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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, March 22, 1860, Image 2

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al!alldoned her abode anth ®r man 'lhe de<:l!tved au<lmJUtjld u~t houSflk~i:ltntl ~~~n!~t~~~tl~=ff·~::~I>:~uh~:liiili'111oiit' bf&I!Jlhemous book! too in o11o the old to asser' the oartb coo rourui the aun S eetnirlgt;h;iv•e\l'ilP·~.iu;·~'ll<l~li~tii!,·iliP•~il· our l!lu:aclu, tlliuk lmwthe.r batt> 'em aahas ~~~~~;~~:~:~:~:!&~~~\;b:!~~~~~;~;;r~~:!~~;:-i~~!: pomat.um, ing hlS tune lli<rtt>rea w broker• or eupbo8l4 hopn, oocas10nally 'elltra&l;i!lg tluol no ota;\u~ of BlWlt ever hlub~rod. mt.. to return fol' the sake o£ Tho \\\~idle• the llllotl!ltGttl :Sut brethren we fin<l l!!Ilo how:e,ver laughed all bJs appu15 to ~room, .\Iillo!; oolllfy\' '\' 'boaong l,llut fa« 10 oqr 111 n<l - utterly refusmg ~ have anything 'o do The ~rttos.l'!ho CQ k1e!J.od m!rom out oaoh Lcpt•vn hltti Arc Qnly ~he folk• who had education It appears that maddened Wlt 1 hill: '!l'l'ongs, The low and the dull and the YIIe and tho meaD 'l'tnker, preferrmg that hiS elnldren .-ho are Aro •• fond of tholt Pope .. thoy ever han beoo ~!&til to have been both br1ght ~>nd beau• not And now m.r dear btethren,lf oarsmg would ~o, should auo 10 the 1 r mnocence rather ihan be We if blaze at tho beggllte 1m all thm$0 wore blue, resred under tho feat'fnl shad15W' of their But tho e&rs of tho WlCked lo vorbalattacks Are JUdi~•ously bunged up wtth JnJidot war mother & cnme admtmstered to them potson And tho grim Ga.nibald• W<>uld prne cootumao ous on Wednesday n1ght Clll'llfully foldtag thetr rose up to eure him tho blest Athanu•us little hands upon tbetr breasts aft~r they were dend He tben went to the stabla of Itowe.,..r coo Gnal appeol y~t I& tho world D• Sell!'l<m armed vttth 11 m•tol tb awnlt One ours• on the fiag by our sul~octs unfurled .-. \\ \ dooluo tho LA~:atioru our o#n Jtnd \\\ d•tur tn~ D<Xrtor s entrance, wh ch •n>4 hlul>.l nt To morbllo alter !ho will of g,w P•to• tl@t hour that be mt!;'ht Ialllct summary And we horoby clenonl!co to the world and all t•m• vengeance upon the dl)l;troyer of h1s: ~e11ce - Each Romo.gn••• aet •• \hornb!o cnm• The Doctor however d1d not come, and Mtorr Let the mfidell horet,co, tra1tora and kn•,.•• g~<·m; the horse str.)' ehmne whtch! killed HD.Ve no peao& m thou hvoo and no roa~ m ~heir him mstantly he sallied out to 'find htm - g~:n.•os Fallmg m thts and h1~ agony or mu1d bemg The dungeon and •oalfvld tho •tee! or tho rore more than he eould endure he took the pOl Shall teach them to wrong thou afFeot\mate Pop!-> son which ended hu; hr<> F1ro fam ne on<! slaughter consume tuem away Till Beelzebub collars tho !Slit Let uo pray Loss oC Ocean sceamcrs. When these facts became kptiwn the popu lace of Syracuse were ternbly exctted and a ooncourse of oTer fifteen hundred pc!jple ai tiembled m lhe streets Dr Sear cs was for ced to take refuge m ;ail to prevent bemg lynched by the crowd The Coroner s Jury rendered a verdtet m 11ccordance w 1th thesa facts The funeral was largely attended the errmg but bttferly repentant w1fe and mother be1ng present and weeptng frmtless tears over the sad result of her mexcusable cnme She was formerly an exemplary member of the llaptu;t Vhurcb, but was converted to Sptntual sm and Free- lontsm by her seducer The outraged c1tt zens of Syracuse will hardly penmd such a wretch as Searles to remfUil 1n thilr m1dst Ocean A!eam navJgal!on affords a pretty se vere test of enter costs when we constder the pecumary hazards w1th wh1ch 1t has to con tend aruuug from defecttTe manllgement d1stnbut1on of patronage and per1ls of the sen From tts earliest hiStory dtsasters have been frequent nnd seem to become more nu merous m proportiOn as the number of steam sh1ps lS mcreased Gomg back to the memo ro.ble loss ot the Pres1dent m 1841 the prmctt-al dtsasters to steamqrs may be sum med up as follows mth 1mpnmty -------,-'-~ Prestdeut A relic Pacrfic, Yalno ofve98el L TU lost n.nd cargo Bnttsh Amencan Iuformlltton Wonted. A i?QAt tl-r~ w ~'-'s s nee, a. -ouew man eJ.lhng h1mself Henry McVey engaged m sci hog a patent Kerosene L ght came to the Chenango House m tbts v11lage from Che nango Forks where he had b0en stiaymg a short time and was taken suddenly wtth a severe attack of PneumOnia Il9 has been and now IS seriously and dangerously Ill - Pbystclans thmk he cannot recover He ts an lmbre stranger n tbts commumty nnd IS deatJtute of means He ts of gentlemanly ap pearauce, came well dressed and h s :case has u01ted the sympathy of our c1t1zens lie bas been well prllnoed for by ll!r Whttten hall the landlord has bad careful nursmg nnd sk111ful medtcal treatment lie bas been much prostrated smce 11 ;; attack and has talked but httle lie bas however $poken ot l'r~ends re\ a ng m Montgomn~y Ornnge (lo 1 N Y 1 Ill llldl PI\ , F,. rfieh1 Co Conn near Honasdnle Pa nnd m Barryville Snlll v\n Co N Y De formerly res ded at Port .Jervt• m th s State wh!lre he was dealer m Ilats and Furs and was Deputy ~herlft­ Letters have been wr~tten to the~e !