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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, June 15, 1911, Image 9

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THE EEL WEIRS { w om an w h ippe d b e a r ; D D A U i D i T c n UPSET HER PAN OF MILK rK U n i D l l t l ) Governor Dix Vetoed Bill Permitting Eel Weirs. IN DEL W A R E RIVER Many People Tliereliy W ill be D e ­ prived of the Best and Most A b u n d a n t F ish Food In th e ^ Delawaro R iver. Govei’no'r Dix vetoed, W ednesday, th e Mil perm itting eel w e irs in the D e law a re river. The .State Forest, F ish and Game Commission opposed the hill in a letter to the Governor, say- _iopes the bill will Torlv L e g is lature for the reason th a t a bill has been introduced in the P e n n s y lvania L e g is lature to abolish eel weirs, an d th e r e is every indica­ tion th a t it will pass. New Jersey and Pennsylvania jointly forbid fish b a s ­ kets in the Delaware River helow P o r t Jervis, an d if a bill w e re in tro ­ duced into our L e g is lature to permit fish baskets in th e D e law a re River above P o r t Jerv is I should have to oppose it.” •T h e good Governor and the gentle­ m e n of th e F o rest, F ish and Game Com m ission a r e evidently n o t aw a re of th e excellent food quality of - the D e law a re R iver silver eel. The “ Old S e ttler,” a n d his nam e is legion, whose p rin c ip a l fish food is the luscious Jd c a u g h t in th e fall of th e year in eel w e irs, beginning in th e first rise of th e riv e r and dark nights, will not h a v e hereafter a w a rm affection for th e authority th a t robs them of the m u c h appreciated eel. These old fisherm e n say th a t the h ighly protected black bass eat the little fish and on the o ther h a n d eel -weirs, properly constructed w ith the p roper interstices betw e en th e laths let th e little fish pass th ro u g h into th e river. U n d e r this new law hundreds of tho u s a n d s of eels will pass down th e riv e r every fall unm o lested and m any thousands of pounds of the choicest foo,d will be lost by the people resid­ in g on o r adjacent to . th e Delaw are Other B ills Signed. S e n a tor Allen, prohibiting children Tinder 16 years of age from entering pool or billard room s or public bowl­ ing alleys. S e n a tor Bayne, providing th a t w h e n e v e r a decedent citizen of the U n ited States shall have declared in h is will t h a t he elects s u c h testam e n t­ a r y dispositions as shall be construed by th e law^ of th is state the validity an d effect of such disposition shall be determ ined by such laws. S e n a tor A rgetsinger, appropriating $35,000 from the iState Treasury for th e n a tional encam p m e n t of th e G. A. R . to be held in R o c h e s ter in A u g u st. ' S e n a tor Bayne, C h a p ter 248, one '>f th e uniform law s betw e e n th e States relativ e to bills of lading. M r. Hoey, providing th a t nothing in the law shall forbid an industrial insurace com p a n y from re tu r n in g to policy holders who have m ade p re­ m ium paym e n ts for a t least one year directly to th e com p a n y a percentage of th e prem ium w h ich the com p any -would have paid fo r weekly collec- Mr. -W alker, providing fo r th e li­ censing of m o v ing picture operators in i^ew T o rk City by the Comm ission­ er of W a ter Supply, Gas and E lectric­ ity ,and in other cities by th e Mayor. A. E. Sm ith, ap p r o p riatin g $80,000 fo r the paym e n t of the balance due new s p a p e rs for publishing concurrent resolutions of th e Legislature, 1910, an d proposed am e n d m e n ts to the C o n stitution. Mr. Foley, am e n d ing th e lab o r law by requiring m edical reports by phy­ sicians to th e b u reau of labor statis­ tics, statin g nam e, address and place of' em p loym ent of patients suffering from lead and other poison or from com p ressed air illness. Mr. Evans, providing for a State highw ay route beginning at th e Del­ aw a re R iver n e a r P o r t Jervis, ru n ­ ning northw e s terly to a point between Sullivan and D e la w are counties, thence to the village of H ancock, Kingston, June 3.