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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, February 29, 1912, Image 8

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PERSONAL A N D _ _ __ ~ ■ \ SOCIAL NOTES <From Daily Union of Feb. 23). a t his hom e, No. 14 E a s t Main M rs. J. Y. Irw in entertained h e r , s treet. Sunday School class a t the parson- j Dr. G. T. R o d m a n , of Hawley, and a g e on C a therine street on Tuesday j Dr. W. R. Shannon, of Lackaw a x en, evening. j w e re in town on business today. M r. W ilm o t V. Conkling. Jr., of Thirty-five newsboys wh East Main street, left town on W e d ­ nesday afternoon for a visit with his grandm o ther, M rs. C h a rles K. Hoff- .m a n , of Brooklyn, N. Y., rem a ining ■until Sunday. E rie S u p e rintendent Theodore Ifackrell, of Salamanjpa,, ■ xrsday w as a visitor In th is city on T h u rsda y afternoon. A ttorneys John W. Lyon, W illiam A. P a rsh a ll and Sam u el M. Cudde- fcack atten d e d the banquet of the O r­ an g e co u n ty Ba:r Association, which w a s held in th e St. Elm o H o tel on W e d n esday evening. The principal address was given by Suprem e C o u rt Ju s tice A r th u r S. Tom p k ins, of Ny- Mr. Thom as J. Bonnell attended the annual m e e ting an d 'banquet of the N e w Jersey Society of The Cincinnati, held in N e w a rk on Thursday. •Mr. N a thaniel T a f t and son, Mr. W m . A. Taft, of Passaic, N. J„ were In town W e d n esday night and T h u rs­ day. On W e d n esday night they a t ­ tended a m e e ting of U s tayantha Lodge I. O. O. F., of which lodge the senior T a f t h a s been a m e m b e r som e 5'3 Fears. A t th e com p letion of his h a lf century of m em b e rship th r e e years ago h e received a fifty year jew e l,the only one of its kind in th e state. Mr. T a f t w a s th e engineer on E rie train One fo r over 50 years, ru n n in g be­ tw e e n P o r t Jervis and Susquehanna. H e retired from the E rie road seven y e a rs ago on a pension. He will be 87 years old on M arch 15th, 1912, and, fo r a m a n of th a t age, is rem a rkably h a l e an d hearty. The Messrs. T a f t a t ­ tended th e M inisink VAlley H istorical Bociety d in n e r on T h u rsday afternoon. Mr. L a y ton R u tan, re tu r n e d to H a rtford, Conn., today, afte r being in th is city some tim e recovering from a n in ju ry t o his foot. 'Mrs. Jo h n Bates, of M onticello, sp e n t W a s h ington’s B irthday w ith Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Johnson, of Spar- row b u sh, an d m a d e th e acquaintance o f h e r new grandson’s recent arrival a t th e Johnson home. (F rom D a ily U n ion of Feb. 24). T h e m a n y friends of Rev. W illard C o n g er are glad to know t h a t he h a s p ractically recovered from his recent a ttac k • of grip and th a t he ex­ pects to preach in th e R e form e d D u tch C h u rch Sunday. M r. Lewis V a n inw e g e n is again the Kew York Evening Journal attended the New T h e a tre vaudeville show, on F riday evening, witlx David A. Rose, a traveling representative of the Journal. M anager Jam e s Sweeney do­ nated the seats. (F rom D a lly Union of Feb. 26). Mr. W ilson Aum ick, of W e st Main street, who was recently scalded by steam while o-perating an E rie coal shovel on th e E rie P lats, h a s so fa r recovered as to be up and out. Mr. H e rb e r t H a p p , of S p a rrow - bush, retu r n e d hom e on Saturday from Ithaca, N. Y., w h e re h e com ­ pleted a sh o r t general agricultural course in th e New Y o rk College A g riculture, Cornell University. H e will apply his scientific knowledge to the fine farm of his fath e r. P o s tm a s ­ ter C o n rad H a p p , in Sparrow b u sh. Miss E lizabeth Dolan, of D e la­ ware street, spent Sunday with friends in Greycourt, N. Y. Rev. S. B. V a n d ersoll, pastor of th e Sparrowbush Methodist Episcopal Church, was recently graduated from the D rew Theological Sem inary a t M adison, N. J., having com p leted the full course of study. Mr. W m . B u rr, th e genial police­ m an, is a t his hom e on W e st M ain street suffering w ith an attack of . Mr. John B u rr, stu d e n t in th e Col­ lege of D e n tistry a t the U n iversity of Pennsylvania, P h iladelphia, visited w ith his parents over th e recen t holl- Miss M argery V roonan, of Clyde, N. Y., is visiting th e fam ily of Mr. Lloyd Stevens, of U lster Place. Mr. an d Mrs. H. H. F a rn u m ■ r e ­ turned S a turday from Newburgh, w h e re they were th e ^ e s t s of Mr. and Mrs. G raham W itschief. The m a n y friends in this city o f Mr. Ellsw o rth D. Elston, will be pleased to learn th a t he h a s recently com p let­ ed th e course of study necessary to receive th e degree of A. B. from C o r­ nell University, w h e re he h a s been studying for t h e p a s t t h ree and a-half years, and h a s also received and a c ­ cepted an appointm e n t as in s tr u c to r in physical geography in th e U n iver­ sity, -where he will rem a in, and g rad ­ uate -with his class in June. Mr. L. R a y G lass h a s been appoint­ ed C h ief C lerk to E r ie M a ster Me- OPINING OF A NEW SCHOOL ■ -------- -f -------- Tri-States Building at Jersey Ave­ nue and East Main Street Put in Service Monday. N E W TRI-STATES SCHOOL AT JE R S E Y AYE. AND EAST MAIN ST. .^rain Five to n ig h t fo r Saginaw, -Mich., w h e re sh e will join h e r husband, w h o has been in Saginaw fo r the past th ree m o n ths, and w h e re his brother, Mr. R o y Lam e reaux, also of P o r t Jervis, is em p loyed in th e trolley service. Mr. A. E. Lam o reaux will accom p a n y them as fa r as Buffalo. • Mr. P, F. Van Noy„.who has been in Chicago attending the m e e ting of the F reig h t Agents of the Er|fc.R . R. system , has returned hom e. Mrs. H a rry P iatt, who has been se- diously ill a t h e r hom e on H u d son street, is im p roving. Miss F lo r a Mondon, who has had a severe attack of the grip, is m u c b Im­ proved. 'Miss F lo r a Spencer, of C lark street, has been suffering from a severe a t ­ tack of n e u r a lgia and grip. The condition of Mr. C h arles D. P a tterson, of 1.32 P ike street, who has been ill w ith th e grip, is m u ch im p roved today. ----------------- 4 ^ ----------------- HYGIENE AL. gown w a s of pink chiffon over pink m essaline w ith crystal trim m ings an d she carried a bouquet of pink roses. The bridesm a ids w o re w h ite lingerie dresses w ith pink sashes and carried pink sw e et peas. L ieutenant M alven and his best m a n wore th e ir uniform s. Following the cerem o n y th e re was a w e d d ing breakfast, w h e n th e bride cut th e cake w ith the groom ’s sword. A basket of pink roses graced the p retty table airan g e d fo r th e wed­ ding p a r ty In the dining room . About 150 guests were present. Am o n g those from out of tow n were; T h e groom ’s m o ther, Mrs. H e n ry H. iMalven, of P o r t Jervis; Mr. a n d Mrs. Shirley Brown, of H o rnell ; Mr. and iMrs. G ranger A. H a llister, of R o c h e s­ ter, an d L ieutenant Hollis M uller, of New London, Conn. A fter a w e d d ing journey L ieutenant and Mrs. M alven will m a k e th e ir hom e a t C h arleston, S. . C., w h e re L ieutenant M alven is stationed at F o r t M oultrie. able to be about tow n an d atten d to ! Charles J a m e s in Jersey City, h& duties as Superintendent of th e telephone com p any. Mr. E. K a lbfus, of Shohola, Penn., Is in town on business today, and in- j Cidentally visiting w ith h is m any friends here. M r. and Mrs. T h o m a s Duffy, of •West M ain street, left tow n on train 80 this m o rning fo r Jacksonville, F lo r id a . They w ill m a k e several an d assum e d ihis new duties today. Mr. Jacob Portz, o f P o n d Eddy, N. Y., w a s in P o r t Jervis on business to- Mr. H. O. R o s e n k rans, who has been ill a t his hom e on E a s t Main street, fo r several days past, is improving. Mr. Edw in C. Frazee, of W e ehaw k - en, N. J., visited his parents on Del- stops on th e way, visiting in P h ila- delphia an d Wiashington. In F lo r id a they will visit w ith th e i r eldest son, Joseph, who h a s been south since leaving school in P o r t Jervis. M iss G e rtrude Salm o n w e n t to M o n tclair on F rid a y to visit w ith h e r friend. Miss Belle Meyer. M r. and M rs. Roy Gage,of Lyndon- ville, V e rm o n t, who have been trav ­ eling th ro u g h M aine and M assachu­ setts, are visiting P rof, and Mrs. L in­ coln J. ■ R oys, of Lym a n street. Mrs. Gage is a sister of Prof. Roys. F rom h e r e Mr. an d Mrs. Gage will travel south, visiting a t P h iladelphia and W a shington, D. C. They will assist in th e special m u sic a t Di-ew M. E. C h u rch on Sunday evening. M r. E d Collins, of New b u rgh, who epoke a t th e H istorical Society din­ ner, Thursday, will be in town over S u n d a y w ith his parents, Mr. and M rs. T. J. Collins, on W e st Main street. Mrs. W illiam Dorrell, of W a ld- wick, N. J., arrived in town today to visit ov^er Sunday vrith h e r parents, M r. and Mrs. H e rm a n P a n tley, of W e st M ain street. M iss M a ry Oakley, who is teaching a t Centreville, is a t hom e w ith h e r parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Oakley, 99 W e s t Main street, fo r th e w e ek end. Miss Diehl, of M iddletown, w a s In town as th e guest of Miss M a r­ g u e r ite C rosier over W a s h ington’s B irthday. She enjoyed th e dance of th e K n ights of C o lum b u s th a t even- B x -Judge H. B. Fullerton, who is on the steam e r “A lam o ” bound from New Y o rk City to Galveston, Texas, w irelessgram e d this m o rning to P o r t Jervis th a t th e steam e r i>assed th ro u g h a fearfu l storm fo r two days, and th a t this m o rning it reached a region of fine w e a ther. All on board are well, except a few who w e re sea- Slckened during th e tem p e s t A t 7 a. m. yesterday th e steam e r w a s 450 m iles south of th e Scotland L ight­ ship, an d it should be off F lo r id a this evening. Dr. H. B. S w a rtw o u t was called to Kenoza Lake, Sullivan county, N. Y., on T h u rsday night, w h e re he p e r ­ form e d an operation for appendici­ tis on Mrs. Joseph Coffero, Jr. He w a s assisted b y Dr. Gain, of Jeffer­ sonville. Miss Florlm e l C a rm e r returned to h e r hom e in this city on W e d n esday, a f te r / p a s s i n g several days am o n g ifrfends- in New Y o rk City an d P a ter- T h e condition o f M e r c h