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TBGBKinVS &ATHEIIEB. JT. JJUn Xddy Editor. published at Macedon, N. Y.. ' lyRKY SATOBDAY. , SUBSCRIPTION RATES. TI MM rates include postage to any part of the United States or Canada, lfyear (if paid in advances) $1.00 1 year (if not paid in ndvanco) 1.26 in iht Ptit Oglct at if ace don at tee- «!•»» mail matltr. ^pg Saturday, Juno 17, 1893. f J||| RAILROAD TIME TABLES^' 1 NEW YORK GENTRAI HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. Ireai Four-Track Trunk Line ailiilij by till Oovtrnm.nt, in cannntlon wtlh the Ltfct sWt * Michigan South*™ R'y, M th« \ROUTE OF THE FAST MAIL.\ VNk tlit Ltkt Short It atw formi thi routi of th* Fimeut Wagntr Veit*ul« \Ntw York & Chicago Limited.\ tl MMMlti.n wKh th. Lmkt Short and \ Big Four,\ M ooMtltuttt tht rout, of th* \ Southwestern Limited\ Clubbing; Bates. \We will send the KKWS GATHERER and any of the below publications for one year, both for the price named aftor • Wobator's Unabridged Dictionary, ^2.00 Domoroet's Magazine, 2.55 New York World, 1.86 New York Tribune. 1.85 7 LOCAL INTEREST. •MWNNATI, I NDIANAPOLIS mr. Leumi it It all* th* ItiEer LINE TO NIAGARA FALLS, AiUwith th* Michigan Otntral R.H.form* \Tin Niagara Falls Route\ MTWEEN THI CA8T AND THE WE8T. AD Ttalnt arrlvt at and dipart from •RAND CENTRAL STATION, Amrt* ***. art fHU tKtod H. Ntw Tor*. U *a**t aiU riMit PaaMRgtr Station In Am.rjo*. Md «M only «nt In th* arty «f Ntw York. Tulm l.»Tt{ Mac.dou &8 follom', GOING EAST. »:1B a. m. No, 34, Accommodation a. m. No. 66. Local Freight. 1J:00 p. m. No. 36, Acco'tion. J .19 p. m. No 30 Acco'tion. 1:11 p. m. *No 38 Wostorn Express. T:45 p. m. No 26 Lyons Acoo'tion. GOING WEST. 7 :41 a. m. Buffalo Accom'tion. 1:47 a. m. * No 27 Accom'tion. 14:41 p. m. accom'tion. 3 :15 p. m, No 67 Local Froight. 4 :39 p. m. No 111 Day Express. 7;87p. m. «No 39 Rochester Ac'n. •Runs Sundays. IDSON J. WEEKS, Gen'l Agt. 1 Exchange St, Buffalo, N. Y. J. M. TOUCEY, GEO, H. DANIELS Gen'l Supt. G. P. A. Grand Central Station, N. Y. WEST SHORE R. R. (N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. Lesees.) TRAINS MOVING WEST. 7:13 a. m. Buffalo Accommodation 8 :0S A , m. Local Fr't, via Gen. Jun S:55 p. m. Buffalo Accommodation TRAINS MOVING EAST. 7:89 a. m. W. S. Expross. 3.-05 p. m. Way Fr't to Nowark. 6:14 p. m. Nowark Accommodation C. E. Lambort, G, P. A. WAYNEPORT. J. M. Batos is improving ii ^health. W. F. Woods is expected Ijoiiic Saturday. Over 2,000 quarts of milk are now shipped daily, from Wayne- port. Ro\, Win. Ousey is regaining Ins houlth and lias returned to his homo in Palmyra. Children's day oxorcises were hold in tho Baptist church, last Sunday morning. Mrs. J. McOloskoy and Mrs. N. Cotton, of Victor, visited Mrs Ella Phelps, on Wednosday. Charles P. Patterson, formerly of Walworth, is reported seriously ill at his home at Pomona, Cal. A. W. Gates has a new accom­ plishment: teniperanco loctnres are among his latest productions. Miss Nora Wilson, who has been visiting near Syracuse for some weeks, returned home Saturday. 