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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, August 24, 1911, Image 3

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LARGEST AND FINEST PARADE IN HISTORY OF PORT JERVIS th e first to ap p e a r on th e list. H e is still an active m e m b e r o f W allkills. In o ther respects he has been and still is a “live w ire” in Sussex. It was th rough him and the late Judge Con- I klin th a t th e 'borough w a s incorpor- jated ; his unceasing w o rk brought the I splendid w a ter system to th e * bor- I ough; he engineered th e schem e oj (C o m inned F rom P a g e Two). was the erro r th a t turned the line ot m a rch oil at F e rr y street instead of Buckley street before the Excelsiors cam e up to show them selves to their hom e folks. The F is h k ill-M a tteaw a n band g i v s an o th e r eo u c e .t on the Hotel M itchell porch th is afternoon at 2 o’clock. Any who did not h e a r them last night A. H. Huschutz, w ith im m e n se Styles- M cKee, the drum m ajor, carrying the >” s t ic j t ’’ in front, it is no wonder the 3ST&wburghers cam e in for th e ir s h a r e bf the cheers from start to finish. T h e y also had a com b ined chem ical 'panj-’s handsom e hose tru c k draw n ‘line bay team th a t cam e in for m u c h : s h o u ld tak e this opportunity com m ent. ' T h e re were 44 Excelsiors in th e ir anew uniform s of gray w ith gold 4>raid trim m ings. The excellent dr- 1 -work of the com p a n y along th e line w h e re the crowd gave them oppor- ’tunity, was appreciated. T h e com - ■pany’s haidsom e hose tru c k draw n j ^ ^ rn firemauic organization in the 3>y Terwilligerjs fine team followed] ° , ,, _ city was b e tter represented in tlie •them over th e course. . k - j mt, j big p a r a d e on T h u rsday th a n was Tri-S tates Hose Com p any No. 6, SUSSEX FIK E 3 IB X W ITH HOSE SIX, AUalUdlls G u e sts of Ti'i-States H o se Com p any on M a rshall Street. The Excelsiors k e p t in step to the ••superior m u sic o f th e O. & W. Band •of 22 pieces, led by C. F. Schlosser, .and headed by its peerless D rum M a jor Jo h n M. W ilson. M r. W ilson tstands 6 feet 4 w ithout his sandals whose guests were th e W a llkill Hose Company, of Sussex, N. J., accom p a ­ nied by th e H a m b u rg C o rnet Band, I o f H a m b u rg, N. J., and th e W a lden ^ ^ i , TXT « iF ife, D rum and Bugle Corps of W a l- o n an a IS bnUt proportionately. W e M ; N. r . T h e wAldon D rum Corps in s a l« -m o h s l i ^ o . a red ooat and | ^ ^ ■ndute tronsera w ith rod stripes, he is w o rth looking a t twice and he was looked a t an d i im i-ed from start finish. Mr. W ilsor ■ h e n he is not ■drum m a joring, is baggagem aster th e O. & W . a t M iddletown. H e has •captured prizes everywhere for ■fine ap p e a rance a t the head of nis lian d . T h ' p a r a d e experience of th e Ex- ■ceisiors w a s not unlike th a t of the ixest. I ’o one was overcom e by the jheat, bcvt m aybe they w e ren’t glad ■to getf-thosu heavy coats oft when 3iome was reached a t last ! and the Visitors likewise. In the Second R e form e d Church lad ies provided a satisfactory lunch­ eon, th e i r dinner was the last word in such things. R o a s t beef, m a shed ■potatoes, and so on down the line to •cream, it was a superior m eal, an-I ••after t h a t long m a rch it received fu ’l atten tio n , after Dr. Cam p b ell had ask e d the blessing. A t the conclusion of th e m eal vice- p r e s id e n t Gregg took the floor and •expressed the appreciation o f th e E x * •eolsiors tow a rd th e N e w b u rghers.and •the ladies, w h o had provided so bountifully. Mr. Gregg again intro- ■cLur-ed Judge F u llerton. T h e Judge spoke of th e sp irit of -com radery and good fellow ship th a t exists am o n g volunteer firem en. Tie said th a t volunteer service was the finest and m o s t egective in every crisis, an d th e spirit of th a t so rt of service is fostered an d bred am o n g volu n teer firem en. 