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NBWS GATHERER Wahington Letter. No Soothing Syrup, It starts in with all tho indications of a vory earnest Congress. There is a deep air of gravity about it that other Congresses Jiave not had Thoro is a sonso of responsibility depicted in- the contracted brows of tho Congressmen and the absorbed expression of their countenances. The punctuality and attendance of the members of the House is some­ thing remarkable, The almost uni­ versal topic of discussion is finance, and for once they appear to bo intent upon what they are hor© for. The silver dobato is on in the House, It will rageuntil August 28, Accor­ ding to the arrangement perfected between' the factions, all of the free- silver ratios will first be voted upon in turn. As a last resort of tho free silver men, the Bland-Allison act will come in for debate and ballot, and last of all,* the proposition for uncon- ditional repeal will be put to the test. Tho silver men contend that a vote will never bo taken upon the prope sition to repeal; that one of the ratios is certain to be first adopted, The repeal men are equaliy confident. There fa nothing more uncertain at present, than what the action of the Senate will be on tho question of the repeal of tho Shorman law, but the impression is very genoral that an unconditional repeal of tho law can be got through tho House by a good majority if there is discreet manage­ ment of the administration forces. The absenco of Mr. Cleveland .from the city at this time, has caused a great deal of talk, and in some quar­ ters there is a disposition to associate it with tho situation in Congrest, It is but just to say, howovor, that this idea is J>y no means general, Mr. Cleveland's personal, published state- men^ of tho reasons for his departure corresponds exactly with what would anyhow have been the impression of all thoso who know what a strain ho has been under sinco his inaugura­ tion. There is probably no man in tho United States, no mattor what his private business troubles might be in these hard times, who has been undor greater mental or physical strain than has tho Executive, There is no doubt that he is worn down and that his health has suffered greatly, A great many narrow minded par­ tisans have been tickling themselves with delight in anticipation of the \fun that Tom Eccd is going to have' now that Congress has buckled down to work, How ho will quiver with deliSht over tho situation; how ho will throw tho country into convul sive merriment at every sign of legis lative distress and difficulty. Those who know the big, fat man, those who have caught some insight into his purposes and methods, can afford to smile at tho ignorance displayed in such chatter. Thoy know that ho is neithor a foolish clown nor a heart­ less ghoul. Ho is past master of epi­ gram and satire. Mr. Reed is, withal, something of a patriot. His wit is the embroidery upon a solid fabric of intellect. His satire is often the airy froth that beads the strong liquor of philosophy, As I saw him yesterday pacing tho pavement in front of his hotel, he presentod a massive picture of deep thought and seriousness. Mr, Reed realizes tho prsont situation. He will find no food for shallow jest in tho calamity that now threatens the nation. One may well bo sorry for tho creaturo who is so light of mind and so arid of heart that he can look for either fun or vengeance in this dire emorgancy; and it is a good deal of a mistake to class ' 'Tom'Reed' with the carrion-crows and harle­ quins of politics. An interesting feature of tho Treas­ ury is tho \Conscience Fund\ which was oponed by the register to show from time to timo tho receipts of moneys by tho government, from unknown persons. Theso moneys are covered into the general treasury as miscellaneous receipts and may'be used like other assets of the govern­ ment for any purpose that Congress may deem proper.