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REV, DR. TALMAGE'S SERMON, TEE OLOBIOTTS 1CAEOH.' TO ZION The Sunday Sermon as Delivere d bj •tho Eminent Brookly n Divine. I TEXT- \Fair as the moon, clear as tht sun and terrible as an army with ban­ ners.\ —Solomon's Song vi., 10. Tho fragrance o£ spikenard, the flash of jewels, the fruitfulness of orchards, tho iaxurianco of gardens, the beauty of Hosh- bonflsk pools, tho dew of the night and tho splendor of the morning—all contribute to the richness of Solomon's stylo when ho comes to speak of tho glory of tho church. In contrast with his eulogium of the church, look at tho denunciatory things that aro said in our day in regard to it. I f ono stock­ holder becomes a cheat, docs that destroy tho wholoconipauy? If one soldier be acoward, does that condemn tho whole army? And yet there aro many in this day so unphiluso- phio, so illogical, so dishonest and so uiiiuir as t o denounce thu entire church of d o I be­ cause thero are hero and there bad men bo- longing to it. Thera ore those who sny that the church of God is not up to the spirit of tho day in which wo 1 ve, out I have to toll you that, notwithstanding all the swift wheels and thu flying shuttles and tho lightning communi­ cations, tho world has nover yet been ntilo to keep up with thu church. A s high as God isabovomnu, sohi^histne church of bod —higher than all human institutions. From her lamp the best discovvrio-; of the world have been HghteJ The best of our inventors have believed in tho Christian religion—the Fultous, tho Morses, tho H lutuoys, tho Porrys and tho Livingstones. She has owned the best of the telescupoi and Layden jars, and whilo infidelity nuJ atheism liavo gono blindlolded among the most startling dis­ coveries that were about to bedevoloped the earth, and the air, and the sea have male quick and niaguilic'nt responses to Christaiu philosophers. Tho world v. ill not bo up to tho Church of Christ until the uny when all merchan­ dise has becomo honest merchandise, and all governments have become lreo governments, and till nations evangelized ziatiou^, and tho last dent ear of spiritnal death slmh be broken open by thu iu.)!i<>u voiced shout ol nations burn m n day. The church that Neburliailiu'z^ ir tri •(! lo burn in the lurnacc, an I Dar.us to tear to piece-, with tho lion*, and Lord Clavcrhousu to cut \with the suord, lias gone on, wndiug the flco-Js and enduring the liiv. until the. deep­ est barbarism, and tlio llcrcest cruelties, and tho bluekesi superstitious have been compelled to look to the east, crying, 4 'W bo is she that louketli lorth as tho morning, lair as tho uioun. (.l >-:ir as the sun and terri­ ble as an army with banners''\ Yet thero are people wno urj ashamed to belong to thu cuurcii of Uhrist, and if you ask them whetuer they arj in sucu as 5 o -in- tions they say, ' Yes. 1 sometimes atten 1 thochureo,\ lnsteet oi realizing tho luet that there is no honor compare 1 with tlu honor of being a uie.nb.ir of the church <»f God. I look back with joy to tho most honored moment ut my lift, when in thuol 1 country meeting huus-j i.io minister o Christ anuouu-vd my namu as a tollowor uf tho Lord. You wno are floating about in the world, •seeking for better association^, way do you not join yourselt to some t.f tuo churches.' i An old sea captain was riding in tho ciis 'toward l J liila lelplici, an 1 a young man sat I down besidu hi.n He laid, * Young man, ! whero are. you going ' 'I am going to I'mln- ' dcJphia to live,'' replieJ tho young man. ' '•Havo you letters oi lu.roduetion''' asku t | tho old captain. \Yes send tue young man, : and he pullol so :i oi thorn out. \v\eli ! -said ths wld sea i iptam, \.laven't you a , •churcn certificate'-' *'Uh, yes,\ replied tin* . t youug man, \I «lidn't supposo you would ' xo'ont to look at tfiat *' ' \e>,\ said the sea i captain, \I want to see that. As soon as you get to I'hiladcJphi i pn-eut it to some. Chris­ tian church 1 am an old sn'or, an 1 1 Irtvo 1 been up and dowu m tho world, an 1 it's my rule as soon os 1 get into port to fasten my i 6hip lore and utt to thu wharf, tilth »ugli it oiay cost a little u uarfage, rather than nave 1 my shipout in the s ream Uoatiug hither and ! thither with tho tuL- ' ' Ob, men and womer, by tho tides of fnv- | outy and worldliness swept this way an 1 swept that \vu\, seeking lor associationsiiiu' j for satisfaction si or the tm aortal soul, co n.' f into the church ot Jesus ihrist Lash fust i to her. Shu is the pillar and the ground of truth. 