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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, September 28, 1911, Image 1

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T he T re S tates U nion . VOL. i o a . NO. 39. PORT JER V IS, N .Y ., TH UR S D A Y , SEPTEM B E R 28, 1911, $1.50 P E E YEAR. tv — PORI J l KVIS SttS RODGERS This m aki's 4 mile.s in O' a continuous fligrEt of m inutes. Aviator Went West This City at 2 50 P.M. Last Thursday. MADE FIRST STOP NEAR HANCOCK -After \Long D elay Birdnian Gets Started Again on H is Trip. Train Follow s Over the . ^ ' '■ C a llbraith P . R o d g e r s sailed over th is city in his W r ight biplane a t 2.50 T h u rsday afternoon. A fter expect­ ing th e av iato r for several days P o rt •Jervis people th a t m o rning w e re kep- ed up to th e highest pitdh, expecting th a t R o d g e rs w o u ld sail over alm o s t an y m in u te from eight o ’colck on.. One delay a f te r a n o th e r r a th e r dami)- ened th e enthusiasm , b u t a t last ab o u t 2.30 the w o rd cam e th a t th e bird m a n had left M iddletown, an d th e E r ie shop w h is tle announced the fact. H e started on his flight a t 2.22, cir- /Sled around th e F a i r G rounds and 'Anally left th e sight o f th e spectators .a t M iddletown about 2.32. Rodgers cam e in sight of P o r t J e r ­ vis people a t 2.48, a m e re speck in th e distance. He had gained a know- -edge of th e topography w h ich W a rd did not have, an d began to t u r n some distance n o rth of w h e re W ard did, ig- •noring th e E rie tracks. R o d g e rs w a s fl^-ing about 1,500 feet up, and his plane glistened w h ite ■ In. th e sun as he w e n t over. Darge n u m b e rs of peoiple viewed him out of sight to th e w e st of this city. H is special train follO'Wed him - o v e r th e E rie im m e d iately afte r he .m a d e th e sta r t from M iddletown. R o d g e rs received a telegram from W a rd T h u rsday wishingf him luck In responsi to one th e form e r av i­ ato r sent to W a rd on W e d n esday. Special Ti*ain W ith R o d g e rs. Follow ing in th e w a k e of R o d g e rs w a s th e special train in charge of C o n d u c tor D a n iel D evere and E n ­ gineer H o w a rd A. M cAllister, w ith engine 509 and com p o sed of the P u ll­ m a n sleeping car Z u rich and a w h ite Vin F iz advertising ca r w ith supplies a n d m echanicians. T h e t r a in m a d e th e ru n from Mid­ dletow n to P o r t Jervis, 22 m iles in 28 m inutes, and on its w a y down th e hill fro m Otisville th e toot of th e engine w h is tle signalling to R o d g e rs was plainly h e a rd and caused th e thous­ an d s of sky gazers to look upw a rd •and northeastw a rd. Callicoon was the S r s t stop scheduled. T h e S tart in 3Iiddletown. T h u rsday's T im e s -Press decribes R o d g e rs’ rise in M iddletown R o d g e rs m a d e a beautiful run, rise an d ascent a t 2.20 this afternoon, at He rose very high in the aii', and sailed tow a rd M echanicstown. li^Tien alm o st a speck in the air, as seen from the Tim e s-Press build­ ing, he turned and cam e directly over th e city. W h e n he passed over th e E rie sta­ tion he was at least 2,500 feet high. R o d g e rs m ade a th rillin g dip and th e n descriV'ed a circle over the city W h is tles shioekcd th e i r salutes, w h ich w e re at the s-ame tim e a fa r e ­ well, and from hundreds of view points handkerchiefs were waved by fa i r hands. R o d g e rs was too high, dou>>tless, o h e a r the noise, hut if he looked down­ w a rd he doubtless saw all Middletown w a s gazing skj-v'ard. W h ite T rain Starts. T h e special Vin Fiz train blew long blasts from the whi.stle, and then polled out for P o r t Jervis. Once m o re the beautiful aircr-a?t ■turned to the west, and the flight for CSallioonn was on, th e stiff wind th a t wa.s blow ing seam ing to veer it to the nor+h. T h e ship i !iss>=-a over th e City 2.32, and at 2.45 had disappeared fro m view. Rodgers’ Kemai'kable Speed, R o d g e rs' tim e was recorded a t each to'w er as he passed over th e D e la w are D ivision, and the following is th e rec- S tatlon Miles Tim e M iddletow n . . . 