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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, August 24, 1911, Image 1

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T h e T r i -S t a t e s U n i o n . S^OL. liX I. N0.34:. p o e t JER V IS. N .Y ., TH U R S D A Y , AU G U S T 24, 1911. $1.50 PER YEAR. IIRGEST AIID FIIIEST.PAIAOE IH HlSlOHy OF PORT JEROIS Fine Weather, and Thous­ ands Here From Out­ side Towns. IT TOOK 25 MINUTES TO SEE PARAOE F ^M ANY POINT King Carnival Reigned in Joyous Fashion—F e w Accidents. Little Disorder, But a Good Time For Ail. (F rom Daily TTnion of Aug. 18). M ore people w e re interested in seeing the sun rise clear and b rig h t T h u rs- c l t y m o rning in this city and vicinity th a n in m a n y a previous day. They w e re not disappointed and “ Old Sol” a t his first glim p se over the edge o f th e horizon m u s t have been satisfied w ith th e clean streets and th e deco- Tated buildings, fo r he stayed out all day and Hiked down on th e gayest tim e th a t P o r t Jervis has ever seen in t h e way of a firem en’s parade. If he had stay e d out a t night he’d have seen gayety continued, b u t t h a t is neither here sior there. P rom th e early hours m en in uniform were m o v ing about the streets, and ■the crowd grew and grew as train s arrived from this place and th a t, bearing th e visiting firem en, th e ir m u sicians and th e sisters and the cousins and the jaunts. The E rie depot platform was the busiest little section of earth this aide of Park Row until noon, w h en th e visitors h a d been fo r th e m o st p a r t distributed to th e ir various sections for th e day. F o r th e crowd th e day was perfect, as hereinbefore m entioned, b u t the m e n who h a d to do th e w a lking were reasonably satisfied th a t i t was warm , before they covered the eight m iles of th e line of m a rch. As th e parade form e d a t Ball street and P ike the crowd thickened in th a t im m e d iate vicinity like a cornstarch pudding on the last stir of the spoon. P o t lid cym b als, frying pan tom -tom s, horns and other fiendish im p lem ents o f noise greeted th e firem en here and th e re and out in th e crowd confetti, talcum powder, feath e r an d tissue paper “ ticklers’ in the hands of young m e n and girls who w o re h a t bands w ith such startlin g announcem e n ts ,as *’ I ’m All Alone,” “ You C an’t Get My Goat,” etc., etc. A t no point on the line of p a rade w e re th e p a r ticipants lonesome. From jlerm a n tow n to Tri-States it was one grand ovation for all who took part. vVater was provided ...t s h o rt intervals by good h e a rted residents, and in fact, everything th a t could be done to m ake things pleasant fo r th e visitors and give all a good tim e was provided. I t was, beyoi|!i a doubt, the largest and finest firem en’s parade in the his­ to ry of this city. N e v er before have th e re been so m a n y m en in line, never have they appeared as they appeared yesterday. The m u sic of the bands and the fife and drum corps was loudly applauded -.verywhere on th e line of m a rch, and, in fact, after all was over, it was with, a feelin gof having seen som e thing w o rth while an d attended a cele- jratio n w o rth cojning to, t h a t everyone who saw the p a r a d e gave them selves ip to th e ir own am u s e m e n ts or w e n t to their homes. If there w e re accidents, they w e re few ; if th e re was disorder, it w a s the ixception. K ing C arnival reigned, b u t he reigned for th e m o st p a r t sensi- . »]y and decently, and the police h a d little trouble. Th^ P o r t Jervis F irem e n ’s P a rad e of 1911 will be long rem e m b e red by all vho participated. R ead how the several com p a n ie s spent the day. E v e r y one of the 30 com p a n ie s was in lines and including h te guests’ c a rri- a g i s it took 25 m inutes fo r the parade to pass a given point. It was m o re chan a m^.e in length. Below are given the firem en and m u sicians who participated and