>/aces but they have elicited bot l ttle n fortllatton - Th!Q notice IS gtven hopmg that It may come under the eye of b s Cr>ends In behalf of a dymg man we ask newspapers to copy the statement Persons w sbmg mformatton wtll pleaae address U Wh1ttenhalr Greene, N Y Sa ' F~anc1AM \ (\'teni.ral AJD.er c~ U 130 $1 200 000 300 I 800 000 240 2000 000 160 400 000 !l9;, 2 500 000 H\1 looooo [Chenango Amencan Boldness o:f a Rl:tmalib Palest. Prayers were pnt up tn l:he Rom ish churcb ea 111 Waslungton last Sunday, for ~he Popo m h1s controversy With Loms NapO!Ieon A clergyman of th!Q denommatiOn a foreigner a few m~ntbs ago preaohmg m a church 1n the ne ghborhood of thts c1ty took occaston to lament that tlle peopie of tbts country were not compelled by law as they were m the old country to kneel ~~;nd uQcover the IT heads to the host nsJt passed along the Btrects B'ot he satd the time was commg when th1s would be done they bad only to watt patiently for tt. ThiS was related to me by a gentleman who was pre6ent and hellrd the remarks I bo.ve only to say that the prea:eher twas more bold than prudent [Cor of PhJio.daTphta News European Newoapel.'s. Ne>Tspapers m Europe are not qmte so cheap as m th!Q eo mtry T'ne Lond~n 'limes costs forty five dollars a year 'I he :Mormng Chrtlntele Dntly News Qlobe llera\d and Post, charge the sam<> ra.tes The London Evenmg Mml IS puohshcd three ttmes n week at twenty five dollars 11 yenr 1 he London semt weeklies twelve dol1ars The French datly papeTs large onea 11re about the same pr1ce as the London Prmts Those about the s1ze of our penmes cost twenty and twen ty five dollars a year The German papers cost from twenty two to thJrty stx dollars a year Thmk I rellders m the Umted States what a cheap luxury you have m newspapers ~ A youth nt llmgho.m l\lass recent ly made love to two g1rls at the same ttl)1e A sweet seen ted note 'VIIs soot td hnn to lndvpvmlllnoe, Yankee Blade 15 250 000 C1ty of Glasgow llr~ttsb 420 850 000 Umon Amertcan none 300 000 Humboldt Frankl n Cttyof Plnlad~Jphm Br t sh Tempest Lyonna1s, Anstna Oanadtan Arngo Indtan Nortllerner Hunganan, Total l50 French 160 German 456 Bnl!sh nona • 2~ Amencan 52 Br1t1sh 120 1 600 000 1900 000 600000 300000 280000 850 000 400000 100 000 1~5 000 ~., 000 260 000 Show ng that a fleet of lwenty fine eteam ers many of them first class havo been total ly lost wtthm the penod named The Prest dent PM fie Ctty of Glnsgow and Tempest w~re nner ll~~r<l from the An,t c San F an mgeo !llld Centn.l AmerJcll foundered the Independence Yankee Blade and Northern er wert> wrecl ed on the PaCific and the Canad1an Ilumbolt Franklm Arago and Hunganan, on tl o Atlant c coast the Lyon na1s w<>s sunk by colliSIOn aad the \ustnan was burnt Not enumerated m th s I st are two th•rds as many more generally of a class much mfermr whtch were lost m the Cahfor n a trade 'I' he casual Tea.der may der1ve n more dtstmct lmpresston m regard to the ap pallmg loss of life here recorded but there are many homes whore no fresh reCital 1s needed to recall the memory of tho loved and lost Wdl lllormonitun Spread t The Utah Jndges have been removed ow mg to the conflict b~tweeu thQm and Gov Cummmg who has turned l\1ormon The Pres1deut has conferred wtth the Mormon delegate as to their Auccessors Buchannn IS turumg llformon too we guess De posstbly Wight have better luck m Mormontzmg the U mted States than m h s attempt to Slavery 1ze It Bemg a wenderful man for expert ments wo wouldn t wonder tf he trted to have that the natiOnal rehgtou W1Jl .Mormon sm spread through the Stt~tGs ~ may soon bo a que~tton on the corners of the streets and m the pobhc pl11ees ~outbern Extoruon. It s under•tooc'l that the Oharleslon hole] keepers have resolved to charge seven dollars a day for board dunn; the sessiOn