a n t F r a n k D e n ton, w h o hag been III d u rin g th e (P rom D a ily U n ion of Feb. 27). E x -Judge H. B. F u llerton, of this city, w h o is on bo a r d the steam e r “ Alam o ,’ ’bound fo r Galveston, Tex­ as, w irelessgram m e d to New York City th a t th e vessel w a s 48 m iles w e st of K ey W est, Florida, o’clock on M o n d ay evening. Mrs. E d w a rd H. Saxton, of B rook­ line, Mass., is spending several days w ith h e r m o ther, Mrs. C a rr ie Dobbs, on E a s t M ain street. Miss R u th Seybolt, w h o h a s been passing a w e ek in Ellenville as the guest of Dr, and M rs. H a rry M cCart­ ney retu r n e d to h e r hom e on M onday, Mr, and Mrs. R o b e rt H a m ilton, of M echanic street, have retu r n e d from an enjoyable trip to the Big City. They visited in B rooklyn w ith Mrs, H a m il­ ton’s bi’other, Mr. H o w a rd Gould, and his fam ily. Mr. P e ter W andllng, of W a shing­ ton, N. J., was a visitor in P o r t Jei*- vis today. Miss E d n a B ranning, of N a rrow s- burg, N. Y., is in town fo r a b rief vis­ it w ith h e r sister, Mrs. J “. G, H o rn- beck, of Ferguson avenue. Mrs. P . J. Sinsabaugh, of Delaw are street, h a s retu r n e d hom e from a visit of som e m o n ths w ith h e r daughter, Miss E t t a Sinsabaugh, o f Springfiekl, Mass., and friends and relatives in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Miss Louise H o w a rd, a form e r res­ ident of this city, Is the superintend­ en t of the B rooklyn N u rsery, which has com e into prom inent notice th ro u g h th e alleged poisoning of eight in fan ts by W inifred A n k e rs, an a t ­ ten d a n t of the institution, who is be­ lieved to be deranged. Mrs. W. E. M itchell and M rs. Dr, Roosa, of K ingston, N. Y., are th e guests of Mr. and'M r s . P. H. MltcheU a t th e H o tel M itchell. (P ro m D a ily U n ion of Feb, 28). Mr. M. W. Sm ith an d fam ily, of A r­ lington, N. J., are guests a t the hom e of Mr. S m ith’s parents. E n g ineer and Mrs. J. W. Sm ith on O range street. Mr. Sm ith will leave tom o rrow for Providence, R. I., w h e re he has ac­ cepted a position as m a n a g e r of the clothing firm of Callender, McAustani & Troupe Company. M rs. Sm ith will ■'oin h e r husband as soon as b e is set­ tled in his new location. Miss M ae Seybolt passed several days In th e m e tropolis last week. I Mr. H e n ry Prussia, o f Brooklyn, I form e rly a resident of th is city, wasi' a caller h e r e on Monday. ( Mrs. H a rry Lam o reaux and littl< Hoi*nbeck— Artis. From th e DesMoines, Iowa, R egis­ ter and Leader, o f Sunday m o rning, Jan u a r y 21, 1912, is taken the follow­ ing, w h ich will be received with su r ­ prise by m a n y of th e friends in this city o f Dr. E lm e r G. H o rnbeck, who have not had any previous intim a tion of. h is m a rriage. Miss A rtis w a s a vis­ ito r In th is city la s t sum m e r and m ade m a n y friends during h e r stay W e d d ing Announced. A m a rriage, w h ich will com e as a surprise to th e m a n y friends, is th a t of Miss Hazelle Artis, d a u g h ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Artis, and Dr. E. G. H o rnbeck, w h ich was solem nized Saturday. Dec. 9, a t Boone, hy the Rev, Mr. C h ristm a n , pastor o f the M ethodist C h u rch. They were accom ­ panied by Miss Mabel H a g u e and Dr, A. W. Clow, who w e re also m a rried at th a t tim e, b u t announced th e ir m a r ­ riage th e next week. M rs. -H o rnbeck io well know n in m u