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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, March 28, 1912, Image 5

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A Good Spring Medicine Is Found in Hood’s Sarsaparilla, tlie great blood purifier and tonic that for more than a third of a century has been taken as needed in thousands and thousands of homes by every member of the family. Its wonderful results in cleansing the system of all humors, curing scrofula and eczema, overcoming that tired feeling, creating appetite, giving strength and animation, make it the best. Hood’s Sarsaparilla is the people’s medicine— agreeable, effective and economical. (let it today. ' \V illu u u C a stcrliiie. j 'William Casteiiine died at his ■ home on the Clove road in Montague, j N. J.. on Wednesday night at 9.40 ' o ’clock. He was aged 4:i years, 7 months and 21 days. , The surviving relatives are his j w ife and five children; Floyd, Isabel, I Alexander, May and Lawrence, all at I home; two sisters, Mrs. John A. Hill, [ o f 'Montague, and Mrs. John T. Haynes, of Kingston, N. Y. NtWBURGH fLORIST AND CUMPANiON ASPHYXIATED IN A GRUNHOUSE print tellin g how sh e had lived th e past 20 years. iURiC COUXTY. JD-ILD FOR GRAND .TtUlY. Ohioan iu Pike Comity Jail Charge of Grand Larceny. Dingman’s Ferry. | j.jenrv Simons, of Pal- Morgan, and which resulted^ in his i afternoon on his return home from , death last week Milford, where on Monday afternoon j he had taken one Charles E. Emery I to the Pike county jail, where he is be held on the commitment of ■ 1 Justice B. P. Kellam, of Palmyra j township, to await the action of the Grand Jury on a charge of grand ! larceny. Emery was arrested on Saturday ‘ night at White Mills, Wayne county, ■' Pa., and was later taken back to ath- ' township by Constable ; Simons fur a hearing before JustiC (4 Cole’s Cor- Kellam, It Is alleged that Emery, who ' claims his residence in Ohio, on one io ' M l l i o r a io ; a r r i l i i e ’ fo ‘‘IS Chase of the farm of Mrs. VViarren from John Emery at Dingman’s Fer- Hunt, about two miles from this ry, to drive to Milford. Hp also con- blace. Mr. Emery vras informed that, 'tinned his journey westward over the °the ^ ^lilford and OWego turnpike across or j Pike county to Hawley and up the to Mr. Emerj’’s , Valley to W hite Mills, where he was ! apprehended. --------------------- ^ ---------------------- where he was emp: ty Hotel. The infant daughter of George Courtright died last Thursday. The | funeral was preached Sunday by Rev. . George D. Price, of this village. Mrs. D. H. Middaugh is spending e few days -iV'ith friends and relative: In Milford. The surveyors, who are surveying: i for the state road between Strouds- J hurg and Milford, passed V'ery rapic unfai'orable conditions of ei*. Mr. John Emery, of ner, is making inquiries c horse he hired last 23, to a man, who £ to Milford t , Laelrawaxen. i, March 2.'..— Mr. of Narrowsburg'h. Lackawai thur Hawker, of Narrov a visitor here a few days last •Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kreiter spent ■Friday in Port Jervis. Miss Lena K reiter has accepted a position ther t last Thursdi Xotaries Public Sworn In. spent 1 Miss Coughlin in Port Jervis. Mr. Horace Shaffer, who is on the sick list, went up to visit his daugh­ ter, Mrs. Seaman, at MTiite! , who has bei Mr. R. Gre.- ......... . his home for some now and able to be Mills ' Mr. Judson A. Hoar, of Goshen. representing’ County Clerk James D. McGiffert, was in this city W ednesday at Bauer Inn and swore in the follow- ing’-nemed notaries public for Port Jervis and Sparrowbush ; W. S. Bevans, J, F, Cleary, C. B. [ Cuddeback, Leonard Eckle, H. H. j Parnum, P. B. Fowler, W. B. Glass, ^ ^ , I B . Fullerton, w . P. Kaufmann, Mr. a n d Mrs. L. Bock, m Cochec- ■ Annie M. I-Caufmann, E . E. °lb'S .