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Tri-states union. (Port Jervis, Orange Co., N.Y.) 1850-1924, June 27, 1912, Image 8

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PERSONAL AND SOCIAL NOTES = f c enjoyable evening- waa the rew a rd of will be passed a t B righton Beach, and Mr. and Mrs. H. K leseler, „ . ‘L a k e H u n tington, autoed to P o r t j •» is t e Jervis on Friday, w h e re they passed j th e day, retu r n in g to th e ir h o m e s j ^ late in the afternoon. (F rom B aily Union of Ju n e 20). Mr. and M rs. H . S tertz and m aid. Dr. and Mrs. Dieffenbach and Mr, a n d Mrs. A . C. H agen le f t in th e ir automobiles this morning for New­ ark, N. J. Mr. Charles Hagen, who Is a law stu d e n t In Colum b ia I^aw School, returned with his parents. Mr. E llsw o rth D. Elston left town on E rie train One yesterday for Ith a ­ ca, N. Y.. w h e re he will join P rof. H. Kies, of th e Geological D e p a rtm e n t of Cornell U n iversity as his assistant in a trip through w^estern C a n a d a u n ­ d e r the direction of th e C anadian G o v e rnm ent Geological Survey. They will leave Ith a c a , Ju n e 22nd fo r To­ ronto. Ga^^da, and from th e re will travel w ^ across th e R o cky M o u n ­ tains to th e Pacific Coast, thence south to Seattle, W a shington and Sari Francisco, Cal., re tu r n in g east th ro u g h the states. They expect to a r ­ rive here about the m iddle of Septem - Mr. C h arles R. Cline, of P o r t J e r ­ vis, was in town on business Tuesday. — ^Y'arwick Disptach. Miss E lla Conkling, of M onticello, is tisiting relatives and friends in P o r t Jervis and M atam o ras. U n d e r Sheriff Isaac B. Dozier, of Newburgh, is in town on business to- D r. an d Mrs. W. J. C arr, Mr. B e n j­ am in B. Odell, Sr., and Miss C lara Odell, all of N e w b u rgh, w'ere guests a t the H o tel M itchell on W ednesday, w h ile on a trip by autom o b ile across O range county. M ayor N e a rpass was in N e w b u rgh, Miss M W e d n esday, to atten d th e funeral ^ h o m e T h u rsday evening to spend the all who participated. Mr. D. A. Johnson and fam ily s t a r t ­ ed on an auto trip today to Easton, Pa., w h e re they will pass the -w’eek- end w ith th e ir son, H a rold, who is a stu d e n t in- L a fayette College. Mr. R a lph O. Malles, of Plainfield, guest of Mr. an Mrs. Stage on N o rth Broom e (P rom Daily Union of Ju n e 22). h is'oo- I n a b f J S g y '° a t t h ^ H igh ^ Brown, whi^oh takes place in Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Morman left this city today for Youngsville, N. Y., w h e re they will atten d the funeral of Mrs. M o rm an’s m o ther, Mrs. School, left today on E rie traifi One village for h e r hom e in M anlius, N. Y. Miss D ickerson will resum e h e r w o rk here in th e fall. Miss A n n a G a lusha, teach e r of G e rm an a t th e H igh School, w e n t to C o rtland today fo r a visit of a few w eeks w ith friends. \ Miss Jessie M ann, teacher of the T raining Class in th e H igh School, ' I^akes, started on train One today for h e r d t y ho.me in Jordan, N. Y., w h e re she will spend m o st of h e r vacation. The young ladies of h e r class were a t the depot to bid her, good-by. Mrs. Curtin, teacher of the Com­ m ercial Course a t th e H igh School, w ith h e r young' daughter, A u g u sta, left on E rie T rain One this m o rning fo r th e ir hom e in Syracuse. Mrs. j C u rtin has enjoyed P o r t Jervis, and h e r w o rk