sical circles, be­ ing a g raduate of D rake conservatory of music, an d has been organist in C-'race M e thodist Episcopal Church '..he last t h r e e years, an d h a s presided at th e organ a t the C e n tral P resbyterian C h u rch, Mrs, H o rnbeck cam e to Des Moines from Centerville, la., four years ago. Dr. H o rnbeck cam e to Des Moines th ree years ago from P o r t Jervis, N. Y., to study osteopathy a t Still Col­ lege. and h a s just received h is degree. Dr. Plornbeck leaves Jan. 27 for P h iladelphia to en ter th e hospital con­ nected w ith P h iladelphia College of Osteopathy. Mrs. H o rnbeck will re­ m ain in Des M oines to fulfill h e r con­ tract as organist, w h ich expires in Dr. and M' rs. H o rnbeck expect to be a t hom e in -September at New­ burgh-on-the-H u d s o n . W a ltz— ^Hover. M r. O scar L. W a ltz ad 'Miss Susan L. Hover, 'both of Scranton, Pa., were united in m a rriage on Tuesday, F e b ­ ru a ry 13th, a t th e M. E. parsonage. T h e witnesses w e re Mr. Jo h n Cole and Miss Lydia Cole. Mr. and Mrs. W a ltz will reside in Scranton. Adams-—Iten t. Mr. ' Bowdoine W. Adams, of P o r t Jervis, and Mrs. M a r th a K e n t, of Mill R ift, w e re united in m a rriage a t ' t h e M. E. parsonage on W e d n es­ day, F e b r u a r y 21st, by th e Rev. Sam ­ uel Jones. The w itnesses were Miss L ila M. Adam s and Mrs. Elizabeth Jones. Mr. and Mrs. A d a m s will reside in Mill Rift. Cknirtrlght—Sinley. Miss E m m a E. Sinley, of Dingm ans, P a „ and Mr. Joseph A. C o u rtright, of E a s t Stroudsburg, Pa., w e re united in m a rriage by the Rev. Sam u el Jones at th e M e thodist parsonage M onday m o rning a t 11.30 o’clock. This Is th e season of th e y e a r when m o thers feel very m u ch concerned over the frequent colds contracted by th e ir children, and have abundant reason for it as every cold w eakens the lungs, lowers .the vitality and paves th e w a y fo r th e m o re serious diseases th a t so often follow. Cham b ­ erlain’s Cough Rem edy is fam o u s for its cures, and is pleasant and safe to take. F o r sale by All Dealers. Any skin itching is a tem p e r -test­ er. The m o re you scratch the w o rse it itches, D o a n ’s O intm ent cures piles, eczema— any skin itching. At all drug stores. Malven—^Baldwin. A very p retty w e d d ing took place a t 12.30 o’clock on Tuesday a f te r ­ noon, F e b ru a ry 20th, a t th e hom e of Mr. an d Mrs. C h a rles G o d d a rd B ald­ w in in O ak street, Syracuse, N. Y., w h e n th e ir daughter. Miss K a therine Baldwin, becam e th e bride of Lieut. H e n ry H. M alven, Coast A rtillery Corps, U. S. A. The cerem o n y w a s perform e d by th e Rev, W a lter Rockwood F e rris of the P a r k P resbyterian Church, fo r ­ m e rly of M iddletown. The b rid e ’s sister. Miss P rances Baldwin, was th e m aid of honor, and Miss Lola B aldwin an d Miss H a r r iet W. Bowen w e re the bridesm a ids. Lieut. Hollis M uller, of New London, Conn., acted as L ieutenant M alven’s best m an. The room s w e re prettily decorated w ith Southern sm ilax w h ich w r e a th ­ ed the door and w indow casings, the sta i r rail and th e chandeliers. T h e bride w o re a beautiful gown of w h ite brocaded satin. T h e bodice was of w h ite em b roidered chiffon trim m e d w ith j>oint lace an d she car­ ried a bouquet of bride roses and lilies o f th e valley. Miss B aldw in’s Cragwood AND Crestwood Two new “ E. & W.” “ Red Man ” Collars- Quarter sizes. 