\ Tho account was oponed in 1811, and up to last April thoro has been received an aggregate amount of $266,089.56. Remittances are received almost weekly, and as a rule, the letters are not signed. Frequntly* they are forwarded by clergymon at tho request of penitents. Nearly all the communications are anonymous and acknowledgements arothoroforo made through tho press. Four millions of dollars is a large •urn of money' and that is the amount upon which the government is pay ing interest at tho rato of 4 per cent per annum in tho shapo of rentals for buildings owned by privato parties in this city. The need for-more pub - lie buildings forms the burden of recommendations which are repeated year after year with tho quiet energy of despair. It is doubtful whether • any intelligent attempt will bo made fcy tho present Congress to improve a| condition of affairs, which is each year growing more disgraceful to the government, No sarsaparilla, with its sticky, sickly-sweet thickness, clogging- the sys­ tem and giving but ephemeral life to laggard appetite— none at IhfSf reach out and strangle j»rm life, the root ol all disease You, sufferer with Erysipelas, Kidney Disease; you, Rheumatic Cripple, Malarial-Poisoned, Scrofulous, you want no temporary relief—you want PERMANENT CURE. Kill the germs with GERMA-VICI, For Sale by H. M. LITTEL TH B OREAT DISEAS E OERM. DESTROYER. Financial oratory is not in demand and the only persons who appear to be thoroughly ignorant of this fact: aro the members of Congress who lire preparing long-winded speeches and making an effort to induce a perspir­ ing country to listen to them. The ratio between Congressional talk and Congressional action is just about forty-fivo to one. At The Exposition. In a privato letter from N. S. R Beal we find the following: In my opinion, tho state of Ohio has placed herself far in advance of any state which makes an exhibit in tho fair grounds. The idea is this: Ohio has a large, plain and spacious state building, It contains little for show; scarcely more than chairs and tables for the accommodation of visitors, In front of her building she has erected a large square obelisk of granite on gneiss. It is well polished, though like some of her poople it appears somewhat plain and squat. At the height of about eight feet the column contracts and becomes circular, leav­ ing a level shelf about 16 inches wide running around the entire circum­ ference. Standing on this shelf, and encircling tho circular shaft, which is about six feot high, aro seveu of tho plain, homely men of Ohio, Crowning the shaft is a colossal female form, wrought in bronze,— the genius of Ohio. She stsnds with her feet just above tho heads of the ptain Ohio men, her head slightly bowed, regarding tbem with a loving look,—and with hor arms and hands extended broodingly over them is uttering the words with which the Roman Cornelia answered the Egypt ian Ptolemy many centuries ago ( when he offered her unlimited gold and jewels to become his wife. Hor answer, pointing to her sons, was, \Theso are my jewels.\ So, proudly says the genius of Ohio, pointing to her plain men: \These are my jew­ els ;\—which I cannot but think is, taken in conjunction with her plain state house and meager exhibit inside, a significant suggestion; as if to say;—all of you. sister states, have brought to tbeso spacious grounds, specimens of your great wealth, your costly wares and pro ductions of all kinds and classes. '. simply show you my plain honest men, Thoy have made and can make again, all that you so proudly exhibit here - \These are my jewels;\ What more is necessary? Without ques tiop, Ohio with this one significant piece of statuary, is entitled to the palm. Penfleld Centre. ' The people belonging to the Whitehead district Sunday school held their annual picnic at Glen Edyth, Wednesday last. A large number were in attendance and a pleasant time is reported by all. Miss Alvina Moore, of Lima, has been spending a few days with her friend Miss Emma VanAlstjne. Dutwood Bramen accompanied by his sister, Lulu, started Saturday last for the World's Fair. Their many friends wish them a pleasant journey and a sale return. Ohaunccy Welsher spent apart of last week in town visiting old friends and neighbors. Several of the farmers are begin­ ning their fall ploughing. East Penfleld. The family of the late John Wag­ ner have erected a fine monument on their family lot, The work was done by A. Hall, marble dealer of Penfield.