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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, March 22, 1860, Image 3

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lOt!lllOOOi at ®:!•1!11M.G tlontt<l l>y :&\tv w..._ V 1;l 1italnord Kt J'&REU!AH WlfNT \'Olml ~ Wo~!bclt tOe J!lq CA~l'U.RINB A ECKLlUt, or l\ladJletown N' Y In tb10 Villa&e M~ lGl'Jl 1860 :EL~ OATH ..UUNE wife of Wilham Beatl,y m tll;e •3d year of .... In Sau~~or. March lith lW:v SOLOMON (lONE aged 47 ye-IU!il a iilml.lha At Sbapdal<eo l\laroh lltb ID..L F eldestdo.ugj>. tar of JameaA and .fa& Simp~o}t aJ~~ 'l 1•.w azut 19 dl\1& At Pine Du...l., Roche ler S.!lUII :ltt.I!lAI!RTJJ JO!IU~ilt. dia~lltcr of Jof!lm~ •n'i SattJ:l1< Qrat,D &fl\'d 1 ,..,.r 6 mowhs an<t2l~&JI J New Advertisamaljlts. BillY'S FDIIIi TIRI.B. Let those now fish w~r fished bet~'re :b.d those who alw&;:rs fished now ft!h tho more - :ILlJ. wh<> 10tond gomg & !ish ng thu 1pason aro .;£1: 1nv leil to lo<tk at Berry s 110w ... <.>rtwont of f!':lob.lng appar:>tUH K•nd-Bua els <>f F ah Books Plenty <;t F ~h 1:1 neD Piles ofF sh 'Po1es Henps of Fly Rods L~ s ..,1 TN>ut Fl ell S ~\ s o# F sh n~t Ffoats Pounds or S nkers LoBd of Trqut B~sl<ets Cliok Roels SneUcd Hooi• by tb& tboun,ud cheap Olt B EBiRY'S Gre.'1.t Fuhmg To.ekle Est&bl shmont lllM h '2 1860 81 NortH Front St 1s~o. ~$eo THOMAS CORNELL S LINE CHANGE OF PIER S elLmer liLl.~ U A:TTAN yrlll till> from tho P er footof.l-\\ St New York fur tht sooaon of1860 T liE uo•onher npl~ghefo ethopublehl.,.r rangemento fur tbe season of 1960, ...,;ulld thank tully o.eknGwledgo the liher tl pat ousge he'ret.ofo e n<>a ved by him =d wonld. mfom> ihe pttbbo thso dunng th p...t w ntar he has put the Ste11mor Y\\ ht>ttan m tba. very boot order h~-g n:pelided ats 000 to m\ko her m all•espa tB 1\ bal.t worlhf of ilie Count ~g sha represents Her: Bo Iers b~mr na-Y and h<lr MI!Omm~dtltiOus <>r2at1y 10nlargad sn.t buntilied lly tlill add ttonn.t effort to plo!l.!l! the 'r&vllliillt pnb 1 e the subw her hQPea to rece ve &I beral •hnre of the pnblie patronage the eommg 8o!ll!on. PASSAGE AND FREIGHT I.INE RONDOUT KINGSTON AND NEW YORK CONJ!!RO h\'G WITR THE DEUII .Jl.lli'D ELLE.lli VILLE ST.IlGES ~ND lUI<IliG 'I'll& USli~L L4l<l>IN'!8 '!'BE S~I.El!II)ID Sl'EAMER MANHATTAN, CAPT DAVID ABBEY Jrc. W ILLIe ve R ndont cvozy MONDAY WED NESDA.Y and FlUDAY at 5o olook P M W l leave Ne.,.. York, from th& foot o~ J&y St eva yl'~E~DAY TIIU.R.SDAY &lid SA'J;\GRDAY at5oclockP M 17 Fo P!l8!1~ge or Fre gh appl;:r to the Cap'• 11 on Board or of the P opneto~ at Rondout'\\' TIIOM.A.S COnXELL Ron.tout lbreh 9 1860 il&7 AUCT:EON. T IIE sub e bo w se at pubho auctiOn at hlii rea dence n the town of Roches er on: tho FIFTH Do\Y OF A-PRIL NEXT llt 9 o elu k n the forenoon h • ent re otock of J!:OOdd nnd eh e con • n~ of Ha B<S Cuwa Sn••P Horrs Pau y fmz aet of go(}d Harn $1 Wa on~ Sle'!fhS P a .os Har <nOs q, t DO /wrse Fow r and Tll:r '< and Wood Sa o and P nck \nd\ Fa m n? Im.p m 11ts t o num.eroas ;o ment on a se-t of .Buv: ~lth s TuoU and rome Hauelwk:llfu:rnilU1'ft:. 