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\M. j£llcri Eddy - Editor. Published at Macedon, N.' Y., ' BVT511Y 8ATURDAY. SUBSCRIPTION EATES. These rites inolude postage to any part of the United States or Canada, ljyear (if paid in advance) $1,00 1 je*r (if not paid in advance) 1.25 BJacedon at sec- tfnttrfd in thi Pott Office at ltd ttett mail matter. Saturday, July 22, 1893. BAILROAD TIME TABLES NEW YORK CENTRAL Clubbing Rates. Wo will send tho NEWS'GATHERER and nuy. o£' the- below publications for one year, both for • the price named after: Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, $2.00 Demoreat's Magazine, 2.55 New York World, 1.85 Now York Tribune. 1.85 OF LOCAL INTEREST. - a HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. Breat Four-Track Trunk Line Sakttaa' by the Government, In connection wHh the Lake *We A Michigan 8outhorn R'y> oath* \ ROUTE OF THE FAST MAIL.\ WWI the Lakt Shore It alto formi the routa of the Fanioue Wagnor Vtititoule \ Niw York A Chicago Limited.\ In •ermeetfen wHh tht Lake Short and \Big; Four,\ ft oonttHutaa tho routt t( the M Southwestern Limited\ •aMOINNATI, INDIANAPOLIS AND ST . LOOM,' It ll alto the IiREfiT LINE TO NIAGARA FALLS, And wHh the Michigan Central R.R. farm* \The Niagara Falls Route\ •ETWtEN THE EAST AND THE WEST. All Train! arrlvo at and depart from GRAND CENTRAL STATION, r\urtk At*, and Foriy-tM*Mt St Nim York, Largest and Finest Paaeangor Station In America, and tti« only one In tha city tf Now York. Taint leave! Macedon as follows, GOING EAST. t :15 a. m. No, 84, Accommodation »;ll a. m. No. 66. Local Freight. 13:00 p. m. No. 36, Acco'tion. 3:83 p. m. No 30 Acco'tion. 1:81 p. m. *No 38 Western Express. 7:45 p. m. No 26 Lyons Acco'tion. GOING WEST. 7:45 a. m. Buffalo Accom'tion. t :47 a. m. + No 27 Accom'tion. 12:41 p. m. accom'tion. 2.-15p. m, No 67 Local Freight. 4:39 p. m. No 111 Day Express. 7;37p. m. «No 39 Rochester Ac'n. •Runs Sundays. EDSON J. WEEKS, Gon'l Agt. 1 Exchange St, Buffalo, N. Y. J. M. TOUCEY, GEO, II. DANIELS Gen'l Supt. G. P. A. Grand Central Station, N. Y. WESTSHORE R. R. On and after May 28th, 1C93, trains) will stop atMaocdon station as follows TRAINS MOVING WEST. 7.18 a. m. Buffalo Accommodation 8.06 a, m. Local Fr't, via Gen. Jun 8-55 p. m. Buffalo Accommodation TRAINS MOVING EAST. 7-89 a. m. W. S. Express. 8 ;05 p. m. Way Fr't to Newark. 6:14 p. m. Newark Accommodation WAYNEPORT. TRAINS MOVING WEST. 7.18. a. m. Buffalo Accommodation 8-12 a. m. Way Fr't via Gen. Jet. 4 ;00 p. m. Buffalo Accommodation TRAINS MOVING EAST. 7:83 a. m. W. S. Express. 2:40 p. m. Way Fr't to Newark. 6:09 p. m. Newark Accomodation. C. E. Lambert, G, P. A. 5 Vandorbilt Ave , New York City, Dr. fra^ fi^lev^ Macedon, N. Y. Offico hours; 8 to 9 A. ir., 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. ir. Sundays, 8 to 10 A. if. and 7 to 9 p. ai. Br. Morgan L flulrri^ DENTIST. Ofllco and labritory 170 Plymouth Ave., Rochester. Eddy & Johnston Building, Mac­ edon, N. Y. OfBco day Monday, until further notice. Dr. Uwi$ fl. Gilbert, DENTIST. Rochester office, 62 State St. J. C. Servoss' residence, Macedon, N. Y. Office day, Wednesday, until further notice. J. L fhiotkthwaiU, A TTORNEY & COUNSELOR AT LAW, 617 Ellwangor & Burry Building, BOOHESTEE, N. Y. Oniarrio Gfrosriite and, JAarrhle ^ OTTCS, ONTARIO, N. Y. S TURGES & RISLE Y, Profir. Correspondence solicited. HARD & SOFT COAL, AT WEST SHORE R. R. C. C. HERENDEEN. Spring clothing in all the latest styles, at M. Lipsky's, Palmyra, at prices as low as tho lowest. A new and largo assortment of chenicllo table covers, at Eddy's Prank Hollcy of Webster, visited this placo Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Willard, of Lakesido, are at the World's Fair. Josoph Thistlothwaite was in Now York a few days in the past week. Miss M. B. Gile is visiting rela tives at Cold Water, Mich., at present. Will Cator visited