'John M'arr responded for the New­ b u r g h m en in a very pleasant way, •and com p lim ents fo r th e ladies and th e i r p a r t in m a k ing th e day suc­ cessful w e re not forgotten. Rev. Cam p b ell concluded the speaking with a short and happy ad- <lress, telling th e firem en th a t while th e y m ight th in k a t tim e s they w e re xiot apppreciated, no good act of any Itind is ever lost. The O. &. W. band returned to M iddletow'n Thurscday night. M em­ b e r s of Excelsior Hose Co. accom ­ p a n ied the N e w b u rgh com p a n y ai,d th e i r band to th e different hotels w h e re accom m o d a tions were secured. E i f i y stopped a t th e M itchell House, 25 a t B a u e r 's Inn, and th e rem a in- cler a t B rock’s E rie Hotel. The ladies w h o served the dinner a t the church were K itchen C o m m ittee— ^Mrs. Miarga- r e t Gilson, Mrs. Joseph H e n d e rshot, M rs. Geo. H a tler, M rs. H e n ry Welsh. D ining room — M rs. Id a Caskey,M rs. H . A. Quackenhush, M rs. H a rry K im ­ ball, Misses F rances H a tler, Rutb H illdreth, Mabel Smith, Nellie Craw- lo r d , liila Adams, K a tie R aw, M abel McAllister, Mrs. F. W. D riller, Miss F ran c e s D riller, Mrs. P. J. H illdreth, M rs. Russell, Mrs. W a lter R o b erts, M rs. Geo. K irk, Mrs. Chas. F u ller, M’rs. Ed. H u n t, Mrs. E thel Garrison, M rs. Id a Collins. Guests of the 'W ashington H e ights Co. w e re Dr. John W alsh, George Dell. The chief of the Newburgh d e ­ p a r tm e n t, Jo h n A. Keefe, was pres­ en t, also th e A ssistant Chief, H e n ry B e a ttie, th e Second Assistant, John N e a b e r, an d th e T h ird Assistant, J. B . Reynolds. T h e N e w b u rgh boys will leave for th e ir hom es ab o u t 8 o’clock this eve- ' Officens of th e W a s h ington H e ights C o m p a n y are: Presiden,E d w a rd P a r - re t; vice-president, George E a s tm a n ; lo rem a n , A. H. Pickens; assistant forem a n , Chas. Baildon; treasurer, W a lter Van P e lt; secretary, H a rry Officers -of Excelsior Hose C o m p a rv follow ; train to escort W a llkills an d th e H a m b u rg B a n d to Tri-States. A t th e hose house. P resident R o b e rt M arion an d Supervisor Jam e s B e n n e t deliv­ ered b rief addresses of welcom e and responses w e re m a d e by M ayor S. S. VandrufC and C o u n cilm a n P. B. Ew a ll of Sussex, N. J., a f te r w h ich an ad ­ journm e n t was m a d e to T ri-States chapel, w h e re th e ladies of th e church served an elaborate lunch. In the parad e th e T ri-S tates boys m a d e a g r e a t h it. W ith 40 m en in line in t h e ir new red and blue uni­ form s th e y m a rched w ith excellent step an d precision in fro n t of th e ir handsom e ly decorated carriage. W a llkill H o se w ith 37 m e n in line w e re attired in n a t t y black suits w ith m ilitary coats an d m a d e a m o s t a t ­ tractiv e appearance. W ith th e H a m b u rg C o rnet Band, of 23 m en of H a m b u rg, N. J., an d the W a lden Fife, D rum an d Bugle Corps, 23 m en, th e southern section of th e F o u r th W a rd of th e city c a r r i e d __ sh a r e of honors. All along th e line the m en and m u sicians w e re applauded and cheered by thro n g s of adm iring friends. B a n n e rs and stream e rs w e re everyw h e re an d on th e top of the T ri-S tates bridge was a big banner w ith th e word, ‘W e lcom e ,’’ w h ich well indicated th a t th e city w a s wide open to th e firem en. A f ter th e parade, the m a rch was resum e d to th e T ri-S tates hose house fo r a good rest and then all proceeded to th e chapel w h e re an excellent chicken dinner and everything th a t goes w ith it was served ina splendid m a n n e r by th e T ri-S tates ladies. In the evening an enjoyable dance w a s held in M u lrain’s D a n cing Acad­ emy w h ich w a s packed to