1 propose to speak of tho thro -told | glory of tho churcu as it is described in thu test. I First—\Fair as tho moon \ Go 1, who has determined that everything snail bo beautiful in its season, has not loft the night i •without charm, i'ho moon rules th'i night, i The stars are only set as gems lu her tiara. | SSonietimes, before tho sun las gone down, i the moon mounts her throne, but it is aftei , nightfall thut she swaj s lur tin nspute.l 1 scoptre over island iin.l contuieut. river an I j sea. Under her shining tiio plainest maple leaves becomo shivering silver, tho lane! i from shoro to shore looi; liko sliming mir­ rors, and tho ocean, uuder her clnnre, v. itb great tides com up panting upon th-j b -a-.-h, minglinc, ns it \\ei\, foam and fire i Under «itch ry of tho moon tho awfu steeps lose their rugge mess and the cliasm- , their terror Tho poor man bltsses God lor , •throwing so cheap a light through tho broken window pano of his cabin, and to the sic; it seems liko u light from the other shore thai bounds this great deep of huniun pam auc woe. If the suu bo liko a song, lull and loud and poured lorth from brazou instrument! that 1111 heaven and earth with harmony tae mo.ui is ptuimiv • an 1 sad. stamliu^ lie- neatti the. thr m • of Go 1, sending up her so t, -swoet voice of praise, vvuiiu tho stars listen and the sea! No mother over more lovingly watche 1 a sick cradlo than this pale watcaer of the sky bends over ttv* weary, ho irtsio-c, slumbering earth, singing to it a silvery music, whilo it is roe,;e.l in the era lie of the spheres. Now, says my text, \Who is sh?, fair as the moon?' Our answer is tho churcu. Like the moon, she is a borrowed light. S'io gathers up the glory of a Saviour's stiff *r- ings, a Saviour's death, a Saviour's resurrec­ tion, a Saviour's asceusion, and pours that light on palace and duugeou, on squalid heathenism and elaborato skepticism, on widow's tears and martyr's rorro of flame, on weeping penitence an 1 loud moutao I scorn, i Sbo Is tho only institution to-day that gives any light to our world. Into her por­ tals the poor co no and get toe sympathy of a once pillowless Chript, th »5 bereaved como and see tho bo tlo in which God saves all our tears, and tho captives come, an i on the sharp corners of hor altars dash oft their chains, and tbi thirsty COJIO in d put their cup under tb » \Rock o ' Ages,\ whica pours forth ironi its smitten side living water, sparkling water, crystalline water from under tha throne of God and the Lamb. Blessed tho bell that calls her worshipers to prayer. Blessed the water in which hor members aro baptizxl. rJlessoi bo tne wine that glows in her sncramental cups. Blessed the songs on which her devotions travel up and the angels of Go 1 travel down. As t_o moon goe3 through the midst of tho roaring storm clou Is unflushod and un­ harmed, and comes out calm anJ beautiful sn tho other side, so tho church of Go l has gono through all tho storms of this world's persecution and como out uninjured, no worse for tho fact that Robespierre cursed It, and Voltairo caricatured it, and Tom Paine sneered at it, and all tho forces of larkness havo bombarded it. No t like some saletul comet shooting across the sky, tcattoring terror and dis nay among tne nations, but abovo thi long iiowlmg nigat 3f the world's wretchedness the Christian church has mado her mild way, \Fair as the moon.'' I take a stop further in m y subject— \Clear as tin sun.