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Mrs. Cleaveland Tells of Her Cure of Nervous Dyspepsia Mrs. A. B. CIcaveland, of SI 11 ford, Mass., Is the sis* ter of the Norcross Brothers, of Boston, tho famous builders. In a long and Interesting statement (which will be sent In full to any one who wishes It), Mrs. Cleaveland says that a few years ago sho had a se­ vere form of uervous dyspepsia, the symptoms being Palpitation of the Heart burning sensation In the stomach, fain ting spells, and on awful dcnth-Ilko feeling from which eho often thought Rho should never recover. She was tired and lnncritlrt all tho time and did not dare to He down for four of a fainting spell. She had six diflercnt physicians but none did her any good. One day, reading about Hood's Sarsaparllla she decided to try It. Tbe faiutlng spells grew less, soon ceased wholly, her appetite returned, and has Increased From 88 to 132 Pounds £bc has net Urn so well for 23 years, does all her household work easily To Hoods Sarsapariila ff&e ascribes all bcr Improvement and Is ready to convince any one of the merit of this medicine. If you suffer similarly, try Hood's Sarsnparllla, llood'H Pilla cure all l.lver Ilia. 1'N I 7 'nt Sheridan's Condition Powders I f yon can't cet it sen d t o m, •We mall one rarle 8> Five Jl. A! 1-1 lb ranSl.SU, Bil 85. Ex. laid h.ullrv llaittma Ou<dt. free, »1thJ)l order* L8.JollN50N&CU.,!«Cu&tom Uouso St., Uoaon,Mua. DR. KI 5_ 1V1 E R*S 5 S C SLDO.VJ'^Jt'i.H^ Ecrofuln, maluria,gen'l weakness ordttiillty. Guarantee IVe outwit* <.f One Hottle. If ni'Mhjn Cflltd. I)nnft ,'ltt3 will relui (1 to >ou he price pnlil. At DrutrgUts, 5 Oc. Size, $ 1.0 0 Size, \Invaliil^* f.utile to Health 'fn Oonsultutlon freA 13ft. KlLMIlB & Co., HINOJIAUTON, N. Y. Takes hold in Bowels, this order: BUDGET OF FTO. HUMOROUS SKETCHES FROM VARIOUS SOURCES. I the house on three occasions when I ex­ pected a visit from him, and he didn»t ' come. Ton can't depend upon him.\— Yankee Blade. No Room For Fresh Things'— Tlic Nebulous Fat arc—A Tenrtul Word—The Worm Tarns, Etc. \0 maiden fairl bestow thy grace, Grant me a. lover's part; I only ask a little place Within thy icy heart.\ \Though ice the heart which you demand,\ Replied the saucy prater, 1 still would have you understand It's no refrigerator'\ —New York World. A TEAHKDL WORD. is the shortest word in the \What languago?\ asked Eillins. \ 'Broke,\ ' replied his friend. impccuuious feet TilE WORM TOItXS. Editor—\There are not enough in this line, sir.\ Poet—\Feet sir! Feetl ldon'tsell it by the foot. It's a poem—not a cord of wood \—Life. COULDN T IIANO ON MUCH GOLD. Miranda—\I wouldn't marry that man if every hair were strung with gold.\ Maud—\Why not?\ Miranda—\lie is bald-headed.\— Puck, THE NEBULOUS FUTURE. Perdita—\Papa says I shall innrry the man I wish to. \ Mary (who has had experience) — \What will he do?—hypnotize the man?\ —Life. ob- 1I0W HE KNEW. \This must be a female turkey,\ served Hunker, at the dinner-table. \What makes you think that?\ asked Mrs Small \It has such a rich dressing.\—Judge. Boschee's German Syrup is more successful m the treatment of Con­ sumption than any other remedj prescribed. It has been tried undeT every variety of climate. I n the bleak, bitter North, in damp New England, in the fickle Middle States, in the hot, moist South—every­ where. It has been in demand by every nationality. It has been em­ ployed in every stage of Consump­ tion. In brief it has been used by millions and its the only true and reliable Consumption Remedy. ft; A SENSIBLE DOG. First Boy (defiuat'y)—\My dog kin lick your dog. \ Second Boy (valiantly)—\Ef your dog licks my dpg, I'll lick you.\ First Boy (backing off)—\My dog don't wanter fight.\—Good News. ANOTHER VIEW OP IT. Hunker—\I wish I had courage enough to propose to Sue and end my misery \ Spatts—\That might not end it.\ Hunker—\How's that?\ Spatts—\She might accept you.\— Judge. HE FAILED. did Tomson \WHY Tom—\How business?\ Jack—'Tic failed.\ Tom—\So he didn't fellow.\ Jack—\Oh yes, he did. he failed.\—Yankee Blade, get on in succeed, poor That's why A WORD OF ENCOUKAOEMENT. Mr Emerscn Beau—\Oa yes, I've written poetry, of course, but 1 never tried to have any of it published.\ Miss Waldonia Hubb—\Now why Jon't you send it to some of the maga­ zines. I've seen some frightful stuff in '.hem lately.