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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, April 20, 1911, Image 4

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The Tri-Slates tinion 3Publislied W eekly (T h u rsday) a t 112 P ike Street, P-^rt Jervis, N. Y., by ITHI-STATES PU B L ISH IN G CO., Ino. PYed R. Salm o n , - Pres, and Treas. S n te r e d as Second Class Mail M at­ ter a t th e Postoffice, P o r t Jervis, N. Y- SUBSCRIPTION P R I C E : $1.60 a year: $1.25 a y e a r If paid itrlctly a y e a r in advance. THURSDAY, A P R IL 20, 1911. ^ X A S W .\XTS PRO T E C T ION ON WOOL, I t m a k e s a difference whose ox is *toredv Gomthem R e p resentatives in Congress when the tariff question is jio t being agitated talk vehem e n tly * g a in s t th e “ R o b b e r T a riff.” The follow ing from K e rreville, Texas, ■hows th e ir honest opinion \w h e n th e i r industries are touched: “Thie 'Wool and m o h a ir grow e rs in this re- -fdon are petitioning th e ir representa­ tiv e s in W a s h ington to oppose a re ­ d u c tio n in th e tariff on w'ool and m o ­ h a ir, The business has assum ed large 5 >roportions and any m a terial reduc- ^ o n would resu lt in destroying the Industry, they say.” MUST CARRY LIG HT. T h e Governor of New Jersey has lust Signed a bill w h ich it w o u ld be w e ll fo r all to heed, those who travel ■In. th a t state as well as th e residents. .*The law requires th a t all vehicles a t anight m u s t carry a light th a t will be Tisible two hundred and fifty feet * h e a d . O therwise they are liable to *, fine of five dollars and costs. -------- ^ -------- B IR D S O P F L IG H T IN T E R S T A T E e COMMERCE. T h e flight of wild birds in the ■ p ring tim e is declared to be com - anerce betw e en the states in a bill in ­ tro d u c e d in the House. The idea «om e s from K a n sas, the au th o r of J t being R e p resentative An­ th o n y of t h a t Slate, a regular of th e aregulars. The hill m a k e s it unlaw ful to kill a wild bird any tim e between Jan u a r y 10 and A u g u st 10, covering th e period when the birds m a k e th e ir an n u a l m igratory flights. The first «ffense against th e proposed law isi^o 4>e punishable by a fine of from $100 to $1,000, and the second offence im p risonm e n t from 30 days to m o n ths. COL. ROOSEVELT’S PRO P H E C Y . T h a t W o o d row W ilson will be the mext D e m o c ratic nom inee fo r P resi- -dent is the belief of Col. R o o s e v e lt according to M o n tana m en w’ho were w ith th e Colonel during his visit a t H e lena, M o n tana. They declared th a t lie expressed th e belief t h a t New J e r ­ sey ’s Governor would be nom inated /by the D e m o c ratic N a tional Comm it- th a n one-fourth of th e assessed val­ uation of all realty in M a n h a ttan, but farm lands th roughout the S tate average only $53 an acre in value, while land in low er B roadw ay has sold as high as $600 th e square foot. An Industry th a t increased its pay­ m ents for labor alone from $27,000,-- 000, in 1900, to over $40,000,000, in 1911, and in w h ich th e re are nearly 215,000 proprietors deserves th e re ­ spectful consideration o f S tates dis­ posed to assum e th a t all farm ing in th e United States is done west of the Alleghanies and th a t th e w h o le State of New York Is W all S tr e e t's back- SUBURBAN NOTES, E a s te r Observance in Spariw v b n sh. P e rsonals— W a ter Plenty. Sparrow b u sh, A p ril 17 th. — The rain f a ll and th e snow m elt have filled R e servoir No. 3, Local wells and springs generally are reported a t full head for the first tim e in nearly tw’o Mrs. N. H u ltslander has been very ill fo r several w-eeks. ■Mr. Oscar H a zen is convalescing from an intestinal ailm ent. Miss Annie Tunney, of R o s a ’s Sw'itch, is th e guest of Mrs. K. A. F u llerton this week. M rs. J. R. S h e rring is visiting friends in New Y o rk City. Mrs. Jacob M alzahn is recovering from an attack of pleurisy. Mr. George H a m m o n d w a s hom e from a business to u r of the south last week. Mr. F red H a m m o n d is traveling in th e south. The ladies w e re out in full E a s ter h e a d g e a r yesterday, and th e ir dicers did m a k e th e m en sit up an d take notice. M