James VanDruff and family of Eosc. last Friday and Saturday. Wm. Hickox has been putting out 1000 quarts of berries a day, in the past week. Samuel Cosad of Iluron, was in town last Tuesday, shaking hands with his many frionds. Work is in progroBS to fit tho J 0. Servoss' front room, for the re­ ception of tho post office. H. J. Brcese and family rcturnod from a visit to Mrs.Breeso's relatives at Petorboro, Ont., last Saturday evening. Mrs, Frank Finlcy, who has been spending several days with her moth­ er, Mrs. Knapp, at Walworth, re­ turned homo Sunday. Mrs. W. S. Eddy, with her child­ ren are spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Eld- ridge at Lakeside. Mabel Little and GussioBrundago, rcturnod homo from their outing at Canandaigua Lake, Monday, Mrs. Littcl drove over for them. Mrs. E. D. Thomas and children of San Antonio, Tex., came on Mon day last, to visit her brother, H, J. Brcese and other relatives in this vicinity. Miss Ida Markham, of Farming' ton, visited at her uncle's, A. L. Jackson's on Wednesday, and wont to Lyons for a stay of a week or two at her uncles, Georgo Gardnor's. Mrs. Lucy Pound of Ontario, vis­ ited at J. S. Biddlecom's last Sunday and Monday. Her niece, Miss Oliv­ ia Pound, of Lincoln, Neb., return ed home with her for a visit, Joseph Bently was so unfortunate as to fall in his barn last Monday ufternoon and fracture a bone in his log between tho knoo and ankle. It will undoubtedly disablo him for several weeks. Lyman Bickford. Mrs. Kirkpat- rick, son Lyman and Mrs. G. B. Anthony returned from thoir trip to Wichita, Kan„ Wednesday. Thoy found their sistor Mrs. 0. T. Wilder and family quite well. Roy Barrett, of Newark, has pur chased the hardwaro business of Thomas W. Hicks, deceased, of Pal­ myra. Albert Hicks., who has boen managing the business sinco his fath­ er's death, will continuo his badgo business. At Pittsford, on Monday, July 17, Fred Avcrill was killed almost ins­ tantly, at tho lock, by tho heavy beam of ono of tho gatos, which wa s being opened by a ropo from tho other end of tho lock. The young man had boon swimming and was tying his shoo when he was struck, lie was a brothor of Mrs. J. W. Pal­ mer who lived near by. Lyman Kirkpatrick was an oyo- witness of tho dreadful catastropho, at tho burning of tho Cold Stosge'| building at the World's Fair. Ho had but justloft the building, when, ho had docided there was nothing particularly interesting to him and had procoeded but a fow rods, wheh tho alarm of firo was given, It was a thrilling experience, tho momory of which will never fado from his mind. Tho hiombors of Ganargua Lod^e I. O. G. T-„ will givo a public piic- nic on the grounds of John E. Bp. kor, Friday afternoon the 28th inat. Ice cream and cake will be on aule during the afternoon. Supper fram until 7 o'clock at 10 cents per plate. Tho membora aro roqueated to furnish provisions for the ocoa- sion. No postponment on account of weather. Teams will be in wait­ ing at tho Hall, at 1 p. m. At a mooting of tho Wayne Coun­ ty Tennis Association held at New­ ark, N. Y„ July 18th, it was doci­ ded to hold tho annual tournament as follows;—August 29th, at Newark, August 30th, at Lyons, August 31st, at Olydo, Soptembor 1st, at Palmyra. A new fcaturo this yoar will bo tho handicapping of tho players and in consequenco it is expoctod tho entries will bo largo and a very lively tour nament tho result. Ed. Howk and wife of Ontario, were-in-town-Thursday, 'visitin'gTcl- ativpR. t •Miss Lillio Dean returned homo from Chicago and the Exposition, last Saturday. Mrs. Dikeman wont to Shortavillc Wednesday, for a week or ten days' visit to relatives. Jamie Kring of Buffalo, j s spend ing a woek or two in town, the guost of David Servoss and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sweeney of Owogo, visited their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gottloiber of this placo, tho