Ci:t .. ofl.lbany,&t n tax B~tle eommenomg on tlie !11th d11.y of Novem'>er, 18-59. • Wllb EHwards, S by lnnds of Eugene A. 1 ttnd,ilf<>ntgomery L1vmgston, E by !anoia 1 1,11 ilfJ'olin-0 Hasbrouck and John Hunter & anif farm of Jolu~ S~np!es, 10v THE STORY Selling a GrlDdstone, \I hope when you have a.ny more grmd st<>nes to Rell, you'll ~emembeJt m\ I\ • Thank you, I Will,\ sn1d the Judge, not exac.tly understandtng what Fred was dnvmg at. MISCELLANEOUS READING Addres.. and Resolutions of' ~merican State ConVeQJjoo. Hearing through the Throat. The members of the American State Gen• HURUf HA.SBROOOK, 1 Tra.ast>rer ot Ult!,tqr Opnnty GREAT LOT 26. DIVISION 6 44, glass !a!l.tor,y lands, 100 44, bil. beg,at the SE cor oflot 115, 1>nd rull~ !\mong Freil.'s numerous fnends was Judge N~wton, who resJded m the northern part of Penn•ylvama Fred always m~W! the JUdge's May be he dtddn t I -- era! Commtttee respectfnlly submtt the fol· I w11l state u. fact. A frtend, who 18 so ut· jlowmg address and resolutiOns, settmg fortli' terly deaf as to be almost beyond rellef from I thetr opmwns upon quest1ons of publtc polf• h ~ 1 cy nnil. thetr v1ews of what, under \ll tbe cir· any mec amcal mventtons now 10 use .or cumstances, should be the ruhng counsels of persons affhcted With deafness, walked mto a actwn of the frrends of the Amertcaa Party <!hapel and took hts se11t on one of the opel! nt th1s ttme. As members of that party, we benches. He heard nothmg of the sermon, adhere to tba oftsn expressed doctrmo thnt th along the bds of a!lld lot 3.5 82 deg 45 mLA R20o. th S ll8 rleg 20 mm E fiOo. tb B ll2 lag 4& flUII. W !!lle tn tbe NE cor of lo~ 4!) th. along the bds thereof N fi8 W!g 30 mm W 50<> to beg, 100 GARDINER) 53. •n sub of the Uloter e:h•s fBOtory ln.nds, 100 Jop~:,~~.~.ll~•t\ lot hoi Nly by tl•e 2 house h1s home when he trav!'l<>il. that part of th~ country. Tho JU<ise was a UU<) JR•Il'l old follow, fond of n JOke, nnd was always try• mg Lo get a JOk<> upon Fred, when )le stayed Wlth htm A few days after Freil. was gone, the Sqmre of whom Freil. had bought the calf was pass- lug, whr>n .Tudg<> N\wtowA .,.ned h1m to tell htm that he hail. at last succeeded m obtam- mg some of the far famed stock The Sqmre expressed a des1re to see It, and they proceed ed to the barn. .t '\ \ w1s~ and just prindple of goMrntttent. then and theJe delivered, and, from mere hst· that American-born citizens should be chosen EDDYVILLE VlLL!lGE 1) HURLE'Y-COM~,'ONS I •a Wly by Jncob Som • the Slmwnngunk r1ver, 65 One day, some hme tn the y~r 1831ll Fred was passmg throt;tgh and p~t up l'ltth btm 27 over mght. In the mormqg be WM deter· m1ned to dnve a tr~d(f with Jilim ofFering io hts usual way to tal1e anythmg for payment. 6 1 lua:o~~::r~.~!,,k.N'hy s F Jordon E \Is that the one !\ su.1il. he. lessness, he placed the nm of the crown of representatives of the people. We believe h1s hat m h1s mouth, he heard dtstmcUy.- that thiS prluctple m Its entirespmt,and m:v. He has frequently repeated the experiment m tenally Ill tts letter, IS !:~1d down m the Con- 5Z, lyur~; on and \d;t -tlte to.:po.th ot Ii<>la- w u·o t.n. l lht lion c ul.Mt SO by 150 34, W ~nd, 6 a 10 I' 3 by Shnwnngunk \Ye&.' stttutwn ofthe Umted States, and tnat every my presen~X>, WJtil th~ sa'\\ result' and ser1ous departure from tt hM tended and Will ..02_ A Schoonmaker, \Who did you get h1m ofi\ whet'e the opportumty IS afforded him, he tenil. to weaken the government and nft'Mt ita 63, lytft~ ou \>ll'~ ~ lJl ~o><p~tll <>( Qa,lavare \l't.Wld' HttJ§.\Jn c &.n d, 50 by t5o-. ELLRNVtLLiil VILLAGE B ,gzrdus Purchasl! 1\0 53 7B, 93, 97, 99. LliS, lo9, 1.26 \nd 189, A~•• >aJtller lot tnsud:v1llage, b.tNl!li! by ro 1. i 1 tn:tltl; to D 1 \.W\re and Hutlsnn ll >n >1, 3 ELY by Bro<l.dbMd st ;,iWly by lot 59 NWly !ly s ml o mal A 1<>~ of knd, bd ];1 by W alk;ll S by Van ~beclo W1nc:hell; W by P\bhe1'oad Ia. A lqt, ltd N .& W by the he.rs of Moses Kell-1- el',.il.ece4leed, E by D\vid A Dubo••· S by b~;l,., of :Fohn Bodley, also n lot bd by tbe 111l\rrt of Moses Keu.ler, dece:lseil., N & W l>y beln of J'lmes Cra1g, d~ceased, E by 1m Abrnms, A ~>rm lot, btl NE by land of Abrnm El· mendorf. W by l~>nd• of W P. Cole nnd oth,el:'S, S by lnnls of Gnrrett N hy Ros!L ttnl others SE by bnJ of Ph1hp V nnd..r 40 X\0> a lot b I NR »o I SE\ by 1!!.Dd of 1 L Bloomer SIV hy !Mtl of W1lh11in Moon :..a I Uh,.