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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, October 05, 1911, Image 2

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WEETiNO OF THE HEALTH BOARD Action Taken to Insure Purer Milk in This City. 3>AIRYMEN MUST OBEY REGULATIONS 'Saty A o u ’ H a s One Case of Infantile P a ralysis and One Case of Ty- plioid—^Honseliolder Or- ^ dered to Connect Kes- idcnce W ith th e Sewers. A t th e reg u lar m o n thly m e e ting of •the B o ard of H e a lth held a t th e City H a ll on F riday evening, P resident H n a p p , Comm issioners McComhs, H a w k ins, and H a m m o n d , H e a lth Of­ ficer Gessner, and Clerk Cleary were in attendance. Mr. V. R. Dillistin appeared be­ fo r e th e Board' and stated th a t the ■following-named persons and corpo- ■irations w e re selling m ilk or m ilk ■products in the city w ithout license, an d he asked th a t they be com p elled to com p ly w ith th e rules and regu­ latio n s of the B o ard of H e a l t h . B. V. Giveans, N e v ersink R o ad; P . V a n Ness and Stephen Case,Greeii- Tille; Sullivan C o u n ty C ream ery Co*., <3allicoon, N. T.; Howell Condensed 3 I i l k Co., Goshen, N. The S a n itary Inspector w a s in- Istructed to arrest any person selling anilk or m ilk products w ithin the city /without a license from the B o ard cf T h e rep o r t o f M ilk In s p e c tor W. T . R u m sey w a s read, received and filed, th e rep o rt being as folows ; fTo th e B o a r d o f H e a lt h , C ity o f P o r t Jervis, N. Y. : G e n tlem e n :— T h e regu lar Sep t e m - heir inspection of the dairies and m ilk ro u t e s su p p ly in g P o r t J e r v is sh o w s th a t th e m ilk w a g o n s and m ilk de- 3K)ts w ith on e excep tion are in good co n d it io n . T h e per cen ts, of fa t con ­ ta i n e d in th e sa m p les of m ilk tak e n fro m th e w a g o n s w e r e as fo llo w s : Sam u e l G ranger 4.2; F r a n k Dillis­ tin 3.5; Wm. C a rm a n 4.1; V. R. Dil­ listin. 3.7; H. C o rdier 3.4; T. Alward 4.4: J. B. N e a rpass 4.4; C. D. Case 3.6; E-. R. D u n n & jSon 3; E. Shay 4.2; G. E . Cisco 4; Levi Doty 4; W. G. P r i c e 3.6; D. N. T u rner 4. It will be noted from the following th a t m o s t of the dairies show higher percentages th a n on previous inspec- MINISTER 87 YEARS OLD, IN NEWBURGH CHURCH 55 YEARS Rev. J. Rem v ick Thomp.son, of S'. B road street, N e w b u rgh, who has been pastor of th e W e s tm inster P res- l)yterian Church of N e w b u rgh, •'or 55 years, celebrated his S7th birth- d'ty M ondaj’. Rev. Dr. Thom p son is well known th roughout this section of the State. Dr. Thom p son was Tiorn in New­ burgh, the son of Elder William Thompson, prepared for college in 'the old N e w b u rgh Academy, and graudated from the New York Uni­ versity in 1S47. F o r four years he studied in the Reform e d Presbyterian Sem inary in Cincinnati and a f te r ­ w a rd in N o rthw o o d , Ohio. On April 16, 1852, he was licensed to preach the .gospel. A fter m o re th a n a year spent in Europe, he was called to the pastorate of the W e s tm inster R e ­ form e d Presbyterian C h u rch in New­ burgh. He becam e the pastor of the church on Dec. 19, 1856, and has - r c e continued his pastoral relation. He was m a rried on Ju n e 1, 1858, Miss M ary F rances Lawson, only d a u g h ter of the late John Lawson. N e x t to him in point of years and activity is the Rev. Jesse F. Shafer, whose career as lawyer, soldier and clergym an has not been equaled prob- bly anywhere in the country. Mr. B h afer was horn on O ctober 12, 1825, in M o n tgomery, graduated from the M o n tgom ery Academy, becam e school teacher, then a lawyer, and when the Civil W a r broke out en­ listed in the faous T e n th Legion. 