— A black m o u n ­ tain bear had an adventure in th nei.ghboi-hood of DeW ittville a feW days ago th a t will m a k e it rem e m b e r a broom stick. The occurrence shows how fierce and, w h e n attacked, w h a t terrible fighters th e C atskill m o u n ­ tain i)ears are, Mi-s. Silas M eisner, th e \wife of a farm e r, left several pans of m ilk on h e r k itchen table w h ile she w e n t nri an erran d to th e upp e r p a r t of tn e house. She heard a tin pan fall and h u rried down stairs and found a good sized m o u n tain b e a r lapping th e m ilk up from the kitchen floor. She had no w e apon and as th e b e a r stopped lapping m ilk and looked up a t h e r as she entered, she expected th e b rute to attack her, b u t afte r surveying her it -went on lapping the milk. Looking around fo r a weapon she seized an old broom stick an d began to belabor the hear over the head. Mr. B e a r stopped his m eal of m ilk and looked surprised, tu rn e d tail and m a d e fo r the door. The plucky wo­ m a n followed it and kept belaboring it with th e stick until it w e n t over the fence and ra n down th e road. W h e n Mrs. M eisner was asked w h y her husband did not follow the bear track s and kill it, she answ ered briefly : “ B e a r m e a t is not good this tim e of year,” G u ests from aOddlctowm. The following were the ladies from M iddletow n who were in attendance a t th e m u sical and literary en ter­ tain m e n t a t the residence of Mrs. C lara Gordon, No. 11 E lizabeth St., Tuesday afternoon, June 6: Mrs. C h arles J. Giering, Mrs. Daniel Finn. Mrs. William Snyder, Mr.s. Charles B. Buckley, Mrs. G a rrett T. Tow n ­ send, Miss E lizabeth Royce, Mrs. Es- tella LaR u e , M rs. C h arles H. Sm iil', M rs. John H. Galloway, Mrs. A. W. Sweezy, Mrs. L. C. Purdy, Mrs. D. B. H a rdenburgh, Mrs. B enjam in H o rton and Mr.s. S. D. Moore. ---------------------- ^ ----------------- Clia-i.stian Endeavor- Fic-nie. -4-bout th ir ty m em b ers of C h ristian En leav e r Society of P resbyterian C h u rch enjoyed outing at P a tterso n ’s Eddy, F riday night. The young people had a very plea.=ant tim e along the riv e r and retu r n e d hom e, hoping th a t a picnic w o u ld he held next year also. GERMANTOWN. Germ antow n , June 10. Mr. and M rs. W a lsh, from Jersey City, spent S a turday and Sunday w ith Mrs. F. R. H u n t, 30 M cAllister Miss E lla W a lsh, of Jersey City, will spend th ree weeks' vacation in this city. M rs. J, A. D u tcher, of F a r R o ck- vay, L. I., is spending th e sum m e r ith Mrs. Ethel G.Mrison, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Horn and fam- have returned home, after a two w e eks’ visit w ith th e fow n e r’s p a ­ rents, a t Newton Lake, Pa. Mr. C h arles M eyers, of New York,, is visiting a t th e hom e of M r. and Mrs. George Zellar on M echanic street. Miss N e llie R o u rke is visiting re la­ tives a t M aybrook, N. T. Mrs. J. H. Gilson is visiting friends a t Mill R ift, Pa. H a rry Adams, form e rly of P o r t Jervis, now of th e U, S. Navy, is here on a furlough visiting friends at 200 W e s t M ain street. H e leaves to join h is ship, th e U. S. B a ttleship M aine, a t Portsm o u th, N. H,, on M o n d ay next, Ju n e 12th. The P o r t Jervis L ight and Pow e r Com p any is laying a gas m a in in the south side of M echanic street. Miss R u th A. G o ttlieb entertained p a r ty of friends a t h e r hom e on IcA llister street on M o n d ay evening in h o n o r of h e r b irthday. A fine tim e was enjoyed. T h e condition of Mrs. W, E, C raw ­ ford, of W e st M ain street, who has been ill, is steadily im p roving. The B u rghers of th e Second R e ­ form e d C h u rch held an enjoyable