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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, October 05, 1911, Image 5

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T e r r i b I e S u f f e r ! n g E c z e m a AH Over B a b y ’s Body. “When my baby was four months old his face broke out with eczema, and at sixteen months of age, his face, hands and arms were in a dreadful state. The 'eczema spread all over hi. body. We had to put a mask or clot’’ over his face and tie up his hands. Finally we gave him Hood’s Sars •'inally w e Tilla and in a few tirely cured. Tod irsapa- is a healthy j!>arts. iiiez Lewis, Baring, Maine Hood’s Sar.saparilla cures blood dis­ eases and builds up the system. Get i t today in usual liquid form O'- chocoJated tablets called S a r s a t a b s - - ------ --- >nths he was -ely cured. Today he is a het '>j” Mrs. Inez Lewis OBITUARY. Stott Mills. P o s tm a s ter S tott Mills, of W a r­ wick. who died suddenly at his hom e in th a t villa.ge, Thursday night, after he had perform ed his duties at post­ m a s ter during the day apparently in good health had been postm a s ter of th e village for the last 12 years. S tott Mills was born a t Paterson, K. J„ Ju n e 2fi, 1S40. His parents w e re John and Sarah B riarly Mills, an d both were of En.glish extraction. H e acquired his education in the public school a t Paterson. He was identified -with the Rogers Locomo­ tive W o rks for a period of four y e a r s . H e e n l i s t e d in M a y , 1.S61, Com p any A, Second R egim ent, N. J. Yols. and was honorably discharged. H e particixiated in all the im p o r tan t en.gagements in w h ich his regim e n t w a s engaged, and becam e first lieu­ tenant. A fter th e close of the w a r he m o v ed to P o r t Jervis, and was con­ nected w ith th e E rie R a ilroad as forem a n in th e shops in this city for a period of 14 years. He -went west fo r th r e e years, afte r w h ich he m o v ed to W a rw ick a n d filled the po- Bi'tion of m a s ter m echanic of the Le­ h ig h & H u d s o n R a ilroad for 1-6-years ’ I n 1S9S he was appointed postm a s ter at W a rw ick, w h ich position he held u n til h is death. H e was united in m a rr iage -with M elvina Jackson, of Amity, O range county, N. Y„ M ay 17, 1865. To this union five children w e re born: S a ­ rah , Anna, Isabel, John and Charles. In politics Mr. Mills was a R e p u b ­ lican. He w a s a m e m b e r of Lincoln Post, G. A. R., of N e w ark, N. J., and attended th e Episcopal C h u rch a t W a rw ick. Mrs. Margaret H o u ck Miller. M rs. M a r g a ret H o u c k M iller, wife o f P r a n k M iller, died a t h e r hom e in Hawley, Pa., on M o n d ay night, after a long illness, of a com p lication of diseases. She w a s aged 66 years. The deceased w a s born in G e rm a ­ n y an d cam e to th e U n ited S tates in. early life. S h e had lived in New Y o rk City, B loom ing Grove, Pa., and fo r th e last fo u r years, had been a resident of Hawley. The surviving relatives are h e r husband, fo u r sons an d five daugh­ ters. One b ro th e r , H e n ry H o u c k , re­ sides in Brooklyn, N. Y. th e P ik e street clothiers. Several years ago he was elected tax collec­ to r of the village of P o r t Jervis and also served as G rand K n ight an d D istrict D e p u ty of th e K n ights of Colum bus. H e was a b r o th e r of th e late P e ter F lanagan. In 1.S9S, he was united in m a rr iag e to Miss H a r r iet Cullen, of Ossining, by w h o m h e is survived w ith two daughters, H a r r iet and K a therine, a t hom e. H e is also survived by two brothers, A lderm a n Jo h n D. F la n a ­ gan, of P o r t Jervis, an d Senate Com­ m ittee C lerk E d w a rd F lanagan, of Albany. H e n ry Wolvciqon. H e n ry W o lverton, a highly respect­ ed citizen, died a t his home, No. 2 