0 P o r t Jerv is. . . .21 P o n d E d d y . . . .32 Shohola ............. 39 L a c k a w a x e n . ..43 W e s tcolang . . . 47 M ast H o p e . . . . 49 N a rrow s b u rg . . 5 B ■Cocl^ecton . . . . 62 Callicoon ........... 68 T rain W a s Speedy, Too. The, Vin Fia special over the Erie to accom p any Rodgers departed from M iddletown 2.20 p. m., and arrived at Hancock at 4.24 p. m., m a k ing a ' m o st remarkai’ole ru n for a railroad O v e r : train. The tr.ain consisted of engine r>: 9, with Howar.l M cAllister at tbv thri)ttle, th\ Vin Fiz special car and one Pullm a n ear. A r a m a rk was m ane by a prom inent E rie official th a t the train forgot it was an ordinary ail- way train and im agined it was an air- The train m ade 69 m iles in 71 m in­ utes, b u t it lost tim e from the start. McAllister, the engineer, was w o rking his locomotive last night, vowing th a t avhere he hits the good track today he will do a little flying him self. XTnkiml and X^ntriie Go.s.sip. BUSY COURT IN MONTIGELLO Hon. William P. Rudd Pre­ sides for the First Time. ORANGE COUNTY PEOPLE INVOLVED Case Involving W a ter R ights of O r­ ange Co. P o w e r Co. Dismissed. A n d e rson Cases iDsposed Of. R o d g ers has m ade m a n y friends during his stay in M iddletown, and they w e re shocked to hear the abso­ lutely false reports th a t have been circulated about the streets for the past two days concerning alleged in ­ discretions, says the Tim es-Press. R o d g ers is a m a n who takes the best of care of him self, and is in perfect physical health, w ith the ■ception pf a slight deafness, a result of an attack of typhoid fever when he was a child. H e w a lks w ith a slight lim p , but this was caused by a slight sprain to his left ankl© in the fall on M o n d ay m o rning. As a proof th a t he is noit a m a n subject to the use of quor, a drink of b randy was offered him on M o n d ay m o rning, a f te r the fall, w h ich he absolutely refused even taste, saying t h a t he “ n ever had and never would.” Nevertheless, a num b e r of people of the city have been sure during the past two days th a t they have seen him under the Influence of liquor,and th a t the reason w h y his s t a r t was so long delayed .v'as because he was t r y ­ ing to rid him self of the effects of the drink. A m o re vicious falsehood would be hard to invent. R o d g e rs P a y s F o r Dam ages. Mrs. John Heddy, whose ohicken coop was w recked w h en A v iator R o d ­ g e r s ’ aeroplane fell upon it M o nday m o rning, had a very n a rrow escape from being under th e ship when it fell on h e r chicken coop. Mrs. Heddy had ju s t been feeding h e r hens and had ju s t left the spot and gone h e r porch a few steps aw a y w h e n the ship crashed down w h e re she had been standing. R e p resentatives of the aviator paid for all dam a g es incur- 'red, and propery owners injured, I I Long Eddy Xiordville . Hancock Xianded 1 m i le e a s t o f toi 3.27 3.30 3.34 3.37 By G a lbraith P. Rodgers. H ancock, N. Y., Sept. 21.— was better to be slow th a n to be sorry; therefore I could n o t get aw ay today until afte r 2 o’clock. The speed, fa r as I -went, equalled m y expecta­ tions. A soft spot in a field prevented m y reaching th e distance 1 hoped for. The m a p says the distance from Mid­ dletown to here is a b o u t 95 miles, and the tim e I was in the air was m inutes. T h a t figures slightly less th a n 74 m iles an hour. The speed up to P o r t Jervis less than that, bur once over tiie Del­ aw a re river, w ith th e wind behind me, it was gerater. am in H a n cock tonight because landing