r. A a ron B e rger is hom e from Newburgh, E a s ter was observed in the M, E. C h u rch. A t the m o rning service the reg u lar program was carried out. A t the evening m e e ting th e re were special services. The church was decorated w ith plants and flowers. At th e m o rning service th irteen con­ verts were adm itted to full m e m b e r­ ship. In th e evening a special E a s ­ te r serm o n w'as preached by Rev. S. B. V a n d ersoll. A num b e r of children took p a r t in th e services. There was a large attendance. “ THE RIDDLE OE T H E SPH IN X SOLVED,” The \riddle of th e Sphinx\ has /been solved a t last. P rof, George A. R e is n e r, an archaeologist attach e d to H a r v a r d U n iversity, h a s ' p roved bjf th e style of th e head-w e a r an d o th e r liointa th a t th e sphinx is an im age of a lion surm o u n ted by the head of C h e p h ren, a pharaoh, who ru led 2,- «60 years B. C. M rs, E llen W ilson, who was elected -Mayor of Hunnewell, Kansas, ’ counted out, has been reinstated, and jiwil lact, the decision finally com ing h e r way. A fter such publicity she tehould m a k e good. She owes th is snuch to h e r sisters. U P P E R MONTAGUE. A P ine E n tertain m e n t to be Given by 3Iontagne Grange. M o n tague, A p ril 17.— I t is with re­ g ret th a t we learn th a t Mr. and Mrs. Faber, of M o n tague, now residing a t C h e rry C o ttage, owned by Mr. A r thur P e a k , wi ,in a couple of weeks leave M o n tague for Islip, L. I., w h e re they have purchased a nice little property and also have secured a perm a n e n t position, fo r Mr, F a b e r and h is son, W illiam . An entertain m e n t w’ill be given m the M o n tague G range H a ll on T h u rs­ day, M'ay l l i h . The proceeds of which a r e to be used to replenish th e Li­ b rary of the school. \ The Colonel’s M|aid,” w ith th e followang cast of ch a racters : Col, R u d d ...........A N o rthern Colonel R o b e rt R u d d ............................ H is i3on Col. B y rd ........... A Southern Colonel M a rjorie B y rd ............... R ls D a u g h ter Mrs. Em e line C a rroll ................ A W idow an d a Sister-in-law Of Col. Rudd. Ju l i a C a rroll ................... H e r D a u g h ter Ching-a-Ling .................................. . . . .A n Im p u d e n t Chinese Cook Adm ission 25 cents. W e hope to see a large attendance fo r the caUse is w o rthy and it should be a grand financial success. F a rm e r s are busy plowing, p lan t­ ing and getting things ready for the com ing season. The late spring and co’d w e a ther puts everything back. M a r k e t R e p o r ts . BUTTER—Firm; receipts, 11,045 pack­ ages; creamery, specials, per lb., 22c.; ex­ tras, 21c. thirds to firsts, 15%a20%c.; thirds to extras, 15a20c.; state dairy, common to prime, 15a21c.; process, seconds to spe­ cials, 15al8c.; factory, current make, 15a CHEESE—Steady; receipts, 675 boxes, EGGS—Firm; receipts, 30,086 cases. POTATOES— Firm on old; weak on new; Florida, new, per bbl., $3.50a6: Maine, per bag. $1.75a2; state. $1.70al.90. SWEET POTATOES—Firm. GOUNTHT n K nse iflfiRESP Neighborhood News From Three Stales— New Yorh, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. TOWN AND . COUNTRY Special Letters to the Tri- States Union. SULLIVAN COUNTY. the g reater p a r t of the w inter in turned Tuesday last from th e i r wed- Jacksonville, Florida, enjoying the ding trip, Mr. an d Mrs. M ackechnle delightful clim a te of th a t region, is are two of Glen Bpey’s rriv e hom e W e d n esf expected to a 6f this week. Mr. W illian ed a. fine new Mrs. C. V. Predm o re has purchas- ter, returned spending two and Washinigton, Jackson lutom o b ih ed m o re and son, Les- hom e Sunday, afte r ireeks in P h iladelphia I, D .'C. . i D '( Mr. and Mrs. Jam e s Cuddebj Sunday with relatives in Gre Mrs. E lting Cuddeback is visiting relatives in H a ckensack, N. J. Miss M aud Esrey, of N e w b u rgh, spent S a turday and Sunday w ith her nother. Miss Jennie C o m fort spent M on­ day w'ith relatives in Middleti be interred by the sid in Glen Spey Cemetei s b e tter and n iling face snow, as igational ivenin; EUlred. Eldred, A p ril 1'. -— T h e beautiful snow cam e to us again, and all church goers found w a lking dis- _ vjicu