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TiEE T r I'S tates U nion . N oj.. LXI. NO. 41. PORT JERVIS. N.Y., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12. 1911. $1.50 PER YEAR. I sa-tisfaction of a mortSiJfie held by him a,!;airf-'t Coulter, and w h en tie i saw him his actions were such th a t I he told the rn.i.s- h<- was in no shape to oxecnte any kind of huper, and re- I turn e d t\ith o u t dotnv, any imsin-'ss. (,>n the part of the defense. C. K. ^ C u d d eback, the attorney, who drtnv Jury a t Goshen Renders Verdict in testib e j as to the n e t s sur- ^ ■< m f J r Hin lin-.’, its execution. He stated F a v o r of tn e Deieiiclanfcs i ^ d-iy.s prii>r t.. the day of MAYtli i«lL li ISTAINED' Tuesday M orning. ^ JURY WAS OUT ALL MIGHT Jjiterestiii§- Case in Suprem e C o u rt CaTOlTxng Irai'ge E s t a t e in P o r t J e r r i s —^Pi’ovlsions o f tlie W ill TJpReia. ejoshen, O c tober 10.— ^The M ayer m ill case w a s su'bimitted to th e Jury in th e Suprem e C o u rt about five o’clock o n 'M onday afternoon, afte r th e case 5iad been sum m e d up by A ttorney P r a n k Lybolt fo r th e plaintiff an d C o u n ty Ju d g e A. H. F. Seeger f o r the defendants. Ju s tice A r th u r 6 . Tom p k ins ch a r g ­ e d th e ju r y an d they retired. A t eight »’clock th is m o rning, th e ju ro rs re ­ tu rn e d a sealed verdict in favor of th e defendants, to th e effect th a t nvAiohaei M a y e r w a s of sound m ind g.ud was und e r no undue infiuence a t l3ie tim e of the execution of th e w ill on M a rch 2, 1911. This is th e first w ill case th a t has been tried a t Goshen in several years a n d created considerable interest th r o u g h o u t Orange county and p a r ­ ticu larly in P o r t Jervis, w h e re th e p a r ties a r e well known. The w ill as upheld provides th a t cx. cuMon, Ably cr :=i ck • to him about draw ing a will, and asked him w h a t th e interest of his wife and children would be if he died w ithout m aking one. Mr. Cuddeback told him , and he went away, nothing being said about w h a t should be contained in the will, n o r w e re any plans m ade as to when th e will should be draw n . On M arch 2 he cam e to the office; before him cam e h is danghter.s, I^ena and Josephine, and his son Edward. His wife was not there. As soon as they arrived, the m a tter of the will w a s tak e n up, and Mr. M ayer stated ju s t w h a t provisions he w a n te d in­ serted. Pie desired to give his cous­ in A n ton $l,'b)0; his wife in lieu of h e r dower and rights in the personal property, and to divide the rest of the property betw e en his th ree children, equally. The m a tter was gone over, the will was draw n by Mr. Cuddeback, an d signed before him and his son. B efore signing the will it was read 'Over to him, he pronounced it satis­ factory ,and then signed it. A t this time, Mr. M ayer was perfectly ratio n ­ al, and in the judgm e n t of th e atto r ­ ney, acting under no restrain t w h a t­ ever. He seemed to know thoroughly ju s t w h a t he wanted, and it was his desire to do justice, by both the widow and his children. They w'ere in the office between a h a lf and th ree q u a r­ ters of an hour. The w ill w a s left NOMINEES Of THE W R A TS W illiam H. N earpass Heads City Ticket For M ayoralty, Gariss | for Alderman at Large. EXECUTIVE SESSION HELD K e p resentulives of Hem o e racy Have a H a rd T'ime Sclceting Candi­ dates a t City H a ll on Tuesday Evening:. DlOlCKP.VHIv KlfPHBLiICANS. A n ton M ayer, a cousin of th e testa- j ^here, and was not taken out until of- to r , shall receive $1,000; S a rah C-1 fered for probate. Mr. M ayer died the _ ____ ■ ___ cn f h o ' . M ayer, th e ■vudow, $E,OoO; and balance of th e estate goes to th e th r e e 'children: \Idw a rd W . -Mayer. M rs. M adeline E. Kelly a n d M rs. Jo- early p a r t of May. M ayer told Mr. C u d d eback to tak e care of th e will, an d not let any one see it. A fter- w’ard s Mrs. M ayer called and w a n ted sep h in e M. Gregg, who are th e execu- j (. q .