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CORNERSM OF NEW r j ^ A. LAID Imipressive Ceremonies atjN e w Suilding On Pike Street Friday Afternoon. MANY VISITORS AND GUESTS In terestin g Addresses by Clergym en and Association W o rkers—3VInsic by Vocalists and D rnm (Favored w ith ideal conditions w e a ther and th e inspiration of h u n ­ dreds of interested spectators, the cornerstone of the new Young’ IMen’s C h ristian Association building P ik e street w a s laid w ith appropriate cerem o n ies on F riday afternoon, and was th e occasion of m u ch public, in­ terest in one of the m o st substantia im p rovem e n ts fo r th e w e lfare of the com m u n ity ever instituted in this ■TVlorkmen had constructed a sub­ stan tial platform fo r the reception of officers, guests and m u sicians, and al so draped the cornerstone with a large A m erican flag. O n the platform w e re seated Presi-' d e n t H . B. Swartw o u t, G e n eral Secre­ ta r y C. H . T u rner, th e officers, tru s ­ tees, directors and building com m it­ t e e o f th e A s sociation , M a y o r ?Cear- pass. Aldermen Schauer, Bishop, Browne, McCombs and Brown, of the Comm o n Council, W o rshipful 'M aster H e rb e r t Senger of th e P o r t Jervis Lodge of Masons, Rev. W. L. K e tner, Rev. A. C. Covey, of M a tam o ras, Rev. DR. H. B. SWARTWOUT, •President of the B o a rd of Trustees of - P o r t Jervis Y. M. C. A. Sam u el Jones, Rev. J. Y. Irw in, Rev. U riah Symonds, E rie In d u s trial Com­ m issioner Luis Jackson, P resid e n t C. T. Ford, of the H a rrim a n Industrial C o rporation, (representing Mrs. M a ry A. H a rrim a n ), T raveling R. R. Y. M. C. A. S e c retary H. O. W illiams, G e n eral S e c retary W illiam Bpes, (of Susquehanna), an d representatives of th e ch u r c h choirs of th e city, th e la t ­ te r being u n d e r the direction of Mr. F red r ick T>. Fow ler, w ith Miss Hazel Schoq^m a k e r, pianist. T h e cerem o n ies began With the opening address by P resid e n t H e n ry B. Sw artw o u t, who spoke briefly con­ cerning the purposes and w o rk of the Young M en’s C h ristian Association, w h ich is large enough and so well know n in all p a r ts of the world. The P o r t Jervis Association was organiz­ ed in July. 1885, an d w h ile W had pro p e r quarters the location was bad an d did n o t attain the success which w a s anticipated. In 1898 the head­ qu a r ters was tran s f e rr e d to the build­ ing on Jersey avenue, w h e re although th e accom m o d ations w e re crude, the Association has prospered and now h a s a m em b e rship of nearly 500 men. T h e need of a new building h a s been ap p a ren t fo r a long time, w h e re suit­ able sleeping accom m o d ations would be available fo r 500 or GOO railro a d ' m en, whose term inal of train runs is in P o r t Jervis. The present quarters have 29 single beds w h ich_are occu­ pied in th e course of the night by 30 to 35 m en and often som e are turn e d aw ay. The Association is very g rate­ fu l to th e 1,800 contributors, whose united efforts have m a d e possible this new' building now in process of con­ struction, to the E rie Company and Mrs. 'Mary A. H a rrim a n for their com b ined gifts of $20,000. Persons experienced in financial affairs doubt­ ed very m u c h th a t th e balanc-e of $20,000 could be raised in P o r t Jervis in a sh o rt tim e, b u t th rough the vig­ orous efforts and strong faith of G e n eral Secretary C h arles H. Turner, who h a s bu ilt up th e Association from 100 m e m b ers to over fo u r tim e s th a t num b e r, th e cam p a ign w a s in­ stitu ted in June, 1911, w ith successful results. Mr. T u rn e r is entitled to g r e a t cred it fo r his work. D r. Sw a rtw o u t th e n read a letter from M rs. M ary A. H a rrim a n , of A r­ den, N. Y„ congratulating th e P o rt Jerv is Association an d stating h e r F a c ts A b o u t th e New Building. The new building was m ade possible through the untiring ef­ forts of our General Secretary, W'ho conceived the fact th a t the railroad m en and the young m en of o u r' city should have a m o re adequate place to spend a social A