‘^ M ^ ''I.^ C o r t S n v a s \ r b u s i - , Mapes, Thomas Merritt. W. A. Parsh- ness nailer in Port Jervis jMonday. | all, J. E. EoUe, John Schm idt, Fred O. ^Senger, H e r b e r t Inwegen, M. D, h a s been sick at | time, is better i B. Cortright was a rss nailer in Port Jervis jMonday. | all, J. E. ] Mrs. c. Krohn was a caller in ’ gehweiker, 'S? a n ? Steinhardt, of Liv- j Wenger, C. F. Van erpool, K. Y-, v isited frien d s here ' W e stbrook. -■Monday and left here on the evening I Sparrowbush—Henry Happ. tra in fo r Scranton. ] ------------------- >-♦- ------------------- Mr. and Mrs. Griffen and fam ily | expect to leave Lackawaxen. the last of the week for Port Jervis, where they expect to live. . or ,.r her hirthaay. | n ATNTS COrXTV. Market Reports. New Yorl)rk, March 27. BUTTER—Steady: receipts, 10,411 pack- ials, lb., 32c.; extras, inds, 29a30c.; Libs, finest. 30 common to Is, 27a27>ic.; seconds, 24a liras, 26’/^c.: fir.sts, ter, Mrs. W ill Balkcom, a t Port Jer- Hon. H. C. Jackson and wife are home, after a two w eeks’ visit with Mrs. Kellam, at Lookout. Mrs. L. I>. Tyler returned to her hom e here last Tuesday, after a six m o n ths’ absence. All are glad to see her home. The new school bell at the school house is quite an addition to the quiet of the community. Tyler Hill Sunday School will sct>i reopen. H. B. Lord and wife and Myro> and Joe Abraham and ------ Wednesday in Honesdale Vzc.^ i •rent make. No. ! his recent illnes umber fnom lecture a evenir Mr. Keesler is ter. Mrs. Gaston. Ir£«. Fannie Oanfield is friends in Winterton, N. Y. C. M. Pethick is attending Confer­ ence in Scranton. Josh Baucher is convalescing from ler fr here attended the the M. E. Church Friday is visiting his daugh- £avid FortiiUm is some than he has been. Dr. Apple called to see him. Mrs. C. Schlumbohm is soon to visit New York City. Robert Mitchell returned to West Che.ster last Friday. Allen Smithers took a load to Mrs. B. C. Ross Saturday evening. 50 Operators Wanted on Muslin Undei'w'ear; experienced and b-arner.s. Steady work. McCATHIE COMPANY”. better For any pain, from top to toe, from any cause, apply Dr. Thomas’ Eclectric Oil. Pain can’t stay where it is used. Jap A Lac. We hdve the popular Mi“;sion finish also the Kress Green so ef­ fective for porch chairs and fur- F o ! 3”rm r w o o d w o r k , f u r n - tu r e or flo o r s w e h a v e all th e difier- e n t w o o d c o lo r s in all size Cans. Jones' F>rugf Store CHEESE — F irm; receipts, 3,737 boxes: state, .whole milk, held, specials, white, lb. 19c.; colored. 19c.; average fancy, white, 18%al8%c.; colored, 18%al8%c.; winter made, colored, 17%al8c.; undergrades, I6a 17c.; daisies, fall and earlier, best, 19V4C.. State skims, winter made, specials, white. 15c.; colored. 15c.; fair to choice, 13al4Gc.; undergrades, nominal, 714al2iAc. EGGS — Strong; receipts, 22,546 cases, frfesh gathered, extras, doz., 24y2a25c.. firsts, 22a24c.; seconds, 2214a2£94c.: dirties 22%c.; checks. 2fia?lc.; state, Pennsylvania and nearby, hennery wliites. fancy large 27c.; fair to good, 25a26c.; hennery browns. 24 I 2 C.; gathered brown and mixed colors 22i/i.a24c POTATOES-Firm ; Florida, nfew, bbl basket. .S1.75; Cuban, new, crate, $1.2.5! late crop. No. 1. bbl.. $i>a $3.50a4: basket. $7; basket, 1.75: Bermuda. 6.75: Virginia, late crop. ?1.20al50; Maine in bulk, 160 lbs., $4a4. bag, $3.7oa4; state in bulk, 180 lbs.. $3.75a4. bag. .