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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, August 30, 1860, Image 3

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• some lUII!Ortani:' i;tataments lll the lfouse of Lords on the e'l'emng or th.~ Htlr uwb IIts Aa$ 28th, m the 2d R D Church by Rev M: Colher GEO A VIGNES lo MARY TROW LordslliP who W\s for rull;ny yelllS Ur1t1sh BRIDGE 11 11 oOdngston \ uba\-Sador at C<>nsh.llmople, and mar be AI KerbonksqD OD tho 1llh tnst by !If Vernooy I presumed to uudcr>tMid tho~qugl,lly thl? con Esq JOSIAII MERillRIV of Olivo ~>god 53 years I d1t1on of 'l!t~rkey frankly udmtl~ed tha.t the to ELIZABE1II DEPUY of ll~rb!etown aged 53 I S11nm: -d1~tu U>;noes • wor11, not T~f·m~tile to - I local ea.uses: alone bu• wero lmm<ldJaotet:f eon _ --~E&TJIS. ____ I uected With the general conqtt!On of tile Otto Cold In the dust tho perish d 1 e.rt may I • lit E Uttft thnt iVb.,l!h W\'-'lll d -~unoe ahallDt'V r d u __ I man mpm> - Telegram$ fwm Vtenna. stnte that lfrmee In this v•llage on tbe 2~d tn•t oi'Congest on of D m1e\!e of ~onteneg:ro w·as shot by ll!l As I he lram 1\i \RY E PLA.T r eldest d~1id1ttor of sassm o' tho lHh, nn.l <he.l o 1 tha 13th )I til am II Pl•!t of Now York inot At W•ltwyok m tht to\n Au~ 24 b Rev E nrther mtelltJ: nee 18 recerevcd ot the ABRAIIA~l FORT a u n ster of the Reformol g ea.t progrc>S m t<le by th<> reb~l faet•ons 1 Uhtqa a 1tl m1clt suq1~tsc '\ cxpre~sed that the E nr er I doe;;:. 1 t at 0 lCe C) ne to term~ Dutch Chllrol m the 71 t year of h s a.~G He. was a good\ an On tho 13th of J no last n W od to k :'J \R OAl\ET llA~l.ll'\OC<.:K • fe of 1 tor \1 Shot w th th~ 'Vestern Powers god 66 vc uH Alllo n the mo pln e o t o o'J'2J By way of E 1glu.ncl \VI} learn th It th~ Afn \lnst 1PE1:ER lV l:lllORT n the 5 h yea ofh can Ki 0 Du.ho ney wa::s a.bout to- s r lice tuo ag~ I qu '1 l h 1m~ 1 b m 0 \ m bon r of the late Tl ey vo loft a world of enro an I pn n h. 1 0 lu• ~tther Mvro sla;'ers had been cap For heavenly JOJ' -0 glun ne g• n turcdo1theconst In !I rley ontho221 nst :'<FLLY A BR!:>;K L\fER DilEfLIGE:-fCE By a 1 •ter arnval of the Nova. Sqoltan E tropean aJv ces ha'e beon rece1ved ~o the 1 th mst n\' stnte1 th •t the p p h!td ntflen :1 1 tt~r to tl e ~ rendt U \rtlln>ll m wluch hu w fo ef fhooloro W Dnbot• 1 tl o 31th yoar of her ago Jane 7th at tbe r • uencc f Ja• M do k n ho town ofll~rrlonburgh UA rTIC A1!1:-l D <\. llAll COCK \god 9 years 3 month• and 3 dn ' In ~hn.ncln.kcn of tho pnt d sore throat -J y 21 t liiLDRED W ego I 6 y af' and 1 mont!; July 2Sth WILl [ ~M I a ed 4 y n s and 9 m nths-Aug 6th i\.