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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, January 04, 1912, Image 4

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‘ fixe O sterhniU. o f B r is c o ; p a l l i c o o n C en- o f K e n o z a B S c h u m a n n , of \Whom re- RIfT. xx'itnes^ of B e t h e l ^ deceased, a i ^ left in tlie officH ■;S, 1911.— ’Twas jB v e r y b o d j' was r on m a k ing ev- pappx. Santa arriv e d p y route aeording to jaid kis p a r t in m a k ing - th e little ones. ___ ' supper was a success ■Tsi'cially and financially. R eal ■were used. The Allen orches- K e n tly in th e soup. The Allen orch.es- Ira furnished th e necessary stimuUis K>r the dancers, who danced w'ith em - l i a s i s and keen enjoym ent. F o r ob- p u s reasons it has been decided to ■ ve an o th e r oyster supper Satur-.i ■ y night. The Town H a ll will ac- B m m o d a te a goodly num b e r of ^par- ^ - b u s h , G e rm antow n and Matamo* .• friends. feam Wilpon returnea to Rochester Beslay. Frank Clark accompanied Frank will work in Rochester : f u r th e r notice, t a i l C lerk W ilber Sawyer, of ISTew- ^ spent C h ristm a s wdth his parents, ^ n d H itchcock are doing good hole Sam. Ivlyn E a g le gix'es a very in t e r v i e w w ith Mr. T. L. veteran chim e r of the .\n n 's C h u rch. Mr. Shear- ly occupied the K n icker- in Mill R ift last sum m e r, friends in this section sed ty learn th a t Mr. ilth is im p roved. ^er and fam ily, of M iddle- have been, v is iting rela- ■rohjn is ^\ngaged in add- ■ i r c h i t ^ muh MnuuD State Commissioner Pearson Be­ lieves It Is Now Demanded And Needed. Troubles senw and Bowels^ r and natural sleep. ^ WOULD INCREASE PRODUCTION $i50,000,000 to .$100,000,000 M ore M ight he H a d F ro m Xew Yoric F a rm s — Ih’^fdes W o u ld he 1/oxverefl fo r City People. Syi-acuse, iST. Y., I>ec. 29.—^Agricul­ tural education along- political lines xx'ith a View to increasing farm pro* auction will aid in the solution of the ' question of th e high cost of living, according to S tate Comm issioner itg ricu ltu re R aym o n d A. Pearson, who delivered an address today “ Education and A g riculture,” before the Associated Academ ic Principles pf th e s t a t e of New York. H e em ­ phasized th e im p o rtance of such ed­ ucation and detailed the grow th farm ing in the east. •Commissioner Pearson strongly recom m ends ag r icu ltu r a l instruction in th e public schools. “ I believe in such instruction,” said he, “ b ecause it is now dem a n d ed and needed, is distinctly to the advantage of the public to have it provided. If ag r i­ culture is to be conducted profitably, .ruction m u s t be given because lethods m u s t be used and these generally pi-acticed. Many dnk they know them , but did know them they .them better. The ^ b een developed , ag r icu ltu r a l j ' i o 00,- Id be and natura j^Clio 9Io1/lxc]?^s F x icn.d« ^ S T O R J A ALWAYSj Bears the Signature of id You Have Always Bought Jse F o r Over 3 0 Years rrAUR cowPAWY, tt wurbay s t r e e t , . sew Y ork city . t v L.W . S M IT H W afehinaker and Jew e ler WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEWEIiRY AND S l’ER M X G SILV E R W A R E ONLY. 58 FRONT STTREET P o r t Jervis. X. Y. O. & W. W a tch ItisptH.*! LOCAL 'PH O N E «2. IN FULL BLAST!! ------------------ - --- - ------------ -------------------- ^ The Great Clearing Sale! O F T H E Port Jervis Bargain Store 42 Front Street. Everything in Ready to-Wear Garments for Women and Children. SPECIALS IN LAHES’ SUITS AND COATS DURING THIS SALE! Port Jervis Bargain Store, 42 Front St., Port J e r v is , N. V. OVERLAND MODEL 59T I Our New I $900 1912 “ O V E R ^ k o ” ! 30 li. p. Touring Car. i llpmpare it With Other Selling for Less $1,200. Licensed Lady E m h a lm e r UH D irector by request, 9 Office co rn e r P i k e S t„ aril Square. P. J, T e l e p h o ^ R e s idence: N ig h t C a lls a t ^ R y a n St., L o c a l T e t e p h o n 1 | Also p r e p a r e d to d isin fe c t h a w h e r e th e r e have been any d tagrlous diseases. M. G. BORNE & SON, Funeral Dir e c t o r s AND Licensed Embalm ers O F F IC E AND R E S ID E N C E 64 Front-st. P.J. Phone 263J New Y o rk R e p resentatlT e : New Y ork and Brooklyn Cas­ k e t Company, No. 27 G reat Jones Street. Telephone 3249-3260. # 6 0 YEARS* EXPERIENCE P m m Scientific Rtiicrican. euiaiioTi or anyscient yc?ir: i«>ur m onths, $L MUNN&C0.36’ Branch Office, 625 F Linotype Composition. Law work, Pam p h lets, B<k)k- leta—any line of compueltiou prom p tly attended to. W e desire to Inform our brother rtibllshers, th a t with our two m a c h ines wc arc In a position to cater to th e ir wonts for quick, aocum te com - posltJoik. Tri-States Pub. Co.,'^ PORT JE R V IS, N. Y. THE THRICE-A-WEEK EDITION O F t h : : N E W Y O R K W O R L D Fractlcslly » I>sily s t the Price of a WeeklK No Other Newspaper in th e World GI y M So Uucb at So Low a Price. The great political campalgas ara at han4, an4 you want the news a c c u ^ an4 promptly. The ^Bgrl* Iona sln c e j T llshed a record fo r j body can a j ^

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