1 ied W Bontly loft last week for Glen Luke, where he has a position with Dr. Bnrdsall and will remain until October Mrs. Frank Finley has boon at­ tending commoncomont oxorcises at Cornell, this week, hor cousin boing a member of the class of '93. II. A, McLeod and wife have returned homo from Victor, aceom rnod homo Mrs. P. O. Johnston wont to Brockport on Wednesday, to spond, some timo with her son, W. H. Johnston, of that place. Hose Sunday will be observed next Sunday, Juno ISth,, at tho Universahst church. Tho children will give a concert 6iutablo to the pecasion, and no oifort will bo spared to mako tho services in­ structive and interesting. Tho Ontario Association of Uni- versaiists was held on Wednesday and Thursday, June 14 and lo, at Clifton Springs Those who attendod from West Walworth. Mrs, L. P. Gardnor of Rochostcr, is visiting at F. C. Johnson's. The lawn tonnis club will play for the championship of the olub, July 4th. Potato bugs have appeared in full force ready for their littlo game with the fanner. Will Roachvillo and Charles Heath attended the state shoot at Rochester Thursday. Mrs. F. O. Moore and Mrs. E. L. Wright leave to-day for a week's sojourn at Hemlock Lake Do not forget Rev. Matt Gaflnoy's lcctuio at the meeting of tho Mace- don Academy Alumni, Friday even­ ing, June 23. Admission 10 conts. David Courtor suffered a stroko of paralysis, Monday evening, and has boon in a critical condition dun ing the week but later reports a/u somowhat oncouraging. There will be a meeting of tho/W CTU hold at the homo of Jfrs. Alico Hewitt, on Monday eveni ng tho 10th, at 7-30 o'clock. As m- portant businoss is to bo transacted a full attondanco 13 desirod. Rev. Or G. Chapman Jones, pW tor of the Asbury M E Church \>f Rochostcr, has received a call to thc^ pulpit of it largo church at Pittsburg Hill near Pali .yra is taxing Mor Although bo has not yet reached a !mons who nsit it decision, it is probablo that he will< ^, lo tho top lit. expcitn to niuko accept. jconshh'iublo tin.' yutr as it is said A robber entorod tho loading'that most oi the Mormans who will hotel in Glcuwood Springs, Col , visit the fup- will oMend their trip last Sunduy and with a six shooter'eastward mid vi.-it. tin.--, to them, displayed, walked through the remark li!e .-pot. Prububly thoy hotel and relieved the guests of^vill not juaki uu\ inquiries as to the about §20,000 worth of jewelry and jcharacU l i.f Joe Smith befoie mak- monoy. Quarterly meeting services will be held at the German Evangelical church, Sunday morning. Presid ing Elder Hehr, a former pastor will be present. Several new sheds have been added to the church, which will ba more convenient to those who drive from a distance. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cartwright, of Buffalo, have been spending short time with their parents, in this place. Mrs. M S. Main and Mrb. H. D. lOie were Mr. and listen visited relative at Walworth, Mrs. G. W. Kirkpatrick, Lyman j Wednesday. Bickford, Rev. 0 ' L and Mrs. j R S. Stalker and ao ;i went on a Paddock, Mrs. II. Greenfield,.fishing tour last Saturday, to Iron Mrs, C. P. llmlburt, Misec3 M dequoit Bay Several nice fish Gilo, E, llarwood, A. Phelps, and were caught, A- Wright. ->J A Lodge of Good Templars was The past week the villugo officers oVganued here Monday night, by have placed the sidowtilk on thojcojjnty Deputy Chaddock. J. S, south side of Main St , on a uniform s was elected C. T, and Mrs bmas Bruyere, V. T. The Lodge be known as Phu-uix Lodge and t on Saturday evenings. We glad to see the young people (fw so much interest, and believe grade, preparatory to making a pav- e_d_2ntter. It was necessary 'to build up more or less and the plunk | me walks have for several days, \oeoh.arej tipped up, -'0 us to assume tho ap-[sh pearunco u. a tight board fence U mdge can be successful here. Tho improvement has boon much /John Lot/e had his hand quite needod anil will be appreciated by^badly bruised last Saturday, while by all concerned /[taking a horse away to have Tho farmer who ownr< Mormon (pastured, ! Thomas Payne is digging 5 cents a head to in front of his residence. ircll A recont letter from Yule College statos that work on the now Vundor- |ing hip siippos-od liui'. Maceclon Academy. John Smith close.