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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, April 20, 1911, Image 3

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FOUND DEAD IN SHOE SHOP Body of Peter Kalmus Under Gas Jets. LIFE EX i INCT FOR SEVERAL HOURS W e ll K*o\vii Slioom akef in I a > c I c \ vooc 1 BnlMttng—I>eafe of Gas T raced to H3s R o o m s— C o roner H a r d ­ ing Investigates. P e t e r Kalm u s, a w e ll-know n shoe- saaker, about 6 5 years of age, was found dead at 11.30 o’clock W e d n e s­ d a y night, April 12, in the re a r of his shoe shop in the Lockwood building on u p p e r P ike street w ith two jets of g a s over his head tu rn e d on a t full h e ight. The discovery was m a d e by Policem a n W. B. H o rnbeck, w h o h a d received a telephone m essage from M a n a g e r D. R. Thomas^ of th e P o r t Jerv is G a s Company, th a t a leak of gas was reported in th e Lockwood building b u t t h a t an investigation had failed to locate the leak. T h e gas was th e n sh u t ofC i n th e building. The body of K a lm u s was discovered lying on two ch a irs in th e back room . C o roner E d g a r J. H a rd in g and Dr. C. N. K n a p p w e re called, and, afte r Investigation, cam e to the conclusion th a t K a lm u s h a d been dead fo r sev­ eral hours. T h e body was rem o v e d to the u n d e r tak in g room s of F red H. P o rter, a t 165 P ik e street. K a lm u s had been engaged in the shoemaking’ business and for many years conducted a shop on Jersey avenue n e a r th e present O. & W. freig h t depot. A t one tim e he w a s a regular police officer of the village of P o r t Jervis. B u t little is know n Of h is early history although it is stated that he has relatives livinj d a l e , P a . -------- ^ -------- STOP HAWKING. Breathe Pleasant Hyomei and Get Kid of Catarrh. Soothing, healing, A u s tralian E u ­ calyptus com b ined w ith Thym o l an d o th e r L isterian antiseptics — th a t ’s Hyom ei. A complete outfit including hard r u b b e r p o c k e t in h a l e r c o s t s 'Sl.OO. Pour a few drops of Hyomei into the in h a ler and b reath e it. It gives in s tan t relief because it gets rig h t to th e Inflamed parts. It kills th e germ s and heals th e sore spots. H y o m ei (pronounce it H igh- o -m e ) Is guaranteed by F. N. Mason & Son to cu r e catarrh , coughs, colds, sore thro« t, croup and asthm a , or m o n e y ba-ik. E x t r a bottle Hyom ei costs b u t 60 cents. 3 living in Hones- Harry Thaw Refused to be Examined by Experts. WHO HAVE SAID HE IS A PARANOAIC One IlnntU’ed an d F o rty P a tien ts E x ­ am ined — Lees Secures Ilabaes Corpus W rit R e tu rn a b le in N e w b u rgh Saturday. O F iNTEataeST t o f o r e s t e r s . A I>eeision R e s train in g th e In c rease of R a tes o f Insurance. R o c h e s ter, April 13.— ^A d ecision of w idespread interest was handed down by S u p rem e C o u rt Justice George A. B e n ton late yesterday in. an action b r o u g h t by H e n ry J. Sim m elink ag a in s t th e Independent O rder of F o resters for a p e r m a n e n t injunction restrain in g th e o rder from raising th e ra te s of insurance. Sim m elink joined th e order in 1890, an d in 1908 th e corporation raised his m o n thly assessm e n t from 78 cents to $1.35. Justice B enton held th a t th e defendant h a d no rig h t to raise the rate, and issued a p e r ­ m a n e n t injunction. M ice F e a s t on CuiTeney. W y a tt Jones, janitor of the D u tch­ ess County C o u rt House, a t Pough­ keepsie, tucked a $100 bill in the toe of a shoe fo r safe keeping several w e e k s ago. L a s t Thursday Jones w e n t to get the bill and found