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GRADUATES OF THE PORT JERVIS HIGH SCHOOL, CLASS OF 1912 results obtained in our schools lue to th e ir energetic work. U r d e r the direction of our able su- pei'.ntendent, several reform s have been inaugurated, the rating of the teachers has brought about m o re ef­ ficient work, on the p a r t of the prin- (ip a 's and teachers, and I believe the resi Its ol taincd will w a rran t the con- tint anee ef the m e rit system, also th e grades are following the State Sylla­ bus very closelj^ thus preparing a foundation for m o re successful w’ork in th e H igh School, the culm in a tion of w h ich is an even t, su c h as that, in w h ich we are now participating. On behalf of the B o ard of E d u c a ­ tion I will now p iv s c n t the diidom a s. The people of P o rt Jervis are to be conJ?ratulated th a t w e h a v e had Mr. P e n n e t with us tonight. I wish to ex­ tend to him the th a n k s of th is Board QUEST: x c y r CONQUEST, I sought Thee through a labj’rinth of Oft Avandering in a w ilderness of P u t could not find Thee 1 And ever Thy g reat Shadow ran be- A lluring yet evading me, and m o re I longed to touch Thy garm e n t’s I knew Thou tvast not far away, and I sought Thy Shadow tvith eyes blind and wet T h a t could not seg Thee. Doubt w rapped me round Thee from my sight. Until the day star tokened darker And I was lost in self-bound fears Once lingering in the wilderness ol Through D e a th’s dim valley, lost in dreadful fears, T tourtied Thy Shadow B u t self stood ’tw ixt i and the R eal, and I Alone went w a n d e ring forth Top Row— E d n a N . D u rant, C a therine P. Powrie, M eda M. W hitm o r e , E t h e l L o u ise M urray, M a rion W. Sw in ton, M a rion e . Jones, C h a rlotte S-ivart- wout, Leona R. Lam o reaux. S e c o n d R o w — H e r m a n A. M a n th e i,D a v id Q- H a m m o n d , B lan c h e C. B u c h , G eorge B. H a p p , T hom a s E. E id e l, XViUiam B. T ighe, P e a r l P . Lateer. Third Row—^Burton B. Chase, Jr., Clyde Wehner, Louis C. K adel, Robert E. K leinstuber, H e n ry L. W h ittaker, John F ranklin Hawkins, J. E d w in K a d e l. B o t t o m Row'— .N e llie E. R u n d e l, M a r g a r e t C. B r o w n , B e a t r ice T. Toth,, A r v e lla P a y n e , B e n jam in F, P e r c ival, G erald M. B e st, F r a n k D e n ton, Grace W. W a g n er. E t h e l M itchell and J o s e p h T ighe n o t in th e picture. 3:2 GRADUATES RECEIVE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS Commenceffient Exercises of the Class of 1912, of Port Jervis High School, Happily Celebrated in the New- Theatre In the Presence of aXarge Audience. n e t was optim istic. H e said he W'ould 1 ness im p ressed his audience. W h a t he not describe the world into w h ich the I said was out of the depths of his own graduates w e re entering as other ’ experience and he said it simply, and th a n a beautiful world and every year I effectively. The graduates to whom a b e tter w o rld. H e had traveled I h e addressed his words must have over E u rope and Asia and found noth- j c a rried hom e m u c h m o re th a n the ing to excel .the beauty of this valley j sentence he particularly urged them as it is reA'ealed in approaching th e to rem e m b er. His speech occupied WILLIAM S. BENNET, AN ALUMNUS, GIVES THE CLASS SOME HELPFUL ADVICE .Stage Was Beautifully .Decorated, The Undergraduates Sang, Prizes an 1.Diplomas .Were Presented Final Class Yell Was Given -and That of Next Year’s Class. city from Otisville on the Erie. He im p ressed th e fact t h a t out of s u ch an e n v iron m e n t m uch m ig h t b e exp e c ted ,of th e graduates as they entered into th e w o rld’s life m o re fully. Always Choose