of tho Charleston Oonvenhon 1 They mtend to mal>e bay when the sun shall sh nc For that reason the Democr11t c Nahanni Committee arc cons1dcrmg the >doll of chan gmg the place for holdmg the Convention - Bnlt1more has been proposed The place ought to be changed and Charleston to be changed too Eleetoral 'otc. The number or votes to which tbo Vllr!OUS States will be entitled m the Electoral Col Jetre, at the ncltt Pres1dent•al Election, ts Nort bern States 186 Southern States 120 Total 306 No necei!SIIrY to elect a t>resulen t at the holiSe of one 11f the @Iris, whtch he d1d, and was ushered mto a room where, to hts BUrpJ:'!Se aud confusion be found both of hts true loves sitting ll•s: clothes :were torn, '1 he scarlet fever has been ragmg eyes blackened and finally the amazons let lfe,&i-flill•.tiU Jllmotll ami Ohto In Blo.onnsg bun out or the room and ktcked n1111 out of the past wmter, some four hun the house have falleft vtet1ms to the dts Speeimens of Ve,I!J)J!}it,r. ! \ Another Deeapitation. ltuert>!itlng faom 111elil~.,-the J111i• ted States lm.»IJeated. VILLAGE 'l'aEA.SlJBER•S REPORT Vu.J.AGK Tln~asumrn s 01Tlmi } Kingston )far.cb 1 1880 Our nmghilors of the Uh!t~jr~ep~iblican Tho pohucal gutllolme has been at work so wayW.Jird }#regard to tll!t:~l'\l<m m the New Yor~ Custom lloiliijl It seems We have 1mportant news frlllll illexreo- fin~ It necesillil',I qu1te oft.enfio.~:h•~ek theirpro:J<\1 ~o be the provm~ 9f tho Admmistrat10n ap Tbe det111ls of the news by tbe Star of the srAT.EMR~ t of ti.COOQnt ot tbo 'l'reasuror of the Villa-&• of Kinr;o~tuu (q the.:A ca. yea end g .MMcb 1 !860 gr~lja m tho ~ J;lack art ~n th1s State to ' erullli out 1 the In \f~t a~e at band Bv tele.,.r!i.ph from New !lONEY~ Rl CE!Vlll! OS ACCUXT OF OE!'IERAL Ft;SD !dMil!IQ til mAtlltMn \' 1 ' •t WI! dl!n d f \ \ ln hq~d:!i or Tr asur.cr 1l a. t a t b6 66 f t:utl <'o o f :$e=m ~B7 as wD~ .,1!8 1!81!1! 0 m !Uih!rOiltll If It C!ID Orleans we Jearn tha\ tllo Mlllil!lan Wilf ll~~~~ N lk>otb. & Co d l.l..S= U Oo- •f It Cllnnot to crush them down bot 1t has mer General M1ramon and Marquez are m trtQd the wrong m!ln thtq ttmo .Jogeph 0 HllS that port m chnge of Lmulennnts Mmor and brouck the old Nabo,,a.l Den\.l\\\-hc 1<At Chapman of the Sara.togn Both were cap hor~e of Ulster, has beetl rcmq•~ and for turecl off .Auton Ltznrclo, on the mornmg of what ~ Because he nobly refused to surren the 6th m•t a.fter a br1ef action and w1th der lus prmc1ples pos1t1on and standmg, as only a $hght loss and are prtzes to th<~ Umted Ovc dro.oa;n Sl!OU8 91 79 82 .. 11iU ~!O~EV~ PAID ON ACCOuNT 0~ GENERAL I!UND The \ruth or tlie matter IS Samuel Me- clea~ ill11hO&ell Ju5tJce or tb~ Peace In Sau gort1os h,y 191 .... Jority, and D1ah Turner Overseer of the Poor, by 1~6 DmJOrtty-both on the People a J>f .oppotntlon t.icket a Natamal Democrat and \ man of honor- States 1 he l\Iarquez has on board a. portiOn Tho pomt was- Hasbrouck you must not of the pr1soners taken and the U S sh p go to Charleston as adelegiltefrom tbtsState Preble was to brmg the remainder Mtra you must gtve up your place there to Wm mon on the 29th ult, With 5 000 men a nu l>ate or Daft 1859 To whom gh·eo D L .Decker George A V •1M LIOY!1-In thl3 town HAmAN Wn MA~'\ '\ chosen SUPQr'fiYOr over Ezoktel Eltmg~ - Mr W Jlliams tlooug}1 formerly nn AmerJcan waanomznaltl/. b.y t!te,.d~moqq.ls We have not learuad h111 mfiJOrtty [Ulster Repubhcan F Russell who IS 11 Lecomptom•e nnd fol· meroos tram of u.rl1llery 11nd plentiful store6 lowed Bach:man II all of b s varymgs from or amun lion cnoal)1ped Wlthm four mtl•s of tho Cmcmnatt platrorm Mr Russell 'IVil oan Vera Ctuz and llud stego to the ctty 'lbe use he 1s alwa)S pohhcally p 1ahle, but garriSon compo~;~ed of between 3 000 to 4 000 you )Jr Hasbrouck aro too firm and stead meu was commanded by Gen IglasJaS Col fast Now you must comply wllb our WISh ViValdo who wu m command of one of the es or be removed from office -so satd Dan prmctpal forts on the Southern stde was de- tal S D1ckmson so sn d Augustus Schell tMted m a oonsptracy to blow up the fort on r.nd so sad we learn also 'Vn> F Russell I Mtramon s approach and was condemn<!d to btmself (Wo arc sorry B lly could not four yeariS 1mpr1oonmont Th1rty eonsp1 ra h...,~ found Glltmgh '\ dll At home~ smM hf tora wore bamshed from the etty Tho Sa• got mto the b&nk tn!l bu&mc35 ) l.Ir Has vAnnah Sara tog\ And P•ehle were ancho1'ed brouck answers- Remove me gentleman