^ut Mr. C u d d eback re- to r s of t h e will. T h e entire estate is - - - - . . . ------ estim a ted a t $32,000. PLAINTIFF ALLEGED MENTAL INCOMPETENCE M a n y P e r t Jervis People Testify in W ill C o n test a t G o shen in Wliieli M ichael M ayer’s W idow Seeks Kedi-ess. Goshen, Oct. 6.—The action of Sa­ ra h M. M ayer against Anton M ayer and others was resumed in count Wednesday. This action is b r o u g h t to s e t aside the probate of the will of th e late M ichael M ayer, who died in th e city of P o r t Jervis, May 11, 1911. On M arch 6 of th e present year, Mr. M ayer had his will draw n in the of­ fice of C. E. & S. M. Cuddeback. A b o u t tw'o m o n ths afterw a rds m in d ed h e r of M aye r’s in ju n ction, and stated th a t in the absence of some w o rd from Mr. M ayer, he did not wish to let h e r see it. In February, prior to the execution of the wall, Mr. M ayer asked W illiam P. K a u fm a n n if he ever drew wills ? Mr. K a u fm a n n testified he told Mr. Alayer he did som etimes, b u t w h en The. D e m o c ratic City Convention was held in the court room a t the City H a ll on Tuesday evening with delegates present as follows : F ir s t W a rd— J o h n Rogan, W. P. Gregg, S. B. Gariss. iSecond W a rd.— J . J. Bippus, Jam e s E. La'ngan. Third W a rd.— J o h n W. Lyon. J. B. H a m ilton, Jo h n M organ. F o u rth W a rd— T. P. Van Noy, Jas. ClafCey, M ichael M organ. T h e convention w'as called to order by J. J. Bippus. A ttorney John W. Ly­ on was elected chairm a n , and W. P. Gregg, secretary. Mr. Lyion, in assum ing his duties as chairm an,, stated t h a t t h e com ing cam p aign was an im p o rtan t one in which the R epublicans could n o t win on th e ir own records. The dele­ gates present from th e several w a rds had an im p o rtan t duty entrusted to them in th e nom ination of a city tick­ et th a t wmuld be elected. On m o tion of J. J- Bippus, the convention went into executive ses­ sion,and several interested citizens and ijepresentatives of the Ciity press- we're obliged to retire from the court room, while, for an hour and a half, the representative.^ of the city’s Democ­ racy debated vigorously th e i r chances 'Of success and the nam ing of a big vote-gaining end w inning ticket. Finally, afte r a lot of telephoning and hu rry in g about for advice from the leaders .of the party, they got busy an d placed in nom ination the fol­ low ing-nam e d candidates ; M ayor— W illiam H. Nearpass. ■ ■ ■ S. E m m e t _ __ ____ _______ ____ 'AldeArman-iat-Lai-ge asked about draw ing a will for ® —.pjerman Schafransky.' said he thought there was going to ^ ju s tic e of the Peace— ^William S. be a fight over it, and he had better Be vans. go to a lawyer. This advice Mr. May er followed. A few days after th e ex­ ecution he again saw Mr. Kaufmann, told him he h a d m a d e his will, and w h a t provisions he had m a d e in it for his wife an d children. H e asked Mr.. K a u fm a n n w h a t he th o u g h t of it,and Mr. K a u fm a n n said he could n o t say, as he did not know w h a t he was w o rth. Air. M ayer told him he had fixed UP the m a tter satisfactorily, died, an d on Alay 17, th e will was of- i least the will was satisfactory to him, fered for probate before th e su rro ­ g a t e of this county, a t w h ich tim e p ro b a te was opposed upon the gro u n d s th a t at the tim e of the exe­ cu tio n of the will, Alayer was m e n t­ ally incom p e tent to execute th e sam e, h is m ind was weak, and on the fu r ­ th e r ground th a t th e will was secured by frau d , duress, and undue' influ­ ence of th e defendants. A f ter hearing th e testim o n y Surro­ g a te Swezey held th e re was no ground fo r th e objections, and ad m it­ ted th e will. A fter th is