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N.SWS GATHERER Living Alone^ Washington Letter. Tho extra session of Congress will tako out oC tho impoverished trcas ury a big sum in cash. Though many of the expenses of the national legislature run on during its absence from Washington, they jump t o a maximum when it site. To make laws, costs Uncle Sam a large amount of money annually. Th e pay alono of members of tho Ho'\~- amounts to $1,800,000 a year, a they get $130,000 extra for mileag To help thorn transact their busine they require a small army of clorki doorkeepers, pages, etc. The salary list for this force of assistants run up to $730,000. This does not ii elude the oflice of tho sergeant-a arms, which is a sort of bank through which the salaries of tin Representatives are paid. To rui this financial institution an outlay of $10,000 more is needed. A i additional $20,000 provides for the support of the IIouso post oflice, through which as much mail matter passes as comes into and goes oul of a good-sized city. The number of Senators bein{ mucli smaller, their annual pa> amounts only to Jj-140,000, with ai addition of $-15,000 for mileage There is an expense of $5,400 fo employes in the office of the ViC' President. The office of tho secrc tary of the upper house, which doe tho banking and attends to much o tho clerical business of that augus body, costs $0-1,500 in salaries Clerks and messengers to variou committees draw $103,500. Th. pcrgcant-at-arms, doorkeepers a m other helpers get an aggregate o $118,G00. It also costs a great deal of monci to run the building, which Congres occupies for business purposes. Th' Capitol is under the charge o Architect Clark, who is allowe< $05,000 a year for keeping it ii order. Four plumbers do nothinj but mend and renew the arrange ments for water and gas, a m twenty-iive laborers are ongagec every day of the year in scrubbing the corridors of the great edifice All this has nothing to do with tho',* keeping up of tho two wings, so far as their interior arrangements are concerned. Tho care of them de­ volves upon the Senate and House respectively. Furniture an d re­ pairs require an annual outlay of $1S,000, to which must be added about $35,000 for fuel and gas. Th e Capitol and grounds represent a cash outl y of nearly $20,000,000. This esliin 'c would have startled its original projectors. Wanting a design for the building, they offered $500 and a building lot for tho host one that should be submitted. Until twenty live years ago th e site comprised a n area of only twenty-two acres. It was enlarged to its present size of iifty ono and Is not all of life. There is joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness, health and sickness; and the greatest of these is hoalth—the other good gifts will follow naturally. To be well you must exterminate the germs of disease. Disease has its origin in germs. • Begin at tho bottom. You can­ not fail if you place your trust in ^ GERMA-YICI 1 A JUG OF JOY \ THE GREAT DISEASE GERM DESTROYER. For Sale b v H . M. L1TTEL , Farmington. Lakeside. one-half acres, at a cost of $085,000. jplace with her. Mrs Payne, of Fruilland, ami Mrs. Winfield Smith, have returned from Macedon, where they have been spending some time with their js a t urf j a y night, mother, Mrs. J. Lane, who is seriously ill. Frank Hooker is keeping the Lakeside store, while Mr. Willard is at the Exposition. Two young ladies from Rochester, are spending their vacation at M. Donovan's. Isaac Hurley lias been selling patent berry boxes about here. A grandson of Mrs. Sec, of this is spending his \acation It is generally taken for granted that the Sherman law is to bo re pealed, and speculation as to the construction of the House com­ mittees i s rife. There is a great deal of talk about Mr, Bland's not going again at the head of the com­ mittee on coinage, weights an d measures, but there appears t o be no reason to doubt that Mr. Bland will remain in his old place. I t is believed that a majority of th e members of tho House are no w in favor of the repeal of the law, and if this is so a bill for its repeal will pass the House regardless of who may be chairman of tho committee