\—The Wave. Kidney, Liverand BIadderCure ( Rheumatism, iAimrmjm.pnin in .1nint $orbnck, brick rliiPtln urine, frrtjucnt cull?, irritation, lnflrmuition, jrruvfl, ulccruffun or catarrh of bladder. Disordered Silver, Impalrr-d 'Mircstmn. (rout, hllllnus-lwaihirhc SWA.tlP-Itro'r ctiri'skifliifv ililliri Itics, La t/rijypc, uriuury trouble, bright's t!:st.use. A i-noviso. He—\Darling I calculate that in the :ourse of six months our engagement can je announced.\ She (anxiously)—\And will you give tne the ring, theuf\ lie—\1 will if the girl that has it oow will only get engaged to some one ;I»t \—Truth. A HIRED TREASURE. Mrs Guild — \How is your girl, Mrs. G.ibbf\ Mro. Gnbb—\Well she s abominably lirty. She spoils everything she cooks, and she's luzy and impudent, but she has one good quality rarely met with.\ \Indeed! Wuat is that?\ \She stays.'\—Life. hi Inside Skim, Outsid© Skin, Driving everything before it that ou; lo be out. You know whether you need it or not. Eold by every druggist, and manufactured by DONALD KENNEDY. UOXIHRV. 11ZASS. A MYSTERY. ! Mr. Younghusband (coming home i finds his wife at the stove)—\So you ! ire doing your own cooking? Tell me, \ aow, what is it that you are cooking at that stove, Molly {\ i Molly—\You mustn't have so much ;uriosity. I don't know myself yet what ,t is going to be.\—Texas Sittings. Ely's Cream Balm WIL L CUKE CATARRH Apply Halm into each no«tril. fcLY MtOS* M Warren Sc_ tf. V. •Tutt'sTiny Pills® £ enable tho dyspeptic to cat whatever A ^ bo wishes. They cauiio tho food toon- • slinilate and nourish tho body, S IVO A appetite and develop flcuh. Price, 20 Sff cents. Exact Biio shown In border. » • • • o oetfto 1 lENolUN Wtublncton, D.O . Successfully Prosecutes Claims. SyritalMtirar. liaAlndlcatlncolainu, »tt7«tao» BWETTINC CURED. No oth», ^n. jmM Cure known. What wo Band for $L •Ts IB <unnl>7 it enough. SEND Sl.OO •V \S VS to us. [TI T IUB NtTzn FATTiTTV Union Chomlcol Works, Minneapolis, Minn, IHKBIOHTB-DU all SOXDKEIMt J4 disabled. 12 fee for Increase. 2J years ex­ perience. Write for Laws. A.W. McConuicir. Bona. WASUINITON. D. C <Jt CINCINNATI, O. $65 A MONTH 'or'BrlSht Young Men or Ladles In oach county. AddreM 1 . w , ZIEGLElt dt CO., riillo.. Pa . IF YOU CAN NAME »Sd If you aleo name tne wlnnlnjf ticket ti.000 paak For full partlculara, addrell fHE HERALD lOBUSHIKa COMPANY, DEX1S0X, THA». PATENTS £&e ?SS ONLY A FLY. He rushed out before the irate magis­ trate could line him for contempt. \Do you know what the ditliculty with Regensberger was to-day?\ asked one of his friends of the judge after court had adjourned. \No. Must bemad, or ill, orinlove,\ returned the judge. \No Tell me, you did not wear your cap to-day?\ \Forgot it, and the flies kept -worry­ ing me all duy.' : \Well said the friend, \that was what 'broke up' Regensberger. When­ ever you shook your head to dislodge a lly he imagined you were denying his ob­ jections.\—The Weekly. A DOUBTFUL COMPLIMENT. The following story, even it it pos­ sesses no other merit, has that of being true. One evening a short while ago nu old domestic came to see her former mistress after an interval of over twenty years. The latter, a very religious per­ son, presently interrupted the interview, saying, \Now , Jin. , we are going to have prayers. Will you come, too?\ \Dear me, my lady,\ said the old servant. \Do you still Jwp up the old custom?\ Mistress (severely)—\Certainly. I have had prayers every morning and evening of my life ever since I saw you last.\ Old Servant (admiringly)—\Well to be sure, you are a persevering lady.\— London Truth. HOUSEHOLD MATTERS. A CHEAP NtGnT-LIGHT. In households where there are younjr children a softened night-light is indis­ pensable. Very pretty ones are made, but an inexpensive substitute can be coctrived by any one. A piece of candle,weighted so as to float upright in a tumbler partly filled with water, will last several hours, and will burn until the wick is far below the surface of the water.—New York Journal. HOUSEHOLD MARKETING. In buying beef there are a few rules to remember* Bullock beef is tho best to buy. It should be fine-grained, the lean with streaks of clean, white-looking fat running through it and of a bright red color. Unless there is enough fat the meat will be tough. Cow beef is paler than ox beef, so you can tell it in that way, and it is not so nutritious, but if the meat is of a very dark red it is too old. T o test beef press it down with the thumb; if it rises quickly the meat is good. For soup-raeat get the shin- bone and a few pounds of the round. Soup meat should have as little fat as possible. The best meat for beef-tea is from the round. Mutton should be dark colored and have plenty of fat. In choosing poultry see that they have smooth legs and short spurs; the male birds are best. The feet should always bend easily, and the eyes snould be bright. If o fowl has begun to turn blue, or if it has stiff legs, it is not good.