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MEETING OE he ™ BOARD Reports From Health Officer and Nurse, Sanitary and Milk Inspectors. DAIRIES NEED IMFROVEMENT General Oonditions of The HcJiltli ' Tile City Are Gooa - - - - Slifflit ISpidemio of Measles ---- (Work of Anti-Tubereulosis ' Nurse. At the regular m o n thly m e e ting of the B o a ra of H e a lth held a t the Com­ m o n Council room s in the City Hall on F riday evening, those present were P resid e n t N e arpass, Comm issioners H a m m o n d , B a k e r an d Leahy, Clerk Jo h n P. Cleary, S a n itary Inspector J. E. Everitt, H e a lth Officer Dr. E. G. C u d d eback, and M ilk Inspector W. Y. Rumsey. R e p o rt of H e a lth Officer Dr. E. G. Cuddeback was read, in w h ich it was stated th a t the m easles epidem ic has tak e n a fresh sta r t in th a t portion of th e city w h ich first 'escaped, nam ely, the section com p rising Jersey avenue. F ront, Ball, H a m m o n d and F ranklin streets, and intersecting streets. The closing of the schools for th e sum m e r vacation will greatly aid in stam p ing out this epidemic. D u ring the past m o n th 54 cases of m easles were re­ ported, 17 of pertussis, two each of pneum o n ia, and two of tuberculosis. T h e re have been th ree exam inations n n l e r the child labor law. In several ,..eo the m easles quarantine has been violated, but, when m a tters w e re ex­ plained to th e parents of th e children, they prom ised to obey th e regulations. The tuberculosis nurse has entered upon h e r duties. Supplies are now om hand fo r com b a ting tuberculosis re­ quired under the tuberculosis law con­ sisting of sputum cups, holders and pocket cuspidors. These will be given o u t When asked for by th e physician in charge. R e p o rt of Sanitary Inspector J. E l­ mer Everitt was read, received and The following rep o rt from M ilk In ­ spector W. Y. Rum sey was received and filed ; To The B o ard of H e a lth of the City of P o r t Jervis, N. Y. : w h en m ilk is not being received, and th a t he be also instructed to repair the floor in th e sep a rato r and boiler R e spectfully subm itted, W. Y. RUMSEY, M ilk Inspector. . Dated, June 28th, 1912. The rep o rt of Visiting N u rse Mrs. Helen Chappell was read, received and filed. The hills of Seberly and John.son, of !fl2.r>2 for supplies; L. Y. Ketcliam for plum b ing inspection, $.”>5; and W. V. Rumsey, for m ilk inspections,, 804.04, were audited. The B o a r d 't h e n adjourned subject to the call of the President. ------- ------------ WEST END. IVest End, Ju n e 29, Messrs. John IV. Kelly and P h ila n ­ der H o rn spent F rid a y a t K n ig h t’s Eddy, on the D e la w are, n e a r Mon- gaup, and succeeded in securing a fine catch of fish, all of good size. M any W e s t E n d residents who are addicted to hall gam e s witnessed the contest a t Tracco Pariv -on Tuesday afternoon betw e en th e Chinese S tu ­ dents Team of the U n iversity of Hawaii and the P o r t Jervis team . Mr. John R a u was overcome^ by W e d n esday afternoon *\‘°The conditions in the dairies are better th a n a t the tim e of the M a ich inspection, in m o st cases, though m m anv dairies the m ethods continue m o re or less filthy even w h e re th e equipm e n t is good. The scores follow. P e r Cent. W h itlock B r o th e r s .............89 B. E. C u d d e b a c k ................. 86 B. A. Penny .............................. 81.5 Hinaman & Co.o & C S. D. Swartwout. artw o u t. sm p ert ..................... 16.5 offm'an ....................... 7 6 W. I. G u m a e r ........................ -'?6_ Wm. C a rm a n ........................ I o Jam e s DeBevoise ................. W m, Laux . ............................. J. E. Van Inw e g e n .............. 69.5 T. Fitzsim m o n s ................... 69 Otto S truck ......................... 67.5 E. H. Cooi Geo. Schneidier .‘.’