th e Safe K a tliei’ T h a n , th e B rilliant. Citing from an address to his class a t th e A lbany Law School Mr. Ben- net told of one sentence th a t had lingered in his m em o ry. It was “Young gentlem e n , don’t he shys­ ters.” The entire class has faithfulL pursued th a t advice. As between the ab o u t 45 m in u t e s . F o llo w in g it the Chorus sang th e ‘‘B ridal Chorus,” hy Cowen. George B. H a p p delivered th e v a l­ edictory. H e com p a red the school days to the P a n a m a Canal w h ich con­ necting the two oceans prom ises a g reat new south, w ith increased busi­ ness activity. Thus . h a d education opened to th e graduates g reat new' possibilities fo r th e ir otvn lives and others. Mr. H a p p gave final expres­ sion of appreciation to th e school au ­ thorities and said a final word to his In every particular, th e com m ence­ m e n t exercises of the Class of 1912 of P o r t Jervis H igh School o n W ednes- ■day evening, June 26th, w e re of a so r t th a t fittingly com m em o rated, as ik e sp e a h e r ©f th e evening, Hon. ■William S. B ennet, p u t it, the closing of th e door t h a t now separates the 32 grad u a tes from th e ir High School H e ld in the fine New Theatre., th e large audience of friends in at- ^ tendance w e re com fortably seated and despite the w a rm evening the tem p e r a tu re of th e building was not oppressWe. A t about 8.30 A lart’s or­ ch e s tr a struck up th e overture and th e cu r tain rose. C e rtainly th e dec­ orator, M r. P r a n k Lam o reaux, had achieved a m a s terpiece in th e stage arran g e m e n t and floral decorations. Across th e stage w e re arranged g reat ^ clusters of daisies, the class flower. . [Palm s an d flow e r s in ad d ition m a d e the stage a garden of beauty. At the re a r drop th e big class b a n n e r in orange an d w h ite w ith sm a ller b a n ­ ners nearby m a d e an artistic back­ g round and an electrical sign, “1912,” p ick e d out in In c a n d e scen ts on a ye l- low and whit, (background, over the cen ter com p leted the stage decora­ tions. L a rge A m erican flags draped from th e boxes gave th e national col­ ors happy representation. ' As the orchestra played, the High School faculty, or such m e m b ers of 3t as rem a ined in town, m a rched from the wings and took th e ir places a t the left of the stage. The B o ard of E d u c a tion occupied seats a t the rig h t of th e stage. The m en of th e faculty w o re robes as a t the B a c c a laureate service. As a clim ax to th e prelim in­ a r y arrangem e n t, th e 32 graduates, 16 boys an d 16 girls, m a rched down the aisle and mounted the steps lead- - in g from o r c h e s t r a to sta g e occupy- in g th e se a t s arran g e d in th e cen ter. T h e y w o re caps and gowns. ' R e v . S a m u e l Jones, o f B r e w Meth- f^dist Episcopal Church, prayed with sym p a thy and understanding of th e , i of the situation. Mr. Jones’ an d understandin g dem a n d s prayer w a s fo llo w e d hy a chorus, “C arm e n a,” by W ilson, directed hy M iss H e n rietta Cunningham , m u sic teach e r in the schools, and p a r ticip a t­ ed in hy all of the undergraduates w ith vocal ability, th e com p a n y p re­ senting a fine picture on the stage. M iss B lanche C. Buch, th e class sa- loitatorian, read h e r paper clearly and pleasingly. It involved expres­ sions of appreciation to the B o a rd of E d u c a tion and -the faculty and grace­ fu l recognition of classm a te s, em ­ phasizing th e class m o tto, “Petim u s Optim a,” ‘‘Wle E x p e c t the B est.” S u p e rintendent of Schools Lincoln J. Roys introduced the speaker of the evening, Hon. W illiam S. Bennet, m e n tioning t h a t M r. B e n n e t had serv­ ed th