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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, August 30, 1860, Image 1

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VOL. l )tJ!t:;;UAN r to nn ot lat of James M I oopcr tinrro 0 to uf Ulatci county not cc 18 l e>o 1 y p:: veu to tll 1 cr ns l1 t.vmg clat ~s nga10st thu est tte f \hr l 1 n F.ltm~ lccc:;s£ I I tc of the town I Loytl 111 sa~ l county that th~y nru tequne l t p1osont tltmr' cluma to ~he un<tcr • gued n ln Hshn.tor of tho cstnte uf Bllll de coasetl n.l !1s ros1tlence 111 tho city or 1 ough 1 eepsu; Dulehoss oounty on or 1 otero tl c u ll ty uf 8eJ tembet next D 1to I Mntch l 1500 LU'I:IlElt l LTtN(l A lm n stl ttnr I >'I l Utt::5U \N()fl of nn o lcr of J m~s 1\1 t: tOj)eP ~nrro111tt~ of Ul~tor u mnty 1 nottvQ i. hurebJI gtvc.n to nil porsons !Javmp; cllurnB aga.mst tl o estat of 0 ,tl\n> ma Clllwson Jato the town of Olive m S!l.ld county tlecMsetl thnt they arc rcqmre t t > present thotr olnuns to St>ntld llo ch one of tlte I xccutora of sn,ttl cs hte 11.t l • 1 \\ lenae m sn1tl town Oll ot before the I th 1 y uf flcptomher next D~totl ~larch U 18t>O S \NOS BEACH BE~U B SIIUTE 3>G tin Executors Hats, Caps, &c. Latcsi J Usr REO:! IVED n. large stock of Marse lies llusom Bh rts nt Rl!.AI.R.UK\llLY LOW PRil 1 S 4or ash n.l o n. fino ns ortmont ofgontlomon s Nock tw~ llfarsc llcs Collars n.n l n. go oral assortntont of 1 rnL-Sl ;rrroods at tho MrrnAR~ lil.T!of. TAIJ Rt~ A\' l u ~ u sa :E!->TA:.llLifiU :on: 74 North ~runt St K g ton ADM VAN KEUREN •rlll:i LI:.UULN ffl- \ ne • nrt ole for le at V \ Y ,; :Shoo <:>tor STORY TELLER rrul Jlrmfi, .igrirttltnrr, titrrutnrr, ~hnrrrtinn, ~rirnrr mth tbr Jrfg. \'\.GSTON, N. Y., THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 30, 1860. :su,m,.,uil'o retreat from tho 1sland, llf VIctory, was 10 consequence ret>ehrcd from Oen \\ nsbmgton to~:ctllof w1th other mformntton ob Layfayettc a VISit to return of Count D Es a step ex pod tent pt pOHHesswn of Newport un :\'l en tl cy evacuate 1 t 1 c1ty but 11 sha low of lo Clown tho 1 fan tOR earned on tho records of ~I Jd leto v 1 I h!H ''as s of v;l om th rc wcro who we t w1tl tl em It \\ !uct on of tho roconh m 1 I t Ji~,,~tivn vf tl c r cst..'\.tc L t havo the dcs!rcll. ctlcct ns r:l·ne.rnl A•*ml,Jy I 'l.9Sctl a n.ct conflscn tl em It was long bcforu rccov ret! :Fhcy 11 eru 1 1 a! r.,!UJ'nc•J lll\l'{IUO'Il I] 0 11 terVCUt!On Of licll r Of 1101\1 Olo tl c nurJer of Col Island when nmny pnrts hll d w th cr mmals of ev I tho traveler had gootl gtj!IJl i<eiOJJR of nll he met I was through tho North tl en but SJ arocly settled an only SIS cr JUSt rccov attack of f ver \\ c our I nrcnts nn I an o ly othor s de of tho ~ather of ow ;;;c tl g our ~D..} Lacl tl o ](II I of our 1 at v ty just as tl o sun 1\ns scttn g a broad pra c strctcl g far as tho eye coulll. rencl - I ad bee trnve\'ed SJ cc a 1 1 ow tl o I ttlo log cab ur s1ght was as woleomo o t•rcd Arab R u ng up to nppD~\\\'\ \\\\''''''\\ u y sun mor s P d m rc '\\\\''\\ of I o fur 1t wn. to tl c out tl at 1t was t vent) n d lomm!L Our I orscs >~cru n !1 y o ot r so fat gucd tl ot ly ret n I et \rat 1 t 1 o a I IJrocilcd was m 1 oss IJ!e lstraTlf'O pr sent t e t l ro n a wl 1 crcd co y s \ter I found tl at he su.