.’.‘.'.' 65 * ! 5 ler ........................... 65 id ....................64.5 Osmer C u d d e b a c k ............... 64.5 August R e in h a r t ................. 61 R. Meade ................................... 61. J. B. N e a rpass ..................... L itts & Van S ickle ................. &8 Sam u el G ranger .................. 55 I t will be noted th a t only five da Ties score above 80 per cent. It is respectfully reeom r the following dairym en, failed to m a k e use of th< covered pail, be notified to use thei pails a t once and to continue using them under penalty of having^ the m ilk excluded from the city; I’rai Dillistin, A lfred Sykes, Geo. Schneidi R. Mead. ‘C o m m e n d e d th a t nen, who have o f th e regulation I^hat Mr. R. Mead, of H u g u e n o t, be ed to clean and whitewash the ’ is dairy is stabled and barn where rnaintain thii farm s have been investi- m a n y of them have been Owing to th e danger of contam ina- _ jn of m ilk by flies, th e outside toilets on th e dairy gated and n found to be in dangerous In nine toilets, the vaults are entirely open while in only three are the vaults properly closed to exclude flies. W h e re necessary, Im p rovem ents have beei asked for and proper disinfection re quested. The K ing System of ventilation 1 being installed in som e of the barns. It seems necessary to call your at tention to the practice of farmc\ leaving cans of m ilk on the street i til it is picked up by milk dealers. ter of Ball 3nd Shay, stood at day, a t 11.40 Ju n e 22nd, at 11.20 a. m., the tem p e ­ ra tu r e of a can of m ilk, left by S. D. Sw a rtw o u t a t the corn e r of Ball a w a rtw o u t a? : streets, fo r E. tes; on the sam e 67 degrees; on th e sai a. m., the tem p e r a tu re of a can of m ilk from W. I. G u m a e r’s dairy left fo r T. Alward, stood a t 67 degrees. This is in v io latio n 'o f th e ordinance which requires milk to be cooled to 50 degrees and held at th a t tem p e r a ­ ture until delivered to the consumer. The inspection of the creameries in shuw.s that the creamery op- ’ the Port Jervi.s Dairy Com- erated by pany is sanitary am ods of handling the : th a t the m eth- Ik are superior. At the cream e ry oiperated by V. R. Dillistin, th e lid to the receiving vat was found oimn and there were a num b e r of fiies in the vat. W hen m ilk is not being received the lid to the cat should be closed. It is recom ­ m ended th a t Mr. Dillistin he notified to keep the lid to this v a t closed the h e a t while w o rking in the E rie coal fields. He is now im p roving. Messrs. C h arles Diez, ;lohn Flynn and George Gottlieb, of W e s t End, and several friends from Sparrow'- bush, w e n t t ^ M o ngaup, N. Y., on Saturday, to spend two w eeks in camp there. 'Mr. H a rry Baum , of New Y o rk City, visited the p a s t week w ith his parents, Mr. an d Mrs. Isaac B aum , of W e st Main street. M aster C h a rles W a tts, of M atam o - ras, was th e guest of his aunt, Mrs. Mae H u n t, on Sunday an d Monday., Mrs. E d w a rd W a lt, of P a terson, N. J., is stopping a t th e hom e of Mr. and Mrs. F red Maillet, w h ile looking a f ­ ter business interests in the W e st Mr. F r a n k K a u tz an d Mr. W illiam C. Gottlieb enjoyed a bicycle ride to the B rick H o u se and M ilford, Pa., last Sunday. Mr. C h arles Zellar, Jr., of New Y o rk City, is spending his two weeks’ vacation a t th e hom e of h is parents, Mr. and Mrs. C h a rles Zellar, on M echanic street., M rs. H o w a rd A. M cA llister and n. Dr. L. H. M cAllister, spent Thursday fishing in the Delaw are R iver a t M ongaup. Miss D o rothy V an E tten, of W e st M ain street, entertained sixteen h e r young friends Tuesday evening in honor of h e r fifth birthday. Games, m u sic and refreshm e n ts were enjoy­ ed during the evening. Mr.