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PUBLISHED WJUEKLI¥. VOL. 7.--NO. 45. VOlfNTY Ji'OR l.!!IOO. -oo- Ctmnty Judge-HENRY BRODHEAD J'R ! j.A.l\<IES I:{ BROWN Jus of Se•Slons S DA.NIEL L DE<:JUlR Sheriff-Ana A. RAM A D'EYO Ja Under Shenff-CHARLES BaoDHEAn Ja>lor-DUMO\D 'ELMENDORF Oounty Ulerk-StL'-• S&xTON Olerk's Dep\-'y-ABM S SbaoONllf~JtER Surrogate-JAMES~[ Co<>PER Dostroct .IJ.t,orney-JosePR D SHAFER :f'1oeasurer-IIrraAM RAsnaoucK New Pa.ltz Deputy Treas -J A.CO!I H Dunms Kmgston /!!.uperu .. ors U!erk-HowA.an GoCKD!.IRN ~ 'l'H'-nnnEus HA.!T ~Iodena. Oom 8 of JosEPII H TuTHILL Ellenville .l!zmse FRANCts A VooRRERs K.tngatnn S -' 1 ~Du L T V A.N BuREN Kmgston dts 1 0 \ 00 ETHAN P A.RROTT ~Ill-lion ' 2 'Co•a EPHRAI>I D-EPUY Kyser1ke ' 3 Sup t of Poor-Jl.EN\J I FREER, Gardmer Poor Ho t.se K\eeper-MoSEs CoNsTABLE Do Phy,.c.an-ABM DEY<> J'a-&l do- EDGA.R EL:riNGE r JoHN V£PDER Sil.ngerttes OTts CHURCH Rosendale C!orsners 1 I t\.AC STAPLES Marlboron~h l Josr.a.H DuBo-no; JR-. Ron<lo\1t County Sea/er-Gso i\t El'IMET Rondout ~ H B Fuw>;>ER. Ellenville Plank Roa.d JoHN p DnuOND Kmifston InspedO! S ~I OsTERHOUDT S4up:ert1es I N PURSUANCE or an order of J~mes M Coopel' Surrog11.te of UI•ter Count)[ not ce 1s bere\ly g1ven to all persons havmg clums ~~o.lns tl e estate of Abraham Young cleceased 1 ~te of the town of M:J.rlbot'ough m sal I county that they :ue requtred to preSB.n.t thetr l ms w1tb the vouchers n support thoreof to Ster l en Tn.ber oue of the Executors of sa l estate ~tt bts res1lence 10 srtttl town on or before the 1st day of Au~uot next Datel Jmumy 2~1 1860 o HENRY D YOUNG>, SOLn:I!ON BIRDS 1LL STEPHEN TABER t 16m Expcutors i:>URSU \~ rto a\ 0 cl.rof J 'nes M Couper r Su rOO\ \.te of Ulstet county nohaeJ s l e-r by gncn t~ tll persons hruv ng cla1ms n.g nst the estate of El1r.a.beth Crnn.s deeensed lnte of the town of Shawo.ngunk m sn d county that they are requtred to pre•ent then cln ms to the un lers gned fLdm n str(l.to s of s t1 es tate at the office of Jnmes G Graham 1n sa.td t(}Wn on or before the 18th d!.t,Y of Aug11st next Dated Febru ry l~th 1860 JA\IES CRANS Alm m3trator P UR.\U \:iT to nnorler-ofJ\mes M Coop r Surr g \tC of Ulster county not ce s here by gJVen t 'lll persons ha.v ng ola101S ag:uns.t the estate of John ( M>cKey dece11.sed late of the town of Plattekill tn sn d county t:h :t.t tl ey are requ red to present the snme With the vouehe1 s m support thereof to the unders gn ed o, !mm1str~ttnx ofs~~;td dece 1sed oo or before the l'>th l y of July ne::ft nt l er t'f'stdence u s> J town !), ted Febru'Lry lith 1860 AL\IIR, l\I \CKEY A.dm mstratr1x I :-1 pur•u mce of an or lol of J •mes M Cooper Surrog te of Ulsfer county not ce ~s hert:by given to nH pta~Qn~ l vm:g cla. ms ag nat the estnte of tlent y It Krom l te of th~ town of Ohve n s l t county deceased thn.t ht>y are equ re-i to pres nt tt e snme w th the cvoncl ere 1n suppnrt th re f tn the In le s 0 H~ I ex:ecuto-r ot s lest 1.te R.t l s re'l; lt>nce n tl e sn1l town of 01 vo on o before tl e l6tl1 ch1.y of July next D I J mn ry U h l~G l Un31 JOH~ J~B~O~I~~~E~~~~-'~~ lJtunt~h tn ~nl THE STORY TELLER TIIE TRAPPER'S RUSE. Dutmg the memorable days wben a som bre cloud rested upon the beautiful h1lls and dales of Amcnca and brave men angered by UllJUSt aggressmns, battled pcrststently aga.1nst the crtmson hordes that came over the blue sea to crush them, the life of the hardy borderer and fearles• p1oneer was re plete wtth many thr1llmg scenes of Jeopardy 11nd penl Many of these mmdents have been fa1thfully chromcled m the hvmg pages of h1story and ) et there are still many lnono equally as startlmg and mterest ng winch rema1n unrecorded One of these we now propose to 1 elalo W1lham Wallace a sturdy yount; farmer em1grated along w1th other adventurers to the northern frontwr of the State of Penn.syl vama and settled w1thm the hmtts of the little VIllage of Wllksbarre-then a settle ment m the pleasant valley of ·wyommg- The r1ch a.lluvml soli along the banl<s of the Susquehanna and tls tr1butanes, was the prmmpal of the many mducements that de c1ded h1s compamons to lea' e the1r lesss de strable quarters and brave the vnr ous pr1 .at!Ons and dangers mcl<lent to a hfe on the b01 det the motn es of W ll!am \\ a !lace m Jeavmg; the safety and comfort of l s nat ve v1llage were of a far rlt!ferent character Although he had been born and reared n f1rmer s bo) and had been taught to look forward to that avocatiOn as Jus future means of gamn g a I vel hoo<l tl e sameness and mo notonJ that character zes such a 1 f0 d d not hnrmon ze w th h ti exc t.ernent lov 1 g rov g <l!sposttlon lie I ad hstened With eager m terest to the thnll ng sto1 es told of back woods 1 fe and devoured w1th surpnsmg avt<l1ty and gu~to every Wlld adventure and half breadth escape that chanced to bo read or related m h1s hearmg and at such limes he secretlv w1•hed that hem ght one day be an act!