~pi1d<ms respecting the oll o o CIOOTOICTI>r Of \h0 I!OUSQ J: 1J aJ nl cl:\nat \i'CS we d.cc dol to nsk 'lhc old woman mado so c own a1 !l \}>:>t she wn» • ot • 1 an cu- ot w tl out son o to I a d hgi>t p; a l eo l I y s ster I dccJ<l€ I to remn I n tl c n gl t a1 I arcntly two>1ty livo I no; distmctly hQard tho old woman ns I cendmg tho ladder, but to savo'my hfe I could not movo a muscle Fortunatoly my s1stor was asloep and m tny dreadful extremity I was so base ua to hope that tho blow nught be struck wtth unerrmg certamty that she nught awaijp to consciousness only m tho land of spmts On came the old woman-I saw tho e;rtz.<l;r head as 1t peered mto tho loft-~aw the hght m ono hand and the hornblo kmro In the other-saw hor turn her glarmg cyos full upon me -saw tho dcmomnc scowl upon her w1th ered font ures -sttll I cou It! not move I he agony of that moment 1fmeted out m ordin11 ry proporttons would mako a man tnJsora hlo for a thousand years When I could boa~ 1t no longer-JUSt ns I wa~ nbout to swoo thu old wonmn reach ctl forw~rd anti \ th nn 11 on grasp QOll!od a leg of vc s10 IJ from wl ch she cut sevoml she A nnd rotlretl to tho room hulow \V c l ad tl vcnsw 1 for broal fast tho next morn PO ErrS DEPARTMENT \'1'1 tt.cn fQr h-.} l LO\ ~gil IT ~'liES, H lien {or Fra 111- by I sfr nd To MtRS L E A RYALS TIV etnr goms act m apnoo nm U vhoao Ught Twmlthng moth or waves strnngo •pollsl \'\hung Tl o whllo from Vlgtl hnuntg I vo wat~hod yo long With 1 f\ 'th .. l!od oorJ• I 1 \'\lon-mus1 strung }: arowoll I L 1 yo now-my ap r t wak ng An 1st n mng o moro of b n on 1 nrtakmg- 11 o s11vory non o 1u vcun~ tr m tho w1t lmgBpoll n Q w h n I} OSl! h.a ] :t 1 l.&Ve .1:0 1D ll OtL ha.vo I Lroa.thoJ for hours tho luse oua ho.zo Dorn of Sflft sunlight blont w th fra!Jra.nt rur And oft I vo basked n r chest ram bow light Ttll Bere.pb 13 tongucaaocmudcoboing ovorywb.orc llut yet no pcll was on ny h art no gushos Of oystio awootncss r 1 tit tuunt m hll3hes L nt l tho •pnrklo w ndonug 1n that hazel n ght l' lung to wy breast Is 'olant rny of balmy hght Thoro s boauty o the JOwolo 1 n. uro hung Up n the peo ly dc-1 tl s of ~n.tora bl c Th r B ~ nu y n ho J zzlo g lt.l ng or T o cl nr I lu I d:ru~s of worn1 g dew 1 u D a Ucau y ho f Bll w clu.d mounttt. w AnU n tho Joafy t'ul tu 1 f.l v.l eo fuunta ne x rom eryst I em ILTO gush ng nnd tho brooklota 'gl \\ h lo tHV test btrJ harpe Lymn the t sa-cred melody Jlut In tho oyo thnt beaus w1tb follllluVll true llonuty hath m I I r b avon thoro J!ver wmgod ho glllo tbr gh 'k os f m tohl s hazel hue hold n~ upo tl o eo 1 tho I ght of meo!nos \\ h eh stools Co' 8 d 1 t! s wzth my;t10 lloiJinoos St ll ng oliO! tr >lilt 1 ul o nnd rorulng lmght-wlng od hop And 1 o ly u J I ncr ave to csk no ooblor eeopo Mutl lQ \V n t tl o Prcjj9 ~0 MY ~ OC if ,.,11', >'\'B I RJEND, W tl UAl i: NE'Ii IUE l'OET Oi IN• Dl!ANA Dl' 'WIL AlE To n ghl I atr kQ my lyre Tu vuo o ~ so g f•r th o Du L d nr pu t f nd l i w t l n m ny Wz 1 n t bo wukon d Ly Tho louol of ny oak I anti My lyro m Lut o o li nt t.o .My vn r r c udo corn uand I eanl). t wo.ko a 1 y Ot Loauty v. ot su.Llhn.o In n vu to tho ong I b.o fi. h d s 0 of no Oh no fur gon us lJrlght 0 ! l s not n y I umblo po An l th.o IUJ gato of song up f 011 a ravmc beyond tl o gun 'l'on h s sl oullcr n1 tl ll kmfu m Ins belt Ilo d ul ot faeo 1 Jt casts }ch>ng gl:> ccs whoso con•cwnco wns 1ll ut en,;o \\ 111 not!