$3.50a3.75. European, No. 1,’16S Ib. bag. $2.85a3; undergrades, bag, $2a2.75; sweets Jersey. No 1. basket, $1.50a2.25 LIVE POULTRY-W eaker: chickens ib., I3e : fowls. I4al4%c.; roosters. 9c.; tur­ keys I5a20c.; ducks, 17c.: geese, 9al0c.. .guineas, pair. 50c., pigeons, 30c. HAY AND STRAW—Firm: timothy. 100 lbs.. .$1.15al 35. shipping' U.05; clover, mix­ ed, $lal.25; clover. Slal.lv: long rye straw '■ oat. 65a75c.: small bales 2 VC. 2 less. 90a95c.; o Live Stock Markets. Pittsburgh. March 27. CATTLE—Receipts, 100 loads; market active; prices 10 to 15 cents higher; choice $7.90a8.25; prime, $7.50a8.50: good, $7a7.40. tidy butchers. $6.50a7; fair, $5.75a6.25; coib- mon to good fat bulls, $3aG; do. cows, $2.7.\ $4a6.75; fresh cows and AND L A M B S - S u p p ly lighl. market steady; prime wethers, $6a0.25: good mixed. $5.5Ua5,S5; fair mixed, $5a5.4fJ culls alid common, !?2..50a3.50; lambs, $5aS; spring lambs. $«al2.£0: ve.il calves,' $8.50a 8.75; heavy and thin calves, $5a6. HOGS—Receipts light, market 6 to 10 cents higher, prime heavy, $7.90; heavy, mixed, medium and heavy Yorkers, $7.05a t; light Yorkers. $7.50a7.80; pigs. $6.50a7; (tags, $5.50a5.75 ----------------- -*-4- ----------------- State of Ohio, eity o f Toledo.1 Lucas Ooanty, |»<«. Prank J. Cheney m akes oa th that he is senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doing business In the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL­ LARS for each and every case of Ca­ tarrh that can not toe cured toy the use Of HAIiL'S CATARRH CURE. ANK J. CHEN] Sworn to toefore In my presence, tl . cemtoer, A. D. 1886. (Seal) A. X nd subscrib' r. OLEASON. Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Inter­ nally and acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. P. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O. Take Hall's Fam ily Pills for Max Pushman, a florist who lived ing, and she hailed him. He examin- in Union avenue. In the town of New- bodies and found that tooth burgh, and Michael Cavigan, an en- dead, and had been so for sever­ al hours. He notified Deputy Coroner gineer on a stone crusher on the Co- zn iig , who ordered Pushm an’s body cehston turnpike, were found dead in | taken to the house. He took the the former’ s greenhouse Saturday . other body to the morgue in New- morning. Accidental asphyxiation tourgh, the identification of Cavigan The rmitral uf William Casterline ' from coal gas was the cause of deafe. not being completed. It was thought ef Clove Road in Montague was held j Pushman, while in town Friday that he was employed on the turn- at the Tri-States Chapel at 2.30 1 night, picked up Cavigan,, arriving pike, and John Osborne, superintend- o’cloek on Saturday afternoon, tvlier.' j home at about 11.45 o’clock,* They ent of the Empire State Road Con- the Rev. Saiiuu-1 Jone.s conducted the ^ w ent out to the greenhouse for a c h a t struetion Company, was communicat- .serviets. j and sat within eight feet of the boil- ; ed with. He went to Newburgh and :xressr.‘;. L. (/.de, Augustus Rein- er. Pushman had evidently thrown ' p ositively identified the body as that hardt Augustus Poetsch, W illiam on a quantity of coal without opening of Cavigan, who comes from Catskill. Romer, V. W ainwright and Charle.