—St. Louts Republic. FORCE OF 'Force of habit is liAnrr. a peculiar trait,\ casually remarked the agent of nn Ala­ bama rnilroad, as we were waiting for the train \In what respect? - ' I asked \Since I have been here,\ he began, \our trains have killed a great many cows, and when claims are entered they are invariably of Jersej' stock.\ \Well?\ I interrupted. \A lew days ago,\ he •jontinued, \w e ran over an old farmer's mule, and 1 have just received a claim for damages.\ A light broke over me, as he smilingly concluded. \And the old man wants us to pay the value of a full-blooded Jersey mule.\ Verily, force of habit is a wonderful thiog.—Atlanta Constitution. REAL SYMPATHY. The well dressed man was standing in front of the hotel.appearing tit peace with himself and all the world,when the hun­ gry man approached him \Say I haven't had nothing to eat for t'ree days,\ said the hungry oue SERVANTS' SAVINGS. It is questionable il it is not a matter l of duty with every mistress, ou each . occasion when she pays her servants their wages, to expect them—even to I the point of making herself officious— | to lay by in the savings banks some por- ! tion of the fund paid as a fund for old ] age or against the :ainy day that may come. Some mistresses pride themselves on paying their maids at t:ie end of every week, and the small sum so received by the girl is apt to be dissipated in as short u time as it took to earn it. But if the girl can do without it it is much better for her to wait and have it in a larger sum, the sight and possession of which will let her be much more easily induced to appropriate a goodly part of it to the future. Of course wheu servants have others depending on them it is not easy for them to lay by any considerable amount, but when they are only >u the way of buying handsome clothes, of making presents or of spending for amusements it becomes a serious duty to urge them to save their money. Tbe kind mistress may die, the pleasant home may be broken up, the next home may be very different, may be one where if the girl is ill she has to provide for her­ self aud where there are no frequent The Counterfeiting BultneM, (Speaking of -counterfeit money, & detective said tbat there was very lit­ tle of i t in circulation these days. H e said: \The Ucne was ten years ago when a ma n received a counterfeit bill on an average of once a week. I t is rare that a man who handles a great deal of money runs across a counterfeit bill once a month now. Most of th o ex­ pert counterfeiters are in prison, and those who are ou t are so closely watched by the detectives that they have little chance to work. No new talent in the counterfeiting line Is be­ ing developed and the chances of de­ tection arc so numerous and certain tha t the ambitious young crook turns his abilities in other directions. No w and then a clever counterfeit ap­ pears, but the secret service men run it down so quickly that it does not pay 'smart people' to attempt to run a currency factory of their own. There is some counterfeiting of small silver pieces carried on, but the work is so base that it rarely gets into gen­ eral circulation, only the ignorant people being deceived by it. Coun­ terfeiting will be one of the 'lost arts' before many years.\ Vouturul Roplles. One of our school commissioners Inspected a down-town public school the other day and examined several girls. Commissioner—Now, I will ask you to tell me the parts of speech of some words you have just read. What rjar« of speech is \Mary Ann! \ Little Girl—Noun, sir. \What kind of a noun?\ \Common noun \ \Pray why do you call 'Mary Ann' a common noun?\ \Because there are so many Mary Anns, sir.\ The Commissioner smiled and ob­ served to the teacher that the answei ought to pass. On another occasion the Commissioner inquired: \You say that all the rivers How into the sea. Why, then, does not the sea be­ come too full and overflow with all the waters from all the rivers?\ Th e youth addressed eagerly replied. \Be- :ause the flshes drink the water, sir \ —The Comic I know how to sympathize with gifts to spare her expenditure, so that A MYTHICAL PARTINO. \All the world's a stage, you know,\ said the actor who was having his hair j trimmed. I \Yes replied the barber, \although ! I don't realize it except when I have a bald-headed man in the chair.