'ire rus of sale- To a pers ns purohatling to the am. ant of$ and. upwtUdS stx. months ~d. ~ upon ~:<><>i eounty GEORGE KROJil Ro hest• Ma cb 20 186() 2w357 Sp1•in_g- Style, 1§60. MEALIO, 41<3 BROADWAY, COR OF CL ..... AL STREET JSr E \'DV ~ C> a. ::&:. • H ASJa tbronghtont h • SPRING ST'I\ otllat fo 1 960-an elegant g acoful and. durable ar t elc- A largo assortment of French Hat!! li1ml roll ... C•nes Valt.~o &o always on hand 3m3o7 \NEXT WEEK\ liAS COME and so ht.s & most snperb atock uf DRY GOODS and CARPETS of every dGScnpt on MRRRITT & CROSBY !obr h 22 1850 P ROVISlQJ!i S -F sb Smoked Bee( Uo.ms Butter Lard Smoked and P ck ed Se mon Ha.l .J.h-ut nn4 a-lways on hand a. ttGSh aupplyorncwm.o.do Flour of d ffercnt grndett fer sale chenp fur \Cnsb n.t C W SCHAFFER S Exchang!_ New Advertisements. Kingston Nursery. BENAIAH SNYDER, NUR!!ERYl!A.N .d...'ID DEALER L'l Frmt and Ornamental Trees, EVEBGREENl!l SHRUBS ROSES AND VINES • W E a.ro rece ng nlltBJ' Del\\ n.nd. des a.ble goods thts w-eek sw d to the soas n wh h a.s W!d. al w II bo sold r ght for cs.eh .MERRITT & CROSBY 1860 W B a. e ve y much mprov ng on Carpet Boom n za a.ntl con en eonce and ex.pe t g ea.tly o noreasc our 15tock a.nd salea n Ca. pets ftJ'l l 0 C otbs tbiS soason MERR£TT & CROSBY Clover Seed. L ARGE WESTERN CLOVER SEED porfeotly fi ee n.lso Oh o C ove n.nd T m thy Seed war r1>nted. f eo a.t 0 W BCII.AFFER S Exohs.nge Ma.rch 6 1860 Ktngston FU'e Insnrance Agency A LBANY F ro Ins11rnnee Co at .Albany N Y Ilanover F re lnsurn.nce Co at Now York C ty Pben x F re I!lllurn.nce Co at B ooklyn N Y Comb ned Cap tal 8600 600 w tb a hugo !U plus Insurance elfocted 1n tl • above Stuck Comparuee b,f DANIEL T VANBUREN lnenr&nco Agent T ilE PATENT VICTORIA Salf AdJll!tlng Cor .aetl; the greaWst novelt.y or tho sea.son-looe be b nd w th an elaet o laoo and clasp m front Tb s corset can be washed w thout any trouble no steel n t coneequently W1 1 not raat and be ng made of a benutifol 'FI'encb Conti1 e oa l y t'nstened a.nd u.n fa. tened The subsc hers o.nt e pa.te for t the a.p p oTal n.nd patro4J\.ge ot the 100 e H :r & .J R TAPPEN THE PEOPLE'S Dry Goods, &c. SHOE STORE STORE E STORE '\\\\\'\' of No 9 North f ont St ;n•lreo\l of !';o IH Nortl fron~ i:lt Boots nnd Rhors Boo s nn 1 S oes AY S NEW SHOE STORE Y S NEW HIIOE ST( tE T.nnu·.lroJolb'v's. !\ 78 lS pan od on :Not n any way aonneet ALL OTHER PRINT hand n largo q nant p cas for s x months !>.,, .• •. New Yo k Type Foundry ~~ i:::~~~;:,;•~;ytes are always on the rl de ery m fon s of tbo post ge pn a pam ph et Fonts nn t other sbee a to all prm ng ofiioes sendmg u CO!ll.a only at BES r \ J!at Store Tailoring, &o. --- ----~------------ Dry Goods & Grocenes NEW SUPPLIES T HE nndenngned begs c~pe tful y to D h 8 f ends and tho pub 0 gene G! y that be coni nnos h s bus ne B Q II g ngSV1 le K ngaton where be w keep a new a.nd gene a1 assor ment of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES And to wh eb he hns recenL!y nddea NEIV ANlJ FRESH SlJ PP LIES mak ng hlllltoclr. complete a.r ed and des rnble He fi ten h IDBelf hat ho w 1 sell M oheap f not a 1 e heape biJ.n any o h bouse n the p a e Alii he buys fo as and e for