-; the flue, and then both fell asleep! Max Pushman w a s -42 years old Van Aiikrn were the pall-hearers. In-j with the result that the hothouse was ' and was well known in Newburgh, teim ent \v;ip in Laurel Grove Ceme- soon filled with gas and their death ' H e is survived by his widow and • followed. ! three brothers, 'William, W alter and Mrs. Pushman arose earlj*, not con- j Peter. He was formerly in the bak- cerned over her husband because he j ery business on the Cochecton turn- frequently slept in the greenhouse, | pike. and after completing the chores about I Cavigan was 40 years old and the place, opened the door of the , leaves a widow. H e .also has a bro- Mi'S. Mary A. Ketcliain. Mrs. Mary Erie Engineer Ketcham, wife Thomas J. Ketcham, died at her home, Avenue I and j boiler room of the greenhouse. There | ther employed at the Saulpaul Hotel she saw the men apparently asleep. | there. His body will be taken to Cats- Adam Sloan happened to be pass- kill for Jiurial.* Sixth street, Matamoras, at S.'.IO o’clock on Thursday afternoon, after a short illness, of Bright’s disease. She was aged 67 years and 9 months. Deceased tvas born In Cuddeback- ville on July 1st, 1844', and Tv'as the daughter of Anthony McNearhey and Phehe Comfort. Her early life was spent in that vicinity, and on Novem­ ber S 7 j i§ 63 , She was married to M l Thomas J. Ketcham. Since their marriage they made their home in Matamoras. Mrs. Ketcham was, a member of Epworth M. E. Church, of the Ladies’ Aid Society, and of the Golden Rod Division, Ladies’ Auxil­ iary to the Brotherhood of Locomo­ tive Engineers. ^ The surviving relatives are her husband, at home; three daughters, Mrs. Georgianna Myers, of Jersey City; Mrs. Blanche Blakeney, of Sin- gac, N. J., and Katie, of Matamoras: one son, Jefferson, of Port Jervis; four sisters, Mrs. S. C. Myers, Mrs. Em m a Barber and Mrs. E lsie Dicker- man, of Port Jervis, and Mrs. Fran­ ces Ackerman, of Paterson, N. J. P. O. E., Mt. William^ Council, 1816, her maiden name being Ben- Knights of Phythias, and the Com- nett. She was twice married, her mereial Travelers’ Association, and | first husband having been Lewis A. an attendant of the Drew M. E. { Seybolt, of Otisville. Her second hus- Church. He w as a kind and loving 1 band was Amos Ketcham, to whom husband and father and a generous She -was married at Otisville, by El- friend, His death is mourned by a I der Benton Jenkins, on November 20 , host of friends, | 1879. Mr. Ketcham died at Otisville On April IS, 1883, he was united June 8 , 1SS7, in marriage to Susie Washer, by | Mrs. Ketcham was the last of whom he is survived. He is also sur­ vived by one daughter, Carrie, wife of L. H. Stearns, and a granddaugh­ ter, Josephine Stearns, of this city: three sisters, Sadie, wife of Edward Langley, of Port Jervis; Ruth, wife of Benjamin W illiams, of Newark, N. J., and Miss Mary K. Peters, of Pat­ erson, He was a brother of the late Edward Peters. Mrs. Xaney Golemaii VaiiAken. Mrs. Nancy Coleman “Fan Aken, widow o f Levi Van Aken, died at her h o m e in Sparrow b u sh a t 10.30 h a s sin c e lived. H e ■ o’clock on Sunday morning. She was The surviving relatives are one daughter. Miss Ida Van Aken, of Sparrowbush: three sisters, Mrs. Arminda Corwin, Mrs. Martha J. Mrs. Marion Bonker Porter. The fun -ral of Mrs. Mary A. K etch­ am was heM at the house in Mata- | a J e ^ S l'j^ r r s ? rnoriis on Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock and at 2.30 in the Epworth M. E. Church, where the ser'i'ices w e r e c<niducted by th e R e v . A. C. F r a n li Si-noonover 5vere the pall­ bearers. Mrs. Floy! Beattie and Mrs. Geo. F e r g u s o n , o f th e G o lden R o d A u x il­ iary. w e re the flow e r -bearers. The Golden Rod Auxiliary, B. of L. E., and the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Epwoiuh M. E. Church attende'l in a body, and the service of the Auxiliary wii.s held at the church. The intci'niciit was in Laurel Grove C em e tery. The friends present from out town were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank BSlakeney, of Bingac, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs. John Myers, of Jersey City; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Breen, of Paterson: M rs. P r a n k H a m ilton , o f Jersey City; Mrs. Thoma-s Sherman, of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Mrs. Frank Utter, of Passaic, N?. 