\ e part1c1pant Ill tl e exc tlng scenes that ~urround the p10ne~r hunter At lensth these w1shes often repeated were destmed to be real zed much sooner tl an he lad an tlc paled A comMny of em grants organ zed 1n the v llage where h ::,; father res1ded anti mada proparat ons to set out upon then JOurney 'Ih s was his opportumty that young Wallace ha1led as a I rovtdent al mter vontwn m Ius behalf and he determmed to ava1l I msclf of t W lhout delay tlful son In• first obJCCt was toga n tl c con sent of! • parents for e k1 cw tl ~would be a d1fficult task a d tl eo ly serous roped ment m h s ~ay Jet such was h s a x1cty to go that I e prev ou ly <lee cled n l s own m d that 1f the coveted conse t was \ tl 1 cld t shoulJ no f irate } s purpose But after n uch coaxn g and argume1 t the w shed for 1 c n e \as aLta ned n d tl a tl e yoang ma.n s t about 1 rep111 mg h s outf t With an alacnty that caused g1 eat aston h ment on the p~rt of h \ fall e1 fur never be fore had such wonderful zeal betrayed tse f on the farm The first step was to procure I ~PURst: HWE of ~n orlel of J mes M C oper R orr te of Ulste· county not ee 1 g. l e ebv g ven to tll p rsons h \' ng cl m ng n ttl e e t te f (1 th ne Claws n l:Lte nf tbe town of 01 ve 1n S-:1. d county decen.s\' 1 thn.t th~y 1re rt\qu. l t present tl e r clR UlS to S\n 1 n ch ne of he l O!i:eC ttor-S f !';ft. des tn.te nt ( s re:s il\nce n s. U tu ~ 1 on or b fo e the 1oth d •Y ~f S pte nuer next D >ted. ~Jnrch H !86() R~NDS BEAt.:H BENJ B SHUTE an une>::cept onaLle 1 fie w1th all tl a requ s te appu te:-11. ::s the-reunto bclcmg ng to get her w1 1 all otl er nece.ssar y art cles need ful to the back woodsman n h1s forest 1 orne All tlmgs be ng sattsfactoltly arranged the 1 ttle pal ty of adventurers bade ad eu to the r fnend\ and acq 1amtcnces anti set out 1pon. the r JOurney and after e~cap ng mn.n) 356 6n EJCecutoiS Hats, Caps, &c. If you a .. e commg why don t you come along 1 Y OU necrl a. neW bnt bad e-no 1gb nn~ 1t requ rea but a. sm'l>H flum of money to g~t ~now hat at BE.:;T S Uo h\'l.s all the ne :vest. styles lll marke and s always on ha.nJ. tC> lVa.d:. on hts f 1enU.s a.r d dangers arr1ved weary and fattgued at the r forest home Not a tree hs'd llS jet been toucheti by the wlute mans axe except 1m med ately around the settlement at d not a shruh had been humbled to the earth by h s tread but all was bloom ng n the \Irg R perfectiOn whiCh ~atura 1mprmts upon her handtwork p!\trons Walk along, Joi:Hll A ND stop m n t DE,;T ~ an l get that n w hn t for th~t oll one f yollrd llJ n.bou~lay:od e~- C HILDREN , II~ TS AND CAPS -Lad cs w 11 fin<! at B E,;T \ the finest stock of Children s and Infants H \.tid a.n l C:.tps ever offe~:ed m th1s place M thers w th g ()ri, look ng ba.btes (the hand eome-:jt eh ld that ever w:~.s born ) are tnVI ted to call and c~.amme my elo 0 a-nt u.ssort;ment of Ch ldren s tlumy h~ts an~ caps ___ _ J U:sT o.5 true a.s the Book of Job' all gon llol)lung men nvanably purchn..'le thetr hat:3 at DEST ;:) All mco little bo;rs bu;r tho r cops nt BE:>T\ All Ranilirome 11/tle bu.b es are :G.t. ed w th a. new hn.t 9..t B:EbT ~ pocKEr II \T-Jil.lt recmvcd at BEST~ Dr Sl.o..;.., ea ~n~4 ~~ CelebrstPd EXTRACTER PAIN fr\HIS :med cme<JS the mosf e~l;.rao d nn. J 1 scover 1 cd lt w ll r l ~ve t.he pa n or the worst burns a.ncl scalds nstantly and he:a.t w tho t lchv ng- ft SOli 1 t w 11 effectually cure ie'Vcr sores rbeumn.h~m scald head sore throat qu nsy sore eyeR- p1les r ng ~ rm felons broken breast ch lbln.m'$ corns sore mp plea old sores spra ns brn scs pn. ns n the bn.ck sUe n.nd rhc t cramps ague n the f cc sp nal a.ffcctJons st tr JO nt<:~ hoils c taneous er It on &e Allio S lve f. r ~ 1t. R.he :tn gMOfuln. Ery polus <;h!tpped hands &c John St K ng on neo. WnU ~~-- _ 280 Latest Fasb.Ions---~ew and N.ce. J U\T RECEI\ ED \' large stock of Marie lies Bosom Sh rts ut RE.MJIRKABLV 1.0W PRil'J;Jfl £or CMh &LiiiO n. tinG ~ ortw.o;at of ocntiemen~,;;; Neck tiQ!J Marstnllct! (Jolla s ncl a. general ns...«Q. tment (f Fu ntslung goals at t l\B MILITARy; ltn..L•r.. '.rAtir- oRrS\G A~D r CR'flSifi~G ESTAB tSBMFfflT 74 North Front St.. K ng•ton ABM \AN KEUREN WILT\VYeK RHIUL UEME 1 fERY ASSOCIATlON. 