only two corners, th e rest of th e bill hav­ ing been eaten by mice. He fo r­ w a rded the scraps of th e old bill to th e treasu ry dep a rim e n t a t W a shing­ ton w ith th e hope of having the bill replaced. A v e rts A w ful Tragedy. Tim ely advice given M rs, C. W ill­ oughby, of M arengo, W is., (R . No. 1), prevented a dreadful tragedy and eaved two lives. Doctor? h a d said h e r frig h tfu l cough was a “consum p ­ tio n ” cough and could do little to help her. A fter m a n y rem e d ies fail­ ed, h e r au n t urged h e r to tak e Dr. K ing's New Discovery. “I have been using it fo r som e tim e ,” she wrote, “an d th e aw ful cough h a s alm o s t gone. I t also saved m y little boy w h e n tak e n w ith a severe bronchial trouble.” This m a tchless m edicine h a s no equal for th r o a t and lung troubles. P rice 50c. an d $1.00. Trial bo ttle free. G u a ranteed by All Drug- SiBt*. ---- ^ ^ -------- In j u r y of E r i e Firenxan. E rie F ir e m a n Jo h n W. M o rgan of th e New Y o rk Division was treated at th e P o r t Jervis H o s p ital on W e d n es­ day n ig h t f o r bruises received by fall­ in g from his engine w h ile a t w o rk lighting his lam p s. LITT L E BOY LOSES L IF E . Trying to Save H is Toy D o ^ i e in Q u a ssack Creek. was drow n ed in Quassack Creek, on Thursday. The little fellow had been playing w ith his toy dog, w h e n it dropped in a stream th a t ra n n e a r th e house. H e w e n t in th e house for his m o th e r to recover it fo r him . She told him to wait. W h e n she looked again th e child w a s gone, and the g randfather, fearing som e thing had happened to him, followed th e s tream fo r a q u a r ter of a m ile and found the body held fast n e a r th e shore hy some rocks in w h ich th e clothing had caught. H a r r y K. T h a w will not be exam - . .ined by D.rs. Carlos F. M acDonald and .Justin F lin t in th e inquiry they have begun for Gov, Dix into the condition of th e inm a tes of the State H o s p ital fo r th e C rim inal Insane if the advice of C h arles M o rechauser, his counsel, is followed. Thursday Thaw declined to be exam ined. His m o th e r visited him during th e day. She said h e r son based his refusal on th e ground th a t Drs. M acDonald and F lin t already have expressed th e ir opinion th a t he is a paranoiac. One hundred and forty patients have been exam ined so far, “W e are getting along rapidly,” Dr. M acD o n ald said, “because of our know ledge of m a n y of th e cases th a t com e b e f o r e us. Some of them have been und e r our personal charge. W e know th e records and ailm e n ts of others. In still others insanity is easily discerned, b u t w ith others we m u s t w o r k f o r h o u r s . ■ “The most baffling- o f all f o r m s is paranoia. When such a man and a clever law y e r get before a ju ry the most favorable im p ression m a y be conveyed and yet the m a n m ay be the victim of m a n y delusions. W e are meeting such cases in this Inquiry.\ N o rm a n A. Lees, th ro u g h whose efforts six persons have been released from the Matteawan Asylum fo r the C rim inal Insane, got another habeas corpus w r it T h u rsday from Justice Kelly in Brooklyn for Louis String- rim, alias H a r r y Goldberg, arrested in M a n h a ttan in 1908 while selling shoe­ strings on the street. The charge against him w a s being a public nui­ sance. He was sent to Blackwell’s Island an d la t e r tran s f e rr e d to M at­ teawan. S tringrin will be produced before Justice Tom p k ins in special term of th e Suprem e C o u rt a t N e w b u rgh on S a turday. The w r it was served on the au th o rities a t M a tteaw a n by -------- ----------- UNH-RITTEN LAW PAILS. R ich Texan M u st Serve M v e M eacs F o r M u rder. Dallas. Texas, A p ril 12.