1887 he was ordained a m inister ihe P resbyterian Chu.rch and served US pastor of the F ir s t Presbyterian Church a t A u d enried, Pa., and of th^i P resbyterian C h u rch a t Hughsonville, Duchess county. He is still engaged i;n active business as a pension and claim agent. MDRE ABOUT IDEMOCRATIC MONROE DEPOT CONVENTION Public Service Commission Held Another Hearing Wednesday. $30,000 PARK IS NOW PLANNED P lan s W ill Bo Subm itted to th e E r i e C o m p any an d M a tter W ill B e Settled L a ter. G. & C W h itlock 89; W m . C a rm a n S8; W. H . Vail 87; J. B. N e a rpass 87; H e n ry Schneider 85; Sam u e l G ranger S3; H. G. Cuddeback 81.5; S. D. S w a rtw o u t 78; Chas. Hoffm an 77; \Wm. S tem p e rt 76.5; W m. Laux 75; A u g u s t R e in h a r t 74.5; B. C. Swart-, w o u t 73.5; F ran k Dillistin 73; Jam e s DeVevoise 72.5; B. C. P e n n y 72; L. A. Johnson 72; T. Fitzsim m o n s 70.5; B. E. Cuddeback 70; E. Shay 70; Otto S tr u c k 69.5; L. T. Cole 68.5; Osm er Cuddeback 68; Geo, Schneider 67.5; W . P. Van Sickle 63; J. E. V a n In- w e g en 60; E. H. Cooper 56; W ade rW esthrook 47. ■Mr. G ranger has nearly com p leted rem o d e ling his cow stable. This barn is now one of th e best, having’ con­ crete floors throughout, high ceiling ■of tig h t 'hoards and a large num b e r of w indows, giving sufficient light. I t is necessary to call your attention rain to conditions dairy of Mr. W ade W estbrook, tim e of th e inspection on Sept. 26th, th e 'barnyard was not properly d rain­ ed as ordered by the B o a rd of H e a lth som e tim e ago. The cow stable floors w e re filthy. The floor in the m ilk ■house was nearly rotted away. The m ilk house also needs m o re light and ventilation. The regulation sm all top pails are n o t used, and your inspec­ to r was inform e d th a t they would n o t be. It is respectfully asked th a t th e Board take som e action in the m a tter. I t also is asked t h a t th e B o ard take action in the m a tter of M r. E. som e ac1 reg u la t io n sm a ll top pails. In a general w a y it is necessary To call th e atten tio n of some dairym e n to th e regulations in regard to the -use of th e K ing System of ventila­ tio n in all barns. F a rm e r s should avail them selves of the opportunity to obey this regulation before the p e n a lty is attached. R espectfully subm itted, W. Y. RUMSEY, M ilk Inspector. D a te d , P o rt Jervis, N. Y., Septem ­ b e r 29th, 1911. It was m oved and carried th a t the m ilk from the dairy of W ade W e st­ brook be excluded from sale in the city and the Clerk was directed to is­ sue orders accordingly. The Clerk was directed to notify E . H . Cooper th a t the regulation sm Ul top pail m u st be used in his dairy w ithin 30 days, or the m ilk would be excluded from sale in the city of P o rt ■Jervis. A p p lications for m ilk licenses were granted to J F. Cisco, D. N. Turner, H . G. C o rdier. Sam u el G ranger, V. R. Dillistin, Theodore Alward, W illiam C a rm a n and C. D. Case. The Clerk w a s also directed to issue licenses to fu tu r e applicants, who sell m ilk from inspected dairies. Bill of Milk Inspector W. Y. R u m ­ sey for 864.60 for services and ex­ penses, was audited. T h e H e a lth OfFici r ri-purted one case each of .scarlet fovor and in­ fantile paraly.sis in the c-ity at the p resent tim e. W. J. Collier was (ordered to con n e e t his prem ises at 32 Colem an stree t with tin- sanitary sew er sys­ tem , and to :iboli.'<h the outside toilet now on the premise.^ within If. days. The B o ard then adjourned subject to the call of the President. M onroe, Sept. 28.