I sm ashed the skids, avas only 3.39 o’clock when I cam e down. If the train had been up w ith me I could have been aw ay hour. It avas m o re th a n a h.alf hour bebind, and by th e tim e the m en had gone to w o rk it was after 4 o’clock, and a rainstorm w a s com ing up. The fates are against us. It is ra i n ­ ing tonight—I do v/ont to m a k e a big jum p tom o rrow. No laym an can understand the w o n d e rful w o rk of the m e c h a n icians on the little B. X. since M onday. THien I looked a t it th e n I said good- i>y to it and my flr.st thoughts were for a new maoliine. T h e W r igh ts said they could ship a new one in five day.s. The repairs were m ade in less than fo u r and, except for a few m inor defects, tha m a c h ine was perfect- a TiroKen spark plug, a leaky radiator .-md a leaky oil cup— n o thing a'ital, but all dem,anding vigilance. Thf work of the men was demnn- wtrated todav'. Only a, fe-w trials the engine were necessary to show th a t it was in first-clas.s condition,i and, after ev e r y t h in g had heen checked Up, the signal to let go was given . T h e r e was no sw a n tp Or ridge th i s tim e , for w e had m o v e d out the Fair Grounds, T h e r e was a good stretch of ground for the take-off and, w ith the engine w o rking w ithout a hitch, th e start was m ade toavard the south, q u a r ter­ ing against th e breeze. F rom th e m o ­ m e n t I left the ground l was clim b ­ ing, and I nea-er stopped until I was about 1,800 feet up. The m o d el E. X. clim b s like a cat, and in one swing I was high enough. The wind was a little choppy at first, b u t I w a s soon above th a t and Off fo r P o r t Jervivs, 22 m iles away. I could see the w h ite sm o k e of the (CONTINTJED ON PAGE BIGHT). Hon. W illiam P. H u d d presided for the first tim e at a Sullivan county court a t th e Septem b er term of Su­ prem e Court, w h ich convened in M onticello on M o nday of last week. Among the attorneys present at the calling of the calendar w e re W illiam P. Gregg, W. A. P a rshall, Jo h n Ja e ­ ger, P ran k Lybolt and W ilton B ennet, of P o r t Jervis. George L. Sauer, ex-Supervisor of Cochecton, was sw o rn in as forem a n of the grand jury. W h e n th e calen- ■dar was called 48 oases were an ­ nounced ready for trial. Seventy-eight were p u t over the term , 23 off th e calendar, th ree settled and eight re­ served. ' i The case of the O range County Pow e r Company against T iernan & H a n n a n w a s dismissed on the m e rits w ith costs. This action has been on the calendar for several years, and one of those lengthy and pro- ’trac ted cases th a t w h e n reached m e a n t th a t no other cases would be tried. In June, T909, it w a s tried be- 'fore Hon. George H. P itts a t a term of Suprem e C o u rt in Sullivan Co. A Whole week was taken in trying it, and before any decision had been rendered Justice F itts died. Several term s it has been announced ready, b u t circum s tances _,prea’ented each justice from trying it. T h e c a s e ina'olved w a t e r rig h t s iSullivan cou n ty lak e , w h ic h th e Power Co. drew from to supply its dam from avhich it generates elec­ tricity. M otion was m ade by Ellsw o rth B a ­ ker, representing F r a n k S. Anderson, fo r a dism issal of th e com p laint in the divorce action brought by Anderson against his wife, Adelaide M, Ander- Jo h n D. Lyons opposed th e m o ­ tion on behalf of th e defendant or the grounds th a t, before a dismissal should be taken th e r e w'ere several 'm o tions pending th a t should be dis­ posed of. T h a t th e re was a m o tion for additional alim o n y and counsel ‘fees, another for security for costs, and an o th e r to m a k e and prepare supplem e n ted answ e r on the ground s o f new ly discovered evi­ dence. A fter h e a ring counsel, w h ich argum e n t w’as long and ably m ade by both counsels, th e C o