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The people's press. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1853-1863, February 28, 1861, Image 3

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KINGSTON' LITERARY ASSOCIATION .LECTURE COURSE FOR 1860-'61 1 Osc.A.NTAN Nov 21st 2 Rev Dr STORlls rlec 5 tb ;; !:Lon JoRlil Tno:osPsON 19 h 4 Rev WM SYM, i\ll 2<l 5. URACE GREENW{)QD 9th G Rev Dr VAN SANTvoon.o 16th 7 PARK BE<NHoMIN 23d 8 Hen T R WE•TBRoon: Feb Stb !l Dr J G HoLLAN!;> 13th 10 J ItS G Gu.lhM Ns<j: 20th ll Rev El W B ... wr>;•.'¥ 27th 12 Rev ilr CHAPIN Mob 13 h Senso11 T1okets c\n hfl;:PM~!lte<l at F S W yn ]wop s Book Slo><> lUogat<in. ==i~#==~. lW!'lDOUT YQ\TNG UN'S -GB!RISTIAN ASSOCIATION LECTURE COURSE FOR Hf60-61. Dr J G HOLl<I.ND {'i'l!JI.Othy Titcomb) :io vern beT 23tl Rev w,. M L&UlLN DBc 7th H.ow THEm>OR\' C..yler D~c !l! r cv Auausm>o SEWARD Jnli 18th .., r SH ul I.BER (lhs Pattmgton) Jan 18th GRACE GREENWOeo Feb st W1I:<L AM HAGUE f) .D Feb 15th \ El>\D~PHII:.LrPS M t I let l ev A B J.A.cE )!;{ Nh 15tn ~ ev A..NToL.....-f::'TT..& B BLa KIVELL- '\fad 2.21 8\AsoNT!cKETs-AdmJtt ng gen1lemeu an I l dy to wl ole conroe.; $Z:OO Smg!e Atlm s B on T eke!\ \n centR '1' ck~ts cnn be 11•oen1 M Itt Win!\\ Brothero, RonJaut no I •t F 8 Wmkoo!) ~ K ngston ---=- ---- Cs.ta.rrh ' <l~tarrh J Catarr'ii t Catarrh' WH1T IS ITl HOW CURED? \ G Chboon s Spnp Ths Syrup s g\ n ng ce ebr ty auu the ue 1 antlfur u, ts mcreas ug rup dly ~ts beneftctal cl nrncter • »tl!lSted' by tl,wusm;~ds and 1t '\ pr :>~UnceJ by d st ngn•shed ph;>'• etans to ue ~u..pe r to ~:my o-tl er med c nal S.yrup na-w n nse Tne A.1most m ra:eulous cures wl ch t has pe for~~ le~d -us to bel e:v;~ tl at t H5 dest n.e:d to b oome e~teas v. fy, u~~a 1n tl c t e~tmeut of very m~ny !l seases w):ncli ordma.ry remedies f~ l to c~ e I s cm:ntrve propllrt eo tre estali l ollo I l:J~Y\\ t a Q-IH,SMon niid. we feel aosured tb. t it mn t to a t:)'I eat eAteJJt supe cede many f the a tific 1 c<>J;t!pounda oJ ti e \lay 1\'e re c mwe l t:ho::ie £ our :Fe de.rs who 'in:t.y be ~uf l< ng from geoe nl Jeb I ty or f om ~\.Y of the I s~ooes r~r :wlnch tlua l:!¥\fUP 1B p•eser bed to g ve t ~ t al SoU by D-.:ugg sts n all olt es anJ. toW \IS throughodt the Uu to I tlt te!l [Wlute flo!.!! Sent mel $111\ (hb!lon • Com!)ouud VeJet,.~le Sy up Js l ut. up tn 'l;U\-l't liattles W!tft fall dtroet oas 1 ee one d<>.llnr, l)ltr !i<ittle or S1<l battles for fivo>dollars S<i'•l>it wlh:llesUe by HAR:iiES & 1 ~ ll.K '>FPO•ite th\ As(<>!' Il:olise N \\' York aJ ny llBEBR & VOU1il(} Albony N i: .l.,d y netl\ lers !ll a!! l'a.;;-111! \\-k Vtllages m dle Umtel States Dr n•s Wnge.t .tad J R Drougbtou ARRANGETh>IENTS FOR 1861 MORNING 'BtlAT 1i'O:R NBW YOlUt l andm:.;~t P&ugll.lreeps•e .Newlturgh Miltutt \'\\' H.z wurg}j Cqrn\f>rdl fJutJ. f<J tUI g JVe~t Po nt and Oozz.erpJ THE: .f'~ST A.Nll ELEGAN1 S:TEA.l':'IE!t liob 1st m the town o• Loyd H 1N NAil • do v late Dr Cornelius II >Sb! >Uek fot'lllerly of Ne v Pllltl aged 80 yenre In ilbrlborough Fob S h JOU:-: WOOLSE;; E q: aged 48 ~ enrs In Marlborough Jan 30 h C'ULOE ;r., hu.