\ \And why then?\ \Because I have to act a part.\ AN ACCESSORY. Mrs. Quadran—\Mr. Rennet (coyly) George, I have carefully considered your proposal of yesterday, and while I Dannot give you the first love that your true worth demands, if you will accept my good will instead, I am yours.\ Little Deckie (who has come in unan­ nounced)—\Say mamma, do I go with the good will of the business.\—-Judge. you,\ answered the other one as he ran his hand into his pocket and jiu^lcd some coins. \I've been in just such o fix myself.\ The hungry man's eyes glistened. \Yes as I wa« saying, I've been there myself And I know from experience that live days is about as long as a man can safely g o without eating So, if you come arouud here day after to-morrow, I'll see that you are fed. I'm not the man to see a fellow creature starve to death No, indeed! Now , along iu 187b' I—\ But the starving man had moved on, swearing softly but earnestly.—lndian- apolis Journal. wisdom points out the path to the sav , ings bank or some other safe method of | investment. The mistress of a family • should remember that she ha9 the wel- I fare of every member of it to look out | for, and in begging her maid to save a share of her wages she Is providing both for her peace of mind in the present and for her comfort in the possible sickness and sure old age of the future.—Chicago News. Cttnuce for Inventor*. \No two children wear out lust alike,\ a father said for example, my seven boys, to get knee pads for Cyrus, toed shoes for Lucius and elbow protectors for Jonas, lorced trousers for Hufus, and clothes '•Take, I have copper- iJarius, rc-en- stock ings with double toes heels, and knees for Cephas and Alpheus. Some of the inventions for protecting chil­ dren's cloth* against wear are decid­ edly useful and they have been very profitable to the inventor, but a far larger fortune awaits the man who •=hall discover how to make children's clothing iiidtbtructible throughout. This would do away with the neces­ sity of providing a speeial equipment for each child, and it would also meet the requirements of that vast army of children who wear out their clothes, not in spots, but all over.\ Loo k Ont. A lnrklnt: mala-ly Is abroad which comes Jko n thief in the night, stealthily, and it is i numlicriiiK its viitlms by thousands. -Men 1 tr o cureless or indifferent It ia to pleasant ! ' o he out in the i.ir. Hut it must be remera- •cn-il-hat the air N cliarccd with excosslyo irrs'urr, which penetrate* nnd chills. Tho rip lias beciineiw enldfol c that whole com- Rubber Blankets. Cleiiuini The use of turpentine for removing ! ink, fat, oil, aud colors from the rubber ' blankets has spread of late to such an ex- | tent that u few remarks on the subject may not be amiss. As little turpentioe as possible should be employed wheu its ' spoonful of melted butter (or two of sour use seems advisable, and it is necessary cream), two teaspooufuls of soda dis RECIPES. Orange Pic —The juice and grate I rind of two oranges, four eggs, four table- spoonfuls of sugar, one tablespoonflll of ! IniVtiiues are prostrati-d. A peculiar toituro butter. Warm the butter and sugar, add ] ^^,±^7 &*SitS£SS£%£ l the beaten yolks of the eggs, then the oranges, and lastly the white s beaten to a froth, and mixed in lightly. Bake with an undercrust only. Corn Meal Griddle Cakes—Beat two eggs and add one quart of sour milk, half a teaspoonfut of salt, oue table- To THE OLD MAN. He was profoundly interested in writ­ ing a letter. \Weren't you up to see your girl last night?\ asked tho man next to him. \Yes. I'm writing to her father now. \ \That so? Asking him for her?\ \No. Asking him for my overcoat and hat he didn't give me time to get as I went out.\—Detroit Free Press. BELIEVED HIM. Mrs. O'Queer—\And did Mr. Mann believe ye when ye said ye had run a mile in a minute and a half?\ Mr. O-'Queer—\Faith ho did that. He said. 'You ran a mile in a minute and a half, did ye, Michael? Well, I'd as soon believe ye if ye said ye had run it in half a minute.' So ye see what faith he has in me veracity.\—Yankee Blade. VALUABLE TIME WASTED. Tomson—\BiUson is a man who never keeps his word. Johnson—' 'Indeed.