u rt ordered th a t th e com p laint he dismissed th e m e rits w ith costs. A t the opening of co u r t Tuesday m o rning A ttorney John D. Lyons 'moved fo r dism issals of th e com ­ plaints in the folloaving actions : F ran k S. Anderson against Ade- iai'b^ :M.. Anderson. This was an action com pel a conveyance. P ran k S, Anderson against Adelaide M. A n d e r­ son and the Callicoon W a ter Com­ pany. This was an action to compel assignm e n t of stock. F r a n k S. A n d e r­ son against Adelaide M. Anderson and F ran k M. Anderson, This was an action to com p el a conveyance, all three cases the Court ordered thav com p laints be dismissed on the m e r­ its with costs. HAM, W ITH KGGS ON TH E SIDE And All OvtT, fo r Tliat M a tter, W h en His H o rses R a n Aavay. Newton, N. J., Sept. 24.— I t was a case of ham and eggs surely today when Roy Ham, driving a wagon filled with e.?gs, m e t with an accident and was hurled out of the vehicle, •landing am o n g th.-ni. H a m ’s team wa.s on the road to DiMnchville aa'hen a I a.ssing train frightened the horses and they bolted. The eggs were strew n along the road and H a m was a sorry looking clria-er avhen he em erged. The horses continued to ru n until stopped by an autom o b ile, w h ich blocked th e road. In ju r y of Spai'rowhusli Boy. M a s ter Jam e s W inters, nine years of age, the son of M r. and -Mrs. F r a n k W inters fell down th e outside stairs of his hom e on B rook street, Spar- row b u sh, o n . Sunday afternoon and sustained severe injuries to his head and body. H e was treated by Dr. E. B. Lam b e rt. -----------------’M—™ ■ NEW R.R. BRIDGE AT MILL RIFT ‘ Bungaloafefs ^’Carried Home 672 Rattler Hides. A Successful Frolic. The Sparrow b u sh ladies scored success Sept. 30th In their “frolic” fo r im proa'ing the road lea d in g from tb-? State Road to th e S p a rrow b u s h Cem­ etery. A num i)er of public-spirited •v\'ncr.<; of to^am.s .md w a g o n s dreav tJie shale fr o m the V a n Tnwegen quarry on th e Berm e Road, and avilling helxjers sp r e a d it on the road, and graded and ditched the hill p a r t of th e road so th a t it n o w is in fine COn- ilitiun. The la d ies sp r e a d a b o u n teous dinner for the workers on the lawn o f Mr. J o h n G o o d e n o u g h . Mrs. Jo h n O sterhout, th e m a n a g e r of c'ue “ frolic,’’ was assisted ably by Mrs. Mela-in Phillip.s. The b u siness m e n of Sparrow b u sh are to be com m e n d e d for th e ir generous aid. A TOUR OF THE LOCAL ROADS Town of Deerpark’s 90 Miles of Highway Pronounced in Good Condition. OFFICIALS MAKE AN INSPECTION W o rk of J. Van Brow n in Im p roving the V a rious R o a d s is Com­ m e n d e d by SuiMjrvisor B ennet. JliJd lcto w n Cari)jeai(K’’r D ijured. •Middletown, Sept. 25.— W illiam P o e ller, a w e ll-k n o w n carpenter of fliis ».ity, fell from Ihc Sprague ave­ nue r.riiige ef the E rie railroad late on Sunday night, Foel’er was drunk an-1 w:i?j ■on hi.s a\.ay hom e. He struck on his head in th-^ street below the bridge, a disiance of 15 feet. Poeller .=;us(-a,ine'i a frn c trred skull, his nose was iifru-Iy cut off and his Up was badly cut. He was removed to Thrall H o spital, w h e re It is th o u g h t he will recover. INTERESTING NEWS FROM PIKE COUNTY Parks’ Bungalow to Have a P o n d - Postm aster Molony’s New Boat is a Mystery — An “ Imported ” Gaso­ line Engine. Mill R ift. Pa., Sept. 26 th. — The E rie bridge-builders have finished the new iron bridge over the ra il­ road w e st of No. 2 bridge, and the em b a n k m e n t artists are grading the approaches to the structure. The bridge is so high a^ove th e track s th a t th e trainm e n on th e cars are in no danger of being h it toy it, and the ticklers ” th a t avare erected recent­ ly east and w e st of th e bridge have been rem o v ed. The new bridge is substantial one and is a - g reat im- Ijrovem