'I he compamons of W nllace straightway set to work fell ng trees and e1 ect ng log cabms n the settlement but \Vall ace bade ad eu to to them a d took up hiS abode m the mlder ne<s aro nd t\ m \here he soon found that game of every descnpt on and vanety abound ed m the forest and every spectes of aquatiC ammal that could make glad the heart of a professwnal trapper sporte I and pl•J eu m anti around the woodland streams and w 1th a r1ght good w 11 the} oung hunter followed h1s chosen profe stan It was not long be fm e the name of W 111 am \Vallace \as re peated 1n connectton w th ma y w lJ tales of hravery darmg and p1 owess relateti at the fire s des m the settlements But to the story The mc1dcnt we would relate occur red .,bout the t me tl e I d ans 1 therto pence able made mnmfest by two or tbree b1 utal masf;acrcs the r mfcn t on to raise the tom a hawk anil scalpmg kmfe w1tb 11 bloody m tent and the murders referred to were but omn nous harbmgers of the bloody desola t10n tl at \otm afcer re gned throughout the beaut ful 'al ey 'V albeo WM ll.MUStOrnQd tO leave hiS Cab n fm several daj s wh1le persumg bts voca ton hut now he conducted h1s expedt!Jons w th great cautum and add eso m order to avmd an encounter wtth the ~trngghng par leo of InJmns thnt \lele contnmnlly on the \\1 rt Por a. scalp On one of U e~e MUHlrRl.o.tlJ!. he had penetrated the forest much f~1 ~her than h~ ever had before but bemg sw1ft of foot, and bearmg a trusty wei 1 trted f11end upon Ius arm he d1d not allow unhunterhke fears to harass hiS mmd Wh1le watchmg the movements of a large ell<, wh1ch he had T ilE Scr p of the above Assoout.tJOn ran be bnd of W m M Hayes \I $22 50 peT •ba<e wl oh en tttles the holler to 400 feet of grounil b;r the pay roent of $9 OOtothe As~oc1 t10n On surrender of the flct!p tp th,e Sccratary J P Wilson Esq \' deod w•ll be 1ssued E W BU:q,iNGTON Pres ScHOOL ROOKS l SCH(i{)L ROOKS 1 fl. LL THE SCHOOL BOOKS USEID tn our Pub A He-or pt~vliw School!! cltll be ho;d at the been chas1ng for some time, and wh1ch had Jed h1m a long way from h1s cabw he was surprts d to seeAt suddenly sprmg With long str1des from a clump of bushes, where 1t had been standmg a.t bay and dart elf rap1dly wtth 1ts short tall erect d~rectly towarcl the the spo~ whore the young hunter was stand• CHEAP CASH BOOK STORE 'Valhatr~et~opno~te to tha Clster County lla.nk In ' ' F S WYNKOOP Jr ~ Mnstc I' Mu!ILC 1 ,-- V IOL INS Accrotdetins, Tambonnes BanJos Flutes :Ftfes Drums ~d an e~t-ensrvd assortment of Gtdli V!Piin and BnllJO stJ:Wg.B for 1 salll chea.p at a,r, :BER~ s Great V~tnety Store Bl N<>rlh Front St ~c-=A~s\\\~\\'JJ'-M-E'--::RE=S:---\-:l::l,.c-1·1tn~n\:n'-<t;':F;:; O<tsSJmete• ana ,; \ very elimce I<>! of':Broadulotll• C W pCliAH l>l't mg Wallace could hardly res1st tho fine opportumty tins sudden movement presented to perforate 1ts dusky h1de wtth a bullet, as he dnshod by , bn~ the conduct of the t1~ed antmal convmced htm that some new !l'!ld rome nnm nent danger had menaced Tnm, causmg htm to choose the least by rushmg madly mto the range of h1s former foe and feel '!> cc ta n that nothmg but the presence have alarmed the blown charge m Ius nfle for proved correct - tree, he narrowly watched ~p 1 'pear~•n•:~ of the danger prepared to l whn.t.A\rc>r shape It came In care re!:o~,noiteri~1g from hts covert he acm a long bod1ed red sk m ~••j mHn~ from OllQ tree tO an the fallen timber and evi1djently w1th the mtent10n of hnnl.,,r m range of the niles of l:ju!lhe,d c•orn[pamc•ns, as well as h1s own h m to proceed a few chn.ngmg hts pos1t1on a coon skm from hu; head end of hts huntmg kmfe the tree, at the same I htmt,in2 shtrt as to appear h1s person The lllU&lOD sharp crack of the Indt and n small round hole cap corroborated - the hunter watched the the blue smok• from as curlmg slowly upward a ftcr wa1tmg some t me au\,I<IUISIV protruded h1s pamted bush to see the result of crack saluted h1s ear s b agedy been enacted of a tw g behmd h1m !lace to \new danger I o Lei eld h rnself co otl tn'\\''ed an<l bcde~ked war act of p on g the hun e when he turned around by three other Ind1ans all elaborately panted As ~h<>UJ,hlll t\ e hunters unloaded rtflc m a moment the warrwr blow spmwl ng upon rap J was tl e act10n that diSconcerted for a mome1 t b 0 G of the r surp $:e tl e through the woods aud ran Yn,•r!inb to be d sabled by a shot Ind ans but heanng no ove1 Its shoulder as he pursu ng after I 1m fol who h~td a perceptible 'll e hunter saw m a roo -w b ch IHS to capture \''[ the death of thetr now the DJUr.) of the r leac.ler re at the stake a d he oa Lie- f ot to d e POET'S DEPARTMENT Written;for;tbo Press TO .MAUD mVING, BY FOSTER PORRENS A h dearest fr end I oher18h thy pure love, It seems like s sweet boon sent from a.hovo, To I ght my wea.rs pathway here, W 1tbln thlB world so cold and drear It u a. atal:' by wh10h my feet. Are guided and 1ts mfluenae sweet, Throws o er my soul s. gladsome bea.m, And ah thy love sho.ll ever bo my theme TlB strange that as we sat! tho sea Of hfe our tru~nt thoughts 'frill floe To those we luve W-e p1cture now W 1thln our mmds a placid brow 0 er whtch the golden rmglets play A f~oo that smtles throughout eaoh day, Aod there our fancy ends We find In Jt enough to soothe the mmd- EoQugh to make tho heart feel bght- Euough to fill tho m nd With VIBIODS brtght If we would tila8e on every silent prayer Wo d find 1t.s solemn pleedings oentored there Ah yes bs love pure holy love That turns our gloomy thoughts above All earthly things e.ud plants Withtn Our hearts a deadly hate for sin But when that love lB turned t1s then The hell.rt c:1.n never love nga.m W th f' rvenqy ao true and pure Dut ab such storms we must endure For 1 fe hath many storms ond some Are never 1 ghtenad by tl o sun Of happ ness But I w II aease ' Era yet my weo.rv pen ner~Hl.He Th-e bla knees of thts drea.ry world So now farewell r o.y pen.ct} unfurl 0 r t ee her banner br ght anti JOY W th fullness all your thoughts employ l\\ r tten for the P css TO LEON LESTER. BY WILLIE WARE Go w n the wreath of f..1me Let laurel flowers cluster o er That noble brow of th no To hve when thou rt no more When thy pale form s sleepmg And fncnde above thy gra.vo a.re weepwg Go m:ty glory awa t thee M y fttmo s bnght flowers beth. ne And may those flowertr ne er fade Through a.ll the spae.e of time May a 1 the world m homage bow And acl~ new flowor• to deck th;y brow lltlt when n homage all the world' B \' dorrn before thy shr ne Oh g ve ono thought one thought to me Dear chc Bhed fnend of mme Ann thv sw•• symp~tl y w ll bo A suo h ng ba m a JOY t l\ e For the Press Jfennu '§ Dead' ORIGINAL MISCELLANY. For the Pross HISTORY OJi' ESOPlJS. Kmderen !wort 'na myn eer uwer vaders naam It has a\ ways been neceSllary for men and women to have names Some, urged by nn 1mmod.erate 1dea for pro~ress ha.ve tn thair &ttempts to overthrow long estabhsbed CU5 toms struck at the aament msbtntton of names but never auccessfully Ja.cob Vander Slyek the learned pedagogue of anment Wiltwyck Willi one of the latter Ongmatmg, as h1s name mdtcates, from the clay, he naturally sought to Jmpre!S on h1s puptls fathors and mothers, that they, and all thmgs were but earth W1th th1s as a sto.rtmg pomt, he used to hold forth to the admmng boyij and gtrls or tho flounshmg county of Esopu. m l<>ng and profound words demonstratmg beyond cavtl that as all thmgs sprung from, they must hkew1se end m dtrt hence names were a hum bng and then to c!irry forward h1s 1dea he ' would ask Is It Chnsl!an hke to support a humbug1 W1th a race that pr ded them\elves on tbe1r devoted condlict that could not but nave JtS effect and tt d1d, for m due course of bme the fo llowmg placard was ordered by the old men w1th the consent of the ) oung to be stuck on to tl e kerk door guard house hocks and barns of tbe Jocal1ty '' hereas we the old men nnd fathers m tl1s Wilderness are ever wtllmg to hearken unto the truth and Will do all Wtthm our power to estaLl sh the same to the glory of the Father and sal vat on of souls and where ns one Jacob\ ander Slvck the h1gh learned and noble str schoolmaster of th1~ place bas demonstrated to our and every ones satJsfac t on that allts vamty and hence we through 1gnorance have been gu lty of a gr1evous sm by mdulg ng m the sacrJ!egJOus custom of names profane because they mean nothmg therefore IS 1t tl at from now henceforth we cummand all the nhab tants of th1s place to forbear from the use of names under penalty of baJnshment an l t} e w1 a tit Of Heaven \ he does not leave vntl,un four • hours, the wooden horse for twelve hours, and then to be sewed up m a bag 1ntb a cannon ball, and thrown mto the great nv er,* I!.S an example to other WiSe men, and a terror to reformers \ Such was the end of th1s reform that time, no new theory bas ever been hasti ly adopted m Esonus, and when Yankees urge on them the1r new schemes the 'bnt'\ghers sa.y,-remem ber Vand&r Slyak,look before you leap, and learn that some customs are good The foregomg IS the beg•nnmg of Vander Bosch s h1story of Esopus, a posthumous WQI k left by that noted character m possessiOn of his be1rs As seen by the foregomg 1t tells the plam truth, .calling things by the1r r1ght names yel; chaste m all its