}!0>< nged 7 w ek --ch ld en of Uoorgo aml 1\larthB- ~ Connolly ty llud:Jon. tak\'i'll very melancholy an! lcspa r tg v ew uf the ®llchtwn of th no\ II look> upon all a~ lost and expect\ to d1e by the hand of a 1 M>MStn but exp e sos h d te r mnat on nev cr to qu t loJm upon compubton papers please copy I At Phoen em At g 2 !th MARI II \ ngct! I yenr It Tellq and 14 days daughter of Edw and <.:athar no Con 1 nd L1.tc advtee, from Syrta. represent that Fu al P<t h:1 had su r uml d L banon w th lroop, nn I ha 1 threaten J to put all the Dru-<e Shtek\ til the s ~or l f tl j did not sqrr nde Ut t vo d:;yii! I ve ty of them had lJ et c•ptu1ccl anda.boute ght h uulreJ other t t'>a t'nt arr~ ts had oue 1 m de \ hrge jlant1ty of pi uti red pcoperty had also b!l,lln r covered The rurk sh Sult~n had made nelly 1 k d; Aug 6 n Sba '\ntlul1k N ANC~ wifo of Stephen It T Us Roosa age: l 40 yoars \ ~lew Advertisements. I [t'\k'\ o'tlolo• a. spec h to the Fo1 et,n ~Itm.ters m wh ch !te expre.; c l th J tcr n nat1on to pu ush the SJ nan oUcnJ r;> wtth the utmost sev€\nty - ft was und(m;toqd al•o that he would wrtte to Q teen Vtcto-ftannd theE npcr')r Na;poleon 11 whmh be would express a de• re to h'lve the sole puR sh nc 1t of the cr m uds An 1 II POl tant report h~d b e 1 made by a. sdect c n m ttec of tho Rr t l li<lu of CGm non 1 wit ell th y stata tltat the con u t <> 1 of t! <> lo.w regulo.t ng the natu!mal 11 t co tr~ v th ~ ~leO Spa 1 l ortu_.al a d th~U 1 t J Sto.te. , mo.t unsattsfLctory D'oo;;!as Po• ta-;ut By ID.mbelt: 'fhese t vo Lr tel e.lt.tmcts ft om the speeches o! S \ Douglas gh·e an mlm rahle a 1d cor rcct v c If of h1s real pol ttcal character-that <>f a lm~ destgn ng tncky demagogue who has no w;nc plc~ to GU Jc h m and 0 pol cy except w:tlat fur the a10ment P' omt5e5 the n ost a.dva.nta.ge to h nsclf To F a 1· nt c t• §. H ORQE POWERS THRESH! R~ A:'\D EP'lR\TOR F n M II• Grl dstones Corft Sh~Uer~ dl) l1:1.ng ngl'l PotatD D gge fl Ch r ~ C f'}ar M Us Hn.y Cutte ~ R1ch !'! Iron 1 eam Plow Baldw o a Plow Peekskill do da I eeksk 11 uo Double do do Sub I do Pnro No 1 Peruv nn Guano d rect from vcaaol M lpes uperphospha. e of I tme :van I I n 1 Uanno (An r can I oU Company 8 P d et e Uro nd llostar For solo by ~IO:'oi f \:'lYE & Rl Y:'\01 n 1 ne >~ llen.dq n.r !4 ~pmnt4!' Sehr 'llr s Jlntol A NEW BOOK. T IMOilil i>lll !J-llo poI U 0 C'LO\ lm SEI ll fur sale m lu. ge m 111 s n m k t 1 ce by MU:S 'L\.:S ~ ~ & RE'o':S 01 D~ 1st D1stnct School Reports 1 state l it Til~ v t it F on Doudas' \peeck From Dou~tas Bp<<Gk ~ S7; 1,nji·eld JU runs t t. at Prmn.dc.nc.e August 3 1&!9 186{) ~1 the e..- J.ancos- o-f My frumd ovet ther.e- puh:l u .op nwn ,.t t)!a.t-d $ f1: ondord,t elliy asthoeaae ~c net! to. mdit te thnt may bo- rr mt.st to kno v t.l • [tho i\Il!IOqm J COM som thing abOilf the lilts P R 0 !H S !ll H A D BE s<>ilrt Compromtse( oheors ) OO,M:ii!l CANONIZED Ii' I hnvo not !hot sllghto•t :ru!.Jll UEAltr:; OF TIIN ol~eehan to teUmg b.un UIBRIC!N Pli10PLE aU ho domes to know AS ~ SACRED THI~G upon that qttoat on I Wll[CliNORUfliLE:c; BltOUGIIT IN TIH H \Nil \1 <JULD m lllll.f.ll,ILL ;ro REPEAl >rUE l.l E .It E G K L E .; >;I ~~<!SQlJRI lUl:>TlUC .HN<JLGli TV DISl'UliB TIO~ T RlJ;)TEES ~ ll ub 11r n tb.c necc~:sn.ry Blanks for making the l annual ReportA n.t tl ~ To n Clerlt'a ornces D T ' AN BUREN 6m365 Is -not th s ptcture perfect~ Does tt not loOi, !Ike hun ~ I.