fter a personal conference w ith P resid e n t F. D. Underwood, Of the E rie R a ilroad Company, A ttorney C h arles A. Peabody and Rev. J. Holm es McGuinness, rep ­ ing 18,350 square feet of floor space. I Cost of building, including lot, I; $46,000.00. A m o u n t need for furnifshing building, $5,000,00. T h e possib ilities o f th e new- building are shown by the divis­ ion by floors. B asem e n t— L o cker room s,store rooms, lavatories, show e r and tub > ; 'b a th s , toilets, bowling alleys, etc. !; [ F ir s t F loor— R e a d ing room, lob- by, office and check room , pool and billiard room , w a sh room, toilet and gym n asium . Second F loor — Dining room i and kitchen, assem b ly room and ^ banquet hall, class rooms, storage room . Ladies’ Auxiliary room, toilets and wash rooms, running stone, and the big event of tlio p ro - l gram was over, the crowd w a tc h ing ill with intense interest. The vocalist.s sang the hym n ; •‘ C h rist is Made the Sure F o u n d a - Rev. J. Holm es M cGuinness, of H a r­ rim an, Mrs. H a rrim a n ’s pastor, a r ­ rived and .spoke ’oriefly. H e said Mrs. H a rrim a n had asked him to attend the exercises and convey h e r very best wishes and gave assurance of hot- trem e n d o u s interest in the suoco.ss of the project. R^v. Samuol Jont'.s hriofly Iracod th e h isto r y o f the T. M. C. A. in Ibis city, speaking of Christianity as a con­ structive force in the com m u n ity. An abiding faith is the best asset of any -project. This new stru c tu re will one track and gallery. Third and F o u rth These floors are dividecd rooms, storage rooms, wash room s and bath : Floors— into bed toilet and Ji HISTORY OE THE PORT JERVIS ' YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Dating From July 2, 1885, the Local Institution Has Ever Had the Support of Leading Citizens and Has Steadily Prospered to the Present Tiine. NEW BUILDING ON PIKE STREET THE RESULT OF LONG AND EARNEST EFFORT assist in contributing to th e new building. The letter was as follows : Arden, N. Y., Jurfe 26, 1912.’ To the Officers and Members of the Y M. C. A ., P o r t Jervis, N e w Y o r k . Gentlemen : — In acknowledgini y o u r cou r teou s invitation to attend tht ceremony of Laying the Corner Stoni- o f your n e w building, I w a n t to adt my greeting and best wishes for the su c c e s s o f your organization. I was greatly im p ressed by the fieh, for usefulness of the Y. M. C. A. in P o rt Jervis, and I assure you th a t ii has afforded me great pleasure to as iroject of seeurin ■ am confident th a t al or Avhich you are working ;com plished and the:he wM:isdom ' ich you w •ill be abundantly vin- sist you in the proje c t o f securin g per lent and ^ample quarters for youi th the adoption of a broad anc com p rehensive policy in its spirit ant m anagem ent. I ' the objects will be acc( of your efforts dicated. Very sincerely yours, MARY W. HARRIM A N . “Onward C h ristian Soldiers’’ was sung by the assem b lage, the invoca­ tion was offered by the Rev. Covey of M atam o ras, Rev. U riah Sy­ m o n d s read the 15th ch a p ter of St. John, and pray e r was offered by the Rev. w , L. K e tner of M atam o ras. Industrial Comm issioner Luis Jackson, of the E rie R a ilroad, rep re­ senting P resident F, D. Underwood, was the first speaker, and, in his ad­ dress of ten m inutes, conveyed the greetings of Mr. Underwood, who was unable to be present, owing to tendance a t a m eeting of the B o ard of D irectors. H e considered it honor to be present on this occasion for th e Association has builded bet­ ter th a n it knew. Mr, Jackson spoke in an optim istic m a n n e r of the work of the Y, M, C. A. in all quarters of th e globe where he has traveled and witnessed its op­ erations. The Association in its de­ velopm ent of spirit, m ind and body, and the brotherhood of m an is carry ­ ing out th e principles of C h ristianity and is one of the strongest forces for good in the wOTld as it provides g reat institution fo r the betterm e n t of m en and the developm e n t of religion. Selections w e re rendered by the M unnich B rothers’ Fife, D rum and Bugle Corps in a