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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, March 23, 1911, Image 7

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PASSENGERS BY MOTOR CAR NEXT Express [Also, Probably, in Near Future. ------ ^ — ERIE’S EXPERIMENT WITH STORAGE POWER I f Grasoline M o tors CSontinue to Give Sattsfaction, Ijooom o tives W ill be Xiinited to F r e ig h t T rains B efore Very Bong. Poughkeepsie, M arch 17. — The M ayor’s Advisory Com m ittee has a n ­ nounced th a t G o v e rnor Dix has ae- cepted an invitation to atten d the second an n u a l C o n ference of M ayors and o th e r m u n icipal officials in the state and will discuss th e subject ‘The A ttitude of th e State Tow a rd the M u n icipality,” an d will be the guest of the conference. The com ­ m ittee also announced th e date of the conference to be M ay 25 and 26. A m o n g those to whom invitations have been sen t to speak are P residen; W illiam H. Taft, G o v e rnor W oodrow Vhe Erie Railroad Com p any decid­ ed a num b e r of years ago t h a t its sui*- burban branch lines could be o p e r a t­ ed m o re frequently an d m o re econo­ m ically by electric m o tors, an d m a n y experim ents have been m ade, b u t th e continued im p rovem e n t in electric railroading an d th e possibility of som e g reat change th a t would reduce th e cost o f equipm e n t have caused hesitation. The sto rag e b a ttery cars seem ed to be all th a t could be asked for, and one o f this class of car has been used experim e n tally fo r several m o n ths. In th e m e a n tim e , says th e Jersey City Jo u rn a l, t h e P e n n s y lvania turn e d som e of its m in o r roads into electrics a n d th e resu lt scarcely m e t expecta­ tions. L a t e r experim e n ts w e re m a d e M th gasoline m o tor cars, and it looks ^o w as if these would m e e t all de- ip a n d s fo r speed, efficiency and econ- \ A com p o site car w ith baggage rc|om , sm o k e r and coach accom m o d a­ tio n s , h a s been used on th e B elvidere /foranch w ith m a rked success. It is a com fortable car, an d can be ru n up to a m ile a m inute. Its m o tive pow­ er is an im p rovem e n t on t h e autom o ­ bile engine and has two hundred horse register. It looks now as if th e passenger and express business could be provided fo r by m o tor cars, leaving only heavy freig h t train s for locom o tives. Those who have been experim e n ting w ith th e new m o to r ca r believe all spur roads will be provided w ith these cars an d th a t t h e service will be increased In speed and frequency on a m o re economical basis. lK>3Sr>T TRUST TRAINS. Sheldon WiU T ruck H is Glass Cases Aci’oss Orange CJounty. A. J. Serventi, a NewOurgn toPac- co mereliaiit, has sold his displij’- cases to Horace A. Sheldon, a tobacco dealer in P o r t Jervis. Mr. Sheldon does n o t believe in tru s tin g such a valuable set of furnishings to the railroads, so h a s undertaken to have th e m tran s f e rred direct by tru c k from h e r e to P o r t Jervis, 47 m iles away, says th e N e w b u rgh Journal. Tlie new ow n e r of the glass cases regrets th a t flying machines have not y e t reached th e state of perfection w h e re freig h t could be handled. C o m p laint A g a inst E rie. Elwood C. Smith, of M onroe, ha? com p lained to the Public Service Commission, Second d istrict, against the Erie, for refusing- to honor month­ ly 60-trip ticket'? between New York and Newburgh for transportation all train s betw e en New York and Newburgh and intermediate points. The complaint alleges th a t he had frequently rid d e n on tra i n No. 31 un­ til M arch 9th, when w ithout previou.s w a rning th a t the tickets would not be good on th a t train, th e conductor refused to accept his tick e t and put him off the train betw e en A rden sta­ tion an d N e w b u rgh Ju n c tion tower. H e asks the com m ission to require the com p a n y to carry holders of 60- trip tickets on train No. 31, an d fu r ­ th e r to furnish adequate train ser­ vice betw e en N e w b u rgh and Monroe. E r ie F r e ig