past woek. Albert Knapp of Manchester, rode this way on his bicyclo last Tuesday and called on friends in this placo. Horbort Wiley was sick and wont to his father's at Fishers a few days in the past week. Ho returned on Friday, much better. Mrs, W. E. Van Wicklin and sou Purdy, of New London, Ohio, ar­ rived at her brother's, Ira L. Pur- dy's, Thursday ovoning. Mrs. John Lano, senior, is vory sick and it is feared that she will not recover. Her daughtors, Mrs. Wm. Payno and Mrs. W. S. Smith are with her. Mrs. Pauline Clark, widow of Levi n. dark, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Goo. H. Crandall, of Palmyra, Wednesday, July 19th, aged 70 years. Married, 10th inst,, by John E Baker, justice of peace, at his rosi dence, Edwin H. Cooloy and Miss Adelphina A. Hutchens, both of Cheshire. N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hoyt and son of Buffalo, came to this placo Tues­ day, for a visit to their cousins, Geo P. Lapham and family and othor rolatives in this vicinity. C. H. Parkor, Prof, W. L. Harris and Miss May Ryckman are oxpoct ed homo from thoir Canadian trip this week Saturday. The boys will givo their fish stories in next issuo. Mrs. L. Heath and son Byron, returned from their trip to Boston, Friday evening, having made good use of thoir fine opportunity of see­ ing the notablo sights of the colon­ ial city, Macodon Lodge A. O. U. W. will visit Palmyra Lodgo, on Monday ovoning, July 24th, All brothers arc especialy invited to attend. Free boat will leave dock at 7 P. M. By order of committee. Micheal DeLany and family went to Newark, Monday, to attend th funeral of his nephew, the young man who was killed at Niagara Falls last Friday, by the falling of an ele­ vator weight in tho signal tower un dor process of construction thore Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCarty also attendod tho funoral, which was very large. Miss Maggie Hutchinson of Roch­ ester, a sister of Mrs. C. J. Servoss of this placo, was severely, though not dangerously injured in tho lato railroad disaster at Newburg. She received several scalp wounds aud is suffering much from the shock to hor nervos, which is not surpiisingj as she found herself unablo to riso from under tho dead bodies of two women, her late fellow passengers, Miss Hutchinson's escape is due to tho fact that she was on the sido of the car away from the freight cars they collided with, as all on that sido woro either killed or seriously injur' ed. Miss Hutchinson's brother went immediately to Newburg and they returned homo Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Servoos wont to Rochester Sun­ day, returning Monday. Maoedon Centre. Lakeside. Joseph Bently met with a ^serious accident -last Monday, ,.,by falling through the-the opening where they put hay down for their horses, broke his leg near the ankle joint and sprained his ankle. Jonah Seaman and family, of New York are spending some time at Benj. Blaker's. While assisting them jn their harvesting, Wednesday, the team ran away and he was caught in the harness some way and was drag­ ged some distance and bruised in several places, but no bones broken. Supervisor Billings entertained Supervisor Cosad, of, Huron, Tues­ day. Mrs. Frank Mandeville and daugh­ ters spent last woek Wednesday with Eev. F. C. Thompson and family in Fairport. Mrs. Frank Ramsdell is enter taining her sister, Mrs. Eddy, of| Rochester. L. H. Clark, of Sodus, was the guest of the Misses Downing last Wednesday night. He is engaged as principal at Ovid Union School where his sister, Miss Kittie has been preceptress for the past five years. Prof. Stevens is in town. William Underhill remains about the same also Mrs, Cynthia Clark Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Willard started for the \World's Fair, Mon­ day evening. P. M.