teachmgs As a gu de to a correct knowledge of the anCient customs ef our fathers, tt 1s mvaluable, for 1f ~ 1t has no other good quahty 1t can yet be honestly recommended for 1ts 11 uti • • BY DANIEL BRADBURY~ \' WHOLE NO. 357~ Appearances Of L-oeusts. J Dr Gideon B Sm1th, of Balttmore, !1\'l't!es the Natmnal lntelhgencer that the hR 1 ousts w1ll appear extensmlly th1s ye1tr The followmg States and parts of S~ates wdl, be occupteli by thetn, VIZ New York and Connecticut-from J;,png Island Sound to Washmgton connt,Y, Nf.!W Y9rk, from theConnoot1cut nve; to.the Ru.i. son r1over and several counties 111 New York west of the Hudson r1ver, to Montgomerf county, on the Mohawk r1ver New Jersey-Occupymg the whole State Pemll!]lvama-In that pGrtton by Petera 11-fountam on the south, MahantangQ Mount •un on the north the Delaware riV~r on the east, and the Susquehanna nver on the wes~ llfarvland-From Anne Arundel county to the middle of St Mo.ry s county from the Chesapeake to the Potomac river V1rgtma- From the South part of Loni!.!)n ~A mode of Plllusbment muoh praeticed m Hol co to the Roanoke R1ver fi om the Blu0 land m feudal t1mes and sometllllos W!Od by our father2 Stralllge, but Tt oe Love Story. In 1847 there hved m the town of I and shnt, Bavana a young mechamc named Lou1s S-- who had JUSt arnved at the age of twenty one years He becamo acqunmted w1th a young woman, the daughter of a weal· thy c1hzen, noted for her beauty and many aecompl1shments The two were soon deeply m lo\'e wtth each o}har and were hvmg m the bltssful ant1mpat10n of soon cnjoymg a world of happmess m wedded bliss 'I he matter was ment10ned to the g1rl s father who became very mdtgnant at tlie presumptiOn of the young man who was poor m askm~ the hand of the daughter of one so wealthy as he. The young man was dnven from h1s house and threatened With pel sonal vmlence should he return W1th a sorrowful heart nnd eyes wet w1th tears Loms bade ad10u to Susan for that was the g1rl s name and set sa.1l for Amonca on the 13th of Aprtl 1848, m the sh1p Calo1s The sh1p was out two weeks, w1ldly tosemg on many a rolhng b1llow when one stormy dark mgnt, the 2-th of Aprll, 1848 she was struck by an Engl sh vessel and m less thMl twenty m1nutes sunk to the fathomless depth of the ocean, carrymg seve1al of the tnssen ~ers a.nd crew to that und scovered eounb y from whose bourne no traveler returns Just as the vessel was gomg down Loms S-- and John Hershberger who m the voyilge had become mtlma.te personal fnen<ls pluni'i ed mto the brmydeep and fortunately almest lmmedJately got upon a large plank and were qmckly carr1ed far from the scene of the d1s aster Ridge to the Potomac R1ver North Carolma-Caswel\, Rockmgham, Stoke!!, Gu1l ford Roman, Surry, and adJa cent connbes Mtch1gan-About Kalamazoo Indtana-Dearborn and adJacent connttes lhey w•ll commence emergmg m North Carolma about the lOth of May, and a few days later for every hundr<;d mtles as we ' progress north unttl the Ist of June m W ashmgton co , New York Th1s w11l afford a fine opportumty to test the correctness of the assertmn that they do do not appear reg ularly every seventeen years None of the Southern tr1be (thirteen year locust') appear th1s year OrJ!;ID OC LfliiCb Law. All of our readers have heard of Lynch Law, but all of them may not bB acquamted w1th the ongm of the term The followmg account of 1t ts taken from the lbstorlCnl Collecuons of '; ITgtma, by llenry llone on e t ne l o n ana~cd to o L t h s extrao d ary tot 1 upo I sslre gth Sweet 1 eaut ful httle Jenme IS no more 1 I n:; 1 ea!l) all day and Dea.th has rudely snatc ed he from her pa. 1w>o.cn;olf a ne and v JOr co ld not I rents fo 1<1 en urace nnd made thmr home To that all prom •ed 1mpllmt obedience hut alas 1 troubles u foreseen nov.J arose that threw the place mto convulswns whiCh 1t took years to era.d cate Jan Jansen Van Steen Wyck and AnantJe h1s wife, owned a good b1g fat dom mJCk rooster that was the terror of all roosters but a great fr>end of the lrens :Now every nan had a. la.rse number of masters of tl c dung htll and 1t soon be came a ha.b1t of this va'l ant warl'lor ta v s t the barn 3 ards of the neighborhood to p1ck up stray gra ns fight c ow and cut up those coy tr cks so natural to a glossy feathered Dom n ck Jan and h1s vrouw thought there was not such anotl er rooster m all Christendom liD ~g 10 t1 en the r consternatiOn on the morrow after the publicatiOn of the ed1ct, when they m1ssed h s maJeSty Straightforward they went to all the boors to seek him but here came the 'JUe\tton what would they ask for I Of course nothmg and