here, and will probably re ­ tu r n in the fall. Mrs. Beauvois Fox and little son, Beauvois, Jr., of New York, are visit­ ing h e r sisters, Mrs. Claude B aird, L S unday. (F rom Daily Union of Ju n e 24) Miss M a rgaret Speidel, of New Y o rk City, is A'islting h e r m o ther, Mrs. Ju lia Speidel, a t h e r hom e on D e law are street. Rev. George E. Gillespie, who has been spending the week a t Twin Pa., preached in New Y o rk Sunday. Mr. Lloyd Stevens spent a portion of last w e e k a t the popular sum m e r boarding house of Geo. W. T. Myers a t H ighland Lake. A ttorney H. B. F u llerton returned hom e on Saturday evening from Chi- cgo w h e re he attended the recent R e ­ publican N a tional Convention. Miss M aud Stanton, of W u rtsboro, is in this city to atten d the graduating' exercises t h a t tak e place this week. She is a guest of Miss Lila C arm e r on Orange street. Mr. C h arles Wilson, of Eldred, N. Y., was in P o rt Jervis on Saturday, on and Mrs. Louis’ Shake, of M echanic S treet, W e st End. Mr. F o x is in a t ­ tendance a t the D e m o c ratic Conven­ tion, having th e assignm e n t as a re­ p o r ter fo r The Sun. Miss M a rietta Coonrod arrived vacation w ith h e r parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Coonrod, of Ball street. On Ju n e 4th Miss Coonrod was g rad ­ uated from th e Teachers’ College ol Colum b ia University, receiving u di- plo.ma in th e A r t of Dom estic Science w ith th e degree of a B achelor of Sci­ ence. She has been visiting friends during the p a s t two weeks. Miss Anne Skinner, a student a t P r a t t Institute, Brooklyn, and Missi A senath Skinner, of th e Strouds- burgh N o rm a l School, have arrived in P o r t Jervis to spend th e ir vaca­ tion w ith th e ir parents, Mr. and Mrs. W | G. Sm ith, of E a s t M ain street. Mr. H a rvey S. Johnson has been appointed A ssistant Civil Engineer to the Engineer, M aintenance of Way, services of th e late C h arles H a lstead. Miss L a u r a N e a rpass and Miss Ada V an Inwegen, of P o r t Jervis, and Miss Bessie M itchell, of Godeffroy, m em ­ bers and graduates of th e Training Class last year, have closed a success­ fu l year’s teaching, and will be a t th e ir hom es for th e greater p a r t of th e ir vacation. Mrs. W m . P. K a u fm a n n , P resident, of the C ity Im p rovem e n t Association, Mrs. S. St. Jo^n, P resid e n t of The T o u rist Club, an d Miss G race W ales, secretary, w e n t to Goshen, this m o rn­ ing, to attend a luncheon given by Mrs. Alloway a t h e r spacious hom e. E a c h y e a r the “M o nday A r t Club’’ of M iddletown m eets w ith Mrs. Alloway in June, w ith th e ir guests, and th e m eetings are alw a y s of especial in­ terest and pleasure. Mr. Em m e t Bockover, of th e State H o spital a t M iddletown, w e n t to B ingham ton today w h e re he has ac­ cepted a position in the service of-the State H o spital and will enter upon his new duties on Friday. Miss A n n a M cCathie, of Kingston avenue, left town on E rie train One this m o rning for Lakem o n t, Canada, w h e re she will attend the com m ence­ m e n t exercises of the L a k e m o n t High School. Mrs. Ethel Soller and two daugh­ ters who have been visiting relatives in this city and M atam o ras, returned today on E rie train One to th e ir hom e j — in G reat Bend, Susquehanna county, | friends, of Goshen, attend the graduating exercises of the Genessee W esleyan Sem inary, his son, A r thur