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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, December 21, 1911, Image 1

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T he T re S tates U nion . 'S^OL. LXI. NO. 51. PORT JERVIS. N Y.. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21. 1911. S 1 . 5 0 P E E Y E A R . GROUND UNDER IRfflVWHEELS Two Men Met Death On Conkling Crossing On Lackawanna Tuesday Morning. GRUESOME DISCOVERY MADE --- ---- STi-st Itnow ii of A c cident was W lien 5Train R e a c h e d B ingham ton and Eividences W e re A p p a rent on W h e els an d Sides of < By Associated Pw>«*.> B ingham ton, Dec. 19. — Alpheus F in c h an d W. H. Coy w e re ground to pieces b e n e a th th e wheels of two L a c k a w a n n a passenger rain s early th i s m o rning. The train s stru c k th e ir huggy a t Conklin crossing. T h e first know n of .the accident w a s w h e n Lackaw a n n a passenger traiiji No. 7 pulled into th e local sta­ tio n ' th is m o rning a t 1.05 o’clock, a n d th o ca r inspectors m a d e th e g r u e ­ so m e discovery of pieces of hum a n flesh, pieces of clothing and splashes of; blood clinging to th e tru c k s and th e sides of th e cars. yOn the forward truck on the right |uand side -of the baggage car, which . fvras attached directly back of the en- .'gine, was found the remnants of an j overcoat and on the rear of the last / passenger coach were found pieces of & suit ease; while pieces of flesh and hlood were conspicuous all along the Tight side of the train. A c c o rding to th e engineer of the train , he h a s no know ledge of s t r i k ­ in g any man en route from Scranton; b u t neai Conklin, h e felt th e train being given a jolt. T h e train was trav e lin g a t th e tim e a t th e ra te of a m ile a m inute. T h e lig h t falling snow blow ing blindly into th e engineer’s eyes, train m e n say, would prevent itim from perceiving any object th e p a th of th e tra i n w h ile traveling In th e darkness and also a t such ra t e of speed. T h e train w a s in charge of Con­ d u c to r W o o d ruff, of B ingham ton. PIC K E D U P OW N ARAI. P lu c k y Y o u n g M a n T h e n W a tched th e , Surgeons Dress H is Injuries. P icking up his rig h t arm , th a t had been severed by th e w h e els of an O. & W . train , under w h ich h e had fall­ e n in th e Norwich yard, A n d rew H a rt- son. of Sidney, carried the severed iriem h e r to th e railro a d roundhouse and asked th a t some one assist him la getting to a hospital. When he was placed on a operating tab le to have the injury dressed, requested th e surgeons not to give him an anesthetic, and he coolly looked on w h ile th e crushed shreds of flesh and bone w e re cu t aw ay, w ithout losing consciousness during th e operation. H a rtson is 21 years old. and, w ith a com p a n ion from Sidney, he jum p e d o n to an O. & W. train in Sydney to “ s teal a rid e ’’ to Norwich. As the tra i n w a s entering th e N o rw ich yard y o u n g H o rtson w a s w a lking on top o f a freig h t car, w h e n h e slipped fro m th e ru n n in g bo a r d and fell un­ d e r th e c a r so th a t th e w h e els of m o s t of th e cars passed over his -------- ^ -------- - EXSUPERVISORROYS EIRE DEST BIG AUTO STAGE AT JEEEERSONVIEIE, SUEIIVAN COUNTY m o b i l e -e I e tv .-e e n J e f f e r s o n v i l l e ' I-rc s s l)OolvS. and Liberty, havl the m isfortune on Saturday mox'ning to lose his auto stage by fire. H e has been sheltering his car a t the shed of his brother-in- law, A. A. N e u b erger, who lives a mile cast of Jeffersonville. Mr. D u ttw e ller found his first trouble on leaving th e N e u b e rger place Saturday in trying to ru n his car on high speed and as it refused to w o rk he ran it on low to the Jeffer­ sonville postoffice. H e expected to go Liberty to change and talce the team of his brother-in-law , b u t When n e a r “ N e u b e rger’s sand bank,’’ the engine had heated to such an extent as to set t h e ca r on firef.and in an in­ credibly sh o rt tim e the flames from the oar rose to the tops of th e large m aple trees, leaving th e car a m ass of ruins. Mr. D u ttw e iler saved th e ex tra tire it is said th a t the car was insur.'d for 11000. The car was purchased new last spring. -------- ---------- 14 D e er in C rates F o r H igh P o in t Mr. W. J. Bdm inston and son, How­ ard, gam e keepers fo r Col. A. R. K u - ser, a t H igh Point, Tuesday received a t B rie depot an o th e r shipm e n t of 14 young deer from the gam e preserve a t A llam u chy, N. J. They were con­ veyed to th e ir new qu a r ters a t High P o int P a r k by team s from th e stables of Liverym a n George A. Clark, on Fow ler street. T h e deer, w h ich were fine specim ens, w e re securely stalled iu nabrow crates, and attracted some attention as they passed down Jersey avenue, stopping a t th e old Fow ler H o u se stables. OUT O F HOSPITAL. Jennings Goes Hom e—B y C arriage. F a t h e r L y n o tt E x p e c ted Soon. H u g h Jennings, who w a s injured in a n ■ autom o b ile accident near Gouldsboro two weeks ago last F r i ­ day night, was tak e n to his h from the S tate hospital a t Scrantox. Sunday afternoon. H is broken arm is knitting, the cuts and bruises have disappeared an d he has com p letely recovered from th e shock of the knock-out. The D e troit leader w a s decided on j one thing. H e will never m o re ride in an autom o b ile, he says. W h e n it was proposed th a t a taxicab be call­ ed fo r t h e trip to his hom e, Jennings firmly declined to get aboard. “Can a buggy and a pair of slow horses,’’ said Jennings. “No more au ­ tom o b iles fo r m e .” F a t h e r Lynott, w h o was also in­ jured in th e accident, is rapidly re ­ covering and is expected to be sent soon to his hom e in M atam o ras. A F O R G E R IN P H I E COUNTY. M a n A rrested a t S c ranton fo r P a s s ­ in g W o r t h i e r Checks. Otto E . Prisbie, w h o lives in P ike county, n e a r Hawley, has been try ­ ing to create a sensation in th a t tow n by draw ing checks on various c u t of tow n banks and having H a w ­ ley business m e n cash them . H e first attem p ted to procure funds of no p e tty am o u n t from a prom issory note fro m th e H a w ley Bank, forging the nam e s of several p a r ties living in Hawley. This schem e failed so he be­ gan th e cashing of checks. On W e d ­ nesday m o rning of last week, ^ check reached th e Haw ley National B a n k from th e F irst N a tional B a n k Of D u n m o re, fo r collection hearing th e signature of Olivio S a tori and en­ dorsed by A. R. Golden, of Dunm o re. T h e b a n k im m e d iately recognized th e check as a forgery. P risbie w a s arrested in Scranton on F rid a y by a clerk in th e Bee Hive jew e lry store. FTisbie bought a ring fo r ?5, giving in paym e n t a check fo r $10 on th e H a w ley B ank. The clerk know ing th e au th o rities were looking fo r a m a n playing this gam e telephoned fo r th e police. W h e n a r ­ rested P risbie did n o t deny the ch a rg e s ag a in s t him . -r— W ajm e Co. ^ -------- ^—Sussex, N. J., postofflce w ill be- iBome a postal savings depository J a n u a r y S, 1912. Bai’b e r Shop in H o tel M itchell. P ro p rieto r P . H. M itchell, of th e H o tel M itchell, has transform e d a large room in the basem e n t of the ho­ tel into a fine b a r b e r shop fully equipped w ith all m o d e rn apparatus. Hoffm an an d iSchoonm aker did th e decorative w o rk. M ission fu r n itu re, two H a n ison barber chairs, h a n d ­ some antique oak cabinets w ith large m irrors, and a cen ter w a s h stand com ­ prise th e equipm ent. The shop was opened on W e d n e sday m o rning charge of Jo h n M. I-Iapp, a barb e r of skill and long experience. VOTERsiilw ENROy Y MAIL Those Who Failed To Do So In Person and Are On Registry List. THE CITY PAYS THE BILLS D e s ignating a Pai-ty Choice Does Not M ean T h a t V o ter M u st C ast His B a llot Sh’aig h t F o r T liat 1500 REWARD EOR CHICKEN THIEVES ------ 4 ------- F. F. Proctor