ent. It is located a t the junc­ tion of P ike Boulevard and D elaware Aa’enue. Mr. W illiam Sawyer, of the Mill R ift House, is com p leting a solid Itridge o\'er the B u shkill below W in- term u te W a ter and n e a r th e Lyceum. C em ent posts m a rk the entrances to the bridge, w h ich is 20 feet above the brook. The P a r k s Bungalow above the hom e of Mr. Sol H a zelton is practic­ ally com p leted. It is one of the “ s ightliest ” bungalocations in ro ­ m a n tic P ike county. N e x t spring cem ent dam will be constructed flood 10 or 12 acres of th e upper ■glen to a depth of 30 feet. The prop­ erty is owned by Miss P a rk s , of Easton, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Celim Seymour, M atam o ras, Saturdayed, .Sundayed and M o ndayed w ith a party friends as guests a t th e ir bungalow on Delaw are Avenue. Miss K a tie Hayes, of P o r t Jervis, visited h e r bungaloav here on Sun- Alill R ift U n iversity last week ceived a galvanized m e tal roof,w h ich shines like silver in the autum n a l sunlight and puzzles the airsailors as they look down upon it from their skyhigh courses. Aavful Carnage of Rattlers. Our bungaloafers have ceased bungaloaf fo r this season, and have returned to th e ir city hom es to work off the ex tra h e a lth acquired by their a-aeation inhalation of *he ozone of the P ike atm o s p h e re. They carried w ith them som ething like 672 rattlesnake hides, but the ra ttler population shows no decrease. ill-, and Mrs. John Quinn have their new hom e on Delaavare Avenue nearly ready to occupy. It is one of tn.. linest homes In this romantic place. Postmaster J. Florencius I. Sickles M o lony has acquired a neov hoat the Lung Track. As “ S ick ” neither swims nor catches fish, we natives are w o n d e ring ju s t avhat he intends t'j do with the vessel. He phones over to Gene Tisdell frequently, but he lets out nothing to give aw ay his intended game. The E rie h a s enlarged and clean­ ed the H e n d ersaw R u n to drain the H e n d e rshot property and prevent the clogging of the pipe u n d e r th e rail- Mr. “ Laish ” H a zelton has im p o rt­ ed a gasoline engine to saw wood, churn, to m a k e cider and to do other chores on his farm on Bluestone B o u levard. It is an um p tysteen mule- pow e r contraption and can scent the air like an autom o b ile. Editor of The Union : S ir :— I t w a s m y good fortune 5 a guest, on S a turday afternoon last, of Superintendent of R o ads of the Town of D e e rpark, J. \Van Brown, and th e officials of th a t town on an autom o b ile to u r of inspection of the road's of D e e rpark. The m e m b e rs of th e 'party w^re Supervisor H. Hoag, |Supl. ferown, ^o-vvn Clerk B en­ jam in Swartw o u t, Justices Jam e s M u lhern, R o b e rt Jackson and George Hoar, E d itor W. H. N e a rpass and Jam e s B ennet, Supt. Brow n ’s new E. M. F. car, m o d el 1912, drh ’en by his son, Leroy Broavn, paying teller of the N a tional B a n k of P o r t Jervis, was occupied by Messrs, Brown, M u lhern and Bennet, and Mr. Sw artw o u t’s R a m b ler, driven by his son, F ran k , carried th e m aining m e m b e rs of th e party, wish to state rigjht here th a t the pleasure of th e trip was m u c h en­ hanced -by th e skill and: carefulness of the drivers an d also by th e fact ithat they have -not acquired the speed craze. They did n o t avoid the bad places, fo,r it developed th a t there w e re no bad' places to avoid, b u t the ru n was steady from sta r t to ‘finish. \We left P o r t Jervis over the G rand 'View Avenue an d State Road ilo the tu rn leading to th e H a w k ’s N e st road. The form e r highways are considered am o n g the b e s t roads of th e ir class in O range county, and it great pleasure to ride over them, b u t we ra th e r dreaded the H a w k ’s N e st road w ith its bad roadbed, ab r u p t points narrow ing the road to 