under the walls of Sall Juan d Ulloa and as soon as vou choose I have hvad and Enghsh Spamsh and Ftench vessels wen at mtuntamed my pol tJ~al mtegrtty too long to Sacnfic os Capt 'Iurner of tbe Saratoga phiJ the puppe~ or grovel! ng sup pi ant now ns1ted llhramon s camp m behalf of tho m my old days I can take care of myself Amer1c11n c1~1zans On the mgbt of tho 7th and tf I collld not you would lind I have 1ost 111 ramon made an att11ek upon the c 1 ty fnends 1'\oble old Roman The 1'\ew York m fQrce but wu.s repulsed by the Liberals- News II us speaks of th s decap1tat1on and The latter were confident of tl!e r abthty to these Courts commenced ltUreh sessiqtut the Oonrt House- Pre ~l'luib1~~, Jr County Jndga J H Tappen, Eoqra , A~~ao.;1ate Jury tn atte11dance J:ljlliisiOil8 pirOco!edoed tO the diSposal of of md1ctmen•s Wlf g•ve bujsiness traneacted Mendlesohn tndteted Term ner for perJury Sess ons on .:tffida¥1t of :t.Ir WHhams wns not nomm11ted by tho Democralsdalt There ar~notenou;h Buchan an men m th11 to\n to ma.ke a ticket When Solomon S flommel ran for County Clerk he recetved JUSt 1 votes m the town or Loyd- Ur Wtlham1> Wi>l$ l:romlnat6li by llfl Amor1 ci\'' caucns as an Atponclln and nothmg gJao MARlJIO'R(llJQB bill~ elect~ Corne bus Carpen ter Opp over l'hdJpa~ D Bloomer DeQ! by 132 maJontt 1 flw le1l\)' • der of the demo crattc tl<lket ,.. oho~n by an avoraie !llaJOFlty of 30 0 [UJster Republican absence of a matertal w1t The truth Hera IS that the cnndtdata for Jnat1ce on the Jlu<>hanan t1eket wo.s defeated and we understand wtth several others - WhBt IS &amcd lo>y 11 paper so fals1fymg the record~ the actors m the alfa r Withstand every assault Alvarado 111 repor A UGUSH S SCHELL ted to be m the possesSIOn of ?.hramon 'I he D at Att y for People pr1soner Flinn mdtcted fQr as bat:tervl on Newcomb S Ooopel' - \VoonsTOCK hflll. chosen Wilham J obnso 1 Opp over Cornehus H sely Dcm by a small m<'f<lr ry [Uloter Repul.>hoan Th ~gentlemen (one of a hall dozen soften Exe'iuamr of the Amertcan Consul at Vera oned liard Sl ell~ e>< sl ng n th g e•t.r) 18 d!a Cruz has been revoked The action of the hngutshmg the close of bts officta\ hfe ':>y Amertclln squadron had creat~:>d great cxctte proscrtb n~ Nat1onal Democrats On fhurs ment Ill Vera Cruz on affidavn of defend People R F Macauley bm G Terpenmng The If 50 1s a small maJor ty out of only 370 votes then the Republican tells the truth We th nk 1t do&il not tell the truth or m tended to day he sent for Joseph 0 Uasbrouck of Ul 'I he Amertcan Government I as at last m ster ll IVO gher of the Custon. and oue of terfered \lth the strong band m belalf of the delegates elected by the Democracy of I bero.l prmCiples m :Mel<tco While the Sen the Eleventh D str ct to tho Charleston Con ale IS wastmg precwus t1mc m parhsan twad for recetvmg stolon same to be stolen It was latter part of August tn the employ of Gar J<;sllPUIS, stole some 36 hens emopl~>y<:r, and sold the same to that they had been sto been m1ssmg eggs for a marked 11nd caused to be found m hiS granary hts name A day or two these eggs at the store of New Salem Esopus Cor eggs were sold to h1m h1s accomplice swore Pggs at the sol c1tahon of them to hnn·for $1 per 100, ~•e'~lll:lg eggs and selltng them on for more than a co~'tetode:d by defence that the had not been sufficiently tMbmony to mske out Found Gmlty \ D1at \'\'\er for Pe<>ple A SchMn lfirnhnm for !left Pnlfrl,.k Early The pr son mdtctment for grand Jar of October 185!1 one Pat m a room With pr soner u t Parsell at Port Ewen durmg the mght pr1s !Barrett some $75 m ban!( Bank lie WIUI nr a few days after, at York ctty when lie con the mon<>y that he had mo:neJI on the floor,-tbat he had !lJO•tnllS w1tb the money and oatan(:~ to Its mother for safe keep elcoth•e~ were gtven up ~nd $25 on ll!m~'s4!:ale found w1th the mother of GUilty Dtst A tt v J Pelmlle John E '\ an Etten for John Colhns nd cted for steahng a hone belongmg of Sbartdakcn from Sirn!J••~nls sltnblc~ !D tho n ght or the 2 th of The horse was found m pr soner at Stratton s Falls confessed tak rg the horse that there was not proof the lnrcenous takmc or the ire<lh:d the Jury to acqmt the 1J.Iitsna1rer for People R F Ma Phlltp W !lde mdtcted for ste:ajiljg:a bog,sh!.ad of molasses from Thomas \u\'l'''u•, m the mght fiOme t1me Jlalju,~ry He plead g\Ilty of pet1t accept~d J D Shafer Steele for deft 1 homns Reeve, md oted for hat·lpr·v on John Jones at Ron utlty