ouc agreeable. W o rk was com m enced this week extended to W e are glad to learn th a t th e sick by C o n tractor s. M yer for the erec- .re getting better, and we hone the tion of a bungalow on the Scott farm . . lice spring w e a ther will^ entice them i - ppau IW r,nrr^hasf.o hv lut soon. Miss M innie Serj Vie hope to see ! again. E a s ter daw n ed w ith usual, b u t the Congri C h u rch was well filled in the eve ind th e congregation listened to an sntertaining program . Mrs. Styles’s ilass gave som e very nice recitations and the choir som e fine music. Rev. Mr. K a u fm a n ’s rem a rk s w e re enjoy­ ed. The E a s ter bonnets it was too cold for them. M r. Jam e s Eldred, of Goshen, m a d e a visit to his relatives and re ­ turned hom e Sunday evening. T h u rsday evening th e P a triotii Cliub give a social. Indians and th e w h ites will welcom e all who come. A is a r e tw o o f Glen Spey ’s respected iday. Young people, and th e ir friends wish them a life of boundless happiness. Mr. an d Mrs. Jo h n Ew ing an d Mr. id Mrs. C h a rles E lkins of New Y o rk ity, spent p a r t of last week in town. Mr. Fitzgerald, of New Y o rk City, who has been rusticating for several m o n ths a t the Snyder House, re tu r n ­ ed hom e Thursday. Mr. E. E. M ackenzie and Miss M ac­ kenzie arrived a t Bell A ir Frida:^ Mrs. George K n ight h a s not been feeling well for a few days past. Mr. Caleb Sm ith, form e rly of th is place, arriv e d fro m Schenectady on F rid a y w ith the bo-dy of his son, to interre d b y th e sid e of his fam ily :pects to w< Mr. W illiai Hill, has come mobile. ,Miss Mollie Comblue and sis New York City, were the gu th e ir p a r e n ts on E a s ter Sunday. M r. Alfred and Mr. Sterling Myer, of M ilford, Pa., spent S a turday and Sunday w ith Mr. Eugene M yer at P rospect Hill. new roof p u t o W'ork was done Otisville. Gordon has had a united in his residence. The by Mr. w r it e r , of fg f - ^ ^ V s V e s - w e ^ e Mr. and Mrs.* L. ____ O. W h eeler. Spey, N. Y., w e r narriag e a t the Reformei P o r t Jervis, N. Y., by th Conger, Saturday, Apri leaver Broi th a W h e rry,, who is em ployed loj teacher n e a r N o rth B ranch, ord April 9th, of the sad N a rrow sburg, K n a p p , of Chesi w ith he B e a v e r Brook, rook, A p ril 15— Miss Ber- ■ wh o is em p as a anc h , received i sad and un- er w ith h e r expected death of h e r brother, John, A. Knapp^ who died a t Yuma, Arizona, April Misses Til 8th. Receiving the news too late to Jersey City, spi i. train hom e th a t day, she sent tives in town, sssage and cam e to N a rrow s b u rg Miss E v a B. Towsburg. A p ril 18.— Miss Lou r, N. Y., spent E a s t- its, M'r. and Mrs. H. illie aLnd Florence H a as, of lent E a s ter w ith rela- ongregational C h u rch will atten d in the next m o rning. A lthough the Mr.^ L. eene spent E a s ier Congregatioi the evening one can ai w ill ng. All are invited, attend this service. Sohnei-der ity Monday, e week visitir N a ri'ow sbiu^. Narrowsburg,, April 17.- lowers, of Neweiden, ae w’oods on W ednesi t fire wood, takii hildren w ith hii A lt:____ Any news cam e so unexpectedly she bore New York ir very bravely. Miss W h e rry was to will i close school on A p ril 13th, and had Mi m ade all preparations for a very fine ter, G e rtrude, of ■Mr. W E. entertain m e n t a t th e close of school, a few days w ith h e r pan -eiden N. Y„ w e n t to A fter spending the rem a inder of the Mrs. J. C. Bramning. ednes’d ay of last week week w ith friends there, she intend- Mr. ty. C wife and ed to attend the institute, going from ----- ----- to M onticello, w h e re she ex- visiting h e r aunt, /Mrs. George Van S trand er. , Mrs. E m m a Shears spent E a s ter Sunday w ith h e r sister, Mrs. Ohas. Mrs. H. W. R jghtm y e r, of P o r t Jervis, called on h e r m a ther, Mrs. W illiam Conklin, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. V ictor Downs, of Suffern, N. Y., arrived in town S a t­ urday to spend E a s ter w ith th e ir parents Go Jackson, of Prospect out with a new auto- of Of !S E r n a ent Sunday Lelbla. :eynote, of P o r t Jervis, w ith her sister, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thom as Kennedy and family, of P o r t Jervis, called on Mrs. Chas. Leibla on Sunday. M rs. D. Sears, of Sum m itville, vis­ ited h e r sister, Mrs. G. H. Sw art- wout, M o nday afternoon. Mrs. Sivartw o u t is slowly im p rovir Services were held in M ethodist C h u rch Sunday ucted bv Mr. H u ltsh lernoon. /aster H o w a rd he house with )ldf^ a severe col SUSSEX COUNTY. Layton. Layton, April 17.