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m* «ff yymrif n 111 11 •SXTTn -'n-tt'J'I .'Ti\ l f| y * \'\M}INI\1.'*AI*W™ THE NEWS GATHERER. M. Allen Eddy - - Edilor. Published at Macedon, N. Y.. EVntY SAT(7R DAY. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. These rates include postage to any part of the United States or Canada, ljyear (if puiil in advance) SI. 00 1 year (if not paid in advance) 1.25 Entered in the Post Office at Macedon as sec- nd class mail matter Saturday, Jan. 21, 1893. Clubbing Rates We will send the NEWS GATHERER and any of the below publications for one year, both for the price named after- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, $2.00 Demorest's Magazine, 2.55 New York World, 1.85 New York Tribune. 1 85 OF LOCAL INTEREST. RAILROAD TIME TABLES INTRAL NEWYOBK - & - HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. Great Pour-Track Trunk Line Selected by the Governmont, in connection with tho Lako Shoro & Michigan Southern R'y, as tho \ ROUTE OF THE FAST MAIL.\ WKh the Lake Shore it also forms tho route of the Famou« Wagner Vestibule \ New York & Chicago Limited.\ In oonnectton witn tho Lako Shoro and \Bi g Four/ rt constitutes the route of tho \ Southwestern Limited \ CINCINNATI, INDIANAPOLIS AND ST. LOUIS. It is also tho DIRECT LINE TO NIAGARA FALLS, And with the Michigan Central R.R. forms \The Niagara Falls Route\ BETWEEN THE EAST AND THE WEST. All Ttalns arrive at and depart from GRAND CENTRAL STATION, Fourth Ave, and Forty-second St. New York, Largest and Ftneft Passenger Station In America, and tho only one in the city of New York Tains li'dVt* Mucedoti usl«»ll\W» GOING EAST 9 15 a. in No, 3 -1, Accommodation 9,15 a in No. CO. Local Freight. 12 29 p . in No .')(!, Acco'tion. 3 32 p. m No 3d Acco'tion. 5 31 p in *.\o 38 Western Express. 7 45 p. ni. No 2i; Ly ons Acco'tion GOING WEST 7 45 a m Buffalo Aooom'tion. 9 47 a. m * No 27 Ac-c-om'tion 12 41 p ni act om tion 2 15 p in. No 67 Local Freight. 4 05 p m No 21 Day Express. 7,27 p in. No .'ill Hoc hester Ac n 11 05 p in 'Nil 37 Rut hestor Ae 'n •Huns Sunday s. EDSON .1 WEEKS, (Jen 1 Agt. 1 Exchange >t. Buffalo. N Y J M TOUCEY, (,K(), II DANIKLS Gen'l Supt (i 1' A Grand Central Station N Y WESTSHORE R. R. (N. V. C. \ II. R R. R Lc -sccs) TKAINS MOVING WEST 7 13 a m RufT.-iln Act oinmodation b U5 a, ni Lot .il Fr t, \ la Gen Jun 8 55 p m Buffalo Accommodation TKAINS Ml iVING FAST 7 39 a. in W S Express 3.05 p ni Win Fi t t o Newark (5 14 p ni Newark Aci oinmodation (' F. Lambert, G. P A WAYNE POUT. TRAINS MOVING W EST 7 IS. a m Buffalo Accommodation 8 12 a m Way I- r t xia Gen Jet. 4 ,0U p m Buffalo Aceoniinoilation TRAINS MOVING FAST 7 33 a. in W S Express 2 40 p m Way Fr t t o Ni wark (> on p in Newark Accomodation B, D. Ingorsol was homo from Batavia, over Sunday. Hear Rev. Matt Gaffney, Friday evening, February 3rd. Mrs. David Courter is slowly re­ gaining lier usual health. The tax list is in the hands of the collector, T. II. Carpenter. Mrs. J. I). Breese returned home on Sunday last, from Batavia. ('aiiandaigua went Democratic last week for the lirst tune in years. Geo. M. Elton, the photographer, lias returned to Palmyra from W ushingtoii Assembly man Hough is a mem­ ber of but one lcgislatnc commit­ tee— Educ ation. Mrs Storms of Orleans county, is Minting her .sitter. Mrs. M. F. I 'icri e, in this place Mrs. George Buughton went to BatiiMii last wci k, to visit Mrs Lee Brcese, for seveial days. Fred Tyler of Rochester, spent last Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mis. ,l\ M. Tyler. Miss Eta Farnngton returned on Monday, from week's \isit with I her sistcis in Rochester. Oyster crackers at Eddy's. C, II. Eddy of Oswego, was in town last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Phelps visited their