Dlot Att y for Peo Lawum for deft S1dney Coutant mu cted degree-charged With forg pr!JmissiJd note of $75 dated Nov 4 h mseli purportmg to have Coddmgton and Davtd afterwards he passed 1t PeclH!r, of Rosendale for the shown on the tnal that the st!rns.tnres thoreta waro forge pnsoner Found Gu llty Paopl~ J E ' an Etten for GARDI:<ER -TI 8 town has agam returned Abner liasbrouek Am Ilo ts elected over Anti ony Y Dellton Dem by \ Ylely mnJM ty [Ulster Republ ean Abner Hasbrouck A mRJQr ty ts 1-0 - Where does ~he Ulster Hepubhcan get 1ts m formatton from ? or has It a d1sease so that 1t cannot tell the truth NEw PA TZ elects Wtll am H DeGarmo Opp over John W Dubots Dem by a small muJOT!ty [Ulster Republ call Small maJortty\ agam a margm of Sll out of about 400 IS not cons dcred small by seus ble people One tbnt chums to be elect ed when he fall~ one vote ~hort tscons1derably smaller -we mean the ma1or ty of course As compared w th last yea.r the Demoerats havo ga ned the towns of Kmgston Hurley and Sau~t1es and the Opposltlon have gam ed Rosendale [Ulster Repubhcan Where IS Marlbotough i b that net an Oppos t on gam i What an mtense mor b dness that Ulster :Republ can has and we l'ear t w n never e:et over Jt w th :tis pres ent edt tors Too-Soon' • ,; __ Upon the recept10n of the first news or the town electw s n thts connty the Democrats ~ent off n a tangent-halloed beCore gett ng out of the wooas they crowed too soon - The A Jbany Atlas & Argus had 1t that Bu chanan om wa,.. Lnumphant m Ulster (we wonder 1f that sheel bas s nee corrected tts blunder ng m sRtatcment !) and the Catsktll Democrat & Herald echoes the bark of the b g dog at the capt tal Hear TowN lllmm as :< ULsnm- We learn that the Democrats carry a majontJ of the Board of Supervtsors m Vl•ter county-whtch they ha.• e not before doqe for ~IX years Ah I gentleme 1 Democrats of the lin shed Y llnge, (as i\1 tchell &nford had 1t 1 ) wtll you make tho corioctiOIWlnd St!lte th11.t thft Demo. Cr3.(S or tJJster C:il!Tron1y S1X OUt of :n nefeen town~ 1 PohtJcaJJy spenkmg vre know that we are askmg a great deal or yon but JU~t for on eo see 1f ) ou can t afford to be decent and tell the truth ------ The Atlantic Illontlaly, The Aprtl number of tbts exc,.llent monthly 15 on our table It 1e ~ superb number, and wtll be read by tts sumerous !'enders wtth mcreased mterest Its couteuts present an agreeable variety 01 the substantial poetical tmagmattve and crtt1cal The titles of the prose artiCles conta11ed m the present number are the follo\\\mg VIZ The Laws of Beau ty Found aud Lost About Th1eves The PursUit of Knowledge under D fficul t es A Lear from tbe Amer can llfa.,.az ne 0 L1turature of the L~tst Oentury, Coma S Chtama or a leaf from the Oensoa of 1850 lluntmg a Pass Helper The Prt>fes sor s Story 'I: he ::.Iex cans and thetr Coun try and sev~r~>l pages of rev1ews and cr1 teal nottces The poet cal art c)es nre enl!tlcd penence The Portrtut ' Bard c SJ m bels Pleasure .fam and Lost Bel ef• and are unusually vxcellem Published by I ckttor & F1elds D'Mto!l ventton nnd gnve h m tho opt on etther to die over the treat' negot a ted by Mr 1\leLane g ve up tho Nat onal Democracy and refuse liiJrnmon It appears has been stead II) march to go ns a delegate to Chllrleston or to g 1 ve mg upon Veta Cruz On reMh ng tho envt up h • office Of course Mr Hasbrouck was rons of that CltV the young clertcal leader mdtgnant He pcremptoTJiy demod the r gl t proceeded to lln tmmedJate assault of the de of tho Collector to terferc wtth h1s pr nc 1 fonces wh ch was gallantly repulsed by the pies ttnd r fused to succumb to the hand of L beta! forces Those of our cotempora1 es power In less than ten mmutes 11fter he who have beo' bus ly engaged for the last was offic>ally ad v1sed under the s•gnature of two months decrymg the representattves of tho Collector that hiS serv 1 ces were no Jon~; the Mex can democracy as the dregs J.nd off er reqn red and the gray head of the old scourmgs ofa mongrel population w1ll doubt war horso of U Isler rolled on the ground less be astomshed to learn that these con Mr llasbroock IS well known to the De tempt hie cohorts hnve succeeded m d~feat mocracy of th s State He has served the ng the arm of the Papal champiOn of J.lcx1 paTty fatthfully for forty years De never can monarcloy They Will no douht be more held office until now and was tndueed to ac md gnant 5ttll on learnmg that the steamer cept the place from whtch