'J.. and Mrs. Alonzo Case, of How- family. W alter C. Hsirding. W alter C. Harding died at the Deerpark Sanitarium at 10.13 a. m. Wednesday, of peritonitis, following an opei-atiori for appendicitis. He was aged 23 years. Deceased was born in Dushore, Sullivan county. Pa., and was the son of Mr, and Mrs. F. B. Harding. The greater part of his life was spent in Dushore, and about three years ago, he came to Port Jervis, where he 5 em p loyed in the Erie Railroad service as a loco­ motive fireman on the NeW^ York Di­ vision. The surviving relatives are h is w ife and daughter, Jennie, of Port Jer­ vis: his mother, Mrs. Sarah E. Hard­ ing, of Dushore, Pa.; three brothers, W illiam , of A thens, P a .; H e r m a n , of Williamsport, Pa., and Tracy, of Syracuse, N. Y.; two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Manahan, of Athens, Pa„ an d M iss R u th H a rding, o f D u shore, Pa. Mrs. Cynthia A. Prisbie. Mrs. Marion Bonker Porter, wife of H . G. Porter, of this city, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. John j Hagaman, in Binghamton, at 10.45*| Hankins, March 26.— Mrs. Cynthia o’clock on Sunday morning, after a H^galsbe Frisbie died at the home long illness. She was aged 52 years. , daughter. Mrs. L. L. Borland, Deceased was born in P o r t Jervis Hankins, N. Y,, Thursday, March 14, , on March 16, 1860, and was the ! H P- m.. after an iBness of ten ;* daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry j years. Deceased vras Bonker. She had always liv ad iil 1 Hancock, N. Y., on Dec. 2o, Port Jervis, where, on June '19th, I ^^29 and w a s the daughter of A lvah 1880, she was married to H. G. and Cynthia Daw. Her early 1 life was spent m that vicmity, -with Mrs. P o r l « rras an e.ro.llent I ‘ l‘‘* J r , Y - W “ \I Christian woman, a memhor o£ the ° ' °<=*- elils, N. Y, J o h n C ow d n . John Cowan died at his home in Montague township, Sussex county, N. J., near High Point, at 4.30 o’clock on Friday afternoon, March 22d, after a long illness. He was aged 77 5 ’ears. Deceasetl was born in Paterson, N. J., and for 46 years was a resident of Port Jervis. He was a member of First Presbyterian Church, and was actively identified with the Willing \Workers Society of this church.. The surviving relatives are her hus­ band, of Port Jervis, her mother, Mrs. 'Angelia Bonker, of Worcester, Mass., one brother, Harry Bonker, of Worcester, Mass., two sisters, Mrs. Leslie Hoyt, of Worcester, Mass., and Mrs. John Hagaman, of Binghamton. The I)ody of Mrs. Marion Bonker Porter was brought to this city from Binghamton on Erie train Four at 1.24 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, „ ■ and the interm ent took place in •Carroll-Van Etten Post. No. 2 <9. G. | Qrove Cemetery. A. R., and of Neversink Lodge, No. ^ 358, I. O. O. F., of this citj*. The surviving relatives are hi.s i \wlife at home: two sons, Henry and R ussk ^ Dimiuick, Russell Dimmick, o f La Plume, SE H C Sit BS\\ i The funeral of John Cowan was held at thn house of Henry Cowan, No. 229 W est Main street, at 2.30 o”clock on Monday afternoon. Rev. Uriah Symonds conducted the serv­ ices. The interm ent was in Laurel. Grove Cemetery. Carroll-Y”an Etten Post, No. 279, G. A. R., attended in a body and the service of the order was conduct­ ed at the hou.se by Commander J. M. Detriek