aunt, Mrs. Forbes of Victor, tho first of tho week. Tho B. F. S. Club will give a dancing party in Eddy & Johnston's hall, Wednesday evening. Jan. 25. A party of friends gave a very Mrs J. Wonlcti is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Dunshie of Perry. Lincoln. Rochester Business University M. F. Pierce has moved his busi­ ness into the store next to Woods & Son's. Mrs. J. A Wilson returned home j last Saturday, after a week's ab- ' sence. pleasant surprise and birth-day | The supervisors meet again the party, to Miss Edna Barunen on third Tuesday in March, to elect a Thursday evening, Jan. 19th. A chairman and clerk. .... r ... , , , Farmers in this vicinity are dis- ! 1 „ \ .'\-.^ U '!! nS I posing of their potatoes at seventy- five cents a bushel—a very good price. delightful evening was spent, in the playing of games and other amuse­ ments. Miss Edna also received a number of handsome presents. The marriage of Clarenee'Sweozey and Miss Jennie Dean both of Mari­ on, took place on Tuesday, Jan. ] 7. A large number of guests were pres­ ent at the wedding. Mrs Sabin, widow of the The deceased was mother of Mrs Amos Woodanis of Ontiano. Mrs Purdy of \\ est Branch, Onei­ da county is spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. An­ sel Con\erse of Palmyra. Mrs. I'mdy spout a few days tins week with her brother, A. A. Converse ill t his plat e. Jared S. Lapham, formerly of of Fannington, died at his home in NortliMlie, Mieli , Jan lOtli, at the agi of 0? years, lie ino\ed there in 18-1-1, and has been a proni- j inent iitizin of that Mcinity. He was a (oiiMiiof J. S Raiusdell and hud itian\ relatives in Wayne, Mon- Ont.inu counties in tin Sabin, widow of the l\te-L om|(y w u , joul tQ n)(]|( t 1{oL , iestei . Henry Sabin of Ontario, died at her home Jan. loth 1893 The funeral was held on Thursday, Jan. 12th Geo. Winegard, who has been con­ fined to the house for the past week, is able to bo about. Miss Enid Morris is reported seriously ill. Oscar Smith expects to start soon for Tennessee, where he will travel for a nursery firm in Rochester. The committee of the Epworth League will meet with Mrs. J R. Pea­ cock Wednesday evening, to select topics and leaders for their prayer meetings. We hope much good will be accomplished by these meetings. R. D Waterman and family spent Sunday with Mr Waterman's mother, at Rochester Miss Kittie Burr of Williamson, visited her brother, Rev II C. Burr, in the past week. Freddie Bensnyder, aged 19, died of consumption, at the home of his fa'her, on Monday, Jan, 9th. The luneral was held the following Thurs­ day at the Tract church, interment at Smith cemetery The friends of Miss Mabel Peacock, \ isiteil her quite unexpectedly last A few nights ago someone killed j Friday evening, much to tho enjoy two sheep belonging to John A., incut of all Miss Peacock will ,I ones, that he was wintering at the [shortly go toGeneseo to attend Nor I larnet Co\ ill place They evident- \ »«d *' bool in that place Palmyra will be sued by a woman who fell upon one of the slippery sidewalks in that village and broke her leg Mrs Lida Smith, of Chautauipia county, has been spending the week with her sister, Mrs Cassie Gilhs and family. The District Attorney of Monroe to raise the dealers for conspiring price of coal. The I!e\. Mr. Ruy lias rented a house and lot m Mai ion and will rcmo\e there shortly. The Presby­ terian cliun h is to be congratulated in their choice of pastor. Dr. frar?^ fiiplevj, Macedon, N. Y. Ofi'n e hours, s to 0 \ M . 