\ After a season of storm Br fog, how you are thrillei whin the sun comes out at DOondayl Tho mists travel up aiil above hill, mountain above, mountain, antil they aro sky lost. The forests are fud of chirp and bu u and song; honey makers an tho long, bird's beak pounding the bark, tho chatter ot tho squirrel on tho rail, the call of a hawk out of a clear sky makes you thankful for tho sunshino which makos all tho world so busy and so glad. The same ran which in the morning kindled confla­ grations among tho castles of cloud scoop! down to paint the lily white and the butter- cupyollowand theforgotmenot blue. What can resist the sun? Light for voy­ ager on tho deep, light for sheoberds euard- tog tha flocks ntleld, light for tao poor tvhc havo no lamps t o burn, light for the down east and tho weary, light for nchin r eyei and burning brain uud consuming captive, light for the smooth brow of childhood and the dim vision o f the octogenarian, light tor tho queen's coronot and sowing girl's needle. •.'Let there be light.\ . Now, says m y toit^ \Who « she that (ooteth forth clear as tho sunf\ Our answer Is, the church. Ton have boon going along a road before daybreak, and on one side you thought you saw a Hon, and on the other side you thought you saw a goblin of the darkness, but when the sua came out you found these wore harmless apparitions. And it is tho great mission of the church of Jesus Christ to como forth \cloar as the sun.\ to illumine all earthly darkness, t o ex­ plain, as far as possible, all mystery, and to mako tho world radiant in its brightness: and that which you thought was an aroused Hon is found out to be a slumbering lamb, and the sepulchral gates of yo ur dead turn out to be the opening gates of heavon; and that which you supposol was a flaming sword to keep you out of paradise is an angel ot light to beckon you in. The lamps on hor altars will cast their glow on your darkest pathway and cheer yon until, far beyond the need of lantern or lighthouse, you aro safoly anchored within the veil. Oh, sun of tho church, shiuo on until tboro is no sorrow to soothe, no tears to wipe away, no shacklos to break, no more souls to be redeemed I Ton thousand hands of sin have atteinptod to extinguish the iamps on her altirs, but thoy aro quenchless-, and to silenco her pulpits, but tne thunder would loap and the lightning would flame. Th? church of (Jo 1 will yet come to full meridian, an 1 in that day all tho mountain! ot the world will bo sacred mountains, touched with the glory of Calvary, and all streams will flow by tho mount oi God liko cool Siloam, and all lakes bo radiant with Gospel memories liko Gennesaret, and all isl­ ands of tho sea bo crowned with apocalyptic vision like l'utnios, and all cities bo sacred as Jerusalem, and all eardeus luxurious ai jiuruoise, with Uod walking in tho cool of tho day. Then tho chorals of irrace will drown out all tho anthouis of earth. Then the throuo of Christ will overtop all carthlv authority. 1 hen tho crown ot Jesus will outflamoall other coronets. Sin destroyed Dentil dead. Hell defeated. Tho church triumphant. Al l tho darknesses of sin, all the darknesses of trouble, all tho darknesses ot earthly mystory hieing thomsalves to thou-dens. \Cloar as the sunj Clear as the sun \' Further, \Terriblo as an army witli bnn- ners.\ Tako ono moro stop in this subject mil say that if you were placod for the de­ fense of a fe -bio town, and a great ar ny were seen coming over tho hills with Hying ensigns, then you would bo ablo to got somo i. lea of the terror that willstriko tho hearts of tho enemies of God whou tho church at last marches on like \an army with ban­ ners.\ You know ih?ro is nothing that excites soldiers' outuusiasm so much as an old ilacr. Jinny a man almost dead, catchm; a glimpse oi the national ensign, has sprung to his feet and Marled ijii m in,o tho battle. Now. m y fiieiil-, J don 't want you to think of tho c 'mivli of Jesus Christ as a defeated institu­ tion, as thu victim of inti l.-l sarcism—some­ tim e to be ki.-ked an 1 cuff -d and trampled on 'hrough nil the tij;es ot the world It is \an\ army with bauner-.