he has been re Gen Mtramon has arriVed at New Orleans a moved by the urgent soltmtat 10 n of b1 s famlly prize to the American squadron and personal fncnds As an upnght honora ble gentleman he s w thout blem sb and as a pohttcw.n of mfloence and wetght he has no super or n h s Con$\t-ess ona.l D slr ct. lie hng nover b~Qn tamtell wnh Barn burner here• tues and unl ke the Coltedor he never- b~r gntned away h1s prmmples and sold out hts (r ends to obtam officml or pol t cal pos1t on F rm h gh toned uncompramtsmg and mcor rupt blc h s publ c cl aracter contras s beau ttfully wtth that of those who I ave smgled hnu out for proscnpt10n He could say some what n the Ia g 1age of Card nal Wools•y If I had served my God as I have served my party he woulJ not have thus deset ted roe m my Qld age But let that pass Hasbrouck ts out of office and Schell s ~el n office \Ve would rather be the former Without a dollar m our pocket than the la.ttor vr th thousands The first I aa the confid&nco and the good op mon of all who know h m the latter s Without a frwnd whose fmndshtp 16 worth hat ng and cou1d not. be ell!-cted !o f:he most subord na.t.e omcc m th1• c ty w 'h all hiB m suoed pl'l ronage to baek h1m Rumor has It that Mr Schell excuses h mself by say ng that he acted m pursuance of the w shes of Mr D S Dtckmson now m to1m We do not behove th s statement i\Ir D1ck lloon can not be so bl nd If however be has mduccd the Collector to ~ommtt this worse than folly we should hkQ to know by whal aolhonty he comes down to New York to regulate our lo cal affsurs and to ask whiCh of tbe Soft Shell Cagger gang wllo sleeps W1th Schell and Dtck mson 1s to succeed Mr Hasbrouck ~ 'June wtll determme th s as 1t w ll ~orne other mat to the su;ton shment of the Soft.ned lim Is 1\leonwhtlo the qoestwn IS asked who w II be the next v ct m 7 ~ll ere are we bel eve one or two more popularly cle ted deleitates to Chatleston hold ng office m the Cu.tom House '\ JJ they be asked to for swcnr thetr pr nc ples ~nd follow the example of tl e bold Augu•lus m ground and lofty tumbln g 1 '' e shall wa t nsd 5eo H however the ~arne shall be p ayed out to th sox tent we may take a hand m It If we do we shall expo e to tl e world II e v o/at<d wr tte co tract n p rs an e of ul ch !llr Sc/.e/1 obta• el h s office lf war 13 to be declared m the Custom IIouso agn nst Nat onal Democrats we des1re to be counted m We shall volun teer for tho fight New Road l\roJect. ~Edward Everett has contrtbuted to tho purchase of Mt Vernon $69 000 and that estate s now tn the hands of the women of Amencn-mfe from Ill! contmgenews lm• b1er t9 pnva.tq p~!Scs;:;;. QP Th-ey ~>J.vo per fot'!ned a noble work and aclneud o. glortous success ~ El< Gov Myron II Clark nom na. ted and elected to the ch1eC execut ve office of our Statn a few years ago on the Tern p•ra 1ce and Freedom platform bas a ban doned tl e ReP\bl can pArty and attached b n self to tho National ~mou Club of New York iL:!:\ In a course of Lect res at Yale Col lege, on frUit and fru1t culture, lion I ew1s F• Allen of Bl!tck Rock tn d seuss \\' the Apple and 1t5 nlue as a pomolog1cal pr~uuct named Wayne c~unty N Y as the best ap pie produCing reg1on 111 the world --------- ~ Lola lfontez a lec!ur ng n Oonne-e- tlCUto H W118 6ll0 ffllO ~ill{l that OV~f tbll gra'Va of m .. ny f<mnle!\ It m~ht Wtlh truth be wntten <'hed of too many pett coats - An exch11nge suggests that many a man ha~ dted of the same d1sease fir An enterpnsm! mtJ7.en of New Jer soy has prepared ponds for the purpose of r1usmg frozs fol' the b.ble The htlld quu ter& of these amphlbtonB vocalists r~Pdtly command m market $1 per hundred whole sale t!E\ A horse th ef nnmed Guthrte was lately hong by a mob near Fort Scott Ark In hIS pockets letters were found unpl catmg as hts accompl ces several partJI!t!S 1n 'Ks.nsss and illtssoun hitherto of respectable charac ter £:r A delegation .,f Mo~mon~ ue RD. d to he VISiting Joseph Smttb Jr the son of their first prophet who re.