2 to -1 and 7 to '.i l'. M. Suii'lav-, * to 10 A. M . and 7 to 'J r. si. Dr. ]Y[organ L flulrfH, DENTIST Eddy it Johnston Building, Mac­ edon, N. Y OfHee dvy Monday, until further notice .1 oiln O'Neill and sisters, Belle and Jennie of \ ictor, \isited their .unit, Mrs J. C Servoss and family, on Wednesday and Thursday of the past week Rev\. .Matt Gaffney, of Nodus Cen­ tre, will lectuie on \The Irish Sol­ dier\ undir the auspices of the 1 MaiedonG A. 1!, Friday eveningj I-'cbi nary 3rd j In taking our inventory we find j mam things that must go Some wc mark away below cost Some to| give away to our legular patrons I Ilaiwook i\. Co. i Miss Amelia Wiedric k of tins j town, who has been spending ecu-r­ at months with a si-tcr at New Lon­ don, N. Y. reti nied home on 'lhur.-ilay of last week. Mrs. Honora Bird lias erected a granite monument, on the family lot, m the ullage cemetery, to the memory of her husband, Joseph Bird. It was placed in position last Saturday. Frank Gillis returned to Macedon Wednesday, from Beloit, Wis., after an absence of two years. He had the misfortune, recently, to break his right arm; but it is now fast regaining its strength. Mrs. H. West of Syracuse, sent a paper here a short time since, stat­ ing that her daughter's Mrs. J Thatcher, goods were damaged by water, caused by a lire in the upper rooms of the block in which they live The Rev. Mr. Hopkins of Palmy­ ra, holds that a certain class of sin­ ners should be \cut dead,\ while the Lyons Pre^s says —\Where are we at, spiritually, when the ministers go bai k on erring mankind!'' What's the use of going to church!-' What's day,7.30 i\ M., Jan. 11, 1 S'.KJ j the use of paying ministers!'\ This By order G. P. K AIM it, W. M. | is a ipic-stion that is puzzling every II. P. MAC I.I , Sec'v I hamlet in New York state. The annual dinner of the Wayne County Bar Association, will be served at the Hotel Baltzel, Monday evening, Jan. 23, with an elaborate menu. John Vandenburg of Clyde, will preside and announce the fol­ lowing toasts ' 'The Bench,\ Judge J. W Cowles: \The Bar,\ S. N. Sawyer: \Lawyer in Politics,\ Charles T. Saxton: \Bar Sinister, or the Wine and the Weed,\ A. W. Gates; \Law and Its Rewards,\ W. II. Coon; \The Ladies,\ Edwin K. Burnham Other literary exercises will follow. INSURANCE. \Why not have the BEST ? The largest insurance (inn 11• Wayne County, representing 13 of the best companies m the world. Correspon­ dence solicited. CLARK & KN'AIT, Palmyra, X, Y. J. L JhistUthwaite, A T TORN I: Y Sf COCNSHLOR AT LAW, G17 Ellwanger it Barry Building, ROCHESTER, N. Y. The regular Communica­ tion of Macedon Lodge, •;ii.->. ]•'. & A. M. will be held in their Hall, Tues- Mrs. Frank Finley and son Fro- 1 me ; ind inont are spending some Line in 'state Walworth and Mario., j Thu Lmm aml n OIie oyf I-'iills Bi-nj .1. Ingersol sold his resi-1 railroad, started its li rst passenger deuce the lirst of the week, to [train at 1(1 u. in., on Wednesday lurenie Heath, consideration last, making a round trip from 5 s Lion .Lima. Anion:,' the passengers were Mrs Fred Kelly of Palmy ra, has ' the Directors of the road and prom- Liad the misfortune to break one of incut otueus of Lima and lloneoye the bum > in her w 11st, causing her lulls. Regular trams w ill comment e much .-nlTering. running next Monday morning Miss Belle Kaiser of Lyons, was On Monday last, the sixty women the guest of her inn le, G P Km- imp!o\ed m the Moore Schafer's so - and wife oi. Wednesday and Shoe fat ton of Brut kport, strut k hur-ilay of the ji.ist ueek. for higher wages. The ollu nils Mrs Hannah Collin-. wiTe ,,|' t laim to lie unable to pay inure and Judge'1 W , Collins, of Lyons, died the i mjiloyes ha\ e tlet itled not to at her home in that ullage, Friday k until their demand is com- uf I i-l week , aged ;>n \ears. , plied with. Mr .Moore says he will Heiirv B Jackson ' and wife of \' lhu \ 01 ' ks b, ' f \ ru hu ^ Bane. .