-:s\ The New Paltz f1mcs learns that Mrs J 10 J Dllbo>:< ~I le <Jut peking whor tlehcrr o. a short ttme SlIGO ktlled a l~rge ra.t Llcsnt>ke ou Sltaw~ngt~nk mou tta n S! c tted thJilt .. rcaso of the cntter to l er w:agon nnd !ragged tt m twunph to her home n Gar dmer l'he sane paper leat IS t!tat .'>I~tthew freer of Rllsc 1d:tle lost h ~ l fc on i\Iondny of last we k by bemg hteral!y CI ushed by 11 rocl> under wh ch I e vas d ggmg for sl .. te fot a JUad and wh h shd on ht:n £:::1:: Ihe Qllal 01~ 11 England have te solved not 01 ly o longct to cuforcc pccul 1!. ty of Ia guago a d dress bnt that tl e law 1 therto m force amongst them excludmg ,. membel wl o marrtes out of the sect has been al:iol sled Such persons may contmue 1 1 commuurou but the r children JneJnbers !fj.~ A srlver m e IS reported to been dtscovered on tho lower Frazer Brtttsh (Julumb a Also copper mmcs, m blocks too !at ge for removal s n lar lo those ()11 L\k\ Supo1 01 ha;n> also been dtscov ered £? Gov Bank~ of 1\lassachusctt~, has been tendered the Pres de1 cy o{ th'e lil U019 Central Ra1hoad and accepted 380 5w oohoul Cow r I t D str o~ Kingston Academy. ( Est:tbll;ho l J no l 1953 ) OF TilE Rochester Cffiltllmrct~ Nurseries, II E ( Establ shed 1830 ) IIOOKEu. \& CO PROPP.IETOU\' ROCHESTER N Y • THE PEOPLE'S PR~S. Business Cards. JOHN VIGNES, I Watchmaker and Jeweller, 92 NORTH FRO :!\IT S I'REET, KeeJIS c nst 1.n ly un In. d a complete a A rtment of The Family Maclun~ w II be fonn I pecnharly n lnpted ~ • nll work tbnt may be roqutred m the f\ mly It nil worl< equal ly well on tb cl< good• ur th n nn<l muy be chnnged to sew wttl Bilk or ltncn w t4out any trouble 'I be !U:annflacut•·u•~ M aclaiiiC s a lapted to n.ll k nds of Lonther o Cloth work nnd is :varr:t.nLed to g o 1 erfoct sati factton m all cases :\EW 'l:ORK OFFH E UIJO BROADWAY (opp0>'1te s; N IChul ... ) THO]'IAS CORNELL S Sample• of wort anti doson 1 tlvo otronlan oon> to jg~~ 3 ~ 1 ~~~~;~:~~~~r any adllrcss by m • I AI BANY OFFICE, :\ 0 3 7 \1 \ T E ~TIt E E T [6m350 'ro Housekeepers. S OMETHINI 1'\EW -D T B.ABnil'l S BEST .!IU:DICINAL SALERATt::S Fd,uril~• l'ASSAGE AND FREIGHT r.:I'NB BETWEEN' i \Bfl \:\1 \ \N hi UlHN I STA:>l U\IJ A~D ~AN< y JI \\1 LRY ~ \t. \-. ~ ~~ '\\~ ~~,~~~. wgr W.:~~r ~~~e~rop N 1 It 1 I! F ll o N r s r It E 1 T I N RONDOU I IU:\\GSTON AND NEW YOR\K C0:\'1><..,01'1NU W rll Tl!E DELHI Jli\I'D ELLFJ 1\1'1 ILLE STJIGES A~D MA.R ~G TIT t'\SUAL LA..~D 7'\QS 0 r I r t f l :» f <f{U tl 1 tit \' C\V II a rl u\ lf I 1 II ll l u /tit K K ngston NY C JJ '~ ( lf { I I Ell !j n and Staple Dry Goods Crockery .Carpets Otl Cloths rr I lvrllvoltHut t ~ ~c Cor erof:'<ort F nt & Wnl!Rts K ngston fr II N E II H. Ill/( <\' C 0 f'f' F.RS IN Tm and Sheet Iron Ware, &c ~t James :-;tt eet I rlu l u uce ], ~ ton Jl J \' JS C1ockeiy FANCY 350 r nnd GOODS K o th(l bus noes w 11 bo kopt J g8ton II J \ A:'l AA~lJEEI ~ION r ANl' E & REYNOLDS' Luml:Ier and Agrl 72 &. ARE D.l.lLY DC :s'G SCS:f '1'0 MANHATTAN, CAPT DA '\ ID \BBEY JR W ILI Jo:wo Rondout o'\\ery li!O~\DAY lV:E:D l:iEi> DAY and :F:RID ~ Y \\ 5 o clo k P M Wtll Jeavo New York, !I om the foot <>f J11y St. ovary rUESD \ Y TUURSDAY nnd SATURDAY 1 at 5 cklck P !If l g hr Pru s go or Fretght npply to tho Captaiq on Board or of the P1opnator at Rondout 1ll0l\IAJ5 CO:R::SEL'fu Rondout Mn.reh 9 18.60 357 l !