therefore they went :1bo tt the place pokmg then heads 1n every cr1b to find tl e r fowl As a natural conse quence th s d1d not smt the honest Burgers for 1t looked ! ejacl t gh and the result was, Anan!Je \hile peermg mto the secret places of K1t Dav1d s heuroost (the mterpreter) she got a crack on the nose that brought a scarlet stream and she went borne cursmg law and K1t Col Charles Lynch a brother of the founder of Lynchburg, Va, was an offioor of the Amerman Revolution ll1s reSidence was on the Staunton m the southwestern part ofrf Campbell county, now the seat of hts grand son, Chari\• H'\nry Lynch E•q .At that t1me th1s country was very thmly settled &nd meste<i 'b)r a lawless band of terntortal des peradoes The necessities of the case m-vulv ed aesperate measures. and Col Lynch ~hen a leadmg Wh1g apprehended and' had them pnm11hed Without any auperfluou& Jeg111 cer..- mony Hence the or1gm of the t.rm \Lyneh Law ThiS pract1ce of lyncbmg contmu ed for years after the war and was app'hed to many of mere susp c10ns of gu1lt whtcb could not be regularlv proven ' In 17'J2 says W 1rt s hfe of Henry there were many smts on the south stde of James River for mfl1ctmg LJ nch taw ' The Enghsh sh p ho~o ed around ror sever a! hours and gatbered up a n 11nber of the passengers or the CalOlS but Loms and Hersh berger had, m thetr frail Lark got beyond hailmg dtstance, and the Yessel went on her way w1thout them For thirty SIX hours they were on th s plank m the m1ddlo of the ocean, endurmg all the horrors o 1 anxiety hunger and thtrst, when they were ptcked up by the s uee 111 fated slup C1ty of Glasgow, bound for Phlladel~ohia where they arnved on the 6th of J\fay 1848 Hershberger hired With a bar ber m Ph1ladelphta and Loms S-- came on foot to our ne•ghbm mg county of Stark where he worked two months, and then came to lh1s countJ and commenced work nt h1s trade, as a partner m an established shop lie was a very fine workman sober and m dustnous and soon gamed the confidenoo of h1s customers and neighbors u us al exert on It soon desolate !he half worn shoes and the httle tl \t tl e yell ng den ons dresses tl at she used to wear are ly1 g 1n the car turc h m unless some d1awer useless We shall no more behold o elule them At th SJUnc her 1 retty face nor hear\ er hspmg mama 1 l•nntc•r Lethougl t h m of a strata papa I Iler 1 ps are closed 111 death could reach a certa n part Bereaved ones 1 whtle J ou weep over the 'ould Le successful and \I llle g• ave that h1des from yours ght the coh•r\e I e cant nueJ tl e race form of Jour loved one remember that God encom aged Ly a hope of only lent her to you for a season and now He e I nd ans 1 'm ng h s object ha.s taken her home Yes I she 1s m Heaven 1 bn.l·· \\\''·I to head h1 n o!f She has a crown of glory upon her beautiful uul.YI ng l IS speed succeeded rn cr bank close to where a 1 to the large stream but lla,rclvl':apn,edh s po nt when h s pursu brow and a golden harp m her tmy hand and her 1 ttle vmce 1s heard, smgmg pra1ses among the angel eho r At the hattle of Gmlford Court Rouse a regtment of rlflemen raised m that I art of the State under the command of Col Lynch behaved wtth much gallantry The 0-Jlonel d1ed soon nfter the close of tha war Charles Lynch, a Governor of M1sS1SS pp1, was h1s son Uardy Peaclt TJ ees To have peach trees that W111 last and bear several years and every year the followmg 1s recommended by an expenenced nnrsery man close at Ins heels 'Vallace mr>m<>nl on a proJechng part o• breath the Ind1ans tb nk po1ver brand1sbed tholf r fies w1th exultant yells as the bank where the1r fan She w1ll ever be near J ou-am1d the cares and to1ls of the day and m the holy tw1I ght hour hrlr pure spmt Wlll be hovermg around you weanmg your thoughts !\Way from earth JSay I do not Wlsh her back to th1s cold hearted world but so I YO, that when your JOUrney hero IS ended you may be reumted But th1s was not all That same evemng the celebrated feast of Vas el av{frf( was oele bra ted and best des the large supply of hquors, they had a 11 sorts of good thmgs,-worst nbs kalkoons roast p gs and the nmnerous fixtures common to the culinary craft of a The result was that he soon bad all the mo ney he needed and some to Joan wh10h he wa• always carefnl to put m safe hands In the year 1850 he made the acquamtance of a f._rmel S daughter of thiS county and on the Procure your trees graftEd upon the w1ld plum stock The tree partakes of the nature of th~ plnm bemg hardy and Will never wm ter k 11! and puttmg out late m the sprmg w11l never be mJured liy the frost and 1t IS a certam preventahve