C. Wilson, being a m e m b e r of th e graduating class. Mr. W ilson will also be a guest of his daughter, Miss Ju lia C. Wilson, who is a student in the sam e institution. A s sistant Secretary E. L. Norris, of the Y. M. C. A. a t R o tterdam Junction, Schenectady county, X. Y„ is spend­ ing a week’s vacation w ith his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. N o rris on M ary street. Mr. Patrick H. Nolan, organizer of the M u tual B rew ing Com p any of St. Louis, Missouri, is in town on busi­ ness. Mr. Nolan is also president and editor of th e Liquor T rades’ Gazette Company, of New Yqrk City. —~ C o rporation Counsel W. P. Gregg left town this m o rning for B altim o re, w h e re he will atten d the Dem o c ratic N a tional Convention. Mr. Edward D. Simpson, who, for the past year and a h a lf has been con­ nected with the P rudential Insurance of th e New York State Railways, th e ; resigned to take Offices Of Which are located at 2 6 < :^ position with the L. M. Jones’ Ice State street, R o chester, N. Y. This Company. Mr. Frederick G. is the second unexpected prom o tion recently a dem o n s trator w ith for Mr, Johnson this year and shows jg^,yjg Company, suc- his ability. In January’ he w a s ap- ^ Simpson in the insurance pointed T ransit M anager, and now is ■ A s sistant E n g ineer over m en older [ friends in P o r t Jervis of in years and in office service. The p ^ a n k A- K ilgour, the well-know n com m ittee, w ith w h ich Mr. Jo h n s o n ,: b luestone dealer, will reg ret to learn ! is em p loyed have been surveying fo r , jg seriously ill a t his hom e in i electrical roads In the w e s tern sec- passaic N. J. I tion of th e state. Rev. P a u l K a sten, pastor G e rm an L u th e r a n Church, has (F rom Daily Union of Ju n e 21). M rs. David M cKean and son, of this city, are visiting a t th e hom e of h e r sister, Mrs. Wlilliam Johnston, at L a k e Como, Pa. Mr. H a rvey S. Johnson, of this City, has been appointed assistant ■engineer on th e New Y o rk C entral R a ilro a d w ith h e a d q u a rters in R o ch­ ester, Mr. Johnson is a grad u a te of th e P o r t Jervis High School and of th e College of Engineering of Cornell University, Class of 1911. The new position is a deserved prom o tion in th e railroad service and is a source of m u c h satisfaction to his relatives and m any friends in P o r t Jervis. A wireless message sent from the steam s h ip St. Louis and cabled from -Crook Haven, England, from Mrs. H. .•S. Cham b ers, this m o rning, to Rev. U riah Symonds, says . “ B o th well; kind wishes to everybody.\ Mr. and Mrs. Chaml)ers sailed on the St. Lou­ is from New York last S a turday for i a sojourn in England. ,M r, A r th u r L. Greenwald, of Ben- ■sonhurst, N. Y., will spend the w e ek­ end a t W a lnut Villa, the sum m e r hom e of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Kevelt.of Passaic. Mr. G reenw ald is a post­ graduate of Colum b ia College, He will attend H e idelberg University in the Mr, John M e inhardt, of Passaic, will spend S a turday and Sunday at W a lnut Villa, w ith E. N. K e v elt and faily. their hom e last evening. Games and ternoon at a b irthday party a t th e . hom e of h e r parents, Mr. and Mrs. \ John Lord, of W a shington avenue. music were the diversions of the e v e - 1 ° b.