66 W e st M ain street, last S a turday m o rning, afte r an illness of ten days, of kidney trouble. He was aged 74 The deceased tvas born a t Hope, N. J-, on Ju n e 8, l,s:i7, and w a s the son of G a b riel and R ebecca Buckley W o lverton. The g reater p a r t of has life was spent in th a t place. He en­ tered the em p loy of his uncle, Saron \W. Buckley, who w a s engaged in the foundry business. At th e death of his uncle Mr. W o lverton and H e n ry E a t ­ on acquired the business and carried it on very .successfully for 20 years. A t th e d e a th o f h is uncle, C h a r les W . Buckley, in this city w h ich was m o re th a n a score of years ago, i Mr. W o lverton cam e here to spend the summer in the late Mr. Buckley's hom e. The Delaw are river, w h ich the property adjoins in the rear, and good fishing appealed to Mr. W o l­ verton, and he decided to rem a in here another year and the following sum m e r purchased the property and had since lived there. D u ring his res­ idence in P o r t Jerv is Mr. W o lverton b a d lived a retired life. The only- business w h ich he was engaged in was the selling of the Buckley property, to close up th e estate. W h ile he was a resident of Hope, N. J., he was honored by his fellow citizens by being elected to the office of town clerk for m a n y years. He was an excellent citizen, and pos­ sessed m a n y good qualities for which he was highly esteem ed by a host of friends. H e w a s a m e m b e r of the P resbyterian C h u rch and th e M en’s On May 18, 1884, he w a s united in m a rriage to M atilda Buckley, oy whom he is survived. F r e d H a m m o n d , Sr. The body of Fred Hammond, Sr., of New Y o rk City, who died on Sept­ em b e r 30th, a t th e age of 67 years, was brought to Port Jervis on Brie train One on Tuesday. Rev. P a u l Kasten conducted the service at the burial in Laurel Grove Cemetery. The surviving relatives are two sons, F red and Lewis H a m m o n d , of New Y o rk City, and Mrs. A m elia Egg- ner, of P o r t Jervis. Mrs. May Sebenck Newman. M rs. M ay Schenck New m an, wife o f Jo h n New m an, died Suddenly of b e a r t failu r e a t h e r hom e, No. 14 F e r r y street, F r id a y m o rning. Cor­ o n e r E d g a r J. H a rding and Dr. F. B. G e s sner w e re called and afte r an in­ vestigation decided -hat death was due to n a tu r a l causes. The deceased was 37 years of ag^. S h e w a s born in W a y n e county. Pa., a t E q u inunk, and was th e d a u g h ter of M r. an d M rs. H a rris Schenck. A b o u t 17 years ago she w a s m a rr ied to M r. W illiam N e w m an an d fo r th e p a s t ten years they have resided in th i s city. The surviving relatives a r e lior husband, fo u r sons: W illiam , C h arles, E a r l an d W a lter; two daughters, H a ttie and M ildred, all at hom e; h e r m o ther, M rs. Cole, of Pleasaiit M o u n t, P a .; two brothers, Paulis Schenck, of E q u inunk, P a „ and Rev. W illiam Schenck, of P leasan t M ount, Fa. Thomas Flanagan. Thom as F lanagan, form e rly of P o r t Jervis, died a t his, hom e In Os­ sining, W e s tchester county, N. Y„ on F r id a y afternoon afte r a sh o r t ill- ness. H e w a s aged 37 years. T h e deceased w a s born in P o r t Jerv is an d had lived here th e g reat- « r p a r t of his life. He was a m e m b e r of th e firm of F lanagan B rothers, Park and Tilford’s ! Candies. i Wv have recently taken the ex- j clu -iv<‘ agency in Port Jervis for Park and Ti ford’s candies—con­ fections that are acknowledged by all who have eaten them to be of the very finest. The reputation of this firm is of such high standing that any article put up by them you may know is about the best that can be made. We have their chocolates and bon bons, assorted fruits with milk chocolate covering, maras­ chino cherries, chocolate