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NBWS GATHERER Living Alone- Waahington Letter. Mr. Cleveland h&s roturned from his outing. Only a churl would grudge him the relaxation ho has enjoyed, for, though he may oxert himself to an extent that may be deemed unnecessary, he is the judge of his own affairs and his own opinion must be his rule of action. It doe*) not appear, I regret to say, that the sport at Hog Island was deliciously exciting this time. Last year when Mr. Cleveland visited the island the enraptured Jenkins detailed to chronicle his movements, telegraphed on one occasion that he had \brought down iifty-three •nipe at a single shot.\ No ^uch fishing story has regaled us in the present instance. I always had my misgivings as to thoge \snipe.\ However, Presidents shoot as other men may never do, and it may be believed that truly patriotio snipe would hositate to throw obstacles in such an august pathway. But without the smallest referenoe to the enipe, the fish, or, generally, the creatures of the water and the air, he must have enjoyed and reno­ vated himself to a very groat extent. And business will now go on with addod energy. \Cleveland's man, Eckels,\ whose appointment as controller of cur­ rency caused so much surpriso and criticism on account of his lack of •xporlenco, is proving more of a surpriso than was droamed of. Tho indications are that he is going to prove a pretty good find for the administration. It is evident that ho is not a politician, and if he does not make things hum in nil office it will bo strange. He is one of the busiest, most direct and clean cut little men who has been tossed into tho publio sorvico by political evolu­ tion. Thoro is nothing \striking\ about his appearunce, nothing in* pressive. Ho is both short and Blonder, weighing scarcely more than a hundred pounds, and has a little wizened face froo from all signs of board or mustache. His movements are quick and when he looks up, there is a look of intelli­ gence and ponetration on hii face. \When ho speaks thoro is a positive- ness and a frankness in his manner that is refreshing, Bomo of the gentlemen doing a shady banking business who had calculated on gaining something from his inex­ perience, havo found him about as hard a customer to handle as they havo struck. By hia manly, straightforward course, he has got to bo tho favorite of newspaper men, for ho is not alllicted with that official pomposity which makes so many of tho new \public servants\ unapproachable. Washington is fust eclipsing all competitors as tho literary, scien­ tific and oducational center of the country. For many years Boston held undisputed sway as the new world's Athens, but tho sceptor has fallen from \the Hub.\ Hero, where tho govormental heart beats moit strongly, are now tho con crote forcos that shall in the near future givo this republic the mental and erudite supremacy of whioh transatlantic nations are so proud and which is tho ono thing needful for tho completion of our national uharactor. The great churches are establishing their contral institu­ tions here and propose to make them superior in ovory respeot, to tho universities of Europe. Within an easily measurable period of time searchers after tho truth of all ages will find their material and their opportunities not at Oxford or Heidelberg or Bonn, but in Wash­ ington. Naturally the magnetism of the literary mind attracts the artist, and bofore the century cIobob, art too will havo its Ameri­ can home within the District of Columbia, Secretary Hoko Smith this week began tho hoaring of a celebrated land case which involves several million dollars in value of the land at iseuo. The strugglt is between tho Northern Pacific Eailroad Con* pany and about 1 ,600 settlors on the lands in the stato of Washington Hoko Smith is a lawyer for lore of his profession and finds the joy in a logal contest that the Viking found in battle. Ho seomed to be in his olomont in this case and entered into the causo with vigor. His principal occupation since he left Atlanta, has been to talk politics and patronage with tho office' seekers, and now that he has a oase worthy of his mettle, he is like a war horso that sniffs the battle from afar and longs to get in it. The caso excites great interest in the northwest, as tho farms and homes of 1 ,500 settlers hang upon the Secretary's decision. Tho color of tho warships