Hires Detectives to . Hunt Down Men Who Raided His Roosts. KILLED NEARLY 200 FOWLS W 'ealthy Ow n e r of C e n tral Valley E s ­ tate Takes D e term ined Steps to B ring T h e m to Justice by Posting R e w a rd. O range county residents, and those of the C e n tral Valley section espe­ cially, w e re startled M o nday when th e Wlilliam J. .B u rn s N a tional D e­ tective Agency, of New York, publicly offered a rew a rd of $500 cash fo r in ­ form a tion leading to th e arrest and conviction of th e band of chicken robbers who have been operating in C e n tral Valley and vicinity. The offer of th is big rew a rd, com ing from the B u rns Agency, is th e result of a re ­ cent raid on th e chicken roosts on the private estate of >Mr. F. P. P roc- toF, th e w e ll-know n th e a tr ical p r o ­ prietor. Mr. P ro c to r has one of the largest and m o st picturesque estates in O range county. In the p a s t four years he has spent a fortune in beau­ tifying it, and his present plans call for th e additional expenditure of over $1 0 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 . . Som e tim e betw e en 11 o’clock T u es­ day night, Nov. 29, and 3 or 4 o’clock th e next m o rning, thieves entered ,Mr'. P ro c to r’s grounds. The night was storm y , and the circum stances favored th e ir attack . B efore daw n nearly 200 fine chickens had been p u t death, th e ir bodies th r u s t into bags, and th e robbers had m a d e off. A horse an d light wagon were used to h a s ten th e escape. n talking of the th e ft Mr. B u rns’ New York M anager said: “The occur­ rence was dastardly, in view of the fact th a t Mr. P ro c to r has done m u c h fo r C e n tral Valley’s people. W e intend to go afte r these m idnight robbers as energetically as if they were dynam iters, an d I believe we will get every m o th e r’s son of th e little group th a t t u rn e d this trick .” The B u rns agent stated th a t th e offer will stand good fur one year and longer if necessary. ------ ------------ The voters who did not personally enroll on Tuesday, Decem b e r 5 else on Tuesday, D e cem b e r 12 are now being given an opoprtunity to enroll by m ail. The inspectors are now send­ ing out the enrollm e n t blanks togeth­ er w ith th e necessary directions and th e responses begin to com e in. The chairm a n of each inspection board is m a d e the custodian of th e ballot box and th e enrollm e n t envelopes, and as they are retu r n e d he deposits them in the box and malces, or causes to m ade, th e entry on th e enrollm e n t book. Unless th e enrollm e n t is m a d e before Jan u a r y 1 voters are deprived of th e privilege of p a rticipating in the spring prim a ries. T h e re h a s been considerable discus­ sion as to who should pay th e postage and m a iling expense of the enroll­ m e n t blanks, etc., b u t it is s tated t h a t the law provides t h a t all expense shall be chargeable against the city in the sam e m a n n e r as any other election bill. The fa c t th a t a voter designates a p a r ty choice does n o t m ean th a t he m u s t necessarily vote th a t ticket, b u t th a t h e m u s t be affiliated w ith some p a r ty in a general way. I t can not be told until a f te r th e first of th e year how m u c h additional expense the new law will entail upon the taxpayers. iV F in e Clivistinas Edition. A sixteen page C h ristm a s edition is the proud effort of E d itor M a tt T. Collins of th e Bullivan County Demo- orat, published a t Callieoon. Mr. Col­ lins h a s his field as well plowed and cultivated as h e a rt could wish, fis this C h ristm a s edition testifies. It’s splendid advertisem e n t fo r Callieoon and a fine evidence of the industry an d ability of the m an who did th e Tvork. It contains several P o rt Jer­ vis ads. -------- 4-4 -------- Big Business in D ry Goods, Trade, H o liday shoppers will find the store of R. Jo rd a n & Co. m a k ing th e finest ap p e a ran c e in its history, u n ­ d e r th e skillful handiw o rk o f 'D e c o r ­ a