coated, peppermints, nougats, cream bars, etc. Joaes’ Drug Store Display of F a ll M illinery. A very n e a t and up-to-date display of fall m illinery is being shown by Miss L. B. Shay, No. 124 P ike street, Tuesday and W e d n esday of this week being h e r opening days. The sto re is deeprated with^ autum n leaves and vines, am o n g which is a r ­ tistically displayed a large variety i.f the latest fashion in trim m e d and u n ­ trim m e d hats. The prevailing color fo r fall an d w inter is purple. A New York trim m e r of talen t has been en­ gaged for th e season. Miss Shay an ­ nounces th a t it is a pleasure fo r her and h e r assistant to show goods. You are cordially invited to call and in­ spect h e r exhibit, w h e ther j ou wish to buy or not. At Mis.s Lilgrccn’.s. The fall opening of m illinery a t A. E. Lilgreen's, No, 14 F ro n t street, o i - curreil on Tuesday and W ednesday, October ;jrd and 4th. The styles and effects are beyond description. They m u st be seen to be appreciated. Am o n g the attractiv e ones are the coronet effect. The poke shapes are very becom ing to th e young Miss. The h a k t r crown and feath e r hands, colors brow n and green, are very popular. Some of th e m ost elaborate trim ­ m ed hats, both in dress and tail.ir- m ade, are to he seen at this popular ----------- - ---------- ^ ------------- -- l*rohibition Oon\ention.s. The .’’.leoiid Assembly district cm - ventinn and the eountj,- cnnvi n tion 'tf the Prohibition p.irty will be held at the Ram sdell sclio'jl at Middletown on O ctober 7th at 1 p. m. The first assem'bly district convention of tlie party will be held a t N e w b u rgh, Oc- tol\ r 6th. Prohibition electors are requested to elect delegates at pri­ m aries on O ctober 2nd. W. C. R a m s­ dell is county chairm a n . MEETING OF MEDICAL SOCIETY Orange County Practitioners Met at Library HaJl on Tuesday Afternoon. “ TYPHOID FLY ” IS DISCUSSED Interesting Business and Stdcntific Session— P a p e r s R e a d on “P u l­ m o n a ry Tubci-culosLs” by Otisville Sanitariiun Physicians, At th e conclusion of th e dinner in the H o tel M itcheli early on Tuesday afternoon, th e business an d scientific session of the Orange County Medi­ cal Society was held in th e Library Hall. T h e re was a large attendance of m em b ers and th e re w e re several vis­ itors present from the staff of the Otisville Sanitarium , in the absence of th e President, Dr. H. L. W inters, Of Cornwall, V ice-President Dr. R. F. M edrick, of P o r t Jervis, presided. Dr. E. C. Thom p son, of Newburgh, acted as secretary. A fter considerable discussion, th e resignation of Dr. Thom as L. Gilson, Of 'Middletown, as a m e m b e r of the society w a s accepted by a vote o f 22 I t was moved and carried th a t a representative of th e S tate D e p a rt­ m e n t of H e a lth a t Albany be invited to atten d th e next q u a rterly m e e ting of the society and th a t a public m ass m e e ting be held. A resolution was offered to th e ef­ fect th a t any m e m b e r of th e society who consults w ith an osteopath Otisville— ^Dr. Irv in g C h alet. P o r t Jervis— ^Dr. H. B. Sw artw o u t, Dr. B. J. Leahy, Dr. F. E. Gessner, Dr. G. o. PoJ)e, Dr. C. N. K n app. ------------------f4 ------------ — — ADM IIIAL .SCHLEY DROPS DEAD. Hero or .Sixuiish-Ajm'idcan Wai' E x ­ pired Suddenly in New York. New York, Oct. 2.