pleasing m a n n e r. Mr. H. O. W illiam s, International Secretary of the Y. M. C. A., gave a stirring talk, telling whal; th e associa­ tion should stand for in this city, should help to clean house, m o rally, for ail m en who come under its do m ains. It stands for cleanliness, side and out. It offers com p a n ion­ ship, cooperation, confidence, encour­ agem e n t and appreciation. It will help the m a n who is down to rise, and in its various activities will doubtless- take a strong place in the life of the Mr. H e rb e r t Senger, in a few brief rem a rks, presented the silver trowel from P o r t Jervis Lodge, No. 328, F. & A. M. Dr. Swartw o u t, on behalf of the association, received th e trowel, and announced he would presentlj use it. Dr, Sw a rtw o u t read th e list of the contents of th e sealed copper l>ox, which was to be placed in the corner- ■stone, as follows : copy of the Evening Gazette of June 27, 1912. A copy of the P o r t Jervis Union of of the Association CHARLES H. TURNER. General Secictary of Port Jervis Y. M. C. A. - of the address of Dr. H. B. June 27, 1912. A brief history since its organization. A list of all contractors doing the worlc on the new building. A program of the exercises A copy o Swartw o u t. The original letter of Mrs. M ary V Harriman relative to the Association A com p lete list o f th e contributorj to the fund created during the cam paign to raise m o n e y fo r tb e nev Iniilding. A list of the officers of the associa- A list of the directors of the Asso­ ciation. A list of the trustees of th e Asso­ ciation. A list of the officers of the Ladies’ Auxiliary. A copy of the June, 1912, Associa­ tion of Men, the Y. M. C. A. periodi- Dr. Sw artw o u t w e n t to the corner of the building and spread the m o rtar with the silver trow e l and the Tiiff stone was lowered into position by a m o d ern triplex chain and gear a r ­ rangem e n t. The D o c tor placed the lay crum1>le, but t h a t o ther structure of better lives which it will doubtles.'- erect in this com m u n ity will never lie. All arose and sang “ Am erica,” Rev. Uriah Symonds pronounced the bene­ diction and the happy occasion was- Among those present were a dele- Tation of E rie f r e ig h t agents from the Delaware and W y o m ing Divisions Erhe S u p e rintendent W. A. Baldwin of Susquehanna, find a num b e r ot m em b ers of the M ackenzie families. )f Glen Spey, Sullivan county, whe were lib eral contrib u tors to th e fund for the Association building. P h o t o g r a p h e r .K rauss secured se v ­ eral e x c e lle n t v iew s of th e crow d and exercises, w h ich are now on exhibi­ tion at h is stu d io on F r o n t street. Chief-of-Police L a tham , Sergeant M oorehead, Officers M u lvaney and- Cam p b ell handled th e crowds and looked after th e traffic o n 'P ik e street. -------- ---------- POUGHICEEPSIE CORPS COIVITNG. 19th Sei»ai’ate Co. Org-anization Will g e a t State Convention H e re. Poughkeepsie, Ju n e 28.— At the m eeting of the 19th Separate Com­ pany Fife, D rum and Bugle Corps,held in the room s of the organization, it was voted to attend the F o u rth A n n u ­ al Field Day and Convention of the New York S tate F if e rs and D rum ­ m ers’ Association, w h ich is to be held in P o rt Jervis, August 6 a n d 7, T h e con v e n tion is m a n a g e d th is year by the M u n n ich B rothers Fife and Drum Corps, and they are re ­ ceiving united efforts of th e Business M en’s Association to m a k e it the greatest of all conventions. It was decided by the local corps to enter for best appearing, fancy drill, best playing association corps and a numl)ei’ of individual prize contests. C. C. Speidel W ins College Prize. The following from the W a shing­ ton S tar is of local in terest : At the recent com m encem ent exer­ cises of L a fayette College, Carl C. Spidel of this city, was aw arded the first prize of $50 of the “ B a rge m ath, em a tical prizes for the solution original problem s.” Mr. Speidel is £ graduate of C e n tral H igh School oj the class of 1910, having won a schol­ arship for Lafayette College. Mr. Speidel is a son of G eorge S p e