the line Of m a rch. The latter was carried out to a dot, w ith the exception of a little jrro r a t Germ antown, w h ich turned off th e th ird division a t F e rr y street in- (tead of B u ckley street. in C arriages. T h e Ijine of M arch. The big p a r a d e form e d a t 1.3C I Ball street' and crossed over Ball street to Fowler, Foivler to J e r ­ sey avenue, Jersey avenue to F ro n t street, F ro n t to Pike, P ike to W e st Main, W est M ain to Gariss & B lack­ m a n ’s store, counterm a rch to P e rry street, P e rr y to R iver road,river road to W a ter, W a ter to Pike, P ike Front, F ront to Fowler, Fow ler Ball, Ball to Owen, Owen to Jersey avenue, Jersey avenue to E a s t M'ain strdeet, over Tri-States bridge to Hose Six’s house and then counter­ m a rch ujj Ea.st M ain street to Pike, counterm a rch down E a s t Main Street to E l ’zabeth, Elizabeth to Broome, Broom e to O range Square and dis- GEOKIOUS DAY F O R T H E HOOKS. F e a r less H i & D. Co., o f W a lden, W e re T h e ir Guests, A u g u st th e 17th was a day long to be rem e m b e red by th e M aghogo- m o ck Hook and L a d d e r Company. The m em b e rs to a m a n w e re in fine trim and opened the day’s enjoy­ m e n ts by m a rching from th e ir head­ quarters on O range street to the E rie depot accom p anied by the E rie Band. The special train from W alden, which was one h o u r late, arrived a t The E rie B a n d and M ahogom o ck H o o k and Ladder Co. No. 1, of P o r t Jervis, N. Y. ishen F ife and D rum Coirps Citizens’ Band, Otisville. N. Y. N e v ersink S team e r Hose Co. No. 1 of P o r t Jervis,ervis, N.. Y. fe an d D ru m C o D ikem a n Hose Co., No. 3, of Goshei P o r t J N Y. The Deposit B a n d and T h e W a rd Hose Com p a n y No. Deposit, N. Y. H igham F ife and D rum M iddletown, N. D e law a re Hose Co. No. • Jervis, N. Y. T h e Second Division, Corps, of 2, of P o r t I. 5, of C arbondale, Pa. Fife and Drum Corps and ^ l e r H o se Co. No. 3, of P o r t Jervis, N. Y. W a lden C o rnet Band and Bradley Hose 2, of Walden, M u n n ich F if e and D rum Corps and P o r t Jerv is Hose Co. No. 4. T h ir d Division. Jo h n Scales 2nd As’t. Chief. Collins B a n d an d W a s h ington H eights C h em ical H o s e Co., No. 3, of Newburgh, N. Y. O. & W. Band of Middletown, N. Y. Excelsior H o se Co. No. 5, of P o r t Jervis, N. T. ^ ^ ►ur^ Band, (‘ECainburg’, Xs, «T#,) , W a llkill Hose Co. No. 1, of Sussex, N. Jf W a lden F if e an d D rum Corps and T ri-S tate Hose Co. No. 6, of P o r t Jervis, N. Y. me Fife and Drum Coi Juvenile H o o k and P o r t Jervis, Hambi „ervis, - Donohue Fife and Drum Corps and 'T o o k an d L a d d e r Co., of ’o r t Jerv is N. Y. M ayor C- N. Knaivp and 9.45 with the M aghogom o ck visiting com p anies, the F e a rless Hook and Ladder Company No. 2, of W alden, w ith 69 memher.s and 27 guests, and the M o n tgom ery Fife and D rum Corps w ith 22 m em b ers. T h a t the W alden firem en are popular in their hom e village is p u tting it mild, as they were accom p anied by 470 friendj^ and enthusiastic citizens of th a t vii iage. The hosts and their guests, to the music )f the M ontgomery Fife and D rum Corps, retu r n e d to the com p a n j’’s parlors on Orange street, when Mr. H o race Van Auken, fore­ m a n of the M aghogomocks, m o u n ted a ch a ir and in a f&w brief rem a rks welcom ed th e visiting com p anies and th e ir guests to our city, an d p re­ senting the F e a rless H o o k s w ith a large bronze lock, the key of which was presented to the Maghogomocks, w h ile guests in th e ir village on a sim ilar occasion, consequently lock­ ing the friendship of th e two com ­ panies. The token of friendship was accepted by Mr, M. J. H a n n a , fore­ m a n of the the F e a rless firem en, fol­ lowed by a fu r th e r acceptance by Mr. R o b e rt Hum e, an honorary m em b er and guest of the visiting com p any. A t 11 o’clock all m a rched t o ' the F irst B a p tist Church, where a sub­ stan tial luncheon was served. A fter retu