- Last week a fine granite headstone cut in rustic style was shipped from Massachusetts, for the late Howard Oase: tho inscription reads, \Erect­ ed by his pupils,\ and wo learn that they have borne the entire expense. Mr. Fitzsimons had 'a horse drop dead while driving on the road last Thursday. Last Friday night, Mr. Copeland had eighteen nice chickens stolen. Mrs. Willits has had her grain barn improved and enlarged by put­ ting on a mansard roof. Charles Young, working for Mr. Blood, has been unablo to work for several days, having been poisoned with ivy, . Thomas Blood was elected trustee The ladies' galleries at the Capitol havo blossomed out beautiful and at the school meeting Tuesday night bright with the new session. Tho and the next morning tie strife gallery goddesses, in thin, summer among school teachers almost equaled attire, lookliko creatures from a mid- the political Bummer night's dream. After the They evidently believe in the \early session is ovor they linger liko JPoris bird, looking •weltering I CONSIDER THE . MOST POPULAR SCHOOLMA'AM IN THE CONTEST. \Walworth. Mrs. M, A. Gardner is visiting at Palmyra, with Mrs. C. Rogers and family. An enjoyable time was reported by all who -attended the Epworth League picnic at Fairport, Tuesday. Mrs. Frank Sanford is preparing for a visit to Chicago, A i :ement walk has been laid on on the north side of Maple street. Hops are reported a light crop, Percy Green, our former station agent, has accepted a position as freight agent at Palmyra, Edgar Haran will tako his position here. Mrs, J. Reed, Miss May C, and Lewis Yeomans aro at the fair. Joseph McOrca, our local produce dealer, is in Syracuse, viewing the applo crop. A number from this place aro at Bonnio Castle, attending the reunion. Cheap Ten Day Excursions To The World's Fair. What the West Shore railroad has done! The days on which the specials will run. For some time post the manage ment of tho West Shore railroad has been looking forward to the time when tho vast class of com­ mercial peoplo, who desiro to visit tho World's Fair, at the least possi bio expenso, with the greatest amount of comfort, To this end their entire passenger equipment has boon rebuilt and upholstered and fitted with toilet service, high back easy seats, making comfortable travel and bringing tho cars of this lino up to tho highest standard Tho World's Fair special trains will be tho most modern ever run and tickets aro now on salo by thorn to Chicago and return for one faro for tho round trip, tickets being valid for ten days. It will bo im­ possible to find a better route to the World's Fair or one where every detail looking forward to the com­ fort of tho excursionist has been considered. If our readers miss the great Fair and a trip over the West Shore Railroad, the regret will long linger on their minds. To the Patrons of the Wayne County Clerk's Office. My offer to make certified ab stracts of titlo at the rato of two cents for each name, year and en- cumbrano searched against is heroby continued from the date here of until the 1st day of November next.-Dated Lyons, N. Y„ Aug. 1st' 1893. F. A. Peacock, Nov. 1 County Clerk. What's the Matter at STORY'S ? His double stores are crowded daily, up stairs and down. His cash trade this year is very near one thousand dollars more each month than ever before. His \ DRESS GOODS Trade is doubling right up; his carpet trade is simply wonder­ ful; his cloak room is crowded daily. M. Story is selling more dry goods and carpets than any two stores in Wayne county. Loads of the newest and choic­ est goods made daily arriving at Story's at less prices than any city store in the state. Go to Story's, they will please you. M. STORY,- Palmyra. Kipans Tttbules; a family remody. ' Kipans Tabulos: ono gives reiiof. I HE Poople of tho Slato of New York By the Grace of God, free and Independent: To Laura S. Uonig, of Fairport, N. Y ; Frank A. Ilowlg, of Big Knplds, Mich., Robert Howler, Murray, Iowa: Marvin Ilowlg. of Dewittvllle, N Y.; Hiram Hoag, of Belttsvll. N. Y. ; William Howl|r, Kred S. Putman and Fritz G. Putman, of Stocton, N. Yj Charity Bloomfleld, Seneca How/g and Frank G. Putman, of Jamestown, N, Y.; Gertie E. Aiken, of Moons Station, N Y. ; Hattie M. Bnrger nnd Jay H. Putman, of Slnclalrvlllo, K, Y.,Kvelyn Tripp, Galnsvllle Creek, N. Y ; Eva Backer, o f Elmlra, N. Y.; Llbblo Bailey, Oeorge Austin, Anna Cronk, Nancy Bailey and Don J Austin nnd Ilattie Prlco of Wedgowood Station, S. Y.i Otis AusUn, of Havana, N. Y. ; Delia Thom­ pson, of Syracuse, N, Y.:]IattleL- Beck, of Union Springs, N, Y.