th e doors by the crowd. R ichardson’s orches­ tra furnished music. T h e Sussex and H a m b u rg visitors retu r n e d on a special train a t 10.45 p. m. and th e W a lden D rum Corps left a t 11 o’clock. T h e y were highly ’pleased w ith th e ir visit to P o r t J e r ­ vis w ith the Tri-S tates Firem e n . T h e officers of Hose ©ix are : P resident—(Robert M arion. V ice-President — C h ristopher M a- P resid e n t— S. Em m e t Gariss -W illiai -W a r r e n J. H T r e a s u rer— ^William C. S e c r e tary— V liam P. Gregg. . H e n d ershot. dam C. M erchant. F o rem a n — ^Pred G. Harding. F irs t A s s is tant Forem a n — ^W. F. W ilkin. (Second A s s is tant Forem a n — C h ris­ to p h e r L. M u lvany. Fire Police—William Brink, Fred W a ldo, Warren Hendershot. E c e ls ior’s gusts were E x -Judge H. H . F u llerton, A lderm a n R. D. Schau- (er, Jo h n P. Challis, Rev. J. B. Camp) bell, G. E. DuBois, of Carbondale. G e o rge Grez, of the Boston Post, and C. A. H a w thorne, representing The ' T h e r e w a s only one disappointm e n t fo r th e G e rm antow n C o m p any. T h a t ' Forem a n — ^V’illiam G. M arion. F irst A ssistant F o rem a n — Claude C u rran. Second A s s is tant F o rem a n — George -neial Secretary—^James M arion 'Secretary — R a y m o n d R e c o rding O liaplain— Rev. Joseph Y. Irw in. Stew ard—W illiam Green. F ir e Police— W illiam Green, R a y ­ m o n d Cole, E lm e r Rose. The officers of th e W a llkill Hose Com p any of Sussex a r e : C larence Decker, Foreman; W illiam F. M o rri­ son, F irst A s s is tant F o rem a n ; H a rry R. Edsall, Second A s s is tant Forem .an; H a r r y E. W ells, S e c retary; B. P. P e l­ let, Treasurer. The liadies who served th e lunch­ eon -and dinner w e r e ; Mrs. J. H. Peck, C h a irm a n ; -Mrs. E. Shaw, M rs. B. Goss, Jr., M rs. H. Cornwall, M rs. Irving Cox, M rs. F r a n k Moore, Miss M a rgaret P a tterson, Mr'.-. J. Ellison, Miss Venie Banks, Mrs. Lilley, M rs. L a u ra Brierly, M rs. Edw a rds, M rs, Coss, Mrs. O. W. Cornwall, M rs. 'McKean, Mrs. Smith, M rs. Ives, Mrs. W innie, M rs. Alward, Mrs. Riggs, M rs. Dorr, M rs. W. B u rrow s, Mrs. M innie B rink and M rs. E lizabeth Chanler. A READ BOOSTER. Jo h n J. Stanton, of Sussex, N. J., and Has Ci’editable W o rk for His Town, The Sussex F ire D e p a rtm e n t orig­ inated w ith Jo h n J. Stanton, who o r­ ganized it on F e b ru a ry 11th, 1890. A w e e k later he procured from th e Ne'Wtbn departm e n t, ‘‘Old H e rcules,’’ th e hand engine used In Newton iU th e old days. T h e next -week, through th e kindness of the veteran Chief Jo h n Stagg, o f th e P a terson F ir e De­ partm e n t, h e borrow e d 300 feet of hose. L a t e r on w h e n th e local com ­ pany procured an ap p a ratu s of its own, including th e beautiful parade carriage of W a llkill Hose, th e bor- rov/ed equipm e n t w a s returned. Mr. S tanton’s nam e ap p e a rs fl.’’st on th e roll and his personal .subscription was JO H N J. STANTON. E d ito r Sussex, N. J., “ Independent.” the electric lighting system and is th e present president of th e W o o d - bourne C o m p any; was the leading “booster” in th e organization of the local ho a r d of trad e ; an active sp irit in th e building o f th e towel m ill; se­ cu r e d a donation fo r th e tow n of th e lands now occupied by th e L e h igh & New E n g land R a ilroad station, open­ ing up to 'Mill s treet; individually and alone procured th e rem o v a l o f th e B o o th K n ife W o rks from Stockholm to 'Sussex. H e alone procured the establishm e n t of th e B o rden plants fo r Sussex; was th e leader of the •movement fo r the new brick public school 'building fo r Sussex; th e lead­ ing organizer and ch a r ter m e m lier of th e W a n tage O u ting C lub; he alone prom o ted the sale of the H igh P o in t and th e R u th e rfo r d estates in the B lue M o u n tains to S e n a tor Jo h n F . Dryden an d his son-in-law , Col. R. R. K u ser, an d is th e land ag e n t and representative of S e n a tor Dryden. 