— T h e subject of th e erection of a new depot a t Mon­ roe was b ro u g h t directly, hom e to th e taxpayers of th e town, yesterday, w h e n a h e a ring in the m a tter was given in F ir e m e n ’s Hall, by the P u b ­ lic U tilities’ Commission of th e Sec­ ond D istrict, w h e n th e E rie officials w e re present and offered to proceed w ith th e building of a station and approaches on th e C a rpenter pro p e r­ ty, if th e tow n sfolk w e re agreeable, follow in g ' A b o u t th ree hundred of th e m o st ' p rom inent people in th e village and vicinity filled th e hall and every phase of th e question was gone into. The subject of the erection of a new station a t M onroe, w h ich is a f ­ flicted, like m a n y o ther villages in th e state, w ith several grade cross­ ings is one th a t has been before the public in one form or an o th e r fo r several years. A t th e instance of th e B o a rd of Trade of th e town, who claim e d th a t th e present station was u n s a n itary and inadequate, a h e a ring in th e m a tter was given in Albany recently, b u t no definite conclusion was reached. Y e s terday’s gathering was in reality a resum p tion of th a t hearing, b u t an unexpected surprise developed. A t a meeting of the vil­ lage trustees, th e previous evening, a resolution was passed designed to retain th e station on its present site. This \n-as to be effected by th e p u r ­ chase of the K n ight properties and th e form a tion of a p a r k therefrom a t a cost of $30,000. Law y er El-wjood C. Sm ith was present in th e interest of the trustees to cham p ion this resolu­ tion and m u c h of th e session w h ich lasted th ree hours resolved itself in­ to an effort on his p a r t to stave off the C a rpenter lot proposition until a vote could be taken on th e question of appro p riatin g m o n ey fo r a park (■adjoining w h ich would be the sta­ tion). J. B, Olmsted, who was ch a ir­ m a n of the m eeting and represented th e commission, told Mr. Sm ith clearly th a t the com m ission had no pow e r to in s tr u c t th e E rie w h e re to p u t its station building. T h e ir fu n c ­ tion rested in giving to the people of M o n roe a sanitary, adequate and ac­ cessible station. Mr. Sm ith w a s ad ­ vised to subm it his plans to th e E rie com p a n y to see if they approved of them ; and to do so a t once, o ther­ wise th e re would seem to be no chance of w o rk on a new station be­ ginning this year. xisting in the ■ At the Children Cry FOR FLETCHER’S T O R I A Held in the Court House at Goshen Last Friday. W. J. COLLIER PROMPTLY DECLINES To H u n fo r Ofliefe of C o roner—^W jii . E inau, of Tliis City, th e Norninoe. • W n i. A. Eeuehs, of Ne-wburgh, f fo r Si>e<aal Co. Judge. In ju r y of E rie T rainm a n . E rie Trainm a n C h arles J. Munson, of the New York Division, was se­ verely bruised about th e head and neck on Thursday i.ight by being throw n to the floor of his caboose a t M aybruok by the stoppage of the train, due to the sudden application of the air-lirakes, due to the parting Of th e train by the derailm e n t of a car. He cam e to his hom e in this city a t 104 Jersey avenue, where he was treated by Dr. H. B Swartw o u t. M idnight in Tlie Ozarks and yet sleepless H iram Scranton, of (’lay (’it.v. 111., coughed ami coughed. He was in the m o u n tains on the .ad­ vice of fi\e doctors, who said he had consum p tion, b u t found no help in the clim ate, and started home. H e a r­ ing- of Dr. King’s New Discovery, he began to use it. “ I believe it savcid my life,” be write.s ‘‘for it m a d e a ne-w m an of me, so t h a t I can now do good work again.” F o r all lung dis­ eases, coughs, colds, l.a grippe, asth ­ ma, croup, whooping cough, hay fever, hem o rrhages, hoarseness or quinsy, its th e best know n rem e d y . ■Price 50c. and $1.00. T rial bottle free. Guaranteed by A D ruggists. The D e m o c ratic C o u n ty Convention assembled at noon las. Friday in the C o u rt H o u se a t Goshen and organiz­ ed by th e election of A. C. N. Thom p ­ son, of M iddletown, as chairm a n . H a rry 'Vail, of tVarwick, and Jo h n Degnan, of M iddletown, were chosen secretaries. T h e officers w e re sw o rn in by P h il­ ip A. R o rty, of 'Middletown. On m o tion of J. E. W a rd, of Craw­ ford, th e secretaries w e re authorized to a c t as tellers. The credentials w e re presented and i m o tion of County C h a irm a n George F. K e tchum , of W a rw ick, tlie roll call w a s dispensed w ith. W. J. Creegan nom inated W illiam A. Peuchs, of Newburgh, .