agamst the worktngs oi' the peach g!'Ub, whJle the natural hfG<-tim~ of the tree ui that beyond our own so you may depend upon peaclies every year, and for a long penod of ttme wtthout the destructl•<l and dtscouragmg mfluences att1lndmg the growth of the common peach. They can oe obtamed at from fifty to seventy five cents. per tree and ;you had bettet pay ll:ve tnnes calm!) walchmg them totrenno'\ one came up a powerful 1 untcr s nfle sent 1 1m tum In Heaven E l\hlton Feb , 1860 Care of the 'l'eeth. Tho teeth should neve1 be cleansed by other leape !1 fie m han<ls from than mechantcal means Any chemiCal agent W'lter tnStantJy diSappear that W n act upon the tarlnr on the teeth W1Jl ·wallace was prevwusTy ac act upon and destroy the enamel of the teeth the 1 eeul '\ features of the also Hence although the teeth may be nnd w thout watt 1 g for ~e<~o\!d assa~~t the hra' e woodsman drew m had d SCOVel ed one day made to !oak verv wh te m,. mmute or two traps It had been hallo v by the use of the amd they ~omil'become dark action of the water and the I or than ever to be whitened no more and \\'h'''\ that fioated dow 1 the creek I early deca.v and pam are sure to follow In by contmued l\!lmg n.nd the olea mg the teet.h by mecha.ntc.a.l mea.ns had kept the top from fall cautwn 1 s toLe observed that they be not up unperceived and crawled broken or s ratcbed a ,a that the tartar be I olen to he howl• and perfectly removed Beware, then, of quack Ind!an• as they ranged tooth washes r you d:o not ''fish the \'\'IrUC• bank, With nfles ready hon of your teeth appe~ranM of the hunter- heanng w th exc1tement and nerve qmvermg w1th 1mpa look ng as they stood the stream hka bron<!C nnr<>;>l>t-do btless behev ng h tn to the 1 by rap d travel! ng cabm to find tt m ashes and settlement lie found tl e m 11 block house ha~ mg inl•el'll<:en•>• that n bodJ' of Ind ans th6m Th~ 5cttlsrs appearance \Vlth JOY and 4ppoint.ea hun their leader Exti11;;•tis!nng lr esuvJD!I Some of the German Journals announce se nously that a company of Enghsll cap1tahsts have made an appl1cat10n to tho Kmg of Naples for a concess1on for the cxtwcbon of Ve5UYIU5 1 he pr nc ple sen~ of ilre of lhl>l volcano IS sttuated several thousand feet be low the lev• I of the sea By clltting a cann~ wh ch would carry thewate1s mto tho crater the fire wou1<1 Le completely extmgmshed and the operat on whwh \~ould Mst only 000 000[ wonld restore tho o~>li!VI>IIon land of ten t 1MS thnt vn!u0 Ji'eedinr; PoultrJ. An 1dea preva1ls mth many that any Dutch housew1fe The quest1on now arose N 1..~ 29th of ovem ber of t,...,.t year, he w~B mar how they would ask for what lhey Wished~ ned to her He contmued to prosper and, m and after long parleymg It was agreed If they 1852, purchased a fine farm, and went to farm w shed a nb they would squeal hke a ptg 1f mg In June last, h1s w1fe d1ed, leavmg f< ur a fowl cackle or CJ ow a turkey gobble' but ch1ldren-two boys and two gtrls-to battle for worst they were bothered Not knowmg the storms of l!fe w1thout a mother what to do for they could not get along With New~ had been taken back to Germ.any of out so good a d1sh as worst one andacwuo amonnt than not to obtun them aud be certnm of peaches every year the loss of the Calms and most of her passen youth D rok de Das (the skunk ) suggested gers and among them Lou1s and IIershbefger Remedy for a Felo~. certam IDI)tiOns at whtch the girls blushed Theg•rl Lomssfi1stlc>ve wassorrow s!r!Cken and laughed whtle the old women put on a Wlth the sad news of LOUIS supposed death, We flnd the follawmg tn the Auburn Dally scornful face \Vhat this would have led to for she still hoped that fortune would faver mon .A lady who had been troubled f->r 1s uncertam bestdes nMdless to know for an some ttme w1th a felon on her finger, g1ves a them so that they m1ght marry at some time th ho.p rehaved them from the1r plight simple remedy from whwh she experteneed' a o er Hope sprme;s eternal 1n the hGtnan breast, 1 Uans Snoop that IS llans who loves sweet and lt was thiS that strengthenl!d the yoJ.IDg gllenf reher. and wluch enabled her to obtam thm\'s and wlll take Without license, com prl to b•d farewell ro her lover, and pray to sleep for the first t1me m many mghts It mon~r called Ir-ans Slue! up from the wonder Heaven that he m 1 ght bo safely carried over was to cut a l1ole Ill a lemon and wear 1t on l'ulamotmt of ammumtlon of narute he could the pathless oce~m but when tbe sad news the finger hke a th1mbl<f-the felon bemg en stow m !us bllsket haJ been eahng that d11y of his death reached her she was for many cased m the