i­ del, of W a shington, form e rly of this Icty, and a n e p h e w o f Wm. F. Speidel, Of the F ir s t N a tional Bank, this city. Despite Discouragements, Local People With the Work at Heart Heart Pitched In and By a Magnificent Effort Succeeded In Raising the Amount of Money Necessary. ' The follow ing is a b rief history of the Y. M. C. A. a t P o r t Jervis, N. Y. ; The only record of the Y. M. C. A. in P o r t Jervis, N. Y., is obtained from the P o r t Jervis papers on file in the C arnegie Library. The first m e e ting recorded is one held in th e office of Supt. E. V a n E t- ten of the N. Y., L. E. & W. R. R., July 2, 1885. This m e e ting w'as call­ ed to order hy S tate Secretary George A. H a ll of th e New Y o rk State Com ­ m ittee. W h ile a t P o r t Jervis, Mr. H a ll was entertained a t the hom e of E r ie E n g ineer E. P. Coonrod, fath e r of Mr. W. H. Coonrod. Mr. W. Coonrod was closely associated with Mr. H a ll d u r ing his sta y a t P o r t Jer- vis and was a. valuable assistant to him in the organization of the Asso­ ciation here. Mr. Coonrod connected himself with the association then and 'h a s been a m e m ber o f th e association un til th is tim e. There is no record of any com m it­ tee of m a n a g e m e n t o r of any advisory com m ittee having been appointed u n ­ til July 27, 1886, w h e n th e following m en w e re appointed by the State Com m ittee: Messrs, R o b e rt Jordan, E. Van E tten, L. M. Toulon, W arner, C, H. Payne, W. E. 'McCor­ mick, C. F. V a n Inw egen, Galen Ben- net, J, -M. DOlph, J, Vart Vecht^n, E. A. Browne, B enjam in Ryall, J. Goodrich, W. H, Coonrod, E. M. Gor- The officers elected a t th e first m e e t in g o f th e association -^vere C h airm an, R. W. W a re; Vice C h a ir­ m an, John M. Dolph; S e c retary and A s s ista n t T r easurer, L. M. Toulon,H and Treasurer, C h arles F. V a n Inw e- A t a m eeting of th e B o ard of Trus- E n t e r s Sh redded B o g Btisine.ss. C. W. Brownell, of W alden, has p u r­ chased the bogs on several tracts land in Vernon township, along the line of the Lehigh & New England R ailroad, and will erect m achinery for the shredding of the bogs and the roots. The shredded ])ogs will be used as packing for roots of trees and plants shipped from nurseries. Al)out GO h a n d s will be employed, ------ ------------ lere is m o re C a tarrh in this sec­ tion o f th e country th a n all oth e r d is­ eases p u t together, and until the last fe w years w a s su p p o s e d to be in­ curable. F o r a g reat m any ye: d o c tors p r o n o u n c e d it a lo c a l d isease and prescribed local remedies, and by co n s t a n t ly fa i li n g to cu r e w ith lo ­ cal treatm e n t, pronounced it incur­ a b le. Scien c e h a s proven Catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and th e re­ fore J requires constitutional tre a t ­ m ent. H a ll’s C a tarrh Cure, m a n u fac­ tured by F . J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is th e only C o n s titutional cure on th e m a rket. It is taken internally in doses fron doses fro m 10 drops to a tea^^jooi m u cous surfaces of the system. Thi e hundred dollars foj CHENEY & CO., satisfaction In having been able to box in the hollow chiseled out of the gtipation. cure. Send for irs and testim o n ials. Address: F. J. Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. \”ake H a ll’s Fam ily Pill: ation, evening, June 1, 1885, perm ission was granted to the Association to use the old hose house, located on the grounds of the railroad in th e re a r of the stores now occupied by th e Singer Sewing M achine Co. and others. Ii was a t t h a t tim e ' only possible fo r one. half of the building to be occupied by the Association, th e other h a lf being used by Fow ler Hose Company, No. 3, while th e ir house w a s being erected on low er P ike street, and as soon as the latter was com p leted the Associa­ tion occupied the whole building for Association purposes. Mr. C. B. Sanford, who was flllmg a position on th e S tate force and; was a t P o r t Jervis during the b i r t h of the Association, was acting general sec­ retary and continued to fill th a t o f­ fice until Ju ly 20, 1885, and the only record ofi’ h-is leaving was noticed in the village papers of July 20, 1885, which steited, t h a t “Mr. C. B. San­ ford, geneiial secretary of the Y. M. C. A., of o u r village, leaves this m o rn­ ing for Albas!,}!’ a n d Saratoga. H e will be absent one 4non-th. D u ring his absence M r. Irving B. Bristol, of Saugerties, will tak e charge of the Association.” The room s were opened fo r relig­ ious w'ork Sunday afternoon, August 16, 1885, and throw n open to the pub­ lic F riday afternoon, A u g u st 22, 18S5; the building being equipped w ith games, checkers, etc., th e reading room s w ith books, magazines, papers. The officers elected for t h e second year of thfe Association w e re: C h a ir­ m a n , J o h n M. D o lph; V ice Chairm a n , fice of C h ief of Police L a tham was o r­ ganized the first Bible Study Class. Mr. B o u c h e r resignld M arch 1, 1892, an d was succeeded by Mr. Daniel F. Hall, of Norwich, who was called here M arch 1, 1892. On Jan u a r y 25, 1888, Mrs. A n n a Bell left a will in w h ich th e Associa­ tion was to receive $1,000, w h ich -was to be placed in a new building. Steps were im m e d iately taken to incorpor­ ate the Association an d on Jan u a ry 1, 1889, th e Association was in'eorpor- U n d e r date of M ay 16, 1912, Mr, R o e lif B. Smith, R a ilroad Secretary Of the New York State Committee, ad ­ v i s e d th a t th e fo l lo w in g m e n w e r e elected trustees a t th a t tim e : 'Messrs. Sam u el W. Mills, O. P. Howell, H. O. R o s e n k r a n s , R o b e r t Jordan, C harles Bji'ox and John Dutton. T h e D irectors w e r e a s follow s : Jo h n M. Dolph. L. M. Toulon, E. M. Gordon, ** R . Ed. Schofield, E. A. Browne, G, W. H o a g land, C. G. Lock- wood, C. N. Payne, Irv in g C, S tarr, Jo h n H. W ood and F r e d B. Post, The incorporators w e re as follows: Jo h n M. Dolph, E. M. Gordon, R. Ed. Schofield, C. G. Lockwood, G. W . B ai­ ley, D. D. E a ton, C. F, Blizzard, G. W. H o a g la n d , P. B. Post, S. L. -Mapes, Jam e s R o b ertson, E. A, Browne, C larence N. Payne, H e n ry F, Sharpe, E. L. V a n E tten, W. H. Coonrod, W. M. U p tegrove, John H . W o o d , J. H . Lounsberry, I. S. Starr, E. S. S tarr, E. W . E v e r s o n , D w ig h t D u tch e r , L. Toulon, G. M. H o rnbeck, W . H. Ho- vey, F, L. Goeman, W. H a m m o n d , W . . F in g e r , F . ,L . Sp a rks and F r a n k M alven. W h ile Mr. H a ll -was secretary here th e Association moved uptow n in “ THE GREATEST KIDNEY REM- u EDY ON EARTH ’’ SAYS A GRATEFUt WOMAN I w a n t to tell you how m u ch good your Sw am p -R o o t did me. A b o u t four years ago. I suffered from w h a t the doctors called fistula and fo r two years of t h a t time, I endured w h a t no tongue can tell. I also had inflam ­ m ation of the bladder and I tried doctors m edicines w ithout receiving an y h e lp . S o m e o n e to ld m e ab o u t Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp-Root. A f t e r givin g it a th o r o u g h trial. I received relief, so kept on using it ■and today I am a stron g and well wo­ m an. If I ever feel badly or out of sorts, I take S w am p - R o o t and' it a l ­ ways straightens m e out. I honestly believe th a t this m edicine would cure all troubles you recom m end it fo r and it is a pleasure for m e to send m y testim o n y and photograph to you. I th in k Dr. K ilm e r’s Sw am p -R o o t is one of the greatest m edicines on 03-*‘th. R e spectfully yours, MRS. JO H N BAILEY, Subscribed and sw o rn^to^befo^^nfe this 12th day of July, 1909. C. A. BENNETT, N o tary Public'. tees of th e village held on M onday) July, 1892, in the building now occu- ' pied by Mr. F . H. P o rter, th e uptow n fu r n itu r e dealer an d un4'ertaker, the :building being purchased by th e As­ sociation and afte r considerable m o d eling was m a d e ready fo r occu­ pancy, and on Thursday evening, July 8, 1892, \was throw n open to the public with suitable exercises. The m e e ting was in charge of Mr. W . H. Coonrod, th e n P resident of the Asso­ ciation. The speaker of th e evening w a s