^or Spe­ cial County Judge. The m o tion -was seconded by H u b e rt C a rpenter, of M o n roe. The secretary was dirgcted to cast a single haUot for Mr. P e u c h s and he w a s declared the nom inee. W m . J. Collier, of P o r t Jervis, was nom inated fo r C o n n e r and he prom p tly declined th e honor, and W illiam Pinan, of tnis city, was then nom inated by acclam ation. George P. K e tcham moved th a t the officers of th e convent!.ui be em p o w ­ ered to ‘fill all vacancies and the con­ vention adjourned. R o b e rt H. C lark for Assembly. The D e m o e ratic convention w is called to order at 2 o’clock. Wm. P. G r e g g .o fP o rt Jervis, w'as m ade chairm a n , Jas. Langan, of this city, and W. P. Cronk, of Middletowm, secretaries. An inform a l ballot fo r Assembly- m a n gave R o b e rt H. Clark, of M ini­ sink, 34; W. T. Doty, of Wallkill, 13; Chas. Will, of P o r t Jervis, 5; W. L. G u n ther, of M iddletown, 4; ilha.s. A. Evans, of Howells, 3. On m o tion the nontination of R o b ­ ert H, C lark -was m a d e umantmous. - -------- ---------- AVOrXDED XEGKO DIES. .Moittelo, W ho .Shot Him, Now C h a rg­ ed With 3Eurder. Joseph M arsh..11, the n e g i ’O who was shot on Saturday afternoon in fro n t of th e commi.ssary store of W il­ liam Chase on the aqueduct in ('’orn- Avall, by Pasqiiale M ottelo, u clerk in the store, dit'd in St. Luke’s Hospital, N e w b u rgh, at 11 t’cloek Thursday n i g h t as a result of iiis wound. M ottelo, the Italian, who shot M arshall, is in the Xi'tvburgh jail. The charge against him when he was held for the grand ju ry by Justice of th f Peace .Syleox, of Cornwall, was assault in the first degree. The eh a rg f will be ohanged to one of m n rder. NO EPIDEMIC IN MIDDLETOWN Health Oflftcer Says Only Usual Number of Typhoid Cases Exist. THESE ARE NOT DUE TO A GENERAL CAUSE R a h h l Bliiin Brcalcs ITi.s Ankle. ‘.Midilletown, N. T., Sop* 27.— T h e Rev. Dr. A. Blum, a rabbi of 138 W e st E ighty-first street. New York, fell and broke his rig h t ankle at the E rie railroad station in this city this afternoon. Dr. Blum was tvaiting to take a train for New York, and as he stepped out of the station down o n e step he slipped, sustaining a PiDtts fractu re of the right' ankle. T h e am b u lance was called and he w a s taken to T h rall H o spital, w h e re he wa.s attended by Drs. Purdy, Schultz and I'Vrguson. H e will be laid up for .several weeks. If you have young children you have perhaps noticed th a t disorders of th e stom a c h are th e ir m o st com ­ m o n ailm e n t. To correct this you will find C h a m b e rlain’s Stom a ch and Liv­ er Tablets excellent. They are easy and pleasant to take, and m ild and gentle in effect. Fo\ sale by All D e a lep . Is an A n tm im a l Disease an d Dr. H a n n icr States This Y e a r H a s Been Ideal fo r Its Devel­ opm ent, The m any disquieting rum o rs rela­ tive to the prevalence of an unusual num b e r of typhoid cases in M iddle- town has caused H e a lth Officer Dr. J. L. H a n m e r, of t h a t city, to issue a statem e n t in w h ich he declares th a t th e usual num b e r of case,\ a t this tim e of th e y e a r h a s ranged from 17 to 45. This has been th e case for the p a s t ten yeai’s. There are now about 30 cases in M iddletown, of w h ich ten are from out of town infection. H a lf a dozen of th e rem a ining tw o -thirds of the cases a / e light. “ Typhoid fever,” said Dr. H a n ­ m er, “ is an autu m n a l disease, and this y e a r has been an ideal one fo r its development. I t will he recalled th a t th e re w a s a long dry, h o t spell w'hich lowered wells and stream s alarm ingly. T h a t condition was suc­ ceeded by hard, severe rains, which raised th e w a ters an d necessarily b rought Surface pollution into tlUe potable \(vaters. Then came, as now, h o t days and cool nights, w h e n Citi­ zens, unw illing to w ithdraw