on coinage. The rules of the House will in all probability be such a s t o permit a majority to transact busi­ ness, without any arbitrary assump­ tion of authority or iillibustering on the part of any one. It is believed also that a bare majority of th e Senate would vote for the repeal, but there the mode of procedure is different, and with a determined opposition, such as will bo offered by the leading silver Senators, a vote may be delayed. A fair guess is that a bill repealing tho law may pass the House promptly, and that it may then stick in the Senate for some time, with tho possibility that a measuro favorable to silver may accompany it a s a n amendment when it goes back to the House. I learned at the ponsion oflice that 2,500 pensioners have been su s ponded up to date under the recent ruling requiring beneficiaries of the act of June 27, 1890, to prove total disability where they are drawing pensions for total disability. Many of the cases suspended will no t probably result in tho dropping of tho pensioner, but may be confined to a reduction of pension according to tho actual state of disability. Tho idea, now seriously suggested, of taking the desks away from the members of tho House may yet result in making Congress look like a big rural school, without enough birch rods and conical headgear to go around. The gold reservo in tho Treasury more than kopt pace with the ther­ mometer readings lost week, and closed at 98 (millions) and over. The excursion given by P. M Keel, Saturday, was quite u success. Fruitland. Abram Smith, a man in the em­ ploy of I. Middlcton, \\\\\\<t un­ loading hay, fell from the load striking his side on a beam. He was unable to work for a few days. Auburn Smitli is very sick of congestion of the liver. Many of tho young people arc spending their vacation among us and are enjoying the pure country air, from that of school and city. D. N. Cray is the guest of I Hodges. Simeon Morton is overseer of the berry patch, belonging to C, C Norton. Wm. Payne is evaporating about 1000 quarts of berries daily, in his steam ovaporator. F. Barnes's stallion, \Belmont with lockjaw, a t Cayuga, '., on the 18th. inst. lver Ryan is prostrated with /ere attack of rheumatism. Brccse, of Macedon, was in i last Monday, looking for berries. Since th e drying Is, berries are scarce. ving Brewster's horse stumbled fell down last Wednesday moon. Tho horse still survives ho looks as though he had been 1 for a mule target. r, and Mrs. Edwin Cotton have gone to the World's Fair, but v expect to be away from homo at thrco months. /. R. Hunt, of Honeoye, N. Y., tabout town last Tuesday, calling \some of his friends. He says prospect for a strong prohibition . ass, the coming fall, is growing Uiter every day. -e 3 college boys will bo here next ji, a t New Salem. Possibly ,:Orrow, at tho Friends' meeting. ,/ are good speakers, good singers / possess tho faculty of being st agreeable workers. Come and r them, admission free.' Moct- ,s on Monday, Tuesday, and •dnesday evenings, next week, <l in a largo pavilion tent, a t w Salem. Services begin a t 8.15 J , sharp. lie lecture delivered a t Grange 11, last Sunday evening, under • auspices of tho W. C. T. U., Rev. Mr. Norton, of Macedon ntre, was exceedingly interesting :d instructive. The attendance as fair but not as largo a s it! .ould have been. Mr. Norton ia u good spoaker. He knows what! he is talking about and ho w to' entertain an audience. | Tlireo new members were added | to the Good Templar's Lodge, last It being the night for the election of officers, the lodge voted to extend the time of th e session for said election. Anson Gardner was chosen Chief Templar. Pittsford. SPRING AND SUMMER SHOES! A fine variety of Ladies' Oxfords for 85c, $1., 1.25, an extra fine cloth top, patent leather quarter and tip for $1,35, a bargain and a shoe no one need feel ashamed to wear. Others for $1.50, 1.75 and 2.00, exceptionally fine. We have just restocked with the H. E. SMITH & CO. LADIES FINE SHOES, The best shoe ever sold in Macedon, in lace and button, clotli kid tops. Try a pair and you wiK wear no others, and Mrs. Katherine Monroo Kilbourn, daughter of Hugh Crawford and wife of Professor