decision, the widow b rought this action.to set aside th e probate, upon grounds sim ilar tc th o s e p u t forth a t th e tim e th e m a t ­ te r cam e before th e Surrogate. In h e r com p laint. Airs. Alayer vstated th a t th e deceased left real estate wortVi $15,000, and personal property of theI and he was satisfied w ith it. tie also told Air. K a u fm a n n th a t his children had helped him accum u late th e p rop­ erty, and they ought to be benefited for w h a t they h a d done. The witness stated th a t during the tim e s he had talked w ith M ayer, his acts were ra ­ tional, and he seem ed in full posses­ sion of his m e n tal faculties. B e n ja­ m in Ryall, a friend of M ayer, and having a place of business n e a r him , had seen him frequently during th e -arly iiart of 1911, and during those tim e s he had acted and spoken in verj’ rational m anner. The case had not been com p leted a t the tim e of adjournm e n t, and was resum e d at T h u rsday m o rning’s ses- Thui-sday’s Proceedings. The defendants continued th e ir 'At th e town convention of the D e m o c rats of D e e rpark held a t H u ­ guenot on Tuesday evening, th e fol­ lowing ticket was nom inated : Supervisor— F r a n k P a tterson. Town Clerk— B. C. Sw artw o u t. ^ ^ Justices of the P e a c e — C. E . V a n ,pxu,vv..., -------- Th e defendants continued th e ir ^ ^ ^ ^ S s ( ^ ^ s - S [ ? n r y 'H a p p , C h rlsto- value of .$:io,oon. Alr.s. Alayer was th e testim o n y a t th e opening of court a t . p h e r K iernan, H. G. Cuddeback, C o n stable— G. W. tSkelenger, FarreMy. The ward conventions were held at S.30 .o’clock in th e hose houses of the respective w a rds and candidates were placed in nom ination as follows : F irst W a rd. Supervisor— J o h n D. F lanagan. A lderm e n — R a y m o n d G. Sehat Alatthew Rogan. Second W a rd. iSupervisor— Dr. Jam e s J. Mills. A lderm e n — K. M. Depuy, Jam es, D. Langan. T h ird W’ard. Supervisor— B enjam in E. C u d d e- A ldarm e n — G. E. H o rnbeck, L. A. Rockelein. Supervisor— J a m e s _ . A lderm e n —^Charles BishoiJ, Allen Myers. --- ^ --- DEM OOKATre TOW N N 0 3 H N E E S , F o u rteen C andidates N a m e d by D e m ­ ocrats o f D e e rpark. th i r d wife of the decedent, and had been m a rr ied to him about a year before his death. Substantially no te.s- tim o n y was adduced by th e plaintiff to Show t h a t M ayer on the day of the execution of the -^vill. was of un-soiind m ind. Some slight testim o n y was given as to h is conversations on o th ­ e r days. H a rry Caskey a son of Airs. M ayer, said he was talking w ith M ay­ e r one day. an d his ev.-.s would stare fo r a long tim e, an d he told Caskey th a t one tim e he satv a whale larger th a n a skip, and wdth a m o u th so larg e th a t it could swallow 20 men. T h e witne-'-'s r-haracterlsed his acts as irratio n a l. Mrs. Lattim o r-- testified th a t a sh o r t tim e before th e execution of the will, she h a d a talk w ith M ayer, in W hich he said th a t hi.s children w a n t­ ed him to m a k e a -will so his wife would have nothing. On M arch 5, th r e e days afte r its execution, John Coulter, a b ro th e r of AIr.s. Alayer call­ ed a t th e hom e of Alayer, and they h a d a long talk . M ayer said to him th a t h e was feeling p retty good then, h u t a few daj's before had been feel­ in g very badly, and w h e n he was feeling so bad, his children m ade him go down tow n and sign some p a ­ p e r ; he h a d to go, h e didn’t w a n t to. b u t he would be killed if he didn’t. M r. Lybolt, the plaintiff’s attorney, testified th a t about a m o n th a f te r th e execution o f th e will, he w e n t to see M r. M ayer, regarding his executing a loro Wei.'’.