ree term s in C o n g ress an d w a s a t present an im m igration com m is­ sioner. Mr. B e n n e t launched his re ­ m a rk s w ith a reference to Mr. R o y s’ introduction and said in effect, the la t t e r had left out one achievem e n t of w h ich th e speaker would n o t be fo r ­ getful, nam e ly the fact t h a t he was a g raduate of th e P o r t Jervis H igh School in th e Class of 1889. Mr. B e n - | net commended the class motto, “We Expect the B est,” b u t said he had a m o re som b er th o u g h t to present. A poet has set fo r th th a t each such event as this com m e n c e m e n t is in one’s life as a door t h a t closes behind one. It’s a fine thing to achieve but Mr. Bennet, citing from observation, advised th e graduates not to linger ’round the door b u t to go on to high­ er achievem ent. H e spoke of the value of the physi­ cal environm e n t under w'hich one grow s up. People are influenced by living n e a r a m o u n tain, a river, the woods. These things have a value in m o lding one th a t can not he denied. One achieves from physical environ­ ment, the great manifestations of na­ ture, poise, self control, calm, peace, tranquility and strength. Mr. B en- b rilliant and th e safe routes w h ich we classm ates, are called upon to choose between in P rizes have been aw a rded to m em- life, always choose th e safe was Mr. j h e rs of th e P o r t Jervis H igh School B e n n e t’s advice, which, he said, he during th e cu r ren t year as follow's : hoped would linger in th e m em o ry of j D, A. R. prize, ten dollars in gold th e graduates, fo r the best essay on a topic taken Do n o t be asham e d of your en-l from Colonial or R evolutionary his- thusiasm . The world needs it and tory, Gerald M. Best. heard a s \ the tears ; “ I th a n k Thee fo r th e years W h e n all my life seemed loss, -4.nd all m y gain was dross, F o r out of Thy great gain Thou givest me . This endless m y stery. The gain of sure defeat, The Cross as m y re tr e a t.” — Grace H a m ilton. IM P R O B E AMOR. Virgil, Lib. IV, L. 412. nslate, B u t are too gross to enter in thy Poets have sung tfiee into silence. nothing should be permitte(il. to sap th e enthusiasm of red blooded youth. ‘Mr. B e n n e t said th e m em o ry of the enthusiasm of a young minister, fo r ­ m erly of this city. Rev. L. L. Taylor, had been one of the stro n g influences of his life. K e e p h i g h id e a ls. I t is fo r th e American to maintain ideals so high th a t th e foreigner com ing to these shores will have a desire to keep his children up to those ideals if he does not reach them him self. Courtesy of th e every day sort, the speaker urged as som e thing th a t should he earnestly cultivated. It helps to m a k e the world a happier, sweeter, better place in w h ich to live. Don’t w o rry was ano th e r strongly! emphasi2Gd bit of advice. I t ’s the m o s t w a s teful thing in life. If you have a trouble face it. Meet it brave­ ly w h a tever it m a y be and don’t Avorry. Mr. B e n n e t told of the philoso­ phy of th e old w o m an who said she never worried about anything that sh e could help and n e v e r woiTied ab o u t anything t h a t she couldn’t help. Each generation has its work to do. I t h a s been so In th e past. T h e present generation Mr. B e n n e t be­ lieved had its p a r ticu lar w o rk in the class consciousness th a t is ap p a ren t in th e nation. The friction between capital and labor, em p loyer and em ­ ploye, is a problem th a t m u s t be m e t w ith solem n ity and sobriety. Service to one’s fellow m en is not wasted. There is no g reater pleasure in life th a n in service, som etim es u n ­ requited, but alw a y s its own rew a rd to the giver of it, Mr. B e