[ Laura Blount, o f Oaks Corners, N. Y ; Albert Ash. of Frankfort, N. Y . To all oUier creditors of any persons Interested In tho estate of Elmer K. Howlg, late of Mncedon, N. Y. ; In tho county of Wayne, deceased, send greeting: Youandenchof you are heroby cited nnd ro quired personlly to bo and appear before our Sur rogato of our county of Wayne, at his ofllco In tho villngoof Newark, In said county, on the 25th day of September, 1893, at ten o'clock In the fore noon of that day r to attend to the llnal judicial settlement of the accounts of William A. Foskett, as Executor of the will of the sold deceased. Given undor my hand and the seal of ' the Surrogate's Court of the said County [L . s.l of Wayne, at Lyons, In said County, this! 3rd dny of August, A. D. 1893. L. M. NORTON, Surrogate CILUILKS llcLoirrii, Attorney f or Executor, Palmyra, N Y. IOTICE To CREDlTOItS TO PRODUCE CLAIMS.—Pursuant to nn order of Lutherl JSI M. Norton, Surrogato ofWayno county, notice Is hereby given to all persons having claims against George Fisher, fate of Jfhcedon, In the county of Wayne, deceased, that they aro requir­ ed to prcsont the same, with the vouchers thereof to Martin Dean, tho executor of tho said deceas­ ed, at the office of said Martin Dcau. in Macedon, SPRING AND SUMMER SHOES! A fine variety of Ladies' Oxfords for 85c, $1., 1.25, an extra fine cloth top, patent leather quarter and tip for $1,35, a bargain and a shoe no one need feel ashamed to wear. Others for $1.50, 1.75 and 2.00, exceptionally fine. We have just restocked with the H. E. SMITH & CO. LADIES FINE SHOES, LUMBER. DOBBIN & MOORE Have a full Assortment of Pine and HemloDk Lumber, - SHINGLE, LATH POSTS &C. If in want of any call on W.D.Herendeen,Agt. At the old stand, MACEDON.-N. Y. Tho best shoe over sold in Msiccdon, in laco find button, cloth kid tops. Try a pair and you wiH wear no others, and In men's shoes we lead with the F. M. Packard Shoe. In vica kid, patent leather and calf; congress, lace and Bluchcr. Waverly School Shoes and 'Nox 'Em All Shoes In misses, childrcns and boys sizes, styles and colors. Ladies tan and red shoes, A full line of tennis and bicycle goods. Call and examine tho best stock of all kinds of footwear ever shown in Macedon. ISAAC DEAN, MACEDON, NEW YORK. INSURANCE. FIRE AND LIFE If you want c Boors, Sash^ fili^o Or special work, call at our planing, mill and yard, Main to Parker Sreet. on Canal, Fairport, N. Y. Do you Wish to Provide For yourself, for a debt, if you live? For your wife, children dependant if you die? If so, do it while you may, by taking a cash and paid-up- policy in tho The Jackson agency at Palmy ra, for years in the held doing its share of business presents to the public a list of standard com­ panies giving its patrons a choice without presenting an}' company which is not fully up to the line', AMERICAN OF PHILADELPHIA FRANKLIN,; GERMAN AMERICAN, GERMANIA, GLENS FALLS. HANOVER, LANCASHIRE, PROVIDENCE WASHINGTON Also agent for the Mass. Mutual Life INSURANCE COMPANY. One ol the standard companies of the Union. Call on or write for terms and particulars to Anna F Jackson 35 Fayette St., Palmyra, N. Y. Massachusetts MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE Co of Springfield, Mass. These values fixed by the statute of tho Stato of Massachusetts, are plainly stated in each policy issued. Call to-day. ANNA F. JACKSON, Agent IMMENSE BARGAINS -IN- ALL DEPARTMENTS ANNOUNCEMENT. Having purchased the market formerly conducted by John C. Thrasher, wo tako this opportu­ nity of informing tho citizens of Macedon arid vicinety that we shall constantly keep on hand a Full Line of FIRST QUALITY MEATS. We shall endeavor by fair, plain dealings to merit your patronage Our motto in the future as in the past, the best of everything at live and lot live prices. OUR BILL OF FARE: HOMES, • UXTVfl LARD, W BLRUh SALT PORK, Lamb, Mutton, Veal, Domestic Beef, Cooked Beef, Dried. Beef, Bolognas, kinds of Poultry in season; in fact everything that can be found in a well regu- * lated market. W. W. POWERS & SON. All CANNED GOODS. In this line, as in every other branch of the Grocery trade, we aim to keep a good article, and will not sell what would not please at our own table. Meats ^. Fish- Cooked corned beef, roast beef, sliced dried beef. Potted ham, turkey, chicken, beef, tongue. Salmon, lobster, fresh mackerel sardines. > Fruits, Vegetables, Peaches, Pineapples, apricots, mince meat, pumpkins, green corn, tomatoes, green beans, green peas, Lima beana, succo­ tash, Boston baked beans. |*Muckiri's Soups. Ox tail, tomato, mock turtle, chicken, Armour's extract of beef. Sauces, Olives, olive oil, caper sauco, Worchestorshirc sauce,\ ketchup salad dressing. Now line of differonfc varieties of crackers and cakes. GEO. W. BOUGHTON -OF- PATENTS Oweata and Ro.Issues secured, Trademarks registered and all other patent causes in Uie.Pat- entOHlco and before tho courts promptly and carefully prosecuted. Upon receipt of model or sketch of Invention, make careful examination, and advise as to patentability tree of charge. With my oftlces directly across from tho Patent OOlce, and believing In personal attend­ ance thoro. It is apparent that I have superior facilities for making prompt perliminary serches for the moro vigorous and successful pi osecutlon of applications for patent, and for attending to all business entrusted to my care, in tbe shortest possible time. FEES MODERN TE, and exclusive atten. tlon given to patent business. Information, advici and special references sent on reauest. J. E. LITTBLL, 9 Solicitor and Attorney In Patent Cau Washington, D. c. Mention thlapapor] Oupojlto U, S.Paten YOUR FAVORITE HOME PAPER — AND — The Leading Republican Family Paper of toe United States ONE'YEAR FOR ONLY $1.25 • Our paper gives all the news of the Town and County, as well as a large variety of general intoligence. Your home would be incomplete without it. The N. Y. Weekly TRIBUNE Is a National Family Paper, and gives all the general, news of the United States and tho world. It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its ^-Agricultural\ \department has no superior in the country. Its \Market Reports\ aro recognized authority in all parts of the land. It has. seperato departments for \The Family Circle\ and \Our Young Folks.\ Its \Home and Society\ columns command tho admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editor- als and discussions are comprehensive, brillant and exhaustive. A SPECIAL CONTRACT enables us to offer this splendid journal and this paper for one year Only $1.25, Cash in Advance. New York \Weekly Tribune, regular prico pier year ^ Sl.oo Our Paper, 1.00 Total, - $2.00, A- THE BARGAIN CLOTHING HOUSE -OF- M. LIPSKY, JOURNAL BUILDING, Palmyra, N. Y. FLOUR We have good lamily flour At $2.00 per hundred Better at $2.25 and the very best at $2.50. Why Pay a Fancy Price? For your flour by the sack when you can get it so much cheaper by the hundred. Goods promptly delivered anywhere. J. 3. Biddleoom \ Co. MACEDON, N. Y. Carpets, Dry Goods, CLOAKS, Spring & Summer, 1893. Great Stock, Elegant Styles, Low Prices, Entirely New Line in Every Department. The immence sale now being made by Farnham of Palmyra f is because he has just the Right Good? at Right Prices. Hundreds of Rolls of the Handsomest Carpets, at all prices, ever in Palmyra. Thousands of pieces of stylish Dress Goods in most popular shades. The best cloak and cape display in this section of the state and an experience of forty years in the Dry Goods business of Palmyra, makes Farnham's the leading store. No jockeying or gift enterprise to be paid out of his customer's pockets; at all times a safe and reliable house. W. H Farnham, H J. Breese -DEALER IN- Hay, Grain, Apples, Potatoes, <tc. Also agent for..first-class Farm Machinery and Bradley's Phosphate. West Shore & Oanal Warehouse, WALWORTH STA ' MACEDON The # Sun During 1893 THE SUN will be of surpassing excellence and will print more news and more pure literature than ever before in its histor}'. The Sunday Sun is the greatest Sunday Newspaper in the world. Price Ec. a copy. By mail $2 a year Daily, by mail, *6 per year, Daily^andj-Sunday by I HON. X. AVERY, 1 •wil** ONI o r TMIUO .MO T CONTRACT**. HEART DISEASE 30 YEARS. OUXD Xmuro, m, April Hi, ID*. Dr. MiUt JMfaal Co., XUlrt, In*. ' Qmtxtax: IhadbMatroabladwltb. NIUT •I*IA*CFO«TM« uiTiimii, andaltboocnI >u uwUcd by aU* fhyiaUat and Me d many remedlt*, I gnw rtoadUy won* until i WAS PLCT«I. Y P« MTU ATI* AN* •OKPINIVT* MY* I* WITHOU T ANY MOM •rilI(OVIIIY / I WOUld h«T* r»r7bid *Tck _ . . M _ *^u>( *p«ll*,wb*a KteCU R E Dsifa th« croMort dlfflcaltr tfcol B >7 eticultUoa oonld HTHOUSANDSSS elc t o oMucloanMM ifttn. rTfcno l a till* condi ­ tion I trUdToor ptw NUIT cu»i, bona to ImproT* bum IM £nt, *M now I u n abl* t o do tctwddAT 'iworkftiramanMyeufofiaj*. Iflr o Dn. MILES* NEW HIAITT Cu««joitb* ecodltrotmrnooYwr. It 1 A art tlx joocthA «fno» IbOY*Uk*au7,*llhouchI koto a bottto l a Ut* DOOMlaeawIaboaldaoadlt. I bar* als o ua*4 MTISrAOTIOM ' aUARANTMD

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