\ 9.30 a. m., T h u rsday, w h e n the fii’st witness. M r. F red Huegle, of P o r t Jervis, testified th a t he had known M ichael M ayer fo r m a n y years and th a t Mr. M ayer h a d frequently told him he intended to m a k e a will. Mr. Alayer called a t Mr. H u e g le’s store on th e afternoon of th e day before th e will was executed to have Mr, I-Iuegle go w ith him and have th e will drafted. Some tim e afte r t h e will was made, M r. M a y e r an d Air. Huegle tvere on P ike street and m e t A tto r­ ney C. E. C u d d eback. Mr, M ayer told I -Mr. Cuddeback to keep th e will and ] n o t to let any one have it, as he in- ' tended to come down tow n in a few j Ram s'lell Saturday days and would m a k e som e changes in the will. On cross exam ination by A ttorney Lybolt, Mr. H u egle ad m itted th a t th e children of M ichael M ayer had, on several occasions, spoken to him ab o u t th e ir fa th e r m a k ing a will. John M ayer, of Brooklyn, L. I., a cousin of M ichael Alayer, testified th a t M ichael M ayer and wife w e re a t his hom e In B rooklyn during th e sum m e r of 1910, and Mr. M ayer h a d th e n spoken about th e m a k ing of a will. On M a rch IG, 1911, th e w it­ ness visited M ichael M ayer in P o r t Jervis and th e la t t e r told him ab o u t th e m a k ing of a will and of th e v a r i­ ous bequests w h ich it contained. The w itness aftei'w a rds told M rs. M ichael Town C’ouvention Piit.s Up a W inning '■J'icket. Tiie.'^day Evening. The Repiiblii’an eunxeiitiun of the 'Piiwn of D pi i-park was hpld at the Iloipl Huguenot, T e e s lay evening. Till' eonv.-ntion was p ’esided over i>y L. A. Johnson and R. < . Jackson was se e r 't iry. Nominalion.\ were m adp as loiii>\%ri ; For Supervisor— A b ram H. Hoag, renom inated. For Town Clerk—Cole Reeves. F o r Justices of th e P e a c e — R . O. Jackson, Jam e s C. M u lhern. For Assessors, for two years— ^Na­ thaniel Jackson, F r a n k D ililstin and S. P. W h ittaker. F o r Collector—L. A. Johnson, re ­ nom inated. F o r Overseer of the P o o r — P a u l Boehm ler. F o r Supt. of Highways— J . Van Brown, renom inated. For Constables— F red C. Lewis, Jas. H. Conklin, Theodore Weiss an d Carl Schirm er. All nom inations were unanim o u s. The Tow'n Com m ittee was em p o w e r­ ed to fill vacancies tha,t m ight occur. shotinm T WHILNIUNTING Percy Osterhout, of Sparrow b ush, Receives Charge of No. 6 Shot. COMPANION FIRED AT BIRD A N u m b er of the Shot W e re R em o v ­ ed, B u t Some Alay H a v e P u n c ­ tured tile Lungs of th e M an W o u n d e d a t Calioonzie While h u n ting in th e woods in the town of D e e rpark, n e a r Cahoonzie, on M o n d ay m o rning. P e rcy Os- tehout, of Sparrow b u sh, a conductor in th e em p loy of th e P o r t Jervis Traction Company was accidentally shot in the back between khe shoulder blade by the discharge of a shotgun in the hands of his com p anion, Sam ­ uel Gilson, of Sparrow b u sh. The young m en had been traveling together through th e woods, and Gil- son took aim, and fired at a bird. In some way not known, O s terhout h a p ­ pened to be in th e range of the gun, and received the contents of one of the gun barrels, w h ich was loaded w ith No. 6 shot, as Gilson was in the wood.s behind him. Gilson sum m o n ed help, and Alerchant L. A. Johnson brought th e w'ounded m a n to the lat­ te r ’s hom e in Sparrowbush. Dr. F. E. Gessner, of this city, was 'called and removed a considerable num b e r of th e shot, and 'adm inistered tetanus antitoxine. The condition of O sterhout is serious, as it m a y be pos­ sible t h a t some of the shot has enter­ ed his lungs. -------- ---------- N E W FERE LAWS. Chief E n g ineers of Cities to R e p o rt Conditions to S tate Alai'shaJ. Under th e new law w h ich has cre­ ated the office of state fire m a rshal, the duties of Chief E n g ineer H a r d ­ ing and of th e chief engineers of all of the fire departm e n ts of th e state will be largely increased. The new law' m akes i t obligatory on th e heads of departm e n ts to m a k e investiga­ tions into fire conditions, and rep o rt these w'ith statem e n ts regarding fires, th e ir origin and th e dam a g e done, to the state departm e n t. It is also obli­ gatory on th e chiefs to investigate local conditions and notify th e own­ er of each steam engine to file w ith TO [LIMINATT GRADE CROSSINGS Legislature’s Appropriation of $350,000 Will Help Change 30 Danger Points. 