Mr. C..L. Gates, the International Secretary. Mr. H a ll rem a ined a t P o r t »Jervis •until O c tober 1, 1894, when he resign­ ed to accept the general secretary­ ship of th e D. L. & W, R. R. Y. M. C. A., a t B ingham ton, N. Y. Mr. E. W. Babcock, of Plattsburgh, N . Y., was apjpointed general secre­ ta r y to succeed Mr. H a ll on October 1, 1894. D u ring th e adm inistration o f Mr. Babcock, Mr. H a r r y A. Gillis, th e M aster M echanic of th e E rie R. R., was closely connected w ith the re . ligious w o rk and w ith his valuable as­ sistance th e first shop m e e ting is re ­ corded. These meeting's w e re held once a week for th ree-q u a rters of an ■hour in the 'different shops and w e re •well attended. W h ile Mr. Babcock w a s a t P o r t Jerv is the building uptow n w a s aban- •doned and the Association moved ■down tow n in the p resent quarters on Jersey avenue. On D e cem b e r 31, T897, th e Trustees of th e Association w ith Dr. W . L. Cuddeback as P resi­ d e n t and Howell S. B e n n e t as Secre­ tary, called a m e e ting and decided to sell th e uptown building. The room s down town were Jas. Robertson; Secretary, I*. M. Tou-| modeled and thrown open to the rail- ion; T reasurer, E. M. Gordoir, afid A ssistant Treasurer, E. A. Brow'ne. On A u g u st 81, 1886, G e n e ral Secre­ tary Irving B ristol resigned: to accept a sim ilar position a t Olean, N. Y., and Mr. David EatOR,, \who was th e assistant secretary o f the Association, was appointed general' secretary. D u ring th e adm inistration of Mr. E a ton the Ladies’ A u x iliary w'as or­ ganized about June 1, 1887, and ac­ cording to the records and reports did a very creditable w o rk in assist­ ing the Association. On S e p tem b e r 6, 1SS7, Mr. E a ton. w.aa granted a leave of absence for three months and Mr. C'has. L. 'Mackey -tras called h e r e fill the vacancy until Mr. E a ton re ­ turned. On M arch 14, 1889, Mr. E a t- resigned to enter th e m inistry of the M. E. Church at Barryvillc, N. Y., in the New ark •Conference, Mr. B, J. Griswold was appointed general sec­ retary M arch 15, 1889, com ing here' Toad m en on Jan u a r y 21, 1898, and xem a ined a distinctively railroad ;M. C. A. until August, 1906, w h e n perm ission was granted by General M a n a g e r J . C. S tu a r t o^ the E rie R. R. to allow th e townsn(ien to become m em b ers. On October 12, 1899, Mr. Babcock tendered his resignation to th e local Association to become G e n eral Sec­ re ta r y of the Boone, la., R. R. Y, M. 'C. A., on th e C. & 'N. W, R. R. T h e re is little to say during the n e x t decade regarding th e w o rk of th e Association except to give the nam e s of the secretaries who filled -the office v e r y acceptab ly. A fter the resignation of Mr. B a b ­ cock was received a call was extend­ ed to Mr. H a rry E. Helm , of Albany, Who accepted the position here No­ vem b e r 1, 18 99, and rem a ined here until D ecem b er 1, .1901, w h e n he re ­ signed to accept a position as G e n eral from th e f’entral Association of P h il- g -Secretary of th e Association a t Bos- adclphia. Pa. Mr. Grisw’old’s stay atp ton, Mass., on the B. & M. R. R. P o rt Jervis was short, as th e records | O u r own tow n sm an, H a rry show he resigned October 1, 1889. J Space, who w'as then em p loyed •Mr, C h arles R. Boucher, of H o rn-1 cle r k in th e office of th e E rie freight ellsville, N. Y., was appointed to sue- | -departm ent, a prom inent w o r k e r in ceed Ml’. Gi’iswold on October 1, 1889. | -the Reform e d D u tch C h u rch, also D u ring Mr. B o u c h e r’s work here he | -prominent in th e social w o rld, was, boarded a t the house on Sussex street | aippointed General S e c retary to sue- now owned by the City of P o r t Jervis, | ceed Mr. Helm . Mr. Space accepted and in his room directly over th e o f - 1 t h e position and continued to conduct the work hero until August 4, 1905, when he was tran s f e rr e d to th e new Association to be opened a t Susque­ hanna, Pa. Mr. Jas. H. M erriam , of New H a v ­ en, Conn., was called here A u g u st 5, 1905, and rem a ined until Jan u a ry 1, 1909, w h e n he resigned