ash on y Tbe nd ee a. o nv ed o cn.lland exam neb sse ect s o k of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods Tlw.nfu for past patronage ho hopes for a contin U&DCE! of pub f&vors Al k ndl! of eouutry produ~ ab.:en n exchange G Ye b m a ca I W C THOMPSON K n~ton .May I 1859 lOltf Fruit and Ornamental Trees. P EARS CHERRIES and PLUMS of tho load 1ng 'l'ar et •• GRAPES Delawa e D ann. Ooneo d Rebe oa. lage Horbemont 01 nton o.nd l1!3bella CURRAVTS Best .!men u.n n.nd European va. el el BERRIES L~twton Blrtckhorr •• Bnnelde Orange Raspher nea Hough tun Seedling Goosb~ neJJ Wi !IOU Aibs.n7 Seed ng and M A vo1 Supe or S awbernell FLOWERS R ses DahlUtS and o he vn.net.ies E~ERG/lEEVq A Rate Cbnn6e. F OR SALE or to e<oho.n<!<l a CountryHonsow th e ty conven one es S t nte .near College li 11 co nt!lr of Cb.nton ant Oak ey S reets Po k.C.epa e- Lo con a n ng .n. HlU 2 a.cre!t Cho e Fro t. tree! G \I\' V>neo S awbop .. and Shrubbery-line ow of Hod on R er-Cat..ldliO-'-Would exchange m pa.rt for hoW!Ie and la.t a. p odu.crtive property n DntcheSB or Ulster \''unp~s if, applied for soon Apply to D 'I':\ VAN BUREN Real. Eetate Agent Kmgslon NY TilE L,\RGEST SQOfl STOllE AND TJIE L4.RGEST 8TOCK OF BOOTS SHOES A.NI! RUBBERS, A RE to be found n.t DAY.\! New S <>re n~w at No 78 (me oud of94) No 7 by 9oonoern can compote wtth Day n selling goOd goode cheap Look out for No 78 pa nt.e<l on.. the Wtudow EDWARD DAY F01 the little Girls. DOLLS 1 DOLLS l t DOLLS t t t B EAUTIFUL French Dollo Dolls Bodes Hel\de Arms nnd Shoos-~ large assortQloot can be found at BERRY S Great Soot& Glaua Swre 81 North J!rontSt ,Kmgaton New York Adv't_s. ~)]liD ~ill®W~£lliiD !tilliJ1W~ts \' 0 ~ 4hL lT1> IIMfiCHJ<• P:n.o;.: .... ~~~vix..x.-m, EXECUltD WITH ACCURACY & DESPATCH iron INTRODUctlftl I!fTO THIS COUNTRY Tile iAV VOODfil @Wil\U©Ill:~t_....;.. __ OEL..EaR~TED OR,EOIAN W S &J V V KENYON HAIR RESTOB.lTlVE. COU!i'f!ELLOB.S AT LAW I T IS A SOURCE OF JUST PRIDE TO US as Wall Street oppotnte the Colll't Rouse woU \\ thoee that Jl.l'O so funfmiunl>te 'Ill to lose KING 8 T 0 N. N. V: thOU' Uau o thor by sl knoss or herod tary haldlles• J D .e J F. SR • F.\\' .. that we have 1\t l~et by oonstsntettld,yandprno!hle \ \\ \'\ introd11ced an art•ole mto thiS ooqntry called the Attorneys & Counsellors at Law Gll~CUN BUR RESTOR!TIVE, Office.~~~~es~ !e~u~~~:: g~::;;orn~!!.ok toe Th .. t w II absolutely produce\ beoutifol growth of KI:'iGSTON N \ Hn r on bald hea.da of Its origmal growth color and beauty Among the ten thousand preparot on• for the ha r thoro • n no tbnt btl.J! or w II compare wtth th sun rivaled preparat on It s the beet Ha. r Dresamg ever known n tbe W'&:~ ld a.n,J, t.o those thn.t use t fo a. d e!lS Dg t. l t p odu e i:h¢ mo t \e~utllul cu 1 that tho l11.nc-y on.n des: e It p~~nts the ho. r from fall ng ft. r ds be he~~~od from daodrt~€ .clean ••• the soalp and Will ouro hol\doohe qu okor than any a.