- The young Misses had an- enjoyable. ning, and refreshm e n ts w e re served by Mrs. Aber, assisted by h e r daughter, Mrs. L. J. DeBevoise. M argar'etha Rutan', young dau g h ter a of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. R u tan. who de­ veloped a case of m easles a few days ago, is about the house again, enjoy­ ing h e r usual good health. Mrs. H a rry Burns, Jr., of R idge­ wood, N. J., is the guest of h e r p a ­ rents, Mr. and Mrs. F ran k Percival on M ary street. Mrs. B u rns is accom- Mrs. Jam e s Buccanning left this panied by h e r little cousin, Mrs. Ma- city on T h u rsday for an extended vis­ it in New York City and F reeport, Mr. an d Mrs. Eugene Rhodes, of W e stbrookville, accom p anied by Mr. H a rry B arnes, o f Easton, P a ., passed th rough this city this m o rning in Mr. R h o d e s ’ a u to on aY rip down the val­ ley to Easton,’ Pa. Mr. LeR o y Lam o reaux, form e rly of this city, who has been residing E a s t Saginaw, Mich., for the past year, is visiting a t the hom e of his parents. Engineer and Mrs. E. A. Lam o reaux, on O range street. Mr. Lam o reaux m ade a brief visit at Buffalo and N iagara F a lls on his way ^ M r s . Viola Taj'lor, of Orange street, is visiting a t th e hom e of h e r son. Dr. R o b e rt Taylor, a t Spring Valley, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. C h a rles H o e ssrich rion Percival, of New York City. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. M cAlilster, of Santa Anna, California, are in P o rt Jervis visiting Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Gaudy on W est Main street. Mrs. Mc­ A llister is a sister of Mr. G a u d y .and has not been east in m any years. C h arles W. Jones, form e r train ­ m a s ter of the New York Division of the Erie, was in town today in the interests of the E rie pension fund. Chief of Police Jo h n F . L a tham took George L a g e rstedt back to the latter’s hom e in New Y o rk City this m o rning. Officer E. V. M o o rehead is in charge a t police headquarters. Some ten friends of Miss Louise Lee, gave h e r a linen shower a t the hom e of Miss M attie W e rching afternoon. Mrs. Lord served tea at o’clock and the everting was. as a b irthday gift to Mliss very p retty clock. j Mrs. M ark Adams and Miss Jennie Snider entertained a circle of the m em b ers of the Ladies’' Aid of Drew ■Methodist Church Mo.nday evening at th e hom e of Mrs. A d a m s on Mt. W ill­ iam street. The ladli'es- of the society are entertaining circles o f ten, after the style of th e Endl'ess Chain, arid are having pleasant m eetings, and in this way earning m a n y dollars f o r the treasury of th e society. | Miss M ary §roadhead, who hast been visiting Miss R u h a m a h DeW itt, of P rospect street, fo r th e past th ree j weeks, retu r n e d yesterday to h e r : hom e in Greenville, Pa. Mrs. S. L a m b e rt and Mrs. B. B a r -1 ber left town Sunday m o rning for a few w e eks’ visit with Mrs. J. M. 1 Snyder, of New York City, and Mrs. 1 George Snyder, of Lo|ig Island. They, ■were accom p anied by Mrs. J. M. i Sinyder and granddaughter. Miss D o r­ othy Pantley, of W h ite street. i Miss Lizzie C h ant, of M o n ticello,' and Mrs. W. B. Chant, of P o r t J e r - , C u lvert street on F riday evening, th e , vis, left this city on M o nday fo r an , sam e being in anticipation of an im - j e'xtended visit am o n g friends at p o rtan t event presently to be cfiron- j Johnstow n and Gloversville, N. Y .. icled in the hym eneal colum n. An On th e ir retu r n trip several days N. Y. Miss Bessie Goble has accepted a position in th e