— T h e “ y n - w ritten law ” got a setback in the highest court of Texas w hen Don Gray, of B u rnett, one of the w e a lthi­ est m en in the state, appeared court a t B u rnett, after hig case was affirmed, surrendered and was o r d e r ­ ed taken to the penitentiary to ser.'e five years for killing -W illiam P h il- He claim e d P h illips had wronged a w om an relative. ago in Yagostov, R ussia, and the old­ est w om an in New York, is dead. U n ­ til the end she was in full possession of her faculties. U n til 1906 Old Esthei-, as she had been know n to m o re than three gen­ erations on the east side, peddled candies. H e r custom e rs were ortho­ dox Jews, who used the candies in th e ir sym bolical sacrifices. In th a t year a horse knocked h e r down. F o r weeks it was feared the old wom an would die, but health and strength cam e back to her, and on her one hundred and tw e lfth birthday she danced and defies any about h e r to dance as she could. Mrs. Davis came to this country m o re than thirty-five years ago. Her physique had m u ch to do w ith her preservation. U n til she w a s a cen­ tu ry old she weighed 180 pounds. R e c e n tly w h e n she was asked how she accounted fo r h e r long life she ■replied : 'T have faith in God.” Mrs. Davis in F e b ruary, 1910, saw an old m a n helped into a charitable hom e and recognized him as h e r son- in-law, M ax Shapiro, agqd eighty- five. Shapiro said he w a s too tired and feeble to work. Mrs, DaVis laughed a t him and told him he was a m e re child. -------- ^ -------- 70.000 Autos Licensed in N. X. State. It is estim a ted th a t th e r e will be 75.000 aut’os licensed by New York State for 1911 when all registrations are in, and these will be about 30,- 000 chauffeurs in possession of badges. The cars -will t h u s b e a b o u t 12.000 more than last year, and the professional drivers will be 3,000 m o re th a n in 1910. I t is estim a ted th a t the revenue to the state will be a b o u t $ 8 0 0 , 0 0 0 . SAVE YOUB f W ORN CARPET- > Handsome, Dot* NOBODY SPARED Kidney Troubles A ttack P o rt Jervis ;Mcn an d W omen, Old an d Yoimg. Kidney ills seize oyung and old. Come quickly w ith little w a rning. C h ildren suffer In th e ir early years C an’t control th e kidney secretions. Gilds are languid, nervous, suffer W o m en w o rry, can 't do daily work. _ Men have lam e and aching backs. The cure fo r m an, wom an or child. Is to cure th e cause— the kidneys. D o a n ’s K idney P ills reach th e cause. T h e follow ing testim o n y proves it. Miss Jennie Bush, 17 E a s t Ave., M iddletown, N. Y., says: “I know th a t D o a n ’s K idney P ills are a good rem e d y for kidney trouble and a tired, languid feeling. W e have fre­ quently used this rem e d y in our fam ily an d the best of results have been obtained. T h o u g h l have never tak e n D o a n ’s K idney Pills m yself, I know from observation th a t they are very effective in relieving kidney dis­ orders.” F o r sale by all dealers. P rice 50 cents. F o s ter-M ilburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States. R e m e m b e r the nam e— Doan’s— and tak e no other. F I R E IN HONESDALE. Iiivery Stable Destroyed o n W e d n e s ­ day N ight—^Property Threatened. A b o u t 9 o’clock last W e d n esday nig h t th e livery stable of C o u rtrlght & Son, situated on W e st M ain street, in Honesdale, was destroyed by fire an d one of th e horses w a s badly burned so th a t it is doubtful th a t it will recover. There w e re 15 horses in the b a r n and w ith one