<> Ino open Ao cpt my honrt folt thanka illy g Ito I poot frtond Ae t:ww ().1 bun ~o 1 luHHJ lleforo thy shr no I bond May bon von a!Jtwor blossmga Alo g tl y oartlly wuy supp·or of vemson anti corn broad my Sister and n ysclf partook 1thstandtng our long fust I n y smte• Uhlgl>t be showu to va• hut o o belo M '\' I now Ill \he loft tho lloor of vi cl p mel cons 1 a\ mg 1 fll ~ Asccndmg uy a ludJor l ac s \ler to ll o room abo\ e a tl tl o ]lac an I so 1cwl at rcas Jed to 1 as,; I alf nn hom hos~c'\ and I r son A:n 1 f, r thoo my fnon \ Ne or da.wn n. lou ly tiny btoy all thy r gl o'l droawa D> 1'611oi11Al I !Jel w- Silent lnB'Iut'nce AN ORIGINAL STORY gtft of Iloward- I w1ll wear 1t to mght per haps he Will notice 1t, and 1t wtll remmd hml Sll!U W.rltton tor tho Preaa ESTELLA. IYIORTON, OR THE DELLE OF ONE EVENING of vows that he so hastily snapped asunder Jbmsters are not D!sfra'ft:lfu):s-ait Now all ts m rcadmcss ITer hght llcccy, llY JENNIE BEAVER snow wh1te dross hung m soft folds about her Stephen A Douglass Nchraska:p.ud Kansn!l graceful form, her tmy f\IOt and &atm shpper, Jl1lt had long been under dtScUSStOll atid hill all looked so sylph like, and as she took up partlllnns m the Senate were numetouayuongh' her boquet that she bad arrangetl for tho oc to pass 1t when they plelille<f. easton she S!Ud Now mother look I do you The prospect of the o:vettlirow of tllQ !Mls- not thmk that I shall be the bello to mght 1 •oun Comprom ,.~, ty th<l (l.:;ngoo!l!l <if llul sh11.l1 I not look prettter than Mnud t tell m~ Umtcd States, spread genetal n1n:rm thTOugh mother, thou ktsQ me, and say you n.ro proud out tho country FetJtionet$' tJy tens oi of your Estella And now Antonette neatly thousands sent m tlietr remonstra.oOOB and! drew the rtch velvet cloak over her well form lmem•ori:tls, praymg that the Btl! mtgbt uot ed shoulders, and w1th a tender k1ss and tna pass Bot the memertal whtch attracted' ny charges from her mother to keep as qu 1 et most attention, was from upwards of threo as poss1ble and not ttrc ltersclf wtfu dancmg th()IIS!I!ld mmrnters of the Gospel of all de Como. gcm tlo ron.der and go w th mo to a. boaut1ful mans ton, situated 111 n pteturcsque httlo nook on tho banks of the rhamee, but a few mtlos from the busy ~1ty of London 'Iho summer s sun sends 1ts burmng rays scorch mg and w1thcrmg tho tmy flowers and blades of grass whteh seem to sohc1t one drop coohng water from the many Janerng clouds above them to rovtvo thmr droopmg leaves all day long 1t had sent 1ts fiory uys shnvel mg all that wcro c;<poscd to 1ts beams Dut whnn our story bugm~ tw11 ght !las gatlwrell arou l tl ~ •plcud d mnt s 01 and a gentle breezo r 1 pies the surface of tho maJesL!c nv or a1 u 1t ts l'laymg \ th tl e myr ads of tl c !lora tr be \1th \Inch the yard nboUI ds, a1 d 1t 1s also Jlay ng w1th tho golden tJ esses of a fa1r g1rl seated m n rustw 11rbor tresseleu over w tl v cR an 1 tn~=Stcfully fcstoonQd w t.l !lowers 1t \ } ~Lelia Mu1 ton dn.ughtcr of tho owr or of t1 s L aut ful 1 ans10n l os t on honor and wealth wero tl!o1rs and they drank 111 of all tho luxuncs of fashzonablo 1 fe E. telln was almost a perfect model of I umnn 1ty l cr eye~ s c 1cU as 1f t1 cy were stolen from beavcn s own blue and hC! beaut1f 11 nss vc r nglets over I er s ow wh1tc sl oullers i:iho was ndn 1red by many (as n mnt!c1 of cours~ ) but there was ono on wl om ~I o lav!