- R a lph Sullivan, of M cAllister street, w e n t to H ighland Lake, N. Y., W e d n esday m o rning to spend the sum m e r vacation. Miss E lla Lancaster, of Otisville, N, Y„ was the guest of her friend, Mrs. H. A. Quackenbush, on Tuesday. Mrs. Joseph H e n d e rshot and sister,, Mrs, Wilson, bf Mill Rift, Pa., were visiting friends in Newburgh, N. Y., th e first of th e week. The Sunday School class of Missi K a th e rin e R a u held a picnic a t Eddy Farm , Sparrow b u sh, on Tuesday af­ ternoon. (Mrs. Beviaus P o x and son, of New Y o rk City, who have been visiting h e r sister, Mrs. Shake, on M echanic street, retu r n e d hom e on W ednesday. Mr. Roy E. Esrey, of Cuddeback- V ille, N. Y„ spent Wednesday w ith his friend, Mr. i o h n C. ’B u rr. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. W illiam Ayers on Sunday, June 23, at th e ir hom e. No. 28 M echanic. Street. Mrs. Edw a rd R o u rke and daugh­ ter, Miss Helen, of Jersey City, V isiting h e r m o ther-in-law , Mrs. Jo h n M ahoney, of F o s sard street. Misss D e lla Fox, of New York, is vi.siting h e r grandfather, Mr. Nichol­ as Fox, on E rie street. Mr. C h arles McAllister, of Jersey City, sp e n t Sunday w ith his m o ther, Mrs. Id a M cAllister, of W e s t M ain street. Mr. F r a n k M organ, of Brooklyn, N. Y., was a visitor Tuesday w ith his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. H u n t. Mrs. Fisher and daughter. Miss Ida, of Brooklyn, L. I., are the guests 'Mr. and Mrs. P ran k Sweeney a t th e ir home on McAllister street. Friday afternoon they enjoyed an automo­ bile trip to M ilford, Pa. Miss M inetta Strickland,, who is employed in a summer hotel a t Bush- kill, Pa., Visited Tuesdfiy w ith h e r m o ther, Mrs. C. E. Shelley, Mrs. B ernalde Cooper, of M ontague, N. J., spent Sunday and M o n d ay w ith h e r m o ther, Mrs. John McAllister. Miss Elizabeth Schm idt, of B rook­ lyn, L. I., is visiting h e r parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt, of Coleman street. Mi.ss Schm idt is a trained nurse in the G e rm an H o spital Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. Jesse Lee and son, W a lter, spent the first p a r t of the w eek w ith th e ir friends, Mr. and Mrs. W a lter Roberts, of Colem an street. Mr. Lee was a form e r resident of W e st End b u t now resides in Maybrook, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Jam e s K a llighan, of W e st M ain street, attended the m a r ­ riage of th e ir daughter, Julia, to Mr. A r th u r Lee, in New York City on Sunday, Ju n e IGth. The application o f the oil to W est Main street early in th e week was greatly appreciated by tb e citizens and property owners. ' M r. F r e d Seidensticker, of E rie BIRTHDAY SOCIAL ON CHIM LAWN A Fenny For Each Year Froved a Fopular Admission Fee. LAWN FRETTILY LIGHTED Clui.stoiiiatlicaiis’ E v ent TInu-sday E\'eiiing Atti’actcd. a Large Niun- licr of Priolulg and was a SUWOllS SOoiully and Financially. The law n in fro n t of th e Reform e d D u tch C h u rch presented a beautiful an d brilliant appearance Thursday evening. The Japanese lanterns, w h ich w e re stru n g betw e en th e trees about the law n ,- th e large electric light a t th e centre door of th e church, the lights shining through the stained glass windows of the church caused m any exclam ations from travelers 'at th e ir beauty and attracted m any friends to the b irth d a y social of th e C h ristom a thean Society. Adm ission to the social for m e m b e rs of th e society was by a sm all silk bag containing as m a n y pennies as th e m e m b e r could boast of years. For others a small sum was asked. C h airs were placed about th e lawn and to the many groups were served delicious ice-cream and cake by the com m ittee, u n d e r th e supervision -of Miss Josephine Farnum , P resid e n t of th e C h ristom a thean Society. The Colored M a n d o lin and G u itar Q u a rtette of P o r t Jervis discoursed sw e et s train s of m u sic throughout the evening. They also sanfe' “Old Black Jo e ” and two or th r e e o ther num ­ bers. T h e p a r ty w a s a decided suc­ cess, both socially and financially. •season. V ice-President P a lm e r p r e ­ sided. Ice cream and cake w e re serv- ,ed at the close of the entertainm e n t. Alaat’s Orclie.