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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, December 28, 1911, Image 5

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r e r r 1 b ! e_ S y f f e s- i n r, E c z e m a O- er B a b y ’s Bodyv^^ y\v h ' n in y wii,'-' I'li’U' ii’i\\ ' 1'., ' - bi u'i.' nut v.-illl <■>. . ■ ?i' ' n Mnii'.ii.c; o f affe. h i - • bonds ;u .1 vu-ru in a dm.:i\'. S t a t n . T il'' oi in a sfin a d a ll nvi r hi b o d y . \V v li id to j>m a m a s k or ■ loi ■ ov< r ilia I'.i., a n d tie u p hi--' na:.'. F i n a l l y wt> t^ave h i m H o o d ’s S a r s in > r i l l a a n i l in a fe w m o n t h s h e \va;.- \’v t i r e l y c u n d. T o d a y h e is a h e a k l i . b o y . ” I^Irs. In e z I . e w i s . B a n in s', A laiu\ H o o d ’s S a r - a p a r i l l a c u r e s b l o o d di.-- e a s e s a n d b u ild s u p th e sy s t e m . I’ Get it toilay in usual liijuid fo-m I Chocolated tablets called S a r s a t a b s special program and j Wood, on Christmas; also Mr, John' I E. Everitt and wife, of Port Jervis, ays recently ■ I observed by a Christmas tree. I vishcd'relath es\t'r^^^^ ... I cousin.--, all spent Christmas with 'Mr. and Mrs. L. D. I’rice and Mrs. Wood. \ - i \\ Mr. John G o.- \\ e are plea.sed to h-arn that Mr.s. j Delaware Drive, presented 'alkin, whi) has been seriously | Uev. A. <'’. Covey and fam ily with a mvalescent ' ' Geeale reeently spent a Mai-ia ' \\Irs._ U^^Ii New Y o r k City la s t S u n d a y , after v i s i t in s r f r i e n d s in Brooklyn, New York and < olleg'e Point, N. Y., with her friend, Miss M. Wellman, under­ graduate nurse from the P. S. N. of P h i l a d e l p h i a . M iss W e l l m a n w i l l visit at Mrs. Bonesteel’s for a few days and then return to her home in Iowa. When in Xew York City they went to see the finish of the six-day Mcycle race at Madison Square Garden, and enloyed it immensely. Mrs. Bonesteel’s son, Alec Malconi, accompanied them to the races. Mrs. A. L. Hintre’s chickens are certainly doing their duty at this time of the year, and are laying lots ! o f eg.gs at 4.5 cents a dozen. \\ c exp.'ct Mr. A. L. Hintre this week from I’anada to spend the hol­ idays with his wife and family. A report was prevalent here that Mr. George Kimbles, of this place, had been shot by hunters in deer hunting season, but it was not true. He is well, and we are glad no acci­ dent happened him. Mr', c . M. Bonesteel’s friend. Miss M. W ellman, left here Thursday morning for .Buffalo und Chicago, on her way home to Iowa. Atco, Dec. 26.— T he entertainment and Christm.'i.s tree at the school hi>u-c Friday evening was enjoyed l y many. The teaeher. Miss Lilly .--'lieard, gave each of her pupils a pretty gift and she was also remem- I b e r e ( i b y t h e s c h o o l . i A few from liert F a r m e r s ’ I n s t i t u t e a t Friday. W . J . R i c e h a s r e c o v e r e d f r o m h i s ro'\-nt illness. His daughter, Mrs. R o y M o n i n c t o n , o f D a m a s c u s , .spent a couple of days with him la.st week. M r s. N . R . H .a n k in s r e c e n t l y v i s i t ­ ed relatives at Port Jervis and Tiis- ri. W. La Rue, wife East Stroudsburg, and ______ nip, of Mt. View, X. J., are giiests at the home of W. B. Guinnip. R. Olver, of Beach Lake, waf visitor in this place Sunday, .-\ large barn of Silas Dexter’s v destroyed by tire Friday night. All the farm implements, hay, grain and kens w’ere burned. We have not Te attended th e t B e a c h L a k e o n and son, of Milton Guin- relativef spending the holidays inn, of Tus didays witl house -i and Kimbles. Haburter plm to and considerable I Mirrors, stoves, funniture ’ inside walls of Eyre, Dec. 25. .