— A d m iral W in­ field Scott Schley dropped dead near the corner of 44th street and F if th avenue, while w a lking down town to­ day. He di(‘(l hofore m edical aid could arrive. A d m iral Schley had been out of town ovei- Sunday. On hi.s retu r n he~e he w e n t to the New York Yacht Club in lYe.st 4 i t h .street. A fter a .short stay at the Club, Schley left and started alonpf 44th street, when W’as suddenly taken ill. R e a r A d m iral .Schley was 72 years of age and wa.s a native of F rederick, M aryland. He was graduated in I860 from the 1 ^. s. Naval Academy a t An­ napolis, and served in the U, S. Navy until 1901. when he was retired,hav­ ing reached the age limit. He wa.s prom o ted to R e a r Adm iral in 1898 during the .Spanish-Am erican Wav, when he woas in com m and of the w h ite squadron th a t wiped out the fleet of A d m iral Oervera n e a r S a n ti­ ago, Cuba. ----------------- 4 4 ----------------- Hotel Mitebell In.stall.s New Heater. P roprietor P. H. M itchell of the H o tel M itchell has recently installed a new M o d el h e a ter and boiler in th e cellar of the hotel. The ap p a ratu s was furnished and placed in position by Sw inton & Co. It fills the re ­ quirem e n ts 01 the big hotel in every p a rticular. Miler Itoiililt Cam JOS. JOHNSON IS NOMINATED Unanimously the Choice of Republican City Conven­ tion for Mayor. JOHN J. HAWKINS, JR. FOR ALDERMAN-AT-LARGE C h arles I. Teiwvilliger F o r City Ti-ea.'S- ni-er; Edw jird P. Jones F o r Jii.sticc of th e P e a c e ; W. G. D o rem u s an d Ira Simons F o r City Con.sLibles. An excellent city ticket was nom i­ nated by the R epublicans a t the city convention held on Tuesday evening a t the M u nicipal Building. C h airm an A. T. Brown, of the city com m ittee, called the eunvention to order. Super­ visor J. J. Toth was elected chair- an, and H. W. Speer, secretary. Credentials were received from the following-named delegates who were present ; I After taking a trial bottle of Dr. Kil- I x n er’s Swam p-Root w h ich you forwarded to m e, I purchased some from a local teopath violates the ethics of th e j d rug store and after using three dollar recom m ends consultation w ith an os- | jq j profession. The resolution was refer- bottles I can tru th fu lly say th a t 1 wa: red to a com m ittee of three to be ap- cured of all th e terrible pains I had in I m y back, side and h ead, caused by blad- ' d e r trouble. I had th e worse kind of G. I. Terwllliger. Fred TerwUUger. C.l.Terwilliger&Soii Funeral Directors. O F F ICE, 41 FRO NT ST.. PO R T JER V IS. N. T. Local and Long D istance Tele­ phones In Office and Residences. BRANCH O I ^ C B S : Shohols, Pa., B a i m i l l e ; N. V. E. R. K a lbfus. P e lton B roa, R epresentative, Assistants. Shohola, Pa. B arryvllle, N Y New Y o rk RepresentatlTe: ional C asket Co., 60 G reat Jones Telephone 3345 Spring. ______ pointed by th e P resid e n t to rep o rt ‘“ i t wa1 v\“. r ‘t r ^ r : L T B o a t a \ 1 w ith the pain. Kupervisors to aiiow a lee ox to r ^ x>i. K ilm e r’s Swamp-Root m ade m e feel each exam ination fo r th e com m itt- ju s t like a new person and I a m glad to m e n t of an insane person to an in- recom m end i t to anyone suffering a s I d id, ' Very truly yours, M ISS MARY ARDNER, stitution. The society authorized the ap- Send to Dr. K ilm er & Co., Bingham ­ ton, N. Y., for a sam p le bottle. I t will convince anyone. You will also receive a booklet o f v aluable inform a tion, telling all a.bout th e k idneys and bladder. W hen writing, be sure and m ention this p a ­ per. R e g u lar flfty-cent and one-dol- lar size bottles for sale a t all druf stores. pointment of ste dolegates to attend, j Sworn to before me a?dtaSyp?Mence in Yonkers, N. 1., on Thursday, Octo- .subscribed by the said Miss Mary Ardner, her 12 th, the m eeting of the First this l6th day of July, 1909 . D istrict B ranch of the New York | F . L. R ay , N p tary Public. S tate 'Medical Society com p rising the Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You counties of New L'crk, Orange, Rock- ' land an d D u tchess. The scientific session was devoted to an illustrated talk by Dr. G. W. Shirk, of Cornwall, on “The Typhoid Fly,’’ in which he gave a m o st inter­ esting analysis of the