— Dr. E. W. Jones,, who was located h e r e for some years and recently sold out to Dr. A. A. Ranson, inform s us th a t he h a s lo­ cated at Albion, Orleans county, N.Y. Loren Shay and friend, of Summ it, N. J., are passing a few days visiting with L o ren’s father, n e a r Layton. Miss Mabel Smith, teacher in a N e w ark school, is passing her E a s ter vacation w ith h e r parents a t Layton. The teachers of th e W e s tern B ranch of th is county, com p rising the township of Sandyston, M ontague and Walpac'k,;, willill holdold ann institute iturda; w h a in the school house at iacher is expected to read an essay upon a given topic. Everybody cordially invited to at- A couple of fine does were seen i: the road by P ine Hill on Saturda; evening by N o rm a n Bensley. The; showed the par1 his in ?ight inches in > if which was chi :-year-old girl upon the^head, ren- out n u m b e r but wito p e e r i n g words ■ing h e r unconscious. T h e p a r e n ts from kind friends she bears them all Tied her to th eir hom e and sum - w ithim t a murrmir.^^ ^nd and she W- C. Fuglem a n , of M o nticei- leiit atu rd a y w ith his ' Children w ith h im . In felling a th e re to M onti,..— , . wind. I t fell striking his little m isfortunes in life h a - ^ been with . . . . ------ c h e e rin g wo rd s lo, spe n t a tu rd a y w ith h is parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Engelm an. m o n ed Dr^ C° W ^ ^ V a rsells.^^f N ^ - loving disposition w'ins friends for of M onticello, w^as the auctionei fh e ^ T e S J f t ^ s f m % f S ^o?\th?i^ ^cJ^nto^'. l a . ^ ^ K l k ^ / ^ would not result serious. resu lt seriou s. The blow' m u s t have been a glancing one or the child would have been killed instant- hom e Saturda; G. W. Engl uction o: [onticello, m a n sol Saturday Sfyh Mr. W illiam Schaffner, of B rook­ lyn, L. I., has purchased the proper- ness ■ ■y the e late J. W. Johnsti l Callicooi Callicoon, A p ril 18.- jchalk, the flour flour and fee .nkins, was in town todi ty owned b th la te J . W . Jo anid will take possession of the sar som e tim e in May. Mr. and Mi ;er are ^^^ome perm a n e n t residents ^ time in May. Schaffner and little stopping a t th e Ho: anid Mrs. R o b e rt they pa.«sed th e sum m e r moi 1910. Mr. Schaffner and fami becom e per m a n e n t residen ts o f which we are all pli will this eased to Neweiden. Neweiden, A p ril 17. — M rs. M. Flood, of Brooklyn, L. I., is passing several w eeks a t the hom e of hei daughter, Mrs. John Hi Young David Benj. S. W a rd is very sick a t his hom e in th e K a u tz Block. H e rm a n A, M u ller and wife, of Patchogue, L. I,, are here and atten d ­ ed th e funeral of Mrs. M u ller’s sister, Miss Sarah Law ler, w-ho died a t the hom e of h e r sister, Mrs. Lewis, in New York. The Anderson case, w h ich wound up th e ir hearing before R eferee G renn last Saturday, attracted a large num b e r of people. Some w e re subpoenaed and others th a t were C h arles Fischer, a form e r resident fo r m a n y years, died a t th e hom e nf his daughter in Mr. H a rry M u rray, of New Y o rk City, is spending the week w ith his ■hilip G o tt- parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. PI. M u rray, led m an, of J. S. Anderson attended a m e e ting 3 n busi- of the B o ard of Supervisors a t Mor,- ticello this week. evening by Norm an Bensley. They showed no sign of fear an d allowed irty to come very close to them . 