•los lL\rtshoru, NW by lllutl of the I \te Q l:ltew '\'·~ b1lt, dece1tsed~ n.nd BenJa.mm Elmendorf, j2 - ' IJRAH A)l i:! PATENT. Wm Bloomer, b I N by M Pr~ster W by B B >:<;tel, 8 l>y U P~r.,y, E by D\homh ~ B\0-umer, 16 HURLEY PATENTEE WOODS }ST ALLOT:\-IENTw Great Lot 2 n rn \I B>nJ, &t N by D St\'ples W by Great Lot 4w SE pa•t of Wi of Wb, Great Lui 6 f<' II u ton 8 by R Bhm, E by town !me 11 .N~IIy Potte1, bi N by R Hotmes. W !ly F 6.-ter S by H•rrl> om! E by 1 Prester D '\'el W y,pnt btl N by Lockwood. W by Pt:l:rn:broke, S by J S Cosrnan_, E hy \V Ada.-m:~, 6 t)~ sub 5~ u II \.ltlJE\l\BERIHt PATENT Great LJt 2 I? .rt h 1 SE by s•ttla nent hne, SW & NW by Sulhv.>n county lme NE b'O\ !~tnt! of .P ~mttn aml oth l'!'l.~ ex 63a fsom Send u.u 1 ex lot n ln dtv tti-, 68! \.~ n.nd ex lQt 4 5 Jl, N\V part, Great Lolli 2 N end~ 3 on W l of great lol, 13 o.od 17 1n dt v 77 8Jt t., anJ. ex 10 L- N E car • 187 i 6TH ALLOnlENT GnEA.T Lor 8 Ezpens• Lot Dim \7on 76 3 bd NE & SW by :Strou)! \nd Morse, SE by U1ey. 72~ t.~ ex lHt NW cor, 62i A lot, bd NEly by lnnds of Luctus Jones, SEiy by John Bnstol, 8\Vly by !anus of S Bryan. N by hneofWoodstock, WbyOhve,E hy I mol of Cockburn, decensetl, S by G A Shults, 3 anJ 5 1 5 NW! GRIB.r L JT 4 E~~leFil: .tJ.tlutment GUE \l' LOT 6 DIVISIO:.'i 2. Cu tn.u:tuu.t Tract 8 9 lU au l l :l IS ex 001. NW cor lt) 17 l!l 1 20 2t ex 70 N\~ CJt :,H E'X 40 N \V c II .!> .z, :!~ 3U,3t,35 3J,43,40>,49un.d50 ul E~ 6!> I'll, o8 6} tnJ til ll J E' u•; Gl- tiD il 7 1 71 tn l 77 7S.8Et & ~II t 70 8, H2 8:} 8u, ~ts 12, 05, 98, 102, lOG, 108, 10 l 113 aud 114 DlV!~IO~ 3. Robertson Trart 40 41 ~ S f.'nt.l, ~ SE!, TIUULEY, IUIVN OF Vtcholw IUmrndor( a lot b I Nf by lnntl of Abram Klmenolo1 f, W h;; lot 91 m Ilur ley commons and S by tbe grent sou h- w st~rn turuplke9 'l\tclwlas Etmwdorf,\ lot LJ NIV by the great w~ste1 n tut np1ke, SE and Ely by BenJILmtn Elmendorf, nnd N\'i ly by Wli L6 II tm Hob•u~on dccer~.sed, 66 l•i,cfwfa, E mtndorf, a lot bd NE by Ln· CIUS Jones SEiy bv Jon >than Bnstol, nnu S\Vly by lands of ~weelley llruyn, 43 Kl:'>lGSTOX C01B'l0;\I\S Fallt Clas\ l 3 4 11,12 18 22 85,57 nndilll ,a N pa1 t 1 ~. 7~. !l~ and 91 Se ond Clar~s \ lot of In nol known ns \Uounl f l! bel X, W & S l y \\ m II Cuny•• I l J lnn I of w1 luw of Hen1 y S Schoonm \k\'r l);l lRl 19::: 2 1 1 218 210 220 2:::!1 222 2!J,l!j ~~' ~l1.2l8, iJ9)~J~ 2~J ~34, 2>> :t:l7 H~ ~3~ 2HJ,.Hl,242 243 .lH .ll.r,.Ho, .!H .!1X .!>0 2t>l 2>2 2o3, 2.o4:, .!JV .!OI,<bl 2u2 -uoaU1l.!G::. 2i3,, NW 'iO 2>7 ~u':5 2):1 210 271, 272, 273,274,275, \hclutellnJleht:'nrt unnumheu~O. wool lot. bu~ near F1 (~ lertck Brmk tlece ,~etl b 1 S by John F Iter E by D ill) ers p ttent ltne N by hedertek l unyes W by W P lltu unl .n. Gt\E .H J,OT 7. NvRrH PART C~crmber:,.' Surtr~'y 1 3 4 5 G Q ll, \.J., 13, H, 15, IS, 1lJ 21 22 .B- l..t it) 27, lS 20 'lO ~~1, 31 3cl 3.>, ~7J 30, 3U~ 40, .&u an 158 60, SE p:lrt, 67 1>8 Spat t, so 9;1, S p rt, IH. 20, 33, Felter, 0, 18, 19 and 20 Bt.nnewatFT etas$, I, 8 12 li, 18 30 38, 48 63, Gl ~n 1 87 105 tll on N sHle of SackvtHe, 80 3G 43 nni4D Ea't Compensaiwn Class 80 .; NW cor 140 '3 West Compensatwn C/au 80 23 and 3~ Pt.ne Dush Class j2, 74 8 GO 22 I I 40 ~OWN OP at \ plnce call\ Ton bv the nnme of Wm- en.ch s1de of the Eso- udmg the falls former m1ll dwelling house nnd I m~s formerly of V nn van~I>E\ek Wln•ch•,ll, .N by sa•<\ Wmche!l, onathan Emp1re and stuJ ROI~l~I~Sllm PATENT HI AD TRACT by lnn Is lo1te ofTl1om· W by lnnlsof J>hn of John B\den E by V \n A ken t m the tl net en lied the IV by lomds of John D It ntis lnte of Dtmel D lmdR of E Kellogg. the p ttent of Jonchun lnte nf U1charc! .N' De W1lhnm Bnwno .IV E hy he11 a of Cunr 1.d BevJer, ofoa1t! tract, SW by tho 1 nville nnd Fa11Rhurgh 1 md of lsnso LE.>fi!VIo:H s n l of J seph StiCkles, 13 1n !'I HI trnct, kson. n lot b I S by lnnrls e, E, \ & IV by 1>> n ls Broc,tfJrt nn 1 others, lot 18 ~unk n nnnt:-un from 't Pctersk1ll to the 24 10 1!27 \I'll tell you what I'll do,'' said the Judge laughmg. \I ve got a first rate grmd-stone out m the yard, anil. tf you'll take that I'll tratle 1t o!'lt ' \\ ery well,\ sa.td Fred, \I'll t~ke 1t, 1t's JUSt as good pay as I want.