n n e t assured the class his own experience had tau g h t him . W eigh in th e balance issues to be m e t in th e light of the advice of good teachers. Advance every good cause to m a k e the land -better and th e peo­ ple better, and th e re will com e pros­ perity and success. ■Mr. B e n n e t’s sincerity and earnest- Five dollar prize in P u b lic Speak­ ing (donated by Supt. L. J. Roys) for Ju n io r Girls, Bessie Coonrod. F ive dollar prize in Public Speak­ ing fo r Boys (donated by Prin, W h it­ ney), W a lter Parshall. Five dollar prize for best essay by a S e n ior Boy, R o b e r t K leinstu b e r . Five dollar prize for best essay by a Senior Girl, E d n a D u rant. The two last w e re donated by the B o ard of E d u c a tion, Principal F a y e tte W. VTiitney p re­ sented th e essay prizes to th e w in­ ners in a brief speech, also taking oc­ casion to th a n k Mr. Lam o reaux, who contributed th e decorations. J. J. Bippus, president of the Board of Education, read a brief address, telling pf the w o rk of the school year an a th e benefits of the m e rit system for th e teachers. H e then presented th e diplomas, calling each graduate by nam e. E a c h received rousing a p ­ plause as th e diplom a w a s presented. The big class banner a t the back of th e stage was raised and th e electric sign changed to 1913 am id, e n thusias­ tic yells from next year’s graduates. B o t h c la s s e s ga v e th e ir y e lls and th e curtain lowered on another happy graduation from the P o r t Jervis High School, w h ile th e orchestra played. The rem a rks of Mr. Bippus were as follows : Ladies and Gentlemen :— A pleasant duty falls upon m e to ­ night, and also an honor,that I h e a rti­ ly appreciate. B u t ju s t to transfer, from one p e r­ son to another, an engraved piece of parchm e n t, in itself roes not reflect the anxiuus hmir.s spent in preparing, for the one event, t h a t m eans m u ch to our com ing citizen. Wuch tim e and labor has been giv- by both the teacher and pupil, t( thishis happyappyappy result.esult,« h r and •atulations of bring- about t h r them , T extend the congr: the B o ard of Education. I w a n t to take this opportunity to say, to the teaching force as a Avhole, th a t the Board of Education sincere­ ly appreciate the effort and the spirit, w h ich has been displayed by them during th e past year, and th a t the th e U n search a b le ure in th e quest h a s urged D e te rm ining once m o re To seek Thee th rough th e dim grey end of life, Though vexed by alternating hope and ' W h e n e ’e r I h e a rd th e doubt I sought Thee in the fields and m o u n ­ tains high. And through the splendid cloudlands of the sky, B u t could not find Thee. I looked for Thee in. rarest flower and T h a t sh in e s above. T h y Sh a d o w fled And' seem e d to m e un r e a c h a b le. A n d w h e n m y very sou l seem e d dead, One said : “ R e a c h »ut T h y han d and clasp, not .Shadow dread, Thou eanst b u t find Him Tn the heart, the spirit of th y brother. Stretch out thy hand, and find through him this Other, The Great, The Unconquerable.” — Grace Ham ilton. -------- 4 -— . SUCCESS. I heard a fain t voice singing through sw e e t .” sw eet vo ice sin g in g th r o u g h Good M e a ls a t C a m p C o m fort The boys at Camp Comfort are using the same stove that they had last year. It was the best they could get. It was a 'PerjScf i on &II Cook-stove This year they.