r n in g to th e ir parlors a recess was taken until 1 o’clock. In the m e a n tim e souvenir badges were tributed to all m e m b ers an d guests by Forem a n Van Auken and his assist­ ants, followed by Forem a n H a n n a, ■who presented our hom e com p any and th e ir guests w ith a beautiful badge of the F e a rless Hooks. The M aghogomocks, w ith 50 men, and th e ir visitors, 65 strong, dressed in th e ir handsom e suits of drab; the M o n tgom ery F ife and D rum Corp:’, 22 m em b ers; our own B rie B and of 22 pieces, m ade a pleasing ap p e a r­ ance in the line of m a rch. The excel­ lent m u sic by the old reliable E rie Band, was up to t h e stan d a r d and al­ ways h e a rd w ith delight by our citi­ zens and visitors. A fter th e parade, a t the B a p tist church, under the supervision of the bers of the Ladies’ Aid Society of the church,, under the supervision of the president, Mrs. D a n ie l De V e re,serv ed a chicken dinner to 180 firemen, m u sicians and guests. T h a t th e ir ef­ fo r ts w e re appreciated was shown by m a n y rem a rks of praise and g r a t­ itude from those who partook of the bountiful collation. A t the conclusion of t h e feast, Mr. R o b e rt H u m e, an eloquent young a t ­ torney and honorary m e m b e r and g u e s t' of the F e a rless com p a n y was SETTLING IP KNAPP ESTATt Several Matters in Connec­ tion With it Discussrd. REFEREE BAKER HOLDS HEARING D. H. G randin Clam is $1,600 F ro m th e Assets of Deposed D e p o sit B a n k e rs—Dlotion to Dism iss Indictm e n ts W ill be H e a rd in Septem b er. OLDEST MAN IN SULLIVAN^ CO. DIES AT LIBERTY, AGED 97 introduced. His rem a rk s were in line w ith th e good cheer and fellowship existing among volunteer fire com ­ panies represented. R e m a rks we.'e also m a d e by Mr. Jacob Evans, W a lden. “ S a rah ,” the effigy of the M ag­ hogom ocks, was captured early in the gam e by W illiam M unson and Dan V a n Ausberg, of the visting com­ pany, an<j was accom p anied hom e hv The officers of the F e a rless Hook f.- d Ladder Company are : P resident— J o h n E. Cunningham . Forem a n .— M. J. H a n n a. 1st Asst. Forem a n — H e n d y L. W i 2nd Asst. F o rem a n — Otis Root. (Secretary— W illiam Wilder. F inancial S e c retary— H e n d y L. Wi- T reasurer— ^M. J. H a n n a . F ir e Police— Chas. Da'vson, E d ­ w a rd Stickle, Geo. Dotzert, Geo. Van K e u ren. The following were am-ang the gues’s of th e 'v i s i ti n g ci.-mpany ■ G. Decker, President of the vill.igo of W alden; W illiam Sfckle.'!. DiUid Craw ford, W illiam Scott, Sanford Abram s, J. T. Dolson and Geo. S v 'tt, Trustees of the village of W alden, ex- Chief Engineer Jam e s C r a w f o r d , i l - liam Durkee, Thom as Verity, Chief of Police Geo. Ronk, R o b e rt Hume, and ex-Com m issioner of Highways Geo. Van Ileuren, Carl Lustig, Dillis- tin Ronk, Jacob Evans, W a rren Jones, W. .S. Burns, C h arles Mills- paugh, J. D. Morris. Am o n g the guests of the Maghog:*- m o cks were H e n ry G u n d e rm an, John H. W infield, S. D. Taylor, John 'G u e n ther, ex-Chief A n thony Lum p p . Uran C a rpenter, G ilbert Roby, Roy ’Ttoijy, Geo. N. Cosner and Jam e s (Skellenger.. The officers of M aghogom ack Hook & L a d d e r Company N o .l are : ancial S e c r e tary -T reasu rer— C., trace V an Auken. (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO). Sam u el Dusimberry, th e oldest m a n in Sullivan county if not in the state, died a t the age o f nearly 97 years, at his hom e a t Liberty, Sunday afte r ­ noon, Aug. 12 th, after a th ird stroke of paralysis. ■Mr. Dusiniberry was b o rn a t New W indsor, O range county, Nov. 19th, years old 3 m a d e by him , and, as ! %a,me in, his business 1814. Wthen seventeen R e feree in B a n k ruptcy B aker, of B ingham ton, held a hearin g M onday tlm t city in th e m a t t e r of D. H. Grandin, of Jam estow n , for an order construing m o re th a n $1,600, held by W illiam M. Gregory, tru s tee of K n a p p 'B rothers’ estate, w h ich sum is