t o r C h a rles F u ller. T h e large stock of staple drygoods in every d e p a rt­ m e n t especially furs, cloaks, suits, table linens and handkerchiefs, are attractively displayed. Business is good an d ah e a d of t h e am o u n t t r a n s ­ acted a y e a r ago. E v e ry facility serve th e public well and prom p tly has gained fo r th i s establishm e n t big trad e w h ich is constantly on th e [ increase an d m a k e s ap p a ren t need of l a rg e r quarters. . Fell Downstairs With Lighted Lamp, — ^ — EXPIRED IN THRALL HOSPITAL M'ell-to-Do Citizxm M et D e a th A fter Suffering TeiTibly as R e s u lt of A c cident on S a turday N ight a t H is Hom e. F o rm e r Supervisor George P itts, of the town of H a m p tonburgh, died at T h rall H o spital in M iddletown a t 7..*50 o’clock Sunday night, as a result of burns sustained in an accident at his hom e n e a r Cam p b ell Hall, S a tur­ day evening. Mr. P itts started to w a lk down stairs a t his hom e an d was carrying a lighted lam p , when his heel caught in the carp e t an d he fell headlong to th e bottom . The lam p was sm ashed and the burning oil flew all over Mr. P itts’ clothing. H e was p a r tly stu n ­ ned by his fall and unable to extin­ guish th e flames. Mem/bers of th e fam ily heard Mr. P itts fall and ran to his assistance, extinguishing th e flam es in his Cloth­ ing and the carpet. I t was found th a t Mr. P itts w a s terribly burned about the arm s and body. Dr. C o tter, of Cam p b ell H a ll, was sum moned, and afte r dressing the burns, gave his opinion th a t Mr. P itts w a s in a serious condition. The injured m a n suffered severely an d on Sunday it was decided to bring him to Thrall Hospital in MiddletOwn,WhiCh was accordingly done a t 2.30 o’clock Sunday afternoon. Dr. M. A. Stivers attended the injured m a n there, but he was beyond help, and died at the tim e stated. kir. P itts w a s 46 years old, w e ll-to- do and a m e m b e r of an old and high­ ly respected fam ily. H e was never m a rried and is survived,by one broth- The .remains -were taken in charge by undertakers an d later taken to Neeleytown, w h e re th e funeral and Interm e n t will tak e place. S.flBL00lT mNKRUPT Middletown Dry Goods Man's Liabilities Given as $ 9 ,000 ; Assets $3,500. STORE CLOSES AFTERHOLIDAYS M e irlian t L e f t Store in Charge W ife, M o n d ay, an d H a s Not Been Seen in M iddletown Since. An involuntary petition in b a n k ­ ruptcy was filed on M onday afte r ­ noon in th e U n ited States D istrict Court in New Y o rk City, before Judge Holt, against Simon Feinbloom , proprietor of a departm e n t store for wom en’s w e a ring apparel, a t N o rth street, M iddletown. C reditors who filed the petition are M ann & Lovejoy, of New Y o rk City, $1,915, and Tsadore Silverm an and the A m erican R a incoat Company, The liabilities are given as $9,000 and the assets $3,500. Judge H o lt a p ­ pointed A. V. N. Powelson, of Mid­ dletown, as receiver u n d e r a bond of $3,500, to continue th e business for 1.5 days. Two appraisers fo r the stock will be appointed. Mr. Feinbloom left M iddletown M onday last and since th a t tim e has not been seen, or has any word of his w h e reabout been received in th a t city. Mr. Powelson took possession of the store an d stock on M o n d ay afte r ­ noon, and h a s placed P r a n k E. Cox, of the offices of Servin & Cox, charge. It is asserted th a t som e tim e ago •Mr, Feinbloom shipped 14 cases of goods, wejighing IjSOO pounds, out of th e stock of th e store, to Liberty, w h e re the goods ^ e r e sold a t auction. He is also charged with having ship­ ped a large quantity of goods to P a t ­ erson and disposed of them W h e n Mr. Feinbloom w e n t aw ay from M iddletown, his wife was left in charge of th e store. The store will rem a in open during th e holiday sea­ son In charge of Mr. Cox, and afte r th a t a bankruptcy sale will probably th e 1 b e held to dispose of th e rem a ining I stock. ELDERLY MAN FOUND FROZEN TO DEATH. BURIED AT HIGHLAND MILES H a rrim a n , Dec. 15.