>hetl all her affectiOns-It was the youu[( unll talentelliioward I ll!Jt Many ~ho 1ght tl Moho loved I 0 htly 1 but tl cy b J as1do tl o JUSt cln1ms of nffcct1on and JUdged not Tightly But they wore not perm1tted to drenm tl us on m love there was another that sought to gam tho affi ct1ons of Howard-one that would have hm1 knool at her sbrme 11nd wl en hor des re of coquetry was satiated to spurn hnn from I er s1do and seck another s affections to tr !lo w>th -It was Maud Rtvmg ton Sho was vlat the world called bcaut1 ful a I an hclrcs• 1 hey met at a faslwna ble ball n tl w th I er artful anti enthusJnsllc convcrsat on Z:il e soon bound a c1 atn of gold en lmks urou d tl e heart of Howard nnd m chc unccrt:t nty of tl o 1 our I s thoughts and attCI t ons were drawn from the fa1r Estella and woro nvctod on tho artful Maud nnd be fnnmcd her al no t an angel that had wander od earth ~ard attracted by the bnlhancy of that SJ!c l t1 evcnmg But as all other eve mngs tlzs ono qmckly passed away :>nd all retraced thmr steps homeward 'I he s Ivery moonbeams re ted on tho closed petals of tl o !lowers and a shower of pearly de M vas scattered ovor each lellf a gentle press rc of tl o hand and n low good mght In gored m each I cart long after they had pnrtetl Anti froi1 that eve 1mg Estolla and Howartl n ot no ' oro as lovers but as cold I carte l f nc1 d for she too well knew thnt Maud HIVIng tons 1mago lad tal en place m !:hat heal t where her glorious Jdoa!llnd fond mag nnt o I ad been so long porfcctmg She remcll tl at I 1bht 11 !lh 11 heart we ghcd hcav tly down w th sorro • slun her carne not to tho rchcf of her weary mmd and when she arose m t'w moi'IImg you nnght havo noticed tho ab cncc of tho roso that had a.lways be foro rested on her cheek and from that fatal cvm mg I o began to droop as a teHdcr !lower when tuuchctl by tl o chilly blnsls of wmtet she entered tho carnage, which qmckly 11n'd se<;ts, m tho olill'et..cnt !ltate9' her from thmr SJght of New Englan4, r,elifonst'iia~iog ru;nmst the As I h'l'o there \' Estell!\ Morton I mwlmm passage of the Nehra.Ska-'B111 \ Ji'emagog.tl~ll cd a tall gul, attired m sky blue 6 ll< and her had allbct!ld md!ll'oFCDG!l or GOD~!IIDP~ \9Wllr4i scornful hp curled with vexatiOn Howard tins pebtton , and ovM SQnatol'il: ~'0 were do look' there Rho 1 s why you s:lld she was lool mgt() the l'restileMy,4L116Weihllemaelves, very 1 n-rcnlly I did not thmk to sec m the beat of Wibn.w tn trcn.t ZOO!i New: Eng. 1 ere to mght AI d as Estella gilded grace land olcrgymcn with contelll1't lrlilise Sena fully by m tl 0 dan co every eye was upon tors forgot that these ll0()0m>inster.sbad been her, Bnll «Yrff tonguo waB ontbuBJilGil~ m l<~r put mto tho pulpits of Now England, by tbtr pra•= and ns :!.huJ. sa • tl c altcnl on Lc p<Qpl< <>t N9\ En6!attd ' Just- j;e,.lJ:: .. leii;>h stowed upon Estella, her check paled wttb m!ltuly (nnd Without politJca.t