\ 'I hey went out to the wagon, and the Judge turned out Ins gnnd stone, wh10h Freil. lo11d· ed on b1s wagon, and started. He bail. not gone far before he saw a customer, and stop ped hts team \Good mornmg, Sqmre Want anythmg m my hne t111s morntng 1' \Well I don t know, Fred,' rephed he, 1n a bantenng tone, \got any grmd stones i' 'Yes sJr, got a first rate one, JUSt como out and look at >t\ Now tt happened that the mnn really did not \ant a grmd stone, be was acq!lamteil. V11th Fred and spoke m the manner he d1d Lecaase he bad no 1den that Fred had one \I l kc the tool\ of that stone,' sa1d be, after exammmg tt, hand as I want one verJ nntch, ant! J ou take anythtng 1n payment, I II g1<e you s1x cents a pound for tt, (four cents was the regular pr1ce,) pmvtded yon 0 w1ll take such property as I turn out to you 100 m payment ' '' Ccrt.D.ml), \\ ery well stone we1gh 'l ' sa1tl Ft ed, \I always do ' Iluw much does the grmd \Ju f01 t) C1g;ht poHnds,\ satd Fred, as he p10cecded to unload tt. \~ow cotue ~ 1th me, F1 ed,\ satd the old •qmrc, grmnmg, when th1s was flmshcd, 18 and oct) our pa) ' Fred fullowetl !urn to the stable. \ I here • !\:aid he pomtmg to a bull calf, ~::I JUSt \x weeks old, whwh was standmg tn the I I stable, there 1' a fir•t rate calf, worth ohout thl ~D dollnr, whteh I QUppO~!l Will pny for the stone. 'VerJ gooU JU-..t as good pay as I want,\ said F1 ed as he unfastened Ius calf nnd led on• h --~ hmt to ts wagon ' But stop a m1nute,' sa.td he.. '\'I .shall be of ln 1 rs of Wm :vic- l L k 1 h t l d 'eown.l<et:l. kill, I ac t us \ny m n out wo wee ;s, an tf you u ~E. by Stoney 20 212 w1ll keep lnm unt1l then I Will pay you what I ts nght for tl ' '' Oh, J es, 111 keep h1m for you,' sa1d the 80 \qmre lau 0 hmg, as Fred. dro\ o off, at the 1 Hlca of hanng beat !urn 1 Ile ouppo~->ecl that I rl!d w-ould never call I fot the calf, but he d1tl not know h1s man, G 14 1 nnd \hen he called Sqonre had nothmg bet I ter fur 1t than to g1ve U!J hts propert). 1 t lU m stu.l trnnl:!port 1 ~unl ImP s n by lt t 2m by the p~ttent of Kmghts 44u real Lot ~ l He then tra,el~d onward, and as 1t was nea.r mght F1 ed concluded to put up \tth the JuUge .As he ahgh~cd at the gate, he was met \\ ilh a hearty shal{e or the hand and u llow ate you Fred l what d1d ) ou do Wttb ) our old grmd ~tone 1 ' 23 m sRld trnu~port c:: E s Why the \uh !me of by Staats patent, lj2 'Of Freil. Gnswolil., I pa1d h1m $'75 £or 1t.\ places b•s hat betwen h1s hps, and co..-nes on stab11ity The Squ1re burst out mto a loud laugh.- a eonversatmn, spea:lung m the usual way, .Entertammg ne1thcr preJudtce nor passion \Why Juil.ge,\ sa1d he, as soon as he conlil. ~>nd hearing a• I have descrthed llgamst our fellow·men on account of thell' speak, \l sold h1m that calf a short tJme ago I hm e made thts expenment w1th many foreign btrth, and utterly il.enymg the aoc: trme that one lawfully and properly made an for a grmd stone 1\ deaf persons, and generally With sueces.• I Amencan mhzen by the laws of OongrC~Ss, is 'I he Juil.ge was perfectly astomshed. He leave the learned m acoust1cs to explam, I I not always to be protected m hts natural und thought of 1t a moment, ani!. then sruil.- only state the fact, ani!. every one can try the I acquired nghts at home, and abroai), we nev• p!!.rtly to himself and partly addressed to the expertment. I 8 It the open mouth or has ertheless hold 1t to be .the tmrt of true p~>trl· t obsm and of a w1se d1scretlon, where we can SqUire the vtbratmn of sound on the hat anythmg to see, m the words or the great ani!. go 9 <l \Yes-I soli!. htm that grmd·stone. He to il.o wtth the effect proil.ueed ~ Look on a Waslungton, that \none but Amencans are bas beat me at my own game! lie told me Cl'owd of ltsteners, eager to catch the vo1ce f put on guard:' the calf was not worth more than three dol· of the speaker-they stt with open mouths The Constitution of the Umted States, I 1 D t th b t tb d ,, , whiCh we regard as the bas1s of all tr~re po· ars on say any mg a ou IS, an Wtth locks thrown back and lip, apart, m ltt~eal platforms, demands of Congress uni- you may have the calf ani!. welcome \ hstenmg mood, etc., IS the poet's descr1pt1on form laws upon the snbJCCt of natnrallzatwn; The Judge went wack to the house mutter- of the \Lady of the Lake\ It '\ almo~t tm- but thts pnnc1ple has been set at naught by mg \BE A·T 1 \ poss1ble to make use of the bat as an anrwle, the creed of our Amencan pohttCians, and by h f practwes m some of tba States wh1ch have Fred often called t ere a ter this, hut Judge but I venture to thmk 