— The farm 7hich lays between Glen Eyre imbles. Pa., and known as the ic e , has been broken in- isiderable damage done, ves, fu rn iture and the walls o f the smashed into atom: leased the Haburter place for a num­ ber of years, until the 1st of last —Mr. J. Bar- N, Y., is visiting r ai house have been Mr. A. Eim es November, and the damage to the place was done ,about tw'o weeks af­ ter he had moved into the Tollman farm house at Baoba, Pa, All of the furniture, etc., that was smashed be- longed to th e , owner, who is a resi­ dent of New .'York City. Suspicion is resting on parties who live in or near I the neighbourhood and occurrences^ Mrs. jc\ M. Bonesteel’s son, Malcolph, is at present workii New ^ o r k City. H e has been work­ ing tlAere since last July. Mr/. A. L. Hintze, of Ba( ' homfe from Canada hoIuQays. We accorc W ^eom e. Mr. S. Bonesteel was a caller at F Mr. Geo. K imble’s place on Christ- [ mas day. Mr. A. Eimes, of Baoba, has pur- >chased two first-class cows, one a ' three year old and one a four year Old, from Mr. S. Bonesteel. I iMr. and Mrs. A. L. Hintz( their two sons were callers I Bonesteel’s place last Tuesda W AYNE COUNTY. Tyler Hill, lill, Dec. 25.— Clarence D. spent W ednesday in Hones-' T jler nil] Portnam s] C. M. Fethick spent Thfirsday and Friday in Honesdale. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson spent part of last week with Mrs. Kellam F^-at Lookout. Xm as exercises at the school house Saturday evening were very nice [ m u ch enjoyed by the little ones. Mrs. Prank Brown, of iving the fe- »r the birth Of a son at their home December 13. Mr. Brown was a former Tyler Hill Mrs. Jessie Eggler and children home for the holidays. A number attended the Xm as ex- ■eises at the Baptist Church Sunday ■e a t the Waver!ly, llcitati< • N. Y., are receivJ icitations of friends over if a son a t their hom e Decei Happy New Year to all the if the Tri-States Union. JUilamllle. Milanville, Dec. 26.— ^A Happy New Mrs. S. F. Eaton recently M iss B e s s i e E . Skinner has return­ ed from a visit with Mrs. George Holdridge, in Brooklyn. Mr. and 'Mrs. R. H. Samson spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Joseph Reynolds, at Ashland. ’ Prederika Hocker, a student at the I W est Chester Normal, is enjoying the holidays w ith her parents, L. J. H o cker and wife. A little son recently arrived at the hom e of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Conklin. Mrs. W ilford Calkin and son, Don­ ald have returned from Syracuse. Miss Laurena O. Skinner, of Wa- tervliet, N. Y., is spending the holi­ days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Skinner. R. H, Samson recently hade a bus­ iness trip to Passaic. M. L. Skinner, E. A. Cartheuser and G. B. Lassley attended the Ma­ sonic banquet at Callicoon. R u ssell Olver, of Port Jervis, w L a guest at M. L. Skinner’s Sunday. Henry Hocker, who is taking a lurse of study in Cornell, is home ■tthe holidays. J n . j . Skinner, of Jersey City, is K iting friends here, f “ Patron’s Day” in the school was Matamoras, Dec. riger, of Hancock, at the home of Mrs. D. B. Owen, on Delaware Drive. Mrs. Helen Street on Avenue G, who h a s b e e n visiting her sister. Pond Eddy, N. Y., for some time, has returned home. Miss Em m a Krause on Avenue F, who has been at Norwalk, Conn., vis­ iting her sister, Mrs. W alter Smart, has returned home. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Corey and children, of Carbondale, Pa., arrived in town today to spend Christmas at the home of Mrs. Corey’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Davidson, on Dela­ ware Drive. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Quick and daughter. M iss Ruth, left town today to spend Christmas with their daugh­ ter, Mrs. George' McCollum, of Brooklyn, L. I. Mrs. J. Debevoise and daughter, Margaret, on Avenue L, accompanied by her sister. Miss Alice Smith, who have been visiting relatives in New York City for a few days, have re­ turned home. Mr. H. H. Brown, of Brooklyn, L. I., arrived in town today to spend Christmas with his aunt and cousin, Mrs. E. Shafer and son, John, on Avenue I. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Martin on Ave­ nue L, in company with their son, Mr. W illiam Martin, of Albany, N. Y., leave town this evening to \’isit their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Martin, at Ridgewood, N. J. Mrs. Nathan Youngs on Avenue I spent Tuesday in M iddletown with relatives and friends. Mrs. J. A. Palm itier on Avenue M left town a few days ago to visit her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Pitzhugh, and fam ily, at Cape Charles, Va. 'Mrs, George Clark on Avenue I left town today to visit relatives at Milford, Pa., for a few days. Mr. Ross G. Jones, of Scranton, Pa., spent Thursday with his cousin, Mr. W illiam W. Knapp, at his home on Avenue G. Mr. Knapp is now em ­ ployed at New Rochelle, N. Y., with Y. M. C. A. work, and is spending the holidays in Matamoras. Miss Nellie Brasefield, a teacher in the Matamoras H igh School, left tow’n on Friday evening to visit her sister, Mrs. W. H. Kindt, at Penn Argyl, Pa. Miss Flora Heidenthal, a teacher in the Matamoras H igh School, left town on Friday to visit her sister, Mrs. Henry 'Schlund, at Newark, N. J. Miss Mabel Kelley, a teacher the Matamoras High School, left town on Friday to spend the Christ­ mas vacation at her home at Lake Ariel, Pa. Miss Emily Latimer, a teacher the Matamoras High School, left town on Friday evening to spend her vacation at Sussex, N. J., with rela- Miss Minnie A. Van Akin, assistant principal in the Matamoras High School, left town on Friday evening to spend her vacation with relatives in New York City. fine turkey. air. and airs. John B. aicCarty, of aiilford. Pa., spent Christmas at the home of airs. Irving Clifford on Ave- air. and air.s. Alfred Struble and daughter, Gladys, and son, Everitt, of Bra chville, N. J., visited at the horn (if air. and airs. John Wood on Avonue M on Christmas, Mrs. Stru- b l f ' s si.ster. airs. William Weintz and children left town (in Tuesday to visit rela­ t i v e s a t E l m i r a , N . T ., f o r a f e w Miss Edna Durant on Avenue M left to-!vn on Tuesday to visit rela­ tives in New York City. aiiss Lucia London on Avenue L is visiting relatives in Jersey City and New’ York City this week. airs. Hiram Burrows on Avenue G, w'ho has been ill at her home, is im ­ proving. Mr. and Mrs. James Van Dyne, of V^aldwick, N. J., visited at the home of Mrs. A. V. Langton on ”Avenue K on Christmas. air. and airs. J. Cuppher, ol Brooklyn, L. I., visited airs. C. P. Lil- ley on Christmas on Avenue I. Mrs. G. H. Clark on Avenue I vis­ ited her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Dewitt, at Milford, Pa., on Christ- Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lord on Avenue L spent Christmas -nuth Mrs. Lord’s sister, Mrs. Allen Doty, at Madison, N. J. Mr. B. D. Lilley, traveling sales­ man of Borden (& Co., spent Christ­ mas with his mother, Mrs. C. P. Lil­ ley, on Avenue I. Mr. Osborn Harding, of New York Citj’, spent Christmas with his pa­ rents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harding, Avenue I. Mr. and airs. George Burnet, of Middletown, are visiting relatives Matamoras. Mrs. Frank Lewis on Delaware Drive, left town' on Saturday to visit her sister at Scranton, Pa. Mr. H. H. Brown, of Brooklyn, I., who has been spending a few days with his aunt anfl cousin, Mrs. E. Shafer, and son, John, on Avenue I, has returned home. Mr. and 'Mrs. M. Birmingham, Middletown, are visiting at the home of airs. Birmingham’s mother, Mrs. A. Flamqnsfeld, on Avenue G. Mr. and airs. Jefferson Ketcham, Port Jervis, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ketcham Christmas Day. Miss Elizabeth Adams, of Newark, N. J., who has been visiting her brother, Mr. W illiam Adams, Avenue G, for the past week, has re­ turned home. Mr. Lament H ombeek, of New York City, spent Christmas at his home on Avenue N, with his parents, Mr. and airs. L. Hornbeck. Mrs. Allen Johnson on Avenue E is spending this week with relatives in New York City. 