-!Jcle Haret. foro it h1>s been w•lh groat d ffiOlllty that w.e could •npply our orJ.era ou faa 1 t es o.rc nnw •~•h tb~>t we e&n aupp y oar f,n.eude at tho sburtos no~ eo .Add eos E F MANVILLE & Co 469 Broadway New Yo k or 22 Broa<1 Street Weet T oy N Y OuR M usrcAL FRIEND - 5 :E G I r G J_)l: \OUR MUSICAL li'RIEND a Rare Comnan on fo the Wrnter Monohs Every p 1111 at Should proonre tll s weekly Every S ngor P11bl o~ on of Voonl and Evory Te oher P ano lorte Mu• c, cost- Every Pupil ng but 10 CENTS ll Every Amateur n11mbcr n.nd pronounced By the entiro Press of tho Co110try to be THE !JEST .A.NlJ CHEAPEST WORK OP THE KIND IN THE WORLlJ Twelve Cu.ll zed Pa.gM of V oon.l a.nd P o.no For e .Mus e fo 10 cents Y ear11 $5 Half yearly 82 50 Quarterly Ill 25 Subecr be to Our M u o l F end or order t from the nea. es New deale and you will ba. eMu s tJ enough for your ontue fa.m y at an 18 gn fioant cost and f you wt>nt Mue o for the F ute Vol n Cornet Clar onet Acuord on &c &;, subsor!bo to tho SOl 0 llEl ODIST. Conta n ng 12 pnges oost og on y 10 Cents a :\ium ber Yen. Jy $2 50 1 alf yearly 31 2& All tho Back Numho s at 10 ots r>nd Bound Vol ames conta. n na= 17 Numbc at $2 50 en.eh con stant yen hand C B SEYMOUR & CO 345 107 Nassau s Now Yo k LADD Improved Txght Stttch SEWING MACHINE! THE NE rLU5 ULTBA.\ 01\ Premium Machines: T HESE .Maah noo comb n1ng as tlw.y do all the imp ovements wh h a. long e3:per enoe has pl\OV ed to he req u a te n the perfe n of the Sewmg MMb no commend hemse os to the puhl o aa the mmple.5t and mo t 1 abl m~ament bi. bo '&110. k The meuhan sm of the .lrlach no s Blmple and du a.blc the ma.nftgomunt ea.a ly a,equ eel- and w th ord na.ry ca.re a.nd a. tent on never fo. I to pve per feet sat sfao on to the opera. o The Family Machine w 1 be found peen a ly adapted for al wo k that mn.1 bo roqu ed n he fa.m y It w 11 work equa y we on hi k good a th n and m y be changed to ew w th e lk n n w h nt a.ny trouble I lie !lla1n1111etnr1n,. M tclnlle e adapted o a\ k ode of Lea her or Cloth work and s wa ran etl to gwe pe fe t s faA. tion n al cases NEW YORK OFFICE 500 BROADWAY ( pp s to St N ebolas) Samp es ~r w k n.nd d anpti e oulo.ra sen to any Add fit by m~ A.LBANV OFFICE N 0 3 7 STATE STREET (6m3o0 SAMUEL J lU. SEXTON, JMPORTER and dca. er n ~ ro gn nod domestic HARDWARE & CUTLERY Da dere Ha dware and Morhan cs ools Wrought and Cut- Nu. a Fn.rm og U ijU6 3 and Housekcepe s Art c ea Ho lo V a.re B ann a. Pln. ed and T n Ware No 26S Greeuw ch ~t oppos te Pr>tlen s Ho tel New York IT R p B nsbos Powde Shot ke for Pa. ent \Vate Coo o s :~~------------~- lad~es' Amencan Maganne, THE CHEAPEST .AND BEST TERMS I Copy ono ya&r 11214 Copes ono yoar 2Copea 3 6 8 Cop es for a Club w th one add t onal copy New Voluute J ntu •ry 1863 Th• Pu.bluM to h,\' Subs ribt'ts I N p eson ng the Th d Vo nme of the LADIES' .AMERICAN MAGAZINE the Publlobe trus s thn t all w 11 adm t he bas more than fulfilled the p oml8e ho made The p esent volume aombera among ts eon r butors some of ths most popular nn.mos n Amsncan L terata.re and n add tion to theea the names of others or equal em. nenoo who will enneh tho future numbers n.s well a.s the serVl ces of n gen Ieman of the b ghost l tora.ry \'ttn.lll ments to conduct the Ed to a Department The Fashwn ond W c>rk Table ]) pa tment will remn. n