-, liii term of school, Friday afternoon The illuminated art entertainment gi\eu iu the basement of the Bapti t church last Sa'nrday night, was well attended. Miss Jennie Bills closed her school in the Pond district, Penfield, 'with exercises, last Friday. FREE! Sec last item in this column. BLACK SATINES. A few new pieces this week, figured black and white, 12 1.2 and 20 cents. SOMETHING GEORGE- OUS in striped hose this week They are the thing with those TAN SHOES and will be much worn this, summer MEN'S Thin Coats ior 50 cts men's coats and vests, wool and part wool at $2.50 and 2.00 for the pair. ONE CENT each for a big, old fashioned Palm Leaf Fan We have others from one to fifty cents each. WE shall ADVANCE the price of CANTON dress ging hams to eight cents per yard, on Monday, June tyth. Until then the price will be seven cents. A NEW LOT of those best non-cracking table oil clothes ;-4 wide at 20 cents per yard. Farmington. panicd by their son, who has fullyl'^'ilt and White Dorinitorios is being| Commencement, exercise nt Mace-; — recovered from an attack of scarlet I P™hed and the buildings are expec-^ Academy wi'l be held Tuesday- 1 he MUscs S.mpk.m !tod to bereatly for occupation the full| cV0,lln K- Junn *' lh idmlasionY ., arc visiting at J h of 18'J4. In order to provide room for tho Vanderbilt Dormitory, two of ten • < l.t - Ifollowinc; is quartette, buildings of tho famous Old Brick! Row must bo taken down The Union school closes thidiClnrk^villo \-say Suporstition' L J fever, The Lenox Freo Library, of Now York, owns tho original Spanish edition of Columbus' letter of 1-193, which was discovered in Spain in 1890 and is the earliest printed book relating to Amonca. Harry Allon, of Fayette, Ohio, visited hie < ousin, II. M. Littol and family, Wudnesday. lie was at companied by Mr. Dean, of that place. They were on their way toi tlon eleven years She expects to M a ,.,.,i,„, Tortland, Me , on their bi.-yclos. |go next Tuesday, in company with. Were M .i.Mnp; John Lawlor, Sr., died at his I N'owivrk friends, to Chicago and ham and HMII home south of the village, Sunday 1 tnu Exposition morning, June 11, aged 70 years.' Tho County Lodge of Good Tom Mr. Lawlor had livod in Maccdon plans met m thi.- place, Tuesday last •A ii) 1 c chni-frr>d tho piu^ram P Moonlight Will Comej ns, of Scipio Hakcrs. 1 here was a large attendance '.he Friends meeting last Sunday |Agnin. Will S Thompson, essay, ,Faith In Humanity I r-na In;;ruhain TAN SHOES for Ladies, TAN SHOES for Misses, TAN SHOES for Children 1 AN SHOES for Babies. See our window display of these goods. I weok, tho teachers all being en­ gaged for their several positions another year. Mids J. Robinson, who hits charge of the primary de­ partment, has occupied that posi- Sh .Maccdon Centro, Child M Piccol Lillinn M Pilcher solo, Sin Pii Uv a onioui, iirH livnry btoiger, oration Original !nvivt:;-ition, Guy Paynt 1 , Wei Wal.'or'h c-.sa> with valo diet 01 y t iimi , 1'loia '.1 ilii^c t, i) Th-t V. u Tw( Smith. Mosfira Lap ,ee and hear Luke Woodard of Iud Hi^ wife, EKirn, accompanied him. They were on their home from the X. 1' Yearly meeting ot Friends recently held at Olens Falls. ^ r Edward A. Brayshaw of Eng. I WE HAVE JUST bought was a guest at J 11. Bakers last i our garden seeds, paid the •M .nday. He was on his way homej lnone y for them and thc y are 'rora worlds fair and expects to visit ours to sell at an> price we relatives at Phil, bdore g-ing homu ,please. That price will be for many years, aiid has always The morning and afternoon sessions. Lock ivc.