1f sc1ence would apply destroyed all equality between the cttizens of Newtown never reverted to the sub;ect- tts efforts to beanng through the throat, fol tho several States. Herem part'\ the rea- neither dtd he ever Wlsb to dtspose of any lowmg nature as a gmde, more would be son for the extstence of a purely American more grmd stones. done for the sorest eVIl that can afflict hu party now and tn ttmes past. The gross abuso =-- _-__ .. of power at the ballot·box the col'rupt and OET • mamty than has yet been effected, The eorruptmg macbmery by whiCh pohtmal pll'l'· p S DEPARTMENT obstructed pnth of sound,' I am persuaded, t1es have been controlled, the manner in --~-~····-~·---···~·~-·I rna~ he reached m thts way. whiCh foreign born mtt~ns and res1dents havo W r1tten for the Preas LINES- BY BARnY BUNTER My fr10nd, for thee I wake my tyro At the pleasant tw1!tght bonr, When the sun hns sunk to rest And the dew Xe on the ftower, When the stara are bnghtly shtmng And the hour of day's declmmg, When mght her sable cnrtom draws And the zephyrs die away, All nBture 's hashed to rest .At the qmet close of day My frlen-:1, to the() th1s ltfe ma.y bo One of te~rR and sorrow , But yteld not to the foe, Nor gnef nor troubla borrow, Remember, though the world dm~p1se 1 There xs a. God who WLll a.dmue r Whn.t ihl'lngh the .siorm w1nd.s. Llow And darkly storm cl.oud5 lower '1 Remember put thy trust m God, Then 'Il ci ~wn a brtghter hour Oakland Farm, ,July 1858 '' rtttcn for the Preas TAKE ME TO THY IIEART. DY \lILLIE WARE Take me to thy heart, ob, ela.czp me Closo and closer to thy breast, Let thme eyes look love, upon me, And I sball be doubly blest; W1th thy dear, loved hand caress me, K1ss the te1>ro from off my ebeek, 'Vttk thy •otce of mus1c bless me, Tht my sad heart do not break Oh, I love thee, madly, Wildly Love thee yet thou know'st. 1t not, But be sure long years will find thee In my heart at11l unfQrgot, As the neodle to the magu.et, Wtll my soul prove true to thee, In thme hours of JOY or sadness, Wilt thon e'er remember me 7 been used and abused, the frequent eoncen- trabon of pohhcal mfiuence m the heail. or a rehgwus estabh•hment, when the Constitul It ts a curwus fact, observes the London twn forbtds everythmg m the shape of an es- Quarterly, th.at wh1le the Chr1stum m 1 •s•on- tabltshed Church or any control of the freest Bedouin .U-..bs. exercise or expression of opmton upon the ary has mail.e h1s way to every part of the subJect of rehgton, long ago demonstrated th.e globe, and has taught w1th more or less •uc neeess1ty of a htgher, truer and better Amer- CCSl!, be bas never sueceeil.ed m mnong With ~eamsm m the pohttes of the country. the Bedoums They walldcr over a. regwn Tbe American Party had tts o~tgm in no selfish or ambttwus asptratwns of those who which from phystcal causes, can be mhab1ted gave 1t extstnnce and orgamzatton. It wu.s by none othets but men followmg thetr mode 1 called mto bemg to reform acknowledged of hfe. From the earhest tJmes every effort abuses m the old pohttcal parlles. The love has been made to reduce them to subjection of countt y whtch dlstmgmshed the Fathers ' of the Repnblte was rapidly dymg out when and to 1 ender their haunts by human sktll the Amencan orgamzatmn was first conan• fitted to Tece1ve a settleil. population. Canals mated 'I he purtty of mottve, dtsmterestei!- and water courses were carr1ed as far as hu- ness of actton a nil. fldehty to prtnC!ple of the maJ;t ingenu>ty could dev•se, and where water order and better men of the country, had ce!l.Sed to be the controlling role of the gov- coulil. reach there the land was con'!uered e.rnment. The ballot box, always when un· But there remamed beyond a large region btased the true mterprcter of the WJII of the whtch lh~ B~doum mmld enll h1s own ThQre peopk, wa~ no longer free, and therefore ihd he IS sttll to be found as we see lnm repre not expresg the judgment of the nfttlon In all pnmary assemble• 1t fa1led even to sttnted on the walls of Assynan palaces, n become the proper mamfestatton of the dmg hts swtft dromeil.ary, we reail. of htm m chotec of a party The worst men in those •acred htstmy suddenly nppeanng as a rob assembles has well been charaetertzed as a her m the midst of the qU>et culttvatwn of \Poltttcal Machme,\-a machme mvented for the worst purposes and gmil.ed by the worst the sorl, and as suddenly