undQr the -ohar&'e of .M s Put.LAN undoubt edly tho m01t competent lady n Amenoa whoso n struet OIIB IL o d tt ngu shod for he r clearness and pr...,t cob ty The I lll!tra ons of thiS loprtr men a.re worthy of a ngt ce w rospec ;o wh ch hij Mag nz ne 1S n advance of a s con empo a.r ea The Pub she a o hn.s a s.nged w th Messn Ca.p well k R mm l the &ra. Fashl n dee angrav ers n Am rten. to fnrnLBh ong nn.l ffius t ous: nntl Colo ed Fs.ob on Pl~tes montlly tho beauty and ac cu a.ey of wh h cn.nnot be surpn.seed n.nd may be re lied on be ng rcce vcd from Pa.I'UI and London n advanea of thuse of a I other pubhcat ons m th s ooun ry The Th 1 lume w l eommenco w ib n. SERIES OF NEW STORIE,; by om nent A mer cnn nuthors written e:<pres ly for the L~J •• Amerten.n Mngll- • ne ana chaptors n Wit An cdrJ Jlunuw L t r atur-e and .Am us m nts n.s well n.s H nts on Domes lw M after• w I bo m~de treasures n the futuro numbers W th heso new e cmonts &lld popn or att not o!lB the publisbe confiden ly hopes that every home n A.me ca. win find he L d es .Amerwan MtLgu.zme a.o nd spensab e and we oomo gUest III!!NRY WlliTEl Pubhsner 37 Pa k Ro v New York :Jllrom the Albany Advertismg Agency of Wilson & Walker 75 State St BANKS & BROTHERS, SUCCESSORS TO GOULD BANKS li CO LAW BOOKSELLERS AND :P U B:E.a:ES~:S:E't.S, 475 BROADWAY ALBANY A l Nn 141 Nussau Street New }o!. NEW LA \V BOOKS F OR Fll.lllloffi nnd Jlll!t •• of the Pence Cotten s TreatiSe (4th edt on) Barbonr's Cnnunal Law N QW Clerk • As• a ton~ Rov .. ed Statutes of N Y (3 vola ) .M c.. llortns C o k4l oq Sherdi s Consta.blos 9-lld Co one B Day .on :on. E.xecut.ors \ Watermo.n s T.t{t:at se A.lao n ~rge and good s.eoortlllent of JUSTICES .R 'YD OTHER BLANKS BA!.ITKS &I BROT'RERS !lm34'> 475 Broadway Alhn.ny Almanacs ' Almanacs ! HAFF.R 1'i Jl GRAHAM Attontey and Connsell01:. wp.c-J qhn Str~e+ Rlilgston Opponte lfichoonmafrer 4\ Harrlmor:rgh~ 111 {f D W: GRIF'FIN. Attorneys and Counoollora at Law GRIFFiii S CORNERS Del Co NY SOlOMON G lOUNG ATTORNEY & CQVNSELLOlt AT LAW __ _:C::1: ntrmdale Ul ter Co N.:_::Y_c_ ___ :DIARTIN SCHUTT, tA'il''U'©OO!il'JI!!tr <~Z~ ®©®ro~I!!I!.©OO A'ii' !Lb.l.'W __ S_cka P 0 VI ter Co N =-Y:..._ __ AS.RAM VANKEUREN -~~~\~\' ,~'\'~' NORTH FRONT S'l'ltEE'f One door we t of J S L~~<gwn n y $ SUov Wa ehousc .Mi a 9 Ha l Bu d ng _____ Kmgston N Y ·------ c JJ SCHAFFER J) \ Fa11cy and. Staple Dry Goods Crockery Cttrpets Oil Cloths G oce e.s Pro!JlB. ons Flour Jf. oo len JVare. I< atlc &c &c Cor cr o£ Nortl Front & w,.n S s K ngst<>n GEO A VALLET S DAGUERREAN ROOMS, North Front Street Kmgston .--.ABOVE w LON\ HAT & CAP STORE~ G If NEHKIRK <f CO I'EA ERS IN Stoves 'I'm and Sheet Iron Ware &c St James Street Oppos te Baldw n s Fu nace K ng on JOHN VIGNES IlEAL n N WATCHES 0LOCK JE ~ELRY SJ.L VER wARE FANCY ART LES & No th 1 unt h ad of Ua 1st t K-.ng ton fl!iB\ Watche Jewelry anu Clocks ropa rd an<l. warranted H J ~ J R DEALERS N Dry Goods Grocenes Crockery Glass ware W Also Goods from Auc on, of all k nds £i No 5 Jfall St [{. gs on N l JJ:IERRITT & CROSBY (Succuessors to Townsend Morn t & Crosby ) DRY GOODS AND CARPET