-p Laphnm iu.irt(<tti been cstecniod for his habits of were secret Ganarmm Lodge of jj y y- industry and honesty. The funoral this ]>laco won tho rranito gavel was held Tuesday morning from block by securing the most now St. Patrick's church, of which he|member.-; during the last quarter. was ono of the lirst members. |In tho oveiung, everyone wishing ii the hurso.'i v.ill l.niy'.i tht Mrs. Ellen Daylor, of Farming- admiltanco was welcomed. A. W. ing 1 against in- stcni.i elans hfctory, Irving' Mrs. Kittle Wdkiuson and Miss. W. Talman. \'i I elasu propheey, | Lw/.\c Sheldon started last Wednes- Geo. .J Engorl '.o solo. She Wasjday Th-y returned from Pittsford the Idol ot my Heart, selected, X D.| in the a fternocn very mrch to the 3 cents per paper at low prices. Bulk seeds I're-i'-ntaiion of Diplomas U il if.i Yoars Arc Passing 11 Tiu-:.i;-son Smiors' ; \2d 1 • 1 .in. yoeinl n V\ jth tho R wn-'U rpeed 111 as sue esMtnlly .is the TRAINS MOVING WEST Itou, died Monday last of dropsy of j Gates fired the first gun against in- stem. 1 engino has opnned it, thin year Buffalo Accommodation!t»e heart, aged 70 yoars. She waaltemperancr and was followed byiof Rracp !>•*•:* vi ill mark a Kood many 7:18. a. m. 8:12 a. m. Way Fr't via Gon. Jet. 4 ;00 p. m. Buffalo Accommodation TRAINS MOVING EAST. 7:83 a. m. W. S. Express. 2:40 p. m. Way Fr't to Newark. 6:09 p. m. Newark Accomodation, Dr.. frar;^ Fi s irpnsv. of their filends V wreckedi l an. on the route p-uposi taking a fro- 1 -tait lo- -h fnu J. Lander and D M Sliourds have letumed from the great exposition at Chicagi . Theysiy \It must be been to he fully appreciated W'f want you and your family to 1 onie to the strawberry social at tho widow of William Daylor, whojmembors of tho lodges with talkSi^'^shhiKS of the reconls.^ On 1^^^^ Hallj New Sa lem, Friday the .'3d. under the auspices of tho Good diod in Soptombor, 1891. They wore residonts of Farmington for many years, coming directly there wo have a Xow York Central ongino I Y. 'in this village, Wednosday morning. I and have been hold in high estcom Iby thoir neighbors. The funeral 'r* r rar;\ \ Macedon, N OfBco hours; 8 to 9 A . ii., 2 to 41 A Lyons minister furnished the And 7 to 9 p. M . Sundays, 8 to 10 money for one of his flock to take A. U. and 7 to 9 p. M. |a scholarship at a Keoloy Institute. JThis is tho way to accomplish some­ thing in temporance work, and the only way. Theso institutions have demonstrated that drunkenoss can bo cured and all that is now required Kddy_ &_Joh'nston Building, Mac-|ia the prico and tho consent of the is no and songs, mi nr . 1 n -i nr-i idoing a milo in :S3 eeeonds, whilo on,„, , , The Montreal Daily Witness the Allnntlc th8 1K , W CuiinriU . P hM ;Tcmplars, Lodge 9S3 speaks of the preparations that nro surpa <, 60 ,i Q ]1 performance on the| The summer series ol Sunday School begins at Union and Merten- sia tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. It has been suggested to organize a S S. at New Salem and school dist. SOMETHING NEW, bor- dered apron ginghams, A new piece of Black Goods, brocaded polka dots, very pretty 25 cents per yard. A New Slock of bhort pants for boys, among them \Cordu­ roys.