R e u ling M a rket on P ike street, as bookkeeper. Miss Florence M o ntgomery, teach ­ er of m a them a tics, and Miss Lela M Mills, teacher of Latin, a t the High School, leave town this afternoon for th e ir homes. N e ither Miss M ont- gom e i'y nor M iss M ills w ill return to P o r t Jervis next year. They have been m em b ers of the High School faculty for four or five years past and leave m any friends in P o r t J e r ­ vis incident to th e ir residence and work here. M aster P a u l Seybolt, the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. W infield S. Seybolt, of Circleville, N. Y., is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H u let Seybolt, of O range street. Mrs. R o b e rt H a m ilton, of M echan­ ic street, has retu r n e d from a visit w ith h e r brother, Mr. H o w a rd GOuld, and fam ily, of Brooklyn. Mr. W a lter Kadel, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kadel, of 82 P ike street, is visiting his parents. M r. K a d el is accom p anied by his friend, Mr. Lang, of New York. They were am o n g the guests a t th e birthday party of Mrs. Kadel M onday afternoon. Mrs. John L6rd and daughter, Irene, of No. 10 W a shington avenue, spent M onday in New York. Miss Irene rem a ined to visit for a week w ith h e r sister, Mrs. Erigene Coch­ rane, Brooklyn. Mrs. Lord returned hom e last evening. Mr. and Mrs. W iliam L e n t are re-- m o v ing this week from the corner of Fow ler and F ranklin streets to No. 6 Orange street.- I'hey hope to be set­ tled In their new hom e by the last of the week. Mr. H e n ry Pantley, of New York, spent the p a s t week-end w ith his business. (P rom Daily Union of June 26). Mrs. George H a m ilton and daugh­ ter, Miss Josephine, are visiting for a week a t Newburgh. - Mr. W illiam Teller, of B ingham ­ ton, is visiting friends and relatives in this city and participated in the concert of the Miunnich B rothers’ Fife, D rum and Bugle Corps given on Tuesday evening on Orange Square. Mrs. John Simons, of E a s t Main street, has returned hom e from vis­ iting relatives and friends in Suffern, N. Y. and New York City. C. L. B o u g h n er and wife visited the fam ily of W illiam M u ir on Canal street over Sunday. M r. F r a n k C aruth, who has been visiting friends In th is city, left for j I th a c a Tuesday, w h e re hei -will take up his w o r k as a teacher in the chemical department of the summer school at Cornell. Jacob M, Nyce left this m o rning for Newburgh, where he Is delegate at th e S tate E n c a m p m e n t of the G rand Arm y of the R epublic, from C a rroll-V a n E tten Post. The R e \\ John J. M o rris received a very pleasant surprise last M onday parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Pant- j when The Rt. Rev. Mgr. Mooney, ’V. ley, of W e st Main street. j G., the R t. Rev. Mgr. Hayes, D. D., Mr. Edm u n d Bartels, of B rooklyn,' Chancellor of the Archdiocese of New a m em b er o f - th e L a fayette Avenu4 York and President of C a thedral Col- Presbyterian (ihurch choir, is visiting! lege, the Very Rev. Canon O’Connor, friends in and near P o r t Jervis. P. P., of Donagle-m o y n e, C a rrick-m a - Miss Florence Swartw o u t, of E a s t ■ Cross, Ireland, and the Rev. F a th e r Main street, re tu r n e d hom e M onday | Hughes, of the C a thedral, cam e down afternoon from a delightful visit a t in an autom o b ile from the C ardinal’s Boston, Lasell Sem inary, and w ith residence to pay him a