\ Tomson—\Yes confound him. I owe him a trifle, and he said he intended to cult round sttexjt. I st*jed out of to be careful that the cleaned blankets are thoroughly dry before they are used again This is a very important point, as otherwise the surface of the lubber would be softened and the impression of the cylinder would spoil the blanket by cracking or corrugating the surface. The best way is to cleau the blankets in the evening, after the day's work is over, this will allow plenty of time for the drying of the turpentine and the return of the blankets to their natural con­ dition, which would not be the case if the cleaning were done during the day, when the blanitets may be required any moment. As a very effective substitute for tur­ pentine, spirits of hartshorn is highly recomnlencled. It cleans more quickly and thoroughly, and offers less danger of spoiling the blankets. The spirits of hartshorn should be diluted until it has a strength of about six or nine degrees; it can easily be obtained of a strength of eighteen degrees, and be diluted by add­ ing oue to two equal parts of water. After cleaning the blankets they should bo dried with the use of pulverized mag­ nesia or chalk. If treated in this way, thespirits of hartshorn dries very quick— much quicker than turpentine—and nothing prevents its use without the slightest danger of deterioration.—Litho­ graphic Art Journal. The Dnte Palms. The Arabs believe that the date palm brings happiness and contentment to the country in which it grows. According to this idea the \happy\ places of the] earth are situated in the North of Africa, Southwest of Asia, South of Enrope and same parts of Indin. Some of this happiness\ might well be brought into our own country; it is believed the data tree could bo cultivaeed in the southern part of the United States with good re­ sults. It is a beautiful tree, tall anil straight, sometimes reaching a height ol sixty feet. The leaves are from eight to ten feet long, and the spadices, or fruil bearing branches, grow from 180 to 200 dates each; a bunch of dates weighs from twenty to twenty-five pounds.— Vick 's Magazine. Leather for Baseballs. There are two factories in Philadel­ phia that use up in the season 100 horse hides a week each to cover baseballs. They are alum-tanned. One hide will furnish covers for ten dozen No . 1 balls, and five to eight dozen inferior ones. Horse hides for this purpose sell from $2.50 to $4 each, as to size. Kips are also used. They sell at fourteen cents a foot and sheepskins $3.50 to $8 a dozen. Tho best regulation balls sell at $1.25 to $1.50 each. A piece of rubber forms the centre, around which yarn is \wound by hand. Then they are covered. They are \dead balls and won't bounce.\— Shoe and Leather Reporter. iH -b -i >fihe inu-clcs «i .1 acute mi-try in tho joints. All these i -vniptoms indlcito jvlmt r.uirhl to bo done to prevent anil cure, boon ruDuinuwilu >t. ,1 icobs Oil. in time, will so ttieiiKlhen anil sootho that no further truiibo will he hud. Fur all rheumatic complaints, whether transient or cironi c for yeurs, lnr every form of pain, mil l or violent, it Is the bc»t remedy of the nse. W .in silence is broken, \the least said, .lie -oonest mt-ii'lc'l \—I'uck. and! solved. Make a batter of two-thirds i Indian meal and the other third wheat , dour Bake on griddle j Venoise Pudding—Another favorite ' pudding is made in this wa y Take five , ounces of bread crumbs, four ounces of | sugar, three ounces of raisins, two ounces I of citron, one teaspoonful of vanilla, i one-half pint of milk, the yolks of four i e 5S s i ODC ounce of brown sugar. Ad d I the milk to this, pour over the yolks, j aud the vanilla last, and steam one hour | and twenty minutes. I Peach Pie—For the crust use half as | much cold water as lard or prepared suet, I have the shortening very cold, nnd cut in line pieces and well mixed through the sifted Hour, with a little salt added before putting in the water. When roll­ ing the upper crust, spread on a piece o f butter and roll into make it flaky. Use canned peaches for the pie. Sprinkle half a cup of sugar over them and a lit- [ tic flour. Be careful to wet the edge of the lower crust before covering the pie, so the edges will adhere closely together, which will keep the juice in the pie and add much to its richness. Potato Croquettes—Beat the yelks of two eggs and add one teaspoonful of onion juice, one teaspoonful of salt, two tablespoonfuls of cream, one tablespoon- full of chopped parsley, n piece of butter the size of a walnut, a dash of cayenne pepper and two cupfuls of plain mashed potatoes. Heat the mixture thoroughly