\ you know they wear like iron. 0—0—0 from Ireland, while in their prime being made for the National Con-'eastward passage vention of tho Young Pcoplo's' Tho public npprti lation ot high .. ^Society of Christian Endeavor, to epocd grows keener year by year 9I was held at St. Patrick's church, j m00 t !n that city next month. [Americans like sport, especially ifj ' They are expecting 20,000 de i 0 .|thc character ot it IP above reproach_| N o Dr. Morgan L flulryie ; DENTIST. Office and labritory 170 Plymouth Ave., Rochester. A, Y - ? mc ° day * ionday 'idrunkard. Certainly there until further notice, 1 J gates. Tho decorations aro all de-| signed and the drill hall will be! given into the possossiou of the committee, July 1. Fivo large churches have boon sccurod for tho oarly morning meetings. Arthur, son of Professor R. A Watorbury, of Gonesco Noimal school, was drowned in the Genesoe INSURANCE. Why not have the BEST P The largost insurance firm in Wayne County, representing 13 of the best oompanios in tho world. Correspon­ dence solicited. CLARK & KNAPP, PAlmyra, N, Y. J. L yhi$tkthwait«, ATTORNEY &• COUNSELOR AT LA W, 617 Ellwanger & Barry Building, ROCHESTER, N. Y. The rogular Communica­ tion of Macedon Lodge, 665, F. & A. M. will bo, , , . , ... , ' . ... TT ,, rn years has lived .m a house of his own held in their Hall, Pue8-r_construction t L .__ ...n , d»y ,7 :30 P. M ., June 20, 1893. .river, whilo bathing last Friday excuse now for inactivity in temper-1^^^ xho livcr waa drftgged ance work. \He*lth and Ploasuro on Ameri­ ca's Greatest Railway,\ for 1893, is out. This is tho beautiful year book published by tho Now York Central company and this year's surpasses all other olTortB, contains 452 pages of interesting matter and beautiful engravings of tho railway and tho scenery as soen from thoir splendid trains. Copy of tho book will bo sent to any addresB, free, post-paid, on receipt of fivo two-cent stamps, by Goo. H. Daniels, Goneral Passongor Agont, Grand Contral Station, New York City. Charlie, tho Indian, who for two all that night, but without success The search wns continued through- aud in tho tests of engines, land and marine, they have no reason to wor­ ry over the chance of crooked work Every timo a record is broken the public is delighted. And thoro seems to bo overy promis that this year will bring a great deal of enjoyment of enjoyment of the kind to the resi­ dents of these Unitod Statos. Rail way Times and V mancial Rogister This woek at Story's. NEW WAISTS for Boys, the best one we ever sold for 25cts And, Oh 1 what a \dandy\ for Why not 3 Brownsville toofjo cents: and there will be new Curtains among these goodSj 30 to 50 cents, one, a 7 foot one at 60 cents, We can't spec­ ify. Come in and see. K1011 pieces of elegant wash dress goodi., 115 pieces choice new dress! Monday morning could muster a nice large school The report from the Ontario Co. S, S. Assem. recently held at Gor- ham will be read at the Friends S. S. tomraorrow at 1 P. M. by Miss Sarah Ketchom At the regular meeting of the Grange this evening at Grange Hall the \Good til the order\ will be con­ ducted by Flora, come early. Mrs. William Daylor passed away The funeral goods. 