h t Record. The record for m o v em ent of freight w a s established on the E rie and Nex^ Jersey road Sunday, w h e n th e re were moved 1,380 cars of coal an d m e r ­ chandise to Jersey City term inal be­ tween 6.30 an d 11 a. m. New C o n d u ctor O i^anlzation, A branch division of the O rder of R ailw ay C o n d u ctors was form e d at (Stroudsburg on Sunday afternoon by local E rie conductors and 30 enrolled. C o n d u ctor Hi‘Oi)S R o ll. A. L. Clark, of M iddletown, an O. & W. conductor, dropped a $40 roll from his pocket en ro u te hom e Tues­ day n i g h t DIX WILL TELL MAYORS 'EIGHT FIRE IN HOW T ^ U N THE CITIES! TINY BLIZZARD W ilson, of New Jersey, E. A. Fisher, City Engineer of R o chester, A. P r e s ­ cott Pohvell, E d itor of th e M unicipal Jo u rn a l and Engineer, and “Big B ill” Edw a rds, Street Comm issioner, New Y o rk City. Inform a tion from practically every second and th ird class city in New Y o rk State indicates an unusually large attendance. The topics for discussion will be “The E s s e n tial Pi-am ework of M u n i­ cipal G o v e rnm ent,” “Taxation and A ssessm ent,” “M ethods of Cleaning and Care of Streets,” “U n iform M u n i­ cipal A c coupting.” GERMANTOWN. Germ antown, M arch 18. A delightful social affair was held in the Second Reformed Church on T h u rsday night by th e Ladies’ Aid Society, the. occasion being th e first annual banquet of this active and pro- grassive organization. T h e tables w e re tastefully decorated and th e ap ­ propriate sham rocks and m iniature clay pipes w e re fastened to shoe­ shaped green napkins. The m enu cards of green in the form of a sham rock w e re inscribed as follows- ‘Am glad to see ye prisint; sure its wilkim ye air to th e banquet on .this P a d d y ’s day in th e evening.” R o a s t lam b , Irish m in t sauce, “praties,” cabbage salad Irished, green ‘*payes,” olives, biscuit, “P a ts delight,” coffee and green “tay ” com p rised th e feast of good things w h ich kept th e diners busy eating until a late hour. Vocal and instrum e n tal m u sic was furnished! by th e m , m b ers a t th e conclusion of th e banquet. Mr. B e n jam in R. D e m a rest and Miss L e n a Ellison, both of Haverstraw,, R o c k land county, N. Y., w e re united in m a rr iage at th e hom e of Mr. and! Mrs. G e o rge‘Babcock, 149 W e st M ain street on W e d n esday evening, M arch 15th, by the Rev. Dr. Jam e s B. Camp- The en tertain m e n t and operetta of B o -Peep, produced in C o lum b u s Ly­ ceum on T h u rsday evening by th e Im - m a c alotelles of th e Sacred H e a rt C h u rch, was well attended and was Of a high standard. In th e course of several weeks, the OBB FELLOWS AT WESTTOWN. Begrees Conferi-ed and Grand Officers Nominated Last Wednesday. Besides the election of Isaac B. Terwilli.ger as D istrict D e p u ty G rand M a s ter of the Seeonq G ringe dish-.-ec, at IVesttown, Wednesday, as related in The Union, the Di.stru.t Grand C o m m ittee conferrocl the P a s t G n m d oegree fn H e rbert dim p son and V B. 'Wc od of Middlotowo .and Thom as A. Trudgeon, of Wes'- own.and Grand Officers were nom inated. The m eeting was called to order Ty the retiring D. D. G. M., Loren T. Cole, of P o r t Jervis. P e t e r L. DeW itt was appointed m a rshall, G. W. H u n t, guardian, and G. H. Hulse, chaplain. P. L. Bock, of P o r t Jervis, and H. B. Tuthill, of Goshen, w e re appointe.l as tellers. The following were recom m ended for gi’and officers : G rand M aster, George W. Steitz, O rient Lodge No. 273; D e p u ty G rand M a s ter.Frederick J. G reifenstein.H a r- m o n ia Lodge No. 394;Gxand W a rden, H e rschel L. G a rdner Newton Lodge No. 89; G rand Secretary, H a rry W a lker, Progressive Lodge No. 339; G rand T reasurer, Jo h n F . B u llen- kam p , M agnolia Lodge No.166; G rand R e p resentative, H. V. B o rst, M o n t­ gom ery Lodge No. 47. The P a s t G rands in attendance M iddletownddletown Lodgeodge No.o. 112.—iz ^W.vv. H. M i L N i . — i-i. F u n n e ll, E. G. W illiam M usbach, T. H. H a rkness, D w ight Babcock, E. O. (Strack,Strack, F r e d B.. Wcood. ' U s tayantha No. : L. Bock, Ed Me’ ( F r e d B W 143, P o r t . J e rvis.