lltiTI'llJ.Iti.Drr}\ Ill! a 1 ger for sho tl ought herself that she was £cnator~ at Washmgton had beali plneed m stnkmgly beautiful and see how proudly tbmr seats '1 hey should ha'Vll remembered Ularenco bears her through tho waltz he was moreover' that these clergymen moro \'fu'ltll. almost magnet 1 zod by !lor brnuty, for B!clmess fully reliected the op1mons of tllo1r 1mngr~a. 1 o.u po.led 1 cr bt ow and tho strong exerCise on th\' sl1bJ¢t\lihaq Senators r~prooenf of ~he dllnco I ad brousl t the rose back to bcr cd thu opmwns vf t'\CJr C!l!}ijtJtU~nts. chccl• and her llnght bluo eyes beamed It was expecte7hn thiS erJSJg, tbat }II' Ev. ar.,tt, now tho D'nton Cflt'ldt&.t:<!-Whll then: w1 dly lmlltant What I ffivonly bMuty I ex clamwd an old man to a J outh that was stand filled Dantoi :will\llaml'a p1aeo Jn 11teSenaw- ns at h s stda I hnv~ M<>n the ROI•ers would M \:Mru~Salinusetfll mlln and fotnierly mgltty summers and tilo RnowB or as many a clorgylllllTI.IJil.O:iilld TOlJlUtll ~~~ D\lmllgggqw, w ntcrs but m my hfo I never saw such 011 tb\»r unpE>vokcJ assault U):lori 3 000 of earthly beauty the P'rotestant clergymen of New England - But Mr Evcrill ~qas ~dent, arid &m rose Heavens 1 that IS Estella, cxclatmild anotll and dtd tllc! work w.hteh Wt!bste'l' woold Havo- cr, what folly 1 my mother thought her Ilnd 1HI li.EI~ Jlffli f!Io'cS'onaJo nnd tho' >11 nnd sbo sn1d tf sho cnmo to tho ball to world fQI\<>nr. :M'r lll>JlJ!tiiln s1nd nrght 1t would be at the peril of ller bf'e but \Mn ),>;msrqllNW _ F tlunk that-~ p,titition she ts unsurpassmgly beautiful But bark 1 of thlB:illud ought to be rccatvild. nnd that it a p!Crcmg shrtek ts heard nl\d then a. low 1S not subJect to the charge brought ~ams t moan Good heavens I sho IS dymg I make tt by the Senator trom Ilhl'.olS [Mr Douglas] room I shncked Clarence My God I she has docs not '\'rn.'Sn our aet.on b.y bemg ceased to breathe 1 ho cxclatmcd, as they bore drawn up after that actlou wnl! had. The- Iler to o.n open wmdow to the cool mght Nebraska llill passed th 1 s body on the mght Wh<> can p.etu~e the scene nt tins moment 7 of tho 3d, or rather on-\be mornlng-of tlic 4th no tongue or pen could dare to do 1t Sec mstnnt Tho memorial app~ars to bo dated Clarence kneelmg Wildly bcstde her he chafes on the lst of March. 1 cannot thmk fullt 1 t the hny hand that hangs hfelcss by her Stde any md'igmt:y to tho Sonata There IS parts the damp locks and golden tresses that nothmg expresstVG of any such feeling 1 n It• lay m confusiOn over her marble brow hstens IS a nght that all mdtviduals m the com for tile throbbmg of the sllll heart, and clasps mumt~ have If their terms are respectful tl> the pulsoless wrtst nut lltl !IS all m Vlllll mcmorahzc the Senate or the lllmmd States 1t Wtll th1 ob no moro Estella Morton 1s dead I upon any sultJeCt Whother tl1e:re •s any ul gone to her rewa1d .1\nd the haughty J\Iaud ob.J')ct 1 rt tliu>l' know oot, but from Rtvmgton looks calmly on tho hfeless forn the date of tho meroollai and f'l'om the uum bcforo her ns If she tnm1r hcd at tho scene ber of e, 1 guers I nm mdnced to bnltmre that \tos sho for whom Estella throw her I fo away those memorahsts th<>uglit tli~re waf; 6\>tllC JS unmoved llut she had all she asked-the tlung