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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, February 29, 1912, Image 2

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ANNUAL MEETING AND DINNER OE THE MINISINK VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY ^CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) to th e extent of a business m a n ’s vis­ ion. T h e r e m u s t be a vision of £ ibiTight fu tu re fo r P o r t Jervis if th a t fu t u r e is to be realized. E s tablish belief in th e city and th e n m a k e grow and prosper. Mr. R o y s’ address Struck a popular chord and w a s well received. E a i i y an d R a ter Settlers. •Mt. Cud'deback introduced M r. E d ­ w a rd J. Oollins, Esq., of N e w b u rgh, ■who spoke on th e suibject “ E a r ly and , R a ter Settlers.” Mr. Collins began his ' a d d r e s s w ith graceful reference to his earlier days sp e n t in this city, when he was em p loyed on the Gazette. He said in p a r t “ T h a t was before the siren voice w h ich seemed im pei’ative lured m e co a n o t h e r sphere, an d if in th a t field I have had some m e a sure of success, n o t th a t degree for w h ich I have h e a rd m y self credited then indeed 1 a m quite ready to predicate th a t Success to th e durable perm a n e n t system and th e efficiency of the pub­ lic schools of this city, and to know ledge an everlasting debt g ratitu d e to the h ig h ch a racter th e com m u n ity of m y early surround- ii.gs, w h o se very atm o s p h e re is ch a r g ­ ed w ith all th a t m a k e s for good and stro n g and rugged citizenship.” H e paid trib u te to the Historic^,! So­ ciety an d its purpose. “ P a triotism b o rn of heroism and valor Seems nev­ e r to h a v e .b e e n a p a r t of this coun- tiy ’s need,” said the speaker. “ R a th e r do w e need stim u lation along lines of m o ral courage and in m y opinion th e reason fo r it is not too •difficult to find. W ith th e tu rn in g of th e Wheels of tim e an d th e steady ad ­ vancem e n t o f o u r national prosperity wp have attra c ted to our shores d u r­ in g the last decade or two, an im m i­ g ration p e c u liar ,in i t s natu re an d still m o re peculiar in its causes and ef- ?ects,” snt of a new land. ' j 40’s an d 50’s fro: [•eland \ -adoi^ion of j ----------- — ------ ------ -- the free and the home of the bra’ w a s quick, com p lete a n d absolute. “ L u s t ism and dependience schem e things. Yes, independence p a t h of right, ra th e r tha the Cross; a materialism ______ — mg to pure p a tr i ___ ___ ___ __ necessary to thi Idingding u pp off a strongtrong andnd proro­ gressivegressive people.eople. Thesehese tendenciesendencies haviav •left th e i r footprints upon th< r order of to leave the n to follow without the epen d seem s to jhem e of th e la t t e r V a c i'Tiaa,pende] fteriali _ _________ _____ b e l o n g __ „ J s m and th a t are necessary buil u o a s a p p T t h •left t h e i r footprin ts upo n th e sand and th roughout th e world is observa ble th e sp ir it of u n rest and the de m a n d fo r drastic changes w h ich per- o u r ears “ Of all th e habits w h ich _ispositions and ------ -------- lead to political rosperity, religion and m o rality are indispensable supports. In vain would th a t m a n claim th e trib u te of patriotism who should labor to subvert these of hu m a n happi- w ith caution g r e a t *^plllars us wiLu caul th e supposition th a t ) rality can be m a intained t o u t religion. W h a tever ana; 'conceded to th e influei fined educi „.a y % ices pf rei m inds of Lson and experience ootn lorm u us to ex­ p e c t th a t national m o rality can preyag^ exclusion of religious I t is