returnmg unharmed hand Jts mventors ha.vmg no h 1 gher lllm before their well-~ramed legwns dunng the than to use the frnnchtse for gam m money hetght of thetr power, he rematns so thts and to obtam places m pubhc <>ffices, It has hour, unchanged Ill hts manner, hts Jan degenerated mto the basest of all human m- It th st1tutwns. It makes tbe Will and Wishes of guage, his arms, and hls il.ress 18 15 un· the mtl!ton subservtent to the des1gns of the changeableness whiCh renders \' Bcdot:om so I thousand, and these agam become the ser• mterestmg a. otudy lie IS the only hnk be I vallts of a mean nnd despotic oltga,rchy look- tween the eat !Jest ages of mankmd, and the I mg to office and 1ts emo>luments as the soli> resent bme-hke a smgle strange am mal, oLJeC•s of free goverment. It ornshes out all P noble asp!ratwns, destroys all honorable am- connectmg the actual worlil. Wlth some geo· bttJOn, effaces all that IS good and bea.ut1ful log1cal perwil.. m a well ordered government, and practJCll.l• Pretierving Grapes. I have been ahle l'or a numbers of years past, to keep grnpes until March and Apr1l, as fresh aR when taken from the vmes m the ly g1ves the people over to the despot1sm of the worst mem hers of soe1ety. 9J, ex SJ '• NW cor, 1 uu 101 ami lOti lOJ, S p\ t, Uo 1 Han 1132 138, SE p 1rt, j'fi 30 Southwest Cia,.. I, IE>:oense Lut 43 \Oh I sold tt m a day or two at a good profit I can tell ) ou , I recevted SIX cents a pound for 1t \ fall and w1thout tmy sttw dust, S!lnd, cotton battmg, paper cuttmg oranythmg of the kmd The process IS so s1mple, that every lover of fr01ts should have unil.erstood 1t long ere th1s W 1th your permiSSIOn, l Will g1ve you the methoil. by \hlCh I have been so successful. My modo of gatbenng and preservmg grapes for wmter 1s as folio\ s When they are ful Most of thts IS owmg to the indt1!'erenee of those who have most at stake m the enli.Ct- ment of good laws, and 1n thetr prompt ob- servance. l'hose who shoulil. <>Xert thell'i- oelves to vmdicate what ts nght by main- tammg law and order m tbe commum~y, lltl'e often bnt mdtfferent spectators of tbe waste· ful extravagance of the oftlctal representatives ofNatwnal, State n.nd Mumclplll governments. Property IS thus looked upon merely liS MI. element of htgh taxation, l>nd the claims or labor, ofcapttal, of soctety, of honesty and stmphcJt,l m government y1eld to the tricks and cuptdtty of a body of banded men who care nothmg whatever for the public good. 4. 5 •nl 8 9,N,vp, ... t, L!VINO,TON TRACT. fl~tttSWH. l :,:! J U 8 tU l f) Oor-e I.Jt, Dw: tJn 3 2, 3, 1 ) 6 71 8 tTl l ,., :-o\)UTH p -\RT Ver WlJ s ,::,tu Vtg l, 2 3 I ml • J!o s. -4lt. ~ 'fV c1r, 7 K tJ ~ -.; ~ V I''\ ~ f2 ta lo l7 ld 2l 21 22 23 :;1 27, ~~ .!.J H, J J ..,.~ 3::i -lj 4a, 44: ~~u;l 4v 4'l, 2C. l J)~~ ~ CJl, 4; .p >l ·,; \ >ti :i7 >8 ,g Gil G3 G4, nv, Uo u~ U.\J 71. \ n I 7 4 GRE H LOt\ 7 A:i D 10 KINGSTO~ VILLAGE \ l t b l N l y Str 1n 1st E h) F llt9ht onck, ~ & w hv lotR o! Clut::;t n.a. Ftum 5J rt h 1 nt \ln t re-nl\ ( U&'e 1nl) let, h J N by Greeol~ill n.v NW by M tln ~t S &. W hy 1 n l of Gtlen.d A ~m th and 8B & E by sa.me, l•us mll t hi::-:.W\;ylt nlout.roaU,NW by Chnrl 5 Dt> l1.: liCK, ~ E by V olnt>J Sh ~ tier, 11.n! ~E hy J vhn Sohud le1 1!0 ny >4 -\1 t blSW hy Ronrt~\lt ro'lt N\\ ~y 1~5 ~ cboltt-~ Ehnen<l rf NE by J 8 8nuth J.W :;E by Plw.rl 0 Net! ,t l•• b I ,;W l y R ntl.,ut rn1d NW hy El w~1. d 0 ~t;>d !\E by J !!e-ph !«i Smtth !:::iE [;O by be1r:i of J n U O~Hl: a.ufler, 4 S 16 an l 18 KXlGUToFIELD PATE:iT 1 2 P W Ll:-!G RIGHT. I vnn''\\ ~uo .. Ab 1 satd the Judge, m surprtse. .. But '\ I ot nn I Thomas H ~fJO \hat ha-..c ) ou g< t under there~·· now for b 1 '\ & J J 1:; J 1 mes '1 c J1m \~ D lkE\r nnd June~ by J \WI:~ D~ o.er aud nrc,ucK. btl ,/\\ b~ S L Dn ruyn :S loy L !Jul os H hJ :\ loy tO:hn wn n N \1 Clearwater :S by Jf/ by \ I' D\j o, the fits! tnne notJCmg the calf 0 !