6,563 UNPROTECTED IN N. Y. P u b lic Service .Commission H a s Se­ lected Several Crossings Along th e Eide an d th e O. & W. to he C h anged a t Once. Collector—H . F . Ennis. Overseer of the Poor—James A. Cuddeback. Superintendent of H ighw a y s-7-C. J. ^ l ^ o n s \ S s - E l i Coddington, Theo- ^ certification of the Crowiep. r-, inspection of his boiler and engine. P R O Iim iT I O N NOAITN VTIONS. County Ticket Named a t Aliddletomv Saturday. T h f I-ruhibition t-lectors of the .Secimd .y.ssemldy district h>-ld thoir convention .it tin; school of W. C. aflernoon, the conventipn being presided over by Air. Ram.sdell as chairm a n and J. H. H-ox, Aliddletown, a.s secretary. Isaac B. Elli.s, of Ciroleville, was nom inated fur Alcmlier of Assembly, from the Second D istrict, and his nom ination was m a d e unanim o u s. The county convention was called Im m ediately after the A.ssembly con­ vention adjourned, w ith H. N. Greene of W a.shingtonville, as chairm a n , and A. B. riu rtin , of M iddletown, as sec­ retary. R u fus C. AIalt)>y, of Aliddletown, w'as nom inated for Special County Judge, an d Chauncey Brook.s, Alontgomery, fo r Coroner. UU (OONTINTTED ON PA G E F IV E ) . T h e gentlem a n w h o insists th a t he is “nobody’s fool” probably m e a n s th a t he Is sim p ly his own fool. State F ir e Alarshal A h e a rn has com p leted th e organization of his de­ p a r tm e n t and has begun a com p re­ hensive investigation of th e various cities, villages and towns of the s tate w ith reference to fire conditions, this em b racing in.spection of buildings, fire e.scapes, installation of safety ap ­ pliances, th e storage, sale and tran s - poration of com b u stibles, inspection of steam boilers and inspection of th e equipm e n t of th e various fire de­ partm e n ts . -------- ^ -------- A fter H o rse Tliief. Follow ing the appropriation by the L e g is lature of 1911 of $350,000 for the elim ination o f grade crossings in the jState outside of G reater New York, the Public Service Commission. Second D istrict, h a s selected 21 cases w'lhich provide for th e elim ination of crossings. The estim a te of the cost of elim inating th e crossings m question is $1,200,000, of which the State will pay one-quarter, the m u ­ nicipalities one-quarter, an d th e ra il­ roads lone-half. The Commission, in selecting the crossings, has endeavored to tak e up at this tim e those considered m o st dangerous, w ith due reg a rd to th e ir location on the various railroads an d distribution throughout th e State as required by the statute. The crossings proposed to be elim inated are : E r i e R a ilroad. F ir s t and C o lum b ia streets, in Corning. Two crossings in th e town of M o u n t Hope, O range county, known as C a ld­ well crossing and th e -crossing of a road leading to Bloom ingburg. Nyack tu rn p ik e crossing in the town of C larkstown, R o c k land couii- ty. Road crossing in th e tow n of Tusten, Sullivan county. New York, O n tario & W e s tern Ry. O tter’s crossing in th e town of H a m p tonburgh, Orange county. • Denmiston road crossing in th e town of New W indsor, Orange county. R a ilroad street in the tow n of Stockbridge, M'adison county. M u n n ’s crossing in the. town of Stockbridge, Alad'ison county. Besides these cases t h e r e are pend­ ing in th e .office of the Comnxission, 20 petitions for the elimination of crossings in w h ich applicants are asking the Commission to proceed. This can not be done because the Commission has no au