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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, March 30, 1911, Image 1

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T he T re ST ates U nion . TOL. LXI. NO. 13. PORT JERVIS. N. Y., THURSDAY, MARCH 30. 1911. $1.50 PER YEAR. $10,000,000 LOSS AS STATE CAPITOL BURNS W e st W ing Completely Destroyed With State Library’s Price­ less P o ssessions. THREE EMPLOYES MISSING, MAY HAVE PERISHED IN FIRE A ssem b ly and Senate Room s Drowned Out, Finance Committee Room W recked and P a p e r s and Docum ents, Including Appro­ priation Bill, T o tally Destroyed— M illion D ollar Staircase Burned. iBy Asaoclated Prea».) Albany, M arch 29.— ^Pire swept, sm o k e d an d w a ter drenched. New Y o rk S tate’s m a g n ifiiceni $27,000,000 Capitol stands this m o rning partiall-.' w recked by flames t h a t started in the Assembly lib r a r y and burned aw ay th e entire west wing. The fire did dam a g e estim a ted a t betw e en $8,000,- 000 and $10,000,0000 before the flam es w e re declared u n d e r control by F irst A s s is tant Chief S h a ttuck a t 7 o’clock today, afte r rag in g for m o re th a n fo u r hours. It is believed th a t -the fire started by a fused electric push bu tto n b e ­ com ing electrified. T h e fire was discovered by a night w a tchm a n . The alarm was s o u n d e d a t 2.46 o’clock. B efore the firem en reached the m assive stru c tu re a t the top of C a p itol Hill, priceless docu- m e n ts,books an d records,stored in th e A ssem b ly library, h a d been destroyed an d o ther departm e n ts were th reat- T h e oak im itation ceiling of th..- Assem b ly cham b e rs, com p o sed of the notorious p a p ier m aehe. was p a r tial­ ly destriyed, also th e fam o u s million dollar staircase in the w'est tving. On th e th ird floor th e following de­ p a r tm e n ts were w h o lly or p a rtially destroyed or seriously dam a g ed by w a te r : S tate Liibrary, co n taining 400,000 volum es, am o n g them the m o st valu­ ab le genealogical w o rks in the United States, togetlier with relics and price­ less docum ents, some dating back z t 1776 an d irreplecable. Assem b ly and Senate library, s t o r 'd w ith thou.sands of volum es of law code books, also a num b e r of docum e n ts an d m a iuscripts th a t can never be re­ placed. Finance- com m ittee room , in w'ht-h w e re stored d rafts of all th e ap p r o ­ priations, and other bills of the p res­ e n t session. C h a m b e r of the president pro tern, of th e (Senate. L ieutenant C u v e rnor’s room badly dam a g e d , b u t not wrecked. Senate and A.ssembly chambers, bo th flushed w ith w a ter th a t ruined rich furnishings. ' On th e fo u r th floor th e wrecked offices include : C o u rt of Claim.s, bill d raughting de­ p a r tm e n t, bureau of weights and m e a sures, S tate R e g e n t’s room s, Pris­ on Commission, Educational Depart- On th e second floor the dam a g ed roora.s are th e A ttorney G e n e ral’s of­ fice, Excise D e p a rtm e n t, On the first floor th e dam a g ed d e ­ p a r tm e n ts included the offices of 'the S ta t e Treasurer, Tax Oommssioner, B o a rd o f C h arities, Commission of Lunacy, low er office of E d u c a tional D e p a rtm e n t. A fter the fire was u n d e r control. P rey W eyler, aged 75, w a tchm a n in the S tate Library, and Thom as Bean, a C a p itol attach e .an d a m a n em p loy­ ed i n th e docum e n t room w e re m iss- Gov. Dix rem ined in close touch w ith the firem en while the strenuous battle continued, rem a ining by the telephone until the fire was declared to be under control. The firem en h a d m a n y n a rrow es­ capes and several w e re overcome by smoke. S tarting afresh in th e northw e s t a n ­ gle, the fire got aw ay from the fire­ m en a t 10 o’clock. G reat pillars of dense sm o k e curled from the peaks of both northw’est and southw'est an ­ gles and spits of blueish blaze spout­ ed from the windows on the n o rth side, opening from the garret. W h e n the fire was definitely