<5tra at JOlford. A lart’s orchestra gave a concert in the Methodist Episcopal Church M ilford on T h u rsday evening th a t was lai’gely attended and enjoyed by all present. The program was similar to the one which will be given Tuesday evening, July 2d, a t Deer- p a r k Club H a ll. I t included two so- I 0 .S by Miss H a zel Bennet. LOCAL AID FO R THE NEEDY. Report of Tlie Associated d iaritics For June, 1912, Illness m o re th a n any other 'cause h a s b rought the applicants to our of­ fice th is m o n th. T e m p o rary relief h a s been given to these. Of the eight applications fo r w o rk only th ree im ­ proved the opportunity given. Gifts of clothing have been received from Mrs, J. H. M erriam , Mrs. Chas. N o r­ ris and one unknow n donor. $lh has been received fo r a special case. n the em e rgency fund, balance Ju n e 1, $13.70; sale of 2d-hand cloth­ ing, $5; loans repaid, .$2. Total, $20.70. Expended, relief, $7.65; coal, $1.20; loaned, $3; telegraph, 76c. Total, $12.61. Balance, Ju ly 1st, $8.09. SENIOR CLASS PLAY. “ The Sophomore ” Repeated in Deer- park Club Hall, Thursday Night. A fair-sized audience witnessed the second production of the three-act com e d y -dram a , “ The Sophom o re,” by the Senior Class of the P o r t Jervis H igh School in D e e rpark Club Hall on Thursday evening under the direc­ tion of Edw a rd J. Carey, Those in the play were Messrs. H e n ry L. IV h ittaker, J. Edw in Kadel, David Q. H a m m o n d , W. J. Tlghe, B u r­ ton B. Chase, George B, H a p p , H e r­ m a n A. M anthei, B enjam in Pereival, Misses B lanch C. Buch, Leona Lam - oreaux',^ E d n a D u r a n t and M arion Jones. I t was an excellent entertainm e n t and plea'sed the patrons. A fter the play, dancing was enjoy­ ed, the m u sic being furnished R ichardson’s orchestra. EASTERN STAR »IEETING. Orange Cliapter Plang For a L a w i .Social on July 16th. The regular meeting of Orange C h a p ter No. 33, O rder of the E a s tern Stab, w a s held in M asonic H a ll on T h u rsday evening. W o rthy M atron Miss Cora Snyder, presiding. Consid­ erable business was transacted. The straw b e rry festival w h ich was to have been held last F riday a t the hom e of Mrs. M a rietta H u n t on Ham m o n d street, has been postponed. On July 16th a lawn social will be held a t th e residence of Mr. and Mrs. Mehaffey, 59 Hudson street, supper to be served a t six o’clock on the large lawn. If stormy, th e social will be held with- “ j in th e house. The C h a p ter decided to hold their annual picnic at the hom e of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rhodes, a t W e stbrook- ville, during th e sum m e r, the day to be decided later. Mrs. George Clark, of H a rtford, Conn., a m e m b e r of Vas- sar C h apter, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., was a visitor a t th e m eeting, m a k ing some pleasing rem a rks. An inform a l social was held a t th e clo.se, th e C h a p ter having been called off during J u ly and August, to resum e w o rk on Septem b er 12 th. M en’s Circle E n tertained, The m agician Jeffries entertained a m e e ting of the M en’s Circle in the chapel of the F irst Presbyterian Church, T h u rsday evening. The enter­ tainm e n t was one of the best of the SOCIALISTS MEET AT SPARROWBUSH Rev. Samuel Jones Addressed a Meeting on Christian Social­ ism Tuesday Night. SAYS RELIGION IS ESSENTIAL Socialism May Becom e tlie Most Sel­ fish Tiling in Hie W orld Unless I t is of th e R ight Sort. Speaker States. street, and Miss M a rgaret Finan, L u m b