— _______ ______ iWade. M inisink Lodge, No. 444, W e st- town.—R. A. Brown, P. L, DeWitt, L. A. Euston, J. W . E a ton, G. W . Hulse, G, W. Hunt, 0. c. Osborn, R. S. dram a of Hazel! K irk will be produced by th e C o lu m - j ^ ^g.^,g;,sfj;k“ ’ £ o d s e ' no V 358, Tri­ bus D ram a tic Club in Colum b u s Ly- 's t a t e s . — Galen B ennet, J. E, B ennet, ceum. Miss Mae McCabe, of New York,, was the g-uest last week o f her pa­ rents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry McCabe. Miss Belle Ferguson, of Buckley street, is visiting friends in New York City. Mrs. C h a rlotte E, M aney is visiting relatives in M iddletown. Mr. a^d Mrs. John Mes’-er and daughter, of Ridgewod, L. I., are th e guests of the fam ily of Mr. M ichael M ayer on W e st M ain street. The large attendance of citizens at th e public m e e ting held in th e Excel­ sior Hose H o u se on M o n d ay vening m a n ifested keen in terest in m a tters relatin g to th e new school house' ■wihch is to be built in this section of th e city. Travel down town a t night is much facilitated by the incandescent lights w h ich have placed along th e tow p a th betw e en th e W e st M ain street bridge and the silk mill. The Erie intends to widen th e w a lk along th e board Gariss & B lackm a n ’s store is g r e a t­ ly iiiiproved and m u c h b e t t e r lighted since th e w o rk of reconstructing the interior has been com p leted. The grow ing trad e of this establishm ent necessitated m o re room . A d d itional autom a tic fire extin­ guishers qre being installed in the p lan t of th e K n ickerbocker Silver Company on G raj.d street. Mrs. Stanley C. Viers and son, who have been visiting relatives here, have retu r n e d to Jersey City. ---------------------- ^ ---------------------- NO CONTEST. Laughx’an WSll to be Pi'obatetl, After Widow’s Bights Ai’e Settled. The will of ex-Supervisor I. L a u g h ran, of W)alden, has been ad ­ m itted to probate. It gives the widoxv a life in terest in the entire estate, w h ich reverts to two sisters afte r the widow’s death. F e a r in g th a t the es­ tate w o u ld be swallowed up by Mrs Laughran, the law y e rs fo r th e sisters asked to have the rig h ts of both wid­ ow and sisters defined and briefs were asked for. sell, I. B. Terwilliger, J. B. Hu- , E. T. Aldridge, A. J. Neal. ______ _______ . E. L. T. Cole, J. B. Rulison, A. W h itta- ------------------- \n i Y IIE lOLLED BILL. R e p resentative M a rvin Stood by Constituents. W h e n the proposed hu n ters license law w a s killed in H a rrisb u rg several day.s ago. R e p resentative M arvin, of Pike, opposed it as ineffective, in th a t it would em p o w e r anyone owning land to hold up a h u n ter and dem a n d th a t be show his certificate to hunt. This point, M arvin declared, was the w e a k e s t p a r t of th e bill and would lead to endless controversy. The m ere fact th a t th e revenue from licenses would be used in the protection ef gam e w a s not sufficient in itself o warrant the State in prohibiting th e thousands of hunters from going inno the m o u n tains and forests of the state to kill the gam e w h ich v irtu a l­ ly belonged to them. Action on the bill was indefinitely postponed. B ill to License B a rbers. Assem b lym an Jackson, of E rie county, h a s introduced a bill In th e Legislative giving B o ards of H e a lth supervision over th e licensing of b a r ­ bers. Licenses of o ther states will be recognized, and th e annual regis­ tratio n fee will be $5. In ju ry of Aged Citizen. Mr. W ilm o t M. Vail, one of our oldest citizens, fell on P ik e street last T h u rsday d u ring th e severe wind near th e store of J. J. B ippus an d sustain­ ed bruises and cu ts of his face. Sever­ al friends cam e to his rescue and took him to hi.s room s a t 196 P ike GUILTY O F H O R S E STEALING. WaiTen Simpson Convicted in Wayne County Coui’t, H o n esdale, M arch 15. — W a rren Sim pson, indicted fo r horse stealing and receiving ^stolen goods was found guilty afte