under control. State A rchitect W a re issued a statem e n t th a t th e dam a g e to the building w a s roughly estim a ted a t $5,000,000 to $7,000,000, exclusic'e of th e valuable records in the library, w h ich can not be replaced. Only the devastating stveep of the Are fiend could have w rought the havoc presented w h en th e sm o k e was cleared from the iv'est corridor, re­ vealing the ruined grand staircase, w ith its bas reliefs and sculptured m asterpieces, blackened, hacked,chip­ ped into unrecognizable conditions. The steps and floors w e re strew n ankle deep with powdered or m is- hapen rem n a n t of walls and ceilings-, while w o rks of a r t th a t aroused the adm iration of thousands were reduc­ ed to junk. The features of noted soldiers, ai- tists, poets, scholars and statesm e n were battered into sm o k e -stained ru- It was havoc everywhere, with nrfl a trace of order to recall th a t only yesterday this p a r t of the eaidtol was the pride and boast of the Em p ire Ibast’ Frayei* in Old Capitol. Rev. Dr. J. B. Campbell, of this City, When pastor of th e T h ird R e ­ form e d Churcii of Albany, delivered th e last pray e r in the old Assembly C h a m b e r at Albany prior to th e oc­ cupancy of the new' Capitol by the L e g is lature on Jan u a ry 7, 1879. On th a t evening, a grand reception was given by th e citizen^ of Albany and attendecl by 8,000 people. Lucius R o b inson, of Elm ira, was then Gov- First AVoi'd of Fire. The first word received in this city of the Albany fire was a telegram from A ssistant S tate Law L ibrarian F ran c e s D, Lyon, to h e r father. A t­ torney John W. Lyon, statin g th a t th e State Law L ibrary was entirely destroyed. i BANTAM ROOSTER WHIPS SPARROW HAWK EASILY A fight b etw e en a s p a rrow h a w k and a bantam rooster, in w h ich t h e latt-^r won out, though m inus som e of his ta i l feathers, was witnessed by Mr, C h a rles R a tterson an d Mr. L. B, Wa*^- son, a t “ The W a tson,” a t Twin Lakes, Pa., Tuesday m o rning. Mr. P a tterso n b r o u g h t th e story to this city, W e d n esday m o rning, jEarly Tuesday m o rning th e men w e re aroused by a raucous chattering a sh o r t distance from th e house, and listening they h e a rd som ething th resh in g ab o u t in th e bush, M r. P a tterso n w a tched w h ile Mr. W a tsoii secured his gun and they reach e d th e scene j u s t too late to get a. shbt, b u t in t im e to see th e finish of wtoat a p p e a red to be a fierce fight. T h is is w h a t had happened : - T h e sparrow hawrk had attacked bantam hen and had nearly killed it when th e rooster cam e to the rescue. A lthough a m ite larg e r th a n the haw k , th e bantam was game, and the haw k had decidedly th e w o rst of the scrim m age. ^ W h e n th e spectators arrived th e hen was stretch e d out, alm o s t done for, cut and bleeding, the rooster was m ad all th e way through and pecking and sp u rrin g th e haw k viciously, while th e latter, having h a d quite enough of it w a s trying to g e t away. As he cam e out from th e bru s h th e air was full of feath e r s an d h e was squaw k ing his rage, w h ile th e roost­ er trying to get n e a r e r to h is foe, hopped upon a stone w a ll an d as the haw k disappeared, the crow of tri- umx>h ran g out $200,000 FIKE AT CORNWALL Lumber Yard and Mill Goes Up in Smoke. BLAZE SET BY SLACKING LIME B ingham ton H a s E ig h th B ig E ire of Y e a r w ith Pom ' Blocks Bui'ncd and $50,000 I h > ss — Vail’s G a te Blaze. (Special to The Union.) Cornwall, M arch 28th. —■ F ir e de- stroj'ed th e entire p lan t of th e Mead & T a f t Company, m a n u factuters, contractors and builders, a t Cornwall Landing, about 11.00 on M o nday might, involving a loss estim ated to be $200,000. The fire is believed to have .started in the lim e storage building. It is th o u g h t th a t th e heavy rain early in th e night leaked th rough th e roof and caused th e lim e to h e a t and ig­ nite inflam m able m a terial. The p lan t had in stock some ex­ pensive building m a terial for Tuxedo and New b u rgh parties, an d thousand.s of feet of high-grade lum b er, and was equipped w ith m o d e rn m a c h in- The fire departm e n ts of Cornwall and adjacent villages -were called in­ to sei’vice and help w'as sum m o n ed fffom New b u rgh, b u t the blaze spread with such rapidity th a t th e w o rk of th e firem en even w ith eight or ten stream s proved to be Ineffective. It is doubtful w h e th e r the plant will be rebuilt. B IG F I K E AT BIN G lL\3ITO N . Fireanen Save Men and W o m en T rapped by Flam es. Bingham ton, M arch 28.