'a dangerous w idth, th e constant fear m e e ting an auto or team in a narrow place and a possible tum b le 'down th e m o u n tain side. W e found, however, th a t ou r fears w e re groundless, for the abrupt points haa’e been rem o v e d an d in cop- sequence th e roadbed is wider, and th e re now is no occasion to “ stop, look and listen,’ for the com ing auto or team to m e e t and pass in the for­ m e r tu r n in g out places. T h e re is hardly a place in th e two or m o re m iles of w h a t was know n as th e m o st unsafe road in these parts, oVhere the com ing and going auto or team can not pass in perfect safety. There is no fu r th e r danger of a tum b le down the m o u n tain side, for the reason ■ th.at this entire distance is protected by a substantial guard ra il or heaoTr stone wall, through w h ich it would be quite im p o ssible to break. The road­ bed is in excellent condition, protect­ ed from w a shouts, from w a ter ru s h ­ ing down the precipitous m o u n tain- sidie by a mumao{er lof u n d e r d rains of tile,i,ron p ipe and concrete. It is now a m o st enjoyable ride and one can en­ joy the m agnifiicent anew of m o u n ­ tain, vallej' and river w ithout a shia’- ering fe a r ‘of broken lim b s or neck. This w o n d e rful transform a tion was accom p lished during the sum m e r gone by u n d e r the direction and su- peransion of Supt. Brown, and it is a remarlvtable, demon|£|tra'tijon of w h a t can be accom p lished w ith a sm all am o u n t of m o n ey expended intelli­ gently. This excellent resu lt of the expenditure of h u t $1,000 is an evi­ dence th a t Supt. Brown has a genius and skill in road m a k ing not hereto­ fore excelled in this section, nor in any other p a r t of the county with which we are familiar. The town of D e e r p a r k contrib u ted $.300 and the citizens of P o r t Jervis $700 to-w-ard making the Hawk’s Nest a “ safe and sa n e ,” roa'd. 'We rode MiOngaup, and all alo n g discovered evidences of this same genius in the ■widening of the roadw a y and im ­ provement Of roadbed. O u r trip over the state road and beyond extended to Assessor Simon W h itaker’s farm , and it is app a ren t th a t th e road im p roving enthusiasm of the S u p e rintendent is contagious, for the residents respond w illin g ly, in fact eagerly in carrying out his plans of betterm e n t, and therefore sharp tu rn s haa'e been, and are being modified and narrow places m ade wider. The p a r ty returned to P o r t J e r ­ vis for a ride up the N e v ersink T a l­ ley, and w e unhesitatingly state th a t in our experience we have seen s t i t e road th a t equals th e present, _ and, in truth, th e all-the-tim e , con \'dition of the D e e rp''\k highw ay from P o rt Jervis to Cudde- ijack v iile and |Supt, Brown in another year, if the people are wise enough to' continue him in office, will have the roads from C u d d ebackville to W est- brookville in as fine condition. A t Ml'. George Gordon’s on the Oakland road the steep hill has been reduced in grade, th e roadbed doubled in w idth and a retaining wall built along the hillside. The great am o u n t of d irt rem o v e d w a s used in 'im p roving the cross-country road from Gordon’s to P o r t Orange. The town of D e e rpark has 90 and odd m iles of highway, an d how all can kept in such fine condition a t so little cost to the taxpayers can be ok - - plained in but one way and t h a t is in­ telligent direction and supervision. W e had a delightful outing w ithout accident, except a n e a r accident to Simon W h itaker’s pigs. A h a lf dozen about fine roasting size, persisted in running in the road in advance of the autom o b ile of Supt. Brown, and ev­ ery tim e the h o rn tooted th e ir little tails would wiggle from fright. They ■finally turn e d off into a lane and as long as we could see them they were 'doing th e ir best up th e hillside, look­ ing n e ither to th e rig h t nor left, ru n ­ ning to escape a terrible- doom. The w r iter avishes to th a n k the gentlem a n ly officials of the town D e e rpark for th e pleasant and m u c h enjoyed ride and th e m any courtesies received.