encouraging, however, to note th e aw a k e n ing of th e public consci­ ence fo r as w idespread as is the exist­ ence of evil, w ider yet is t h e organiz­ ed efforts to check it; th e determ ina­ tion to protect public in terest a g a inst th e attack s of greed and avarice, the enforcem e n t of t h e law s calculated to p ro tect -the poor against th e abuses of th e rich an d th e elevation to power an d influence of m en who can be safely entrusted w ith th e rig h ts of o th e rs are a t least com ing to th e ir ow n ,-and gradually th e strongholds w ill be reduced, for th e genius of the A m e rican people w h e n aroused will find a solution consistent w ith tru th an d Justice. “ The im m o rtal Lincoln pointed the l-.;a y When he said : “ L e t reverence fo r th e laws be breathed by every A m erican m o th e r to th e lisping babe th a t ■prattles a t h e r lap; let it be tau g h t In schools, in sem inaries an d in colleges; let it be w r itten in prim e rs, spelling books an d in alm a n a c s ; let it be preached from th e pulpit, proclaim e d in legisuative halls an d enforced in courts of justice. And in short, let it becom e th e political relig­ ion o f the nation; an d let th e old and th e young, th e rich and th e poor, th e grave and th e gay of all sexes and tongues an d col­ ors an d conditions sacrifice u n ­ ceasingly upon its altars.” Nedless to say Mr. Collin’s address m e t w ith th e hearto e s t applause of approbation. A Paper by Mr. Bennet. The speechm a k ing w a s concluded w ith a historical p a p e r by Mr. Jam e s B e n n e t, who, in his wide acquaintance e n d varied experience as a local new s­ p a p e r m a n h a s br^ought down th rough th e years a sto re of interesting know ­ ledge of old-tim e conditions. P a r t s uf th e paper are here given : Mr. P resident an d Gentlem e n D e la w are an d Neverain II haveave againgair been .hoi h a invitation by Valleys, a __ ____ — Dnored w ith an ___________ >y th e com m ittee on speak­ ers to p repare an o th e r paper continu­ ing along th e sam e lines. This paper, a s did th e form e r one, treats o f conditions beginning in the earlyarly pairtairt off thh e 19th9th century. The LicaiB ui. vuiiuiuiuua oegm u m g in Llie e p o t e 1 century. The B a ttle of M inisink, B r a n t’s invasion, the first settlers and th e ir serious — 'g-les and h a r d s h ips have been t h e cts fo r speakers a t the annual :s an d an n u a l dinners on m any —w^^ions and these rem inif are of th e lives im m ediate d iate liscence! 5 of their scend- ^.1. conditions m le descendants, an d mai guests at this table axe desteu< ints of these w o r thy people. In th e fo r m e r p a p e r no mentic was m a d e o f th e am u s e m e n ts of thOL_ days, th e w itches, w h ich w e re so fe a r ­ ed, and the m a n y o th e r m a tters w h ich occupied th e attention of the m en w h ile n o t .engaged in agi-icultural pursuits, an d the w o m en when at leisure fro m household duties wliich included weaving cloth, spinning,tail­ oring, dressm a k ing and o ther indus­ tries in the hom es; now things of the All w o rk and no play m akes Jack a dull hoy,” and the history of those days, handed down, is co--”\ lof t h a t th e peoph ;ches, foot , fight occasionally. Ev- td its cham p ion These m a r- ■rly part of the century the young m e n had “ .general training,” Which w o u ld last fo r a week, and w h ile n o t engaged in th e dirilling and m a n u a l of ■ tling mate] &ret to say, a, i ery neighborho( w restler and strong m ap. These m a r ­ tial trainings, in the yearly meet, called General Training, brought to ­ gether th e young m en from W est- brookville, O a k land Valley, up the Valley, to