\. Y. are spending a few \ ,(l,v wu f-' l ' s - days with their um le, A.L.Jack-! -News has been re< icxc-tl here of M ,ii and family, and other fncnds m j' 1 ' 1 ' marriage, Wednesday, of Walter town Si arrott and a young lady hung m !the ucincty of his former home, was not an preoccupied It now appears that hi unsusi eptuble but a heart. They will commence then' marrie 1 life m the W Pinn W llhts house. Three bob-*leigh loads of Mac e- <Ion people made their way. Thurs- da\ evening, to Mertensia—the land of llowers—but the Moral decoratious had made way. for a season, to win tor breezes and snow drifts. The occa-ion was a n evening party given In Mr. and Mrs. Russell Allyn Scr­ ubs—may their hospitality never decrease. It was decided that the ovster famine was due to \arious causes none of which more impor­ tant than the fact that John Allyn has worn rubber cornet strings this year to all gatherings of this kind. Mr. Servoss gave a stenoptican ex­ hibition for the amusemeut of the younger ones present. Teachers' Examinations. Teachers' examinations for the ensuing year, will be hold in the fol­ lowing places: second and third grades, Walworth, January 21; New ark, February 11. Palmyra, March i. Marion, April 1: Ontario, May 0; Walworth, June 10; Marion, Au­ gust 15; Palmyra, Septcmter 3; Wil­ liamson, October 7; first grade, Pal­ myra, March 1 and 8: Marion, August 15 and 10. Notice to Tax-Payers. A Remarkable Offer By purchasing §10 worth of goods of (' li. Everson and paying cash he will give you a receipt for one year's subscription to tho News Gatherer for every $10 traded If you are a subscriber, you can have one year's j subscription credited to your account j account, or the paper can be sent to any other person in the United States or Canada. M. Lipsky of Palmyra has the largest stock of clothing ever seen on this county. If yon want a good ivorcoat for a reasonable price, call on him. I have received the warrant for the collection of taxes in and for the town of Macedon: and will receive the same for the next thirty days at one per cent. After thirty days five .per cent will be charged. I will be at the places on the dates named, from 1) o'clock a. ni., to 3 o'cloi k p. in. - Macedon Centre, Jan. IS. 25, 31. Craggs Mills, Feb i At my store, Macedon, all other days. Thomas H. Carpenter, Col­ lector. Dated, Macedon, N. Y , Jan. Hi, 1S03. Ontario. y cared for nothing but the skins, as the carcasses were left behind A very pleasant sleigh ride was participated in by a party of about 15 voung people After being en- tertu.ned for a short time, at the home of Mr. Biissex, they started tlirietlv home by way of Palmyra Macedon Centre. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reex'os. of Newark, spent Saturday and Sunday with their parents, in town Timothy llowland is xery sick with pneumonia. lie was taken last | typhoid fever week Tuesday, with a chill Miss, M ,. s j„ hn M( „. KP receive d intelh Marietta llowland. who has been of tn( , suc i,ien death of her cpnte ill, is no better Miss Sarah [ r al |„.r, Mr (Jriswol.l of Palmyra, Downing w there, helping to care j , 1U Thursday .Jan 12th, and went to f< »' t,lpm be pr.iseiit at the funeral, whit h took Mrs. Ardell a former resident of place on Monday this place is much improved mj M ,-^. Filkin-^ of Webster, sister of health and has gone to live near lierl^ VM ,. y of t)lIS town, wentr to a old home in Williamson, with her. ]„,..,„,,d \ m Rochester about three daughter, Mrs Mary Kno.x wr, ksago, lor the purpose of hav- Mws Hattie Parker commenced • a large tumor taken from he neck teaching in the Centre district, this 'Hie operation was successful and he is doing well \\ in Birdsell, post master at this place, is x-ery ill of typhoid fever His recovery is said to be doubtful. 