J Kilbourn, class '-10 of Yale College, died last Satur­ day, after a lingering illness, a t the home of her son-in law, II. It, Rob- bins. Three children survive her. Mrs. Anna 10. Kobbins, of this place, , .. . , , ,. . Rev. J. K. Kilbourn, of Pleasant-! ro,al,vo to fcos ^r searclnng m the In men's shoes we lead with the F. M. Packard Shoe. In vicii kid, patent leather and calf; congress, lace and Blucher. Waverly School Shoes and 'Nox 'Em All Shoes In misses, childrens and boys sizes, styles and colors. Ladies tan and red shoes. A full lino of tennis and bicycle goods. Call and examino the bost stock of all kinds of footwear ever shown in Macedon. ISAAC DEAN, MACEDON, NEW YORK. To the Patrons of the Wayne] CANNED GOODS. County Clerk's Office: In deference to the discussion M. Lipsky of Palmyra, lias as fine a stock of spring clothing, and sells as cheap, as anyone, Highest casli prices paid for but- tor and eggs at the upper lock grocory. A now stock of goods from which to choose, at Eddy^ M. Lipsky of Palmyra has tho largest stock of clothing evor seen on this county. If yon wont a good ivercoat for a reasonable price, call on him. iti pans Tabulcs euro jaundice. Itipans Tabules euro tho bluos. Itipans Tabulcs arc always ready. Itipans Tabules: a family rcinody. Dr. Jf Hoe' Norvo una\ Llvor ruin. GO ilonoa 25 eta. St. Vitus* Dnnco «urod by Dr. Jflloa' Nervine Dr. Miles' New Heart Curo Bt DrURRlata. itipans Tabules curo dyspopsia. PATENTS Caveats and Rc.Issuos secured, Trademarks registered and all other patent cuuses In thol'iu- cnt Oniee and before the courtd promptly and carefully prosecuted. Upon receipt of model or sketch of invention, I make careful examination, and advise as to patentability tree of charge. With my oftlces directly across from the Patent Oflice, and believing In personal attend anco there, it is apparent that I have superior facilities for making prompt perllmfnary serches for the more vigorous and -successful pi execution of applications for patent, and for attending to all busine** entrusted to my care, in the shortest possible time. FEES MODERA TE. and exclusive atten. tlon given to patent business. Information advice and special references sent on request. J. It. L1TTELL, Solicitor and Attorney In PntontCau Washington, D. C. Mention this paper] Opposite* U.S.Patent FOR MEN ONLY! • -iPo r LOBT o r JTAHrtra KAKHOODt 'General an d NERVOUS DLBLLI T Y; JWeiknelso f Bod y andXind , Effects . .... llnf gnf>r.orErr .«.f IwDlflorYoanr. ^wbutt. Sobl. aiKHOOn mil? K.ttor.d. H . w Is . OUIT . ind 8lr°«»lli.nlTKlK,O»DETBL0rKDORGlX8*rABTB0l'S0Dt. A&3! Ilr uhlllu 1IIMK JRlU-raKJiT-Bj..ll . I . . d., . t.ltlfr tnm W«U1H Md Fmlj. Coulrk.. Writ.Ik.n. *««••> UUK fc&tOAfc CO., UUffM.0, M. Y. Kilbourn, villo, formerly of Mondon and Pax-j clcrk ' s otlicc, I hereby respectfully ton A. Kilbourn, of Knoxborough, announce that from the date hereof X. Y . The funeral wa s held af unUl the lgt day of August next, I -1.30 o clock on Monday afternoon, 1 July 2-lth , Rev. L. F. ltuf olliciat- wl11 makc certified searches on real ing. Miss Sadie Sutherland spont last Sunday at lloneoyo Falls, of Miss Maud Seaman J. 13. Ferris, who left Pittsford nearly four years ago, to seek a fortuno in the West, returned lust Friday and spent a few days here,, .• „ , , ., , . . ... , .. ... ...satisfactory to those desiring cortifi calling on an d visiting with old | ° friends. He gives glowing accounts | ecl statement of their titles. of his success and says he is now aj The limit is fixed at August 1st, settled California!.. ! for tho namn t]mt th(J pi . oposition estate at the rate of two cents for each name, year, and encumbranco tho K ucst ! se archcd against, tho legal rate now being five cents. Two cents is the lowest rate offered by any county in tho State and will, I trust, be LUMBER, INSURANCE. DOBBIN & MOORE HUE AUD LIFE Havo a full Assortment of Pine and Hemlock Lumber, SHINGLE, LATH POSTS &0. If in want of any call on W.'D.Herendeen,Agt. At the old stand, MACEDON, N. Y. If you want Boors, §a§F^ Bill Or special work, call at our planing) mill and yard, Main to Parker Sreet. on Canal, Fairport, N. Y. Do you Wish to Provide ? For yourself, for