'Mr. S tanton is th e editor and m a n a g e r of th e Independent and th e M ilk R e p o r­ ter, an d is still alive a t all tim e s for th e w e lf a re and b e s t interests of th e town and surroundings in all re ­ spects. M r. S tanton, w ith J, D, 'Sim­ m o n s and J. W. C. Carber, composed th e com m ittee th a t p ro c u red fo r th e town th e first industry fo r th e place, th e Ew a ld shoe factory. P e r tin e n t Pai-ade '.Paragraphs. A party o f ten m e m b e rs of th e Tw e lfth S treet F lute D rum and B u ­ gle Corps of Brooklyn, N. Y., w ith M*ajor A. A. Spence were the guests theM u n p ich B rothers Fife, D rum 'and Bugle Corps, an ^ participated In 'the big parade. They w o re uniform s of grey coats and w h ite duck tro u ­ sers, and discoursed m u sic of a live- 'ly nature, th a t added greatly ot the enjoyable featu res of the occasion, and called fo r the highly favorable com m ents on every hand. I t is estim a ted th a t fully 3,000 vL- itors cam e to the city on E rie trains fo r th e parade. Six special trains were 1 the New Y o rk Division, and they were loaded to the doors. On the retu r n trips, the trains left prom p tly the tim e scheduled. T h e re were no accidents or delays, and the alert supervision of T rainm a s ter M. N o lan and Y a rdm a s ter A. J. Linley,togeth­ er w ith the plans m ade by Division P a s s e n g e r A g e n t W. O. Rocr, com ­ bined to m a k e up the first-class pass­ enger service C h aracteristic of the A t the depot E rie Officers Kelly, Johnson, Abell and Sm ith were duty and creditably handled the big crowds. Chief Engineer E d g a r J. H a rding’s guests were Chief E n g ineer Charitjs H igham and A ssistant Chief E n g in­ eers Leon Simpson and F ran k Bchoonmaker, of Mlddiletown, F ir e Inspector J. Barnw ell, of the O. & W. R a ilroad, a t M iddletown, Mr, A. D. F a n c h e r, of B ingham ton, and Public Safety Comm issioner J. E. Degnan. of M iddletown. A trio of fakirs, -svho were discov­ ered operating -a gam b ling gam e on Sussex street, w e re ordered out of town by Mayor Knapp. They “beat it ” while the going was good. In another case a fak ir ’s sw indling out­ fit was broken up and the fa k ir was thrashed 1)V a n indignant citizen with the resu lt th a t the fakir, like the Arab, “ folded his ten t and silently stole aw ay.” Two bicyclists collided on Fow ler T o rtu red fo r 15 Y e ars by a cure-defying stom .ch trouble th a t baffled doctors, and resisted all rem e d ies he tried, Jo h n 'W'. M odders, of M o d dersvllle, Mich., seemed doom- efl. H0 Mfl to sell his farm and give up work. H is neighbors said, “ h e can’t live m u c h longer,” W h a tever I at disliressed m'e,” he wrote, \till I tried E lectric B itters, w h ich worked such w o n d e rs tor m e th a t I can now ijat things I could not tak e for years. Its surely a grand rem e d y fo r stom - ■!<h trouble.” J u s t as good f - r the liver an d kidneys. Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50c. a t All D rug- street near the M itchell H.ouse late in the afternoon, and one df the rider.s, a young Italian, received a severe fall. He was taken to the P o r t Jervis H o spital for treatm e n t and today was taken to his hom e in the F ir s t The m essengers for the para-le were Rus:'ieU W hite, Jo h n Powrie an.