\ It has an in­ scription and colors such as never stirred thu hearts of an earthly soldiery. U e have our banner of recruit, and on it is inscribed, \Who is on tho Lord's side';\ Our banner of delimit-?, and on it is in­ scribed, ' i'ho gates ol I IH II sb ill not prevail against us\' Our banner ot triumph, and on it is itucrib.'J. \Victory through our Lord Jesu-Christ\' tini wo moan to plant that b'liiner on every hilltop an l wave it at the gate o. heaven. With Christ to load us wo neod not fear. 1 will not uii'lerrato th-> c .jmy. Thoy are a tremeudou host 1'hey como on with acutest strut -gy The.r iviviuns by all the inhab­ itants of daritness havo been forged in lur- unces of ewrkisting tire. \Vo contontl not n lth llesh and bn> > 1, but with principalities an 1 powers ti-i 1 spiritual wickedness m high plac--, but if God bu for us who ciin bo iua :i-t u-'- Come on, y e troops of tho Lord! l-*a i i ito H IT' Clo-e up tho ranks' On, through burning sands and over irozeu -iiountam lop,, until tho wholo earth s Ur . n-n lei-s to <I ' lie made it. He re.ieeuiol d; l-ic shall have it They shall not bo ra up) 1 with hoot\ they shall not bo 'u: with sabjrs, they shall not no ciushu 1 ,vith wh.-.-K thoy shall not bo cloven with iat:le uf- but tne marching, an I thu onset, in. I the victory will be none tho loss docisivo tor that \\ it'i Christ to load us and heavon to look lowu u, tm u«, and angels to cirird us, and aini'tjr spirits to bend from their throne\ ind the voice of d o I to bid us forward into he co nbii , our enemies shall fly like chalf HI the whirlwind, and all tho towers of lu.uen ring because thi day is ours. I di­ vide tins ,-tniij- with banners into two wings —thu Aiii'-ricau wing uud the Kuro ,ieuu ivmg f he \iuei-icau wi -ig will march on icro-s ft u wilds of thu west, over thu table­ land-, mi I c >me to thi ocean, no more itoppon by the i'acillc than the Israelites .vere stop ,ie 1 ny thu Red sua, marching on mill th»» remaining walls ot China will fall aetore this a. ny with bauuers, an 1 cold .-Si­ beria will bu turne t to the warm heart of Christ, an 1 over lofty Himalayan peaks ihall g o this army wita banners until it halts at Palestine. Die 1-uropean wing will march out to neet it, and Spanish superstition slvill bj ivt-rcome, an i l-Yone'i mll-lelity shall be jomiue ••••), and over tho Alps, with more .ban Hannibal's courage, shall march that irmy w itii banner-, and up tiliough the mows of Russia, Vus -ter in multitude tliari .ho hosts that lollowed Napo eon into tho Miiilict An I Huugary and I'omnd, by thu jloo 1 of their patriots an 1 by the nlood of Jhris', shah at ast be free. An 1 crossing nto Aslu the law snail again be proc aimed >n .-nun a n 1 Christ in tho per -on oi His ninistei-s will ag -im preach on Olivet and irav in Gethsemaiiu and exhibit His love on aivary And then the army will halt in 'rout ot the other wing, the twain having louquered ail the earth tor God 1 \\ hen the Prussian army came back rrom I .1 oir war they werj received in l^tili at tho ;a -es Of Ber.in, an 1 a choir stood auove tho ] :ates, und as the first regiment ndvan.-ed in I cau .e to the gates tho choir, in music, I isked them whi t rigat they bad to enter I ..ier -. An 1 th n tuo llrst regiment, in song, i -epli\d telling over the stories ol! their con 1 cts aul victories. Tnen they marched in, in i a'l th? citv was lull of gladness nn.i I .rui'iiph. But oh! the great joy when the I irmy with banners shall come up to the J ;UT-- ni our King' I It wi .l be cno.r tp choir, music to music, i bo-anui to hosanna,halleluiah to halleluiah. Lilt up vour ueaiis, yo evermsting gates, and let iiie .ii come in. There will bo spread the uanquet of eternal victory, and the un­ laden ones of heaven will sit at it, and all the ransome 1 of earth will come m and co;o- brate the juoilo; with unfading gar.ands on the..