wrong m that b 1 11, and 1 r they bebcve Belle of ono cvenmg and a trmmpb over Maud that Its passage would be 11 breach of faith on' wh ch cost her a precwus l1fc tho part of the Government, they bad Esopus, August 21st 1860 11 r 1 ght to say so J took tho liliorty of ma k mg tho same chnrgl'l liere There wero Tamerlnnc. questions than that of uon mterveutton Tamerhme, who 18 also lmowu 118 Ttmour li~''\'l\\'l m that bill It mvolvcd an mfrac the 'rartar was horn 111 Hli!5 and bcCiltnO ot'fatth With the ImltahS, or pledgEIS f:tV aovorCign of Tartary, by tho defeat of a to them under all the solemn forms, yd about 1370 rr 11 wns <>no of thbse necessary of tr!lllttes Tcllat WIIJ!rolle po~ht m pots of an tgnorant age callcJ. conquerors _ • and I .;hargW tlil:iHllo ~llllSl!l;llln' lh.o ll1s conquests are smd to have extended from btR would bello violatton of pl!ghted fruth m Moscow m Russm to Dolh! u 1 Indta In hm that parttcular Was 1t a vtolat!On of fattb great bo.btle with the Turkish Sultan BaJazct diSicgard the 1111sso-::~n Compronuse, wbtch a Bmtlc wa~ raroly G~on p!Gymg ATQYnll h~r I P\ that I cretofore was nh1 o.ys wreathed w1th one 111 d her palo brow and frequent s gl s told of a crushed and broken heart for tho ouprcmM/\Jf me EnBt~<rn world, &00, of so much ant1qmty and util1ty to tbe 000 men \Vc!.'e cngngcd of whom 50 000 were <;Quntry 1 'fha. >sa mo.ttcr of' d>s\uss}orl X: ktllcd 'l!amoi'lano was tho vJctor, and the have not arra1gned the 11ct10n of any gentle Sultan W'as taken pri!!oneJ' 'lnmcrlano died man smce tho pnssagc of the bill but autertor m 1405 JUst 118 ho was proparmg to lead an to tt I gave my op1mons m relation to1ts army of 200 000 men ngamst Chma It was character as a dtsregaud of trcahes, and as w he who 8111 d 'lho earth ought to have 'tlolat10n of tho pllglited fa1th of tba: but one m!lster as thoro m only one G~d m nntton t<ll'i'&l'd tllo lhdmna: heaven and what 1 s tho earth wtth alltts m Wtth respect to the 1\oliss~'urJl:!.Q habttants for thoarnbztiO!l of a great prmcc ~ I bchevC'ilS ropeal til of faitU ali tlie V!Ofatton of ttfillfjeS .ltll&ilfo the Indmns 1: E.~Tbat Is. 'lho names of g1rls m these latter daJrs11InVlll tl~en••,,fr£K~~1~)!i~~;~l~~~ .• ~~ a dcctdcd tonden<>y to tc~mmate m 10\ • <l:~n·~ne •· uo. @!11'11 unpropnctv m m1rusters of 'lakmg up a couple of' cataloguM of lndJCS the Gospel tt'b thclt' vocatwn memormhzmg school~ the other day-pleasant rcadmg by Congress than pohtreJa.ns, or otliel\ 1ni1Jvidll th~ way those pages full of the aJq I do not beheve those mmmters have school g1rls M'll 1 -we found the sent th 1 s memorml hlll'e to manufacture polit g~ls m 1t Ess1e and Elsm and and 1 cal cap1 tal, to Jmve 1t entered an the retrords Kltbo nnd l{atw and Fanmc and An me. and the Ssn 4 te so tho.t It m1ght taken back !II lh'l and J\Iolhe and Mmnle and li1w~•o an.d dtSscmmatcd through Ltbb ll and Eottle and Lume and Ilaurre and' tlt,e C)otlilt:rj, I or n o vcrsut on 1 I urn for crly [rum !u1 escc tl at be 1 1 11lcd a yea1 01 l u Gc;l t about a cla a d tl at m•ccnu111g to return tl o 1 ext n onth As I b ca1 c It \tl o 1 ubl>l 1g S(l g \1 c1 J.lo\\S gent ly tho httlu 1 vulot wl1ch ruus along tlny fl li ght I y tl c far n I u e tl at 1s useful nth r tl m tl o s vullo