>d I Woulsev age t Feb lith ELIAS T •o and Su,ll e Tompktns ngcd 6 months and 19 Ua:v In Rondout Feb 19th HELE:\1 d~UJht<~r of Pe te:~; P Elm.ondorf. aged 9 yea :s an 14. ontJ s IttR<>ndout on thc20thmst \DOLF DEGROVE ehlld of Cb~rles and M l.rthn. Ann C:~.lte.r ag d 9 months ~ NewbJ.U'gh .papays pletw:io COJ.J\ InSn,ngext ~ FebnUll}'\ ht W!LLI l.MCOt:,::,E aged 41 yea :s At MontagM N J on tho 17tb wst SA;:!\'ORD VAN DEUS EN son of Dr J L \an De 10en n the 42d yea~ of hl;:; u.ge At Montagne ~ J bn 1. uo:~: b.y m u ng 1nst :-f ~:NC~ L \RK • fc of Dr J L Vo lieu sen m the 70 h yea1 or her a 0 o W Albany P\\ pc-rs plen.se copY New Advertisements. Jl:,El110VAIL • .WATCHES, CLOCKS & JBVHRY, Silver and Plated Ware. C IIABLES D SAFFOQD takes thiS method to inform hts f. entia amllhe pultl c generally that he has removed to No 14,. Wall Street, next door to h s fJld atnnil whe e be lB prepared tu QXe utEJ; .:aU o ders m h 5 I ne of bus oe<:zs :As ql1UU.I he will keep eonstantly on hand a huge ii.J:Jd 'Well se eutud a.:~ oztmeut o! GOLD AND S-ILVER WATCHES; JEWELRY of the finest pattern• Clo ks of every desuable stzo lind pnoo Also i! lver antl PI ted Ware of the very be t q tn.lltle::~ cuns stmg of Cake B!lllkets Castors Pitchers Cups Spoona ll Iter Knwes Forks Snit :Spoons Ten Sets &o togethor w1th n. general assortment of Fane;t Arttcles too nn morons to ment on CLJ!:tl 'HNG A 1\lJ REPA/I?!NG ~Jllartieulnt nttention pll d to Cio n g nnd Re pMrmg Watches f nl! k nds Frcnel1 and Amer n n Olocks &c &c Mo r son s P teut Ch ot omctcr Es .ertp.e~ lfJf wl ~ the s tb:!C \1 cr s P t:ntee §Y ll be at~od to \'l'&tohes of every ~escr pt n! nder the perwnal \\I o T>OI<m <>f Mr ~1u~ hil n ventvr New Cyilrn!e s Je vcls P\ b Pln \' Wu.,.,r. ~ ~:t F r s qf :E:ocapemeut-~:> to Watches made u~ nnd u t> 1 f'l ges e sun Lle JEVI\ELRY REPAIREJJ nt tho sl rtcst no hce C'fBRLE;; B S \FFORf! l{ ngo--ton Feb 1961 N l'· Wn\1 ~~ eel FOR SALE --TEIU.IIS EASY T ilE two sto y fr me flo ae ~ un e n K ng- ton A'llenuc oppos e D Eckert s Cahwot Ware SJ op .!1.so the Cott!lgG on north s de of Eln.st Front Street, bot men Bows y ant! Han y St oot A I o se\\eral tJth~r Du lJ ng Lota lU th eastern p!!.:rt of the \: 1l ge :\!:iV A..N'T'ED. A small FARM off om B to 20 nore w h Dwe I ng su table for a. gen le nan s OuuQ.try Seat=.-to b lo~ e lou tho liu.<J,son R ..-e.r Ca h w 11 be pa 4 f9.4 •v Apply ;u D r \\ Mil .!WREN Real llstaCe .Agent !\!aiR •t 4v6 2m Kmgston ~ _! UL:sTER COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE l Krng ton Feb 25th 1861 5 N j)TJC]) \' hereby g ven that I will attend at !J;> s oJ!lce on 1\l nda.y the 4th day of l\-hreh ne::d at 10 o ol )Ok A M for the 1 pose of tlrn.w mg a pE\1 el of Pet t Jurors to n.ttcnd and serve ot a C unty Court and Court of Sos•wn to be held at the Court House m K ngston, J): s 1d County on +Iondoy llh ch 18th 1~61 at 10 o clo k A M i'1ILA:S S4XTON Clerk --------- --.,-..,--.;;~- -~=.:;;.::: I N l CRSUA'-\GE o an or er of Jarue• M Cooper Sur og te of Uh:1 eL County nu ce sl ereby gtvcn to ll pmsons bav ng ela 11)8 ag11 n t the et)ta,te of S muel F I o er 1;1 1 te u( the town of i'lu wong mk 11 sn d cotmty ~e ce sed tl ut they a ~ r~qli ¥ell tu present the same w th tl e vouchers n a l port tl ere.vf to tie nadet gn:ed AJ. n .tstr t x of s 1 est te at her re~ lence n tl e BuiJ town of Sha wan gunk on or beforeotbe 99th la,Y of Augw;t uc:<t Dated F l!ru ry 28 !StJI ABIGAIL D ROBERTS A~m n strntr x KEYSER'S Ambrotypa and Photograph GALLERY, '72 North-Front Street lUNGS TON More New Goods! J[\T RECEI\ ED-500 p10<es of LADIES DRESS GOODS, some tl at cost the Importers 30 cts pet y3rd a ale by us for 1-.