— A. well-dressed elderly m an, supposed to be Leo West, who was found frozen to death last Sunday afternoon in a field in front of th e old R e n s s e laer P a tterso n place n e a r the state road betw e e n here and C e n tral Valley, h a s been burled in a plot reserved for unknow n strangers in th e C em etery of th e H ighlands a t H ighland Mills, U n d e rtaker E lm e r B. Thom p son, of H a rrim a n , who had charge of the case told o f his (Mr. Thom p son’s) efforts to find th e re la ­ tives of t h e m a n if he had any, and these have resulted in a p a r tial clue to b is identity. The only clues found the body were the w o rd “ Leo ” tatooed on W e st’s left arm , several postcards addressed to Leo W e s t a t W e st 50 th street. New Y o rk City, and several Arden F a rm s slips fo r p ro ­ visions m ade out by C h arles Jones, H ighland Mills, w h ich were two years old. Mr, Jones could not recall the m an, b u t since th e burial, Mr. Thom p son h a s received from the New York address a letter from a m an nam e d Edw a rd Cregan, who said rem e m b ered W est os having boarded there two years ago. C regan de­ scribed W e st correctly as being a m an of a b o u t 65 at t h a t time, five feet four inches high, an d w e aring grey hair and m u stache. It is th o u g h t th a t W est was an unfortunate m an who was stranded and' on the tram p , and th a t he w a n d e red into th e field late S a turday night and falling asleep was frozen to death. B o d y F o u n d in Lot—^Foul P lay Sus­ pected. ( By Associated Press.) B ingham ton, Dec. 19.— T h e body of Tim o thy R o b ertson, ex-Sheriff of Ti­ oga county and a prom inent R e p u b ­ lican politician, w a s found n e a r th e center of the city beside thn m ain thoroughfare in a vacant lot covered w ith blood. Foul play is suspected. MAIL POUCH LOST AT NEWBURGH ------ 4- ------- Daring Robbery From a Baggage Truck at West Shore Depot. POUCH FOUND BY TRUCKMAN ------- i- ------ iVnd T u rned Over to th e Local Police S a turday M o m lng—^Had B een Rifled of E v e rything of A daring m ail robbery took place a t the W e st Shore depot in N e w b u rgh on Thursday evening, betw e en 5.50 and 6 o’clock, when, a m ail pouch was stolen from one of the baggage trucks. The thief or thieves got aw ay w ith th e m ail some tim e before th e th e f t was discovered. The iK)ueh, which contained a large quantity of m ail, was taken from the 5.32 train by em p loyes of the railroad and placed on a baggage tru c k w ith o ther m a tter, to be tran;4ferred to the 6.04 west-bound train, out of New- When It came time for the baggage and mail to be placed in the mall car, it was discovered th a t th e pouch was m issing and an im m e d iate search of the depot and the platform was made in an effort to locate it, as it was first thought that it might have been mislaid, but after a thorough search it was found that the pouch had been Stolen. A rep o rt of the th e f t was m ade at the police headquarters in Newiburgh, and the police set out in an effort ta . locate it, but were unsuccessful, 1 Rifled P oouen u c h Po ou un nd d by TiTucKman. ruckm a n . ! JO H N BIGELO W DEAD AT 94. V e n erable D iplom a t and A u thor Suc- ’ cum b e d In New Y o rk Today. ( By Associated Press.) New York, Dec. 19.— J o h n Bige­ low, th e venerable diplom a t and au ­ thor, died a t his hom e here today. A lthough 94 years old. M r. Bige­ low displayed alm o s t to th e day of his d e a th am a z ing vitality an d m e n tal keenness. H e k e p t thoroughly a b r e a s t of cu r ren t events and re ­ cently p a rticipated in m any public functions. Mr. Bigelow leaves six children. The fam ily announced th a t th e fu ­ neral will be in St. George’s Episco­ p a l Church here, w ith burial at H ighland Palls, w h e re Bigelow will lie beside his wife, who h a s been dead th irty years. D e a th was due to a general breakdow n of th e internal organs as a resu lt of old age. PISTOL SHOT KILLS WRACTOIt Who Fired It the Questions Tuxedo Police Are Trying To Solve. — ^ — - FOLLOWED A HOME FIGHT D ropped D e ad RTiile Digging O u t a Skunk. W h ile digging out a skunk in the woods n e a r Independent school^ouse on W e d n esday afternoon, E d g a r M. L o tt dropped dead. He and Anson B e lcher had located the gam e an d as 'Mr. L o tt was n o t well and becam e som e w h a t exhausted, Mr. B elcher w e n t to procure help, and upon his re tu r n found Mr. L o tt lying dead up­ on the ground. He had previously complained of heart trouble.