to accept a position in New Y o rk City. Mr. C h arles H. T u rner, Chief Clerk in the E rie C ar D e p a rtm e n t in this city, was appointed to- succeed Mr. M erriam Jan u a ry 2, 1909. F rom the ve r y beginning Mr. T u rner who, be­ ing a practical railroad m a n and knew the needs and ways of the men, observed th a t th e acc-ommodations here were inadequate for the men and im m e d iately began to talk new build­ ing, not only talk, but to p u t into practice som e m eans w h e reby such a building m ight be obtained. No one of course seemed to th in k it im p o ssi­ ble to obtain a large am o u n t -of money for a building and not w ishing to blast his am b itions allowed him pu sh forw a r d . A sh o rt tim e afterw a rd, 'Mr. F red ­ erick D. Underwood, P resident of the E rie R. R., accom p anied by Mr. J. C. Stuart, his General M anager, visitqd th e room s of the local Association and were im m e d iately approached by Mr. T u rn e r and m ade acquainted' w ith the local conditions, Mr. Underwood , being a m a n who does n o t take long to decide a question said he would gladly contribute $10,000 tow a rd the enterprise. Mr. T u rner followed the gift- of Mr. U n d erwood w ith a letter to Mrs. E. H. H a rrim a n and in a very short tim e receiveffia prom ise of an ­ o th e r $10,000. T h e above seem e d large and se e m ­ ed to point directly to a new building Im m e d iately, b u t discou r a g e m e n ts cam e one a f t e r anoth e r , on e o f th e m being a visit here of Special Financial S e c r e tary Wl. T. P e r k in s , -who ad v ised th e local and State com m ittees that, afte r spending th ree or four days go­ ing over th e situation th a t it would be im p o ssible to term inate a success­ ful cam p aign here a t th a t tim e and left P o r t Jervis and a very m u c h dis­ couraged com m ittee an d General Secretary. This discouragem ent did not phase Mr. T u rner, who still believed results would notTi§^ d a n g e rous and afte r visit to New Y o rk w ith Mr. F. W. P e a rsall. New Y o rk S tate Secretary, ■Mr. H. O. 'Wiilliams, International Secretary, and M r. R o elif B. Smith, R a ilroad Secretary of the New York S tate Comm ittee, and Mr. W. T. P e r ­ kins, who advised them th a t it could n o t be handled successfully, he decid­ ed to endeavor to put on a cam p aign fo r $40,000, in face of th e possible defeat as .predicted, Mr. T u rner and D r. H. B. Sw a rtw o u t were appointed a com m ittee to form u late if possible plans fo r th e cam p aign. Mr. T u rner an d Mr. F. E. Schoonover, acting up­ on t h e adviee of the President, Dr. H. B. Sw artw o u t, visited th e cam p aign th e n in progress a t N e w b u rgh and m a d e the acquaintance of Mr. A. H. Greeley, who was conducting the cam p aign. ‘Mr. Greeley would not say th a t he w o u ld attem p t a cam - (Paign here h u t did prom ise to a t least visit M r. T u rner here fo r a day, an d on Decoration' Day he m ade the prom ised visit. A fter a h u rried con­ ference w ith several of th e business and professional m en of our city he decided to com e ^here, w h ich he did. an d on Ju n e 21. i o l l , th e big cam ­ paign opened an d closed S a turday ■night, July 1st, afte r ten days of hard .work w ith the biggest victory P o r t •Jervis has ever witnessed. The suc­ cess is not given to th e officers of the Association nor to Mr. Greeley, hut to every person of P o r t Jervis who assisted in one, w ay o r another to m a k e the cam p aign a success; also to o u r out of town friends who very ■willingly contributed tow a rd th e en­ terprise. Then o th e r delays cam e in the prep a ratio n of th e plans, etc., until ■Good 'Friday, A p ril 5, 1912, when the ground was broken f o r the new build­ ing on the lot recently purchased for th e Association a t Nos. 102 an d 104 P ik e street, w h ich were owned by Mr. Lorenzo W oods an d th e estate of Mr. W!m. Linderm a n . The breaking of the ground fo r the new building was done officially by G e n e ral Secretary C. T u rner, und e r tfre supervision of P resid e n t Di\ H. B. Swartwout, Vice- P resid e n t F. B. Tucker, T rustees