7 Jersey has enacted a very drastic laiv against gam b ling in any form , and especially gam b ling for drinks, m aking it a m isdem eanor ith fine and im p risonm e n t. Some rascal partially saw ed off the lim b s of a beautiful pine tree stan d ­ ing in the lawn of Job C. Ellett, at Bevans, and the heavy burden of snow on Sunday m o rning m ade a dis­ m a l wreck of th e tree, m a n y lim b s breaking off. The one who did, t h a t irty w o rk would no,t hesitate to do tiurder, or bu rn buildings. W h e n our m a c a d a m road was built the road in fro n t of th e resi­ dence of George E. H u r s h was changed to a fu r th e r distance from the house. H e is now grading about his house, and when com p leted, will have the prettiest grounds around Cochecton, Apri B erian, of Brooklyn, spent a week the hom e of Mrs. Wm. V. Heinle. On W e d n esday, April C. Guild had membe H. M aas and Mrs. F. Pfendler. The next m e e ting will be at the hom e of Mrs.. H o m er Kieseler. Mr. L. Schm idt, of ipent E a s ter w ith Ap ril 12ih, the iccessful m eeting [ Mrs. J. R a u c h . Two ne’‘:^ are added to th e list, M rs td Mrs. F . Pfendle r. Th« M'r. J. Lang a iWest Hoboken, ,rs. Joh n H ensz. h is daughte r in Jam a ica, L. I., and spending several week v id S later shot w h a t h e w a s buried th e re last Sunday. M'r. of Mrs. Jacob Maas, .ne one day last week, Fischer, until abput six ye&rs ago. Mr. P a tr ick Kadian, ches in its hare feet, having bill over eight inches long. I t _ Wi th o u g h t to be killed this hire ha woods, now owned by who built ^'the Pfeifer, sum m e r boarding house !it, of Liv of Mr. ana Mrs. ^ h n Hensz, a tournam e n t ’ ?ut six ye&rs ago. lied th e farm in b y H. J. St. Regus n his place, gsi'ofi M an- id ent, was Short tim e ago. Young Davis is satis- ^ ^ ^ g ^ ° c k ^ T ^ H ^ l i S ^ a '^ s ^ rk !^\■ Sia?ck and H Gale; A little d a u g h ter arrived a t the ivroi hom e of Mr. and Mrs. Jo h n Hensz, M arch 37th, and is already quite fa- m iliar w ith its surroundings. M o ther and child are doing well. ? h i s ^ was won b ll second and D. .1. loboken, h th e hom i k K a d ia n , aged 78 years, died a t his hom e on Friday, April 14. He was buried from St. L u k e ’s IChurch, ai' Co'ohecton on Mionday, April 17th. He is survived by two sons and two daughters: M rs.'H e n r y Hoffm an and John and W illiam K adian and Miss Agnes Kadian. ond an d D. . e tied for 3rd Blarryville, A p ril xercises w e re held G o v e rnor W ilson, of New Jersey, jcan ride free on the railroads. Ii' is n o t due to the railw a y courtesy but to the law of the state, although he ,^lield off until the A ttorney General »aid it was legal. money. out of towi h e r visit ti nam e . We also kni C o m m e n ting on the recen t rep o rt .X)f th e A g ricultural D e p a rtm e n t the N e w Y o rk W o rld says : L e t not th e ag r icu ltu r a l W e s t look W ith contem p t upon th e S tate of New TYork as a farm ing com m u n ity. It does not pretend to com p e te w ith Illinois or Iow a in th e production of co r n , or w ith M innesota an d K a n s a s In its output of w h e at, b u t according to a crop re p o r t issued by th e D e­ p a r tm e n t of A g riculture last m o n th I t headed the entire list in hay, p o ta­ toes and buckw h eat. As an apple- ra ise r it is also in th e fro n t ran k , as ivell as in dairy products. No-w th e census, ■vfhich no one ■qaares dispute except th e im p a tient afesidents of boom towns, rates the (farm lands and buildings of New H e w Y o r k a s w o r th $1,176,222,000, *,n Increase in value of 21 p e r cent. J n ten years. To be sure, th a t Is less b u t don’t know h e r Iso k n o w th a t she lives The m o n ey is aw a iting th e store fo r identiflea- one else need apply. L, KADEL, P o r t Jervis, N.Y - ---------- -H- C a rd of Tlianks. extend our th a n k s to jighbors who jervici )Se friends and neig led us during th e b u rial servic es of .^...r son, w h o died in Arizona, on A p ril 8th, an d was buried a t Ten 'Mile R iver C e m e tery on A p ril IGth.— Mr. and Mrs. W m. W eary, B eaver Brook, N. Y. will have ■ 3rd. for sale BO H a ir Display. ispecially fine line of long wavy id h a ir puffs a t Miss Shay’s sw itches 124 P ike street. If you will [edicated Shoi comfort fort w ith your w e a r the B. B. Chase Loes, you will have .solid co m w ith yo u r sore, ten d e r feet None so good. Ask th e m a n or w o ­ m a n Who w e a rs them . Sold only ai Chase’s Cash Shoe^ House. Get your Pishing T a c k le-at R u tan’s Everybody’S friend— ^Dr. Thom a s ’ E c lectric Oil. C u res toothache, ear­ ache, sore th ro a t. H e a ls cuts, brul es, scalds. Stops any pain. M etzger, Sr., is m o v ing lo in 'th is'p lace\ on F new residence owned by Adam Am o n g the Eas ‘tzger, Jr., on College Heights. Mr. friends in this placi :er, Sr. has been a resident of jj^s. H e n ry and ille. 18 .