Flattarookville an d B ersh- kill on opposite sides, o f th e D e la w are 30 m iles below P o r t Jervis, and m en from over th e m a u n tain, Colesville W a n tage township, Sussex Co., anc every section brought along “ bes1 m an, to carry off th e honors. In th e w inter season they had sing­ ing schools in th e school houses. B en­ jam in Van Inwegen, g ran d fath e r of T e r a s u rer of th e Society, Mbr. C. P. V a n Inw egen, w£ a s one of th e leading r. Van Inv V a n In w egen , w in»tructorss foir : ;orss foir years. Mr. Van Inwi gen w a s a m e m b e r of th e Consistory of the M 'ahakam ak Church, and for irs was the m u sical director o r pre- itor. H e stoodtood upinpin froroi n t of the ahakai H e s u f congregation and w ith th e aid of a tutllhg fork pitched th e tunes. H o w Could th e H o rse Tell ? i % ' present Mondon, corner of E a s t M ain street and K ingston avenue, this city, an am u s ing incident occurred, w h ich caused th e question am o n g the girls of t h e valley, “ How Could the H o rse Tell ? ” iJu ld a h Cuddeback, daughter of H e n reich or H e n ry Cuddeback, had been visiting a t the hotel and hom e of h e r b ro th e r Jacob, and, following th e party, it w a s h e r intention to re ­ tu r n to h e r hom e in the N e v ersink Valley. This inform a tion m a y have been given to Cornelius Westfall.son of David W e stfall, of w h a t is now M atam o ras. A t an y rate, a t the conclmsion th e p a r ty th e jolly young Cc who was a general favorite with girls, courteously asked a girl if m ig h t he allowed to tak e h e r hom e on his horse. H e assisted the consent­ ing girl to a sitting behind th e sad­ dle, w h e n im m e d iately th e horse be­ gan kiclcing an d h e hurriedly assisted h e r to alight. O ther girls m e t w ith the sam e ■treatment, and finally som e one sug­ gested th a t he invite H u ldah, who, bashfully assented, and lo and be- 'lold,old, ■( • - -eased i of 'ornelius. h th h e r pres assente d , an d lo an d h o rse seemed p l with . isence and was as m ild and pleasant as a M ay m o rning, Cornelius m o u n ted th e horse, and the pair, w ith H u ldah holding fast to th e young Cornelius, rode aw ay.fol- lowed by the lau g h ter of the rem a in­ ing guests. ' C o rnelius an d H u ldah Were m a rried th e following w inter, H u ldah was an au n t of H e n ry G-. Cuddeback, on th e N e v ersink Drive, W- H. C u d d eback, of th is city, an d an au n t b y m a rriage, of the w riter. They w e re the parents of Mrs. Elizabeth Canfield, M ata- morps. The sons-and ond generation Indian fighters am R e v o lutionary Wai m a n h o o d and wo tim e of th e com ing o f Rev. Cornelius C. E ltinge in 1816, an d during his pastorate, w h ich continued until his d e a th in 1843, th e re was an average £ ten w e d d ings yearly in th e old .imilieg of the D e la w are an d Never­ sink Valleys, in th e l a t t e r . 18th century, but, occasiohally, th e re w e re instances w h e re unquestioned proof was required lo rem o v e a life­ long belief. These wom en w ith the supposed p re te r n a tu r a l pow e r to b ring “ b ad lu c k ” to £ .............................. ....... ^ere grow ing to •nhood a t the l?Tbf a i r on broom sticks, and omstick was not convenient, to irilyrily tranran ss ff oo rmrr a hi tem p o ra t ing into beast o f burden, visitors a t th e farm hou<ses, th e good housewifi m an coming, she th e use of t h e ’ Luman he­ re dreaded i and whi w a w itch lediately bi selL^ Bev. Cornelius C. Eltinge. In the y e a r of 1816 Rev. Cornelius C. Eltinge, of Kingston, N. Y., who h a d ju s t graduated a t Queen’s Tlieo- logical Sem inary, now R u tg e r’s, dt New B runswick, N. J,, preached as