-;ald Fr(CJ, mddfcrent1y, \that s a I <:<1-if I m t<1l~mg to Col Davis up our way The Col made me 1 rom1se to fetch hun one 00 aud he SCL'IJl:j to set a great 'aluc on bun, I but fOl mJ part I conSider 1t notlnng but a I cowman calf. not worth more than three dol- lar!'; ' I lt m>ght he a< well to rncnbon that th1s 1 o 1 waR abont the tune < f tha great exr1temrnt I alJollt tmport,d 'tock nnd that Juil.ge D 1 J of \hom Fred spoke \\' a man !,no\ n by JtH!ge C\e\lton to be a he\v.l nnporter of for Ladies Shoes. The fashton for decnra.tmg lad1es' slippers etthcr by needlework, by figured patterns on the leather, or other materml, or by the m- ly npe, suspend a basket by a strmg or co:rd passed around the neck, thereby gtvmg hbcr ty to both hands for ptckmg, w>th one hand bold the cluster, and mth the other cut Jt from the vme, remove frpm the clusters all unr1pe or decnJ< ed frmt, and depoSit them 111 the basket untll 1t IS well filled. I u•e a market basket that Will hold half a bushel - These seltish and corrupt mot1ves become the p1llars wh>eh support and uphold tho uarty machine. The ttme l•as come when\'it s!Jo,{ld be OVerth~own o.nil. destroyed, and If for no other reason, becau~e as lt :: 1-t. stands m the way of all new poht1cal orgamzatmns and of all succcsoful poltttcal reform' i\ u t btl ~ t\.. t y the town hne of Deontng, 'lew~ thu t ue llnd 1 'f Jill liD C J~,tkburn 1n lnH ::sE oy V r 'Y :s ::sut\vey NW hy til~ wwn hoe, iJ1!1U5 D..1rhng 8 survey o-f Jo tn Suy hun s lot! on the St; ty Grote Tran'l' rt N E by lmu' f 'I LUI we El mo1e SW by I ln 11 \te of B nj •tmn De puy uee J, •nd NW hy Rondout creek, 300 j2 __..... An 1 1 \~\ Htock p u ttcularl) of the Dm ham. JmJgc 1\ewton had often endeavored to pta \ e rs: of l,Jtn~ flgun~t the cure some of the stock, but as 1t was nt the serttOn of colored sllk or satin, old as 1t I!':. ha.s JUSt been mu.tenally 1m proved up~>\· ~Ir. Leprmce? of London, has contr1ved a method of changmg the pteces of colored satm as of ten \\the wearer desires, wtthout many way mJUt mg the slippers He makes a httle pocl1et m the upper part of tbe •hpper, under the perforattons of the pattern, mto wh1eh 1s plo,ced the ptece of colored satm to be wor.n When tbe wearer Wishes to change the color, nothm:g IS easwr than to w 1thdraw one p1ece and msert another. A dozen pieces of satm on st1ff hnmgs of 'arwus colors and shades ate sold wttb the shppers. Tasteful bows and rtbbons w1th buckles may be al~o easJlV attached to the shoes by a s1mple contrtvance, and eastly removed. 'I he novelty has for tts name the \chameleon shoe,\ Carry the grapes thus gathered to the place for packmg I use a box about two feet square by s1x 1nches deep m the clear, w1th ~overs made to shut tight In packmg Ia) a newspaper <>n the bott<>m of the box, then \ I!L)tr of grapes, then a paper, and a sPcond layer of grapes, whiCh when closely packed usually fills the box, set the box In some dry and ~ury place, wilh the cover open 01: off, a.nd let the box remam open for ten da,ys, or un ttl the sweallng process IS passed, then close the box and set 1t In the fru1t room, celtar or garret, or any place where the frmt Will not freeze, or wh1ch 1s not extremely damp. Ours Hi a go.,.crment of the people, and that whiCh contributes most to then truest wel- fare, best subserves the common good. In pohtics that whiCh Is best admmtstered'!S best The enormous debt &!' the Common- wcalt!:l, covermg the Empire State as with a. garment, tts mc•easmg expenses and il.ecrea.S- mg revenues, the mnl adm1mstrabet:1 ln those gteat artertcs of State commerce which hllil'e cost the people nearly :EuO,OOO,ODO, and left us burdened with a Canal debt of over $28>• 000,000 , the parttzan control of its centrll.l and lateral Canals, the general lln>netj' ana noceostty felt m mmntammg the pnbha credit, the swnrms who throng at the State Oap1tol :<t every sesswn of the Legislature, ohecking w'hat IS good a.nd hastenmt what !S evJI, lln ommprcsent selfish lobby, more powerful than the Execunve~ the Departmertts hnd the two Houses of the Leg1slature combimed-a.ll de monstrate the neceRs1ty of destroymg 1111 t?O• httcal maclnnerv and of sul)stJtutmg for 1t the be.t men for liM be<t place<, allowing persbn- al character and pnbltc mtegnty t-o be the ehtef ments for publtc offices, thereby seen• nng fidelity to the C'onstttntton alid the Jaws, and wtth 1t a capaCity, proved e1!her by 'tlx• pe-rtcnce or known antecedents of hfe ~~~~. ~~ LA!,ES PATENT Gtlhel t Anilc1 ~nn bJ N by G B~xte1 s D uhng s /:t,zrst Survey h<-'lfS, w by A Merritt, s by 11 Hn.lstea.d, Jll,SNp>n, 20 BbyG B>ri5Lll, 10 '!:!,SIV p>.t, 20 ~ath>Dtel ).luley bl N by Soott, W by 28 lngh wny, S & F, by W Lyon, 29 ex unci i p ,,u by E S Ives or 0 Dane, 8~ Henry Ulse, htl N by D Sta.ples, W & il by 3J N F >wler E hy D 1 ucker, llo, ex unl!; p>!