and Chaplain Horace Ham-' mond. Comrade.c Edward Loreaux, James C. Hyatt, J. M. Detrick, George Peck. Horace Hammond and Charles M. Weller were the pall-bearers. ' F rank D. Petei'.s. tlpatlon, -Sold by all Druggists, 7ic. company, and son of Hon. Wm. H. Dimmick, of Honesdale, died a t Dr. Reed Burn’s private hospital on Sun­ day. Mr. Dimmick was 41 years old. He is survived by his w ife and one daughter. Mr. Dimmick was a nephew of Mrs. Blanche Squires, of Matamoras, and has relatives in Port Jervis. His funeral was held W ed­ nesday at 10.30 o'clock at Honesdale. Interment in Honesdale Cemeterj’.. Mr.si, Audre^v W. Dickert. Mr.s. Andrew W. Diekert, formerly of Port Jervis, died at her home in ■V oung-sville, Warren county. Pa., on Monday morning, March 25th. She I was aged 84 years. j T h e surM v ing relatives are h e r I husband at liomo, three daughters, yirs. K ing, of Seotehtow n , N. Y.:Mr.‘=i. William T. Doty, of Circlevllle, N. Y., and yirs. C randall, o f Y o im g sville, Mrs. J o h n Sharp, o f P o r t Jervis, th e only sister, is th e last survivor of the large family. F r a n k D. P e t e r s died at hi.s hom e , No. 25 Hudson street, at 5.20 o’clock Saturday morning of acute Bright’.s disease. Mr. Peter.s was about his work as usual on Friday and in the afternoon went to his home complaining that he did not feel w e ll. H e su d d e n ly b e c a m e un- conscious and remained in that state u n til th e end. H e -was aged 51 years. The deceased was horn in this city andl was the son of Charles and Rachael Peters, and he had always resided here. For 19 years he suc­ cessfully conducted a restaurant on of Mount Hope, Tuesday morning. Front street and later was in the She had been in feeble health for a employ of the Deer Park Bre-n* Com- long time, and had been confined to pany as a collector. He was' a mem- ' her bed for several weeks, ber of Port Jervis Lodge, No. 645, B. ' Mrs. Ketcham was born Mai'ch 22, 'Ml'S, M. S, Ketcham. Mrs. A largaret Seybolt K e tcham , •widow of Amos Ketcham, who passed h e r n in e ty -six t h b irth d a y on F r id a y j last, died at her home in the town united in marriage to Delevan Fris­ bie. They came to Callicoon in 1859, where they resided until the death of her husband, which occurred Jan, 10, 'lately after she re; Mrs. Eveline B. Gibson, of Sumner, I Pierce county, state of Washington: i two half-sisters, Mrs. Mary Durant, ' of Matamoras, Pa., and Susie Bee'ue, of Lewis, Del. The pall-bearers were Messr.s. F. A. Quick, Jesse Tillison, William N'orri.s, i F. A. I'ymeson, Robert Jackson, Gus­ tave Dopslaff. I Interment was in family plot at 1 Cuddebackville Cemetery. There were many beautiful floral I tributes of love and esteem. j FOUR DEATHS SINCE JULY. ; F our Sisters Have Lost Their Hus- I toandls In Laux Famil.y. j Mr. W illiam Laux Tuesday received j word of the death of his brother-in- law, Mr. Albert Trilsch, at his home. No. 112 East End, New York City, af- I ter a short illness of a complication j o f diseases, aged about 50 years. He j was a hatter by trade and has li’^’ed in New Y”ork City for many years,' and was a frequent visitor in thig city. He was highly respected by all who knew him. I Deceased is survived by his wife, I w ho was Miss Clara Laux, The sudden deathi of Mr. Trilsch I makes the fourth inside of eight months of brothers-in-law, namely, William Ferguson, Jacob Cawein, Charles Ernst and Albert Trilsch, all sons-in-law of Mrs. Matilda Laux and the Ifitf- Ludwig Laux, of Deerpark Farm, above Tri-States, where they visited nearly every summer. The fu­ neral and interment will take place in New Y”ork City, Aged