visit a t St. Jo- h e r au n t and uncle. Rev. and Mrs. I Seph’s Hospital, F a r Rockaway, where W illiam Peck, of N eedham , Mass., j h e is fo r th e present taking m edical and au n t and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. ■ treatm e n t. They were all pleased at Lewis Peck, of Holyoke, Mass. j h is im p rovem ent and expressed hopes E rie Claim Agent John R. Douglas, ' th a t he would soon be well enough to o f Dunm o re, Pa., is in town today on retu r n to his duties at P o r t Jervis. Canon O’Connor will come to P o rt Jervis w ith him on t h a t occasion, and * m ake a short stay before returning i to his parish in Ireland. The Sisters o f ! St. Joseph who conduct the Hospital J leeeived the guests and treated them w ith the utm o st cordiality. F a th e r M o rris continues to im p rove. He is no longer confined to his bed and hopes th a t he -syill soon ♦ be back to F o rt Jervis. He again extends his best wishes to all his friends. Mr. and Mrs. F. W illiam Medrick, little son, W illiam, Jr., and Mr. Price, of Middletown, called on relatives in P o rt Jervis, Monday, while en route hom e from Mongaup, w h e re they vis­ ited with Mr. and Mrs. George Bel- ding, of Middletown, at th e ir sum m e r home. The condition of Mr. P r a n k A. K il­ gour, of Passaic, N. J., who is ill at his home, is im proving, and his m any friends in P o rt Jervis anticipate his early recovery. * Baggagemaster Sprained Hts Ankle. Thom as K ennedy, baggagem a s ter on the O n tario & W e stern railroad, was treated a t th e P o r t Jervia Hos­ pital W e d n esday for injuries of a sprained left ankle. Dyspepsia Is America's curse. B u rdock Blood B itters edriducrs dys­ pepsia every tim e. It drives out Im ­ purities, tones the stom ach, restores perfect digestion, norm a l weight, and good health. vjuiueu wuarLvreu t uts -is w inches long and 21 inches wide. Two swell front top drawers and one large a nd deep drawer. Oval shaped bevel plate m-ir- ror, 28 by22. Well constructed and finely finished.inished. Retailsetails inn storestores! for <17.50 to 19.60. f R i s . Carefully p a c k e d and shipped freight charges p repaid, for Send for our latest catalogue of “Satisfaction furniture at factory Tee on request TICKLEY-pRAHDT, .JWtOTRE m BINGHAMTON. N.Y. Mr. Jo h n B- E a g a n w e n t to B a lti- f m o re, Md., todJay, w h e re he will a t - ; tend the N a tional D e m o c ratic Con- j turned from attending the L u theran Conference in New York. J Hathaw’ay rendered two fine' Miss Alice Neafie and party of j m o rning and ev e n - : passed th r o u g h , .^g. vices in th e F ir s t B a p tist this city on an autom o b ile trip th isj ^j-juj-ch. j m o rning, j ■ p r o f F r a n k E. C a rruth, of Cornell Miss E lizabeth Forbes and Miss U n iversity a t Ithaca, form e rly a»: in- H a r r iet Forbes, daughters of Mr. and gti-nctor in science in th e P o r t Jervis ■ Mrs. H a rry Forbes, o f New York, are I School, is visiting friends in visiting th e ir grandparents, Mr. and jo-jvn. ’ Mrs. John D. Swinton, on Ball street.! _______ 1 Mrs. Floyd S. Cole, o f W e st M ain I (p r o m Daily Union- of J u n e 2'5.