15e Each, 2 4 25c H.Schairansky&Son ESTABLISHED 1873, 15 Front St., Port Jervis, N. Y WAS INSPECTED ON SATURDAY H a n d som e New Structure H a s Ca­ pacity of 240 P u p ils—^Well B u ilt an d a C redit to th e City, B o a rd an d C o n tractors. School opened on M o n d ay w ith a registration of 198 pupils— 102 girls and 96 boys—-all of w h o m were highly pleased w ith th e ir new educa­ tional home.^ JOHN fLATtHM CHIEF OF POLICE - ----------4. ------ Chosen By a Vote of Five to Four Over Chief Wilkin On Monday Evening. tion in theV F arr^um B u ilding to th e three desirable i’ooms -directly over The Union office in th e sam e build­ ing now occupied by the M etropoli­ tan Life Insurance Co. The room s will be newly decorated an d h a n d ­ somely fitted u'p. The M e tropolitan- people expect to occupy -the room s in the re a r of the building recently va­ cated by Chas. V a n Sickle, Activities of t h e Elks. T h e re was a large attendance a t the m e e ting of th e E lk s on M o nday night. Several candidates w e re in­ itiated. N o m ination of officers took place; th e nom inees fo r E x a lted R u ­ ler being W ilton B e n n e t and C h arle* M any citizens of the city and pupils of the -public schools inspected the new T ri-S tates school a t the junctiri-.i Jersey avenue and E a s t Main street from two to four o’clock on S a turday afternoon, F e b ru a ry 24th, w h en th e building was opened to the public under the supervision of City Superintendent of Schools Lincoln J. Roys. The new stru c tu re is two sto­ ries high, containing six large room s, seating 40 pupils each, and is built of tile block w ith concrete finish. In t h e basem e n t is th e furnace and coal room , toilet room s, large elec­ tric fan and m o tor. F ir e proof stair­ ways w ith stone steps conenct the floors and a large electric gong is on the second floor for fire alarm s and o th e r purposes. The m aple-floored room s are finished in chestnut w ith blackboards on th ree sides of the w a lls and all have m e tal ceilings. L a rge cloak room s an d book closets are conveniently arranged. n th e b a ll of th e second floor is a large bronze tab let inscribed as fol­ lows : “ E rected 1911. B o ard of E d u ­ cation— ^F. R. Salmon, P resident; C h arles Brox, George A. Hamm o n ii, C h arles E. Holmes, B e rnard M orm an, C h arles N. Skinner, W. N. Tuscano;L- O. Sengar, C lerk; M axson and HU’., C o n tractors; C h arles F, Long, A rchi- On th e first floor are th e room s of the first, second, and sixth grades in charge of Misses Elizabeth B atem an, 36 A. Dowd and G race Osmun, (P rincipal). The second floor b a s the third, fo u r th and fifth grades in charge of Misses A n n a B u rns, Gladys Lain and E m m a P e rry. A supply room and room of th e teachers is on the second floor. The 'building is in charge of Jan i ­ to r Joh n C u rran. H. J. C lauson assist­ ed in th e preparation fo r the opening. I t took the Common Council only 25 m inutes on M onday night to a p ­ point Jo h n F. L a tham Chief of P o ­ lice by a vote of 5 to 4— the latter for W. F. W ilkin— and after hearing representatives of the Board H e a lth and S tate C h arities Aid Asso­ ciation, to ap p r o p riate $350 to the B o ard of H e a lth fo r use in the an ­ ti-tuberculous cam p aign of educa­ tion w h ich will be inaugurated in this city on Sunday, M arch 17th. Those in attendance w e re M ayor Nearpass, A lderm a n -at-L a rge Gariss, Aider- m en