'Master Robert Swartwood Mountain avenue is spending a few days in New York City. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blakeney, Singac, N. J., spent Christmas -with Mrs. Blakeney’s parijnts, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ketcham, on Avenue I. Mrs. Blanche Russell, accompani­ ed by her two little daughters, Paul­ ine and Constance, on Pennsylvania avenue, went to Hancock, N. Y., Saturday to visit relatives, returning home on Tuesday evening. W h ile there Mrs. Russell attended a wed­ ding of her cousin, on Christmas Mr. Fred Hoppey, of Amsterdam, N. Y., Is spending his vacation at his home with his mother, Mrs. A. Hop- pey, on Avenue C. At the Epworth Sunday School en­ tertainment the recitations of little Charlotte Schoonover, Helen Billman and Ben Lilley were well rendered and pleased their friends very much. — S. ----------------- H - PRIZB FOR ERIE EMPLOYES Susquehanna DiviMon Captured Leading Prizes Offered For Superior Track Conditions. OBITUxYRYT Klizabeth Y'aple >liller. Elizabeth Ya]fie Miller, wife (if Jacnl) Miller, die;I at her home, No. 2 Pike St., Saturday morning at 11.50 o’clock, of a coinplication of dis­ eases, after a long illness. She was aged 64 years. The deceased was born July 4, IS 17, in Alllgerville, Ulster county, N. Y., and w’as the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Yajile. Her early life was MEN WHO WERE * SUCCESSFUL I 24, 1S64, she was united in marriage .$100 Foi- O n e R e s t K e p t S e c t i o n a n d ' G r a n d P r ize.'i o f $ 2 0 0 F o r O t h e i's. Other Prizes of .$25 Were Avviartlod. The Erie Railroad Comi)any on Thursday made its annual award cash prizes for the best kept track and road I'ed sections and divisions on its system. The Susquehanna division capturei all of the leading prizes. Yhe grand prize of $200 for the s.;b-di\ision was awarded William Flynn, of Elmira, his suh-devision e.x- tending from Waverly to Erwin. For the Susquehanna division Fore­ man B. C. Lyons, of Waverly, who is in charge of section No. 16, t awarded a prize of $100 for the ’ kept section. Foreman Lyons was al­ so awarded the grand prize of $200 f 1 the best kept section between Jer­ sey City and Buffalo, and also be­ tween Hornell and Salamanca. The second prize of $50 for the Eiest kept section on th'e Susquehanna division went to Foreman A. H. Bar­ bara, of Corning. On the Tioga division a prize of $25 was awarded S. L. Parmenter, of Pine City, and also a $25 prize to F. H. Pierce, of Milerton, Pa. The competition over the entire Erie Railroad system was very ac­ tive and was participated in by eight division superintendents, seven di­ vision engineers on 13 divisions, and including 3,465 miles of trackage. On the Susquehanna Division alone there were 25 competitors and Section Foreman Lyons, of Waverly, who won the grand prize for the best cared for section on the Erie system, competed against 333 other section foremen on the system. On the Delaware Division, which extends from Port Jervis to Susque­ hanna, Section Foreman G. Mulusky, of Mast Hope under Supervisor Thoa. Reagan, o f Callicoon, received the lirst prize of $100 for the best section. I ’he second prize of $50 was w’on by the section foreman at Deposit. •Fireman Overcome by Gas. Erie Fireman J. S. Loveland, of the New York Division, was overcome by gas while coming through the tun­ nel at Otisville shortly before noon on Sunday, He came to this city and was admitted to the Port Jervis Hospital for treatment. GIFTS FOE THEIE FElENuo. M i,. Atlantic Squadron Remembers Gould and Rockefeller. Norfolk, Va., Dee. 26.