exception all w e re tak e n out safely. R esidences in the neighborhood w e re threatened, am o n g 'th e num b e r being t h a t of E rie C o n d u ctor C h a rles Lord. The barn of Dr. P. B. P e terson and a building owned by th e W a y n e M illing Com­ pany w e re destroyed. W h i'e it was im p o ssible owing to t h e in t e n s e h e a t a n d t h e v o l u m e o f the fire to save the C o u rtrlg h t prop­ erty th e firem en did good \work in protecting th e ad jacen t residences and buildings on W e s t M ain street. They can be mad ble, Revenlbla Rugi at unall coit. ■work. Wo can smalleBt coit. If you -want tbe beat made rust ly kind of old carpet send us rout sive you the beat at tbt li7tite for catalogue ano NGHAMTON RUG WORKS, ■ark Avenue, B ingbam ton, N. A REST AND HEALTH TO MOTHER AND CHILD M rs . W inslow ’ s S oothing S yrup has b«-t-a hsed for over SIXTV VEAKS by M lbW ON S of MOTIIPRS for their CHILDREN WH1-V.H TEETHING, w ith PERFECT SUCCESS. «l. SOOTHES the CHILD, SOFTENS the GUMS allays all PAIN; CURES WIND COLIC, and :s the best rem edy for I>1ARRH(EA. It is ah •lolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for “ Mrs Winslow’s Soothing Svrup,” and take oo . ’ \'■vveuty-five cents a bottle. Ely’s Creani Balm is quickly absorbed. Gives Relief -at Once. It olean.ses, soothes, nehls m d protect -.be aiseased mem wane lesulting from Catarrh and di-ive> away aCold in tbe Head quickly- ReBtore; the Senses o? Taste and Smell. Full si? 50 cts. at Druggists or by wail. Liqni Cream Balm for use in atomizers 75 ets. Ely B rothers. 56 W arren St.veet., New York IT PAYS to look arotmd before you spend your money for building ma terial. We carry a big stock of WindowSash,Doors, Blinds s Mouldinqs, Paint, Oil, Varnish and Stains GOODS R IG H T . P R IC E S BIGHT. E. S. Westbrook, 35 Pike St., Port J ervis G e t O u t Y o u r This store has been the m a in spot for Boy’s Suits for many years. We ar^ this year .''h|fwing a still larger line of Boy’s and Children’s Suits, all’the new models and col­ ors, and at prices from $2.50 to $10. Double breasted coats and the new Norfolk coats, all cut with the large full cut trousers. FISHING TACKLE WASH SUITS FOR BOYS. look it over and when you have to 11 ^ ™ TEA R S U P $600. S tr a n g e r Spends M oney L a \’i.slily and D e troys R e m n a n ts . New York, A p ril 13.— Gloom p e r ­ vades Mills Hotel No. 3, a t Seventh avenue and T h irty-sixth street, today because the m a n \who tore up the m o n ey w-hen he couldn’t find any­ thing else to spend it for, had not re ­ turned. The reckless plutocrat is a m y stery, b u t he is described as a youth w h o app a ren tly was not used to spending hig tim e in a hotel of th a t kind. A fter being a t th e place a week I'O appeared in the lounging room w ith i! registered letter, A m an to whom he showed it said it bore a Long Is- lan l postm a rk and contained three Sl.fjoo hills. The youth then disappeared in tne iliiHctiun of Broadw ay, and w h e n he returned a t 6 o’clock in th e evening he looked like a m a n who h a d spent considerable money, b u t none of it in a dry ijrood.s store. H e had dinner and gave Lulu Wilson ,the w a itress, a $15 tip. He then di.---aijpeared, h u t the next m o rning in a corner of the w a sh room was found a jjile of w h a t had once been real paper m o n ey— rem ­ n a n ts of $600 w o rth. T h e re w a s not m o re th a n one piece of each bill, and all denom inations from $1 to $50 were represented. The other ends and th e m iddle p a r ts were missing. T h e re w e re 420 m en registered at the hotel a t th e tim e th e confettiecl currency was found, and in a few m inutes fully 420 m en becam e en­ thusiastically interested in the h o t -1 bathing facilities. B u t no m o re idoc.