DEALERS, .Jiio 7 Wall St 4tk duur j u n Nu th } u t Kngston N Y JAMES 0 ~ERUITT EDWARD CROSBY i7 Feathers Ma.ttrassc 0 l C oths Matt ng &o IN Pa~ss .lND WILI. DE PUllL BRED \\ MARCR l\l'Tn A NEW WORK BY TilE DISl'I~GL'ISHED .AMERICAN AU 1' UORE,;S MRS EMMA D E. N SOUTHWORTH The Haunted Homestead WITH AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF TH!: AUTHOR BY T RE Pnbl sbers toke great p!eo.sure n be ng able to present to the Amene n pub e another new a.ud eharmmg Wo k by the p, pu a. .Amerlcn.n Au boross Mrs. Emma D E N Southwor h She s exeel ed by no liVUlg female wr ter m the world Ho etyle s free from ns p d y on ho one hand and bGmbaet on the other and though we meet w th fo c ble we nre never startled w h nllated lang>1age Hor characters n.re rarely und-er but uever o a drawn Her scenes are life pwtures her nc dents founded on facts and bel\ sent men s a.l'e eba.racter zed by a o ngular purity both of conoept on and Olt p es01on She biLB the rate faeu ty ef sn.ymg what she meaas and of sn:ymg t n sueh a. manner ftB that her mean ng cannot be m s ntorpreted In short sbe possesses m a.n emment degree those qual uoa tlons wh ~h are tile pecul ar prerosmt ves of n. goed wr ter wh lo she <l.el.ighte tluo reado,..s mag nation w th her deser pt ve beauty she applies home truths to the r unders and llg w th the foroe of rat onal c(ln net on The Haunted Homestead bns boon p o nounced by those who have read the proof. she eta to be her be t work Thl£1 s sum ent to commend t to perue:a.l and we ant c pa:.to for t a g~at popula y Fot sale by a. 1 :Books-el ers ~Cop os of c her fi'!d tion of tho work, Will he sent to a.n:r part of the Un ted Sto.tes free 'If postage on rem ttmg tho pr oo of tho ed t on they may WISh to tho pub 1:o1here n a let er Pubbshed and for sa e- a.t tb& pubhsb ng esta.bb.sb ment of T B PETERSON & BROT.IIERS ___ _:306 Chestnut St Pll 1 d \ Two Rouses for Salo T ilE unders gn•d olfers for ao.Ie hiS tW{) bmldmaa SJtuate.t on No th F ont street ID the village of K ngston They 11.re bo h two etory d •elling houses n.rranged fo ml hner a opa n front olle ilB a frame bmldmg and the o ho s of br ek A fartbo do scr pt on s deemed nne essar_y as tl ose de!Ur ng t<\ purehaoe will of oourse examme tho buildings nnd prem ses Terl1lll modernte paymont! m11de etlfly and t tlo goor! .I! or farther particulars enqwre of the sub senber at Flnahrng L I or of D Bradbury Kmgs- ton ASUBEL LE);l Dated Fe ~2 1860 SHAVING IHIR UUT'J'NG, AND 'sHAMPOOING SA L.OON, IN John st between Wall & Crownsts IONGSTON N Y 17 A gener\l MSO mont oflTm Oils, liau Wash es~lfrushea Comb Gentlemen sha.v nc;:. Casea \Vrule &;; Butcher s Coneave RaJ.on of a. l su:es Buffalo Horn Dressm-oo Combs Ivory do C otb and- T.oo h BrusheB Orname':.to! lia. r Bay W at<>r &o .Also People • genu ne sn.lve for burns ond ores Ladiee h~ r cut or shampooned up StoirS DIARIES I DIARIES 11 DIARIEl:l DI!CRIES 1 DIARIES I 1 DIARIESt D ARIES 1 DIA!