am o n g the assets Of th e estate as being a trust fund, and -directing the pay- cment of the full amount to Mr. Gran- The Deposit B a n k failed early in April, and sortly before the failure M r. G randin sen t th ree drafts, one fo r $575.20, an o th e r f o r $545, and th e th i r d lo r $504.60, to K n a p p B rothers fo r collection from the D e p o sit Mill­ ing firm of H inm a h B rothers, to Whom he sim u ltaneously sent th ree cars of grain. The collections, it is claim ed, w e re m ade, an d w e re am o n g th e assets o f K n a p p B rothers w h e n th e b a n k failed. , 'Mr. Gregory was p resen t M onday w ith his attorney, E. D. Gumming, of Deposit, an d Theodore R. T u thill appeared fo r the claim a n t. M r. Gum m ing filed an answ e r to th e pe­ tition, and prelim inary objections to the en tire claimY” I t developed th a t the outcom e in th e entire m a tter ■hinges upon th e question of w h e ther or not the claim is an ordinary claim , and as such Shall undergo th e o r­ dinary sequences undev th e B a n k ru p t Act, o r w h e th e r it is a tru s t fund.- th e form e r, then it is filed too late, for it should have been filed in one y e a r afte r th e failure, and if the latter it m u s t b e paid. M u ch de­ pends upon th e exact m eaning of th e w o rd “ c laim ” in th e B a n k ruptcy Act. A d journm e n t w a s tak e n until Septem b er 2, w h e n th e only witness, from Deposit, will be sworn. Ciiaries J. K n a p p ’s C h ance of R e lease Justice A lbert F. Gladding of th e Suprem e Court, speaking from his oflioe in Norwich, over the telephone iMondhy said th a t so fa r he has done nothing tow a rd deciding the two m o ­ tions m a d e by M a n g a n & M angan, attorneys fo r C h a rles J. K n a p p , of ■Binghamton, fo r th e dism issal of all the indictm e n ts against Mr. K n a p p in connection w ith his alleged malfeas­ ance of office in th e affairs of K n a p p B rothers an d of th e B ingham ton T rust Company. The Justice said h e m ay n o t take up the m a tters, ow ing to pressure of business, until afte r the trial and special term of the Suprem e C o u rt he w ill convene in Owego on Septem b er 5, o r until about the m iddle of Sep­ tem b er. th e m e a n tim e the defense will be in th e position fu r th e r to consoli­ date its efforts fo r ■Mr. K n a p p ’s re ­ lease by m a k ing such m o tions before ■him, if they felt so disposed, as m ight desired afte r the session of the gi-and jury, w h ich m eets in connec­ tion with, th e B room e trial an d spe­ cial term of th e Suprem e C o u rt in B ingham ton, opening ■September 11. D istrict A ttorney M eagher, too, will probably arg u e the appeal h e takes from a decision by Justice Lyon, of Bingham ton, sustaining a d e m u rrer raised by M angan & M angan to th e eighth indictm e n t ag r in s t Knapp, in the A p p e llate Division. A decision m ay th u s be reached in th e upper courts, m a k ing th e law m o re clear upon the disputed points a t issue in this case. K n a p p Brotlici-s P ro p e r ty N o t In DemancL E, D. CuiRiming, of Deposit, a t t o r ­ ney fo r W illiam J. Gregory, of De­ posit, tru s tee of th e ‘b a n k r u p t estate of K n a p p B rothers, while in B ing­ ham ton M onday said th a t he has not yet disposed of any of the assets of th e estate. Perm ission to do so was granted by Refei-ee in B a n k ruptcy B e n jam in B aker, of B ingham ton, a f ­ ter a hearing about five or six weeks ago. Mr. Gregory and Mr. Gum­ m ing have received no offer for any of the property, and are sim p ly hold­ ing it f o r sale. W h ile the face value o f the property aggregates a large am o u n t, well into th e hundreds of thousands, th e actual value is fa r less. M r, Gum m ing said, too, th a t th a t th e S tate B a n k ing D e p a rtm e n t, w h ich Is endeavoring to sell a coal mine owned by the B ingham ton T ru s t he was a n apprentice to A. J. Mto- Laughlin, a cabinet m a k e r, a t W a sh- ingtonville. A f ter three years he