-s were found. G u ests of H o se Six. A t a special m e e ting of W allkill Hose Com p any M o nday nig h t an in­ vitation from T ri-S tates H o se Com­ pany to p a r ticip a te in th e firem en’s p a r a d e a t P o r t Jervis on A u g u st 17th, was accepted. The com p a n y will i doubtedly ap p e a r in new suits w h ich are soon to be purchased from the proceeds of th e firem en’s fa ir held in Decem b er, 1909.— S ussex Tndepend- have F i s h P o l e s , L i n e s , ^ H o o k s , or anything that a fisher­ man needs remember we have the stock to select from. In ju i’y of E i’io E n g ineer. E rie E n g ineer Lucius Stockwell was adm itted J o th e P o r t Jervis H o s­ pital on F riday for treatm e n t for laceration of th e rig h t eye, caused by being struck by the broken portions of the lubricating glass of his engine ------ ^4^------- In j u r y to E r i e L a b o rer. M ichael Payek, a laborer em ­ ployed in th e E rie car shops, was treated a t th e P o r t Jervis H o s p ital on T h u rsday afternoon fo r a laceration of his chin received by being struck by a board. I t ’s E q u a l Don’t Exist. No one has ever m a d e a salve, ointm e n t or balm to com p a re -with B u c k len’s A rnic ■- Salve. I t ’s the one perfect healer of Cuts, Corns, B u rns, Bruises, Sores, Scalds, Boils, Ulcers, Eczem a, S a lt R h e u m . F o r Sore Eyes, Cold Sores, C h apped H a n d s or Sprains it’s suprem e . U n rivaled for Piles. T ry It. Only 25o. a t All Druggists. SW 1 NT 0 N & e© . We issue votes for the GREAT LIBRARY COl^TEST. Lam e fenoulder is nearly always due to rheum a tism of th e m u scles an d quickly yields to th e free applica­ tion of C h a m b e rlain’s Linim e n t. Foi jMtle by All Dealers. And They Call This W a r ? Mexicali, Mex., A p ril 11.— ^It is re ­ ported th a t the flour abandoned by General W illiam ’s A m e rican filibus­ ters w a s mixed w ith cyanide in suf­ ficient quantity to have killed th e en­ tire federal arm y . P u rch a s e s F o rd Auto. Mr. E. F. M apes has purcha.sed fine tw o -seated F o rd autom o b ile and is enjoying m a n y rides over the good roads of O range county. ----------------- -H ------------------ i^ h t l l d r ^ n O r y FOR FLETCHER’S O A S T O R I A The B aseball season is open lu t a n ’s. Every Yellow Trading Stamp Is Valuable Are You Saving Them? Russian or Blouse Suits in all the new washable colors with sailor collars or without, at 50c, 75c, $1.00 and up to $3,00. Also the Boy’s Khaki and Norfolk Suits. J. M. DEWITT, Cor. Pike and Ball-sts.; Port Jervis, N. Y.^ A.W. SMITH Watchmaker and Jeweler WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JE W E L R Y AND STERLING SILVERW A R E ONLY S8 FRONT STREET P o r t Jervis, N. Y. O. & W. W a td; Inspector. Local ’P h o n e 62. The” A R C A D E carries a fine line of MiBinery, Dresses, W aists, Skirts, Silks Embroidered Pettieoafs, Corset Covers, Slips, Etc.; Etc MANY SPECIALS THIS WEEK! The \A R C A D E ” 26 Front-st., Port Jervis, N.Y I Don’t THROW Away Old ^ ^ Rags, Rubbers, Metals and Old Iron Which You Can 6et - MONEY For! A t GOLDMAN’S you axe paid, 7c. p e r lb . fo r old r u b b e r boots and shoes, 50c. p e r e w t, for old rags- Prices of m e tals are paid ac­ cording to the m a rket. W e accept old Iron from any at40c. p e r cwt., delivered at the yard and weighed any coal yard irders for everythin! t iron, prom pitly tly attended A F a i r Deal to All. a ! GOLDMAN, I 185 Jersey Avenue, -f P o r t Jervis, N. X. ^

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