— T h e lives of 14 persons, S of whom were wo­ m en, were im p e rilled and dam a g e conservatively estim a ted a t $50,000, was caused by a fire w h ich broke out in C o u rt street, in th e h e a r t of the business district at 11.35 o’clock last night, and w h ich raged for m o re th a n th ree hours in spite of the ef­ forts of the F ir e D e p a rtm e n t. M any were overcom e by .smoke, num e rous th rillin g rescues were ef­ fected. The firem en carried m a n y people residing in th e building to safety, afte r they had been over­ come. The buildings burned were occu­ pied on th e ground floor by B a tter- son’s m e a t m a r k e t and U’Neil B ro th e rs’ clothing store. W a ter, sm o k e and flam es .also clLl dam ag’e in V o sbury’s jew e lry store and th e Glasgow' clothing sto^'e.' The fire, w h ich w'as th e efghth big one this yeai', started in th e base­ m e n t of the stores a t Nos. 16 and IS C o u rt street. It was discovered by a passerby. T h e re was b u t one com ­ m o n stairw a y fo r the four buildings. Those rescued w'ere taken down ladders from th e windows. V a il’S G a te K e sidence B u rned. T h e residence of Mr. Shepley at V a il’s Gate, n e a r N e w b u rgh, was de­ stroyed by fire on M o n d ay night, in ­ volving a loss of $3,000. E e im d ry B u rned. T h e J. G. M a rtin foundry, on Wis- n e r avenue, M iddletown, w'as burned Sunday night. NUMBER OF DEAD IS 145 Chief Cro’ierBelieves Smok­ ers Caused Fire Horror. IllNY ONiOENTIFIED BODIES. Hours After the Great Death Dealing Blaze In the New York Loft Build­ ing Firemen Search Ruins For More Victims. Full Crew' Kiil. The Assem bly R a ilroads C o m m ittee has reported favorably th e full crew' bill, afte r hearing arg u m e n ts of offi­ cials and brotherhood representatives. This bill requires all freight train.s of 25 or m o re cars to have aboard an engineer, conductor, firem an, and th ree brakem e n ; all m ail, passenger and baggage or e.vpress trains of m o re than five oars an engineer, fire­ m an, conductor, trainm a n flagman, and if a passenger or baggage train one baggagem a n in addition. P e n a lty for violation is a fine of from $100 to $500. Assem b lym an E v a n s ’s bill req u ir­ ing a y e a r ’s experience and an age of 20 instead of 18 fo r all railroad sig­ nalm e n o r telegraph or telephone op­ erators, was also reported favorably afte r a hearing. --- - ----- ^ -------- A rrival of P ile D river. The pile driver of the Thom a s T. H o p p e r Company arrived in th is city an d will soon he p u t into active .use in the construction o f t h e foundations fo r th e new opera house on Sussex street. -------- ------- --- T h e m a n who h a s an idea th a t h® h a s an idea generally h a s n ’t. New' York, M arch 27.—Searchlights on fire apparatus played into the holes th a t once ivere windows of tlie A sdi building a t W a shington place and Greene street hours afte r the fire, and firemen, caiTj'ing lanterns, searched th e ruined sh irt w'aist factory floors and found three m ore bodies. The num b e r of dead is now 145. Firem en who had begun to wade through the w'ater in the basem e n t be­ fore it had been pum p ed out felt in a hole under the sidew a lk vault lights of the G reene street side—a hole m ade by falling bodies, but discovered noth­ ing. One of the firemen happened to look upw'ard while passing the spot and so found two bodies of young w'o- m en beneath w'hich he and his com­ panions had ivalked m any times. The tw'o dead girls w'^re lying on a lattice of steam piiies about four feet below' the hole in the vault lights. T h e ir bodies had broken the concrete and glass vault lights of th e pavem ent an d had fallen through the sidew a lk hole to the steam pipes. O ther firemen w'orking in the cellar of the building cam e across a body at the foot of the s h a f t of the tw'o freight elevatons on the xiorth side of the building. It was .so badly burned and m u tilated that the firemen were unable to tell w'liethf*!’ it w a s the body of a m a n or wom an. One of the women found on the s team pipes wore a locket w ith the initials “J. 'P.” engraved on it and th e other a pair of earrings sel w ith <*hip diamond.s. Max Blaiiek, oue of the proprietors of the Triangle Shirt V a ist company, told the reporters th a t i t wms against orders to smoke in their lofts. L a ter the reporters while clam b e ring over th e debris on the eighth floor a t the place w h e re the lire started saw am id the h a lf burned pocketbooks, shoes aud other bits of clothing a scorched ciga­ rette box. In another p a r t of the building were a num b er of half smok ed cigarettes lying on the floor. Around some of th e bodies of the men w'ho jum p ed aud in the pockets of their clot lies W'ere quantities of m atches Chief Croker said th a t he believed tin fire was caused by a sm o k er Avho to.ss- ed either a m atch or a lighted <dga- rette on the floor am o n g the piles -ot inflammable, flimsy stuff used in th t m a n u facture of w a is ts and lingerie. W h en Chief Croker entered the building shortly afte r 8 o’clock this m o rning the only living thing he came across w a s a mouse scram b ling across the wreckage piles on the eighth floor, The fire chief picked up the mouse and carried it in his pocket fo r some tim e afterw a rd. Tw'enty-six of the sixty-nine coffins along the north side of the pier were covered, .show'iug th a t these bodies j had been identified. Of the line of fifteen across tbe pier the lids Of sev­ en had been fastened to the coffins. Except in the cases, and there were m any of them , w h e re bodies had been burned until they w e re m erely shriv­ eled black m asses, the heads of the dead w-ere propped up in th e uncov­ ered coffins SO th a t identification m ight be m ade easier. A t one time a doctor assisting the coroners timed the entrance of the visitors on to the pier at the rate of 100 a'm inute. The relatives or close friends who were looking for their dead a t the plei’ morgue began to come to the pier an hour or two afte r th e first body arrived there early Saturday night, and they w e re still in line at daAvn. T h e re w e re frock coated young m en carrying canes who laughed and chatted w ith well dressed girls as the line jostled slowly east­ w a rd tow a rd the pier entrance—young couples who had read th e papers be­ fore startin g for their strolls, whe wished to see th e dead out of curi­ osity. And there w e re m any of these girls who entered the shedded piei laughing who afte r a m o m ent of look­ ing a t the horrors fell In a fain t tc the floor. W h ite capped nurses from Bellevue and the allied hospitals really had m ore to do w ith the handling of the lines th a n th e police. I t w a s a com­ mon sight to see a nurse instead oi a policem an or coroner’s assistant leading an aged wom an or one oJ m iddle age along the line of coffins M any tim es there would be heard £ shriek and a nurse would clasp hei arm s around the wom an, who had either begun to grow hysterical upor recognizing her dead or who had fain t ed from the horror t h a t lay stretehet all about. DEAD WITHOUT A FRIEND. One Girl's Body Unscratched Lies oi Pier Unidentified.' New York. M arch 27.