—Enlisted men of the Atlantic fleet, commanded by Admiral 0«terbaua, sent John D. Rockefeller and Miss Helen Gould table covers of blue broadcloth as a Christm.-ifi gift. In the center of the covers is embroidered a w’hite star from -whieb radiate the various ratinj insignia of the na g ift is from men in every branch of the *arH and Cilford’s indies L; received this morninjif a jTionsignment of Park and I'd ’s delicious chocolates and Drug Store Matamoras, Dec. 27. — Miss Eva Winans, of Avoca, Pa., who has been visiting her brother, Mr. Sidney W inans, on Avenue F, has returned and was accompanied by her little nephew, Edwin Winans. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Martin on Ave- le L spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. George Martin at Ridgewood, J.; also Mr. W illiam Martin, of Albany, N. Y., who visited his pa­ rents here, spent Christmas with his brother and fam ily at Ridgewood. He has returned to Albany. Miss Margaret Prescott, of Harris­ burg, Pa., who has been spending a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Prescott, on Avenue K, has returned to the city. Miss Lulu Prescott, of Philadel­ phia, Pa., who has been spending a few days with her parents on Ave- nu(3 K has _ returned. *Mr.' J6hn. A. Everitt, of Montague,\ _______ _ , - ' J . , : lasJt .fa n«ed. MES. HAINS NOT TO EEWED. She Denies Report She and 'Former Husband Are Reconciled. New York. Dec. 27.—Mrs. Claudia Hains, wife of Peter C. Hains, .Jr., for­ mer captain m the United Stat'es army, who killed William E. Amiis in the Bayside Yacht, club in the summer of 190S and was recently pardoned from Sing Sing, di'uies that tber(‘ is any ba sis for the rumor that she and her hus band had become reconciled and would remany. Mrs. Hains was interviewed at her home in East Milton, Mass., concerning the report and declared it was baseless. Genei’al Hains, father of Peter Hains. also issued a denial from his home. 111 Washington. the service. This is the second time enlisted men of the navy have ve- membei-ed .Eohn D. Rockefeller at Christmas. Last year they sent him a bronze bust. Mi.ss Gould, who is -called the “Sail­ or’s Best Friend,” receives a ChrisT- mas present each yean. Rockefeller built the $300,000 naval Y. M. C. A. in this city, and Miss Gould put furniture In every room 3n the building. Almost every year she donates large sum4 of money to im­ prove conditions of the sailors at Nor­ folk and ■soldiers at Fortress Monroe. til Jacob Miller, For many years they lived at Pond Eddy, Sullivan county, and, for the past 20 years, their home has been in Port Jervis. Mrs. Millei' was an excellent Chris­ tian woman, a devoted wife and mother-, and her death is a soui-ce of great sorrow to her many friends, who sympathize wjth her hu.sband and relatives in their bereavement. She was a memlier of the Reformed Church of this city, of Pocono Chap­ ter, Order of the E a stern' Star, and of Orpah Rebekah Lodge, Daughters of Rebekah. The surviving relatives ' are her husband at home, one daughter.Mrs. John Bisland, of Matamoras; four grandchildren, Albert Van Wagoner, of Poughkeepsie; Bella Van Wagon er, of Port Jervis; Harry and Zelma Bisland, of Matamoras: two broth- (■u's, W illiam H. Yaple, of Port Jer­ vis, and Simon S. Yaple, of Dover, N. J., and one sister, Mrs. J. H. En- derly, of Matamoras. The funeral will be held on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock in the Reform­ ed Church. Rev. Willard Conger will officiate. The interm ent will he Eaurel Grove Cemetery, ^Phe funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Mifler was held at the house, No. Pike street, at 1.30 o’clock on Tues­ day afternoon, and in the Reformed Church at two o’clock, where the services, conducted by the Rev. 