*ot a New Perfection Oven Also a New Perfection Toaster Also a New Perfection Broiler “ Camp ( wives ab( e stove, too. For the I onvenientenient foror th(he ■stove is as conv f t -home as for the It will hake, broil, roast and toast as well a; ir mothers and New Perfection Oil ind toast as well T h e N e w P e r f e c t i o n drop sh'-lvcs, towel racki, with 1.2 Of 3 burners. All dealers. Frc<* Cook > Boole with evfry slove. Cook- B ‘oIc also to anyone camp, it will bake, broil, roast anc regular coal range. STA N D A R D OIL COM P A N Y O F NEW Y O R K NEAV Y ORK CITY BU F F A L O , N. Y. __________________ALBANY, N. Y4 ______________________ BOS'TON. M ASS. ABSOLUTE SECURITY, Wayne County Sayings Bank HONESDALE PA. 1871. 41 YEARS OF SUCCESS., 1912 BECAUSE we have been transacting a SUCCESSFUL hanking business CONTIGUOUSLY since 1871 and are prepared and qualified to render VALUABLE SERVICE to our customers; BECAUSE of our HONORABLE RECORD for FORTY-ONE years; BECAUiSE of SE C U R IT Y gu a r a n teed by our L A R G E CA PITA L and ‘ SURPLUS Of $5.50,000.00. BECAUSE of our TOTAL ASSETS .of $.3,000,000.00, AGEIM TUTICUTION BECAUSE GOOD MANAGEMENT has m ade us th e LEADING FINAN - I CIAL INSTIT of W'AYNB COUNTY; BECAUiSE of these reasons we com CO UR TEOU S treatrnenl account is LARGE ifidently ask you to become a depositor. :nt to a ll CUSTOM ERS w h e t h e r th e ir SMALL. allowed from th e FIR S T of ANY MONTH ide on or before th e T E N T H o f th e m o n th. • m a r w ith benisons of your wings. They h e a t upon my passionate brow and heart. And even now I hear them beat ap a r t F rom out th a t realm w h e re there is nothing choice. Save w h a t is hallowed by thy plead­ ing voice. D e a l gen t ly -with m e , O fair love, I pray. Since thou h a s t turned m y darkness into day, d since thou dening sweet, I pray my spirit thj a r t so fa ir and m ad- ine assurance meet, my life is m easured .ndi past oft-con- ; vain reg ret a quering doubt, th o u h a s t brok fair wings, LTntil m y inm o st spirit sings. ' —Grace Hamilton. I read in H is W o rd to me ; “ L e t th y prayer c e a s e less be ” M y ’prayer is a gold e n boat. On a still sea it doth float, Guided by deathless faith And laden w ith soul of my love. W ith sa ils of jo y u n furled. It floats from world to world 'T il’ it r e a c h e s th e h a v e n o f re.st, Iis harb o u r at last, on love’s breast, And there our souls.shall blend 'Till the boat in flames ascepd To the feet of God. -yG race Ham ilton. D u ring the sum m e r m o n ths m o th- s of young children should w a tch r any unn a tu ral looseness of the. iwels. W h e n given prom p t atten ­ tion at this tim e serious trouble m ay be avoided. C h a m b e rlain’s Colic, C h o lera and D iarrhoea Rem edy can always be depended upon. F o r sale by All Dealers. _________ C h il d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER’S O A S T O R I A ------- ------------ at < h 6 n ‘ II; OFFICERS: H OLM ES, P r e sident. A. T. SBARLE, Vice-Pres. VIELI >AM BIKECTOBS: H. J. CONGER W. B. HOLMES C. J. SMITH H. S. SALMON H. S. SALMON, Cashier. W. J. WARD,. Asst. Cashie) J. W. FA R L E ' F . P. K IM B L l T. SBARLE iJo h n s o n & S to ll I p Some Very Up-to-Date I Furniture Look in Windows Porch Couches The Largest Assortment Of B r a ss and Iron B o d s ia the city C h ifionieres and Side D r e s s e r s , Buffets and S ide Boards. Everything for the House. Johnson & Stoll, 92 Pike Street, Port Jervis, N. Y. Comforts of Summer Steel Frame Window Screens. Screen Doors. Bed Springs. Refrigerators. One or two-piece Mat­ tresses. . Go-Cart Wheels Re­ tired and Repaired. A. J. DeWftf, 1S8 Pike sc, F«ic« tcrriM, N. V. Watchout! lookout! It does not pay to away your rags, rubbers^ iron and old metal for a little or nothing when you can get 50c a cwt. for rags, 7c for rubbers, 35c for iron and old metals according to the market. Drop a line or call at ^ i. GOLDMAN’S, g 185 Jersey Ave. Tel. 446W.

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