a candidate to fill th e vacant pulpit of th e M 'ahakkam ak Church, then situ abb oo uu tt thh ee presentresent siteit of the “ ■ ■ n n l 'h iin f iine-, L fa v o r chosei ted on a t p s ew Tri-S tates school buildin T h e young dom inie created ion. ^ T h e contraict and was duly cl isistory and eongrega- -a called for $300 .nd a place of resi- able Impri yearly salary, dence. Then began a life w o rk th a t was m o s t im p o rtan t to the people of th f D e law are and N e v ersink valley, A man Whose subsequent life showed th a t he had unselfishly devoted his life to the w o rk of the M aster had com e am on'- them . H is wife was form e rly Ann M a­ ria Bevier, of New Paltz, N. T., and th e ir hom e was w h a t Is now known th e E lting Stone House a t Tri- :t above th e E rie Rai] rilroad. •tes, jusj OSS the M ahakkam al He baptised the children, th e dead, visited th e sick, m a d e pas­ toral visits and in addition preached on altern a te S a b b a ths a t the M ahak- kam a k and B rick H o u se Churches. H e held p ray e r m e e tings in the across th e N e v ersink river from the old M a h a k k a m a k cem e tery on E a s t ain stre e t H e baptise d th e childre n , buried C u d d eback, an d great-grandson. Sec­ re ta r y Sanauel M. C u d d eback, Bchoolhouses and m a n y of the hom es from th e B rick H o u se to Peenpack. H e was revered an d loved an d rarely an y thing w a s done in opposition to his expressed opinion as to the m o ral ef­ fect. H e certainly assisted m u c h in th e m o u lding of th e youth of t h a t day, and his perfect life and precepts were restrain in g Influences upon the fe’ vices in th e ir elders inherited fror th e dem o ralization *of th e w a r not s m a n y years previous. His life an d w o rk accom p lished aro a precious an d cherished legacy by his desevendants am o n g Whom are his idsons, o u r President, C. E. Cml- ick, V ice-President, Dr. W. L. d great-grandso n , inisink A t th e conclusion o f the speaking th e follow ing w e re voted into the so­ ciety: Everett B. Au'mick, A. H. F. Seeger, Edward J. Collins, John C u r­ ran , John A. K a d e l and H. J. P ip- T h e m a tter o f th e m idsum m e r picnic will be left w ith th e executive com m ittee of th e society. Moniing' Meeting- of The Historical Society. There was a good attendance of o f­ ficers and m em b ers a t th e annual m e e ting of th e M inisink Valley H is­ torical Society, which was held in the F ree L ibrary H a ll a t 11.30 o ’clock on T h u r s d a y m o r n ing. P r e s i ­ dent C. E. Cud'debaclc in the chair. The rep o rt of the lib rary com m it­ tee was read by the R e c o rding Secre­ tary in w h ich it w a s s tated t h a t $50.34 h a d been expended during th e year for books and th a t m a n y valuable gifts of books and records had been received from th e follow ing-nam e d donors : “ My Dream s,” poem s b y J o h n M a­ th e r D o lph.presented by h is daughters Mrs. George S. G u m aer and Miss A d a I. , Dolph. Keys of the old co u r t house and jail a t M ilford, Pa., in use from the tim e of th e ir erection in 1814 until the new court house was built. P r e ­ sented by W. H. N e a rpass in behalf of 'the late \Warren K. Ridgway, who w a s sheriff of P ike county fo r several years. The one w a s the key to the court room , and th e o ther to the jail. Copy of letter from General W a s h ­ ington to General Daniel Brodhead, dated M arch, 1779, who was one of the ancestors of th e late Capt. E d g a r B rodhead, of P o r t Jervis. Presented by the la t t e r ’s daughter, Mrs. Eliza B rodhead Cam p b ell, of Middletown, N. Y. The original letter is in posses­ sion of Oapt. B rodhead’s brother, H e n ry B rodhead, of