r a trial w h ich began M onday. ---------------- --------------------- AN O T H E R ROAB COMING. P o r t Jervis Terniinus of K o n te from Greenwood Lake. It is now reported th a t the State road 447, from this village to G reen­ wood Lake, m ay be started early next spring, and th a t th e r e is probability of its itcing continued through our vTlage to its w e stern side, to join the road to P o rt Jervis by way of Slate Hill. T h a t would m a k e a popular ride from the S ter­ ling region of' New 'JeS-^Yey.bry 'the north end of the lake, fo r New Y o rk­ ers taking a trip to P o r t Jervis and M ilford. May it be hastened.— W a r­ wick Advertiser, Storm and Crossing Block Hamper Firemen. CREIGHTON HOME PARTIALLY BURNED F ire S tarted from M a tch Tossed to F lo o r of Stoi-age R o o m by Boy. Second F loor Practically Destroyed. D u ring a blinding snow storm w h ich seriously ham p e red the firemen, the second floor of the residence of Mrs. A n n a C raighton, a t No. 153 W est Main street, was p a rtially burned out 8.20 p. m. W ednesday, M arch 15, and a considerable quantity of w e a r­ ing apparel and household goods was destroyed In the early p a r t of the evening while th e storm was raging, Law rence C raighton, a son of Mrs. Craighton, w e n t up stairs to close a window on the w e st end of th e house in a storage room . H e lit a m a tch and afterw a rds th rew it on the floor, assum ing th a t it died out. A sh o rt tim e afte r his re tu r n down­ stairs, Mrs. C raighton heard an un­ wonted noise, and, on investigation, found th e m iddle room u p s tairs to be on fire. An alarm turn e d in for the fifth district called th e city firemen, who, in spite of th e storm and h a r d run from down toxvn, arrived prom p tly. Excelsior Hose had its chem ical ap ­ p a r a tu s a t w o rk and, -with th e assist­ ance of one stream of w a ter soon had th e blaze extinguished. Chief H a rd ­ ing and his m en worked vigorously in th e storm and -wnnd. F o rtu n a tely the house was to some extent shielded from th e stiff n o r th ­ west w ind by the building a t 155 W e st Main street, form e rly occupied by J. M, Kelly as a hotel, or th e fire would probably have destroyed it and en­ dangered adjoining property. The house is owned bj\- the Philip Schm idt estate. T h e re was no in- su,ranee on the household gooHs of M rs. rraig h to n ----------------- ^ ------------ ---- TOURIST CLUB. R c tlirnetl ^iem b e r Tells of Phase.s of W a.shington Life. On W e d n esday afternoon the Tour­ ist Clvib discussed “ The F e d e r a l Ju- clieia-Ty.'* 'X'He suD.lect was introclucs'J by the President, Mrs. St. John, and instructh-e articles w e re read by Mi's I-I. K irk and Mrg. Benson. The featu re of the program , o re which gave much pleasure to a ll pre.s- ent, was a delightful talk on “ Some phases of Life in W ashington,by Mrs.” G race Peck, who lecently retu r n e d to P o r t Jervis, after spending m a n y , months in Washington, a city so full 1 of in terest to all Am ericans.. Am o n g other pleasing things sht told of visits to the Suprem e Court, to the senate cham b e r and to the House; of hearing noted speakers, in both Houses di.scussing leading ques­ tions of the day, and dw e lling a t some length, upon the proceedings of the Supreme Court. She spoke of the dig nified, majestic body of Judges, as they daily m a rch, a t th e noon hour, in their robes of state, to convene court; of the ability and the w o rth to our country, of these Judges; giv­ ing interesting personal ch a racteris­ tics of each m e m b e r -of the Suprem e C o u rt, ending by telling the love-sto­ ry of Chief Justice AVhite. ' Making Arrangements Eai'ly. Secretary F. B. R appelyea, of th e C h arles H igham Fife, D rum and B u ­ gle Corps of M iddletown, h a s been notified by F red Reuling, secretary of D e law are Hose Company, No, 2, of P o rt Jervis, th a t th e company has de­ cided to engage the Higham Drum Corps to furnish m u sic fo r th e an ­ nual parade of th e P o r t Jervis F ire D e p a rtnient this sum m e r. No Man Is Stronger- Towioath