- Keel will give an exclu­ sion to Niagara Falls, Saturday July 22nd. We hear that Wm. Payno has opeued his dry house again this season. John Thompson, of Williamson, We are anxious to was out looking for young lady reduce our stock of calicoes, so berry pickers, Sunday. Berry makc the P rice 011 ANXIOUS PRICES. pickers are scarce , this season, Loads have come from Rochester summer stock, yard. You will much of our five cents per find a pile of Many of our neighbors are going these goods just inside of the to Niagara Falls, Saturday. door. Pittsford. PARASOL In the store at cost and still three months of parasol weather. Farmington. Half Rates to Tho World's Fair, via America's Greatest Railroad. On Saturday, July 29th, tickets to Chicago and return will bo sold at Now York Central Offices, at ono lim. ited fare for the round trip, as follows For spocial train on tho main lino, running just ahead of No. 3. For train No. 1, on the Auburn road, and for train No. 3 on tho Falls Road Coaches to run through to Chicago via Niagara Falls and the Michigan Central R. R. Tickets will be good returning leaving Chicago on Michi­ gan Central trains Nos. 6 and 8 any day up to and including August 7th and only in day coaches and for con­ tinuous passage. For further information call on New York Central ticket agents or address Edson J. Weeks, General Agent, No. 1 Exchange St., Buffalo, N Y. The Boston Boys Are having a splendid clothing, hat, cap and gents' furnishing goods trade. They please all that como. The Cash Trade At M, Story's so far this year, is very nearly one thousand dollars more each month. than ever before. Choic, new goods and low prices tell. Our barbed wiro victims aro now out of danger. Tho wounds are healing nicely. Whoat about all cut and many fields are gleaned. Barloy is being secured. Mrs. Phebe Colter and daughter Anna, from Canandaigua, are out to help pick peas. Miss Verna Cotton was taken sud­ denly ill this last woek; she is con­ valescing nicely now. E. J. Cody made a big drivo last Tuesday, while hauling in hay. He was on tho load going to the barn, ho had the lines in his hands too, but the horses turned out of the road and the hind wheel ran over a big rock and tipped the wagon- load and all over. A telegram from Cayuga county, N. Y., tho 14th. inst., to A. F Barnes, stated \that his stallion, Belmont, was dangerously sick, and that he could not live.\ Dr. D. Cotton has gono down there to restore tho horse and bring him home. An interesting program is to be announced at tho Good Tomplar's Lodge, this ovoning, in Grange Hall, at 8 o'clock sharp, Misses Emma and Sadie Cole, in company with a party of young people from Rochester, started for|ANY Chicago via of the Lakes, last Thursday. Mrs. Mary May find Hairy May are at the World's Fair. Mortimer Thomas has in his possession two curious specimens of] the feathered tribe. They were found near Mendon Ponds but no person as yet has been ablo to identify them. The guesses so far have been, hen hawk, crane and|TO RAILROAD MEN. eagle. Miss Frances Spiegel has been We shall recieve this J e ^;; l fc ;;' of frie,uls week, or the lore part of next, a vasp ei ly -no . an extra g 0od s j loe espec j a Hy The members of the Presbyterian addapted to their wants; $2.00 choir were entertained last Satur were day evening, by Mrs. Charles Sclioen, Miss Susie Stone, the director of tho choir, spent Sunday there. Among those who will soon go| to Hemlock Lake for recroalion, Schoen and wifo, C, and family, Dr, and and 2.50. shoes for styles. Also some new fine young men, nobby Union Hill. Many of the young people arc spending their vacation at their homes among us, and are enjoying the change from the dull routine of school life. The wifo and children of Dr, Frank Boynton, of New York, are at the home of Mrs. Mary Palmer, for a few weeks. A very pleasant company of young people spent the evening of Friday last, at the home of Miss Nellie Hiscutt, the party being given in honor of Miss