Gosheiiite Dies Suddenly. Middletown, 'March 23. — Peter Johnson, colored, of Goshen, was found dead in hi^ bed this morning at 6 o’clock. He resided with his son on Main street and was believed to have been over 90 years of age, al­ though the death certificate gave his age as 84. Heart disease was the' i cause of death. ARREST OF THREE ITALT-^^NS. XBke County Justice Di.smisses Trio of Defendants Tuesday Morning. Erie Police O'ticers R. N. John­ ston and Frank Kelly .overhauled three young Italians from Jersey City- ■•'n a west-bound coal train near Hawley on Monday afternoon and brought them to this city on Eri -2 train Two. The trio w e r e taken over to Mata­ m o r a s, 'Where th e y w e r e locked up over night, and Tuesday m o r n ing they were arraigned before Justice A. W. Balch on the charge of the larceny Of the dinner pails of the crew of Section F o r e m a n R inn a t M ill R ift. The vagrant's ate the contents of the fiails and threw them down the river bank. They then beat it westward on a coal train. After a hearing Justice Balch dis­ charged the defendants and told them to get out of Pike county at once. He held that the cost to the tax-payers of keeping the prisoners an jail for pet^fey offiene'es did not warrant the expense, and that it w'as not a punishment to send them to the county jail. The defendants gave their resi­ dence as Jei’sey City, and’ their names and ages as John Demio, 20 years old, Joseph Ricco, 22 years old, and Pat­ rick Fatillo, 18 years old,*- CHI 0 ASO MERCHANT MAKES STATEMENT. |M er Spending Thonsands of S olkis and Consulting the Most Endneat Physicians, He Was Desperate. CHICAGO, ILLS.-IWr. J. Q. , Becker, of 134 Van Buren St., a well-known wholesale dry goods : dealer, states as follows: | “ I have had catarrh for more j than thirty years. Have tried i everything on earth and spe.nt i thousands of dollars for other ' medicines and with physicians, without getting any lasting re­ lief, and can say to you that I have found Peruna the only rem­ edy that has cured me per­ manently. “ Peruna has also cured my \ wife of catarrh. She always keeps j it in the house for an attack of ■ cold, which it invariably cures in ! a very short time.” Our New I Spring Hats g corn;>rise th e g r e a t e s t jj selection th is s t o r e h a s sh o w n in m a n v sea JJ so n s . V\'e reco m m e n d I STETSON a U A T C both stiff H r i M I 9 AND SOFT I $3.50 mu $5 00 an, 1C 1904. Immediately after sh e rem ov ed to Hankins, where she has since made her home with her daughter. At an early age she united with the Presbyterian Church at Hancock, liv­ ing close to the teaebrngs of her Mas­ ter. She was a devoted mother, a kind and loving friend, and noted for her hospitality and charity. She leaves to mourn her loss three sons: Alva H. Frisbie and Charles H. FVisbie, of Covington. Ky.; Jesse A. Frisbie, of Caney, Kan.; Anna Frisbie Borland, of Hankins, N. Y., and seven grand­ children, and one great-grand child. The funeral service was held in the M. E. Church at Callicoon, N. Y., 2.30 p. m., Monday, March IS, 1912, con­ ducted by the. pastor. OBSEQUIES. Ira Lu Brown. The funeral of Ira .L. Brown from the fam ily residence at Godeffroy, N. Y., Tuesday afternoon at two o’clock was largely attended. The services .were conducted by Rev. Herman Hageman, of Glaverack, N. Y”., at one time pastor of the Cuddebackville Reformed Church, of which the de­ ceased -was a regniar attendant and a trustee for many years, fi'om which a strong and lasting friend,ship has continued. Rev. Mr. Hageman paid a fitting tribute to the departed from the following text: “He shall call upon me and 1 will answer