— JAM E S BENNET, BURGLARIES ARE EXPLAINED laL L E D A r a t t l e r . M artin, of M iddletown, Bested One T h a t Had 10 Raittles. On S a turday M rs. Jan e t S h e rring M a rtin, of M iddletown, N. Y.. and M iss Lizzie Roche, of S p a r r o w b u ^ , w h ile driving on th e H u g u e n o t Road, saw a rattlesn a k e a t th e side of the highway. They disem b arked from th e ir carriage, secured a stock of rails, whips, cudgels and rocks, and tackled th e crotalion m o n s ter in a centerfield rush. ■ The “ v a r m int ” p u t up a good fight, but th e . ladies soon expelled its vital -spark from its wriggly carcass. A fter defunctificating th e rattler, they loaded it into the carriage and toted it hom e in trium p h , or som e­ th in g to th a t effect. They_ s ecured th e services of 'Mr. Chauncey BroUk, one of th e v e teran rattlesnakeists of th e Bush, who rem o v e d .the hide of th e b r u te and show e d them how to extract th e “ o il” from the carcass. ;Mrs. M a rtin packed th e hide in a suitcase and took it to M iddletown. !She will convert it into a belt and w e a r it, unless it drives out of 'Mid­ dletown h e r h'jsband, who h a s a h o r­ ro r of the whole fam ily of snakes, dead or alive, big or little, “ p izenish” or “non-pizenlsh.” T h e snake sported a caudal orches­ tra of ten instrum e n ts , and he played loud during th e scrim m age th a t end­ ed his career. The carcass m easured nearly fia'e feet in length. D e fendant F ined $5. Edw a rd W a shington, a lum b e rjack from Shohola, was arrested by P o ­ licem en W. H . B o n er and H. A. G rant on M o n d ay night for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. In the police court on M o n d ay be-, fore Justice Holbrook, to the defend­ an t was given the choice of paying $5 fine or in default ' thereof undergo ten days’ im p risonm e n t in th e coun­ ty jail a t Goshen. 'Some of MHashing- ton’s com rades came to his rescue and paid the fine. Mlddleto-n’ii’s Football Schedule, The M iddletown H igh School’s foot ball schedule, as thus fa r arranged,is as follows : Oct. 7.—^Ulster Academy, in M il- dletown. Oct. 14.— P o r t Jervis, at P o rt Jer- Oct. 2S.— ^Newburgh, a t N e w b u i’sh . Nov, 4.— ^Port Jervvis, a t M iddle- Noa'. IS.— ^Peekskill, a t M iddletown. N o v . 25.— ^Newburgh, at M iddle- Training Class H a s 23 Member’s. P o r t Jervvis has a teachers’ train- •iTig class of 2 3 members tbis year, with Miss M ann in charge. The class has a room In the new Hudson street tu ild i n g . G o shen sch o o l h a s a train ­ ing class this year w ith 11 mem b ers, the startin g of whicii has not affected the local class as was feared, the P o rt Jervis class having one m o re m em b er than last year. The train ­ ing classes are supported by the State, no tuition being charged. M any of the m em b ers of the local class a re from Other places. “ Swift ” Ernhout, of Mon­ ticello, Thought He Was Dying and Confessed. WILLIAM BASCH ALSO ARRESTED M an Adm its Ha-vlng Entered! S tu n m w H o m e of J. A. C o llett i n M o n ti­ cello and is Suspected of j O ther Escapades. _ U Jo h n E rnhout, of Monticello, bet­ ter know n in th a t village a s “ S w ift,” m a d e a confession to th a Sullivan county authorities which, led. to the arrest of W illiam B asch, a t M o n tgom e ry on Sunday morning', \ and w h ich is believed to clear up m y stery of several burglaries wKiCh have occurred in 'Monticello and y H ■oinity in the p a s t fOW m o n ths, Ei’Uhout h a d been drinking heaviljR for the past few week®, and finally N eum ann, and aske^ ^0 idc'ked until he recovered Irdtn