> cts. All k nds very cheap ll J & J R T ~PPEN Petfect 'l'irue Keepers t W ATCRE:; made bg llltwon A BrU!rolles No 20 B.onlcrard Do Qtrrut.lbourg P01n,; and ouiJ only br :IMrty lit DERRY il \' ar~et_y Storo 81 North Front ~~ D1y Good-Notice ! C ON'E AlJlD .SilE the line t Dr,.,Jlfnml•· everJ.>ut Ill o.ur atere-a l to our 'l\tlli<ge and CQ!l!U.~[EJ~Rrrr\:t''l~:[)s.B'¥:~· \Cf\\ of Inn I m •nu e as desor I •<I Gtducy to tltQ par AG~YTS :FOR IlA.Ll 0~ BIHJ lllE!tS FRF.:\:Cll ) UKE \IHRT~ P:.tcnted No~ let !8511 --~ Skates' R~OtlSl! Skates' Skates l GERMAN li Nfj .it~U!RWAN SKATES T HE fMgost and beet a~sortment ever olfered for s~Io m K ng-ton u.t BERR1: S fill North Front St bf A illESt! DIARIES' I DIARIEIS',' l>lAni.El> 1 f DIARIES 1 I DIAQ ESI DIARillS l DlA!tillS I 1 DIARIES I DTARIES II DIARIES II! FOR 1861, • at CHIPP'S BOOKSTORE, llp')!ll!!ite tho Con•\- Uouse The most eifectual and wlloleso:me ~;\J\leu~tus eli:!! m.troilueed ............... FOR SALE by GROCERS Everywhere M~NUI •C!OR\I< 34ii Wttshingtou St cor :Frailkli.Ii fit , NEW \l)RK • \' -~.....,--- llOW '1'0 1\I.AXE BAK I ffi i~~o;t,:;.lro~ ~~n:i~~ ~ £0::\?<Y:EA.T C.!.KR!! Q anU every tlescr pt on ( f pAST R T W thuut ~ Y&.AI ~ lll 1 ss t mej ;1 th•nhyanyoth rp~ t;;l c ss 0 =.. Saves 35 pr ct m usc oj .Lutl ttnd Ef!fJ8 ~ 0 1 Tbes2 pnwdors are u•e One tn~l Will i ~more eeonomcnlnnd conv1n13e tho most •jhealth!Cr th<tn anp m al<eptwal ~ Increases tiM wtght 'If Bread 15 Fr C/ !:II ~ 1 D ]:3p.ept as can eat 1m. pun y 1f made :wrth ~ HoT DllEAD Bza these POWDERS. Ct'lTS &c \nth uu For Sale Ever-!JWIL rt~ ~~ ! Burnet's Celebratecl; Wash- >< mg Powders' I ~ w BleD.Ohes CLOTUES ~fens t:w IIARDES 1 .. ~ beautifully Wh te W A ER 16.> ~ill SA JTES ONE IIALF TIIJ:f. SOAP til ~ Does not ltiJnre the LINEN LACES or ;j 1!:1 texture of the finest CAMBPJC& 0 < Saves On llalf h.c L\b Tl a.h ng j ii\( :ill '\a hes all Ciuth flJUrJ part cularly ;.. Q ng s n per u r to the F annelfl wh oh are 1:'1 z best\\ ;] mgl\Ia h e w~sl cd • ft 1> t4vnl t!'J ~ u tha wo hl w: tb.uut B4rmklDg ;JI Cost of a Large Wa.sktng ~ G nts ~ < M:anuf~ctured only by l§1 ~ \HLLH.M BURNET \\l 45 & 45 P \i3t l!<ow YorkC ty F'OR SALE EIERYWHERE I w c ... h 0 :..!era promptly exeou ad A :so.rnpla box of c t cr ot these Powdem w 11 ba sent to any p rt ot the 'Un10n Free qf Po'Stage t pou re etpt ol lJ cents m post go stamps r money Ret I pr ee of the•• POSidets (•!!her I nd) \6 t~ 12 d• 19 ct aDd 2-\ ots a bOll u~eordmg to tho e. ze To Sell, or Lease for a. :xru:ntber of years. T HE FLOtR lliU.L at of P..osendale {[Mer C collcnt rnn of Jlm:;r $J;onas as a Flout :M rf lut ~9'!!'0!l Ill ~>o.bot.l!U' _.. mg than thlsm. tl•e State fo• a sm~>\l 1'\lop).t&! beii!g o a ted di!leotly on tl e Del and Hnd Clllial &lid all the Feed .llio th~>t oan bo gro11nd Will find 11 ready cash madtet For terms apply to W J IJUDINGTON July 18 1860 at L:>wreneo Ville Gibson's

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