a debt, if you live: For your wife, children depondant if you die? If so, do it wlnlo you may, by taking a cash and paid-up policy in tho Massachusetts MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE Co. of Springfield, Mass. These values fixed by the statute of tho State of Massachusetts, are plainly stated in each policy issued. Call to-day. ANNA F. JACKSON, Agent IMMENSE BARGAINS -IN- -OF- Professor E. J. Howe was in town on Monday. A new pastime hero, is light croquet and it is a fascinating,or not the rate can bo continued jis somewhat cxjierimcntal. candle! rosu ^ W *H clotormino whether game. Mrs. Hatch and family are spend­ ing a week with Mrs. Palmer, in the country. Mrs. VanValkenburg an d Bert VunValkenburg are here for two weeks. Mrs. Loveless and her grandson, Roy Clark, ar c visiting a t Sandy Creek, Oswego county. The Presbyterian church will bo closed during the month of August. Tho Baptist Sunday school will hold its annual picnic ono da y next week, probably at South Park. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schoen, Mr. and Mrs, Chas. Emmons and Miss Nellio Emmons, Benj. Eaton, Miss Cassio Smith and others, went t o Hemlock lake last Tuesday, to remain ten days. Tho Misses Eva Smead and Sarah Scarls aro camping with a party at Canandaigua lake. • Mrs. Hibbard is at Keuka Lake and Miss Lydia is visiting her father in Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. VanBuskirk, Mrs. John Agate and youngest son, leftj on Tuesday morning for the North Woods. Dated Lyons, May 10th. 1893. F. A. PEACOCK, County Clerk. In this line, as in every other branch ol the Grocery trade, we aim to keep a good article, and will not sell what would not please a t our own table. Meats <§y Fish . Cooked corned bcof, roast boef, sliced dried bcof. Potted ham, turkey, chicken, beef, tonguo. Salmon, lobstor, fresh mackerel sardines. Fruits, Vegetables , Peaches, Piucapples, apricots, mince meat, pumpkins, green corn, tomatoes, groen beans, green peas, Lima beans, succo> tash, Boston baked beans. Mucliirt' s Soups . Ox tail, tomato, mock turtle, chicken, Armour's extract of beef. Sauces, Olives, olivo oil, caper sauce : Worcestershire sauce, kotchup salad dressing. Now line of different varieties of crackers and cakes. GEO. W. BOUCHTON THE BARGAIN CLOTHING HOUSE -OF- M. LIPSKY, JOURNAL BUILDING, Palmyra, N. Y. jvl OTICE To CRED1TOKS TO PRODUCE •LN CLAIMS.—Pursuant to au order of Luther M. Norton, Surrogate of Wayne county, notice is hereby given to all persoas having claims against George Fisher, late of .Macedon, In thei county of Wayne, deceased, that they are requir­ ed to present tho same, with the vouchors thereof | to Martin Dean, tho executor of the said deceas­ ed, ut the oflice of said Martin Dean, in Macedon, on or before the 1st day of February, A. D. 1804. Dated, July Slst, 189a, Martin Dean. Executor our Wo are constantly enlarging facilities for line job printing. M. Lipsky is ready for the season's trade with a new stock of goods, better, cheaper and fuller in its various departments than ever. Call and see his elegant new stock, Pal­ myra, N . Y. Buy tho D. M. Anthony broad Eddy's. at Great StiratStory's It is simply wonderful. His double stores are crowded daily up stairs and down, M . Story's cash trade so far this year is about one thousand dol­ lars more each month than ever before. Loads and Loads Of the newest and choicest goods made daily arriving at the cheap Dry Goods and carpet store. Al l goods a little off in style half price at Story's. Elegant new stock of Jackets, capes and wraps at Story's at about half the reg­ ular price. INe\vstock of ladies' misses' and childrens', muslin underwear; yo u can ge t any piece you wish. New stock of baby's bonnets and cloaks very choice and cheap, iooo pieces of elegant new dress goods. Go to Stiory's; they will please you . M STORY\. Palmyra, N. Y ANNOUNCEMENT. Having purchased the marl formerly conducted b y John C. Thrasher, we tako this opportu­ nity of informing the citizens of Macedon and vicinoty that we shall constantly keep on hand a [Full Line of FIRST QUALITY MEATS. We shall endeavor by fair, plain dealings to morit your patronage Our motto