so­ cial a t the church on M o n d ay even­ ing. M usic was furnished by th e H igh School Glee Club and delicious refreshm e n ts w e re served. ‘‘Ju s t P lain P o lks” will be p ro ­ duced by a cast of excellent ch a rac­ ters in Colum b u s Lyceum on M o nday and Tuesday evenings, Ju n e 26th and The “Hazel K irk e ” com p a n y will play in M onticello on T h u rsday night, Ju n e 29th, ----------------- ^ ----------------- AUTO RUNS INTO STONE WALL. No One Seriously H m t, B u t the Auto Was Smashed. A five-patsenger E. M. F. autom o ­ bile, occupied by A. M. A rm s trong and Mr. Young, cf th e tow n of W o o d ­ bury. w e n t into a stone w a ll the other side of Gen. H e n ry L. B u rn e tt's place, -o.u th e C h ester state road, shortly a f ­ te r J.J o’clock, Thursday night. At the point w h e re th e accident h a p p e n ­ ed th e re is a sharp tu r n in th e road. Instead of turning, the ca t ran straig h t ahead an d landed into the stone v a T . Mr. Y o u n g was tak e n to his hom e by Dr. H am ilton an d Mr. A rm strong returned to Goshen and rem a ined at th e St. Elm o H o tel over night. F r i ­ day m o rning he returned to his hom e in an autom o b ile. .N e ither m en were seriously injured, h u i th e car was badly dam a g ed. S. C. Wood, of Go­ shen, w e n t to the secene F riday m o rn­ ing and had th e car towed to his garage in Goshen, to be repaired. A Cliiltl in Error. A little boy in F rance had a Bible to give his m o th e r on h e r birthday. He knew th a t an inscription ought to be w ritten on the fly leaf, b u t did not know w h a t to write. So he took down a book from the library shelves to find a model. W h a t he copied on the fly leaf was, “ W ith th e kind regards of the au th o r.” lied SOME IIOR.SE NOTES. Of Interest to Onr Many Local Horsemen. General H., 2:04%, has been sold by George H a ag, of Calgary, Can., to th e R u s s ian governm e n t for $15,000. Jim m y C a rpenter let B a ron A b e r­ deen step a mile, F rid a y m o rning in 2:19% , th e last h a lf in 1:07% , the last q u a r ter in 32%. This is th e fel­ low th a t is to sta r t a t Goshen. C a rpenter th in k s very \well Of his m a re A n n ie ICohl, by th e Goshen Stud, King Cole, 2:07%. She worked an easy m ile fo r him F rid a y in 2:21, and then in 2:20. Doing them easil: Old Baron Whips, 2:05, equal] th e F lem ington, N. J., tra c k record Of 2:12 on Memorial Day. George H . Esterbrook: w o n the green tro ttin g race a t th e D e n v er m a tinee la s t week, w ith Nancy Gen­ try, in 2:30, and 2:39. She is a daugh­ te r of th e Orange county sire, John R. Gentry, 2:00% . C aptain D avid Shaw, of Joan, 2:04% fam e , hastsold th e pacer Good Goods, 2:05% , and h a s been tu r n ­ ed over to H a rvey E rn s t, of R o ck- port, O. The 2:30 list for 1911 already has about 50 horses in it, th e m a jority of which took th e ir records in im p rom p ­ tu races th ro u g h o u t th e country on M em o rial Day. --- 4 - -- Fourth of July Kuces at Sussex. Dawson E. V a n Sickle, m a n a g e r of W a n tage track, is p reparing for h a r ­ ness races on the 'half-m ile track n e a r S u ssex horougl^ on the afternoon of J u ly 4th. T h ree purses of $200 each are offered and th e classes are as follows: 2:28 pace and 2:25 trot; 2:20 pace and 2:18 tro t; free-for-all pace and trot. E n tries close Ju n e 20. To be Maintained at State Expense at Goshen High School. WILL EMPLOY SPECIAL TEACHER A SptH’ial Library of Works Will be Secured From the State D e­ partm ent of Education. The Goshen D e m o c rat says t h a t the B o ard of Education of Goshen ■ h as ju s t received word from the iState Education D e p a rtm e n t th a t the Go­ shen High School has been selected by th e ir inspectors as one of the in­ stitutions in which the state will maintain a teachers’ train in g class for next year. The appointm e n t was m ade ■after a thorough exam ination of the condition of the school and the fa ­ cilities for giving the required courses of instruction, and should be a cause of pleasure to all who are interested in the grow th and develop­ ment of our school system. The cost of m a intaining the class will be borne entirely by the state. A special teacher will he employecl for the work and a special library of works on education will be secured from the State D e p a rtm e n t. The ' course fo r those who are qualified to enter the work without conditions, will require one year to com p lete,and upon the successful com p letion ofth.