700 pieces of ehoice worsted out Saturday and Sunday, but it dress goode, 2*> dozen very handsome was not until Monday morning tho body was found by moans of a net that had been placed across tho dam. Tho funeral was held Mon­ day afternoon and was largoly attended. shirt waists, li.'J dozen of the first- clasii makes of corsets, 950 dozon of very choice new hosiery, new stock of ladiee. miusos and children's mus­ lin underwear and dresses. I la thoro' : range don't If you want a stoel pay peddlers twice Velveteens in several good colors , t thoy arQ WQrtn Drop m noxt maybehada.t Eddy's. I week and wo will show you a stoel A new stock'of goods from which I ranga worth the money. Woods to chooso, at Eddy's |& Son A fine assortment at Eddy's of held Wednesday and was largely at­ tended by kindred frionds aqnaint- ances and neighbors. The decesed was 70 yrs. of age and the interment was made at Palmyra. Macedon Centre. By order G, P. KAISER , W. M. R. P. MAQEE, Soc'y. • Onto/rio G-rcum.te and, Jd.arrhle ^orJcs ONTARIO, N. Y. STURGES & RISLE Y, Propr. Correspondence solicited. Br. Lwi$ fJ. Gilbert, DENTIST. Rochester office 62StatoSt. J. C. Servos*' rosidonoo, MAOodon, N. Y. ' OfiicodAy, Wednesday, until further notice thoso Hayden's flannols suitable for IIot weather is upon us. \ ou need mons' pants and vest; also for boys' ™ ° {1 stovc Half a dozen SIZ0S at clothos Woods * Son's M. Lipsky of Palmyra has the; The hardware is the place to buyi o the borm bank of' 1 ^ 08 ' 8took o£ clothing over aeon your machine oil. All kinds and' ., , . . , , , . Ion this county. If yon want a good'p r io 0 B \•—»-«- the canal, is taking hia moals at tho!7\ nw>nnf 1nr n J . J \ m* County juil, Lyons, and this is how it happened. With Bomo neighbors he visited Palmyra, Saturday even­ ing; and while thore imbibed too freely of lire wator. Ho returned home at a late hour, in \Big Injun\ stylo, drovo his squaw and oldest daughter, a girl of twonty summora, out of tho houso in their \night clothes and burned up thoir wearing apparal. Kind nsighbora took tho women in and provided them clothes, Monday, Constable Dorntoo captur­ ed Charlie, and Justice Woods im­ posed A fine of $20. or 80 dAys; And as Charlie had not the wampum, he wont up. neooiSAry within & Son the sell _ . Woods it Sou. lvorcoat for a roasonablo pneo, call 1 r , on him cream freezers ;reach of all Woods We are constantly enlarging our'tijgjn facilitios for fine job printing. i u T . , . \ , . ., ,1 For Salo—1 Adriunce mowing M. Lipsky is ready for tho seasons' , , , 6 trade with anew stock of goods,j»«chine and hone rake, noarly bettor, cheapor and fullor in its'n 0 ^ - O. C. Lapham. various departments than over, and see his ologant new stock, myra, N. Y. \Your Pocket.' - Call Pal- Humplireys' Specific, No. 7, cures Coughs and Colds. Got a vi ?.l at your Druggist's; it's handy to carry in your Vost Pocket,—25cts. A good hammock for 50 cents and up. Woods & Son. / Wo know of no clothing store in thi3 vicinity, whoro you can get so much in valuo for your monoy, as at M. Lipsky's, Palmyra, To renovate all-wool dresses there is nothing like washing them in soap bark which can bo bought Eddy's. Buy the D. M. Anthony broad Eddy^s. at! at; MORE OF THOSE Gents' fine Kangaroo Shoca. These aro the prettiest shoe for a nobby shoe ever sold in this place; they fit like a glove and are worth three dollars and seventy-five cents. We have another one, said to be Kangaroo, worth $3. Mrs. Mary Pulver leaves next week W-ednesday for Chicago, to visit hor son, and attend tho world's fair. Sovoral of our W. O. T. U. ladies will attend tho Co. session to be held at Alton next weak. Laura Holton of Allen's Crook is attending rogonts' examinations this wook Mrs. John Fox and daughter of Rushville, aro visiting her mothor Mrs. Pilcher, this week Carrie Parker's school year closed! last Tuesday. Sho is now homo enjoying hor Hummer vaoation Rev F. C. Thompson, of Fairport, will deliver the baccalaureate ser­ mon to tho graduating class of throe young ladies, in the M. E. church, at 7:30 o'clock, next Sunday: evening. 