- \l f. RS Grocenes ware \ :E\'JR.C>F. :DJ.l:.A.lSr'V:I:X..LE, n Crookery alono to pny our !Itt • oheap as we plonsn We n. all nnd wo wlll convmo~ you IS TilE PLACE' No 5 '\all Rtr o• f II /( 1!Efll JT1 <l u Tl. E \1i Ann cnosn v a.:q h•tl oro :'Jnltrasso 0 I <.:to Its M •tt ng &c 80o tf SECRET OR NO SECRET l \ t I E E ll E G P R J a mea Eaq In hls late hlSIOnea.l novel 1 )H Htrd( Stroot • enHlod Tho OaT»her P\'ge 145 says ' I I ke word~ mscribod m that eyropo.thcbo mk of ALDA:SY 'S Y \bchworead tcanonly bodcephered bythoso - wh ha o the sec.rtJt !\ow I have thase.cret and ~ll I l I fT '\: CilO~DY CA'lll DRY GOODS AND CARPET DEA.I..aEJR.S, ?-; o 7 '\Vall Stl eet, (41 Do r from :'iorth F ont) KINGSTON 1 N V la \\ (J (-o 31 att ng ~ \~ ~ B \ heavy lo k f Dr \ Goods o.nd Cloths llE \.UTIFUI I OJ E:\1:-iG OF IIIE EMPORlU:\[ OF FASHION, I w onJ t-o any parson a.t any pla.oe Cull mstruo I t ons I VI to wr te o. s~o et or 1-nvwibk letter wh ch nu QU6 B o.blo to reAd Qr decipher exospt the wr tar llill b e GOrrcnpontlont nn4. \'lso how t.Q nn.d sa. d let.tor v a ble a.t w 11 Euclo e fiftoo.n contain cash W th nttttnp fur re urn poata.go to W S (1,\.FFNEY Box 100 Wa.ah ngtou Du.:nea Oo Indta.nac,:__ __ PAPER HANGINGS! 1860! <.::-PRINO STY! E!!-U vi olosalo and reta I L' :rho a e t pur I o.s w l nre yo rum eeleet from oOOO Roll from 6 cts to S2 00 1 r IV I 'Parlor Papers ~n n Puro G I \\ o vo old and Ptn n .., th new t) l\l o( ~Iu.tchoJ 1 on.le heu1 tt.ud: elegant Hall and Dmmg Room Papers lla m I Mttn Oo < M rllo Gramto I Ian anu orn m tall res u nn<l t1 oct ons g en fur .t rosco ng S1ttmg room, Bed room & KitahenPapers I eup I handsome Paper •• proosly for <Jhlll'llhos Pub! Rooms llutels anu lln!ls ~ml o~ponenood \ rkmcn fur shed 1f des red B rd r S !e L ght and C rt \tn Papers l'uo Board 'iews Ln.ndsc pu Oal Glazed Velvet md I lam Th s large n.nU complete assortment the under 8 gned has had ma.nuf: t.et red expressly for thsa ma.r kot and 1 urchllSors w II find not only tho pteooo longer and sto k fir nor but tho dostgna far wore protty than can bo obta. notl elsewhere WINDOW SHADES, G It '\ olvot aud Gtlt I> dscapo and Plam now handsome und heap New Fixtures sm pie to 1 ut up and du able ButT Ureou !