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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, January 04, 1912, Image 2

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,tion fo r B inghtm iton ? Division S t^perintendent Taylor of th e E rie railrt'jad, spent some tim e in B ingham ton T-uesday afternoon. Af­ te r visiting tl;ve tick e t offices, he m a d e a thorouj^h inspection of the passenger station, and also th e offices in th e building. } N o thing definite can ]je'le a r n e d of Jj^r. Taylor’s visit, b u t it is rum o red ttia t th e rebuilding of o. th e station is involved. Som e thing -i« a e fin ite in this direction will no doubt 3-^soon tak e nlace. o« .+V iq loocc, BURID TO DIATH IN SHANTY FIR[ AT ASHOKAN DAM, NEAR KINGSTON j fXot Liarge 'S.— ^The Brie f.he old fram e [len and gate- ith concrete 'ost substantial flons. T h e con- large enough A portly would test th e say th e new ■*)TOr,.th'e, com- pt '^he sad- ■crossings say, >ssible fo r a m ai^ th e custom a ry him self about ■Tg a 13-year-old boy, L n th e inside of a pass- |.t th e n o rth end of th e spanning th e L a c k a - m a n a g e d to clam b e r ^ ^ ^ ^ H f o r m betw e e n th e cars, ^^^^^pcosted by a brakemai ^ ^ ^ K d s , “ W h e re are you go-^soo n ta k e place, a s t h e lease of the ^ ^ K l i e d , “ I am going as fa r Union News C ^ i p a n y expires at the go.” My fath e r hearing end of th e and th e M u rphy said he would take -care j com p any., intends installing a , restajjhant in th e new building, will, K ji'rrow s b u rg a nice dinner was In ^ 'd o u b t , tak e up the w o rk of th a t ^ ^ o - t h e excursionists, and it w a s fcom p a n y , journey to Wi’eck on West Shore at Nevvhurghk G e n eral traffic was held up fo r nearly fo u r hours as a resu lt of a w reck on the West Shore line a t the n o r th end in N e w b u rgh Tuesday a f ­ ternoon. The w recked freig h t cars ripped the roadbed fo r a distance of 300 feet. T h e re w e re stock cars in th e w reck loaded w ith sheep w h ich gave th e m en some trouble in tra n s ­ ferring. Injui'y of Erie En^neei*. E rie E n g ineer W. S. Gregory, of the New York Division, was treated at th e P o r t Jerv is H o spital on F riday fo r bruises and cuts on th e side of the ;ace by being stru c k by a piece of air- i'ake ap p a ratu s while on his engine Chose D e a th U n d e r Car W heels. D espondent because of a chicken stealing “ scrape ” in w h ich he found him self involved, C h arles R. W h ita- :er, of Augusta, N. J., supposedly ^ i m i t t e d suicide on S a turday night lU^Jljg down on the railroad track, iflated body Was picked up chville. W h itaker leaves a a young son. H e was 30 W . A p im intm e n t. K ingston, Dec. 27.— J a c k Gorman, a night w a tchm a n em p loyed by Mac- A r th u r B rothers & Co., an d W inston & Co., a t one end of the Ashokan dam a t B row n ’s Station was burned to death in a w a tch m a n ’s shanty about nine o’clock M o nday night. G o rm a n ’s duties centered around one of the large tow ers n e a r one end of the dam , and in company^ w ith o ther w o rkm e n he freqviently visited the w a tchm a n ’s shanty stationed n e a r th e end of the dam . The sh a n ty was supplied w ith a stove fo r the w a tch- CITY TO COllECT BACK TAXES --- ^ --- Aldermen Order City Clerk to Ad­ vertise and Sell 30 Properties For Non Paym ent of Taxes. BIG AMOUNT IS iDUE THE CITY (^ 1 ^ ^ \V. jBaker A p p o inted Member jBoard o f Health,^ Sticeeed.’ng: D. O. McCombs, Resign (Ml—^Dast Meeting- of Council for A t an adjourned reg u lar m e e ting of th e Common Council held a t th e City H a ll on W e d n esday nig h t the question of unpaid taxes w a s taken U p an d after som e discussion a reso­ lution was adopted authorizing the City C lerk to fo r th w ith proceed w ith th e advertisem e n t and sale of 30 properties whose ow n e rs are In a r ­ re a r s fo r