is still engaging tho serious attention of 'the naval authorities. Tho princi­ pal desiro for a change is to save oxpenso. Tho Secrotary likes the appearance of our pretty white ships, but tho frequent painting re ' quired to koep them looking clean, . amounts to a considerable sum in the course of a year. The prefer- ence of most officers appoars to be for blaok or dark gray. * Privato Socretary Thurbor speaks of \the deserts of a noble soul,\ but that is simply the Bostonese for oflioial pie. Is not all of life. There is joy and sorrow, happiness nnd sadness, health and sickness; and the greatest of these is health—the other good gifts will follow naturally. To be well you must exterminate the gsrsis o£ disease. Disease has its origin in germs. Begin at the bottom. You can­ not fail if you place your trust in . GERMA-YICI . ' A JUG OF JOY.\ ' THE GREAT DISEASE GERM DESTROYER. For Sale by M. LITTEL. If Comptroller Eckels keeps up his present gait, tho Zimri Dwiggins systom of banking will soon bo undermined. Bast Penfield. The assessors aro making their annual visit in our vicinity. J. F. Fuller was visiting relatives in South Perinton last wook and remained over Sunday. Miss Sarah Butler spent Sunday in Fairport. Rev. R. W. Pickett started for Kendall, Wednoaday morning, to attend tho F. B. Quarterly mooting. Our district school closed lust Friday. Ben Furman had a number of sheep and lambs bitten by dogs on Tuesday night, Juno Gth. Brandy uud Witter. They were telling stories at police headquarters in Portland, Me., the other night, when General Neal Dow '8 name was brought up. \One night, a few years ago,\ re­ marked ono of tho oldest officers on tho force, \a man carrying an adult jag and a valise was brought in. He •was landed in a cell, and he remarked rather indignantly: 'You lock up a poor devil like me, but you don't look at tho big guns. You'ro afraid to. Why, I drank brandy and water with Neal Dow once. I'm behind the bars, but look where he is.' The story got to the ears of the doughty old general, who came to the station in dudgeon. Ho approached the man and denounced him. \ 'Thosh all right, colonel,' said the prisoner. 'Member on th' train comin down? You drank the water, and—and, shay, don't I look so I had 'ntroduckshun with th' brandy?' \Tho general gave him some good advice and laughingly left the sta­ tion.\—New York Commercial Ad­ vertiser. Fighting Instinct In Bird*. In defense of their young even birds become fearless and sacrifice their lives with a promptness which, as a sort of suicidal instinct, might seem rather paradoxical if it were not for that bylaw of nature which always sacrifices the interest o£ indi­ viduals to tho interest of tho species. A partridge hen with a covey of half grown chicks never hesitates to fling herself into the path of tho pursuing dog in order to give her youngsters a chance to escape in the thicket, and tho Mexican weaver thrush flies even at the head of a snake seen to ap­ proach her nest with predatory pur­ poses. Too often that devotion is re­ warded with death, but tho serpent accepts the vicarious sacrifice, and tho orphaned nestlings aro almost sure to be reared by other birds.—San Francisco Chronicle. Lincoln. James Barnsdale, Dannie Smith and F. H. Engcrt attended the Regent's examinations at Maccdon Academy, this week. Misses Lsttie Myers, Emma Howo and Oora Hunt and O. S. Bancroft were elected delegates by tilts A 0 F Booiety, last Sunday evening, to attend the Free Baptist quarterly meeting to be held at East Kendall this week. Miss Nettie Miller is on the sick list. Mrs. S. L. 1'aigo and daughter returned to their homo at Oberlin, Ohio, last week. Several of our young people pat­ ronized tho merry go around at On tario, Saturday. Do not iorget the Childrcns' Day concert to be given in tho M E church, Sunday evening next. An extensive program has been pro- pared. A magic lantern show was given at the tract school house the other evening, under the auspices of the Odd Fellows. It was of an enter taining nature, especially the shouts of applauso from tho spectators who viewed the show from the outsido through an open window. \Union Hill. SPRING AND SUMMER i A fine variety of Ladies' Oxfords for 85c, $1., 1,52 an extra fine cloth top, patent leather quarter and tip for $1,35, a bargain and a shoe no one need feel ashamed to wear. Others for $1.50, 1.75 and 2.00, exceptionly