- In botl F a s ter. A.ppropriati :h churche: about 20 years old and h a s been ... ^ ^ H o w a rd bearinsr fo r the last eight years. L a s t W e s tern Hotel, w e re i r season it produced 279 nuts of good several days last wei in New York w e ek on husi- P a .; Mr. Roy Gilkie, of S'hanna den, W is.; M aster Lindsley and B a ,'- ,nd flavor, Mr. A u g u st A, Schafer, of New ork City, spent several days, last w eek w ith his m o ther, Mrs. Adelaide Sehafer, who has been quite ill. Mr. and Mrs, S. P. M eyer -and two daughters, of New York City, 'h a v e leased the B rinning property for the com ing sum m e r. M r. M eyer is a re ­ tired firem an of E a s t New Y o rk and .ong Island precinct. Mr. J. M. O’Neill, th e Sunset Farm m o n d Calkins, of M onticello,and Mrs. H a n n a h Gilson and D a u g h ter, of ►rth B rancli. iranch, April 18.— Miss Ma- em ployed by A. W. Eick- N o rth Br£ bel W a h l is Miss G e rtrude iSchonger,who ployed a t Jeffersonville, spent Sunday a t home. Miss Libbie Stiengel, fo r a long time. Mr. Chas. P i’( iunday m o rning, April 16, and th e id w ith snow about ground covered w ith snow abo u t two inches. Little or no plowing has been done as yet, and the w o rk of the spring tim e is very m u ch delayed. Teachers are being hired in m any tow n ships in this county already, and Sandyston should m a k e a m o v e in md not w a it lyston sh o u ld th is direction a t once, and n o t w a u n t il th e b e s t tea c h e r s are engaged. T h e N e w Jersey Sen a te h a s passed a h ill requiring boards o f P r e e h o e.rs to provide offices for th e f S u p e r in ten d e n t of th e county, also to p r o v ide a clerk fo r h is u s e at a sa lary o f $600 a year. \Who w o u ld - n o t be a C o u n ty S u p e r in ten d e n t Jersey ? ichoo] rem a inder of the 1 by his sister. The spraying of his fru it trees Jo h n Snider shows th e effects o work. Lim b s brought to the poi flee show th a t the spray killed coles ville, Colesville, A p ril 17.— P e ter attending court in Newton. Rev. D. D. Smalley an d J. I. Brink ere in Newton, M onday. The M isses Borm an, of B asking 'Sts a t the M. E. are gues M rs. Jo h n D e cker and visited over E a s ter with hi Mr. and Mrs. Jo h n Skii Mr. and M rs. C h arles childrei parents a t Slati his brother, George, a t th is plaote^ last Sunday. W e are sorry to note th a t t h e p a r - Dnage and pulpit a t L o o k o h t a r e H u b e rt Lake and bride are so- ju rning with relatives in this vicin- son, Leo, of P reston P a rk, have been visiting Mrs. C o d d ington’s parents a t thi.s place. Mrs. C o d d ington being III ivas unable to re tu r n hom e w ith h e r husband on Saturday. Floyd Lord and family, of B ra- m ans, visited a t David Layton’s laat Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Flynn re ­ cently passed a few days with rela» lives a t Cochecton, N. Y. P I K E COUNTY. Lackawaxen. Lackawaxen, April 17—Miss Grace Dewitt, of M inisink F o rd, entertained Miss Mildri & d Miss Ll nisin k F o rd , enterta Joyce, of M ast Hope, t Smith, of Shohola, last and M::rs. H e n ry H o ffm an at- of Mrs. H o ffm an’s ;r a t C o checton Center, on M on- neral ( E lla N. Decker, isful te n Hawley, school ire last Thursday, and : h e r hom e F rid a y evening. c. - “ • ■ r a pleasant visit of two w eeks w ith relatives in R avena, Syracuse, a n d Oswego. Mrs. J. W. C h a m b e rlain attended lebekall Lodge in Haw ley S a tu rd a y evening. s. W. C. C o rtright and g ran d - Lindsley SmItb, are passing B a s - .?eek in New York w ith th e lat­ te r ’s parents. M r. and Mrs. F ran k Jackson an d two children, Adelaide and Leland, of Dunm o re, Pa., are visiting relatives here and at Cochecton, N. Y., fo r i b rief time. day m o rning, afte r v isitin g sister, Mrs. E. Barnes, of /Mini- h e ir siste r, ink Ford. Miss F red a who atten d * ent the E a s - e n e a r th is Miss F r e d a Kloss, w school in P o r t Jervis, spi ter vacation a t h e r ho,mi Miss M am ie Kelley, of P o r t >ent E a s ter w ith h e r m o thei rank Kelley. Mrs. D. L. D e w itt is enjoying a ten iA7«’ w}th h e r sister, M rs. Plainfield, N. J., also- Brooklyn, Louise Simon, of Minisink, ’as hom e over E a s ter. 5fast Hope. M a st H o p e , A p r il 17.