e r street, w e re united in m a r­ riage on W ednesday. June 2 6th, by the Rev. W. J. Donohue, in St. M ary’s C h u rch. They will m a k e th e ir hom e on E rie street. Misses Agnes Burke, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Florence Gannon, of Or­ ange, N. J., are th e guests of th e ir aunt. Miss M a rgaret Flynn, on Hol­ brook street. “Sport,” the pet dog owned T;*y Miss Margaret Flynn, of Holbrook street, and “Jip ,” owned by Erie Conductor Edw a rd McAndrew, of E rie street, died suddenly from poisoning or 'Monday. “Sport” was a very intelli­ gent anim a l an d was a general favor­ ite in th e com m u n ity AVhere he greatly missed. The W illing W o rkers of the F ir s t P resbyterian Church enjoyed a picnic a t th e hom e of Mr. and Mrs. R a y ­ m o n d P a lm e r, 230 W e st M ain street, on Tuesday afternoon. Rev. Sam u el Jones, of P o r t Jervis, lectured on Socialism, Tuesday night, June 25, in Sparrow b u sh Village Hall. P o r t Jervis, M atam o ras, M ilford and Mill R ift w e re represented in th e au ­ dience by attentive listeners who were responsive to th e earnest plea m ade for C h ristian Socialism by the eloquent Socialist-Christian. The speaker declared th a t th e tim e s are out of joint, th a t this g reat age g reat in its w eakness. It is an age of inequality. On one hand we see the stately palace; on the other, the m iserable hovel. H e re is th e g reat boulevard; th e re the alley, narrow , d a r k and dirty. The poor toilers, the rich loafers, an ^ w e a lth and poverty in general, w e re vividly contrasted. Socialism is a p rotest ago.inst these conditions. Socialism believes in the man—^the whole man—in man with his rights. In discussing m a n ’s needs th e lec­ tu r e r em p h a sized th e necessity of re­ ligion w ithout w h ich no g reat m o v e­ m e n t can be successful. The pres­ ent order is a m ixed order and has produced the disorders of our age. is responsible for poverty and other deplorable things. To show the prac- ticabllity of Socialism the speaker cited th e postal system, which he re ­ gards as th e greatest system ,of today. H e decried the criticism of the So­ cialist flag, while It is custom ary for organizations to have an em b lem of th e ir own, and paid a fervent tribute to the S tars and Stripes w h ich elicited applause. E v e ry m an m u s t be for one m a n and one m a n fo r every m an. W ithout th e g reat ideal, Socialism can becom e tbe m o st selfish thing th e world. M r. H o ratio H azelton, of Milford, followed w ith a brief address in w h ich he drew attention to the enorm o u s profit w h ich capitalism exacts, and in vigorous language denounced the subsidized press w h ich is trying delude the people. He said th e old argum e n t th a t we can not help con­ ditions as they are would hold good until the people m a rched to the polls and voted fo r Socialism. Concluding rem a rks w e re m ade by Squire Dedrick, a v e teran b a ttler for hum a n rights, who spoke felicitously of the speakers and the m eeting, and drew an optim istic picture of the Steady and irresistible grow th of So­ cialism and predicted its ultim a te trium p h . I t is evident th a t t h e Sparrow b u sh com rades are thoroughly in ‘ earnest. They are tired of political sophistries. Being practical m en, they will vote as they talk. One m em b er inform e d th e w r iter th a t th e ir ticket would poll one-third of the total vote of the district. — I. BICKLBS. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY BARGAIN DAYS AT THE HUB STORE! COME RAIN OR SHiNE! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS! JUST A FEW. NUMEROUS OTHERS. $8.00 Men’s Suits, Special $5.98 $ 3 .0 0 -Boy’s Suits, Special $2.19 $10.00 Men’s Suits, Special $7.98 $4.00 Boy’s Suits, Special $3.19 $3.00 Shoes or Oxfords, Special $2.39 $2.50 straw H its, F a n c y T i e B a n d F r e e . Special $1.89 75c and $1.00 Children’s Wash Suits, Special 59c One lot of Fine Straws, F o r m e r P r i c e U p t o $ 2 , 0 0 . -Special $1.23 50c and 75c Dress Shirts, Special 44ic 25c Underwear in Cream Colors, Special 19c lOc Working Socks, Special 6c Big Reduction in Men’s and Youths’ Pants. Wc Operate Ten Stores. **Hub C lothing Store,' The Store That Saves You Money. 70 Pike Street. Port Jervis, N. Y. Store Formerly Occupied By Flanagan. Honest Values A lw a y s. LIGHTNING KILLS MAN. Poiander Stinick by Bolt in Saturday’s Storm. Chester, Ju ly 2.—'During th e heavy show e r w h ich sw e p t over this section S a turday afternoon a holt of lightning stru c k an d instantly killed a Poland- em p loyed by Jam e s S teadm a n -on his farm one m ile from G reyeourt. The m a n had ju s t started to bring th e cows to th e barn. Mr. S teadm a n called to him to re tu r n and get a coat. As he tu rn e d th e bolt struck All th e clothing was to rn fro'm his body. The straw h a t he w o r e ' was torn into bits and his shoes were ripped apart. The P o lander had been in the U n ited S tates only th ree weeks. Mr. Steadm a n secured him from an agen­ cy in New York City and did not know his n a m e .' BUG KILLERS Paris Green, Bordeaux Mixture, Arsenate of Lead, Solution of Lime and Sulpliur All the B e it Insecticides A t E. T. LAIDLEY, DRUGGIST and STATIONER, 76 Pike Street. 4 M 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Lightning Eii-ed liarge Ban M o ntgomery, Ju ly 1. — The large dairy barn of Thom as M alley, ab o u t th ree m iles n o rth of th is village, was stru c k by lightning during a heavy thunder shower on Saturday after­ noon about 3 o’clock. The entire stru c tu re was consum ed, w ith several tons of last year’s hay and other farm ing articles. Mr. M alley had ju s t mowed several acres of grass, w ith th e intention of placing it in the b a r n Monday. ) The barn was a large one, housing 40 cattle in th e w inter. The loss is partly covered by insur- •ed. C h a m b e rlain’s Colic an d D iarrhoea R em edy has cured it even w h e n m a lignant and epidemic. F o r sale by All Dealers. _ A fter a heavy m eal tak e a couple of Doan’s R egulets, an d give your stom a ch, liver and bowels th e help they will need. R e g u lets b ring easy, regular passages of th e bowels. The boy caught in m ischief gen­ erally “feels streaked.” “ Ralston Health Shoes” are Ka- del’s leaders in m a n ’s footw e ar. All kinds of leather, all the latest styles. and on true form lasts. L e t your next p a ir be a “ R a ls ton.” Y o u rs truly. John A. K adel. P o rt Jervis. N. Y 1 ^ Buy it now. C h a m b e rlain’s Colic, ;; Cholera and D iarrhoea Rem edy is al- m o st certain to be needed before the summer is over. Buy it now and ^he prepared for i ' - sale by All D< M any ills com e from im p u re blood. Can’t have pure blood w ith faulty di­ gestion, lazy liver and sluggish bow­ els. B u rdock Blood B itters stren g th ­ ens stom a ch, bowels and liver, and purifies tbe blood. P ru n e th e blackberries as soon they blossom. S h o rten hack any branches w h e re injury will n o t he done the blossoms. Norfolk Suits are very popular uow For Young Men W e are sh o w i n g a large line of them From$12i0 to $25 Look in our show win­ dows ! All the . season’s newest wrinkles in Straw Hats and Furnisliings. H.Schafransky&Son ? BSTABIASECED 1S7S. I 15 Front St., Port Jervis, N. Y Full STEVENS, We Sell Assortment of WHITNEY Hudnut’s Colgate’s &DENTON Toilet Preparations. DRY GOODS. Articles. Fourth of July Necessities. TH E R E IS ANYTHING YOU A R E IN N E E D OF OP READY-TO£W E A R - GOODS F O R TOU R FO U R T H < ULY T R IP OR CELEBRA T ION, W E TH IN K W E CAN FURNI! YOU W ITH THEM . W E HAVE EV E R Y T H IN G FO R T H E TOUl 1ST, AS W E L L AS YOU W HO STAY AT HOME. 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