anatom y and life of the common house fly (m usta domestica) which is a common car­ rier of the bacillus of diphtheria, tu­ berculosis, dysentery, cholera, sum­ mer com plaints and various other diseases. He stated that the fly in­ creased in arithmetical progression and from the eggs of one fem ale hatched in April and till cool weath­ er was reached in September it was estim ated that 5,760,000,000,000 flies had come into existence J Dr. Shirk stated, that, in a recent trip to the Canal Zone, he observed that the city of Panama was free from flies and mosquitoes, thanks to the efficiency of the health depart­ ment of the United States Govern­ ment under the direction of Chief Engineer G. W. Goethals and Colonel W. C. Gorgas, Chief Sanitary Officer, who are doing splendid work. Photographer W. H. Allerton op­ erated the balopticon which showed a fine series of scientific views. For the second part of the scien­ tific session was a discussion of “The Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tubercu­ losis’’ in papers submitted by m em­ bers of the Otisville Sanitarium; Dr. R a th b u rn (C linical): Dr. W. H. W hite (Laboratory); Dr. Louis Shalet (Biologic). This feature was greatly appreciated by the physi­ cians. T h e m e e ting th e n adjourned. Those in attendance were: M iddletown—Dr. Dr. D. B. H a rd enbe:rgh, F a n c h e r, T I. 'Moore, F. Brew ster, Dr. R o b e rt Cordner, i Dr. Edwin rhom p son, Dr. A. Famous Silverware Care should be exercised when lelect- ing forks, spoons and fancy servin pieces to see tha they always b e a r \ the famous trademark 1847 ROGERS BROUtc which stamps them the gen­ uine R o g e r s silverplated ware. For over 60 years “ 1847 ROGERS BROS.” silver has been first in the heart of the housekeeper be­ cause of its wearing quality, '\StoVr. sat (international Silver Co., Successor.) MERIDEN. CONN. FBED H. PORTER Funeral Directs r ^ V ANE Licensed Embaliner L a d y Em b a liner and Funeral Di­ rector by request, Mrs. F .H . Porter. Office Coraer P ik e St., an 4 Oram*., Square. P. J. Telephone 31. ; Retldence: Night Calla at No a y a n St. Local Telephone No. *09 J. dlalnfect k< liOHNSON & STOLl FUNERAL DiiECT 0 R 3 AND BTTMTtAT.TMnBmx;. © FFieE 92 P I K E S T R E E T . P. J. ’Phone 11« W. G. H . JOHNSON, 65 SUSSEX St. F. J. 'Phone 212 J. J. Westbrook Stoll, 22 Ulster PI. P. J. 'Phone 117 J. Lady Attendant 'When Desired. M. G. BORNE & SON, Funeral Dir e c tors Licensed Embalmers OFFICE AND RESIDENCE S4 Front-st, P. J. Phone 147 Office and Besldenoe: H. R. 'Phone 818 J. New York Representative. Jom ji gt. larns. D r. Shelley, Dr. Stivers. Cornwall— ^Dr. B aker, Dr. Shirk. Go.shen— Dr. R. L. McGeoch, Dr. C. am ilton. Dennis, Dr. B. C. Hai 'lorida— Dr. J. D. j Mars. Im p rovem e n ts in Bowling- Alleys. The bowling alleys a t th e E lks’ Hom e on I'ike street have been over­ hauled, planed, and everything in th e room s p u t in first-class condition fo r the reopening of th e season next week. Seyeral team s are being organ­ ized, from w h ich a team will be se­ lected to participate in th e N a tional Bowling T o u rnam e n t to he held in P a tersen, N. J., late this year. ---------- - ------- --------------------- Itching piles provoke profanity, b u t profanity won’t cure them . D o a n ’s O intm e n t cures Itching, bleeding or p ro truding piles afte r years of suf­ fering. A t any d rug store. b e l l ^ H a n — urgh— Dr. W. J. Carr, I ,mp.son, Dr. L, O, Van Amei RUGS SAVE A 'o n i W ORN CARPETS^ They can bi^ m a d e into Handeome, D u ra­ ble, Iteverslble Kuffs at sm a ll cost. No aprents. If jo u want the best m a d e rug - ------ any kind of old carpet send us your We can jcivf you the best a t the ni,\«H A .V T ()'V KUG WOIiKS, lt*‘0 Pai‘1: \tMiro. B ingham ton, N. V’ FOR SALE One building lot, «0xl20, west