\IES 1 I DL\.Rl.ES DIARflilS l DIARIES 1 I I at CHIPP'S BOOKSTORE Young Lady, D O you w h to plel\Se that ;:rouug Gent w.hd we ba.ve aeen pa.ymg you particular attention 11 G ve -bhn \the p vt oge ol hrt.'VUl$ RD. :unp essron of tho.tlo~e yflWe-ofyou s Go w;tb him. to V ALLE:J' S and aot fur 11. p eture T EAS -H~son YoungHy•on llygonSk n OoloLg Pouohong&e f'oraa ow as can be boughtio cash o.t SOH:u'FliiTl: S T AJ(J;JiiUilA.~Iil &arden ng an\ other Rura.l Ar \.;1 eb t1>11tut~ by A J :Polving for •o.l,e .nt C'lliPP S BQ<lksto c N EW MAVKEREL may nowbe found u1 half Fatm~r !I Alm!Ln!IC brnret one ron tb barrel, an<l one Qlg th barrel Ubr st an Ahrtanllt\ T 'IIE COLI<l!lGE CAP-A tleW and splendid art! ele m fuo cap !me JUSt oponed.!i 1>£ 1< E B-ESTS paekages Extm pickled Salmon AlsO\\' 11&1111 Shooldora and SmOke<! Ba~ftliillstAntly P1lg 1m A I nanac, on band C W !«JH:A.W:Iim Tr1bune Almanac D RESS GOOD!l-Ducnl Pl1>1ds Dnc\'l St<n>•• Even ng Journal AlmanaC; FoulardS lko Block do P \'d and Str p d Dte•• Louden Illustrated Alman!Ul, S lks Tamartlneo Or ental Lust •s DeUegos :Mo Colilm AlmllnnC; h& 111 ChaU1es Jn~t tcce of! and for sale che&p At CHil'P'S :Boolaitoie May I _ -- c W SOHAE~ our OF Tlll!l DEl'1'1lS-Out orthe l)epths tho I H Oj)OR, '-;ow n .. nk No\ l'!afe Guard foroalo at l s\' 1 of a WomAn B L • for •ale &t CHII!P s QIUPP fl lll><lh1Wr& 'Boo~t'<>ro Mi~callaneous atl'vts. .t.rt lllliil'lllt~Pts fil'l' Ji~4J MORNING BOAT FOR NEW·YORK. La d' gat Poug!.ltu1• c .1\ cwlm gil ~I.l Qn .AI w Hanwurgh c ,. wall <;oll{ Sp 11? West Pomt Cozzens ani/ ca!J.wett s The Liteiary Casket 1 W ILL be M•uad 611 tJr about tho ht t>f Mn.tcli 1860 f a snfiic cnt number j>f names rur~ ,., ce ved befo e thflt time to gu rnn ee the publtslie:rn tbnt the pGper will pay its way It • 11 o Ia n 8 large three column pages to the nnmber filled w tb qbp ee I torary m cell ny \Vo liave engaged an able co l'• of coilt ibn!Ol\s many of them .rank nnwng: the firat wn~ :s m Amer 101> Eaeb number mn be stored Witb a Cho oe ~o11ec t on of nter<>at 11g amusmg o.nd m~tmcti1re jjt~t el~>Ss Tale Novelette• l.eg<mds eke cl>es of W t and HuUJ.or eh01ctt Essayer, and Gems of :Poet\t:;Y In 1\u;t t s mtended to ben 9\l'k.et fi ed w tl.! t o cho eat gems or thought Dllrmg the yo.\' we wUl publ sh art elos from the fol owbig well known und able w.r ter.a l[rs lllnry A Denn son F nl!>y J<1bn~on, Mrs E A W llupk ns J Hal Elliot F~>nn o St~vens B uea Lt. 8 Q Marshall U S :>; Taro\\ Ant>o R modo John It W lkk~ Cia,.,. .A ugua a Cha e F nda, L zz e Campbell 1 W' .McDermo: t Cora l\[ay J S W o.tk us .Mr& .M R tch>e A tbur L .Meserve AnllR> L nd\ I(n.ys Clyde C arenden, Kate Dall; Fos ;e Fo eus A n e l\{ l> g\nuo W 11 e Ware lllrs llbrtllo. Q G bson Frank E m ood Paulme .Afti>n A S Oh loon L •• e Cnrrau, lbrry .!loyd Lom<Qlenn Denne.tt Bu The ed lor a! department w II be nnder the chn.rge of Foster Forrena and W I e Ww:e names well kno n tc) the nortlwrn and ea!Stem I tera.ry wo d LADlE iS IJEP il.RTMEl'i T I eopy one year 5 copes 14 24 50 50~ 82 00 6 00 BOO 15 00 MQ1U1f to b• s•n mmdi.at ljl on t~ re opt on of tlo fl •\lm~mJier i5ums le•• >h\'n Vl CQ.n bo aon n pos ago ot~mps Addroas LlTERARY CASKET N E ofsubso penc 1 P 0 Box 284 B ook yn New Yo To the person sondmg us tbo a es t boro \'\ Will send a beant