th o rity to m ake o rders elim inating crossings w ithout having an appropriation w h ich will cover the State’s proportion of the cost. The estim a ted cost of elim inat­ ing the 20 crossings fo r w h ich peti­ tions will rem a in unacted upon in the office of the Commission is ap ­ proxim ately $1,600,000, of w h ich the (State’s proportion would be $400,000. T h e last rep o rt 'of the Commission shows -that th e re are in the State out­ side of the city of G reater New York, S,632 places w h e re public highways crossed , s team railroad tracks grade, or w h ich 6,563 are absolutely unprotected and 2.069 are protected by gates, flagm en c>r electric bells. In G reater New Y o rk there are re- I'orted 433 crossings a t grade, of V. hich 282 are protected and 151 un- P 'otected, m a k ing a to tal of 9,065 higtiv ay crossings a t grade in the en­ tire State. KILLED BY A SHUNTED CAR. Theodore Sheehan W as Priming- a Switch AVhen R u n Down. Aliddletown, Oct. 9.— Theodm-e Sheehan, in th e employ of th e C entral New E n g land R ailroad, m e t death m a horrible manner in the Campbell H a ll yard. Sheehan was “ p rim ing” a switch while the car crew were sw itching some cars. One car was cut from tho train and kicked down the switch. The conductor was w a tching the -car and saw it suddenly stop, and not un­ derstanding why it should do so, ran hack to the car and was horrified to see the body of Sheehan under Hie wheels. The car could not be pulled off the m an Company and 100 refrigerator cars with the W estern Steel Car and Foundii'y Company. ’Phis com p letes the placing of orders for $7,000,000 worth of equipm ent, for w h ich the road has been in the m a rket since July. O rders have been received by the Pressed Steel C ar ComiDany for 1,50 hopper and 50 flat cars and by the P u llm a n Company for 16 coach­ es from the F lorida E a s t Coast R ail­ way. An order h a s been placed with the A m erican Car and Foundry Com­ pany by the M issouri Pacific for 1,000 all steel cars. The noad is still in the m a rk e t for 3,335 cars of various types. The Buffalo, R o c h e s ter & P ittsburgh has placed an order w ith tlie .Standard iSteel Car Company fo r 500 all-steel hopper cars. This m akes a to tal of 1,500 hoppers ordered bj’ the road last week. Specifications have been issued to equipm ent com ­ panies by the New York C e n tral f.Dr construction n f 2,000 box cars. It is reported in equipm ent circles th it th e road is contem p lating the p u r ­ chase. body with'O'ut ru n n in g pve'ii it, jacks were secured and th e wheels raised from the tracks. The body ua.s terribly m angled, the left Monroe, Oct. 9. — W o rd reached foot being cut off, the ribs M onroe last n ig h t from D ingm a n ’s --’rushed and the skull fractured. .=!heehan was about 45 years old Fery, Pa., th a t a horse answ e ring th e description of th e one tak e n from R o g e r’s livery, Friday, had been seen a t a toll gate n e a r there. Mr. R o g ­ ers, who left town yesterday in his auto w ith Officer O s terhoudt and George K. Smith, ’phoned from Mil­ ford, Pa., last night, and will con­ tinue down th e Delaware. — 'A w h irlw ind cam p aign to raise funds to im p rove the Y. M. C. A. building a t K ingston has been plan- ajnd form e rly resided at Holyoke, Mass., w h e re be has a sister. He was a m em b er of B aybrook Lodge of the B rotherhood of R a il­ road Trainm e n , and of the Alaecabees of P o rt Jervis. New E p u ipm e n t O r d e rs.. O rders have been placed by the E rie fo r 300 autom o b ile cars w ith fhe A m erican C ar and F o u n d ry Company, 100 refrigerator cars w ith the Pull- E R r o EX P E N S E S INCREASE. Saving in Opei-ation, B u t O ther Costs, Including Taxes, Advance. The rep o rt of th e E rie R ailroad 'Company for th e year ended June SO last show s gross earnings of $56,649,- 908, an increase o f $1,783,718 over '1910, expenses of $38,854,921, .an in­ crease 'of $1,164,106, and n e t earnings of $16,404,607, an increase of $603,- 989. The iratio of operating expenses to revenue was 68.59 per cent., a de­ crease of 11 per cent. Expenses for m a intenance of way and structures increased 9.65 p e r ce n t, w h e rea^ costs fo r m a intenance of equipm ent de­ creased 3.08 p e r cent. Traffic expenses increased 8.05 p e r cent., while tran s ­ portation expenses increased 5.09 per cent. T h e increase in general expens­ es was 3.2 per cent., an d taxes were 1.14 4per cent, higher th a n in the preceding year. The gross corporate incom e for the year was $20,345,669. The balance to credit of profit and loss was $4,050,674. The total cost of additions and betterm e n ts was $2,- 448,400. The balance sh e e t ’ of the 'com p any shows assets of $456,229,- 517, as com p a red w ith $459,197,957 in 1910. The to tal profit and loss balance was $24,099,532, as com p a red w ith $20,589,593 a year ago. The annual rep o rt o f th e New York, S u s q u e h a n n a and W e stern R a ilroad Company, whloh is controlled by the Erie, sho'ws for the same period gross earnings of $3,876,678,increase over 1910 of $402,318, expenses of $2,355,- 860, an increase of $101,402, and net earnings of $1,372,061, .an increase of $297,126. The operating ratio of expenses to revenues decreased 4.45 p e r cent., while to tal expenses In- erased 4.5 per cent. The increase in to tal operating income am o u n ted to 27.64 per cent. The year’s addition to the balance sheet shows assets of $44,608,373, and a total profit and loss balance of $1,471,648. Landslide Stalls W e st Shore. The tracks of the W est .S'hore rail­ road about-tw o m iles no rth of H igh­ land w e re covered by a slide of tons rock about 1 o’clock M onday m o rning. The recent rains are 'thought to have loosened up the rocks. A t first only th e south-bound track w a s covered. L a ter m o re rock cam e down covering the north-bound track. The railroad officials figured th a t 100 tons .of rock fell. Alakeshift arrangem e n ts fo r handling the ti’ains were m ade and the track was prac­ tically cleared by Tuesd.ay m o rning. -------- ^ -------- A n n iversary of 1903 Flood. E ight years ago today, th e re oc- 'curred th e g reat flood in the D e la ­ w a re river w h ich devastated th e tire valley, an d caused great dam a g e in jPort Jervis and vicinity. Saturday, O ctober 10, 1903, was a day long to be rem e m b e red by residents of this city and th e surrounding country. -------- ^ -------- Sale of H e a l E s tate. City Clerk Jo h n F . Cleary has p u r ­ chased th e residence of H e n ry S h a rp a t 14 C lark street, and is now occupying it as his home. M r. Sharp has m oved to the S h a rp hom estead a t 152 P ike street. -------- ^ -------- Tlu’ee New 1912 Antom oblles. T h e Gordon Sporting Goods Com­ pany have received a carload of au ­ tom o b iles from Detroit, M ich., which com p rise one F lan d e rs 1912 model a.nd two E-M -F. 30’s, all big touring ----------------- Uf- ----------------- AlSdclIetown B u siness Corner' Sold. HELD IN ll.m BAIL oAfTtmAPADE W right Lands in Monticello. Jaff Charged With Alleged Grand Larceny. CALLICOON GIRL INVOLVED Couple H ired a H o rse and D idn’t R«-i tu r n I t and H e n ce a n Officer D c - f ■ ta ined T h e m a t .Middletown, M onday. C arlisle W right and Aliss Rose Bo*-, song, who were taken from an E r i« train a t M iddletown by C h ie f Coach Monday, following instruc­ tions from Sawyer & E n g e rt, CalU- coon liverym en, as told in th e Unioi^ were taken hack to Callicoon Iqri C h arles F. Stoehr, a constable a t th a t place, an d 'George Sawyer, ai m em 'ber o f th e livery firm from , whom they hired a horse on Sunday. W righ^ said th a t he and Miss Bea- song had arran g e d fo r a drive on S a turday afternoon, and th a t she en­ gaged th e rig, as she had often dona 'before. They had no intention, ac­ cording to W right, of staying aw a y any length of tim e, b u t reaching C o - checton late S a turday night, they de­ cided to rem a in all night, and th e n go to New York Monday. Accordingly they drove to Nap- row sburg on Sunday, w h e re they took dinner, an d th e n to Lackawaxen^ w h e re they rem a ined over n i g h t, leaving there M o n d ay m o rning. W h e n asked if they h a d an y inten­ tion of getting m a rried, if th a t wa*' the reason th a t they h a d left so sud-. 