fl mt Persons affimteii With a ocl epel of chestnuts and JUSt at th1s pomt months almost frantic her rosv cheeks gave thes11 pamful and occasionally dangerous VI$ of the enqu ry caused. a loud report 1nS!de way fpr II dl:ath hke pallor, and her -rr;encis\litOr!l WOuld do well to gne thiS remei:l'ial hiS great pantaloons and forthwith It was feared that they would soon have to follow agent a trial adopted as tho s g 1 for worst From that her to the grave Time, however had 1ts Ba;ues and Wltea1 moment chestnuts arose to twenty guiders m effect and she finally apparentlz forgot the seua t per ifel epef. cause of her troubles Many were the suttors Aceordmg to Su- Robert Ko.ne the d1stm Such 1\ dJsgraceful no•s• was never before that nppl 1 ed for her h;md, but Bhe smshed chem1s!, one pound of bones eontam8 heard m all Chr~stendom men, women hoy~ them all In the year 1854 Hershberger, the pbosphonc acH1 of Z3 pound .. Qf ~beat, and g rls were promtscuously <:rowmg gob was a scholar and a fine wnter, wrote a A !1rop of when.t o.f 40 bushels !(!Jlr a,are and hhng squeal! tg and puffing from the1r bon to If frtend m Germany gtving an account 60 pounds per busbel, we•ghs ~ 4(1~ pounds, ors But th1s was not all the young men the voyage, loss of tho vessel and 'he~'\'~\'\' and thus, l'equrrcs about 86 !10ilnds Qfbones and the maid~ found tt very mconven1ent to of lnmself nnd JJO\llfl ~--, 7 to supply 1tw1th that essentlal ma.tenil The ndh9ro to the time honored Q<Nihl,,nt II- p~culm< Th 1 g IMtQr Wll!l pubJighod m !1. puwr 111 Gel' \11.~11\\l ~upply of bon\ dust (3 to 4 ewt;, per w .. y of court n~ '[I e old fulks sa\v the1r many, whNh fell mto tlie ham'l$ Of lhe faith acre) sup:pll!!>! each of the crops for fuur Yllllf,S names would smk 11 to obseunty, for thctr ful g1rl by Wli!Ch she learned Dhnt Louts had Wlth a suffiCiency or pho~phquc a<ll.d, 1Vl1Ich '\' progmy, numerous as 1t was were nameless been saved, bu't whether iie wall -yet hVlng, g1 ven {JUt as the bones decompose montl1jly Rose says fiS!!Sin,g tlor<ll1!!h Nantucket, last summer, t an out of tho-way house for a approached the half opened be.beld the followmg scene whtch at the tune to a cons1d of gram, even 1f a. httle damaged Will do for poultry but th1s IS a great mtstake A fneud of the wnter once came V<Jry near Jo smg hts whole flock of valuable fowls fecdmg them w1th damaged corn #bleb had had been heated Those who feed hugely know Letter and 1nvarutbly make It a rule to feeed none but the best and 1f of corn, 1t IS Ever;r. new Lorn son Iool<ed hke Pap-every and 1f sttll true to her put her m grflat-s.lls daughter hke Mam but alas, It was useless' penso. He1 father d1ed 1n 1859 le!Wll\g her these naturally provoked o. reBelll\on alld the- • 1 ttl ~ ....,~ I J 1 1o•g h a 1 e .10ff.lunw n u y, 0t1 s e was.1n a old men revoked the ordmance by the follow store m the town of Landohut and wh1le watt- mg mg on the mer6hnnt who was <lng8glld to sell \Vhereas certnm unioreseen but scandalnns her some she p!c:k_e4 thmgs have ansen from the late eotabhsbed IJUetsc7 1 e p~~::~~~~~~!~~~~~~.~;:~t; custom v1z the beatmg of a woman. theerad er Raby, of Cacnt.on,:~r&irffi,eH:'/'o:('tlii$, toatlon of anctent n~~:rues great mcrease of and It notleeit the deatn of'h,;.-;..::l~'l,\f '-\1''\',\il,uced •llegltlmntcs (onecht ) and the Babelous. aCts S-. Sbe concluded that>'\'·'\'\\' mother was bold•ng, wh1ch dexlt<>rousllv a me<l at an old black m the corner Puss no sharp pnck of the fork than m a J lfy, and the expenment h1gh glee, Pay out mother she goes through the wm all the better for bemg broken fi!S: Question for the Curtous Twenty years ago I bought a he1fer calt, wh1ch beJng- two years old had a he1fer calf, and one every year snice and every he1fer calf on bemg two ;yearB old bad a hlnfer calf every year smce Tell me the number of cows,belfersan!i calves wh1ch now compose my stock 1 at foasts and even private taBles wtth 1.116' lover, ana lmrltedlately disagreeable odor of tho call for worst there preparatlons to sall for Anierlca .,_.,~~1~~ fore are the aforementwned edu,.ts revoked, out Slie arrneil Il't t?~::·:~;~~~~~~: ann the htgh learned but mad schoolmaster house of Lou 1 s, on the 21st Yander Slyck, bamshed out of the land, un· on the lOth of last month - d • . ;;,_,.,.l,;,; .. '!' Questeq \moJo of conrtmg smulllr to bundhD,IT I bappy oy bemg unite m .n \' The wench got m bed the m~>n opened tho mn house of the nridegroom dow Bud la;r upon the kombas all m gr\\t mod<!st.y' [I' 1 C (Oh ) F adds tho ohrou olor >0 mes o 10 anner

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