—Sussex, N. J,, Recorder. RICHESON USED PIECE OF TIN uiiett A- r oy ’J The pouch was turned over to the 1 Cut Himself So Badly That Opera- local police S a turday m o rning by W illiam H. Swain, a truckm a n , who found it in th e “blind” alley running into th e C h ildren’s Hom e from G rand Mr. Swain w e n t through th e alley F riday night and said th a t the sack was not th e re then. The sack had evidently been rifled of everything of value in it and the rest of th e stuff left untouched. It m u s t have been throw n iilto the alley some tim e du r­ ing th e late hours F riday night. There is no clue as yet as to who com m itted the theft. The sack originated in Kingston, and included packages picked up a t the w a y stations betw e en ICingston and Newburgh, intended for points n o rth of K ingston. The pouch contained no registered mail, b u t it was half-filled w ith post­ al m a tter, a considerable quantity of this apparently being C h ristm a s presents. The bag was in New b u rgh fo r about h a lf an hour. Cfiiifei’cnoo and Dinner of Erie Men. A party of 4 3 section forem en and various em p loyes of the Delaw are Di­ vision m a intenance of way' d e p a rt­ m e n t of the B rie R a ilroad were enter­ tained a t dinner and supper on M o n ­ day a t the E rie H o tel in Cochecton, W F, H e u ser, proprietor, by E n g in­ eer M aintenance of W ay G. B. Owen and Superintendent E. I. Bowen, fol­ lowing a general conference on m a t­ ters relating to the w o rk on the Del­ aw a re Division. --------------------- 4 - 4 ----------------------- Olclahonia City Gets Socialist Con­ vention, ( By Associated Press.) Chicago, Dec, 20.— O k lahom a City. Okla., -was chosen fo r th e national Sooiallst p a r ty convention in th e re- ferndum vote, th e count being an- ,nounced today. tion Became N e c e s s a r y - Will Recover. AWAITS TRIAL FOR MURDER Rev. Clarence R icheson found in .a Serious Condition in H is Cell. How R icheson’s A c t B e ­ cam e Public. (By Associated Press), Boston, Dec. 20, — Rev, Clarence Richeson, who is in C h arles street jail aw a iting trial for -m u rdering Avis Linnell, cut him self w ith a piece of tin early today. Counsel fo r the ac­ cused m a n states th a t R icheson a t ­ tem p ted to em a sculate him self, in­ flicting injuries w h ich m ade it neces­ sary for physicians to com p lete th e act by an operation a t the prison hospital. R icheson’s act becam e public in an unusual way. A sh o r t term ■ risoner a t th e jail, who was discharged this m o rning, hastened to a new spaper office and told th e occurrence. Jail offlicers a t first denied the story but later adm itted the m inister had jured him self. The jail physician stated a t 11.30 o'clock th a t Richeson would recover, barring com p lications. D istrict A t­ torney P e llettier said th e trial for m u rd e r would begin Jan u a r y 15th, th e original date. - -------- ^ -------- Dlack Doesn’t W a n t S tate C h airm an- (By Associated Press). Albany, Dec. 20.— 'W ord w a s re ­ ceived here today th a t N o r u a ft fi. Mack doesn’t desire to conduct the state cam p aign next fall and Is an x ­ ious to retire as chairm a n of the D e m o c ratic S tate C o m m ittee on ac­ count of his health. W e althy Tuxedo Italian an d WifiBK F o u g h t Fiercely—^Bullet F r o m H is R e v o lver E n d e d H is Life and th e Fight. Tuxedo, Dec. 18.