Tillie Hartman, ol Rochester, who is enjoying an out­ ing among us. Mr. and Mrs. Will Willard have gone to Chicago, to attend the Exposition. Hon, F. M. Jones, of Webster, intends soon, to build a fine resi dence at that place. On account of Quarterly meeting at the Brick church, no preaching service was held at Lakeside on Sunday last A very enjoyable reunion of| cousins was held on July 4th., at the home of H. Doyo, Guests from Marion, Brighton, Gates and Roch­ ester, were present. Rand has returned Conn., where she at NEW CAMEO DRAPERIES Received this week, very bcautiiul goods. That we are offering many bargain just now. A visit to our store will pay you. Fruitland. Mr. and Mrs. H. Curtis, of Col­ orado, are visiting their father, F, i. iiiii. Frank Hooker is home for a vacation. Most of the berries in thfs vicinity we being dried. Miss Clara Smith, of Rochester, in spending several weeks with her pirents, A. H. Smith and wife. Last Tuesday some boys from Rochester, were going to William­ son to pick berries and they broke into the house of O. Cary, taking a razor, jack-knife and exchanged a pair of old shoes for a good pair, and helped themselves to all they wanted to eat. Ira Middleton has a new method for unloading coal from cars. He intends to open a now store soon. Mrs. Wm. Payno, of Fruitland, and Mrs. W. S. Smith, of Lakeside, visited their mother, Mrs. J. Lane, who is seriously ill at Macedon. Am in neod of money, pay up. O. E. Evorson. Como and are: Charles B, Emmons Mrs. Doan. Miss Lucy from Middlctown pent last winter. Miss Ruth Edson is visiting Wellsville, her former home. The Miyses Goss, of Waterbnry Conn., are visiting their unclc,|r30N'T FORGET Supervisor Goss. Fred Avcrill, brothor of Mrs. W. J. Palmer was instantly killed last Monday e\ ening, at the locks near Mrs. Palmer's home. He in company with two young men, had been In bathing and was finishing Iressing on the stone steps of the lock, when the gates were suddenly opened and without warning|DJ.pj YOU EVER, crushvd his skull. The funeral was hold on Wednesday, at Mount Hope \y e think you °hapel- got as great a bargain as Mrs. T. E, Hay ward and Mrs. y OU bought that Mamie Tusk have returned from or lawn the World's Fair and were among those, who witnessed tho terrible (ire at Chicago, last week. Miss Nancy and George Thomas will spend two . weeks during August, with frionds in Central Ohio. Meet the requirments Perry Putman Phelps died sud- 0 f any man in pants or vests; bjg denly, at his home on Wednesday i ittle( great Qr smalL evoning, of apoplexy. Ho attended to his usual duties in the morning and during the forenoon, was taken ill with what appeared to be indi­ gestion but proved to be apoplexy. He has been a resident of Roches­ ter many years but for tho past two years, has resided here with his To close out our pres mother and sister. Miss Helen ent stock of Wall Paper, so 3 cent never when calico WE CAN WE WANT If The Lady Who told us she paid a certain merchant, whose name we will not mention but who advertised in a recent number of the News Gatherer that he was selling more goods than any two stores in Wayne County (said ad show­ ing that its author is high on brag and low on syntax) 20 cents per yard for Black Satine and it turned \a dirty, rusty color be­ fore it was half worn out\ will try a dress from our 20 cent brand, we will refund the money paid for the dress and trimmings pay her dress maker's bill and pay for all time spent in obtain­ ing said dress if it does not stand any fair sun or water test she may subject it to, without im­ pairing its color. We have al­ ready sold over 600 yards of it and the demand is increasing instead of diminishing. Our Fast Black Shilling Satine Is not surpassed for quality and luster by any sold at the same price. Money Wanted! As we need money on August 1st, we will ofTer at and after this date, July 21, those dress patterns