state, county and city taxes and several paving assessm e n ts. T h e resignation of David C. Mc­ Combs as a m e m b e r of th e B o ard of H e a lth was readi and accepted. Mr. George W. B a k e r was appointed to fill th e rem a inder of Mr. M cCombs’ term , w h ich expires on Decem b e r 31, T h e request of T ri-S tates Hose C o m p any No. 6 for a m e m b e rship certificate fo r H a r r y M eingrove was granted. Those in attendance were M ayor K n a p p , A lderm e n Brown, Woolsey, Orr, S c h a u e r and M cCathie, City Clerk C leary and C o rporation Coun­ sel Dybolt. ------------- — -H- ----------------- ODD EEIA/OW S EEJECT. U s tayantlia Dodige, No. 143, W ill In - tall New Officers Jan . 10th. U s tayantha Dodge, No. 143, Inde­ pendent O rder of Odd Fellows, elect­ ed officers on W e d n esday evening as follows : iNaugM. n H^ M eW ade. years— Installation occurs Jan. IG Sussex County Collector Dead. A fter an illness of .several weeks, w h ich an operation failed to cheek. County C o llector W illiam E. Ross, of Sussex county, N. J., died a t his hom e at S p a rta, F riday, in his sixty-Seventh year. H e had been county collector fo r th e p a s t twelve years, and in th a t tim e never failed to atten d a m eeting of th e B o ard of F reeholders until his last illness kept him aw ay from the Nfjyem lier m eetings. m en to w a rm thems*3lves and it supposed th a t G o rnian w e n t th e re shortly before nine o’clock in the evening. A b o u t nine o'cIockW n e of t h e o th ­ er w a tchm e n discovl^red flam es is­ suing from th e shanW an d turn e d in an alarm , to w h ich tu e co n tracto r’s fire brigade m a d e rapid\ response. The shanty was not of durgible construc­ tion an d was soon destroyed. D a ter In th e evening , ' G o rm a n was m issed b y th e o ther w^-tchmen, and a search of th e ruins r.,evealed his blackened body In th e aghes. _______ MTN'S CIRCLE \ RESOLUEIONS IDEXTTTy O F GAS VICTiaiC. U n fortunate Y’^oung M an w a s H a r m E . Fix, of Aspinwall, P a . A representative of the Am erican Locom o tive Company of P a terson, N J., arrived in this city on B rie train 27 on W e d n esday night in response to a telegram from C o roner E. H a rding in reg a rd to the sudden death of H, B. F ix a t th e B a u e r Inn 'by asphyxiation. The C o roner learned th a t th e de­ ceased was H a rry E. Fix, 26 years of age, of Aspinwall, Allegheney county, Pa., who has been in th e em p loy of th e A m erican Locom o tive Com p any as a tracer of boiler and tan k ship­ m e n ts fo r nearly five years. H is re l ­ atives are a sister, b ro th e r and m o ther, living a t Aspinwall. Over $30 was found in his clothes, and his records and various papers w e re found in perfect order. The body was sent by express E rie train Seven a t 12.28 Thursday m o rning to Aspinwall, Pa., fo r funeral services and interm e n t. Each Member of the Presbyterian R e s l i j I t S T h a t R e m a i n . Brotherhood Had His Plans For 1912 Revealed. PANCAKES AND SAUSAGE -4 — te r K ills Q n a rryinan. E n joyable Ecfrc.sbm e n ts Follow e d by Business M eeting, an d Then Considerable Local F u n M ade a H a p p y E v e n ing F o r tlie Circle. j M em b ers of the M en’s Circle of thei F irst P resbyterian C h u rch had their Decem b e r m e e ting and the last one of the year in th e church basem e n t onj T h u rsday evening, and it proved arf- enjoyable event to everyone present). P a n c a k e s and sausage a t several o’clock w ith coffee to assist, brough't out no new pancake records, h u t thje gentlem e n in charge of the griddle's w e re k e p t hustling, and the g e n tle­ m en a t the tables also k e p t hustlir/g. The last arrival was finally satisf^’ed and th e usual business m e e ting j of th e Circle occupied some time. Pifes- ident Sam u el G. M cDonald called /for th e rep o rt of a com m ittee appointed to look up by-laws. It seems in } the shuffle