'denly, W right said : “ No. n o t yet any way.” A large and m o rbidly curioua crowd was a t the depot in Calli'coott. when W right, M iss Bossong an d Of­ ficer 'Stoehr arrived from M iddle- town on th e E rie’s M o tm tain Eixpresc M onday. The defendants w e re a t once taken to th e Iroquois H o tel. On Tuesday m o rning. Miss Bossonff and Wjright w e re arraigned b e f o re Justice 'Charles F. Starck, of th e town of Delaware, on a charge of a l ­ leged grand larceny in t h e second de­ gree. They pleaded n o t guilty,. waived exam ination, an d w e re ea c ^ held by Justice S tarck in $1,000 h a i l ^ x to await the action of the Grand Ju r y of 'Sullivan county. ^ flVDiss Bossong furnished hail, b u t W right was unable to do so, and itt default thereof, was com m itted to t h e county jail a t 'Monticello. H e w a s bro u g h t to this -city b y Offi'cer S toehr on E rie train Two Tuesday afternooa. and was taken to M onticello a t seven, o’clock. W r ight w a s well dressed, smoked.' cigarettes incessantly, and app a ren t­ ly viewed his predicam e n t in a non­ chalant m a n n e r. H e said h e had lota of friends in New York, and he w o u ld be back a t Callicoon, in a week o r T h e horse was left a t the hotel o f C. Schultz, a t M inisink Ford, N. Y., and w h e n asked by ‘M r. Sawyer if they did n o t try to raise som e m o n ey on It a t N a rrow s b u rg on Sunday, the. couple vehem ently denied this. It la claim ed, however, th a t theey b o rrow ­ ed $10 from 'Mr. Schultz and left the- horse and rig fo r security. M r. Saw­ yer said he had been inform e d th a t they had tried to sell th e horse to W illiam Englem an, of N a rrow s b u rg, on Sunday fo r $25. Mr. Sawyer stated to a new s p a p e r m a n th a t he th o u g h t th a t young W]right was th e cause of th e trouble. H e said th a t W r ight m a rr ied a daughter of Jacob From m e , of H o r— tonville, some tim e ago. They have had more or less trouble ever since they w e re m a rried, and on Thursday, of last week, according to- Sawyer, 'Wright’s father-in-law. . turned! h im out. The girl is a daughter of 'Mrs. C- BosSong, proprietress of t h e Iroquois Hotel a t Callicoon. She gave h e r aga as 26 years. \K - Celebration of 81st B ir thday. The M e rchants’ N a tional B ank of Middletown, on Tuesday, purchased from C h a rles J, EVerson anfl F rancis C. Everson, th e i r valuable corner prop.ertj'-. Nos. 24-26 N o rth street a n d 5-7 K ing street, M iddletown, now oc­ cupied by C h a rles WolfC and C h arles J. Everson. M rs. M ary A. Hazen, of Sparrow ­ bush, celebrated h e r 81st birth d a y a t the hom e of h e r daughter, 'Mrs. C. B. V a n K e u ren, on Alonday evening, in com p a n y w ith 25 re latives an d friends: am o n g th e num b e r being 12 grandchildren and two great-grand­ children. Music, gam es an d refresh­ m e n ts w e re enjoyed, and to th e es- timalble octogenarian w a s extended the best wishes fo r m a n y m o re hap­ py years and celebrations. ---------- - ------ ^ ----------------- i AD'S. P a n k h u i'st Ai'rlves. New York, Oct. 11.—.M ilitant suf­ frag e ttes in g reat num b e rs here wel­ comed M rs. Em e line P a n k h u rst, w h o arrived on the Oceanic w ith plans to carry h e r b a ttle for th© b a llot into th e U n ited States.

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