fu! g<>ld pen ~nd THK eDBBr UP DIATII REMBRANDT P£AI\B plllnted be Portrn. t of WASH lngton r om !fc wh ch was purchased by be a v ern uent fu $2 000 nd now au orne the tal' I It soon• dered he bestl keneB/3 of W 30hmgton u ~>n In 18 0 M P e oxo uted and fin sheJ !J ole brated Pa ntin of the Court of De h li1Stra ng be Poem on Death by B hop Po t<>us This pnclnt mg covers 312 squ re feet of canvas ont:rins 23. fe 12e figttres and has neve been valu.ed ~ ft:,SS: than 25~000 DOLLARS Philt)delph:w. Nov 16 1859 I liavo Reen the <\bromo L hog aPh e Engmnng of my pa nt.ing of the Vonrt of Death recent y -exe cuted for Dr G Q Colton {the present prop et.,- ) by Sa.rony Jlf&Jor & Kua.pp of New Yark, and can cert fy tii,.t lt,. an R<~~urate and -a.dm r,.blo oopy of the ongmsl p!WI.ting REMBRANDT PEALE No fine engraVlllg of th s quz>l ty and s ze can bo pu chased fu lass than $5 but the subse bor un dor the eonvlo on that HID COO cop es e n be \\ d hasp aced tlw.m at only $1 each No t>Lrm y bat loves a bea fn p ctu e o de&rcs to cul ~ate co reet tas e nnd good Hlllral:! oon lllfonl to be mlhout t A !o.rge nnmher of clergyman art sts and men of emmenee have pu.rolillsed eop ;as -and uJ.reatly over 1'!,{)00 cop esl!ave .been ~o!Ji Many clergyman and chureh soc eties are now paymg off the cl>nreh debts by the lal'ge oommw • ons allowed on the sale of these sermon on oan vas .Almo t evety ruerober will tn,ke a copy and forth • pu pose they rr;tofutn!Shed by the subsn be {m large q_uant tieS) at but a rdle s.bov.e eo t- l\crms made kn :wn qnapp ~ton R~Fi!:RE:.Qss :S. D Prune JlW.W N Y Observer Re D,r S evens Ed to Ch ron .Ad oca.'f,e a.nd J ~urna.l Hon Milia. d .F:i lmor.e Bujfa:-. lo Rev lll B P lme D D New 0 leans Ed '\\ of the R ebmond Enq11 rer the venerable Rambrnnd Prole, Ph lade ph 11 One cep;y $1 and 4 letter sl.al)'J!o 02 ce\ts) o pay p s a. e SJ..Xcop es fo ~ w b 11 at; mp To th se desm-ng to u a. lett.e ot~ (~Hn •t> c>olt rws,) ,.,th one<><>p.y l,llanddllept<> '\\!\ .Agents oan make money rap dly n the bu ne$-l ...., nen.~ y an 'whoqs thEt p~el;:ttre want t. The engrAvbigs ..,.., sent m a. st1'011\' pgsteboa d a.e M! noy en bo sent l!llfe y by mnil, ns no one le e n I 000 fails f plamly d re ted To avo d m stakes the Na n.t TMI»t C.ou U!J and State s/wuld be pltti:nly written. Ali v ss G Q. COLTON Post Ol!iee Box 3 391 No 37 Park l'.x>w N Y 1m \!54> The World is My Conn'tl'J'. S (} sn. tb >tbe anthe.. h~ro ~r- the Re olntron D.A.Y S s the place to buv Boots Shoe &c R b be s chen.p.er hn.n at any o he o n h o :n y So \\Y lhe poop e ,.nii DAYS New Sho Sto e ~~ 'No 7B North.,J;'ront st R ugslou wo dwrS r>\llnl young Best s FlU\ Ell\Ponum EDW ARiD :p;A;v HOW NICE AND WA.Rlli! G liNT S fine Doav~• Otte ann Nutre il~Wfllllrs nnd. Co I~ s also fitlo :BenveY and Otto Fn G un leta n.nd Glov:os-r> hew supply just. re e vod t 'B'Jl!ST 8 DIARIES! DIARIESI-FO:R 1860 ~ J UST RECJlliVEI>n.t lheilookStorcof F S nv= k(}()p K\mgston Deo. 22 lB5ll ~nb.l.:ro@.l Iml!!l~~®. ll\n IIA:W®a©~ O l\I>ERS f:.,. Mus o prompt! \\' Wled o \~ ClHPP'S ]lookSlr>'\\

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