<l byE S Ives or 0 Dane, 60 J '\ e Woo<!, b<l N by J Palmer, W ty J 'll~ E p <r&, 8\J DullOlS, S by W Hnl•tetl E by htghway, ·41} \\ un t t p ud by E 8 Ives or 0, D >ne, :JO G Nel<<>n bll N by G llarr1s W hv N 41 ex 11ul! p t1J by E d lves or 0 D me, 80 Fowler, S by J Simpson, E by W l em 44 •\- unl ~ pJ.td by E S Ives or 0 D •ne, 80 broke ,H' e:t au I! p,.t t b.f E 8 lv~s <>r 0 D\'ne 80 Joshua Conklm bd N by A A .lams, W by 41' ex •ml ~ pud byE 8 lve• or 0 D»ne, 80 N Fowler, S by B Gee andotbers, E by 6!, ex un 1 ~ p \J by 1!: S Ives or 0 Dane, 1!3 N Bnrn•, 83 e~ unl! puol byE S lvesor 0 D>M, 1!0!: o 101 et B~rdsall bd W by J Lockwood, E 5!. ex nn I lt p Lid by E rS, Ives. or V D •ne, 107 k by J Connelly 5 1 ,\\ uu.l t p \\by 15 8 hes or 0 D me, IUii I [soac Gtrlney b1 N by 0 Co•sman, W by W M Penney, E by A lii llluomer, S GllEA:T L@1' 8 hy Wm Penney, DuE& TRAC~ Eh F Lookwood, 1\d Nby G Kmffin, W by 1, 2, 3, 11, 18, z 0 , 26 ,.nd 39. W Pomhroke, S by J S Cossman, E !ly D St tplM. DIVISIO,.. 1 -E \ST ~ART Nath unel Wygttnt bd N by N Loekwoo<l. We# S<<le 11} tE•opus Creek W by F Bu.xter, S. by F Baxter, E by 2-,a 3, E ptrt~ W Lockwood, D.IvLStON 5, J.lnn¥t(9~ ~ J.lllotmem 1 62 k \ \ L t \ 123 A'lso anotheP lot, nown \'\ u-ore o , fuYJSION 6. :N'tc~t}la• 'Etiderrilor.f. Fn•st p>rt, on the 1;\lsld:e of E•(jj:ll!S ereek, bd 3~ tollows beg a.t the E s>Je of ¥;opus ct aek, on the !me af' grea~ 'rot 7'jl11 Mid l:'o\tent. l\1rd runs th u.long the >!U.nie N'Wly tq tbe bJs of Peter R L1vmgston. thence along the same abouh N 33 de,g 31Ynhn 1 E''234c to theSE cor of A.ti<:t',..LI~In'~on, th alnn; the \m\ \bont N 56 <l.eg W tO Esopus cre~k. tb up 1t'!Ui .~~ tblthe bus of fj<;<> W. 'l't>ttl'\'~ t~\·'1! t 9 t, t~ a;lg~ the su.me and the Ely lids of Sam Sm1t~, ~ .. Tbolli:'ti$ ~1111:rr u.ud JQT~U)111h Rose- !llfQ,~\JIJ\ Nh\.f r;!IR t<> ~Ol)U&crnek, a~>d.. t'fl'i!P tltli s10me to 'beg, ' 2035 ' ,_ GlltEAif LO'l' 9. ~l>Lto s'& mplu.sifp., q , , ~,,.,. , G:RBAT LOT~ W~nkoop, John and ARk lee~. Et-ol>d\ ;s h;r the county of Grllelle, W b;!llantle of MARBLETOWN 00\IMONS }ST ALLOTMENT. Sufleav.ty .Mauntazn, Lotter B lt, 14 and Ill Zv ALLOTMENT NJ;V bf Vauglrkrlp[Jlcl!ush 8 ~un 13 18 :.\3, 21 nod 29 41, otl by !o,n<J• of Stel(hen Mm•han, 55 1 J'<tARBLETOWN, TOWN OF A lot In CuJt;pn Clove, bd s by Dnv• 1 n At , li!J!S!<ftb.Y feter R Stokes, vv; by Ch,....lea Brotlhead.l ; , A 1~ bd NE by 1:tnds of H1rQm Palm~~. E by Peter Krp~n sl&~l}nd JobJll\1 Schoon m&ket, SW by Thomas ,i/lllll\fn J:iW by heil!!! oJ, A-ndr.ew Dan&. ~' ~, ~\1'1 ~ liE£)'}. AND HA'Y'S P.AT:mNT a bltf'JlH>;f Wl~ifrrde!ii?asijfl1m\ll' N & W 'b;V'lanlla of Samuel L. Port 'imd heir~ of the w1re of J olul P Elmendort, {] 2 e ~h tw m~unk :\fount un j tune very Hcarce and bore an exceedmgly n>w;ot.t lot, lymg oppns1te nml of J hn nu hl\~- ( vrnelms htgh pnce he had not been very successful other!'! '\ E by ~E b( nn Is H1~ ctlrlOSlty was at once aroused? and he be \\''''\' ~ u.:r hy BroflltNtri 1'1j!ltt NIV by the fft.rm hne came very anx10us, after he had exammed 1t ~ t I mounr 1-1n 1 un an 1 es 1 a. little more clu~el.} to JJUrchase It~ the s r; b Jun Is of farms I u Its one of the rf'gular Durhama, s.ure,\ D{'y, J tcob Curtme and 2 GO sa1d he musmg, Hand n. very fine one at that oil blJ\EhyhnlaofWm ltf~ouwlllpnrtwtlh hmt,lllgtVC youtwen- of A J Dcwttt lecenst>d~ I ty five dollars for h1m\ road ~ W by lands uf N fV by n 1 odheatl lot \Couldn t part \1lh bun for any such ----- -- money ' (l~IUL ~liJM8 1 ('ER~ I \Col Da,is 1s to gl\o seventy-five as soon O C I A T I O N • as I get home. ' , Pft-per Hn.ngmgs n.t ~>n•m,.~trylea 0\\11 aoo-n han!Pnss \''~'ell you won t take htm clear home mth ) OU, and If you It let me have htm, r11 gtve you fifty dollars.\ \No I can't do 1t, I've d1sappomt~d the Col. two or three ttmes already, and he wouldn't hke lt at all if I should dtsappomt hun thts way again '' \But >md the Judge now heconnng nnx· 1ous, \) ou can tell h1tn you have not been over the mountams. ' u I don't know about tt Judge,'' sa.1d Fr-ed, after a pause. \As you &ay, It's some ways home, and Will cost •omethmg to get bun thare: and 1f you Will g1ve me sevet~ty.five dollars, I don't know but you may take htm.'' The Judge was delighted With fits pur· chase and paid Fred the money on the spot. As they were takmg the calf to the barn, : ~~~~~~~~~\1''lo~rt!m~e!n~t~ b:o~t~h1•;•!re~g]a[rd:s I Fred rcmarked- Ji a. J & 'I:APPJ!lN \ • I say Judge, I don't see what there IS lJOOXS! a pout that calf tfint makes h1m worth more lJS<ED In onr Pub 1 than any other l bel1eve I can get ns many had such calve§ 0.S ~ Wl>nt for three oolta£,1l/' r ~;~;~~;~~a~a~~~i~ \Perhaps ypu can,\ anaw~~ea thlf .J'ndge, \m a few ye!