and when cool form into clylinders. Dip these first into beaten egg, then in bread crumbs and fry in smoking hot fat. See that they are perfectly covered with both egg and bread crumbs, or else the potato wilt escape into the fat and the appearance of the croquettes spoiled. This quantity will make twelve cro­ quettes. Rabbit Stew—Out two young rabbit3 into joints; cut also half a pound of streaked bacon into dice. Fry the ba­ con in a stewpan, then put in the pieces of rabbits; when just browned, add a good spoonful of flour, mix it up welf, and moisten with little over a pint of water; season with salt and pepper. When beginning to boil, skim it all the time, put in some button-onions and a bay-leaf; let it simmer a quarter of an hour. Take out the pieces of rabbit; pile them up in a pyramid upon a dish. Let the\ sauce boil, keeping it stirred until the onions arc tender and the sauce is thick enough to adhere to the spoon- back; then pour it over the rabbit and serve. The juice of one orange may b e added to this dish. Tho ten lines of railroad entering in London, England, send out 2210 subur­ ban trains a day, carrying 400,000,000 passengers a year. It is estimated that California will have 469,000 ton* of wheat for export before next June. For Ci nth' and Throat troubled use BROWN'S EnoNcniAi. THOCHES —\They slopa u at tacit of my aslhtim couch very promptly.\—C Fulc/i, MUimivtlle, Oht>. of The pt-nnvwi'iKlit was the exact weight •he old Hrit'ish siher penny Js vorjn b'ood poor? Take Ececham 'B Pills. Is y\ur liver out of order? LbO Ueecbaui's Pills. &> cents a box. DREAD CERTAINTIES FORETOLD. Wha t Climate, Neulect and Want of tbe PropcrMcdicineW .i l So. There are some things which are as surens fale and can be relied on t o occur to at least one half o f the human family unless means are taken to prevent: First, tb e climate of winter is sure to bring colds, second, colds not promptly cured are sure to cause catarrh; third, Catarrh, improperly treated, is sure to make life snort and miserable. Catarrh spares n o organ or function o f the body. II is capable of destroying sight, taste, smell, hearing, digestion, secretion, assimilation and excretion It pervades every part o f the ntiman body—head.throat, stomach.bowels, bronchial tubes, lungs, liver, kidnevs, blad­ der, and sexual organs. Catarrh is the cause of at least one-half of the ills to which the human family is subject. Is there n o way to escape from il? There is. Pe-ru-na never fails to cure a cold. Pe-ru-na never fails to cure catarrh in the first stage. Pe-ru-na cures catarrh in the second stage in nine cases out of'en . I'e-ru-na cures catarrh in its last and worst stuges in the majority of cases, and never fails to benefit every case, however bad Pe-ru-na also cures La Grippe with unfailing certainty. A book on the cure o f La Grippe and Catarrh in all stanes and varieties sent free to any address by The Peru-na Drug Manufacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio. The first comp ele Indian translation of Pne's poems will bs published in Rome next month. Biware of Ointments for Catarrh Thai CuDtuln Mercury, As mercury will Burely destroy the •sense of smell aud completely derange the wholo sys­ tem when enltriuk' it through tho mucous sur- Such articles should never ho used ex- _ . , . _ _ _.-om claiiB, as tho damago they will ._ the good you can possibly derive from them. COPYRIGHT 1691 Sard to take —the big, old-fashioned pill. It's pretty hard to have to take it, too. You wouldn't, if you realized fully how it shocks and weakens the Bystera. Luckily, you don't have to take it. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are better. They're sensible. They do, mildly and gently, more than the ordinary pill, with all its disturb­ ance. They regulate the liver, stomach and bowels, as well ns thoroughly cleanse them. They're the original Little Liver Pills, purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, the smallest and the easiest to take. One littlo Pellet for a gentle laxa­ tive—three for a cathartic. Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Con­ stipation, Indigestion, Bilious At ­ tacks, and all derangements of the Liver, Stomach and Bowels arc- promptly and permanently cured. They're the cheapest, too, for they're guaranteed to give satisfae tion, or your money is returned You pay only for the good you gel cept on prescriptions from reputable physl- \' d o 1 B ten fold to the good you can possibly derive from them. HtilPa Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F.J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.,contalns no mercury, and is taken lntcrually, and acts directly upua the blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying- flall 'B Catarrh Curo be sure you get the genuine. It is taken internally, and mad« in Toledo, Ohio, by F J Cheney & Co. Ejy Sold by Druggists, price 75c. per bottle. Yellowstoue National pnrk in Northwest­ ern Wyoming comprises 3,000 square miles. FITS stopped fteo by DR . KLUTE'S GREAT NERVE RESTORER. NO Fits after first day's nse. Marvelous cures. Treatise and i2 trial bottle free. Dr. Kline. Oft Arch S U Phil*,, Pa, Under the rose—The Thorn.—Puck. neticinup w. H . DRUE N & co.,tj. s. rtludlUIf O 1'enalon Claim Attorneys. Philadelphia and Chicago. 20 years' practice, soldiers, Sailors, Widows and Minors entitled. Desertion Keinovea. Largest business In Penna. or N. J Advice Free. Call or write is. No fees in advance, riillaaelptala or- uce«, corner Seventh and Sansom Streets. ASTHMA We Want Name and \ AddrtM of Every A8THMATIO CURED TO STAY CURED. \ auff ALO T W. Y. c ETC., qalcU? ODUlacd. *»At v Mnar** anlm allowed. w'£lb-.pX PENSIONS A Veteran ol the Mexican War. Samuel L. McFadin, whose portrait appears above, is a prominei t citizen of Lonansport, Ind , and one of but seven­ teen surviving veterans of a company of ninety two youct; men who left that city forty-five years ago for the seat of War in Mexico. He now holds the position of Marshal of National Association, and although well advanced in years is still hearty and hale. In writing of his health he snys. I hid been troubled for a long time with Rheumatism,Kidney ond Xiver Complaint and could hardly get around. Suffered great pain night and day. After trying many dillereut kinds of medicines and lindiug no relief, at lost through the advice of a friend I purchased Dr Kilmer's Swamp Hoot from one of our leading Druggists, B. F. Kesling, nnd must say it has helped mo wonderfully, as I now walk without pain. It is the only medicine that has done me any cood, aod has been a great ben­ efit in invigorating and building up my system, greatly assisting the liver, kid­ neys nnd digestive organs. This is the lirst recommendation I have ever given a medicine and it affords me pleasure to call the attention of the public to the merits of this wonderful specific. Those who try Swamp-Hoot have generally first employed the family physician, or used all the prescriptions withiu their reach without benefit. As a last resort, when their ense has become chronic, the symp­ toms complicated and their constitution run down, then they take this remedy, and it is just such cases nnd cures that huve made Swamp-Root famous and given it a world-wide reputation. Mountain*. It restores tho venti their RllmroU an<l It miikM them »tn* even Mailed for I5t 3 \old by »l ftores. Bird liook free 400 North Third Street. S?nd ftl .0 for ft free mimr-lo maKcacanarlcS OI It] ol tho Harts © 111 tongofCapo nirdi,l>re keep\ them In pood health ffhtle shedding featheri. drueplst.. RTooerl third •rilKBlnDFOODCO PiltLinri.rlltji. 1 '4. f of FKO-fr.rixn s Hone scrips B£«JOYS Both the method and results when' Syrup of Pigs ia taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts f ently yet promptly on the Kidneys, liver nnd Bowels, cleanses the sys­ tem effectually, dispels colds, head­ aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind over pro­ duced, pleasing to the taste and ac­ ceptable to the stomach, prompt irt its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many escellent qualities com­ mend it to all and have made i t the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and 81 bottles by all leading drug­ gists. An y reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro­ cure It promptly for any one who> wishe8 to try i t Do not accept- any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRAtlOISCO. 0AL. U3VI8VIU£. K/. HEW tORK. M.T. andCallUruwder, the Isitln the world, with frea book, GOLD MEDAL , PARIS, 187a W. BAKER & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from ^\ hlcli tho cxcens of oil- Imtt bi'ci) removed, Is absolutely pure and it is soluble. 