>. ■ Street, entertained a few friends a t | ! tea a t h e r hom e on F riday evening,, w h ich place sh e will, th e guest of honor being- h e r siste r , • dau g h ter, MiSS Fran- Mrs. George A. Elston, o ^ e w York. ^ Canada, to = R o land Symonds, Who recently , convention o f t h e Am erf-! graduated from th e SL P a u l’s S c h o o ,. Association d a r in g the a t G a rden City, L. L, is hom e fo r the sum m e r vacation. ^ ^ ^ , Lsent the New York State- L a w 'L i - The residence of th e late Dr. Sol- 1 | omon Van E tten, at the corner ofj Russell Fox, of B rie street, has E a s t M am and E lizabeth streets. | ^ E r ie Which has been closed s i n ^ last fal ., th e , Donnell, the new T rain m a s ter of th e ; vacation ' E r ie’s New York Divisionw and hiSj entertained a ' family. 1 n u m b e r of h e r friends S'aturday af- Mr. and Mrs. E m m e tt Aber, of i Avenue L, M atam o ras, entertained at CLEARING SALE OF lEW. SUSDNIIBIE MEIGHMDISE IT COST n o T irccL A T SARGENT & DENNER’S, 25 FRONT ST., PORT JERVIS, N. Y. A record b u s in e s s in the e a r ly spring, led u s to anticipate an increased volnitie of b u s in e s s for Spring and Sum m er and w e provided accordingly. Increasing our stocks very largely. Then c a m e the dreary d a y s of April and May and b u s in e s s only rem a ined norm a l. So today w e face the question of disposing of $15,000 w orth of new , seasonable m e r c h a n d ise, som e of it o n ly c o m ing in last wee«<. Our regular prices are a lw a y s low , none undersell us- Judge then, a s you read ^very item quoted here, w h a t a m o n e y -sav­ in g opportunity w e are presenting- THIS SALE STARTS SATURDAY, JUNE 29, AND LASTS FOR FIFTEEN DAYS ONLY! LADIES’ 25 CENT LISLE HOSE 18c PAIPv, 25 CENT LAD IES’ K N E E PANTS 19 CENTS. BEST MADE AMOSKEAG GINGHAM, 6c YARD. 12% CE-XT LADIES’ GAUZE VESTS, 8 CENTS. 12% CENT DRESS GINGHAMS, 8c YARD. .n.oo HANDBAGS, SOLID LEATH E R , 87 CENTS. 50 CENT CORSETS, ANY MAKE, 38 CENTS. 50 CENT LONG CHAMOTSETTE GLOVES, 39c PA IR . $ 1.00 ■ MUSLIN GOWNS, 69 CENTS. 75c AND $1.00 MUSLIN DRAW E R S , 39 CENTS. HOUSE DRESSES, 85 CENTS. 49 CENT R U F F L E D CURTAINS, 22c PAIR. 50 CENT DRESSING SACQUBS, 39 CENTS. MOSQUITO NETTING, 6c YARD. 12% CENT PERCALES, 9c YARD. $3.00 AND $4.00 LADIES’ LIN E N SUITS, $1.19 SUIT. ONE LOT STRAY BONNETS, 75c and $1.00 value, 39 CENTS. 50 CENT M E N ’S POROSKNIT UND E R Y 'EAR, 38 CENTS. 8 CEN'J' CALICOS, 5C YARD. ONE LOT LAWN BONNETS, 75c and $1.00 value, 39 CENTS. 25c AND 39c CORSET COVERS, 19 CENTS. SHIRT WtAISTS, Slightly Soiled, 25 CENTS. M E N ’S LIN E N COLLARS, 3 CENTS. ONE LOT LADIES’ $4.00 AND $5.00 DRESSES, Soiled, 98 CENTS. 25 CENT LADIES’ VESTS, 19 CENTS. 75 CENT BOY’S YWSH SUITS, 49 CENTS. LAD IES’ LIN E N COLLARS, 6 CENTS. BLEACHED SHEETS. 33 CENTS. 8c AND 10c LACE INSERTIONS, 4c YARD. M E N ’S 39 CENT SILK LISLE HOSE, 23 CENTS. 75 CENT LONG SILK GLOVES, 49 CENTS. $1.50 CORSETS 97 CENTS. IS to 23 only. 50 CENT SEERSUCKER PETTICOATS 38 CENTS. 35 CENTS MESSALINB RIBBONS, 19c YARD. $1.50 CORDUROY W H ITE SKIRTS, 97 CENTS. LADIES’ AND .MISSES’ LIN E N DRESSES, 97 CENTS.' $1.50 value. ■Any Latiies’ or Misses’ Suit in store at 50 per cent, less than regular prices, such as $10,00 Suits $5.00, $15 00 Suits $7 50 and so on. ChiMren’s Coats at greatly reduced prices. We have on sale small lots of goods that would not do to advertise, as we would not want to disappoint any one on anything we advertise. We know it would pay you to get here early and look these small lots over, as we have not taken the cost or value in consideration, but have slashed the price in order to clean up as .soon as possible. SARGENT & DENNER. 25 FRONT STREET, PORT JERVIS, N.

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