ft otl or tho warrmg About threo months f1om t11at c:vontfnl evenmg the o was to bo a grand ball an<l tella resolved to go 1f It was her last mght on earth Bhe wns reel mng on a sofa near an open wmdow sho !lad looped tllo damask curtams gent!.) aSitlo tho soft breezes wore fannmg her m\rblo clteok and playmg W1ti1 her goldcu tresses and her snowy robo gave her the aspect of an 1/oun more than an earth ly ben g sho I cld m her hnnd n beautiful bo 1 ct tl at sl o I ad ;ust arranged Sbc sat gnz 1g ocr tho dark Line waters of tho wave lOSS T VCr lJl U<ltlp e loot tJ ought who 1 tJ C door opened and her n other entered Uh I mot! cr sho c cla mcu whitt a I cautiful even mg wo shall I avo f r tl c ball Yes da>1 ng but certamly you are not tlnr kmg of gong to tl c ball tlus eve1 ng Mother hoheYo me I 11111 go to tl o ball th s cvcnmg 1f 1t cost m:v a !l-ye• even 1 y hfe Maud thougl>t sl c tn umr hcd over me oMc ~l o sl all HOt do 1t aga 1 I w II let her sec 1 have other ndm1r eFS tlan llowartl Elhot A !though I loved L1lhe and Add1c and !ifelhe and llatt1e nnd FH 1 ..,~,, \''\' Jenme I Whether tli1lllossommg out of the bllJpotlthis ucar oltl fashioned names mto f(')fmgn pos10s >S the result of European tours or whether Sliakspcartl s wrong about tho sweetness of roses or whatever 1t IS we cah oilly exclaim, ~~ou@vc. 11nenU1m~ to mt up a d watch a l n gl t o ~ony ov:orcoat, m wl 1ch were boww kmW sl1ll awake and I was rCJOIO hko mo her fears wcro n11 So11tirlg myself upon 11 cha1r Wltlwut aga &~ tl c wall and was dlr·opjpin1t 111~0 a doz when I was star \h \I ers n.t! tll\ fo...t of tl o t:a.l~tliOUSIV fiSIIlg to my foot I J cor \1do 01 nck nnd tl1stu ctlJ saw womll.n slmrpcmng tho hugo l m t ng wliidl\ tHJW looked double 1ts J1ilt\Jtl>l samo ~lent tho yom g I a 1 a stiCk of wood m tho.co1 ncr to tho hearth '\no•·c the old\ woman, you ca.taract i\ n.gara c c t s our wo ulcr and \o ~tnnd amazod at the power ood greatness of Uod thoro as ho po trs 1 t from tho hollow of I s I and I ut one :-i ag:u a 1s euough for tho contmeJ t or tho world-wltlc the san10 world rcqmrcs thousands and tena of thou sands of s lvcr fuunt 1 ns 1111 d gc tlc flowu g nYu lets that \a tor every far:m and meadow and every garden nnd tl ut sl nil f.low every day nnd ever)\ n gl t \ th thc1r gentle qmet Leu 1ty So w1th tho nets of om hves It IS not by grcn.t dec ls I kc those of the m~rtyrs thnt good IR to bo done 1t 1s l.Jy \he dmly a td q ct v rt cs of hfc tl e Ulu tsttatt telil per tho meek forbca1 ar co the splflt of fo1 g1vencs\ 11 tl o h band tho father the moth cr tf& brother tho sJstcr • the frtcnd, the nmghbor that good IS to bo done Cnrlons Cnlculataoa~. I now detest I 1s very name ~tud I would do anyth ng even bo bamshed to Bot ony Bay 1f I coullbut I ave revenge on them Oh Estella do not <.pti!tk so you are too weak to allow such thoughts to have a plnco m yom breast nnd do ndt go Itt tho ball for I fear yo tr trcngtb w11l not pen1 1t Uh mother, do not fear for me besJies, there 1• rclllly no cl nngc for I feel a grl>'a>t doni better to-n ght and I antw1pato a most brllllant <lVomng 1 th nk tbll mus1c and dancmg Will Honwwhat rbnorntb tho I tt>le spaFk of f<>el ng tl at I st II chor1sh 11 my bosom But I Will lear for you Fo!!tella