in flouncings (of which there are some very fine) 10 per­ cent below cost; and the hottest weather yet to arrive. Note the following gifts. Gift number 1. You can have one of those 30 page WORLD'S FAIR SOUVENIRS free-one to each family-with an) purchase you make of us, how­ ever small. Just ask for one 1 1 we do not think to give you one Gift Number 2. As an inducement for you lo try thoso 5 cent hand brushes, (If you use one every night be. fore retiring you will appreciate them) we will give a cake of soap each with the first 20 sold after this date. Ask for them. Gift Number 3. A few of those pound packa­ ges (full 16 ounces each) of as­ sorted sizes of tacks left. A oG cent purchase ot any goods will entitle you to one package at the insignificant sum of 4 cents. This gift consists of the differ­ ence between 4 cents and the Phelps. make the price, ONE-HALF Mrs. VanValkcnburg and son PRICE.. We do this to make amount you would pay elsewhere Bert, of Rochester, formerly of this room, next spring, for the bigest place, are here to spend two weeks. i me Q f waU paper cyer brought Cheap Ten Day Excursions To The to Macedon. Remember, wall World's Fair. paper at our store, only half- tho West Shore railroad P rice from now out ' I Tho days on which the What has done specials will run. For some time past tho manage­ ment of the West Shore railroad has been looking forward to the| CREAM OF TARTAR timo when tho vast class of com- mercial people, who cfesiro to visit j four-fifths of the tho World's Fair, at tho least possi- , . ble expense, with tho greatest cost of an y P ure Baking Powder amount of comfort, To this end Ten years ago Cream of Tartar their entiro passenger equipment has was worth 37 1-2 cents per been rebuilt and upholstered and pou nd. Then the much vaunted fitted with toilet service, high back and adverti5ed Baking Pow ders easy scats, making comfortablo , , 0 , travel and bringing tho cars of this ^ T ere sold at 5° cents per pound lino up to tho highest standard. Now Cream of Tartar is worth The World's Fair special trains 22 cents per pound and those will be tho most modern over run same baking powders are still and tickets aro now on sale by them so i d at 5o cents per poun d to Chicago and return for ono fare wh a that price when you for the round trip, tickets being , n j . r> 1 • r> 1 valid for ten days. It will bo im- can bu ? Purd Y s Bakm S Powder possiblo to find a bettor routo to tho a <- 2 S cents P er pound—a pure World's Fair or one where every Cream of Tartar baking powder detail looking forward to the com- guaranteed equal to the best fort of tho excursionist has been considered. If our readers miss tho great Fair and a trip over the West Shore Railroad, the regret will long lingor on their minds. The dates on which these low rato tickets aro valid are as follows: Wodnosday, July 26th., Tuesday, August 1st., Monday, August 7th., and Saturday, .August 19th. A list of excursion's for the balance of August, September and Octobor PURDY'S. [willbo published later v , . . t for a pound of tacks. Any pur­ chase over said amount entitles you to the package at 4 cents. We will not sell them on any other terras. Ask for them. All of those 15 cent shirts (worth 25 cents) not sold this week will be marked down one cent per day until they are closed out. Will close out one brand of gents' gauze wrappers at 18 ctf. Eggs always taken in exchange for goods. . Look at our 65 cent FAST BLACK SUN UMBRELLAS, compare quality with any you ever bought or are now on sale at 75 cents. We always take eggs In ex- - change for goods. WE HAVE A Special Sale of Umbrellas Now on. These umbrellas arc the \Twilled English Gloria.\- Are fast black, and have the finest finished handles you ever saw with umbrellas at the price, 98c. We always- take eggs, in ex­ change for dry goods. HARWOOD & CO.

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