Nice, Prance. A. P. A ltem eier—Proceedings ' of O range County B o ard of Supervisors, 1911. New Y o rk S tate H i^ o r ian — M in­ utes of the Executive Council 1668- Alfred Marvin—^Pennsylvania As­ sem b ly Archives, 16 volum es. W isconsin H istorical Society—Pre- ceedings of 1910 m eeting. W isconsin H istorical Commission—* W isconsin W o m en in th e W ax B e­ tween th e States; C h a ttanooga Cam- paigiU. » U. S. G o v e rnm ent— 24th Annual R e p o rt of In terstate Comm erce Com­ mission. Dr. W. L. C u d d eback—^Noon Day P rayerm e e ting published in 1858. N. Y, State H istorical Association— V o lum e 10, 12th annual m eeting. N. Y. S tate E d u c a tion D e p a rtm e n t — F o u r volum es, 63rd annual report, two volum es official m inutes of the H u d son-Pu'lton Commission. C. P. V an Inw egen— S everal re ­ p o rts o f t h e New Jersey Geological Survey. _ L ibrary of Congress— R e p o rt o f L i­ brarian, 1911, H. P. W a lker— Official R ecords of Union and C o n federate Navies, . five volumes. W. J. N e a rpass E s tate— P o litical Geography, 1852. R a ilw a y News B u reau — R ailw ay L ibrary, 1910. T e rcentenary Commission — Lake C h am p lain T e rcentenary Commission R eports, Jam e s Easton— ^Signs of The Times, a m agazine devoted to th e old school B a p tist principles. A. W. Smith.—B k u ll of Indian Chief Cahoonzie, from collection of J. M. Allerton. Theodore F le tch e t—^Ulster County Gazette. 1800. R ichard K n ight— L e tter, 1795, and contract, 1791, of Sam u el P reston, clippings dated 1826. Tlyfilodo-re W r iter—^Account bodk and ledger of Thom as Newonan, of Milford, dated 1811. W illiam Cole— C ollection of Indian arrow h e a d s and flints. C. E. and W. L. Cuddeback— ^Docu­ m e n ts and records of Rev. C. C. E l ­ ting, 1816-1843. W. L. C u d d eback— G e n e a l b ^ of the C u d d eback family. Silas Cuddeback — S ignatures of Governors of New Y o rk to Commis­ sions issued to A b raham Cuddeback, o f D e e rpark, th e signatures being of Flyliigr Men Fall victims to stomach, liver and kidney troubles just like other people, with like results in loss ot appetite, and tired, listless, run-down feeling. But there’s no need to feel like that as T. D. Peebles, Henry, Tenn., proved. “Six bottles of Electric Bitters” he writes, “ did more to give me new strength and good appetite than all 3ther stomach remedies I used.” So they help everybody. Its folly to suf­ fer when this great remedy will help you from the first dose. Try it. Only •0 cents at All Druggists. C h ildren Cry FOR FLETCHER’S C A S T O R 1 A George Clinton, i^ /8 ,Jo h n Jay. 1798, M o rgan Lewis, 1807, Daniel Tom p kins, 1809-1815, Jo h n Taylor, 1817, Joseph Yates, 1824, The list of docum e n ts and records of the Rev. C o rnelius C. E lting will be published later in The Union. T h e re a r e 2,087 books, pam p h lets and curios recorded. In 1911, eight volum es w e re purchased, 43 bound volum es received a s gifts, 4 new s­ p a p e rs and 3 periodicals were re ­ ceived. On m o tion of Mr. V a n Inw egen, the re p o r t was received and filed, and the R e c o rding Secretary directed to ex­ press th e th a n k s of the society to the donors fo r th e i r contributions. The report of T reasu rer C, F. Van Inw egen, giving receipts during the yelar as $374.41, disbursem e n ts o: $260.91, an d balance on h a n d o $113.50, was read, received and filed. Several bills for books, printing and postage w e re ordered pail. M essrs. G. F. Van Inw egen, A lfred M arvin and Dr. W. L. Cuddeback w e re appointed a com m ittee to nom ­ inate officers for the ensuing year. A fter a sh o rt conference the com m it­ tee recom m ended th a t the present of­ ficers be re-elected. The rep o rt was adopted and the foliowing-nam ed offi­ cers w e re re-elected by unanim o u s P resident— C. E. Cuddeback. V ice-Presidents—^Theodlore Writeir, P. L. G u m aer. W. H. N e arpass, W. i,. Cuddeback. R e c o rding S e c retary— S. 