>rul \1 bllo obatlo L nen a. ! ff B uks and ~lnga> nos bound n ovory stJIO and prloo l' :; WYNKOOP Rwro oppo' tc tho Ulster County Jlo.nk I.lngaton ~lay 3 1860 ·----\ iOlt l='I\T ODt:C ~G INTO T:ll COUX Y Til CELEBRATED CREOIAN HAIR RESTORATIVE. I T IS A SOURCE OE JUS£ 1 RIDE TO ro ' well as those that are so un£1 rtunato as to lo e tl o r lin. r c thor by s kne sur I e ed t ry bu.hl s-3 that we have at last by c tan study an 1 p net c mtroduced an a:rt cle mto t1 s country called thn GREUUN BUR RES'rOIUTIVE, That Will ubsolutely produoo a beaut ful growth of Ilatr on bald heads of tts or g ual gro vth color and beauty Among the ten thouan.nd prcpa.ro.t ons for tho ha r there none tha.t has or w 11 compare :nth th sun r va.leU prepn.rat on It 1s tho best lla r Drcs ng over kno :vn m the world n.n:l to tl o e that usa t fur a. dros ng 1t will produce the no t beaut fill curls tha-t the r fancy can des rc It pro vents tha bo. r flOm falhng olt nlio tho head Fr< m dnndrull' clelln HOIJ the sualp, ~nlj mil ~Ute ho .. da h ,tUCker than GDY artlolo Heretofore 1t hn-5 been w h g e- t dtffi.ou1ty thu.t we could aupply our orders our r o 1 t es nre now such that we ean supply our fnends at the aho.ttcst not ce AddrcssE F ~B~\ILLE&Co 469 J3:r alway New Yo k or 22 Broad Street West Troy N l: Pr co 50cts per bottlo or $5 pr lozen w I bo sont by express to n.ny person on ro o pt of tho r order One bottle Is worth any ten of all t>ther prepn.r.at ona A hberal d scount ronde to Ucnlers OuR MusiCAL FRIEND. P+tR-Ptr=s a~ \OUR lll'GSICAL FRIE:SD a Rare Com pan um for tho 'V1n.ter Mo hs ._ Every P amst 1 ohoull procure tb s weekly Every S nger i Pub! call n of 'I' Qo~l and Ev~rs Teacher I Ptnno Forte Mua e cost Every Pupil tng but 10 CE:'iT:; a Every Amatour number and pron u.nced By the entire Press of the Country w be THE BEST AND CHEAPEST WORK OF THE KIND IN TilE WORLD :rwelve full s1zed Pa.ges of Vocal and Piano Forte l\Insto for 10 oonts Yc,.rly 85 Half yearly $2 50 Quarterly $1 25 Subscribe to Our Muawnl FrJend or ordor 1t from the ne~rest. NowadevJer IJ.lli}.yOU wr\1J\lloVI\.MU :OLO tmongh for your onbrc fa.m ly a.t an ma gmfioant cost a.nd f you want Mus c for the :Elute Vlulin Cornot Clar onct Accordion &c &a subacrtbo t.o >ho SOl 0 MELODIST. To Sell, or Lease for a number Contouung 12 pages eostmg only 10 Conts B ::'> um bor ): early $2 50 llnlf yoorly $1 :l5 All t1 e n ... clt Nu nbers at 10 eta nnd Bound Vol umos oonta mg 17 Numbers .at ~2 50 each Notice. T lll TltU 'If E 01 DIISTRl<.:TS w II complete nn l forw rd w tl out d\1ln.;r. to t.ho respeot vo to-wn fl rkA tho l Ht of Li1 rarg, Bo ik:! RIJ roqiDrel by tho lnie c r trlnr (rom !lro IJepnrtmen' of Publrc Instruct on :1. ll 6tl 1860 D f V ,\.N BURE!'I Sci ol Comtu r ht Dlstr<o! NORMAL SCliOOL Ky•er ke ohool Com of years ronco\ no J 5 I~ I 1 0 'l'ry Gibson's Syrup. NEW GOODS. CRO~IH stont y on hand C B SEY:i!'QUR It CO 345 J07 Nassau ot New York ~\~ f!lj!S f!ll'-d~~\ \:Ati£TETI~~ ..___.- ( ~;..-<\ ;;:-; ~£-~ :!J 'lhc most c:llectual and \Itolcsome Salerntns ~vel' mtroduced FOR SALE by GROCERS Everywli&e GoodS m IT ngstou ~ M lton Cloaks TAPPEN S il j <\'- J R TAl PE\'l. AGESTS FOR llAI:.LOU BRO'P!IERS FRBNCII YOKE SHlUT:; Patented Nov lot 1869

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