—^There weri seventy-six bodies identified on tin pier betw e en the arrival of the fins coffin Saturday night and the bringiii) in of the last two. One could not un derstand, by w a lking from coffin t< coffin Avith the polieerhen, who carriei lanterns, w h y so m any of the bodie had not been covered—that Is, identi fled. It w a s difficult to m ake one’- self realize t h a t they had been human beings. B u t there was one girl lying there who.se regular features were w ithout a scratch or stain aud w h o when she worked in the factory the flay before m u st have looked very m u ch as she looked as she lay in the pine box. B u t not one am o n g the thousands upon thousands who looked dow n upon her could identify the girl. T h e re w a s an old wom an who sham ­ bled in looking for h e r dead daughter. The m o ther found the girl in the third coffin she looked into. She did not cry out, but for a long tim e gazed at her girl’s face. “H e r nam e is Violet Schochep,. aud she lives—lived w ith m e a t 740 Easl F if th street,” th e m o ther said calmly to the policeman and nurse who were Steadying her. She turned about slow­ ly and then slipped to her knees from the protecting arm of the nurse and fainted. They laid the old wom an on a bench and revived her. The policeman stood beside her until she revived a n d helped h e r out to the street, m u m b ling about Violet a s she w a lked aw ay. As th e old wom an aud the policeman passed Cor­ oner H o ltzhauser th e coroner saw thi policem an give her a tw o dollar bill. FIVE DIE IN HOSPITALS. All Girls Whose Dodies Have Been Identified by Relatives. New York, M arch 27.—There are fivi bodies w h ich will not have to go tc th e morgue. They are those of three girls who died at St. V incent’s hospi tal and two at the New York hospita' and have been identified by relatives They are Bertha W andruff, eighteei yeans old; Ida Konovitz, tw e n ty years old, and Rose Oringer, who died Satur day night at St. Vincent’s hospital, am Becky Xevbever. nineteen years old and llehecca Feibisch, seventeen years old. wlio died at the New York hospi tal. ■' The relative.s of these girls callec and identified them and m ade arrange m ents for their removal. The Ner herer girl’.s body was taken to he home, and the others will be removci lo their homes today. HOW THE FiRE STARTED. Owners of Factory Say Blaze O riginat­ ed In W aste on Floor. New York. M arch 28.—The first for­ mal iuvesfgation into tbe fire of the Asch building bas begun by Fire M ar shal Reel's at fire headquarters and has brought out pretty clearly the place of the fire’s origin and also served to show how a fire drill might have prevented the loss of life which occurred. A lire drill for such establishm euis similar to t h a t enforced in the schools is oue of the m easures w h ich the bu­ reau Of fire prevention suggested by Fire M arshal Beers in a report a year ago. To be able to enforce such m easures the fire departm e n t officials found’ t h a t a special law would have to 'be passed'. One of the proprietors of th e shirtw a is t factory testified t h a t no such thing as a fire drill had ever- been held or thought of. This w itness, Max Blanck, said th a t he believed alF fac­ tory w o rkers should receive such in­ struction noYv and th a t a fireman should be detailed to all factories hav­ ing over 200 employees. Prom Samuel B ernstein, th e general m anager, and Louis • Brown, a ' ma­ chinist, both on the eighth floor, it was brought out t h a t the fire originated lo clippings from the sh irtw a is t m aterial n e a r a cutting table on th e east side of the building near the elevator. T h ere was no w itness to tell ju s t w h a t had caused it. There w a s a law against smoking, b u t the floor was nevertheless found strew n w ith ciga­ rette butts. A lthough not established by the testim o n y , the belief of the fire m a rshal is th a t somebody threw a m atch or a cigarette in th e clippings, as a favorite tim e for lighting ciga­ rettes in such places is j u s t about quit­ ting hour. The fire, according to these w it­ nesses, spread from the pile of clip­ pings to the table piled w ith cut lawns. Bernstein said t h a t the fire was called to hl.s attention by a girl and th a t he and a couple of others fought It by throiving w a ter from the pails. Near­ by was a standpipe hose w h ich could have been taken down easily, and a few turns of a wheel would haVe lei loose the w a ter from a tan k on the roof holding hundreds of gallons ana replenished as fa s t as it w a s' used by an autom atic pump. No attem p t, it > AFTSE TEE .BIG FIBE. ^ 3 Showing Barred Stairv/ay ) and Exter'or of Building. 