becam e a p a r tn e r in tire 'business, but a y e a r later, in 1835, sold out to his fo r m e r p a r tn e r an d w e n t to Liberty. On arriving in th a t village his earth ­ ly possessions, consisted of 'his k it of tools an d th ir ty cents. At th is tim e, 1835, th e re were 16 buildinga in Liberty, two of which w e re sm all, one-story hotels. All fu r n itu re was m o re settlers ^ a m e in, prospered, as he was the first and for some years th e only cabinet m a k e r 'th e r e . L a ter his -business be­ cam e th a t of a prosperous u n d e r tak ­ er. He retired in 1897. The next Year, 1836, he m a rried Adeline, d a u g h ter of County Judge Joseph Grant, who died Jan. 2nd, 1899. To them w e re b o rn fo u r -chil­ dren; the late Edw in R. D u sinberry; ■Mrs. M a rietta H itt, deceased; and th e late M rs. A m a n d a Shaw. Em m a, th e youngest, is th e only surviving child, an d she has been h e r fa th e r ’s housekeeper an d nurse fo r several years past. H e is also survived by four grandchildren: C. A. Shaw. Grace Shaw, M rs. F r a n k Bridges, and Mrs. Isham Young. B esides these there are two great-^grandohildren. Company, stock in w h ich is held by the K n a p p B rothers’ estate, has not succeeded in landing a buyer, b u t is w o rking h a r d to th a t end, TRAGiC DEATH OF DANIEUOOPER Veteran of Erie Passenger Service Killed at Suffern, STRUCK BY TRAIN SEVEN --- ^ --- H e W a s C o n d u ctor on th e WeUs- F a rg o E x p ress—R e tired A fter M any Y e a rs Service on R e a c h ing Age Lim it. •Daniel Cooper, fo r m a n y years a passenger conductor on th e New Y o rk Division o f th e E rie railroad, was struck, instantly killed, an d Ms body horribly m a n g led n e a r th e sta­ tion in Suffiern b y w e st-hound train Seven, the Pacific Express, ab o u t 10.30 o’clock on F riday night. M r. C o o p er w a s a veteran of th e E r i e service, and som e tim e ago was retired on account of having reached th e age lim it of 70 years. F o r a long tim e Mr. Cooper was conductor train s 13 and 14, th e W ells-Farf Express, betw e en Jersey City B ingham ton. C o roner \VanOrden of R o c k land county, took charge of th e body, Mr. C o o p er’s hom e w a s in Suffern, and h e w a s well an d favorably known in P o r t Jervis. D e a th of E r i e W a tchm an. A 'watelim an a t the N o rth street crossing of th e E rie railro a d in -Mid­ dletown was stru c k by w e s t-bound train 183 on Thursday evening seven o’clock. H e died in T h rall H o spital from his injuries a sh o rt tim e afterw a rds. $92,747.65 F i’om II. K. F o r Loss of B o th Arm s an d a Leg. Nine-tw o thousand seven hundred forty-seven dollars and sixty-five cents is the am o u n t of a check issued by the Southern Pacific -Company, San Francisco, July 24, in paym e n t of dam a g es to W. R. Zibbel, who in a railw a y accident lost both- arm s and one leg. This we learn from the San Francisco Bulletin, w h ich prints facsim ile of the check. This rem a rk­ ably large verdict has been sustained by th e Suprem e Court of California. It is said to he the largest sum ever laid under such circum stances,w h ic h m ay well believe. According to the Bulletin the com p any’s first offer to the injured m an was $.500. He sued in the court at Fresno, and on the first trial was granted $100,000. F e a r ing th a t this -would l>e held ex­ cessive on appeal Mr. Zibbel agreed to accept $70,000. The road, how ­ ever, took the case to the highest court and put forth its best efforts lo secure a reduction; but Mr. Zibbel now gets his $70,000 w ith interest from D e c e m b tr 31, 1906. The gross sum includes also the costs. OBEY LAW SAYS TOURING CLUB Urges Autoists to Live Up to the Provisions of Callan Law FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS AND OTHERS TWO KILLED AT R. R. GROSSING Auto of Montgomery Farmer Struck and He and His Wife Killed. TWO CHILDREN NARROWLY ESCAPR On th e W ay to H e a r a B a n d Cono^ff a t AValden W h e n W a llkill Val­ ley T rain R a n Them Down a t BeUess Crossing. W alden, N. Y„ Aug. 18.