'M'. C u d ­ deback. C o rresponding Secretary — Alfred M arvin. T reasurer—C h arles F. Van Inw egen Executive C o m m ittee— ^J. J. Mills, H. B. Swartw o u t, George M. Gordon, Jam e s Bennet. The P resident called attention of th e society t h a t suggestions have been m ade fo r the bolding of a m e b ting and basket picnic on Monday, l j u ly 22, 1912, a t th e M inisink battleground in w h ich local patriotic and historical societies fro-m W a rw ick an d Goshen will join. A f ter som e discussion, on m o tion of Dr. J. J. Mills, the m a t t e r was re f e r ­ red to th e executive com m ittee with pow e r >to act, and to bring before the banqueters a t th e afternoon m eeting fo r t h e i r consideration. The m e e ting then adjourned to th e annual dinner to be held a t th e H o tel Mitchell. — - -------- H ' ---------- ------ GOOD BOWLING MATCH. Brokers Defeat Bankers in Two Well Mayer Games. A t th e E lk s ’ Club on S a turday nig h t two excellent gam e s of bowling w e re played betw e en “B a n k e rs” and “B rokers”— ^the l a t t e r being the vict­ ors. The players and figures were as follows: BANKERS. E. H. W h itney ................... 171 189 E. P. M apes ....................... 96 139 'Fred Seym o u r ..................... 158 139 J. J. Duley ............................ 141 138 W . L, Brow n ........................ 143 , 152 , 709 757 BROKERS. B. W. M ayer ........................ 200 219 P. H. M itchell ......................150 144 Sidney Tuscano ................. 146 136 J. J. Hawkins, Jr. . . ' ____ 150 160 T, C. W o rden ......................127 160 773 819 Big Improvements at High Point. M r. Jam e s P. Devine, forem a n for th e B. M. Shanley Sons’ Company, contractors, of New ark, N. J., w a s in town over S a turday and Sunday m a k ing arrangem e n ts fo r th e carry ­ ing -out of a co n tract fo r th e build­ ing of priv a te roads and concrete bridges on th e D ryden an d K u s e r es­ tates a t H igh Point. Sussex county, N, J. W o rk will he com m enced early i n M arch as soon os conditions are favorable. A b o u t 10 o r 12 m iles o f roads will b e b u ilt and other w o rk done w h ich will occupy fully two -------- Drimkciiness Increasing, Public drinking and subsequent im p risonm e n t fo r intokication are rapidly increasing in th e cities ofNew York, according to the annual rep o rt of th e S tate Comm issloh of Prisons. The rep o rt f o r th e proposed hospitals and colonies fo r th e care of inebri­ ates says in th e y e a r th e re w e re 29,- 774 m e n com m itted fo r disorderly conduct while intoxicated, an in ­ crease of m o re th a n 2,000, and 7,649 wom en w e re sentenced for public in­ toxication. -------- ^ -------- The Trials of a Traveler. “I am a traveling salesman,\ writes E. E. Youngs, E. Berkshire, Vt., “and was often troubled with constipation and Indigestion till I began to use Dr. King’s New Life Pills, which I have found an excell­ ent remedy.’’ For all stomach, liver or kidney troubles they are unequal­ ed. Only 25 cents at All Druggists. The Great Kidney Remedy CoBYinces The Most Skeptical. I w a n t to tell you w h a t Dr. K il­ ler’s Sw am p -R o o t did fo r me. I as com p letely broken down. My kidneys h u r t m e so th a t when I was down, I could not get up unless I took hold of som e thing to pull m y ­ self up with, I tried different kinds of kidney pills, b u t they did m e no good. Some­ one told me to try Swam p -Root. I had no faith in it b u t to please my wife, I purchased one bottle and took it. I saw it was beginning to help m e an d k e p t on tak in g it until I had taken six bottles and it straightened 'me out all right. Sw am p -R o o t is th e only m edicine th a t did me any good. I thought I would w rite this letter and tell ev­ eryone th a t is afflicted as I was, to tak e Dr. K ilm e r’s Swam p -Root. The six bottles I took cost m e five doll­ ars, and did m e five hundred dollars’ w o rth of good. Yours very truly, GEORGE H. HUBER, A tlanta. IlL S tate of Illinois ? Logan County ) I, M, ,M, Hoose, a Notar; and fo r th e asid th e S tate c ' •tify, t h a t G< m e to be th e sam e per: nam e Is subscribed to th e foregoing instrum e n t, appeared before m e this day in person and acknow ledged t h a t h e signed, sealed and delivered th e said instrum e n t as his free and vol­ u n tary act. Given und e r m y h a n d and N o tarial Seal this th e 12th day o f July, A. D., a r y Public in asid county of Logan, of lillinois, do hereby certify , t h a t G eorge H. H u b e r, know n to m e to be th e sam e perso n whose L e tter to Dr. K ilm e r & Co Bingham ton, N. ] Prove VVhat Swamp-Boot Will Do For You. Imer & Co., Bing- so receive form a tion, tellini_ neys and bladder. Wh< imple bottle. anyone. You will al- a booklet of valuable in­ tellin g all ab o u t th e kid- d o llar sr. W h e n w riting, be nention th e T ri-S tates egular fifty-cent an size f o r sale a t all drug NOTICE OF PBIMABY ELECTIONS ctio n s . in a r y electii th e Ti m a ry Election Law, m titled to vote a t O range C< ige C oimty, dll be held know n as to all pel prim a ry th a t a p rim a r y electio n wi in and fo r th e Town of D e e rpark j * ■ on th e 26 th day of M arch, 1912, and \ • th a t th e polls of such election will IX 3 o ’clock p. m. an d clos< p. m. on th a t day, fo of electing delegates to th e follow ing eon com m ittees of th e De Republican, Prohibition ; P a rties: S tate Conventii membei ions and co m m itte es o f th e Demo- ratic, R epublican , Prohibitio n an d ssembly an d Com Polling places have been designat­ ed as follows : First district at C. V. Predmore’s Storage Room, Cuddebaokville. Second district at C. J. Van In- wegen’s H a ll. H u g u e n o t. Third district at Sparrowbush Vil­ lage Hall, Sparrowbush. NOTICE O F PB IM A B Y ELECTIONS ; I > ♦ ♦ ♦ n New Goods Received Daily. Something New All The Time. STEVENS, WHITNEY &DENTON DRV GOODS. Ail Mail and ’Telephone Orders Filled Same Day asReceived Sprinq Suits! Our racks are rapidly filling with the newest creations ill Spring Suits direct from some of the largest and best manufacturers in the business. It may seem a little early t to some of you to talk Spring Suits, however, our experi- ■- ence is th a t first selections are a lways best. The styles are ‘\ settled for the season and the workmanship and materials are naturally better than they will be later on during the rush p a r i of the season. The materials used are mostly whipcords and serges, most popular colors are navy blues and greys. The price £ range is $12, $ 15, $18, $20, $22, $25, $ 30. Brery suit th a t goes o u t of our place is guaranteed to ^ fit perfectly. We m aintain our own workroom and make our own alterations. Mrs. Sprague, who is an expert in - ► dressmaking and tailoring, is in charge of this Dart of the ^ I work and we have y e t to hear of a dissatisfied customer. Why not make a selection now and be :: ready for the warm spring days that are f to come. MR. EDWARD TODD h as been engaged by us to give bis rapid a r t painting exhibitions all this week in one of ' “ pur windows and in the store. If interested we would ask; you