'Wil­ la r d C o n g e r , w e r e la r g e l y A t t e n d e d . Pocono Chapter, Order of the East­ ern Star, and Orpah Rebekah Lodge, D a u g h t e r s o f R e b e k a h , a t t e n d e d in a There were many beautiful floral contributions. Mrs. Almarin Phillips sang two solos. The flower bearers were Mrs. Hen- 1 and Mrs. VanSickle of the Re- bekahs, and Mrs Youngs and Mrs. Thomas of the Eastern Stars. Messrs. W. P. Kaufmann, John Stoll, Jr., Prank T. Leeson, Johi Kadel, Prank L. Bock and Youngs were the pall bearers. The interment was in Laurel Grove Cemetery. John A Nathai FIVE FLY WITH ATWOOD. Doan’s Regulets cure constipation without griping, nausea, nor any weakening effect. Ask your drug­ gist for them. 25 cents per box. ----------------- ^ ----------------- All members of Neversink Lodge No. 358, I. O. O. F., and wives are In­ vited to he present at an oyster sup­ per, Tuesday'evening, Jan. 2nd, at the Tri-States Chapel. The supper will he given under the direction of Berith Rebekah_ Lodge in honor of Dfatrict For any pain, from top to toe, from any cause, apply Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil. Pain -can’t- s t a y 'Wfaete it fa uaed. Boston Aviator Gives Rhode Islanders Bird’s Eye View. Brovirlenc-e, R. 1., Dec. 26.—Harry N. Atwood, the Boston birdman. in the (fourse of a two hour demonstration it .Xamigansett park, gave Rhode Is- anders llieir first chance to fly over the luuuo soil. .itwood gave tw’O exhibitions and during his flights took up five passen­ gers, three of whom were w’omen. The big crowd inside the park and the bigger crowd outside were treated to an exhibition of daredevil dips, vol­ planing and a little of the famous spiral glide. During the whole eight ascensions there was nothing to mar the success of the demonstration. SEEK SUICIDE’S FIANCEE. Detectives Have Only Girl's Photograph to Aid Them. New York. Dec. 26. — Search by means of a photograph Is being made for a young woman living in Graham avenue, Brooklyn, who had suffered a disupijointment over the nonarrival of her sweetheart to partake o f Christmas dinner. The expected caller, Francis J. O'Hare. . was found dead from gas asphyxiation at 82 Second street. Armed -u’ith a photograph of a pretty girl found in his room, detectives be­ gan search for his sweetheart. 3Ii’s. Louise Hulse. Mrs. Louise Hulse, widow of the late Hamilton Hulse, formerly of this city, died at- her home, No. 330 West 2:.ra street, New York City, oxi Tliurs day morning, Dec-emher 21st, of heart trouble. Beautiful and impressive funeral services were held at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning in the chapel of the Stephen Merritt burial company, 19th street and 8th avenue. New York City. They were conducted by Mr. Kadcliff. Among those present were Dr. Frederick Carpe. '^er and wife, of New \Vork City; Mr. Roy W. Hulse and wife of Brooklyn L. I., and a delegation of the Simpson, Crawford Co. Department Store, where Mrs. Hulse’s daughter, Aileen, is employed as bookkeeper in the clearing depart-; The body was brought to this city cn Sunday, December 24th by Under­ taker T. F. Carrigan. The interment, v.hieh was private, toolc place at 10.30 o’cleek on Monday morning in the fam ily plot im the Sparrowbusli Cem- aii's. Hai-riet B. Garrisoan Mrs. Harriet