-^ work the student will be granted a tea c h e r ’s certificate tvhich is good, upon renewal, for life. O range county is an excellent field -for w o rk in the ru r a l schools, as the num b e r of teachers is never equal to the dem a n d . M any of the country schools pay th e ir teachers $15 a week and this ought to be an inducem e n t to girls who wish to enter upon some line of w o rk to prepare for teaching. The num b e r of m em b ers of th e class will be lim ited, and all those who are interested In the course should apply a t once to the principal, stating th e ir educational qualifica­ tions. F u ll p a r ticu lars m a y be ob­ tained upon application. CIL\NGES IN AUTOMOBILE ACT. Reg'istvatioii Fees for Season Lower After August 1st, 1911. Albany, June 9.—The Senate today has passed Senator White’s bill am e n d ing th e Callan autom o b ile law in relation to fees paid fo r the re g ­ istration of m a c h ines and fo r chauf­ feurs’ licenses. One of the amend­ m e n ts reduces by one-half the an n u ­ al fee fo r autom o b iles registered a f ­ ter A u g u st 1st. A n o ther exem p ts from the registration fee autom o b il'is owned or controlled by the S tate or by any eoty or county. The bill also provides th a t the Sec­ re ta r y of State m ay refuse to issue or renew a chauffeur’s license if he deem s the applicant is unqualified,but such refusal m a y be review ed by w r it of certiorari. The charge fo r th e re­ new al of a chauffeur’s is reduced from $5 to $2. W AR JLVDE HOD-M W RITE LETTERS Vetei*an Eaq^lalns H a b it of W riting OlTcnsivo Communication. Newton, N. J., Ju n e 9.—^William H. Rochelle, blam ing h is h a b it of letter w riting on his experiences in th e Civ­ il W a r, F riday, pleaded for leniency before Judge M artin, by whom he was tried on charges of w r iting an ­ noying com m u n ications to several persons. H e has been in the county jail undergoing an exam ination of his sanity. W h e n he first w a s a r ­ rested it seemed reasonable insanity would explain his letter w riting. He said F rid a y h e acquired th e h a b it when in th e war. R o chelle . was arrested on the sam e charge last fall. H e w a s sent­ enced to serve eighteen m o n ths, biit was released. W h e n he was arraig n ­ ed last Friday, th e Judge said if he was found to be sane the original sentence should stand. What Ails You} Do you feel weak, tired, despondent,-have frequent head­ aches, coated tongue, bitter or bad taste in morning, “ heart-burn,\ belching of gas, acid risings in throat after eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells, poor or variable appetite, nausea at times and kindred symptoms ? If you have any considerable number of the above symptoms you are suffering from bilious­ ness, torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspepsia. D r . Pierce’s Golden Medical D iscovery is made Up of the m o st valuable medicinal principles jkno-wn to medical science for tbe permanent cure of such abnormal conditions. It is a most efficient liver invigorator, stomach tonic, bowel regulator and nerve strengthener. The “ Golden Medical Discovery\ is not a patent medicine or secret nostrum, a full list of its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper and attested under oath. A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm­ ful habit-forming drugs. It is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-refined glycerine, of proper strength, from the roots of rative American medical, forest plants. \World’s Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffalo, N . Y , TEACHERSTRAIN- INC CLASS TO STOP VOTING AVITH MACHINES. Assemblyman Levy Inti’odiices Bill to do Away W ith Them. Albany, Ju n e 8.