is laghtcfl. A series of eight incandescent lights have been placed by th e P o r t Jervis L ight and Pow er C o m p any along th e old tow p a th by o rder of t h e lighting com m ittee of th e Common Council. The section of th e tow p a th to be lighted extends from the silk m ill to the G e rm antow n bridge along th e high board fence w h ich has been re ­ built by th e Erie. Than His Stomach A strong m a n is strong all o-vor. N o m a n can be g w h o is suffering from w e a k stom a c h w ith its •om w e a k sto m a c h w ith digestion, o r from som e o th e r disease mach and its associated organs, w h ich im - tritio n . F o r w h e n the s tom a c h stron g w h o is si consequent indij of the stom ai pairs digestioi is w e a k o r diseased there is a loss of the nutrition contained in food, w h ich is th e source of all physical strength. W h e n a m a n “ doesn ’t feel just rig h t,” w h e n h s doesn’t sleep w e ll, has an uncom fortable feeling in th e stom a c h after eating, is languid, nervous hee icc losingosing thehe nutritioutritio nn neededeeded too m aa kk ee strengthtrenj IS, irritab le and despond­ en t, h i l t n n t m s Such a m a a should use linu P'ieyce’s GoMen Medical IDiscovery, I t cupes diseases o f the stomach and othev organa o f digestion and nnt'^ifion. I t enriches the blot Invigorates the iivePs, strenutheas the kidneys, nourisl the nerves, and s< • GrjISO SmD STFmilGrM TO THB WIIOI.E BODV. :an’t aflord to accep t a secret nostru m as a su b s titu te for this I though the V o u can ’t aflo rd Icoholic medicine OF u.'OWN COMi m ake a l ittle bi/f< iPOsnflON, n o t e v e n th o u g h th e u r g e n >rofit. Ingredients printed on w rappe dealer dangerous? It is n o t th e cold itself th a t you need to fear, h u t the serious diseases th a t it often leads to. Most of these are 1 P n e u m o n ia i lown as germ diseases, id consum p tion are am o n g them . W h y not take C h am ­ b e rlain’s Cough R em edy and cure your cold while you can? F o r sale by All Dealers. ----------------- ^ ----------------- Shake I n to Y o u r Shoes A llen’s Foot-E a s e , th e antiseptic nowder. It relieves hot, tired, ach- sw e atlng feet, and Takes th e sting Over 30,- ig, swollen, lakes w a lking nd bun Everyw h ere, substitute. ^ N. --4-4- any substitut .d'dress, Allen ! D b fldr4»r» C r y FOR FLETCHER’S CASTORI A The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been in ns€^ for over 30 years, has home the signature of — and has been made xuider his per- sonal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. All Counterfeits, Imitations and “ «Tust-as-good” are hut JBiXperiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Childi’en—Experience s?.i?f\inst Bxperiment. W h a t i s C a S . O R I A Castoria, is a. harmloss snhstitute for Castor Oil, Pare- r^'rf.c, Brops artd ,*5acll!iiag Syrups, It is Pleasant. It CMitains neither C,; Morphine nor other Narcotic Mzbstance, Its aj. o is its g Jiarantee, It destroys Worms amt allays Feverisiitiesk. it cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency, It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and JBowels, giving health\-’ nd natural sleep. The Children’s Banacear-Tht n .; .. Friend, GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS I Bears tke iSiPur*\ '-- 'i: _ SJ. -»■'- ■■■ - ■\ The Kind You Have Always Bought in Use For Over 3C Years. THE CEM7.UR COMPANY. TT MURRAY STREET. NEW YORK OITy. SARGENT & DINNER, 25 Front St. A.W. SMITH W a tchm a k e r and Jew e ler WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY AND STERLING SILVERWARE ONLY 58 FRONT STREET Port J»Tl8, N. Y. O. & W. Watt* Inspector. Local ’Phono 62. j A Good Safe Investm e n t THE INTEREST BEARING CERTIFIOATES OF DEPOSIT ISSUED BY THE MERCHANTS’ NATIONAL BANS OF MIDDLETOWN, N. Y., - IN StM S OP $500.