th e effects. This was on F rid a y mornifi## arid he was ill a t th e tim e. H is condition, becam e worse, and Dr. C u rlette wa* called and prescribed fo r him. How­ ever, a t intervals afte r this his con­ dition becam e serious, and he finally reached the conclusion th a t h e w a s about to die. H e spoke to Sheriff N e u m a n n a b o u t that, and said th a t before he died ha- kanted to tell th e sheriff som ething, b u t h e w a n ted no one else to h e a r i t , Accordingly h e w a s taken to the of-^ ■fice of the jail, and th e re he con­ fessed th a t he, in com p a n y witlk Basch, had entered th e sum m e ii hom e of J. A. Collett, on L i b e r ^ ■street, during th e latter p a r t of lausfe F e b ruary, an d m o d e way \with valu-: sobles, including silver, linen, a n d — th ree clocks, am o u n ting in value to aboUt\$T5 ' D istrict A ttorney Cook and C o u n ty Judge W. L. T h o rnton w e re sum-: m o n ed to the jail, and E rn h o u t con-i fessed in th e ir presence, and sw o re to his statem e n t, and w a s th e n re ­ com m itted. iBasch h a d left 'Monticello oil T h u rsday of last week -with his wife, ' \ intending to m a k e his hom e a t . M o ntgomery, and accordingly, ea r ly Sunday m o rning. D e p u ty S h e riff Jv C. B arlow w e n t to M o n tgom e ry after?, his m an, arrestin g him w ithout diffi- 'The robbery of th e hom e of ’Mr.: Collet w a s not discovered fo r several weeks afte r it had happened . w h e n the owner cam ^ .to prepare it for tha. use of his fam ily during th e summer^. Am o n g th e other places entered w e re several residences 'at K iam e sha Lake and the B lack Bass Cafe a t th a t place, w h ich was closed for th e sum-. B asch has been in trouble w ith th e authorities several tim e s to.efore In. , M onticello. In M arch of this year, his son w a s arrested fo r th e th e f t of several rubber tires and stable uten­ sils, the property o f Dr. A. -Machan, which w e re stored a t th e -fair; grounds. The articles w e re f-^und ini the B asch hom e, and th e la d stated! th a t his f a th e r had p u t h im u p to th a robbery. It is th o u g h t others m a y be impli-i cated in th e burglaries. CA3IPBELL HALL CATCHES TWO.^ iMen W h o H a d B roken In to a Bar*< ber Shop Captiu’ed by a Posse. Two tram p s were taken into cus­ tody at Campbell H a ll M o n d ay m o rn­ ing, after an exciting chase. Tl^ie two\ m en were seen sneaking out of F r a n k N o rris’s b a r b e r shop before N o rris had appeared for th e day. When; ajSked w h a t they w e re doing, th e y gave a surly reply, and w h e n several m e n started in pursuit, th e y s e t o u t on a run. A posse of .ten armed men w e n t after th e m , and a f t e r th e y w e r o surrounded, th e tram ps su r r e n d e r e d . A 38-calibre revolver was found, avhich it is believed one of th e m e n had throw n away. There have been several burglar­ ies in th e vicinity of Canapbell H a ll in th e past two weeks an d residents thereabouts beliea'e they will V'W cease. The tram p s h a d broken \ window of the b a r b e r shop, b u t h a d not taken anything. Q u a rry Oavner Dead. C h arles R. Underwood, a wealth.y resilient of Bloomfield, N. J., died on Thursday. He oaamed blue stone quar­ ries in Sullia’an county, N. Y„ and Wayne county, Pa. He was a direc'-jr of th e Bloomfield T rust Company and 'treasrarer of the Bloomfield B o a rd cf township' Trade. T ru a n t Officers fo r Deei-pai’k. A t a m e e ting of the Town B o a rd o£ D e e rpark hel,d on S a turday afternoon a t th e City H a ll, th e follow ing-nam ­ ed tru a n t officers w e re appointed: A r th u r B arton, Cuddehackville; E d ­ w a rd Ooddington, H u g u e n o t; Theo­ dore Weiss, Sparrow b u sh. Town C lerk B. C. Sw a rtw o u t w a s appointed- ‘inspector of th e voting m achines. ^

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