1 Miss Dora, Blakor, who has beon very sick with neuralgia, is better. Butter and oggs wanted in ex­ change for goods, at Eddy's. M. Lipsky of Palmyra, has as finejj a stook of spring clothing, and sollsi as cheap, as anyone, ONE DOLLAR AND A HALF buys a pair of ladies patent leather tip, opera style, 9hoe, as good as was ever sold for the money. o — OUR OWN make of BAK­ ING Powder is the best. We have made it for the last eight years and used it in our own family and defy any one to show better results with any baking powder made. Price, 25 cents per pound. Young men and old men—big boys and little boys.—We can fit all of you with as good a 25 cent Outing Shirt ss either of you ever bought for the money. No goods made washes as easily as Outing, hence the secrot of its lasting quality. Tis not worn out on the wasli board. Our 50 cent Outing Shirt is extra good and large enough for any man in town, with perhaps the exception of , and one yard in length. Outings-or any blue goods- should never be dried in the sun-light YOUNG MAN Tell your Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Uncles, Aunts and Cousins that those beauti- ul Spring Ties arc now on sale. The manufacturers have put our firm name on the inside of the band of a few of tho besL Of course, if they do not wear well and the colors do not \stand the test,\ we will have to stand the scolding Wc always take egga in ex­ change for goods. WE HAVE A Special Sale of Umbrellas Now on. These umbrellas are the \Twilled English Gloria.\ Are fast black, and have-the finest finished handles you ever saw with umbrellas at the price, 98c. Provide yourself with one beiore attending Gallagher's circui, next Monday evening, for who ever knew of a circus exhibiting in Maccdon unaccompanied by a severe rain storm. We put on sale this week several patterns of white and black dress patterns of Flounc- ings. Some very fine 1 few doze 1 men's wrappers at iS cents, price until June 1st. gauze Thia When you arc trading ask for cake of Primrose Soap. It will cost you nothing. Only one to the same person. PURDY'S. Don't forget, wo have over 100 different styles of Hosiery for you to select from. Eggs always taken in exchange for goods. Our 50 cent Overalls arc of superior material and of supe­ rior make; have 4 pockets inclu­ ding the watch pocket. The life of James G. Blaine given free, Get a card and get the life of one who was tho greatest living statesman for more than 20 years of his life— free. It is a book of 600 p»goi nicely bound, containing a full account of his early life, hii ducation and career as a teacher his brilliant service in Congress and as speaker of the House, is able record in the Senate of the United States. His nomina tion for the Presidency; his emi­ nent service as Secretary of State.—His sickness and death. The volume is liberally emboL lished with superb Phototype engravings. We have now—a superior, fast black Satine, at ono shilling per yard. 'Tis of excellent qual- ty lor shirts, skirts, blouses and dresses. Wc always keep sup­ plied with that \tried and true\ 20 ct brand that you can boil, if necessary, and not impair the color in the least. We always take eggs, change for dry goods. in ox* HARWOOD & GO.

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