~1des m llhntlls nnd urgmg him to go t > Sa It Lal(c Lake 11nd tal>e the Head of the Illormon CounCil £:r Tn Japan a man goes mto soctety as soon as he !mows I ow to get drunk H sue]) was the rule m th t$ country the race of fasb10n11bles wouhl be very lmgo ~ About 20 000 tu s or cc are bemg packed m Pe•u Ilhnots thts season 3 600 tuns of 1t are loacled on ba.rses for D-.tQp fionge nnd other places South Fredenck Z mmermo.n Re Pnt over on affidaVIt of ~ The !II irrbr or froth IS the IItle or .. monthly quarto paper roeently Alarted 11t BroakiJ n, by J 1>. Bla<lkwon 1 Ia tv vf El lenv lle P\\\ ;lets per number It •• devo ted to \Pllllctj~llll\:l'\IJaljty aud Reform, a~ op posed Infidelity ~md Rei g ous nnd Pohllcal Intolerance - accordmg to purport fhe paper seems to be cfiHte ably conducted llandb lis a.ro n c rcu1at on for a tnee ng to take mto cons1derotton th~ propnety of constructmg a no v road (sto 1e or other) between Ellenv lie and Rondout followmg the l ne of the Del a war., and Hudson Canal -(such IS the readmg )-to be held at the house of llloses I Schoonmaker m the town of Rochester next Tue•day l\iarch 27th at 12 M We opme a toll road along the canal \To old be a poor m• esl ment but we would hke to see a good rond from Rondout to El lenvllle 1f for nothmg more than to make ~ A pnblle meetmg bas been held at Buffalo for the purp<!se of tllkmg measures to establish a manufactory of crockery and earthenware 1n th\t CJt; Jacob i\Iendelsohn mdtcted for VJolnt ons of Exc se on III phcat1on of defendant A bm J Ftero Indtcted iloliotir•g E:>jcise LAw PleAd Gu Ity James W Radelllf. Indtct qbtaini•1:l; goads under false 11retensc \PJti>li<:atiion of pnsouer Wm H Swartwout In ~~''>''\'\ a dtsorderly house m town iiJ A.t•fh,nr<ona lhi. license Ind1cted fer sell Put over on h1s mectmgs are held fur one dny aftornoon m the lecture R D Church, commenwn& at l2J: The Senate of th1s State IR actmg 'lory bad, n1 Toga'rd to the proper efforts of the Assembly for r~hevmg the State m 1ts prciient financ1al ~mbarrassmcnts nnd for les sen mg the burdens. of tali:abon upon lhe peo pie It IS not for tho want of mtelhgeuce that the uppe1 house conducts so fir Peterson s tadtes M<>t onal J.!ago.>~me stage travelling safe for we once came very for Aprtl IS receiVed Thts penodtcal we have near shuffimg off tbts mortal coli whtle go many t 1 mes spoken of m the highest terms lng down one of the htlls m old Murm~ldorp We cannot retract one word we have saJd m Our plan would be to Improve the present regard to 1 t but would add more and more stage ro3d to Ellenville-make 1t straighter o.s the wot k grows brtghter and br~ghter or less crooked avo1d tho h11ls where 1 t can be done &c &e \We trust that Kmgston £s- That 1nte!'estmg and 11p1cy lttUe wdl ho properly representen at the meetmg sheet the Bloomv1Ue (Del Go ) Mtrror, comes Steamer Manhattan. to us with a new drllSS loolting as mce and nestAI! o. SUit of Sanda.y go to meetmg ekitbes In our adve hsmg columns wt!I be toulld a ~Four steamers left New York for Ltv erpool on Saturday week, takmg an agg.,gate of 284 passengers, and $330,000 m specte r;3:\ A. French nst~onomer savs thnt on the 8th of 1.Iareh there wJII be the h1ghest t1de known m Europe for a century &'!!:\' The number of fires m the c1ty of New York durtl'g 1859 at wh1ch hfc was lost was 51, and 112 hves wer!> lost £r Some of the Southern papers are m t'o.vor or olCcllallgm( the SIX New England. States for the Island of Cuba ~ 'I be thlpottatlon of silks for th11 port of New Ylllk alene waS; last year, 1859, $33, 683; 6;{8 AU for the ladtes 15 8 lSi>~ 1868 1869 1858 1869 Jac. b P 0 to houdt .!: Co Jut albao IJ W lso J m~en Jln VLS & Co Fo and & Vau teeuburgb D L D•cker C D JloO<a,. H m nol .!: Lounsbery Foreman l.xcels!Or Et glue C<> do W L Da.,-nes E EllBw.ortb do \\ J D MerrlU K. T Va Nostrand C W N wklrk ft. B. Hmlow do Van Keuren & Bookman Pete .E Ennldt. Yo and &. Van We be ib :Augustus H Bruyn IJ. L Deckor ~ C lRT e& .nl 0 lieJ ~Imp!::~ he Wn H Ajken C S. Cay )..: land & \A Sta~bargh George H sJ nrp l O$ 1 Jol n~\oD Ja o.D R der H \l Tbllilfl '\un~ acnD os A gu t s Q.cb ouma.ker J mcQ J f; ylt!.i A J ~lory J !-1 rn:l vo maker J n ah !ia.rab John Roe L Jo ~r ue \ m B Rotne711 llONf:l ~ n:ec-r.I\ :ED 0~ ACCot\N'l\ Or\ .B.O \J) Fl\NP F om t n:w L. :f' itou¢ w. ng Cu ee ..., $2U4 ~ lli. a wo- ou hal d a a ~tpo 66'1 ()!: $2 Uo1 113 110!\0:V PAID ON AU OU~T OF ROAD I!U!!D 1860 Dec 1T Nov 26 Amount. l 26 1~ (§ ()I) (0 Of) 6 18 10 36 1114 ~ .. \\ 10 w 367 6! 4 3! 