— Georg* W ait, one ni the m o st prom inent resi­ dents of this section of O ranga county, and his young wife w e re in ­ stantly killed, an d th e ir two Children, '• Helen, ten, and George, Jr., three* narrow ly escaped death this evening when the autom o b ile' dn w h ich th e j . were riding was ru n down by a n ex­ press train a t a level crossing. The W'ait farm , n e a r Montgomery^- is:. one of the finest in O range county,, and Mr, W a it w a s counted a m a n o f large m eans. Accom p anied by his w ife and chil-^ dren, he started for W a lden a t 7.3® last evening to atten d a concert. H * was driving the car and h is Wife waa. 'on 'the seat beside him . The two ch iK dren w e re in th e tonneau. -i There is a bell to w a rn persons of P ro p e r ’the appfoaeh -of train s a t E lm e r’* crossing of the W a llkill Valley Rail-— road, b u t the storm th is afternoo:i^. p u t the bell out of coiam ission. • > J u s t as W a it dt*ove his cat 6h thef trac k s an express train , hound soutll. and running a t high speed, struck tho- m achine. The autom o b ile was tosse^f in th e air. Mrs. W a it was thro-wn .’Of feet and fell under the locomotive. H e r b e r j was horribly -maigled. W a it was caught under th e w recked auto­ mobile and crushed. The two chil­ dren were throw n clear of both au ­ tom o b ile and train an d escaped wita-« out a scratch. The train stopped 300 yards dowat the tracks and th e crew an d passett-i gers ran back. The children w e re found in a fieldt 50 feet from th e scene of the acci­ dent. The girl was holding h e r littla b ro th e r in h e r arm s and both we-r« crying. P ro p e r Display o f License. Lights an d R ecognition of R o a d R ights o f O thers th e P r i n ­ cipal P o ints to be Considered. Special Ti*ain on L a b o r Day, On L a b o r Day, Monday, Septem b e r 4 th, th e E rie will ru n a special train composed of day coaches, p a rlor car an d dining car direct from P o r t J e r ­ vis to New Y o rk w ithout stops, leav­ ing this city a t 6.30 p. m., and arriv ­ ing in Jersey City a t 8.45 p. m . The dining car will be open at 6 p. m. K illed On E r i e S h o rt Cut. Joseph Lichatz w a s stru c k and fa ­ tally injured by a light engine on the E rie railroad n e a r Plandersvllle, in 'Bergen county, N. J., on the \Short ■Cut” late on M o n d ay afternoon, w h ile crossing th e tracks. The Touring Club of Am erica has issued a notice to autom-obilists call­ ing attention to th e fact th a t it will be •’■0 th e in terest of ow n e rs and ope­ rato r s of autom o b iles in New York S tate to com p ly in every respect w ith the provisions of the Callan autom o ­ bile law, as Governor Dix has recent­ ly authorized th e appointm e n t by the secretary of State of five inspectors who are to investigate w h e ther the provisions of the statute are being ob­ served throughout th e State. Auto- m o b ilists not fam iliar w ith the provis­ ions* of th e 'Callan law should procure copies im m e d iately from the Touring Club of Am erica and attend to the proper display of their license num b e rs on their cars and comply w ith th e provisions relative to the display o f lam p s on autom o b iles at To each Stote inspector will be ap ­ portioned certain sections for him to patrol, and it is im p o rtant th a t auto- mobii-ists -should observe the rules of ,the ro a d as prescribed by the law, giving p ro p e r •warning before crossing intersections of th e highiways, as well ‘as upon approaching pedestrians and other users of the roads. It is also im p o rtant th a t autom o - bilists should approach with caution any street oar which has stopped to receive -or discharge passengers, as the law is very explicit and requires th a t if necessary, the autom o b ile m u st be brought to a stop until the ’road is clear, before proceeding. The ’S tate inspectors will undoubt­ edly be instructed to w a tch out for autom o b iles w h ich are displaying dealers’ num b e rs contrary to the law, as it is a well known faot th a t hun­ dreds o-f m o tor cars are being operat­ ed in this state displaying dealers’ num b e rs in excess of the period pro­ vided by law ,instead of -having regis­ tered ithelf oars w ith the g reat m a ­ jority -of owners who appreciate the fact th a t the m oneys paid for their licenses go direcly to the hig-^h-way departm e n t and can -only be used for th e m a intenance of the State roads. The Touring Club of A m erica is co­ operating to the fullest extent w ith the State officials in an effort to pro­ m o te safe an d sane driving by auto- 'mobilists, and autom o b ilists who are desirous of securing inform a tion in regard to the law, or copies of the statu te m a y do so upon a p p lication lo the Touring Club of Am erica at Brod- 'w'ay and 76th street. New York. --------------------- 4 - 4 - ----------- ---------- A rrested fo r Si)eedlng in M iddletown. M iddletown, N. Y„ Aug. 21, • - C h arged with speeding his autom o h ile through this city a t 30 m iles an hour, W illiam J. E h rich, who said th a t he was a brokeir in New Y o rk City, was arrested and fined $15. A MiddletOWn autom o b ilist thought E h rich was ru n ­ fling -at a dangerous speed and follow­ ed him up to get his num b e r and then reported to th e police. W h e n E h rich Stopped a t a garage for gasoline he w a s arrested. H e then entered 'charge against the M iddletown m an for fast driving during the chase, but w ithdrew ithe -charge -when he learn ­ ed th a t he Would have to stay here feei’eral hours to appear in court. He plen-ded guilty and paid h i s fine, ^ H IT B Y ENG INE, BORYK MAY DIE£ E r ie Shop Em p loye S truck as Her Crossed T racks F rid a y A fternoon. John Boryk, an A u s trian employ® Of the E rie car shops, while crossing; the w e st-bound m a in track n e a r thog car shops a t 5 o’clock on F riday af-^ ternoon, was struck by “passenger en ­ gine 940 in charge of E n g ineer C. -3. Duryea, an d sustained a severe scalp; wound and injuries to his spine. Botl^ legs were paralyzed. The engine had ju s t been detached from E rie train 27, th e w e s t-bound M o u n tain Express, afte r m a k ing Ita-. ru n on the New Y o rk Division, an d was on its way w e st to the ro u n d ­ house. W h e ther or not B o ryk saw f t h e a rd th e engine approaching is n o t known as his. condition was criticaL when he was taken to the P o r t J e r ­ vis H o spital, and he was unable tv> give an y statem e n t of how the acci­ dent occurred. The unfortunate m an resides No. 9 K ing street, this city. E r i e Cuts E x p ress Co, an d WiH. H a n d le Own Foreign Shipm e n ts, p The E rie R a ilroad Company,- It w a s learned Tuesday, h a d m a d e ar­ rangem e n ts to forw a rd consignment® of m e rchandise from E n g land and other E u ropean countries d e s tined for this country through its own agents, instead of hy th e W ells-: Fargo & Co. express, as h a s been thej custom heretofore. The E rie man­ agem e n t finds, it is announced, th a t th e business can he handled- m o ra econom ically by its own agents a® they, hy personal attention, get mor® satisfactory results th a n th e expreaa com p a n y , w h ich h a s such a large volum e of business to look after. W tells-Fai^o & Co. w ill continue tOf handle all th e express business ofi' th e E rie system proper. ^ E r ie O rders 4,000 Cars. ‘ The E rie R a ilroad has let contracts to -various car building com p a n ie s for 1,000 steel underfram e box cars, 1,000 Steel coal cars, 1,000 steel gon- d'ola cars and 1,000 steel hopper cars. Five hundred fiat cars -vdll be built in th e E rie shops and contracts for 500 m o re will be let in a sh o rt time. F o rty passenger cars will be built,but 'the contracts will not be let for a few days yet. The eom a p n y has also a r ­ ranged for th e construction of 40 lo­ comotives w ith various locomotive builders, a n d ex- jCom otives in its '

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