— M rs. W e is- ;r w e n t to P o r t Jervis on th e m o m - __ig train and returned on th e even­ in g train to S h o h o la, w h e r e sh e r e ­ m a in e d over n ig h t w ith h e r d a u g h ­ ter, Mrs. M aud H igby. Jo h n Johnson m ade a business t r i p ville last week. Joyce, L e o n a r d B u t t e n - T. G. M cM ahon ca lled on th is p lace la s t w e e k . M iss E lla M cM ahon visited h e r brother, Edw a rd, p a r t of last w e ek a t Susquehanna. J. M c M a h o n , Sr., w a s th e on ly o n e w h o atten d e d ch u r c h on E a s ter. H e walked to Lackawaxen. Mrs. E . A. T ig h e cam e up fronx Jersey C ity and is n o w a t Josep h T ig h e ’s a t R o w land. Mrs. P e r c y D a v is h a s retu r n e d from v isitin g h e r son, D e ll, a t L a c k a - agen and [•lends in lem etery Sunday afternoon, teth o d ist m inister from B a rryville reached the fu:neral MissI I la r t h a ?-ere visitiers tier’s fa tl preache d th e fu sermon. B essie D e te rich and M is.s' M a r th a Van Syckle, of P o r t Jervis, lit at the hom e of th e for- th e r, 'V^m. Deterich, on S a t­ urday and Sunday. Miss Reynolds has ju s t closed a successful term of school here. \Wm. Johnson hass m. Johnson Scranton, b u t e: again to have h General Hayes is New York. City. York. Miss McDermot tained: her e r sister froi L retu r n e d ;cts to go b a d eyes treated. spending Bastei ecently enter- Boston. — a re in New I go to Pocono, on the Pocono mountains, and enjoy E a s ter with h e r son, Edw a rd, who is operator a t th a t place. 'Mr. and Mrs. Clark, of New York, ere week-end visitors w ith Mr. M c- h siste r fr . Joyce and 2ny. Aki a h e r Mont-ic. Miss Bessie Barlow has retu r n e d to- M rs. C h arle s M iller, of isex, passed Sunda^- w ith the lat­ te r ’s parents, M r. and Mrs. John Beemer. David Smalley, Ji;., of Plainfield; Edw in Sm allej’, of B lairstown, and H a r r iet Smalley, of-N e w Providence, were guests overver E a s terer off their rents. Re' o E a s t o i nd Mrs. D. D. Smalley. W AYNE COUNTY. . _ l who was sick for som e time, is able to be out again. ■\ ■ . - . (enter ill who has owned A lb e rt W a g n e r is doi th e Sunset F a r m fo r th e p a s t two w o rk a t B eaver Brook, N. Y. years, has exchanged the sam e fdr a Ohas. Bock and fam ily have moved property in New York City. A Mr. to Callicoon Depot. Searles will be the new ow n e r of The dance a t Jacob’s was Sunset F a rm and will tak e possession \ e tim e afte r A p ril 20. Mr. O’Neill fam ily will retu r n to New York Hazleto] h a s bee Mrthclay rU y by everybody, m asked. Jacob ’ enjoyed er were small returned from ist week, w h e re he leen spending some m o n ths, num b e r of relatives and neigh- gave Mrs. Jam e s K. G a rdner u l surprise last night. Mrs. G a rdner was equal occasion, aud gave each one a cordial reception. A very pleasant evening w a s spent and delicious refreshm e n ts were served. At th e close a beautiful 3ake, surrounded by lighted candles they were liursday B e a v e r Brook. B eaver Brook, N. Y., April 18th.— Mr. and Mrs. W m. Collins are visit­ ing Mrs. Collins’s parents, Mr. and Jrs. G. Ness, Jesse Dexh:heim er in Ni Cuildebaclcvi He. Cuddebackville, April 17. — Mrs. Silas D rake, who suffered a stroke of apoplexy, is gaining slowly. Miss Helen Pine, of Liberty, spent __ a few days last week with h e r m o - spend: th e r in this place. here. Mr.*;. Stephen Griffin, Mrs. J. L. Mr. and M rs H u ll and son, Lindsley, spent last returned from T h u rsday with their m o ther Mrs. J. have been visiting Stoitbeis. The death o f Jc Mrs. David M itchell entertained tinned in last Mrs. H a rry Youm ans and Mrs. W a lk- Y u n a Ari- er, of otisville, one day last week. death w a s ah' The Ladies’ Aid Society held its H e died A p rii 6th, and leetmg last W e d - reached hf.s hom e h e n rrounde d by lig was brought In while burning. Mr. H e rm a n Rixu neat little speech for the whole lented Mrs. Gardnei pany, presente d Mrs. G a n cut glass berry dish, afte has retu r n e d to irrow sburg, after eeks a t his horn happy returns w ishing of the daj ’hicii all ORANGE COUNTY. Mr.s. Nicholas Hess have Scranton, w h e re they relatives Godeffroj', Beitm an has businei GodefiToy. A p ril 17.