—The use of voting m a c h ines a t elections will be stopped if Assem b lym an Levy succe';L's in passing his adm inistration election refo rm b i l l. ' ‘‘I believe th e re, should be a uni­ form system bf voting in the state,” said Levy today, “and th e .system is in use by th e m a jority should p r e ­ vail. The bill does away wi::h voting m a c h ines in order to accom p lish sev­ eral wholesom e reform s w h ijn can not be secured w ith th e m achir.es.”- T h e bill is now before th e Assein bly and will com e up fo r passage next week. ----------------- 4 4 -— : ----------- The poet’s exclam ation: “ O Life ! I feel thee bounding in m y veins,” is a joyous one. Persons th a t can rarelj- or never m a k e it, in honesty to -them­ selves, are am o n g th e m o s t un fo r tu n ­ ate. T h e y do not live, “im t exist; for to live im p lies m o re th a n to be. To live is to be well and strong— to arise feeling equal to the ordinary duties of th e day, and to retire n o t over­ come by them — to feel life bounding in the veins. A m edicine th a t has m ade thousands of people, m en and women, well and strong, h a s accom ­ plished a g reat work, bestowing the richest blessings, and th a t m edicine is Hood’s S a raparilla. The weak, run-dow n , or debilitated, from any cause, should not fail to tak e it. builds up th e whole system , changes existence into life, and m a k e s life m o re abounding. 'We are glad to say these words in its favor to the read ­ ers of our colum ns. JERSEY LIQUOR ACT LOST. Uii.«ignod Jaine.s Bill Disapi>oars F rom Executive Office. T renton, N. J., Jiine 9.— T h e state eapitol is being turned upside down in a search for ihe Jam e s liquor bill, whivh perm its a dealer in one town to sell in anothe.- w ithout taking out an additional license. Clerk Daniel A. Duggan has the re ­ ceipt of C h airm an D a v idson of the pa.'^sed 1 -ills’ com m ittee for the m ea- sux’e. Davidson sent it to the execu- ti\e m annon, it is claimed, and with it his book of receipts, which is also missing. Governor IVilson p u t off ac­ tion on the bill until his retu r n from his w e stern trip. AYhen he did retu r n and Wished to act on the m e a sure it could not be found. ----------------- 4 4 ----------------- It is worse th a n useless to fake any m edicine internally for m u s c u lar or chronic rheum a tism . All th a t is needed is a free application of C h a m b e rlain’s Linim e n t. For sale by All Dealers. ----------------- 44 ----------------- C t » l l c i r « o FOR FLETCHER'S C ASTORIA CASTORIA The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has h6eu in us€» for over 3 0 years, has home the sigTiatnre of — and has been made under his per- sonal supervision since its infancy. Allow no one to deceive you in this. AJl Counterfeits, Imitations and “ Jnsf-as-good” are hut Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and Children— Experience against Experiment. W h a t is C A S I O R IA Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare- jiroric. Drops and Soothing- Syrups. It is Pleasant. It contains neithei' 0];>ium, Morphine nor other Ifarcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys 'Worms and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy r,nd natural sleep. The Children’s Panacea—Th(. M om T. o Friend. GENUINE C A S T O R IA always I Bears the Signature The Kind You Haye Always Bought In U se For Over 30 Years. g They can lie made Into Handiome, Dura^ 'S ble. Reversible Rugs at small cost. iM agents. If you want the best zna€e rug» ® - kind - ■ smalh THC CCNTAUR COMPANY. 