1) J Stanford has charge of the post ollice during the sickness of Mr. Birdsell In\ ltations are out for the wedding of i )rrie Bishop and Miss Virginia Ashmead, both of Williamson, to take place Jan 211, 18(13. Mr. Bishop is a nephew of Mrs. Sturges of this place Mrs. Newell Smith is very ill of week Monday Clarence Blakers I A new stock of goods from which to choose, at Eddy's Be sure and sec the elegant car­ pet samples at Eddy's, before pur chasing. To renovate all-wool dresses there is nothing like washing them in soap bark which can be bought at Eddy's. Buy a Howe Ventilator Stove at Everson's and receive tho News Gatherer one year free. children are re­ covering from scarlet fexer \West \Walworth. Norman Lewis. Tow n Collector of taxes, will be at John Lotze s store next Tuo-day to receive the same Mr and Mrs. Samuel (Jardner cele­ brated the eighth annn ersary of the birth of their twin daughters, Nora and Dora, on Tuesday evening, by a party of inx ited guests. Henry W Rogers and family spent last Sunday with relatives, at Ontario Mr and Mrs. W F. Harter were the guests of Mr and Mrs. George Talbott. last Sunday Mr and Mrs W II Powell spent last Sunday in town, the guests of Henry Hoy er and wife Mr and Mrs. Chas. Mills \ isiteil E Niveson and family, last Sunday. Miss Carrie Reed spent a few days this week, with friends at Wal­ worth Mrs. Isaac Davis and sister. Mrs. Wm Iloldridge of Penf'ield, left on Tuesday for Michigan, where they intend to spend some time xvith then- sister Mr and Mrs. Thomas Bruyere spent last Sunday at Walworth. Mr and Mrs. J F Reed and Miss Laura Clark were guests at W S. Funnan s last Sunday. Mr and Mrs. R. Tabor, of Roches- tor, spent a few days recently, with Mr Tabor's parents, Mr and Mrs. Benj Tabor. Mrs. Wm Daily is on the sick list. \ elvetecus in several good colors, may be had at Eddy's. A new and choice variety of sow­ ing silks and twists, just in. Also wash embroidery and knitting silks, at Eddy's. Always awake and never at rest, Everson comes out this week and ofFcrs to make anyone a present of Si. 00. Sec\ his \Remarkable ofTcr.\ No better stoves in New York state than the ones that Chas. R Everson sells. Parlor or ranges. B I. Craudull. See and read Everson's remarka­ ble offer of a year's subscription to the News Gatherer for nothing. Factories, bleached muslins, shirt­ ings, skirtings, ginghams, all in choice patterns, at lowest prices, at Eddy's. Carpets from Howe & Rogers, at their lowest retail prices will bo sold by sample at Edtly's. Como and see them. Newest and choicest pat­ terns iu Tapestry Brussels, sev­ eral varieties of Ingrain from best to chcarjest and cotton chain carpetings at prices within the reach of any one able to havo a rag carpet. Floor and table oil cloths cheaper than ev­ er. The brother of Miss Myrtle Gage, one ol the teachers in our school, is ill of typhoid fever Mrs. James Albright of Ontario Centre, was taken tpute sick with with typhoid fever, about a week ago. Her sister. Miss Stokes^ xvho has been teaching in that district, has left her school to take care of her The severe cold weather has been quite disastrous to house plnnts, unprotected cellars, cisterns, cars, noses and toes. Union Hill. \Oh the snow, the beautiful snow, sang the poet, but when it drifts into huge masses, filling the highways ami byways, making trav el nearly impossible, then we wish for less of it Mr S M West of \ ermont, has been xisitmg bis cousin, Miss Ann Thomas of this place Henry Storr expects to remain on the Buell farm another year ! A social was held last Friday even­ ing, at the homo of Mrs. Wm. Chap­ man The attendance was small, owing to the drifted roads, but those present were well entertained Dr Will Boynton of New York, is spending a few days at his moth­ er's home We are pained to hear of the death of Hlmer Deyo of Marion, on Sunday last. Deceased was the youngest son of Esther and the late Levi Deyo, and was a young man of most excel­ lent