to kindly come and see him while he works. I t is- free of charge, everybody welcome. His work will be on sale a t prices within the leech of all. Price range from 50 c- to $ 2 ^ will i'; accordiog to the siae. “' 3 ! ; ; _______________________________ ^ ___________________ STEVENS, WHHNtY & DENTON:: Polling olaces have been desianat- T ' ’ ” th e S tate of New York, know n as the P rim a ry Election Law, to all persons entitled to vote a t prim a ry elections in Orange County, th a t a prim a ry election will be held in and fo r th e Town of Greenville on th e 26th day of M arch, 1912, and th a t th e polls of such election will open a t 3 o’clock p, m. and close a t 9 o’clock p. m. on th a t day, fo r .the purpose of electing delegates and m esmbers m b e rs to th e following conven- com m ittees of th e Demo- epubliean. P rohibition and P a rties: S tate Conventions, mal, Senatorial, to tions and cratic, R< Social!! :d as follows : • F i r s t d istrict a t P ines Hall. JO H N E . CORWIN, ALEX. T. MORAN, JO H N J. PEA K E , R O B E R T J. HOOK. Orange County. New Pastor at WIckliam Church. Rev. Caleb S. Bell has been sent to this city .to fill out the pastorate a t th e W ickham A. U. 'M. P. Church, w h ich was recently m a d e vacant by th e death of Rev. S. P . H o w a rd. Do you know that more real dang- ” er lurks in a common cold than in > any other of the minor aliments? The safe way Is to take Chamber­ lain’s Cough Remedy, a thoroughly reliable preparation, and rid yojrself of the cold as quickly as possible. This remedy Is for sale by All Deel- To Break In New Shoes Always Dse Allen’s Foot-Ease, the antiseptic powder. It prevents tightness and blistering, relieves Bunions, Swollen, Sweating, Tender feet. At Drug- giata, 25c. Sample mailed FRF Address^ A. 8. Olmsted, 1> Roy, IN PURS! Surrogate o_ __ _____ ^ . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, cording to law, to all persons having claims against the estate of Benjamin Ryall, late of the City of Port Jervis, in said county, deceased, that they are required to present the sanie. with the proper vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, the Administratrix or all and singular the goods, chattels and credits of said deceased, at her place of residence, No. 13 Elizabeth Street, In the City of Port Jervis. New York, on or before the 16th day of August next. Dated, January ?6, 1912. MARY J. RTALU Administratrix. C. E. & S. M. CUDDEBACK. Attorneys for Admx. Nos. 112 and 114 Pike St., Port srvls, N. Y, WANTED H a v e p a r ty who wi privilege of buying •ill ren t w ith FRED’KD. FOWLER. Successor to rvlng Elston. Insurance and Real Estate. 89 PIKE ST., PORT JERVIS, N. Y. N. Y. Office, 45 W. S4th Street- WE SAVE YOU MONEY You save your OLD CA'RPBTB and send them to us. We can make them Into BRIGHT NEW RUGS. Write for prices. Binghamton Rug Works 100 P a rk Avenue, Blngtiamton, N. Y. you should have y o u r plumbing repaired is th a t sickness and death have often resulted from the pipes being out of order. Perfect sanitary arrangements are essential to health. Have y o u r work done by responsi­ ble *plumbers, for “ poor q uality work is n o t cheap a t any price.’' Our rates and our work defy adverse criticism. Pecky Jhe Plumber, 43 Front Street CARPETS! As you pass Johnson & Stoll’s look in their large Bhow windows a t the new Spring Styles in Carpets also the New Folding Go-Carts Our smaller window has some Orcassian Walnut Furniture This, as you know^ is the newest thing in bedroom furniture. The Crescent Vacuum Cleaner is the best and cheapest on the market. Free Exhibitions Daily. Johnson St Stoll, 92 Pike street.

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