Beemer Garrison, wife of W esley Garrison, died at her home the Neversink Road, near Tri- States, a t 8.3-0 o’clock on Monday night of a complication of diseases. -She was aged 52 years. Deceased was born in Libertswille, Sussex county, N. J., a.nd was the daughter of Hiram Beemer and Catharine J. Kuykendall. She was twice married, her first husband be­ ing W illiam J. Kilpatrielt, to whoni she was married in 1881- She was married to Mr. Garrison in 1889. The surviving relatives are her husband, four daughters, Mrs. Theo­ dore Alward, Mrs. Lizzie Curran, H a t­ tie and Gertrude, all of Port Jervis: two sisters, Mrs. E. Shay, of Port Jer­ vis, Mrs. Margaret Conway, of Sus­ sex, N. J., and one brother, James Beemer, of Sussex, N. J. The funeral will be held at the house at 1.30 o’colck on Thursday afternoon, and at two o’clock in the Tri-States Chapel, where the service will be conducted by the Rev. Samuel Jones. Interment in Laurel Grove Cemetery. airs, alary L. Jackson. Mrs. Mary L. Jackson, wife of Charles Jackson, died at her home. No. 19 Bennet street, at 9.30 o’clock Monday night, of a complication of diseases after a long illness. She was aged 47 years. Deceased was born In Nutley, N. J., and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Allington. For the past 17 years she has been a resident of Port Jervis. The surviving relatives are her hus­ band' a t home, one son Alfred B. Dow­ dell, brothers, Alfred and John A l l i ^ l l ^ O f Nutley, N. J., three sis? ters, Mrs. P’annie Kline, of West Ho­ boken, N. J., Mrs. Le.slie Coeyman, of Xutlcy, X. J., and Mr.s. Ida Kiersted, oJ Puclilo, Colarado. T iio fiin e r H l w i l l 1-e h e l d a t th e lio u .se o n T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n a t th r e i • I 'cloek . R e v . J o .s e j'h Y. Ir w i n w i l l c T n i lu c t t h e si^ r v ices. J n tirrm i-nt in rJ .au r e l G r o v e C e m e t e r y . M l’S. Bridgi't Joyce. Mr.s. B r id iie t J o y c e , a n a g e d a n d h i g h l y r e s i i e c t e d r e .s id e n t o f t h i s c it y , d i e d a t t h e h o m e o f h e r n i e c e , M r s. J o h n C a n n o n , N o . 12.5 W e s t M a in street, at 3.-30 o’clock, Monday niorn- Tiie deceased was born in County Tijiperai-y, Ireland, and came to this c o u n t r y w h e n s h e w a s v e r y y o u n g . Witlr llie ( xcejition of a year's resi­ dence in th-3 west, Mrs. Joyce had al­ ways lived in Port Jervis. For many years she wak a member of St. Mary’s Church, and was a faithful worker in t’ne church. She was always to be found in some charitable work. When the Sisters of Charity l-ame to this city, Mrs. Joyce was the first person make a contribution to them, and she was the promoter of the first Charity J ail for St. Mary’s Home, and it was her excellent work that made it a sucecss. She had a lovable disposition and made jnany friends who held her in the highest esteem, sh e was a member of the Most Sa­ cred fJi'art Church, of the Rosary Society, and the League of the Sa­ cred Heart. Those who survive her are the fol- loiving nieces and nephews; Mrs. John Cannon, Mrs. Thomas W. Lyons, and Mrs. Michael Maddigan, of Port Jer- vLs; Mrs. Ella Dow, of Newburgh.’Rev. John F, Butler, James Butler, Marga­ ret and Marla Butler, of C'onneaut- villG. Pa. ------- f ------- Mrs. Mary C. Van Tasscll. Mrs. Mary C. Van Tassell, widow of Philip Van Tassell, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles E. Phil­ lips, near Barryville, N. Y., at 11 o’clock on Sunday morning, after a long illness. She was aged 83 years. Deceased was born in Columbia county, N. Y., on May 11, 1828, and was the daughter of 'Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bain. In 1847 she married Phil­ ip Van Ta.ssell, whose death occurred