68 03 2:00 ~· 00 200 6 63 55 ?6 29 24 8 60 21 Of) ' 47 s: 79 ~9 ~ 0001) 600 12 00 76 00 81 w (2 40 140 0& 2 13 40 26 200 1 085 90 KI~GSTON POST•Oi't'IVG. HOURS OF CLOSING llf.ilL.S. AU Mn..1la close on G!nnd.a..y.:l ai. A o cloak, }_) 11 Albau; Ma I I'> !' Y., D..lll\ do do ll!.:!..M do North W:>y 12 M d~ No Alban7 m'l.tter goca w th tho Way Ma 1 North New York Ctty 4! P M DM!y dodo 9dodo SoiJtb Way 10 A Ill~ do SOUTH LA:S D (River Roalo ) ) v lie Esopus R1ver81do New 1l P lii do Rondout Port Ewen .Au es ~ Paltz La.n I ng SOUTH LAND (Inter or Route) 1 Fly Mount~m Arnollton to 1 6 A lii Monday New P >ltz where tt oannects )> W cdnGa<\ay w tb a contmnatton to Gardi J Fndl\y nor l'l•itok It &;o ELLENVILLE ROUTE-llur ~ Jey Ma..rblotown Ston!J! R dge Ky$or ke Aoco I Kurhonk 7; A M Da 11 l!CID, ~ a-vra.~ n15 N a.panooh a.nd EUonnlle Dolhl 1\!l>ll l~&V03 Tueo<hya Tbunaayo l\QQ s .. t11T days nrnvos Monru ys Wednoadayo IWiol :i'rt days closes &t 9 P M For s .. ngertte• Malden GlnReo Woodatooli, ... m!lttor 18 •ent ~y Albsny Way Mail olo11n~ do>i ly u.t lZ M lr!1ILI5 .d.~~IVE Naw York Citf I U A M Alb&ny C ty 10 anl 10 I' JIL 8 North Way 'Ab I !Lrr ~os South Way MJ. 1 n.rr T\EJ:S ll 4 Ulster Go TemDera.nca Smnety An adJourned Annual 1\leetmg of the Ul ster County 'lemperance Soc10ty wtll be held on Fnd 1y March the 30th at the ltlethodlSt Eptscopal ()burch of Ellennll\ A busmess MMtmg Will be held nt 11 A. M nt whtch all fr1ends of the Soctety Will be welcomed Pubhc llieetmgs of an mterestmg nature w11l be hbld at 2 m the afternoon and 6 30 tn the e~enmg A r&Jiresentatlon of every town m Ul&ter JS expeeted E W !lUDINGTON Prestdeat R P L StHFER Se9retary E:l!i'T.ERTAINMENT The manager~ ot the lad,es /> ,d Soc1ely of the 2 1d ill E Church of th1s village wlll g•ve an entertainment to thetr 'frtends and the pubhc general!~ m tho lecture toom gf the Church on the ennmg of Wednesday March 28th I ckets ndm1tt1ng the he•r~ to entertamment and supper mny be obtamed of the several agents and at the door for '25 cents As tins alfa1r IS g1ven for tbe benefit of the gospel 1t IS hoped that thll p11bhc ml\ respond to the all by fa•ormg the ladies w th the r presence .A.· ~ m A. ;~;.o ~. :rnoJr:ESSOR &F PRACTICAL AND ORNA.:MR..'IlTM.. PENMANSHIP, R lilQPlllrni!'Ii'ULLY\-<>ntiM~ u thft lJadJa! &nd GentlomJln f Klugston nnd YlCinltY lliat h!ll wtl! g1ve a coUI'So of Lessons nt No 1 Wallstreot m tlie renr o£ Dr Fmch s Office eommenomg MoNil.l~ Mu.reh 12 1860 ~ERMS Teac-her s eo-urse n Praet cal and Orn:t.l'n.e!l to! p., ..... .,., I' t!!ll 00 Twelve tcssons m Pr otlen1 PGlln1.0.nshlp 2. 00 Same for Lad es 1 ~if Twelve Lessons tn Cal'd Wuting .2 00 Puplls mil funu b theu own l'ens and I<>k- Rook• fnrn ehed at cost Jl<>11rll of Jnsi;ruet•on from 4 t<> 6 P M and from 1 I<> 9 P M W Spec men• can bo seen &t W~p s Book store Kutgstou Mal\<!h B 1860 2w356 New W E n.ro recGlVdi<;t m3ny neW' n.nU de!~li'&blo ,good• from the different ch11rbl~es att•~nojl and partllupate E~>isc:opal Church of tbts Y1llage ju1td~'tg·oi1l';; such alterations and .111lP!llrs rmnd!lr the house larger, hand&omer, Success to thll true Rifltttol' nottce of the Manhattan steamer T Corn~tll s £r Our thwks are due to :M;essrs Clark I me for iSGO We su~pose the Manhattan and Jewell of tho Assembly and Senator ts the most I)Omfortable night passenger boat Ftero, for valnablo pub he documents that starts fr<>m below Albany, whlle her facti 1t1es for Cretght bestdcs bemg entirely safe are tlus WElllk sm~d to the se,.sou wh:lilh Y•lf b8 rold cheap ior cn•lt Giv\' n• 1\ e\ll at ~ There ar<~ e1ght hundred students at iJ W Sl'IHAFF:ER'S Exclia.nge Oberltll College Ohto They o.re of all col _::K~>:::nggc:::::;to:::n~M:::\::ro~h:t. al;lk:n01iVIe,age the recetpt of two 1 aramps, from the garden Ct•qs:Jllll:il, or thiS Ttll$1!11 by the t1!l:' Gov Stewart, of Mtssonrt, has •etoed fully ample 'J:he entcrprtse and good busl the b1ll to expel free blacks from the State ness tact of tho owner and the capab1hty and I \'\'~itv of tho captam and otller officers of £r Gov Btssell of Jlhnms, dted en Sun th\ boat, cannot but ensure for the llfanbat day last a good busiUes•, as heretofore • Or& and 1lf both se.xllS car.Pet TI·ade for 1 860. W E aT-a Just abt:m.t rccotntg \ la'l'gll !!took of .Cn.r. ~ In the year 1859 there were, m the ctty of New Ywk, 15 murders, 44 hom1ctdes ' and 77 SUICides ~.;_,_-~~---·-··- .fir G1is J~ sotil m P1ttsburgh for$! aO per thousand feet pots o~ i>ll kmda which willl,Jo io!ll:it Tf>f7l011' for cash nt c W $CHAilWlllB S. _2!al'Ch 1\l, 1860,~..,....~~-~:,..+.,;.,;>...,;.;,:_,~ G A\ltPl\t;N' ~JllDS.-A 11!-I:# ll:Mortmeut a.!i1t gr.oa~ vnnety of Gar Jon Seed's nl o French Onion Sotts an<\ o •upermr art ule ef oonrtt<;;: -~ J lm!> Be~m• fqr ' lc at <: 'W S!ltLU!l!'El'l So

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