0 1911, by American Press Association. appeared, was m ade to use this, though F ire M arshal Beers gave It as his opin­ ion t h a t i t would have held tbe fire. W h ile B ernstein w a s trying to put )ut the fire Brown was sent to quell the panic am o n g the girls and m ake them go dow n stairs. B rown said that while .lie door to the stairs opened in­ w a rd it Avas not locked, T h j crowd a t the door preA'ented it from being opened, but he quickly got it open and m o st of the girls w e n t dow n stairs, oth­ ers going down the elevators. The story of w h a t happened on the tenth floor was told by B lanck and H a rris, the tw o proprietors, and w’ent to show th a t only one person on th a t floor w a s lost, but there w e re no w it­ nesses to tell the aw'fnl story of .the ninth floor. This, i t is hoped, will be brought out a t the next hearing. This w a s the floor w h ere were the sewing m achines arranged in “batteries” and w h e re bodies were found piled up in heaps near a wnndow on the Greene street side against a light board parti­ tion. Out in the hallw a y close hy was another standpipe hose, but nobody tried to use this, it appeared, as would have been the case probably had there been a fire drill. So fa r as could be ascertained, the door on the ninth floor w a s not locked. One of the elevator m en testified th a t on his last trip he reached th e ninth floor and called for sdme one to get in his car, b u t nobody responded. Blanck testified th a t on the eighth floor about 200 were employed, on the n in th 300 to 350 am^ on the tenth about 200. About 80 per cent were for­ eigners. Joseph J. Asch said th a t he belieA'ed the building fireproof anfl bad never asked any favors of the building de­ partment. H e told of one occasion when a fire had occurred in the build­ ing and said th a t the fire m a rshal at the time had congratulated him upon having a fireproof building. Fire Marshal Beers after adjourning th e hearing said; “H e re w e have a building fireproof in th e eyes of the law and a building in w h ich apparently all legal require­ m ents were met. It shows th a t w h a t w e need is a bureau of fire prevention —a- body under the control of the fire departm ent, w ith power to m ake changes which w o u ld provide for the actual safety of people living or w o rk­ ing in such buildings. A fire drill m ight have prevented this terrible thing, and yet th'Ore'is none w ith au ­ thority in this city to dem a n d such a thing of factory owners. If th e re are any factories w h e re they have such drills I do not know of them.” --- ----- ^ -------- KILLED BY TROLLEY. Child C rushed B e n e a th C a r in Pi'ont of W liich She K a n . Newburgh, M arch 27.— ^A child be­ tween 5 an d 7 years of age, whose identity is not clearly established,w as crushed by a trolley car on Liberty street this afternoon. She died a t the hospital doors. The child ran from behind a truck directly in fro n t of th e ear, which, was m o v ing slowly. W reckers h a d fo lift th e ca r from th e track to rem o v e the body. I t is believed th a t t h e child ig Ma-' ry Gray, w h o se fa th e r ihung him self from a -freight c a r in West Newburgh some tim e ago. TWO FIRES GIVE FIREMEN WORK Single in Germantown, Tw® Alarm on Square. LEAHY RESIDENCE PARTLY DKSTROYEE9 Four Companies and Hooks in Gen» mantoYvn W h e n Second A larm Came, b u t O thers W e re R eady, Arriving Pi'om p tly. (P r o m D a ily U n ion o f M a r ch 2 9 ) , A single alarm fire in G e rm antow n ^ closely followed by a two alarm fire on Orange Square, last evening,. tested the capacity of th e fire de­ p a r tm e n t severely and showed th a t the men, in an em ergency, can