^ Willi.s M illspauch, who form e d a bi­ cycle squu'l and rendered active ser- Ice w a ter in liberal quantities w .s .supplied by householders a t frequent points all along the line of m a rch, an act w h ich was m u ch appreciated. Special Policem en H o rubeck, G rant, Steinbach, R ifferburg, G o tt­ lieb and Y o u m ans were in charge of the congested sections of P ike.Front and Fow ler streets an<j Jersey ave­ nue during- the parade. S e \eral gay jo u th s taken 1 n tovustody by the police for throw ­ ing ticum powder, were released on th e earnest .supplication of friends and prom ises not to continue the p rac­ tice. In one instance a ruffian poured talcum pow d e r over the face of a negro woman. The police took aw ay considerable powder from certain fresh hoodlum s. N e v ersink Steam e r and Hose Co. No. 1 won the set of steins donate.! by M e rchant J. C. V a n Inwegen. T h e E rie station •was decorated for the first tim e in m any years. The lo­ cal E rie officials received a wire late W e d n esday afternoon to decorate, and they certainly m a d e a good job ot it. The lanterns used in decoratixig the H a tch hom e a t 59 ,Sussex street, were the sam e as used by Charles H a tch’s father, N a thaniel H a tch, >n decorating his hom e a t Lincoln’s In- aug a u ral In 1861. In fro n t of th e H o tel M itchell was a solid m ass of people on Thursday evening, w h e n enjoyable concerts w e re given by the Fishkill-Mafcte.a- w an B and and th e W a lden Band. On F riday concerts w^ere given on Orange Square by the M arine B and of Carbondale and at the Hu' tel M itchell by the F is h k ill-M a ttea- w a n Band, which were attended by big crowds of people. The Juvenile H o o k an d L a d d e r C o m p a n y o f 25 hoys, aged from 10 to 15 years, attire d in suits of w h ite duck, -white cajps and gloves, aocom - ipanied (by D o n o h u e’s D rum Corps of 23 mem'bers in sim ilar attire form e d the last section of th e parade. T h e ir officers are A u stin Carroll, P resident; W illiam C lark, Vice-PresLdent; F r a n k Carey, F o rem a n ; M y ron S tartu p ; F irst A ssistant; W a lter Lum p p , Sec­ ond A ssistant; E a r l Dodd, S e c retary; F r a n k B u rns, T reasurer, They w e re entertained a t dinner a t the Dela- w'are House. Joseph C rbghan L D rum M ajor and F red R itter, P resid e n t o f the Dono­ hue D rum Corps, w h ich on T h u rsday wore its new w h ite uniform s. AFTERMATH OF THE PARADE. L ittle Item s R e lating to th e P a rad e rs an d T h e ir Doings— ^Band Conceits. (F rom Daily Union of Aug. 19). T h e W ashi'ngton H e ights Chem ical E n g ine Co,, No. 3, of N e w b u rgh, a n d th e Fishkiil-M h tteaw a n B a n d as- semibled in th e yard of St. M ary’s hom e F r id a y m o rning an d th e band gave th e children a pleasing sere­ nade. T h e re was a little speechm a k - ing by H. J. B e attie, assistan t engi­ neer of th e N e w b u rgh fire d e p a rt­ m ent, who w a s a t one tim e a pupil of St. M a ry's school. Cordial en ter­ tainm e n t was given the boys by the Sisters a t th e Hom e. They w e re shown th ro u g h th e (building and left with a high reg a rd fo r th e hospital­ ity extended. The [Marine B a n d of C a rbondale serenaded The U n ion office F riday m o rning. C arbondale is n o t lacking in good m u sic if they give t h e ir band a chance, and from the b ran d of m u sic dispensed it is assum ed they Chas. B aildon, forem a n .of th e W a shington H e ights Chem ical Hose Co., of N e w b u rgh, and an em ploye the Sw eet O rr & Co.’s printing p lan t in th a t city, w a tched th e Lino­ types grinding out “p a r a d e copy” JThe Union office F rid a y m o rning. 'M ayor Chas. N. K n a p p , accom p a ­ nied by his brother, E. D. K n a p p , o Mt. Vernon, N. Y., dined With th< Delaw ares a t th e P resbyterian Two special D. & H. cars attached to west-bound E rie train 27, the M o u n tain Express, conveyed the Co­ lum b ia Hose Company .and the M a­ rine Band, of C arbondale, back their hom e in th e L a c k a w a n n a valley F riday evening after a delightful timo in this city on Thursday and Friday. The M arine B a n d gave excellent concerts on O range Square early in the .afternoon and on the E rie de­ pot platform prior to the departure of the train at five o’clock, which HANDICAPPED This is th