fine. We have just restocked with the H. E. SMITH & CO. LADIES FINE SHOES, The best shoo over sold in Maccdon, in laco and button, cloth kid topB. Try a pair and you will wear no others, and Ilia Intontlooa Wero ZZonost. An old Scotch minister who was in tho habit of preaching in the open air took his place on a bank on one occasion and unfortunately fixed himself on an ant's nest The active habits of these little creatures soon made tho good man's position very uncomfortable, and afraid that his audience might ob­ serve something of his discomfort from his manner he apologized by remarking: \Brethren though I hope I have the word of God in my mouth, I think the dell himself has got into my breeka I'^-Exchango. A new lot at Eddy's of goods for general supplies. Dress ginghams, Outings, Prints from 5 to 7 cts por yd. Factories bleacbod muslins, shirting and dross trimmings at low­ est prices quoted. Another oase of that ohoicest bat which will be sold at lowsr prices than ever. Carpet warp in several oolors. A few ladies wrappers left which will be closed out vsry oheap, Bofore J>uying, see tho floor oil Howard, son of James Pellet, Jr., is very sick at tho homo of his grandparents. L. R, Boynton and his mother, havo taken a trip East. Rumor says that Mr. B. will return with a fair, young bride to grace his home. Children's Day will bo observed at Lakesido churcb, on Sunday evening, June 18th. A Sunday school has been organ­ ized on the Ridge road, noar the hamlet of Union Hill. Wm. Stokes is building a house noar his store, for tho rosidonco of his mothor and sister. Wm. Chapman and son Qoorge, and Dayton Lawrence, expect to visit tho Columbian Exposition in tho noar future. Miss Jennie Doyo is visiting her nephow, Walter Winslow. Spring clothing in till tho latest stylos, at M. Lipsky's, Palmyra, at prioos as low as the lowest. A new stock of goods on sale at at Eddy's. It comprises staple and fancy goods, fancy apromngs, in both white and colorod, towelings, scrims, table cloths, ono, on unbloah'j ed linen at 32 cents per yard, and napkins, toilet spreads, bed spreads and many other goods, with notions, crockory and floor oil cloths, all of which are sold very cheap. Highest cash pricos paid for but­ ter and eggs at the upper lock grocery. LUMBER. iNSUftANC^. DOBBIN & MOORE HUE A2TC) LIFE •r-r \ Have a full Assortment of Pine and Hemlock Lumber, SHINGLE, LATH POSTS &0. If in want of any call on W.D.Herendeen.Agt. At the old stand, MACEDON, N. Y. .01 If you want JJoors, Ssisl^ Slii Or special work, call at our planing mill and yard, Main to Parker Sreet. on Canal, Fairport, N. Y cloths at Eddy's. It will pay you. Right through thcrhonth of June M. STORY Will continue the great special Carpet, Matting and Rug Sale. Seven thousand dollars worth ol the handsomest and best carpets you ever saw will be sold at less prices than you ever saw them before. The Brussels at 50 cts. are splendid; better at 75 cts., 85 cts. and $1. with border to match, They go oil with a. rush Thousands of yards sold every week. Loads of ele- 6 ant .new ones dayly arriving, 1-et your carpets now at the Dry Goods ana Caepet store of Palmyra and Wayne County, M 8TOEY. Palmyra, N. Y FOR MEN ONLY! WukiiH ml Sosy ul BUcS, KWMU Wm hiaiilsflrrai . J .V1. •\HOdir .1 [ BEAUTIFUL PASTEL PICTURE FREE AT G. B. ANTHONY'S. Given with $25 Cash Trade. Please bear in mind that we make no advance in the price of our goods on account of this offer. We will continue to be headquarters for good goods aDe low prices, and expect by increasing our trade to be able to sell on a closer margin than ever before. We respectfully solicit your patron­ age and will take pleasure in pre­ senting you with the premiums to which your purchases will entitle you G. 8. Anthony. In men's shoes we lead with the F. M. Packard Shoe. In Tica kid, patent leathor and calf; oongress, lace and Bluclior. Waverly School Shoes and 'Nox 'Em All Shoes In misses, childrons and boys sizes, stylos and colors. Ladies tan and red shoes. A full line of tennis and bicyclo goods. (Jail and examine tho best stock of all kinds of footwear over shown in Macodon. ISAAC DEAN, MACEDON, NEW YORK. Do you Wish to Provide ? For yoursolf, for a debt, if you liveP For your wife, children dependant if you dio? If so, do it whilo you may, by taking a cash and paid-up- pohcy in the Massachusetts MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE Co. of Springfield, Mass. Thoao values fixed by tho statute of the State of Massachusetts, are plainly stated in each policy issued. Oall to-day. ANNA F. JAOKSON, Agont. To the Patrons of the Wayne County Clerk's Office: In doforence to the discussion relativo to feos for soarching in tho Clerk's offico, I horoby respectfully announce that from tho date heroof until the 1st day of August next, I will make certified searches on real estate at the rate of two conts for oach name, year, and encumbranco soarched ngaiust, tho logal rate now being five conts. Two cents is the lowest rate offered by any county in tho Stato and will, I trust, be satisfactory to those desiring certifi ed stutement of their titlos. Tho limit is fixed at August 1st, for the reason that tho proposition is somewhat experimental. The rosult will dotormine whother or not the rate can bo continued. Dated Lyons, May 10th. 1893. F. A. Peacock, (Jounty Clork. CANNED GOODS. In this line, as in every other branch of the Grocery trade, we aim to keep a good article, and will not sell what would not please at our own table. Meats Fish. Cooked corned bsef, roast beef, slicod dried beef. Potted ham, turkey, chicken, beef, tongue. Salmon, lobster, frosh mackerel sardines. Fruits, Vegetables, Peachos, Pineapples, apricots, minco meat, pumpkins, greon com, tomatoes, green beans, green peas, Lima boana, succo­ tash, Boston baked beans. Hu.cl<ir|'s Soups. Ox tail, tomato, mock turtle, chicken, Armour's oxtract of beof. Sauces, . Olives, olivo oil, capor sauce, Worchestorshiro sauco, kotchup salad dressing. Now line of difforont varieties of crackers and cakos. GEO. W. BOUCHTON C ITATION ON PROOF OF WILL.—Tho people of tlio State of New York, by tho Brace of God free and Independent: To Hannah M. Gallup, Allen Capron, Caroline M. Porter, Mary Capron, Julia V. Palazotto, Virginia C. Hall, Anna liarbytc Georglenno C. Eaklu send greeting: Whereas, Thomas J. Bussey, of the town of Macedon, has lately applied to our Surrogate of the county of \Wayne for tho Proof of the Will of George Capron, late of Palmyra In said county, deceased, which relates to both real and personal estate; Therefore, you and each of you aro cited and required to nppear at the ofllco of the said 8ur. rotate. In tho village of Newark in said county, on the 10th day of July, 1803, at ten o'c'ork In the forenoon of said day, to attend the probate of said Will. A And such of you who arc hereby cited as are under the age of twenty-one years, are lequirod to appear by your guardian if you havo one, or if you nave none, to appear and apply for one to bo appointed, and in the event of your neglect or failure to do so tho said Surrogate will at the time and place above named appoint a competent and responsible person to appear as spaclal guardian for you herein. In testimony whereof, we have caused tho leal of office of our said Surrogato to be hereunto affixed. Witness, Hon. L. M. Norton, Surrogate of the county of Wayne, [L. S.] at the Surrogate's oillce In said county. the 22ml day of May, In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety three. L. M. NORTON, Surrogate. HARD & SOFT COAL, AT WEST SHORE R. R. O. C. HERENDEEN. Jggr' We have decided to again offer The News Gatherer for one year and a Webster's Original Unabridged ISP* 3 Dictionary, containing 1,300 pages JSP\ bound in cloth, for $2.00. Send In your St.00 at once and receive your dictionary with tho first Invoice. PATENTS Caveat* and X*.ls*ues Mound, Tra4e.mark*| niimri^ a>d all other patent causa* In Ihi^aS-l •01 OAlo* aad before the oourU prempUy -—*' carefully- proeeouted. Upon reoelpt of model or sketch of inventleo, I make careful examination, and advise as to] patentability tree of chars*. With ray offloee directly aorots frcm the ratent 0«w, and believing in personal attend-' aao* there. It Is apparent that I have superior faculties tor making prompt perllmlnary serohes] fertfee mere vicorousand suoceeaful pioeeoutfea u tor patent, and tor attending toj ef application.lor patent, and for attending to) \i*\ ±», ul V\ ; u \' \\V all eualnees eatrusied to my care, In the shortest) Ri perns Tabula* : a family remedy. Bipans Tabulos cure dizain***. Uoa~ (iraa ie~ patent business. InformaUon, feasible Urn*. FEC» MODERATE.,\* \elusive atten. 