in June, 1900. She resided near Bar- rywille, for more f ia n 35 years. The surviving relatives are four sons, Cornelius, of Rochester; Frank, of Eldred; Henry of Barryville; and Jefferson, of Port Jervis; three daugh­ ters, Mrs. C. E. Phillips, of Barryville. Mrs. Albert Clark and Mrs. W. H. Barber, of Middletown. The funeral was held on W ed­ nesday afternoon at 1.30 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Phillips. Rev. E. F. Andree conducted th e servic^ The interment was in Montoza Cemetery at Barryville. Henry Gessner. Henry Gessner, formerly of Port Jervis, died at his home in Jersey City at 4.15 o’clock on Sunday after­ noon, of pneumonia, after an illness three weeks. He was aged Dejeeased was born in Nanuet, Rockland county, N. Y ani^ -was the son of Mr. and Mrs. W illiam Gessner. 'For many years he was a resident of Port Jervis, and about seven years ago went to Jersey City, where was employed in the Air Brake De­ partment of the Erie Railroad. The surviving relatives are: wife at home, one -brother, W illiam Gessner, of Scranton, Pa.; three sis­ ters : Mrs. Lena Ploss, of Blooming Grove, Pa.; Mrs. Em m a Decker, of Hawley, Pa., and Mrs. Anna Gumble, of Paupack, Pa. The body was brought to this city ■on E,rie> train One W ednesday morn­ ing and the interment took place in the fam ily plot in Laurel Grove Cem- HOUSE WRECKED AS POLICE SEARCHED- Body of the Man They Were Looking for Found in the Debris. ATTEMPTED MURDER SUSPECT Two Buffalo PoUcemen W anted Paul Lutz, Suspected of Attempting to Murder Mi's. Ida Schultz, Explosion Injured Them. ( B y . A ssociated P ress.) W h i l e p o l i c e m e u Buffalo, Dec. 2 7.- V7illiam Ahearn and John were searching a house in Fay street for Paul Lutz, suspected of attempt­ ing to mufder Mrs. Ida Bchultz, an explosion wrecked the building and hurled the officers into the street, in­ juring both. Lutz, who occupied rooms in the Schultz, house acted strangely. Re­ cently Mrs. Schultz ordered him to leave. A search in the ruined building after the explosion revealed Lutz’s body in the debris. , i --------------------- --------------------------- Shuster Lea-ves Persia. Washington, Dee. 27.— W. Ghorgan. ■ Shuster is expected to leave Persia within a few days, according to a dis­ patch to the State department from Teheran. TO ALL. „ li\ y o u r feet tro u b l e y o u , || t r y a p a i r of t h e I B. B* Chase Medicated . Shoes 3 Funeiral of Louisa Agnes Smit.b. The b(Sidy of Louisa Agnes Smith, -of Glen -Spey, -was brought to this ■city on Erie train 30 at 10.22 o’clock m. Friday and was taken to Mary’s 'Church, wiiere mass was cele- brateiJ. T h e interm ent was in Mary’s Cemetery. Messrs. Edward Ryan, Willard Brink, Prank O’Neil, George Web- ■ber, Joseph Kalin and Harold Portz were the pall-bearers. and then you’ll he pleased » — niore than pleased—be- cause they will give you U solid comfort. They arM II the most comfortable shoe^ .. m adk Ask the man or M woman who wears them. SOLD AT C H A S E S CASH SHOE BOUSE Famous , Silverware Care should be exercised when select­ ing forks, spoons and fancy serving pieces to see that they always b e a r the famous trade mark \ IMT ROGERS BR 0 S.J.!( which stamps them the gen­ uine R o g e r s silveiplaied y ware. For over 60 years /j “ 1847 ROGERS BROS.” ({( silver has been first in tl heart of the housekeeper b cause of its wearing quality, workmanship and design. Sold by leading dealers everywhere. Send for cata- logue“ C-L”showing all patterns. ) M E R ID E N B R IT A N N IA C Q ,. (international Silver Co., Successor.) MERIDEN, COHN; Wait For Onr Great Gearing Sale, Dee. 28th. Port Jervis Bargain Store, , 4^Front SL. port Jervis, N. V.

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