2Vo Chemicals are used In Its prcparotiuo. It bae more than three timet the strength of Cocoa mixed \witl* Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, nud 1 B therefore fnr more eco­ nomical, costing than one cent a ci'p It iBdrlit ious, nour- ]fib)ng, Ptrcugtluniui;, EASILY DIGESTED , and admirably adapted for invalid* BS well as fur persons in health Sold by Croccra everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. EIPANS TABULESregnla^f JO stomach, liver and DOWCIILX f iurlfy the blood, aro safe, and ef-X ectnal. The best general foxnl2y{ medicine known for Biliousness,^ Constipation, Dyspepsia, Foul* Breath, Headache, He4rtborn. Lorn • Appetite, Mental Depression,* Painful Digestion, Pimples, Sallow* Complexion, Tired Feeling, and • mpl , { every symptom or diao&so resulting from Impure 1 4 hloofl, or a failure by the stomach, liver .or intestine* Jto porform their proper functions rersons Xover -tatlnffarobeoontedbytakinKaTAlUlLEftftea', J each meal Price, by mall. 1 jrrow 181 1 bottle lBe. JkO< 1 drew THE RIPANS CITE5IICAL CO ,10SpruceSkJOT. t AJECBU Wanted! KI011TY per cent profit.^ V rPlSO'S CUR E FOR Consumptive* and peoplo who bftvo weak lungi or Asth­ ma, Bbonld usa PIBO'S Cure for Consumption. It has cored thousands. It has not Injur* od one. It Is not bad to take, ltlstbo boat cough syrup. Bold everrwbere. S5c. 1 <* CONSUMPTION' S m. =o FUhUY WARRANTED'— 5T ON S CALES $60F BEI6HT B UP A ^ONES°fBlNGHAMTON,Ny. ITiU ffDljbp& J ,Mfe FREE uer ytar Dr ',, ,„,... 1 Morphine Unblt Cnrr-d InMc to 2 0 CIIIVR. No liar till cured. -•' DR. J. STEPHENS. Lebanon.Otai*. . PIANOS-EASY TERMS. However far away you live you can get a piano for a small sum down, balance in still smaller monthly payments. We. send it on approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, railway- freights both ways at our expense. Methods fair and easy t o understand. We take all the risks. Write us. Masonic Temple, 183 Tremont St., Uoston. Ivers & Pond Piano Co., I Catarrh and Cold in the Head, Deafness, \ Sore Nose, &c., Cured by \Hall's Erie Ca­ tarrh Remedy.\ CO cents at druggists or mailed on receipt of price. Pleasant, Harmless, Convenient. Bend for Free Sample. Address E. P. HALL, Erie, Pa. Always specify \Eric.\ Take no other. HALL 'S ERIE. THE OMatNAI. AMD ONLY GENUINE. J»on I lively Cured with Vegetable KemeJIes lUrocQrwl thooiaodsof c**es. Oura patients Dfo­ ri on nood hopeless br b« t pbrniclana. From flrjt dou •ymptotos rapldljf diiappaar; in 10 days two tblrda of all symptoms remoTsd. Nend for Ire© book of tMtlnmaiala of tnlraoalous cares. 10 days' treatment freebr aisd. If ytiti ordsr tri»l, Brnd fw age. irsoaious curt*, iu un/» ircniucHt • • *-« If ymi ordsr trial, srnd fin. la »tamp* to pay po»t- UK. II. U. uiUUiN <fc tSOHB t Atlanta, Qa. GRATEFUL—COMFORTING. BREAKFAST. \ Br a thorough knowledge* of tbe natural laws which govern tbo operation!) of digestion aud uutrl- iou, and by a careful application of tho flno proper­ ties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr. Kppa has provided •ur breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured bev- irago vflt'cu may nave ua many heavy doctors' bills, (t is by the Judicious use of mtcb articles of diet hut a constitution may be gradually built up until trong enough to res!tit every tendency to disease. Iundreds of subtle maladies are floating around us eady to attack wherever there la a weak point. -Ve may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping our* elves well fortified with pure blood and a properly itfUrlsbcd frame.\— Civil Service Oatette. .Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold >nly in half-pound tins by Grocers, labelled thus: JAMES EI*PS & CO., Horaceopathlo ChemUti, LOSDOX. EHQiaND. H nUC 8TUD Y,DOOK-KKTOO , JErutffMSj Tonm UmC Ptnmaruhip, ArUfuruUia, S\orWui*d, THoaocaHLTTACciirrBYMAII.. Circular*tras lirTsmt 'a Cell ego. 40 7 Main SC. Buffalo, N. X a A«tUKil t DR. TATT1 A*VMX*XXK% Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Is a Harmlesi. Poiitlve Cur* frr Hit wont form of Female Complaints, Ovsns. trouble*, Inflammation and Ulceration. FaJH&jr Displacements, Spinal Weaknen and Leucorrhcc*. It wilt dittolve and expel tumors from the 'uUi — in an early stage of development, and check* tk» tendency to cancerous humors. It removes faintness, flatulency, weskneu of Om stomach, cures Bloatinp, Headache, Nervosa Fri*. mtlon;GeneralDebility,Slttslessncss, Pi Mi •• 1st) and Indigestion, also that feellnf of pcaring rtiis^. cauilnr pain, weight, and backach*. For kidney Complaints of tlthtr •ound Is lussurpasaed. All slraifUti jeedence holy oivmd. Addrjys In *^ J.TPU at WTIIs UMO. 00, LI Oil* •U. .in. i

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