character. He will be greatly missed in tho home and society to which he belonged. Of seven cous­ ins now grown to manhood xvith a feeling nearly akin to that of broth­ ers, Elmer was the first to be called away. Our sympathies are extended to the bereaved family. Fall clothing in all the latest styles, at M. Lipsky's, Palmyra, at prices as low as tho lowest. M. Lipsky is ready for the season's trade with a new stock of goods, better, cheaper and fuller in its various departments than ever. Call and see his elegant new stock, Pal­ my ru, N. Y. Before buying, sco the floor oil cloths at Eddy's. It will pay you. A fine assortment at Eddy's of those llayden s flannels suitable for mens' pants and vest; also for boys' clothes, A new and largo assortment of chenielle table covers, at Eddy's A now lot a t Eddy's of goods for general supplies. Dress ginghams, Outings, Prints from 5 to 7 cts per yd. Factories bleached muslins, shirting and dress trimmings at low­ est prices quoted. Another ease of that choicest bat which will be sold at lower prices than over. Carpet warp in several colors. A few ladies wrappers left which will bo closed out very cheap, PURDY. NATURALLY Trade is a little dull just now in Dry Goods, 'though we are sell ing lots of those English flannel etts and baby flannels. It is wonderful what an amount oi these goods are being sold. We received last week a lot of them and have more coming from New York this week. Our goods from New York will ar rive the fore part oi next week and includes quite large addi­ tions in underwear, hosiery, dress flannels, notions, &C. BUT IN GROCERIES Trade is good. Prices are high­ er on many things like pork, eggs, butter and a few other goods but we are still able to sell THAT BEST JAPAN TEA at 50 cents per pound, THREE pounds of best Califor­ nia raisins for 25 cents. SIX pounds ol best oat flake for 25 c. SIX cakes of any five cent soap (or 25 cents. VACUUM OIL Co's. water white oil at 7 cents per gallon. MORE of that pure sugar syrup received, we were out for a few days, 25 cents per gallon. NO BETTER New Orleans molasses is sold at any price than that we sell at 60 cents per gallon. Granulated Sugar, White Extra C. Nice Extra C. 5 1-2. 5 4 1-2 COMPANY. We are still occupied with our'inventory, Our trade is so much better while we are in­ voicing than it has ever been before in January, that we have concluded to take account of stock every January hereafter, besides judicious business men try to balance Iheir accounts once each year, in order that their commercial standing can be verified and to know just how they stand financially OUR OWN make ot BAK­ ING Powder is the best. We have made it for the last eight years and used it in our own family and defy any one to show better results with any baking powder made. Price, 25 cents per pound. GIVE US A CALL. You will find our prices are right. You wont get STUCK IN THE MUD nor on prices either. PURDY'S. However, xve will try to merit and hope to get our share of the patronage which is gradually but surely coming to Macedon. Many people who formerly have done a large share of their trading in other and larger towns are learning, some rapidly some slowly, but learning, that any kind of goods carried by Macedon dealers can be bought a s cheap, and many kinds cheap­ er, than in toxvns farther away. When in town call on us, get prices, compare quality of goods with those elsewhere,' and we will at least^treat you courteous­ ly whether you purchase or not. We again xvish to call your especial attention to the fact —and it is a fad —that we carry by far the largest amount and variety of underwear, hosiery and neckwear ot any dealer now in Macedon—ii not of any one having sold goods here before us. HARWOOD k GO. 1

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