side of Ferguson \v e .; several dr.;iral;lc* lots E a st View riace. N is the ti\’e to buy before tliey are all gone. W.P.KAUFMANN.Agt | To Attract Your Attention an(i convince that a good cigar can be sold for 10c we ask jou to try “The Old Thompson.” After a trial we are satisfied you will be friends. We have other cigars that will make friends too, such as ^•Ballard's,” “ First Ifick” and “ American Fine,” John G. Heinle, Cigar Manufacturer, W holesale and Retail, Port Jervis, N. Y. F irst W a rd — W ilHam Hawkins, F ran k Hunt. Second W a rd— A. T. Brown, Geo. J. Jluiibard, P. G. R u ta n . ’Third W ard— J. J. Toth, G. W Hoapiand, J. P. Pobe, P. H. P o rter. F o u rth W a rd—-Homer W. Speer. Mr. .1. F Pobe placed in nom ina­ tion for Mayor, A k lerm a n -at-Large Jo.seph Johnson, and the nom ination was m ade unanim o u s. The other candidates were unani- monsly nom inated as follows : A lderm a n -at-Large — John J. Hawkins, Jr. , City Trea.surer— C h arles I. Terwilli- Justice of the Peace— E d w a rd P. City Constables— W. G. Doremu.s, Ira .Simons. T’he C h a irm a n appointed Messrs. A. T. Brown, F. H. P o rter and Charles Hawl-in.s a com m im ttee to fill all v a ­ cancies, after which, th e convention adjournr d. ---------------------- f-f ---------------------- B R I E F MENTION. — M ilford begins to w e a r h e r de­ serted village appearance though some city people rem a in to enjoy the glories of October.— P ress. QUEEN OF ACTRESSES PRAISES PE-RU-NA. Miss Julia jMarlowe * ' / am glad to write my endorse^ ment of the great remedy, Peruna. i do so most heartily. Julia Marlowe. A n y remedy that benefits digestion strengthens the nerves. The nerve centers require nutrition. If the digestion is impaired, the nerve centers become anemic, and nervous debility is the result. — The open season for sm all gam<> in this section started iSaturday* Many hunters from this city spent the day in the woods. I fall I OPENING I SALE! SARGENT & DENNER’ Ladies’ 29c Fleeced Underwear ............. 2ic | Famous 25c Black Cat Hose ......................... 2 -e | II Any $1.00 Corset in the S tore .................... IZz | I 25c Fancy Corset Covers ............................ 19c || I Extra Heavy $1.25 Sw e a ters ..................... f § “ $1.00 Guaranteed Kid G loves .................. G.c | EXTRA SPECIAL! $14.50 All-Wool Serge Ladies’ ap. I Misses’Suits,Guaranteed(^| A 7 ^ L ining ................... ^ i V . l c l Very Fine Mixture Suits ... $12.50 to $25.00 i Black Coats 52 inches long, for Ladles’ and M isses’ ..........................$3.98 to $25.00 See the New Aviation Coat—Two Coats in One With Hand Bag to Match, a t ......... .................................. $15.00 New Line of Junior Coats at $5, $7 and $10.00 Rain Coats f r o m ........................ $3.85 to $15.00 Ladies’ and M isses’ Skirts ... $1.98 to $15.00 Children’s Coats ............................ $1.98 and up i REMEiBER, WE ARE THE ONLY EXCLUSIVE READY-TO-WEAR STORE IN THIS CITY! SARGENT & DENNER, 2 5 F R O N T S T . Bight Over There Madam Is the Store Giving YELLOW STAMPS. You can save money by buying at any of these i Saxgent & Danner, Dry Goodis. »uit», Qloafcl .. I. Sargent, C h ina Glaswware ............. F r o n t St. ........................................... 21 Front 8t. Gordon & Malven Co,. Hardware Geo. E. Hornbe- , Tobacco, Clg»rf Joaeph Stuhlbaoh, Jewel] -Front & iSumiex Sta. .................. .. Front Sti, • 10 Front at > Yazoo ..................... F.- AT* TLT ^ • • • ♦ L. C. Fenner, Music House Lizzie W llilams, Laundry J. Sarro, Groceries .................. J. Sehroeder, Gen’l S t o r e ......... H. ravlt*, Shoe Repairer . . . .............. ............ m ..................... Front S t .......... . .........

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