of changing secretaries I th e Circle’s by-law s have been m ialaid and new ones will have to be d r a it e J . The Circle received an invitatUon from the D u tch Arm s of th e R e f o r m ­ ed Church to be its guest evening of Jan u a r y 15th, 1912. Tlhis invitation was accepted and the C/ir- cle will attend. The Circle flourishing condition financially,^ having been paid up to' a gratif; degree w ithin th e past m o n th, R. Salm o n suggested th a t th e Cj raise funds to reim b u rse Mr. M ason for having a new floor laj th e large room w h e re th e Circle its m eetings in th e church. The gestion w a s adopted, and a subsj tion stibstantially started. The cost $130, A f ter th e business of th e evi P resident M cDonald left the tain m e n t in charge of Mr. Franj bolt. Judge Lybolt had a shea| resolutions, one for each memjj th e Circle, alleged to have beei ten by them to P resident M’cJ and w h ich occupied some reading. Some w e re in verse,j them in prose, all were clever, and evidenced w ith th e victim ized subjet rem a rkable. No one cept Judge Lybolt hims(| excused because of th e gWfiiali| ease w ith w h ich he delivered tj olutions. As an entertainm e n t, m o st enjoyable, and it is doui any recent g a thering has fo r th so m u c h of genuine Iocs - A huge blast rolled | Tom p k ins ' and instant- r o f M. J. Gibbs, ^ n e r a l m a n a g e r f a helper was passive rocjg. SaR'ation A rm y ’s Ch!^ C a p tain and Mrs. Tidd, on of th e Salvation Army, w ish to j all w h o contributed to t h e l C h ristm a s dinner fo r the n e e d y ! T h e v w e r e able to m a k e a la r g e ! ffiearts glad on Christm a] out J i j|||^ - e n 30 and Always Unifom Has No Equ m Eagii m l ABSOLUTE SECURl Wayne County Savin] HONESDALE, PA. ,\rc A p p i'otJated by P o rt Jervis Thousands who suffer ^from back- fiche and kidney eomplain/t have tried one remedy after another, finding only temporary benefit. J This is dis­ couraging, but there is) one special Pkidney medicine that cures perman­ ently and there is pleaty of proof right here in Port Jervis. H e re is th e testim o n y of one who used D o a n ’s K idney P .lls years ago, and now states th a t th e cure was lasting. Mrs. A rm u n d a Spaice, 11 Owens S t , P o r t Jervis, N. Y„ says: “I w ill­ ingly confirm th e pul;)lic statem e n t I gave in 1908, tellin g ' of m y experi­ ence With D o a n ’s K idney Pills. I suffered fo r years from backache and constant pain across^ m y loins. H e a r­ ing of D o a n ’s K idney Pills, I procur­ ed a supply a t Laid ley’s D rug Store and began using them . They m ade me feel b e tter a t once. I continued tak in g this rem e d y u n til my trouble entirely disappeared. I have had no recurrence of kidney com p laint and therefore have g reat confidence in D o a n ’s K idney Pill.'y” F o r sale by all ^dealers. Price 50 cents. F o s ter-M ilburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for th e U n i t e d , The Leading Financial Institution of \ D e sires to call atten tio n to th e ABSOLUTE its DEPOSITORS. It has an uninterrupted, s SECUFT $.625,0tfl Every d o llar of which m u s t be lost before any depositor .could Ipse a'P E N j O u r Cash F u n d s are protected by M ODERN ST E E L V J ^ L T ^ . j \ - X ASSETS Of 00>000• 0 ^ : n a n c i a l iN ^ r iT i O u r TOTA L ASSETS of J3,000,00 0 .0 0 , together w i t h |o u f laVge G A P I ^ j,d SURPLUS niake the IH ^Y NE COJ^TY^SAVINGS BANK th e LEAD i I ip'e invite y o j j pou can do ] IN T E R E S T J m a d e on or befol] DAR MONTHS a W r ite to us f o r i D e cem b e r 1, 191 b f this SECTION. ID E P O S IT O R here, p b y M A IL. i th e F IR S T O P ANY M ONTH deposM [ O F T H E M O N T H and fo r all l i t has been here 3 MONTHS. ' t : ' f - . . , . S^MON, |pashfer. 1 b i 'k a t W\e best I p l u m b - [coRie t o fe a s e y o t i , E h e e r f u l l y

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