1 (Irsa te> patent business. Informat edvte • and special reference* sent on reeuest \ J. R. LITTELL, Soliertor and AMoraey In Pateo^Oauaea, Weeblaertea. DO. Ripaxu Tabulos our* Jaundioe. RIpans Tabule* ours tat blvaa. Eipans Tabula* ours drsysysia. El pans Tabules assist iiftatloam, Ripans Tabule* ours natteta*. Bipans Tabules are always ready. Bipans Tabules our* hsadaoh*. Rlpams Tabules prolong life. Bipans Tabulos euro ftatulonos. Bipans Tabulos ours scrofula. Bipans Tabules: pleasant laxative. Bipans Tabules : on* giyss ralief. Bipaos Tabules: for sour stomach. Weatettal ewes »r Of. Jfilas' Harris*. Dr. Ullea' K*m aa4 lives rnia, SS 4 M *. VlCs' Dean sasil »y Ot. Mflee' 1 Dr. aUlee' Hew aUert Oate at Oca nisei IMMENSE BARGAINS -IN- ALL DEPARTMENTS -OF- The Jackson agency at Plalm/ ra, for years in the held dtafnt; its share of business present! t« the public a list of standard com­ panies giving its patrons a choict without presenting any company which is not fully up to .tht Hut, AMERICAN OF PHILADELPHIA FRANKLIN,; GERMAN AMERICAN, GERMANIA, GLENS FALLS, HANOVXR, LANCASHIRE, PROVIDENCE WASHINGTON Also agent for the Mass. Mutual Life INSURANCE COMPANY. One ol the standard companies of the Union. Call on or write for terms and particulars to Anna F Jackson 36 Fayotto St., Palmyra, N. T. FLOUR We have good lamily flour At $2.00 per hundred, Better at $2.25 and the very best at $2.50. Why Pay a Fancy Price? For your flour by the sack when you can get it so much cheaper by the hundred. Goods promptly delivered anywhere. J. 3. Biddkcom \ Co. MACEDON, N. Y. THE BARGAIN CLOTHING HOUSE -OF- M. LIPSKY, JOURNAL BUILDING, Palmyra, N. Y, A MARVELOUS DISCOVERY! sstllFftlk Positively removes r i ^a«ssata^. IN 4 8 HOURS, ^ Without Pain. \ $500 Reward For Pollnro or Slightest Injur/. This Is the Grastast Wonder of theUth Cenlury, astonish, lug, as It does, the entire Vctorlnary world. Circulars and •' Sworn Proofi Mail­ ed Free. Dr. Guy Ohscini, ' No. 878 Cnnnl St., New York. SFAVINCUtf H J. Breese -DEALKR IX- Hay, Grain. Apples, Potatoes, Ac. Also agont for^first-class Farm Machinery and Bradley's Phosphate. West Shore & (Janal Wiii'ohouBe, WALWORTH STA. MACEDON The # Sun During 1893 THE SUN will be of surpassing excellence and will print more news and more pure literature than ever before in its history. The Sunday Sun is the greatest Sunday Newspaper in tho world. Prioe Be. a copy. By mail %2 a year Daily, by mail, 16 por year. Daily and Sunday by mail, 16 por. year. Address THE BUN, New York. Carpets, Dry Goods, CLOAKS, Spring & Summer, 1893. Great Stock, Elegant Styles, Low Prices, Entirely New Line in Every Department. The immence sale now being made by Farnham of Palmyra, is because he has just the Right Goods at Right Prices. Hundreds of Rolls oi the Handsomest Carpets, at all prices, ever in Palmyra. Thousands of pieces of stylish Dress Goods in most popular shades. The best cloak and cape display in this section of the state and an experience of forty years in the Dry Goods business of Palmyra, makes Farnham'i the leading store. No jockeying or gift enterprise to be paid out of his customer's pockets; at all times a safe and reliable house. W. H. Farnliam. •RS. sTLJIIRA HATCH. HEART DISEASE 20 YEARS. Dr. JTUas JMtsal Ot., JtUAort, 1*4. Diia SIM: For 30 Tears I was troubled with heart Slseaso. Would frequently, have falUnf spells and smothsrlng at nliht. Had to sit DP or Set out of bed to breathe, uad pain in «v left side and back most of the Una; at last I became dropsical. I -was very nervous and nearly worn oat. The least excitement would cause me to THOUSANDS £S1 Trlth Sattertnf. Tor tho last fifteen Tears I could not sleep onmy leftside or back until began tajclnf J 'our Mt» M*mrt Curt. I bad not taken It very one until I felt much better, and I can now sleep on either side or back without the least discom­ fort. I have no pain, smothering, dropsy, no wind on stomach or other disagreeable symptoms. I am able to do all mr own housework without any trouble andoonilder myself cured. Elkhart, Ind., IBS8. Ms*. Xurnu IUTCW. It Is now four years since I have taken any medicine. Am in better health than I have beea In 40 years. I honestly be- A , . _ _ _ llevetnatJDr. Milt- X*M> CURED JBTsorS Or. saved a y life w * • *— and made me a well woman. I am now tf yean M* ace, and ass able to do a good day's work. May Mth, \WL Mas. ILKISA Ui .TOt sMTMFACTION QUAMMTCCO on tieNKv misuse. Sold by all DruggUt*}.

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