1 ’ • NEWoHKmr. v e Potato Bugs Disappear as if by Magic After an Ap­ plication of BUG DEATH. It Prevents Blight too Peck’s Hardware Store, 43 FRONT ST. ABSOLUTE SECURITY. Wayne County Savings Bank HONESDALE, PA. The Leading Financial Institution ot this Section Desires t o call attention to the ABSOLUTE SECURITY which It offera t< Its DEPOSITORS. It has an uninterrupted, successful career for nearly 4t RITAL STOCK o f ........................................................................ $100,000.04 ned SURPLUS o f ...................................................................... 42S,000.00 Special for This Week One lot of Boys’ up-to- the minute style Shoes, reg­ ular price $2.50 a e i 7 0 p a ir , s a l e p r i c e ........ o They a,re Gunmetal leather, B’ucher cut. These are g reat bargains. One lot of Women’s ahd Men’s Oxford Ties that were $2.50 a pair, C| QO sale price................. In Pat. Colt, Russia Calf, Gunm etal Calf. CHASE’S CASH SHOE HOUSE 1 ^ ^ GARFETS > from anv kind of old carpet aead ua your work. We can give you the beat at tb* lallest cost. Write for catalogue s s 4 BINGHAMTON RUG WORKS, 160 Parle Avenue, Blngta^mton, M. Making a TOTAL CAPITAL STOCK o f . Add SHAREHOLDERS’ LIABILITY . . . l82S,000.0t Every dollar of which m u st be lost befora any depositor could lone a PENNY. Our Cash Funds are protected by MODERN STEEL VAULTS. W e Inrlto you to becom e a DEPOSITOR here. You can do yaur BANKING by M AIL INTEREST .VLLOWED from the F IRST OF ANY MONTH .n d e p .s - its made on or before the TENTH OF THE MONTH and for all FULL CALENDAR MONTHS after the deposit has been here 3 MONTHS. ■WWte to ua for Information. Daeamhar X, IflO . H. f . SALMON, Caahier. Did You Say Door Screens, Window Screens? We Have Them all Sizes and Designs W E S E U j Paint, Oil, Varnish, Stain, Filler and Painter’s Supplies. E. S. Westbrook, 35 Pike St.. Port Jervis I Don’t THROW Away Old ^ Rags, Rubliers, Metals and Old Iron Which You Can Get MONEY For! At GOLDMAN’S you are paid, 7c. per lb. for old rubber boots and shoes, 60c. per ew t, for old rags. Prices of m etals are paid ac- ' cording to the market. W e accept old iron from any ■ • one atlOo. p e r ewt., ^iellvered ^ ’ a t th e yard and weighed on ' ^ any coal yard seal . t Orders for everything, ^x- T cept iron, prom p tly attended “' .. to. A Fair Deal to All. GOLDMAN, 135 Jersey Avenue, Port Jervis, N. Y. J C. I. Tervdlllger. Fred TerwilUger. C.LTerwiIUger&Son Funeral Directors. Local and Long D.')tance Teler phones in Office and' Residences. BRANCH OFFICES: Shohola, Pa„ BarryvUle, N . T. E. R, Kalbfus, Pelton Broa, Representative. Assistants. Shohola. Pa. ____ BarryvUle, N Y. New YOTk BepresentatlTe: National Casket Co., 60 Great Jones Telephone 3345 Spring.^ _____ ^ FREQ H. PORTER. Funeral Director AND licensed Embalmer Lady Embalmer and Funeral Di­ rector by request, Mrs. F.H. Porter. Office Cormer Fllce ,'St., an t Orans* Square. P. J. Telephone SI. Residence: Night Calls at No. f Hyan St. liOcal Telephone No. SOS J. JOHNSON & STOLL FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMEBS. O P P i e B 9 3 PIK E S T R E E T . P, J. 'Phone 116 W, G. H. JOHNSON, 65 SUSSEX St. P. J. ’Phone 212 J. J. Westbrook Stoll, 22 Ulster PI. P, J. ’Phone 117 J. Lady Attendant W hen Desired. M. G. BEIRNE & SON, Funeral Direct o r s Licensed Embalmers OFFICE AND RESIDENCE fi4 Front-st. P. J. Phone 147 Office and Residence: H. R. ’Phone 318 J. Nevp York Representative: New Yor] Lfnotype Composftion. Law work, Pamphlets, Book­ lets—any line of compositiou promptly attended to. We desire to Inform our brother publishers, that with onr two m achines we are in a position to cater to thelT wants for quick, accurate com­ position. H ’i-Statcs Pub. Co., PORT JERVIS, N. Y. j io o o o o o a o o a a t ^ ^ ^ /

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