If yon go 1t shall be agamst my \1sh Pohaw I mother, do not look so fn~h toned JUSt look at me do I not l<>5k ,.. great dcral hotter to day? I feel almost as I used to f.ecl m d11.ys that hn ve gone t>y never to return agam Tillt hark mother, I Y Gu<LS. ------- h1s cxpenenee gomg to show than'Dewly seed Au ord farmer wr•tes several faets~~~f~r~o:~m~l·~~~~~t~~t~~~~~r;~;~:~ cd clover dbes best Wlicrt pnsturcd the Fall, and tl at old foe; mrodows produce as valuable !lay as they woulu i..t: fed f'Jl:ILfd~Jd down m;,.te.irtely m autumn ~ grass I'wr<WI!< ought to Rtart close to tho grounAt 'ltnil pot from tl c stalkslofi by the scythe, .as m thnt case tl c sprouts dG not got sap onough to sup .1 \'\\'A port them and g•vo that q.utek growth that.rpo 0 ~ 1 .m 1 t IS roqpiTed for' good hay ne adds also ho never knew good covn to grow on that had been mowed seV'cral ~ hay carrted oil\ and the old fog left 1m a shock of clcctriCtty n nwful s1tuatt0n rushed upon The Aurorll. of 1\futan:~as bas detertfflffOO hear tho door bell nng-that !S Ularon~e- that thcro aro J 1st 1 OOU 000 000 mbab•tants tal e th1s to hun and she hnndcd her motho!\ on tho eft1 th ol whom d10 each ycai 33 333, a rose tmtod nuto tell b rn I am better ana 333 cnch daJ 01 3\4 each mmute 6.0 and sltlllll bo o.ll ready by c1ght o clock, and when 1 each second of each <~00 l reaches BO JCaiB ,rou go ~ren<l Antonettc to me 1 want hilt to land unfed ' -------- had ev Jdcntly been \lice llc I eo1~fiil~nce by tho old hag that sbo eas1ly murder UR And n y Uwy were be) oud my could sec netlfing sa'Ve the chn1~ to dcfond n•yoolf llad I been I should not have lost> my pros Dnt my s1ster tho only nen~ upon en1 th-the life of my SIS rny protectiOn and by one of contrad!ctwns m nature been mo~t net1vn I snnk cha1r petfactl:)\ par.n.1.)1'm<1 \' llal'd Dnttel'. of age of each 10 000 1 reaches 100 years arrange RIJJ;dress for the evcnmg i?ut tn n trtvct, or nny npen, l all men live longer than short men and wo Antouctte you have come now do you With legs m a saucer fill the sa!tcl;~ lictlj!eii~·· men stahtl a hotter chance of hv mg fifty yenrs ad uHro thta t>tlver;r spray t}.iat l'l~!tve S.,Ciocl<:<t·l w1th wrete'r ;..t1nn a common Hower- pot upside than men but after that th<: sex lOse grbtlfld for IllY hatrt 1 ibitJk it ers beaut1ful down ovci! the b1.1tter, so that tts edge will 'Ihllunmber of. marnages 1s as 176 to 1,000 you mny al'rauge tt to your <>WB t.aol!te be wttl~•u tile snucer and under the Wllter Ma.ITtagca nrc most foequent dunng tit<> th~tsk1Uful Brunette tastefu plung the boleoftlie Hower pot w1th a oork mont! s of Juno and December Oltildren rufter tress then fell m beauty oqe~ <hc11 dveooll n!lnJlow«<l pot With w~ter set bo• n m the spr g are more robust tJ!la 1 ~oth shoulder• Ihe1 c that Will do thank lr cool plaw unt1i mQrn ng or 1f done m s Hlfths and deaths are I!J.Orc fre!lueqt at Antonette now clasp tl es~ golden thaljuttcr wtll be very na:ra;atl!UPr• .I 0 h\ tl au m tht> day- 1, m my car~ and here >S my broach-the p~~~t'}: ~ \@- ·sltcu.ltr ol>iiw~~\t1nli·'.jitft!Cts of >.-~,.ft.,: •i><n ·~nio1i' may. yet tiiat 1\\1 when th1s tetro,lueed In to til~ Ihe pmntwn of thu n~twP. wa11 1l>fi

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