- brows telling ot earthly conquests. All thu walls ot that celestial mausioi will be u-glitter with shields won in victonou' bittle ana adorne i with tho banners of God that were carried in front of the host. Harp shall tell to harp the heroism in which th« conquerors v. on their palm, and the churcu that uiy will sit quicu at the banquet, rler uaeaer'.ngs over, her victories gained, Curist shall rise UD to introduce her to a,l the nations o; heaven, and as she pulls aside hfr veil ami looks up iuto the lace of hei Lord Hie K-ng, christ'shnll exclaim, \This h fhe that lookath 1 Drth as the mornine, tair ns tho moon, clear as the sun and terrible as an army with banners I\ D, C Brundage Destruction of Hlrds. 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THE GURNEY PATENT REFRIGERATOR, No. 3. Front iecUonil rtew ibowlog position oCrraonblo gnlTiniitd les oompwtmeot, miner*! wool picking, «te. Till OKLT CLKmnLE RIFRinEnATOB. Tlu great*! ttomomj of Ira. The lowcit Bfirmg* Umptr»Ur«, '/jour de&Ier doei not iell tho \ Oarnojr,\ uai tot Caulogoo ud Prlecj. •URNEY REFRIGERATOR CO,, Fond du Uc, Wis. BICYCLES OLDEST AND LARGEST MAKERS IN THE WORLD. ESTABLISHED 32 YEARS. IF YOU WANT EASE, COMFORT, RELIABILITY, SPEED,STYLE, QUALITY, AND THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, SEND TO VS. • PRODUCT i08,00 0 BICYCLES TTE GUARANTEE OUR MACHINES SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS AND WARRANT EVERY ONE TO BE PERFECT. COVENTRY MACHINISTS COMPANY, LTD. CHICAGO, BOSTON, SAN FRANCISCO. SEND FOR OATAtOGUK. THE MILD POWER CUBES. HUMPHREYS' I>r. Humphreys* Specific** nre scl< ntlfl- cany ami enrutully piepored 1 ri>cRimo .s8 umti for miiny years in private prr.ctu.-e wltu suc( PWJ, and for over Uilrtv jcara vnti hy Uie ]>e» pie. Every oluglo sj>eci-c is a ei-cctal cur»i ror tuo dLsea.se rmmol. Those SiKsclflca curt* >vUbout dnif^lrp, purclnc or rt>duclDK the system, mid ore in loct mm ilec-il tho Sovcrclffn Xlcinedles of tho Worlil. Z2ST OF rCJSCrPAL K03. CCHiy.' PLUCE3. 1 BFovcV8,Conse3tIsn.lnflnmmatl0K*. Worms, WormFover, Worm CoIIc....*2.'S Crrlntr Colic,orTcetblngof Infants.*?5 nlarrhon.oC Children or Adults Ilyecntcry* Orlplng, BlIIousCollc. \holgra luo * BOSTON *. - CHEST W E,CHT FOR YOUR HOME. orJuifl, vomiting VUUUUNI ^ulU, Urouchlti^. zi.t NournlKla, Tootbaclie,Faceacl:o ncadnclioflf Slckllemlacho, Vertlso.a5 ItyepopBln* llllmus Stomnch . »1!.\S .Siipbresflcd or Painful Xcrlo , (lM ..*-i\5 W hitCfl, too Protmo Periods, . ... ,*J.*S Crpuii. Cough, Dlfflctilt Breathing .%!.\S ^^ D rjalt Jriicuin* Unsylpelas, Eruptions.,ti5 10K Rhrnt mtlniru lUiettmntlc Va\m •20 •Jl • »*~> m an m an ill FovornitU Asnc, China,muiona.. 1*11 OP. liUnd or Jjloediug Ophlhalmy. or Sore, or Weak Eye**, Catarrh, Imluenzo.CoU in tbolletul, WhooplDff (Jonirht Violent Coughs., Afttbnia, Oppreufced Breathing . Ear DiRcuararesf Impaired Hearing , Scrofula, Enlarged Glands. Swelling IJenernl lichllHvJ'hyalcanvcoknc^ UropMy, and Scanty Secretions. Soa Sickiicsg, Sickness from Hiding Kidney l >ispn.flo Nervous I>cbllity Seminal Wealc- no&B, or Involuntary LLscharccs. 1 Soro Month, Canker IJrlnnry Woo kness,Wetting ^od. I'alnfur Periods, with Spasm . IHnnnspsof tholJcart,Pali>ltatlonI Kplleysy, Spasm, St. Vitus' Dancn 1 iMphtlierla, Ulcerated Soro Throat. Chronic CopgCHtlonB&Eruptlonfl 5(» .TO SO sv :Sii 3D 00 ,n» .50 Sold by I >ragal5t3, or Bont postpaid on receipt ot price—Ur. tluuiptireyn' Alnnnnl (141 panes), richly Iwimd In Cloth mid Gndl mnlled free. IlUMlMinUVS' MF.niC'lM5 CO.. Cor. M'llllnnt anil John Slrcetn, iVcw York. HUMPHREYS 1 WITCH HAZEL OIL THE PILE OINTMENT. For PII/ES-Ext-rnn l or Internal-mind or BIcpcIInB— Ilowevrr invetcrnte or Loner Standing. The Best and Safest Remedy known, •ilwavfl frlvln? natlflfnctlon and prompt relief. It 1* also tho euro ror Fissui CB, Flitulas, Ulcers. Old Sorei nnd Hurnti. Sold by l)ruKRl*H, or sfnt nnnNpald on receipt of price. 00 cent» per Dottle. HUMPHREYS' MEDICINE COMPANY, Cor. William and John StrieU, New Tork, Bud Sump tot IllaitnUA Prtet Lht The Schumacher Gymnasium Co. S ;

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