Brown, Schauer, Orr, -McCombs, Rogan, Myers, B rowne and Bishop, City Clerk John F. C leary and Cor­ poration Counsel W illiam P. Gregg. I Dr. B. J. Leahy of the Port Jervis Medical Club, H e a lth Officer Dr. E. G, Cuddeback of th e B o ard of H e alth, and Messrs. J. M. Strong and Mr. Smalley, representatives of the State C h a rities’ Aid Association and th e New York State D e p a rtm e n t of H e a lth, w e re present. TEA C H E R FRA C T U R E S ARM. P a inful In ju ry Sustained by M em b er of H igh School Facility. W h ile w a lking down the P ike street! hill on Tuesday afternoon about 4 -o’clock. M iss Florence^ M ontgomery, instructor in m a them a tics a t the P o rt Jervis High School, slipped on the icy pavem e n t and fractu red h e r rig h t forearm a t th e elbow. Several friends cam e to h e r assist­ ance, and she w a s taken 'into th e of­ fice of-Soladay’s dye w o rks at 127 P ike street, w h e re sbe was treated by Dr. H. B. Swartw o u t, and later was taken to h e r borne a t 14 Sullivan avenue. Cliange i n Offices. The P o r t Jervis R eal E s tate and Loan Association will soon rem o v e th e i r offices from th e ir present loca- TWICE-TOLD TESTIMONY P o r t Jervis People A re Doing AH' They Can F o r Fellow Sufferers. P o r t Jervis testim o n y has been published to prove th e m e rit of D o a n ’s K idney Pills to others in P o r t Jervis who suffer from bad backs- and kidney ills. Lest any sufferer doubt th a t th e cures m ade by D o a n ’s K idney Pills are thorough and last­ ing, we produce confirmed proof— statem e n ts from P o r t Jervis peopla- saying th a t the cures they told o f years ago w e re perm a n e n t. H e re’a- a P o r t Jervis case : George Shaffer, 12 Seward Ave., P o r t Jervis, N. Y., says : “D o a n ’s- K idney Pills are the best rem e d y I ever used fo r th e kidneys. I am glad' t o confirm th e public statem e n t I gave in th e ir praise in 1904. My kid­ neys were out of order, the kidney secretions being irreg u lar in passags- and containing sedim ent. I also had severe pains ab o u t m y back and I sides. Seeing Doan’s Kidney Pills-% highly advertised, I procured a su p - ' ply a t Laidley’s D rug Store and be- j gan using them . They gave m e im ­ m e d iate relief and before long effect­ ed a com p lete cure.” F o r sale -by all dealers. P rice I cents. Foster-M ilburn Co., B u f f ^ New York, sole agents for th e U m t| States. R em e m b e r the nam e— ^Doan’s- take no other. IMwt week, ta much Improved today son, Ha^rry, will leave thla city o ^ STOCKS AND BONDS HIGH G R A D E I N V E S T M E N T S E C U R I T I E S . SPECrALTIES; International TextbnoLc Co , stocks; interna­ tional Educational Pub. Co , stocks, better known as Scranton L?cho\l Stoclrs, Lackawanna Coal and Lumber Co., bond^, with 50 per cant, stock bon-us. Will buy and sell local securities. F. L BARLOW, ■ PORT JERVIS, N. Y The New Yor - store Will Place on Sale for This Pay-Day The Newest Things For Spring! NEW SPRING COATS, NEW SPRING SUITS, NEW GINGHAMS. NEW FLOUNCINGS, NEW HAMBURGS, NEW DRESS GOODS, NEW SILKS, NEW TRIMMINGS, EVERYTHING NEW FOR SPRING! We would like you to see the signs of Spring in our new SPRING DISPLAY IN OUR WINDOWS, SPECIAL FOR THURSDAY ONLY! 25Doz. Ladies’ Night Dresses, C H E A P A T 89c- ............ At G S c . This is another lot same as we have had. We urge you to see them. II. mm i co..ag gme

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