him. With long life will 1 satisfy him, and show him my salva- Ira L. Brown became a iresident of 'Godeffroy about forty-fhree years ago and continued to grow 'in the es­ teem and friendship of all who knew him until his death, whieb. .occurred Friday evening, March 22, at ten o’clock at his late residence, after a brief illness from pneumonia, aged 80 years 7 months and 21 days. The deceased was born near Otisville, N. Y., July 31, 1831, Mr. Brown was united in marriage to Mary E. W h it­ ed, of Huguenot, N, Y, H e en listed an d served in th e arm y until the close of the Civil War. Mr. Brown -was in the employ of the Del­ aware & Hudson Canal Co. for 43 years, beginning as foreman carpen­ ter and later as section superintend- He is survived by his wife and son, John Van Brown, of Godeffroy, N. Y., and giandson, W. LeRoy Brown, of Port Jervis; one sister, I H.SchatraBsky(&Sfin | ^ ESTABLISHED 1^^73. W If 15 Front St., Port Jervis, M. Y I . ............................................................ilfi Try Rest Glasses for relieving those headaches and eyestrain. N in e ch a n c e s ou t o f ten your' eyes are strain e d and overw o r k e d , and. rest p a s s e s w ill reliev e it. Chits. Vfin Sickle, EYESIGHT SPECIALIST. Ov^r Family Theatre You can say goodbye to constipa­ tion with a clear conscience if you use Chamberlain’s Tabletk Many have been permanently cured bj their use. For sale by All Dealers. Jno. A. Kadel, dealer in, and sole agent for the celebrated Stork-Baby- fine-footwear. has just received a good supply of the finest, direct from the factory. Many kinds, colors and styles now ready for your selection.* This Will Interest Mothers. Mother Gray’s Sweet Powders for Children relieve Feverishness, Head- ,che. Bad Stomach. om Teething Dlsor- ,nd regulate the.B o w e ls worms. They break up lurs. Used by mothei’s for 22 years. All Druggists, 25c. Sample FREE. Addre^ A. S. Olm­ sted. LeRoy. N. Y, Watchout! Lookout! | It does not pay to g^ivc 5 away your rags, rubbers, H ; iron and old metal for a | I little or notliing when you 3 can get 50 s a cwt. for I rags« 7c for rubbers, s 35c for iron and old s m etals according to the | market- | Drop a line or call at | L GOLDMAN’S, I 135 Jersey A t «, Tel. 446W. 5 C. I. Terwilliger. Fred TerwJlllger C.E.Terwiiliger&Son Funeral Directors. OFFICE, 41 FRONT ST„ PORT JERVIS, N. Y. Local and Long Distance Tele­ phones in Office and Residences. % BRANCH OFFICES; ' Chohola, Pa., Barryvill^ N. Y. E. R. Kalbfus, Millard Qulc Representative, Assistant. Shohola, Pa. Ye, Assistant. Barryville, N. Y. New York Representative: Jonal Casket Co., 50 Great Jones Telephone 3345 Spring. FRED H. PORTER. Funeral Director Licensed Einbalmer Office corner Pike St. and Orange Square. P. J, Telephone 31. Residence: Night Calls at No. 2 Ryan St. Local Telephone 309 J. COACHES TO HIRE. If you want your „ Auto Painted ♦J or fore doors put on SEE Burrows AND Hamilton ALSO U Horseshoeing and Wagon- $; making. I 89 JERSEY AVE., Port Jervis cording to law, to Claims against the Ryall, late of the In said M. G. BEIRNE & S 0 !V, Funeral Dir e c ? o r s Licensed Embalmers OFFICE AND RESIDENCE 64 Front-st. P. J. Phone 263J New York Represcmukclve : New Vork end Brooklyn Cae- ket wcmpany, No.* 27 Great June* St jet. Telephone 324»-3280. — ^srsona bavlnf I estate of Benjamin City of Port Jervla, str e e t ^ / resl^ n c e .^ 1 ^ 13 Eliaabeth York,’on or before^ August next. Dated, January .\e. 1S12, MARY J. RTAIXi Administratrix. C. E 4 8. M. CUDDEBACK, Attorneys for ' ’ —...w.ucjra Adm: Nos. 112 and 114 V. Y. Pike St.. Port

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