— R o b e rt Pro-visio*; w e a lthy Italian contractor of t h i s a village, lies dead a t his hom e h e r e a » ' a result of a pistol shot w h ich w a » either inflicted by him self or fired Iqr some of the m em b ers of his fam ily at- about 1 o’clock Sunday night. Provisio h a d spent th e day w itltl friends a t H illburn, a n d re tu r n e d hom e late Sunday evening in his aTt— tom o b ile, driven ■ by his chauffeuu Shortly afte r his arriv a l hom e a n d ■while he and his wife w e re in their\ room on the second floor, a q u a r r e t started between them , acco rd in g ' tO) th e investigation m a d e M onday m o rn­ ing by C h ie f G. O. B u sh of th e Tuxet— do 'police. The quarrel w axed fiercer- and fiercer, and th e m a n and his w iftt cam e to blows. They fought out ofl th e room and down th e stairs to the, first floor. Nicholas Coluccio and his wife, thcii parents of Mrs. Provisio, w e re arous­ ed by the quarrel, as were th e twoe* daughters o f Mr. and Mrs. Provisio*. Em ily, aged seven years, and A n n ie, aged ten. The elder couple cam e fro m th e i r room and joined in th e fight tOf- 1 help th e ir daughter. One of the door*- leading outside w a s broken in th « scuffle and the fight continued outside. Suddenly a shot was fired, but w h e th- - e:- b y Provisio him self or by one of. . th e other com b a tants has not been as­ certained a t yet. The bullet struckr . Provisio in th e left b reast and w e n t entirly through his body, lodging iat the m uscles of the back: H e fell t a the ground an d died instantly Th«a fam ily shouted for help and th * neighbors notified the authorities. Coroner S. B. H e aton, o f 'Monroe* was sum m o n e d and took charge o f the case, and will hold an inquest eith e r Tuesday or W ednesday. Mr. Provisio was 41 years o f age a n 4 cam e to Tuxedo about 15 years ag o . He was born in Italy and since h i# residence in Tuxedo had m a d e a, . great num b e r of' friends. H e was a contracting m ason and bricklayer,and had excavated m a n y large contracts in that vicinity. The revolver with w h ich th e crim o • was com m itted w a s found n e a r thet- body. It was identffled as belonging to- the dead m an. Mrs. Provisio and Mr. and-M rs. Co-. luccio disclaim any knowledge of WhOt fired th e fatal shot. They claim th a f none of them did it, ----------------- 4^*. ----------------- CAB UPSETS IC E WAGON. Big Vehicle Toppled Over on P iket S tr e e t as I t -was T u rning. A trolley car of the P o r t Jervi* T raction Co. crashed into th e re a r ’ end of a big ice wagon of th e P o r t Jervis Union Ice Co., of 21 W . M a in street, as th e wagon w a s tu rn in g itt, fro n t of No. 132 P ike street, a t 11 . o’clock a, m. Saturday, upsetting th n . wagon in w h ich th e re w e re only fivo> - cakes of ice. N e ither Thom as W ilson, . th e driver of th e ice wagon, no r h i » . assistant, F red Edw a rd, was h u rt. The trolley car. No. 9, w a s int charge of M o torm an Jos. Strausser* and Condiictor Louis Shake. I t w a a not dam a g ed beyond th e fender be­ ing slightly bent. The ice w a g o ft was righted afte r strenuous w o rk. Session of Surrogate Court. h Surrogate’s C o u rt WednesdajS held in the H u b b a rd B u ilding by Clerk T, D, Schoonm aker, of Goshen* the will of H e n ry W o o lverton, o f P o r t Jervis, was adm itted to probate* and, to his widow, M atilda W o o lver­ ton, w e re granted letters testam e n ­ tary ; she being nam e d as executrix* A ttorney W. P. Gregg subm itted «. final accounting in the estate o f P e ter F lanagan, of P o r t Jervis. F o rm e r E i’le E n g ineer Dead. F r e d H. Johnson. 82 years old, for- many years a florist, M onday afte r ­ noon dropped dead in a greenhous* at Clean, N. Y. Mr. Johnson vfam form e rly an engineer on th e E r ! ^ railroad. In th e early days ho ra n between H o rnell and D u n k irk, leav­ ing th e service about 25 years ago. - ---------------- 4 -*^ ----------------- —^The s tate an d county tax ra te lit town of D e e rpark is $13.60 p e r $1,000*:

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