— Hr. R a p h ael ned to his place of lending the w inter •ents, Mr. and Mrs. Affi annual business m eeting isis' :ause of m s Jacob stoth- 1 hl= b o g 5re on A p ril 16 th. M rs held a t Tusten It in N. Y., called on Mr. Olden, M aster Sniltli, Tvls, is spending s. F r a n k Bell spent F riday 'ith h e r m o ther, Mrs. Stephen Cisco. Mr. W illiam O. Keefe, of H a rlem , r. Y., called on M r. Olden, Thursday. - ...... - “ ■ \ P o rt I w ith spendin g a few his sister, Mrs. Jam es S™n ;ary and treasurer, showing jlety to be in a progre.ssive iperous condition. A fini isisted by M rs. Alice Van Im v egen m o rning dawned the first thing to Id Mrs. Jam e s Cuddeback. S^eet the eye was m o ther earth Mr. George M itchell, of P o r t Jer- robed in h e r pure w h ite m a n tle of vis. spent Sunday w ith his parents. snow. / M r. Joseph Jackson, w h o h a s spent Mr. and Mrs. W m. M ackechnie re- Slen Spey, April 18. - :er, Mrs. Jam e s Con Mrs. Tillie H o y t an d son, beeneen stayingtaying w ithth h e rr b s w i h e sister, Irving Aughten, for the past week, have returned to th e ir hoi a t Mongaiip. Mrs. T. L. Griffin and •Moore spent Thursda George Clark, a t Duttonville. Miss Ju lia Post, of P o r t Jervis, is Mrs. Cora w ith M rs. Tyler Hill. T y ler H ill, A p r il 17.— M: Griffith spent Thursday -at w ith h e r daughter, Mrs. Taylor.^ Sunday School opens April 33. Rosa Gaston visited friends at Gal- last week. Mr. F loyd B a lston, of F a lk d a le, and iss L o ie G aston, of T y ler H ill, w e r e m a r r ied A p ril 8th, at H o n e s d a le, by R e v . H iller. Tyler Hill Ladies’ Aid mei “ in Brown the firj 'yler H ill F reem a n Brown day in May. Tr. and Mrs. Irving P e c k ri Saturdayaturday aftefte: r a m o n th’s ome S a 1 New York City. ■C. M. Pethick sp< •eturned b’ stay ■C. M. Pethic k sp e n t Thursday Honesdale. Will Rilly, of Cochei Mrs. W ill R illy, o f Coc . Tyler Hill caller last Satui icton, w a s ng here Sunday evening by I. Minch. ReM D. ] E. T. Olvi to his house— m o re bed room s and a bath room. Mrs. E t t a Brown returned to Ty­ ler Hill Saturday afternoon after an absence of th ree m o n ths at Torrey. Lookout. Lookout, A p ril 17 .— issed a few days last v ■ ises Burke, n e a r Ga] louth B rar Sadie , Lane eek with the Mr. and Mn relatives at Sc Married; on Saturc Robinson i both of Loo] N. tid Miss C lara Lockwood, th of Lookout. „ George K n app, Jr., of Norwich, N. Y., is visiting his parents a t this ^ W illiam Hoffer, of Jeffersonville, N. T., passed E a s ter Sunday w ith friends at this place. B e r t T e e p le ,' o f M ilanville, visited snow yesterdas” •eek ago s’esterday country look like fairyland. Chester Neari e aring an d wife enjoyed The beautif orning and oi ‘ste r N Easterster diiner their Ea din a t W. H. H a n ­ kins’. Two gentlem e n from New Y o rk City cam e to W. H. H a n k iijs’ for a tro u t fish, b u t th e w e a ther is not v ery ■ight for such fishing. th u r H a n k ins sold his team ot Sliohola. hohola, April 18.—The s£ a t Shohola started last Tl w ith a full crew of men. T h e plan- m ill is also running on orders a n d log drive is in full swing. The logs come from the falls daily. Mr. m ill h u r s d a y One Cent a Word FOR EACH INSERTION. NO AD- VERTISEIMENT TAKEN FO R LESS THAN 15 CENTS AND CASH OR POSTAGE STAMPS MUST BE SENT W ITH EVERY ORDER, 3^1]ake It known If you have any­ thing you want to buy, sell, rent, or exchange, anythfaig you have lost or had stolen, through our \ O NE- CENT-A-WORD ” column below and you w ill get quick retiums. This col­ umn is designed to bring th e buyer and seller together on sales that do not warrant \large expendltnres of cash.” TW E N T Y C u tters an d Q u a rrym e n w a n ted a t W estbrookville, Sullivan Co., N. Y. Chas Chedister, Manager. D. HOLBROOK, real estate office; established 35 years, 122 P ike St. P o r t Jervis, N . T . HIRA3I TOWNER, Blue Front Sta- Ues, Canal Street, Port Jervis, N. Y. H o r s e s , mules and wagoiu for aalte. Accommodates 100 horses.

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