>r~ ),Vh~ll thl)X beooma plent,.\ \ '\ \\ In the morning 1<1!. J:)ocdAValj li~J:<JP~- e re- mnrl{ed- I Beanaful. Insects must lead a truly ;ovtal hfe Thmk what 1t m1.1st be to lodge ~n a. lily lma.g1ne a palace of 1vory or pearl, With columns of stl ver and capttals of gQid, all exhahng such a perfume as never arose from human censer .. Fane) agam, thQ fun of tuckmg yourself up for the n1ght m the folil.s of a rose. rockeil. to sleep by the gentle s1ghs of a summers ai~, a.nd nothmg to do when yon awake bnt to wash yourself m a dew drop and eat your bed alothes for breakfast. ~Dame! Webster never uttered a tru· er, or granil.er thought than the f<>llowing - \If we w<>rk upon marble 1t will perish. If we work upon brass ttme Will efface 1t If we rear temples they w1ll crnmble into dust But 1 f we work upon the 1mmort!!.l mmds-1f we 1mbue them wtth h1gh l?rmmples-w1th the JUSt feu of God and thetr fellow men- we engrave upon tbe tablets sometlimg whiCh no time can el!'aee, but wh1tili Will brtghten to Corn Beer. Beer made by the followmg rcc1pe ll'e can recommend as bcmg \good havmg tned Jt to our \enhre sattsfactlon~' It lS cheap, as wel!M pal!l.table. Try ' l'ake a double handful of corn, bOil tt till done, then put 1E loto a ve~sel holil.mg about three gallons, wbwh fill w1th warm water, sweeten w1th molasses, and let 1t st.and a day or two. It may be flavored w1th gmger sas safra..•, or any other flavor, by makmg a strong tea. a nil. add mg It After the first, cold w!l.ter may be used, sweetenmg as befor '• One b01lmg of Corn wtll last for a month or two-.'' :Sensible Advice. If you would be happy, when among good all eteimty. __ __ men open your ears; when among bnd shnt ~ Jn loolong ovel' a copy of tbe hfe of them. And as the throat has a muscular ar- llenJamm Franl(llil, the philosopher ani!. stateg.. rangement, by whwh 1t takes care of the mr• man, we find the followmg pRSstlge • pu.s•ages of 1ts own accor~, so the ears shoulil. \My brother had, m 1720 or 1721, begun be tramed to an automatic du1lnes• of hear• to pri'lt \newspaper It w!'ts th~ se~ond that mg. It IS not worth whTie to heqr what your appeared in Americn 1 and wns called-the New servants s~>y when the~ ~>reangry: uhatyonr England Courant. I rem~mber his bem~ dis- e~ild~en sa,Y after they have •lammed t~e saaded by some of h>s fnen\hs from t'fre nn- door; what a oeggar s!l]ll whom J o.u ha'\'e dllrtllttmg, u.s not likelllo su~:ce~4, p;pe ~ewa· eJecfed'from your il.oor; what your neighbors paper bemg, m thc1r judgment, enbngb for \say about your chtldren, what your nvals A men ca.~ soy nbout your busmesF, or your dr!l,l:n. In thts way alone can we reotore tl:ie i);il'\1- ernment to the rule la1d down by Jeil!erstfn, when he declared honestJ, caJmb1hty and fit- ness the onfy qualtficattons for publtc Uffice. In th1s way, too, we shall carry bnek the gove1 nment M far as practicable to the times and pnnc1ples latd down by George W ashmj;· ton m hHi Farewell Address, and by th1s means, too, we may hope to •ee once more such mutual respebt and confidence among the people as will not only check aU attempts at lllJUShee betWeen the diJfcrent members of tbe 'Pederal Government, but secure a pra'tltt• cal good·fe!lows!Hp between all, sections of tbe Muntry. and among all chlsses. We cannot, however, hope for pell.ce or stn.• btlity as long as parliit!S extst wllo a-re resolv· ed upon the one hand to obey iust so mtiJ;h of the Const1tutwn ana laws as aooord With their own mterl,lreta'tlon and preJildicet;; dis• regardmg all the re1Jt~ot- who, upon the <!th- er hand, subs'<lrme tb JUSt sn!lh !proviSions-.:>( the Const1tlrti.bn aYl tli:ey deem wntth'y 11f obe- dmMe', wiula aU titheN!'ar!! set 'lit nungb't.- The North nttturally and justly holds the South to the >.'tr!Ct obed1ence ofthesplnt and let.er of the firs,t clause af the 9th sectt<m 'Of tlw first arttele of the Constl~'Uholl 'llf the U mted States, and is shocl<ed th.at liif«lt' the Slave Trade 1 is herein most sole)l'lnly profu\b-

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