do: work of a high order. A t one tim e it looked as though th e uptow n sec­ tion was in fo r a serious blaze. A t 8.45, the first alarm called th e firem en to th e fifth district. Fowlers,,. D elawares, N e v ersinks, M aghogo- mocks and Excelsiors responded, a t once and found th e blaze to be in the second story of th e house a t N c , 25 M cAllister stree t occupied by th e fam ily of L u th e r Tarket. The chemicaT ap p a ratu s of H o se Five and a pow e r­ ful stream o f w a ter was brought into use w ith th e resu lt th a t th e fire w a s soon u n d e r control and was quickly extinguished. The fire is believed t» have been caused by a defective- chimney. W h ile th e firem en were a t McAllis­ te r street, the sounding of th e alarm a t 9.10 for the second d istrict w ith th e new s t h a t t h e fire was in a residence a t th e corner of Sussex an d Broom e streets, caused great excite­ m e n t and all the com p a n ie s except Excelsiors, who were in* th e ir hom e district. Were ordered back down town. Second A ssistant Chief H ig­ gins rem a ined in charge a t the T a r ­ k e t house. All speed records across the river road and up across\ the W est Main street overhead bridge and down th e street w e re lowered in a m arvelous m a n n e r. An enorm o u s crowd gathered a t O range Squar-e, Broom© and Sussex streets, a n ^ w a tched th e fire which was in th e attic of the residence of B rie E n ­ gineer Tim o thy Leahy, at 55 Sussex street. Mrs. Leahy was alone in th e house. She was expecting h e r husband in from his trip and had started a fire in the kitchen to p rep a re a m eal. She was not aw a re of th e fire above h e r until she was inform e d by M r. P ran k Van Fleet, who lives next ' •door. By th a t tim e sm o k e \was p o u r­ ing from th e attic windows an d around th e cornices an d it looked from the outside as if th e entire u p ­ per p a r t of the house w a s ablaze. A nu m b e r o f you n g m e n w h o w e r e passing, in c lu d in g M e s s r s . K irk , C h ant, Gus K rauss, Edw a rd Carroll, and Mr. Ludwig, w e n t to th e second floor and w ith buckets tried to ex- tinguiish th e flames, w h ich seemed to be couflnea to a sm all room a t th e head of the stairs. They believe th e fire started In this room . No DUCketS being available a coal scuttle, flow­ er pots an d other utensils w e re used b u t to no avail. The steam e r w a it­ ing at th e O range street hose house for a call to Germantown was all ready to respon-d to the Leahy alarm and was a t the fire very quickly, b u t w ithout hose. However, No. P o u r, w h ich was in th e second district, a r ­ rived alm o s t im m e d iately and very soon had a stream playing. By this tim e . Chief H a rding and A ssistant Chief Scales had arriv e d and a second alarm was sounded while the com p anies were retu r n in g from th e M cAllister street fire. As soon as possible the burning house • w a s under four stream s of w a ter and th e la-dders of th e M aghogom o cks b ro u g h t into use. The firem en fought th e blaze a t every point in a vigorous m a n n e r. ' F o rtu n a tely th e y had a strpng force of w a ter and used it to th e best advantage 'fo th a t th e blaze was extinguished in less th a n an hour. The household goods of M rs. Leahy w e re carried out on O range Sauare and w e re guarded by th e fire police, who, also stretched ropes and established fire lines, w h ich held th e crow d in place. The build­ ing was gutted through th e second story and attic and th e ^ first floor was drenched w ith w a ter. To Chief H a rding his assistants and force of firem en is due g reat credit fo r th e prom p t and efficient m a n n e r in w h ich they handled suc­ cessfully two fires in the short tim e and such a distance ap a r t and p re­ vented possibly g reat loss. P o r t JerVis should be proud of its F ir e D e p a rtm e n t, w h ich a t all tim e s does w o rk of a ch a racter equal to de- (CONTINiUED ON PAGE EIG H T .)

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