from. porches, sit out an(3 catch cold. There h a s been a g r e a t profusion or iru ' w h ich have been liberally eaten, all of which has a tendency toward diar- rhoeal troubles. There is a general idea th a t ty­ phoid fever is only oontrateted th rough pre-existing germ s, b u t why, then, do these cases only develop se­ riously in th e fall ? In New Y o rk City, w h e re typhoid is prevalent a t th is tim e, som e the very best m en are seeking to es­ tablish the cause of th e epidem ic there, b u t have been unable to do H e re in M iddletown every case contagion is prom p tly investigated by th e h e a lth officer. \We look up th e conditions w h ich m ight have produc­ ed th e case, such as cleanliness ab o u t th e hom e, th e w a ter an d m ilk supply and the prevalence of flies, etc. This has 'been regularly done fo r the past few years. \We know th a t t h e r e is no general cause fo r th e p resent cases. W e expect th a t th e re will be m ore, b u t do n o t believe th a t th e re will toe any m o re cases t h a n usual, and th e re is no cause fo r alarm . \O u r w a ter is good, an d I do not th in k it is necessary to boil it; boil­ ing takes all th e oxygen out of it and m a k e s it insipid. In a chem ical a n ­ alysis of th e city w a ter recently m ade no nitrites w e re found. C h em ist B u ll is now m a k ing a bacteriological ex­ am ination. The last rep o rt by a state inspector as sent me, showed th e w a ­ ter to be in good condition. “The present ‘flurry’ in typhoid be­ gan Ju ly 1, w h e n th e re w e re th ree or fo u r cases, and up to th e present tim e b u t th irty have been reported, and th e state requires th a t all such cases shall 'be reported prom p tly.” New Eoi*m of H u n ting License. Ci'ty Clerk John F. Cleary has re ­ ceived a supply of the new hunting licen.ses for non-resident taxpayers of th e s t a t e of New York; the fee for w h ich will be $10.50. The non-resi­ dent fee is $20, ])ut for persons own­ ing property and paying taxes in New York, and living in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or any other state, the fee is $10.50. R e v o lver Licenses at Police Office. (’hief of Police W. F. W ilkin ha.s received the blank licenses for the possession and can n in g of revolvers w h ich will l)e issued to responsible citizens on satisfactory reasons i*y th e paym e n t of $3 for carrying, and 50 cents for possession of revolvers. Never O u t of W o rk. The busiest little things ever m ade are Dr. King’s New Life Pills. Every l>iU is a sugar-coated globule of health, th a t changes weakness into strength, languor into energy, b rain ­ fag into m e n tal power; curing Con­ stipation, Headache', Chills, Dyspep­ sia. M alaria. Only 25c. a t All Drug- ------------------- 4 - f ------------------- , THplets a t Stroiulsburg. ThiU'e was an unusual occurrence a t the residence of Mr. and Mrs. A a ron ’rrunsiie, of Stroudsl)urg, on ]<’ri(lay m o rning of last W e e k , w h -n Mrs. Transne gave b irth to triplets, three strong, hearty l/aby boys. They weighed as born respectively 6 V 2 , 51^ and 7 pounds. The infants are oil in the be.st of health and the m o ther is resting com fortably. e is a wom an who speaks from lal knowledge viz., Mrs. P. H, n. Pa., who says, “I wience th a t Chaim Rem edy is fa r superior to any other. F o r croup th e re is nothing th a t ex- it.” F o r sale by All D ealers. H e re . person al knowledg e and long experi­ ence, viz., Mrs. P . H. Brogan, of W il­ son, Pa., who says, “ know from ex­ perience t h a t C h a b e rlain’s Cough WE MANUFACTURE *22 QUICK TIME STOVES RANGES HAVE MADE THEM FOR 47 YEARS If You Want the Best Stove or Range That Experience Can Make Get a - - - QUICK TIME Those who contemplate buying their first range or heating stove, will do well to consult with those who have had the experience of getting repairs for stoves made out of town. 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