e Case W ith iVlany P o r t J e r ­ vis People. Too m a n y P o r t Jervis citizens are handicapped w ith a bad back. The unceasing pain causes constant m is­ ery, m a k ing w o rk a burden and stooping or lifting an im p ossibility. The back aches a t night, preventing refreshing rest and in the m o rning is stiff and lam e. P lasters an d lini­ m e n ts m ay give relief, b u t can not reach the cause. To elim inate the pains and aches you m u s t cure th e kidneys. ■Doan’s K idney Rills help sick kid- T h e following statem e n t should convince every P o r t Jervis reader of th e ir efficiency. W. A. Ross, 21 'W^xeelec St., M onti- cello, N. Y., says : “Doan’s K idney Pills have been o f greater benefit to me th a n any o ther kidney m edicine I have ever used. In th e fall 1905 I was in a bad w a y w ith m y back and kidneys. There was a stiff­ ness across m y loins t h a t m a d e it im ­ possible for m e to stoop or lift and ■accompanying this was a constant, dull ache through m y hack. L e a rning of D o a n ’s Kidney Pills, I obtained a box and in a few days afte r com ­ m encing th e ir use I w a s benefitted. I was finally cured comp'letely and a am glad to say th a t the benefit h a s been perm a n e n t.” F o r sale by all dealers. Pi-ice 50 cents. Foster-'M ilburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents fo r the U n ited •States. R e m e m b e r th e nam e —D o a n ’s— and take no other. AT THE ARCADE Now 75e All W a ists Fop- m c r 1 y $1.49, $1.25 and 98c were greatlj- appreciated by large crowds. Between 7 and 8 o’clock on F riday evening, Excelsior Hose Co. No. 5 an d Chief E n g ineer E. J. H a rding es­ corted th e ir guests, the W a shington H e ights Chem ical Company, of New­ burgh, an d the Fis'hkill-M atteaw an Band, of Fishkill-on-H u d son, from th e 'Hotel M itchell across Fow ler street, up B all street to P ik e as fa r as th e postoffice, down Pike and F ro n t and Jersey avenue to th e depot. Red fire was b u rned at various points along the line of m a rch, w h e re the big crowds enjoyed the lively music. A good proportion of the population of, the city was on the depot platform and vicinity to w itness the departure- o£ the visitors for the .hills of New­ burgh an d FiShkill. Good m u sic was rendered by the band, the final num ­ ber being “ Auld L a n g Syne..” ' H o tel m en, restau ran teu rs and m e rchants rep o rt a big business on parade days. Heinz Float on Parade. A featu re of th e b ig firem en’s p a ­ rade not m e n tioned before was the autom o b ile float of H e n ry Dunn, fit­ ted out as a launch a s in th e auto parade, b u t setting fo r th the super­ iority o f OETeinz’s 57 varieties. F rom th e c a r sam p les of th e H e inz p rod­ ucts were distributed by the follow­ ing little girls in w h ite caps: K a th ­ ryn siauson, Agnes 'Bennett, M ildred Clark, F rances F a rnum , of Piqua, Ohio, Louise Taylor, of G reat Falls, M o n tana. M a s ter Harold-. D u n n also rode in the car. In th e auto parad e the following occupied this float, w h ich on th a t day carried no adver­ tising: Eugene Miartine, L ila Jones, V e rhardene Dewey, Belle C lark, R u th Cook, H e len Strong, Irene Bell, R u th Snyder, D o rothy Schill, Jesse Linley, E ly R o b inson, E lizabeth Strausser, Clare K irkm a n an d H a rold Dunn, the latter strapped to his seat, being too young to hold on otherwise. I Let OS remind you that we have I just received a full line ol children’s i school dresses in the latest designs. . \W e have pretty embroidered petti- I coats from 98c up. I Many'Other Attractions. A. MARGOLIES, 26 Front Street, Port Jervis, N. Y I For Genuine Foot Ease Use I Laidley’s Ma0c Foot Lotion ♦ It relieves at once sore, tired, burning, aching feet. t 25c a Bottle t CLINEM ANN’S SURE THING for headache, lOc a box try it I E. T. 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