-O r ovnER T h e s e c e r tificates a r e issued by one of th* larg e s t, stro n g e s t, m o s t p r u d e n tl y managed N a tio n a l B a n k s in O ran g e County. T h e y p a y In tere s t a t th e r a t e of 8 .per cent, p e r 'a n n u m 'if h e ld fro m 3 to 6 m o n th * and a t th e r a t e of 4 p e r . c e n t, p e r a n n u m If h e ld 6 m o n th s o r longer. In te r e s t begins • o n d a y of d e p o s it a n d 1* p a id fo r fu ll m o n ths. . C o r r e s p o n d e n c e .in v ited fro m : th o s e h a v ­ in g Idle m o n e y s to In v e s t fo r them selve*, th e i r frien d s , o r fpy^, e s tates. . ___________ _ Spring Goods Arriving Daily At SARGENT & BENNER’S See the New Seersuckers and Dress Ginghams at ........ 10c yd Very Best Grade “ Ramony Mills ” Percales 12 l-2c yd See the n e w all-over E m b r o idery W a ist for ............................ 98c ^ a See the New House Dresses......................................98c to $3,50 ^ See the New Tailored Suits ........................................ $10 to $22 See the New White Lawn Dresses ................................. $1.98 to $10 New Corsets, New Gloves, New Skirts ABSOLUTE SECURITY. Wayne County Savings Bank HONESDALE, PA. The Leading Financial Institution of this Section call attention to the ABSOLUTE SECURITY which It offer* tc ORS. It h a s an uninterrupted, successful career fo r n e a rly 4f I t has a CAPITAL STOCK o f ........................................................................ $100,000.06 And an earned SURPLUS of ....................................................................... 425,000.00 Desires to its DEPOSIT©] years. M aking a TOTAL CAPITAL STOCK o f .................................................. 625,000.00 Add SHAREHOLDERS’ LIABILITY ................................................... lOO.OOO.Ot $625,000.06 Every dollar of -which must be lost before any depositor could lose a PENNY Our Cash Funds are protected by MODERN STEEL VAULTS. ’ large CAPITAl BANK the LEADING We invite you to become a DEPOSITOR here. You can do your BANKING by MAIL. INTEREST .\LLOWED from the FIRST OP ANY MONTH m dep-d- its made on or before the TENTH OF THE MONTH and for all FULL CALENDAR MONTHS after the deposit has been here 3 MONTHS. Wkite to us for Information. a . «. SAIACON, CaaUer. December 1. 1916. PARKER’S lAIR BALSAM «Ud bedatifies ha.* Juxuriant growth. C. I. TenrtUlger. Fred TerwlUJger. C.LTerwilliger&Son Funeral Directors, OFFICE, 41 FRONT ST.. PO R T JER V IS, N. Y. BRANCH OFFICES: Shohola, Pa., BairyvUle, N. Y. R. Kalbfus, . P e lton Bros., Assistants.ssistants. .epresentative. ’ A Shohola, Pa. Barryville, N T. New York RepresimtatiTe: N a tional C asket Co., 50 G reat JonCS ’elephone 3345 Spring. ______ FRED H. PORTER. Funeral Director Licensed Lmbalmer Lady Embalmer and Funeral Di­ rector by request, Mrs. F.H. Porter. OlSce C o rner P ike dl. su--< o r a n g * 'Q u a re. P. J. T e lephone—31. R e a idence: X lghi C a ll, ax No S H yan St. L o cal T e lephone No. 309 J . Also p r e p a r e * to dhilnfect home* w h e re th e r e have been any eo n tag lou* diseases. JOHNSON 3 STOLL FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBAIMERS. © F F ie E 9 2 PIK E S T R E E T . P. J. ’Pltone X16 W. G. H. JOHNSON, 65 SUSSEX SS. P . J. IPhone 212 J. J. Westbrook Stoll, 22 Ulster FI. I>. J, ’I»hoiie 117 J. liady Attendant Wlien X>eslred. M. G. BEIRNE & SON, Funeral Dir e c t o r s Licensed Em b alm ers OFFICE AND RESIDENCE 64 Front-st. P. J. Phone 147 Office and Residence: H. R. ’Phone 318 J . New York Representative: New York and Brooklyn Casket Company, No. 27 Great Jones St. Telephone 32,49-3250. ^ Linotype Composition. Law work, Pamphleta, Book­ lets—any line of oomposltioii promptly attended to. We desire to inform our brother publishers, that witb our two machines w© are In a position to cater to th d r wants for quick, accurate com­ position. Tri-States Pub. Co., PORT JERVIS, N. y. C(X}CKXX3000CXX30CXXXS0CO0Ca00B THE THRICE-A-WEEK EDITIOH NEW YORK WORLD P r a c ti c a lly a D a ily a t th e P r ic e of a W eekly ' O th e r N e w s p a p e r in th e W o rld G1«« k So M u c h a t So lo w a P r ice, T h e g r e a t p o litical cam p a ig n s a r e mow a t han d , an d you w a n t th e n e w s acc u r a tsly an d pro m p tly . 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