A. J. Dinley and others. The w o rk on the new building is to b e done a s fo llo w s : Excavation— ^Benjamin Cuddeback, o f P o r t Jervis, N. Y. General C o n tract—^Harriman d u s trial C o rporation, of H a rrim a n , N This com p any is in charge o f Mr C h a s. T. F o rd, P resident; Mr. I. W M andigo, in charge of th e carpentry •Mr. E. P. Shultz, in charge of th e m a sonry; M r. A. P. C lark, Superintend e n t of th e building. H e a ting and Plum b ing—^Swinton & Company, of P o r t Jervis, N. Y. E le c t r ic a l W o r k — R. S p e n g ler E l e c ­ trical Company, of Port Jervis, N. Y. T h e w o rk is progressing nicej;^ and this< F r id a y ) aftern o o n , J u n e 28, 1912, a t 3.30 o’clock, th e Corner S ton e w a s laid by Dr. Sw a r t w o u t w ith suitable exercises; the trow e l used w a s presented by P o r t Jervis Lodge, N o . 328. F . ■& A. M„ o f P o r t Jervis. The business men of Port Jervis had wery kin d ly con sen ted to close their ■places o f business during ithe exer­ cises. A large representative of out o f town guests w e re expected, includ­ in g several prom inent railroad and Y. M. C, A. officials. T h e officers o f th e A s sociation are as follows : P resident— D r. H , B. Swartw o u t. .Vice-President— F . B. Tucker. Secretary— J o h n H. Wood. j L e tter to Dr. K ilm e r & Co., B ingham ton, N. Y. P rove W h a t _Sw am p -R o o t W ill Do Co., Bing­ ham ton, N. Y.. fo r a sam p le bottle. It will convince5 anyone. You will also Inform - kidneys ng, be sure anyon e. You w ill jk let of valuable infc : all about the kid; receive a book; ion, tellin g id bladder. W h e n writi: m ention The Tri-States liar fifty-cent and one-dollar es for sale a t all drug stores. Treasurt D irector re r— F . E. Schoonover. ■John H. Wood, W, Persbacker, ~ Clark, A. Tr< W;. B. Balcom, K napp, __ •autman, W; N. Tuscano, Tucker, W. E. ;'s, F. H. M u rray, S. M. Cuddeback, A. T. P o rter, Dr. W. L. Cuddeback, F red Terwilliger, F. E. Schoonover, L. R. Glass, C. I. Terw il­ liger, C. P. Eekles, S. M. Lam b , George Sells, B. D. C arpenter, Trustees— ^H. O. R o senkrans, P r e s ­ ident; F. R. Salmon, Secretary; C. F. Van Inwegen, T reasurer; Dr. H. B. Swartw o u t, J. H. K irk, A. J. Linley, Jo h n ^chm idt. Geileral Secretary— C. H. T u rner; :s, Haroli ind Willi; Assistants, H a ro ld -Nearpass, Biil&on am --------- —. - :liam W K n a p p . The A rchitect is Mr. C. F. Long, of Jersey City, N. J. The Buildir B. Swartw o u t, C h ain m, P. B. Tu(cker, ling Com m ittee’ is Dr. H . ■man; Messrs. P . i ‘ ““ “ , ^ h T Tur-^ R. Salmo] ner. Dr. W. L. Cuddeback, and -Mr. H, O. R o senkrans, ex-officio. The Ladies’ Auxiliary is officered by the following ladies, who are assisting th e A s sociation here very c r e d itab ly : President—'Mrs. W. H. Hector. F ir s t V ice-P r e s id e n t — Mrs. C harles H. Turner. Second V ice-P r e s id e n t — -Mrs. H a m - T reasurer— Mrs. C h arles N. Higby. Secretary— Mrs. E d w a rd A. R u tan. Itching, to rtu rin g skin eru p tio n s ,. disfigures, annoy, drive one wild. ^ Doan’s O intm ent brings quick relief and lasting cures. F ifty cents a t any drug store'. C. I. TerwiUiger. Fred Terwilliger C.l. Terwilliger & Son Funeral Directors. O F F ICE, 41 FRO N T ST., PO R T JER V IS, N. Y. Local and Long Distance Tele­ phones In Office and Residences. BRANCH OFFICES: Shohoia, Pa., UarryrUle, N. Y. E. R. K albfus, M illard Quick, R epresentative. Assistant. Shohoia, P a . Barryville, N. T. N e w York Representative: ;ional Casket Co., 60 Great Jones' T e l e p h o n e 3345 S p ringy Natl FRED H. PORTER, Funeral Director Licensed Embalmer X.ady Embalmer and Funeral Di­ rector by reque.<it, Mrs. F. H. Forter. Office corner P ik e St, and Orange Square. P. J. Telephone 31. R esidence: N ight Calls at No. 2 B y a n St. Local Telephone 309 J. COACHES TO HIR E . M.G. BE1RNE& SON, Funeral Dir e c t cur s AND Licensed Embalmers OFFICE AND RESIDENCE 64 Front-st. P .J . Phone 263J New York RepreetattMlTe s New York rnd Brooklyn Caa- ket Company. No. 27 Groat Jonea Street. Telephone 3241-3210.

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