in tho future as in the past, th e best of everything at live and let live prices. OUR BILL OF FARE: HOME B, _ MADE SALT'PORK, * L a mb| Jvluttorj, A/eal, Domesti c Beef, Cooke d Beef, Drie d Beef, Bolognas , All kinds of Poultry in season; iu fact everything that can bo found in a well regu- latod market. W. W. POWERS & SON Itipans Tabules :,f or sour stomach. { Wonderful cure* by Dr. SUlea' Nervine, i j itipans Tabulcs curo nausea. Ripans Tabules prolong life. ^Itipans..TaBules banish pain. •'-'•\Iiipans Tabulos assist digestion. .. Itipans Tabules: pleasant laxative. Itipans Tabulos: ono gives reliof. A MARVELOUS DISCOVERY! Positively removes BONE SPAVIN, Ringbone, Splint, or Curb, IN 48 HOURS, Without Pain. $500 Reward For Failure or Slightest Injury This IF the Grealest Wonder of the 19th Century, nfaonlxh- ing, as It doce, the cntiro Veterinary world. Circulars and Sworn Proofs Mail­ ed Freo. Dr. Guy Ohocini, No. 3T8 Canal St., New York. The Jackson agency at Palmy ra, for years in the field doing its share of business presents to the public a list of standard com­ panies giving its patrons a choice without presenting any company which is not fully up to the line, AMERICAN OF PHILADELPHIA FRANKLIN,; GERMAN AMERICAN, GERJIANIA, GLENS FALLS. HANOVER, LANCASHIRE, PROVIDENCE WASHINGTON Also agent for the Mass. Life INSURANCE COMPANY. One oi the standard companies of the Union. Call on or write for terms and particulars to Anna F Jackson 35 Fayctto St., Palmyra, N. Y. FLOUR We have good family flour At $2.00 per hundred, Better at $2.25 and the very best at $2.50. Why Pay a Fancy Price? For your flour by the sack when you can get it so much cheaper by the hundred. Goods promptly delivered anywhere. ALLDEPARTMENTSlJ. s. Biddiecom j- r*. MACEDON, N. Y. SPAVIN C# H J. Breese -DEALER IN- Hay, Grain, Apples, Potatoes, &c. Also iigont for t first-class Farm Machinory and Bradley's Phosphate West Shore & Canal Warchouso, WALWORTH STA .MACEDON Carpets, Dry Goods, CLOAKS, Spring & Summer, 1 893. Great Stock, Elegant Styles, Low Prices, Entirely New Line in livery Department. The immencc sale now being made by Farnham of Palmyra, is because he has just the Righ t Goods at Right Prices. Hundreds of Rolls ol the Handsomest Carpets, at all prices, ever in Palmyra. Thousands of pieces of stylish Dress Goods in most popular shades. The best cloak and, cape display in this section \of the state and an experience of forty years in the Dry Goods business of Palmyra, makes Farnham's the leading store. No jockeying or gift enterprise to be paid out of his customer's pockets; a t all times a safe and reliable house. W. H Parnhani, The # Sun During 1893 THE SUN will be of surpassing excellence and will print more news and more pure literature than ever before in its history. The Sunday Sun is thb greatest Sunday Newspaper in the world.- Price Be. a copy. By mail $2 a year Daily, by mail, 8G per year, Daily and Sunday by mail, $8 per year. Address THE SUN, New York. LOUIS D. VANDERVERE, Ono of tho lost-known Dasfaoss men in OHotgo, loprcsontotfvo of tho groat Bradsbeot Co. HEADACHE, SLEEPLESSNESS, NERVOUS PROSTRATION. Dr. MlUt XeMeal Co., Elkhart, Ind. Gentlemen: I tafcoplauwoln Informing yon of tho very bencflciRl rcralta % Wch novo followod tho luso of D«. MIITS ' RISTORATIV C Nrimnc in tbocosool myMlrandwffo. lorayouxwoa lubloct to a distressing pain at tho baso of tho brain and uppor portion of tho spinal cord. I rs.t ini>n w flratl and was greatly I .1 I U k I 1 troubled with slooplcasnce*. Your Nervlno wai highly My coso hod boen so obttt- unto that I had no conodonco la tho efficacy of recommended to mo. my hcodacbo wafl removed; my spirits ana general ^THOUSANDS any mcdlcloo. Yet as a last resort I consented to glvo It atrial. Much to myBurprtee, I experienced marked^ benefit; my sleeplessness^disappeared; .mull urpa- _— . - — _ _ , tl c OAlNt O TWCHTT FOUNDS. AL L THIS OCCURRCD AFTER LIAHNC.O AND WIL L KNOWN PHYSICIAN S a Ao rAiLcD . My wuo totaling tho jtorrlnowun 10 best of results. Looia D. YIXDUTUI, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OH MONEY REFUNDED. - Sold b y all Druggists.

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